Make Me a Priority...


Gandhi once said, "Action expresses priorities" while another quote states, "Be with someone who makes you a priority, not an option".

With this coronavirus and God removing stubborn pride and putting our enemies under our feet, we're seeing a massive "shift" and "shaking". It's similar to the exodus with the Children of Israel, away from slavery and bondage - and many don't understand what's going on. It's not a black or white thing. It's a God thing and He's calling His people to keep seeking God first and come out from among them.

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When the Enemy Comes in Like a Flood: Games the Devil Plays with You...

As we grow in Christ we come against all kinds of adversity. However, the more we read God's Word and know that we are sons and daughters and heirs to God's Throne, then we stop playing games. We stop sinning so much because we don't want to grieve God, Jesus, heaven or the Holy Spirit. We also try to be more Christ-like and do things that add value. And, that can make you a huge target in the devil's eyes because he doesn't want us to grow in Christ or become stronger.

I wrote a while back about three distinct incidents I experienced that changed my thinking:

In the first at my old job, everything was fine until I stood up for myself. I did the job of 4 people and put myself through undergrad and grad school. It wasn't until I complained about covering other people's shifts that I was forced to resign. God helped me to see that yes, we might take a job to fill a need or be an answer. However, we're a priority to God and the servant of the Lord must not strive. Meaning taking on all that work for a season is okay but it shouldn't be permanent. It's not our responsibility to be everything for everyone. It's also not our job to put man on a pedestal when we're made to serve God. We also have to make sure we're not trying to do everything ourselves because then we're not leaving room for God. Father God supplies all our needs - not us and not man. This example taught me not to be reliant on man or myself for that matter. God is our source

The second example I wrote about was when I went through a huge financial drought and was without income for 21-days. EVERY bill was past due and I was running out of food. All my income and money was tied up. The company I worked for was holding my income due to some technical error. Father God had me say to the manager, "Make me a priority". As soon as He gave me permission to say that they suddenly took my request seriously, got on conference calls with the tech department and my money was released. In this example, I understood that God was teaching me to stand up for myself - and to only speak what He says because ONCE HE SAYS TO DO OR SAY SOMETHING, then I have His backing and I'm not walking in my flesh.

In the third, the devil tried to FORCE me to sin through another person. My downstairs neighbor got upset because I was walking through my apartment. The walls are super thin and he started yelling curses upstairs threatening me and my family. I called my family and prayer warriors to pray and stop the devil's attack. We started pleading the blood of Jesus and stood on God's Word. Remember, God has a hedge of protection around us. My mother prophesied and my neighbor had to "suddenly" move temporarily. The "thing" he wished for on me came back to him instead. When he moved back in, he'd start yelling, cursing or griping again. Or, he would make noise late at night. I realized it was to get me to yell back or complain. But if I did that I would be sinning (we're supposed to love our neighbors, not murmur or complain). Instead of mirroring HIS behavior, I started wearing earplugs and put on Christian music and spoke more in tongues. I'd say, "No weapons formed against me shall prosper", rebuke his personality and ask God to change his heart. He eventually lost his job, his wife's hours were cut back and with her home it's been quieter. He EXPECTED me to be quiet for him but he didn't want to respect his neighbors.


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What I learned from these examples are 3 distinct things: 

  1. Pray first for God to intervene. Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself. Know that you will have God's backing. He doesn't want people to abuse you. He also has better for us as the servant of the Lord must not strive and God supplies all our needs.
  2. If anyone is abusing you, take it to God in prayer. Just like an employer wants you to make their work a priority, they need to make YOU a priority. But, pray and ask God FIRST about the direction He wants you to take.
  3. Be careful with temptation as the devil will try to purposely cause you to sin. However, don't let the devil uproot you, (like my neighbor trying to stop me from enjoying the home God gave me). God gave us this world and God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and legions of warring and ministering angels are here FOR US. Jesus is coming back to set fire to this world and we will inherit the earth.


What I noticed was that in every area where I was trying to come up higher in Christ, I was met with resistance. And, again, this is not a black or white thing. It's a God/Jesus/Holy Spirit/Angels versus the devil/demonic thing. As long as we are subservient and chained in bondage, there's no resistance. A person might be chained to a bad marriage or a failing business. A teenager might try to break away from peers who influence them negatively. A person might try to break from a bad crowd at the office.

When you attempt to stand, the devil may try to block you from expanding your tents and widening your territory. Why? He doesn't want you having power over him or KNOWING that you have authority over him. A lot of preachers and Christian business owners and entrepreneurs face this hurdle, too. Hence, as we come away from the crowds and separate from them (by them I mean the mark of the beast, demons of this world), the world is resistant to us as the Body of Christ - just like they were with Christ. However, stand humbly (no flesh) and confidently on God's Word, keep your defenses up and walk in love, healing and forgiveness.

But how does learning to stand relate to the times we're in and how does this correlate with Biblical times? Let's explore that next.


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Let God's People Go and the Exodus...

It's interesting that we started 2020 with messages like "Get Your 2020 Vision" and "Increase Your Vision". Then it was like everything suddenly went crashing downhill with the coronavirus. However, we know that the first month(s) or "first fruits" of something are set aside for God and this tends to dictate the rest of the year or the blessings. Prophet Tracey Cook's message stated the first 3 months of the year would be the harshest, followed by easing for 3 months, 3 more months of easing and recovery and 3 more months of restoration.

Incidentally, the end of 400 years of slavery dates from 1619 to 2019. However, the Mayflower sailed in 1620 bringing 102 slaves to the British Colonies. There are some who believe that minorities are Israelites, i.e., in the Children of Israel's bloodline. If that is the case, then it could further explain this "shifting" and "earthquake-like shaking" as we're seeing God move in ways like never before. Is this a great Exodus of God's people coming away from worldly things? I wasn't sure about this until I heard Prophet Marcus Rogers' message 3-weeks ago below.

In this message, Marcuse describes a great wave of water like a tsunami that represents God's people. Marcus describes how some in the Old Church  have to embrace the New Church and changes that are coming to the church. Not saying that the Old Way is wrong. On the contrary, the Holy Spirit spoke about this in several of His older messages that we posted under Messages from God. The Holy Spirit mentions how some people aren't sure, how some believers are straddling the fence and how some need to decide who they choose to serve. The reason God says it this way is if God moves cloud by day, fire by night we have to be careful that we don't stagnate when God says to move. (And, people straddling the fence or unsure of their faith is something Marcus confirmed in this message). Remember, with David in the Old Testament, he prayed for God to help him win a battle. With the second battle, David thought he would win the same way but we always have to ask God AND OBEY and lean not on our own understanding. This is HUGE. We have to match up our words with actions. We can't be hearers ONLY. We have to hear and DO (action).

Now, we all know the story about the Children of Israel. We know about Moses going to Pharaoh and saying, "Let my people go". What we don't always look at is how reliant the Children of Israel were on Pharaoh and how comfortable they were in bondage. This was apparent when the Children of Israel reached the desert and moaned to Moses and Aaron about going back to Egypt. Go back? Why would you want to go back to slavery? In so many words, they were saying that they had more when they were enslaved. They probably meant that they knew when the rations were coming. But God is so loving that He wanted MORE for His people and their 40 years of slavery and bondage were over. Hence, 2020 might represent an exodus for God's people.

As a side note, I saw this myself. When I left my old job, my office manager said, "Where will you go?" as if I didn't have options. However, we serve a limitless God. What my manager was really saying was, "We don't want you to leave because it's convenient for us to keep you chained to a desk." But, God doesn't want His people under the enemy's feet. God puts the enemy under our feet. I say that humbly but it's important to know that yes, there is testing. Yes, there are trials. But, after the tests and trials, God restores us and God elevates us and God does NOT like or tolerate it when the devil tries to stand in God's way or the way of His people (Again, think of the Children of Israel and the exodus from Egypt). Father God also reminded me of this last week when He said, "We're God's property". And, I believe that's the season we're entering into.


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When We Can't See God...

God has specific times when He wants to move us. Like we mentioned earlier, He's the cloud by day, fire by night, right? The problem is people are not always convinced by a God they can't see, i.e., the Children of Israel wanting to go back to Egypt. Think about it. God doesn't work in time. He lets rain fall on the just and the unjust. He's kind to the evil. He make us walk by faith. He might send a sign or maybe two but we still have to pass our tests. And, we all have tests and trials to go - and grow through. Now, I'm not complaining about this - at all! But for people that are new to God or under severe testing, they need to SEE God work. It's when He reveals Himself in the test that we see evidence He's there. And, what I'm referring to is the recent news about Hawk Nelson band member, Jon Steingard saying that he no longer believes in God.

I can sympathize with any preacher's kid who grew up serving God all their lives. It's a tough life, I'm sure. I grew up in a very strict household and we practically lived in the church. We also stayed with pastors and deacons so EVERY day was church. We ate in church, had devotions in church, there were all night prayers, Bible readings, Sunday school, Tuesday night services, Wednesday night Bible study, sharing prayer tracts, and everything God. And, whoa! When revival was announced, there was even more prayers, more fasting and more praising God! Oh, we tarried in the Lord! Hallelujah to God!

Preacher's kids and laypersons are especially vulnerable and prone to attacks. When God uses His people publicly, the devil attacks them privately. I know what this is like.

We've posted many, many messages about love and caring families and in the background my own family was rejecting me EVERY step of the way, making false accusations and fighting. But that's part of the call and it's how we grow. You rebuke and step over what the devil is trying to distract you with - no matter how painful - so you can reach hurting people and in turn receive your own healing. We produce anointing oil through our tears and pain that God uses so we can help others. I learned this VERY painful lesson when a young man rejected me. He gave me an ultimatum to sleep with him outside of marriage or end it. Ha! I chose God! It CRUSHED my heart but I wasn't giving up God for the flesh. Maybe a few days later the Holy Spirit said, "I want you to volunteer at the church for Thanksgiving" to give out food. I realized there were SO MANY hurting people I understood the Holy Spirit was saying don't let the devil distract you with emotional games (flesh). Focus on Jesus's mission to reach hurting people. That was the best healing (and Thanksgiving meal) I could imagine - despite all that crying. 

I pray for Jon Steingard and anyone going through a crisis of faith that they have time with God to SEE Him on a new level. What Jon's experiencing isn't his fault. It's a sign of the mark of the beast that's coming that we have to be concerned with.


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The World's Mistake: Turning Man into Idols and Removing The True, Living God...

Tech giants are creating all kinds of artificial intelligence (AI), blockchains and machine learning to "read our minds" and predict our behaviors. We're also seeing all kinds of entertainment options that "put everything we want at our fingertips".

The problem with this is tech and AI are trying to replace God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. For some, gone are the days of sowing a seed and waiting on God. Now, you can take out a peer-to-peer loan. Boom! Money's there.

Before we'd pray about a decision and wait on God. Now, people Google what they need or go ask Siri or Alexa. And, they believe what these devices say. Hmm.

When You Come Against "Them"...

The secular world is trying to replace God and become gods and that's very dangerous. Our God is jealous and He's had enough. He's also heard His people crying out to Him about racial injustices, crimes and abuses against the poor, seniors, Christians (and other religious groups) and minorities. There have been sudden and unwarranted attacks against the police and against innocent people. It's so bad that people want to kill themselves instead of going to jail. They're panicking and in fear of their lives if an officer pulls them over. A few very bad cops (demons) are making it harder and more dangerous for good cops here to protect us. Where is the church?

Just like with the demon in my neighbor trying to cause me to sin, why is the Church not saying to pray for the hearts of these officers to change? It's possible some DON'T KNOW that's what they should pray for. I didn't. When I called a prayer line about my neighbor I was praying like David, "Curse them that curse me". No..... That's not what God says. He says He WILL bless them that bless me and curse them that curse me. It's not for me to judge. It was the prayer warrior who said "Let's pray for his [my neighbor's] heart to change". And, I realized I had a stubborn pride and vengeance demon that needed to be removed, too. I was judging and I wasn't showing grace or Jesus's love. I apologized to Father God for my own bad behavior.

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Persecuted for Serving God and People Living Terrified  

We also have people persecuted for serving God. They speak the wrong Bible verse or stand up for God and they're ostracized, attacked or sued in court. People are embarrassed or afraid to be black. They're afraid to be Asian. They're afraid to be Christian, Jewish or Muslim for fear of attacks. Children aren't safe anywhere outside of the home and the devil is trying to make it where churches aren't even safe. Satan is making it where people are afraid to go to church. But aren't we supposed to go there to cast our burdens down?

The good news is Matthew 5 tells us to rejoice and be exceeding glad. Why? When we're persecuted for righteousness sake, our reward is GREAT in heaven. It's also good news because we are calling on God to help us and He does. The devil has tried everything to get God's people to sin through unwarranted attacks and offenses (like my neighbor did). Why? He knows if we retaliate, act bitter or lash out then God won't hear our prayers (Mark 11:22-26). And, the funny thing is the devil THOUGHT he had God's people backed into a corner last year when the racists and religious attacks started. However, we didn't use our flesh to retaliate. We got on our knees and went before the Father.

Article continues below the video clip.


Including a clip from the movie Annihilation. Note: It's a little graphic as Natalie Portman's character is injured and there was an explosion. However, this is a great example of what the devil thinks he's doing with God's people. The humanoid (on the right) represents the devil trying to stop Natalie's character so it mimics her every move. She gets frustrated and tired because she feels like she can't outwit it. And, that's what demons (like narcissists and sociopaths) try to do with God's people. The problem is the devil doesn't think God's people will cry out to God for help, say Psalm 91 and 2 Chronicles 7:14. Always call out "Jesus" and say "I plead the blood of Jesus". Jesus and His precious blood break every attack and snare of the devil. In the movie clip Natalie's character tries to blow up the humanoid. In real life, the devil CANNOT stand up to Jesus and is ALWAYS defeated so never try to fight back in the flesh. Use God and call on Him. The battle is His, not ours.

Continuation of the article...

So, here is the world saying they don't need God and "Join us or else" (like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego) but we called on God and Jesus. And, suddenly the coronavirus starts. God shows up and He starts shifting the atmosphere. Oh, we're in a time of miracles alright! God locked everything down although people don't SEE IT. And, God is showing us and WILL continue to SHOW US that He's here for us - His Chosen People. He's enlarging our territories. And, Father God said that about my neighbor. 

I was trying one day to be quiet and stay out my bedroom so I wouldn't make noise walking around on the floorboards. I heard the Holy Spirit say, "Don't give up your territory". It's not for US to stop being US or to hide the gifts God gave us. God gave me my home. He gave you your job and your talents and gifts. Don't HIDE them because the enemy is upset. Pray that the enemy changes while there's still time.  


It's NOT Your Fault...

I keep hearing the Holy Spirit saying that there are so many who are beating themselves up (or their family members are beating them up verbally and psychologically). The coronavirus caught a lot of people off-guard. This is NOT your fault. And, YOU could not stop it. This is a MOVE OF GOD. Know that, okay?

God is doing this with ALL OF US to remove anything not like God from us:

  • There were racists people stomping down minorities, making false accusations and stealing their jobs. If they had jobs they were overworked and underpaid. Look at blacks in poverty-stricken areas. Look at the migrants in cages.
  • There were religious zealots attacking Christians and other religions. Look at the bombings against synagogues and temples. Look at the fires that took place in houses of worship.
  • There were groups with the mark of the beast trying to persecute God's people. The world has been trying to get us to follow THEIR example with prideful images and putting self on the throne instead of God.

We're seeing now how upset people in the world are because NOW the world is being inconvenienced as "self" has been uprooted. Look at the example with my old job. They weren't asking where I would go out of concern. They didn't want me to wake up and leave because THEY would have to do their own jobs and pay 4 people to do mine. However, people that serve God don't complain. We are however, going to Father God about the injustices. We know that we can go humbly and confidently to the Lord, i.e., "Ye them that wait upon the Lord." 

People that are deeply rooted in God KEEP God on the Throne, glorify Him, wait on Him, etc. People that are rooted in self want to hurry up and get back to the old way when THEY were on top (not God). We're reliant on and waiting on God and that's the way it's supposed to be. Think about it.


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Do NOT Feel Like a Failure

The Holy Spirit said, "They feel like a failure". But, please let that go. I know there are SO MANY that are being especially brutal with themselves. You men who are strong and always there for everyone else. This was NOT your fault. I don't care who is complaining to you. You moms and business owners and pastors. There was NOTHING you could have done differently so please don't look back and say "If only I..." There were also people who didn't have any savings or they overspent on the Christmas holiday and had nothing to fall back on. There are many who have no family or close friends to turn to or those they reach out to just don't have it. However, there's an old gospel song, Trouble Won't Last Always. So, how do we restructure our thinking?

It's important to say:

  1. "This is an extreme circumstance or life event that was beyond my control". Life happens and this is a shaking like an earthquake meaning it's a major event you couldn't plan or control.
  2. "What I'm experiencing NOW won't last and I WILL recover from this". Speak positively what you need and send angels on assignment.
  3. "God is restoring me and I will get back on track, have my finances in order and I will be prepared in the future if something like this happens again. And, if I'm not, it's okay. God is my fortress." Don't try to hurry-up to get caught up. This was a major life incident. Restoration will happen so rest in God and don't think negatively.
  4. Keep your defenses up and pray, "Lord, please guard me from my enemies."


Do Not Blame Yourself...

Remember, THIS coronavirus, the job losses and quarantines were beyond anyone's control. The devil tried to wipe people out for good. But God is helping us and God WILL restore us in Jesus's name and by God's authority.

The first 6 months of this year are almost over. As we mentioned earlier, Prophet Tracey Cook said something about the first 3 months of the year would be the hardest, followed by 3 months of easing, then 3 months of more easing and restoration and 3 months of restoration. So, don't look at your pocketbooks, empty cupboards or that horrible credit score. Look to Father God and glorify Him that it wasn't WORSE. And, trust in God that we WILL see miracles. We WILL receive healings and sudden victories.  Keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged. This year, let God lead the way and don't look back. God has better for you ahead (enlarging our territories, stretching our tent curtains wide). Thank God that we have God and Jesus to restore us - God IS faithful and new income, blessings and so much favor are coming to God's people.

In this season, please be careful and watch your mouth and what you say. There are stubborn demons REALLY upset that they couldn't uproot God's people. They're bitter, griping, murmuring and complaining. They're also upset because God's people are standing up for themselves and are stronger in Christ. We're not watching all of the sexual sin on TV. We're tuning out the negative and calling on God more. But the devil IS angry. I see it with some of my neighbors. And, we see it on the news. There are also believers who are growing stronger. Our lobby bulletin board is covered with Psalm 91 scriptures and inspiring messages. The devil and his demons are mad because they are defeated and under our feet. It doesn't matter. God is here FOR US and He will help us and restore us. Praise God! You will see more help is coming. God said it and He is faithful.

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Special Instructions from the Holy Spirit...

Let God continue to remove the stubborn demons and put the enemy under our feet. Remember, the Holy Spirit said in earlier messages that the enemy would be saying, "Not fair, not fair" when they see what God does for His people. The Holy Spirit said to use this time to clean up, take classes and do things that add value. Look for new classes to take (lots of free classes are available online now) and be productive. Don't stagnate. Remember how blessed we are to have God and Jesus and to know that WHATEVER we ask for God will give it to us. ----- I'm highlighting that sentence. In Marcus Rogers' video above the last thing he says at the end is something like "Whatever you start in this season God will help bring it to pass". All we have to do is ask! Wait and see. Our help is coming soon and no weapons formed against us shall prosper. What you did might not have worked before - do it again. It's a new season and we have the wind of God backing us so we can go further!

Try to get in bed by 9:30 pm and get up early to pray/praise God. Remember, Jesus is coming soon, soon! Believe the possibilities! We need to be SOULed-out for Jesus! So, whatever you need, do it by God's authority and in Jesus's name and pray to cancel the devil's assignment in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. Don't focus on the attacks, the pain or the hurt. Remember, "Vengeance is mine" saith the Lord. And it's not by might nor by flesh but God's Spirit. We're starting a new chapter soon. To God be the glory! Whatever you need, God will help with every detail.

Lastly, the Holy Spirit said, "Pray for the Caribbean" and "Tell them they have to move faster because of what God does". I also heard something alarming in the spirit realm about "There's a b--b in the back of a truck" but we rebuke that in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. We pray to rebuke the demons of terrorists and pray over our great nation.

Please continue to check the supermarkets and ensure you have enough groceries for at least a month in case there's a second wave of the coronavirus. And, we pray for every family that you feel God's love, covering, protection and healing. Good news soon! And, please pray for every police officer. I know there are some bad officers but the devil is mad and trying to get people to come against the people God put in place to protect us and govern us. When I was watching the news about the protesters, the Holy Spirit said "They're about to start a revolution". Make sure it's for good and in Jesus's love not retaliation and the devil's hate - which is what satan wants. 


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Make Me a Priority

We rebuke the demons trying to oppress God's people. Remember, we have authority over the devil and his demons. God will help us with our bills and whatever we need so take your burdens to the Lord and lay them at the altar.

A few scriptures to stand on:

  • He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the Lord, (Proverbs 17:15). 
  • So the last shall be first, and the first last: (Matthew 20:16a).
  • Hath not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith, and heirs of the kingdom which he hath promised to them that love him? (James 2:5).
  • The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God: And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together, (Romans 8:16-17).

A reminder, as Dr. Bill Winston says, "Royalty doesn't fuss". We are to have faith in God and remember, there is no condemnation in Christ. Continue to rebuke those demons in the blood and name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority.

Read your Bibles, get plenty of rest and focus on Pentecost and getting on one accord with Christ and the Holy Spirt/Holy Ghost. It's important that like that movie clip example, we don't play the devil's games. We're God's Chosen People, kings and queens - Royalty. The battle is NOT ours. It's the Lord's. Remember, David said, "You come against me with a sword and a shield but I come in the name of the Lord". 



A Prayer for Restoration and Justice...

The Holy Spirit said to include that we should tell the devil to leave God's people alone. He also wanted us to add a special prayer that Dr. Bill Winston posted a while back. Sharing it here. For more Prayers for Restoration, click here.

Confession for Executing Justice

Pray this powerful prayer for restoration and for everything that is held up and that the devil stole from you be released in your life and given back to you.

Sharing a POWERFUL Prayer for Restoration (this is our year)...

Did the devil rob you of something? Please say this prayer out loud and share it with those in need of justice and restoration. This powerful prayer releases everything that is held up and God will show you evidence and proof that what's coming to you is yours and the devil can't hold it. Keep praying to God in Jesus' name and keep speaking in tongues. The devil can't illegally hold what's yours.

We break every curse and dismantle every stronghold the devil has in our lives. May God set fire to the enemy and make the enemy come under conviction until they release ALL our possessions back to us. Let any money they held up burn in their hands until they return it to us. Keep reading your Bible for encouragement and strength. God will restore us and He is covering ups. And, watch the words coming out of your mouth. Make sure they empower and uplift. Don't agree with the devil or his plans.

This is the Prayer...

O Lord our God, the Most High God, maker of heaven and earth; our Creator, our Provider, and our Protector; You are the just Judge of all the earth, sitting on Your throne of justice and judgment in the High Court of Heaven.

You, Lord, execute righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed. You are the Lord of the Sabaoth, Ruler of all, the God of angelic armies that fight against our enemies, and Avenger of our adversaries. Besides You there is no Savior – salvation is only of the Lord.

Because of Your great love towards all mankind, and Your love for justice and judgment, You said You forsaketh not the saints, but come to our aid on earth to uphold the justice upon which Your throne in heaven and Your kingdom on earth rests.

Bring Your righteous judgment upon our adversary. Stretch forth Thy hand and execute vengeance and recompense against all he is doing and for what he has put us through – every suffering, humiliation, shame, embarrassment, loss, entrapment, sickness, and attack. He is the perpetrator behind all injustices and evil that have come against us through people. So we ask that You execute upon them the judgment written, delivering us out of every affliction.

Restore to us everything he has stolen from us and our ancestors; everything delayed, bring it forth, now in this season. I command the release of inventions, opportunities, discoveries, businesses, industries, creative ideas, relationships, contracts, awards, inheritance and increase that have been fraudulently held up, misdirected, sabotaged, blocked, stolen and destroyed.

Execute Your vengeance against the enemy speedily, and bring to us the full recompense that is due to us as redeemed heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, that we may advance Your Kingdom among men and Nations.

In the Name of Jesus. Amen.

 Ending with Little Ms. Leila singing "Listen, Obey and Be Blessed".