Make Puerto Rico a Priority

When I heard about the 100% power outage in Puerto Rico, I thought, "God is on the move and He's answering our prayers." We've been praying for 100% restoration, not just power restoration, but for the full island, for the people to be restored and their debts cleared, and for them to be made the head, lender, and above. In order for that to occur, what's done in the dark has to be brought into the light. You can't have a government that disrespects it people and isolates the poor without God hearing the prayers of the people being exploited. 

I can still remember a man who cried out about what FEMA and the government did when his home was destroyed by Hurricane Maria. While people in Florida and Texas were getting help to rebuild, this one man wrote in about how all he received after his home was destroyed was a blue tarp and a $200 loan. Yes, a loan, and yes, for $200. That's it. It's an abomination that is coming to light. It's deplorable to have tourists on vacation enjoying brightly lit areas and big hotels with their air conditioning blasting and fresh water running while there are still people sleeping under tarps starving with no food, no clean water, no safe housing, and no air conditioning. They're still waiting for relief to come. Hold them accountable, Lord.

As the temperatures in Puerto Rico are rising again and there is no shelter and no relief for those hardest hit, God is hearing the prayers of His people and the outcry for Puerto Rico...

Make Puerto Rico a Priority

Please pray for Puerto Rico's recovery and remind them to look for the window's God sends, not man. As we were preparing these prayer cards, the Holy Spirit revealed that they have to be careful who they partner with, what they sign, and what they agree to so they don't forfeit their birthright, valuable land, and resources. Jacob was starving and forfeited his birthright over a bowl of soup. But God is shining a light on Puerto Rico and He said, "Tell them never to give up. It will get better." They think they have limited resources and the devil is trying to get them to live in fear and limit their resources, but they are not limited and they are not failures. They have valuable land and resources (look at the history of Florida).

I also heard the Holy Spirit say, "Contact human resources". I think this might be related to people that might want to donate time and money and help with rebuilding the hardest hit areas. If it is related to you personally because you want to help, talk to your HR department about how you can give to Puerto Rico as a whole, as a group, or on behalf of your company. A few areas where you might be able to help Puerto Rico include:

  • Have a fund raiser and donate the money to the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, or relief aid specific to Puerto Rico.
  • Find a community that needs the most aid and partner with the local churches there to help send volunteers. Samaritan's Purse has been very helpful.
  • Check with large churches like Joyce Meyers' Ministry and Joel Osteen's Ministry about groups that are helping to rebuild the island or how to send supplies.
  • Confirm beforehand where you send money and supplies to ensure they get directly to the people. Reporters have noted that millions of dollars didn't reach people because the money sat in a fund until a decision was made how to allocate it.



We pray, Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord, please make Puerto Rico the head, lender, and above. Make them a priority, Father. The Holy Spirit has heard them saying, "It's not fair. It's not fair," but please don't let them grow bitter over the evil that man has done in ignoring them. Instead, help them to have forgiveness, love, and healing in their hearts. The devil is intentionally isolating them and leaving them to starve so they will give up and die, or grow bitter and forfeit their inheritance and blessings, but we know the devil is a liar and already defeated. God is saying, "Don't walk away. Trust God's timing. Never give up. It will get better." Please shine a light to expose every corruption in Puerto Rico and take every evil hand off their money. Restore it to them, Jesus, and angels we send you on assignment. Please soften the hearts of those in government, FEMA, our elected officials, and those in positions of authority. Please make Puerto Rico fully restored and debt-free. We praise you for the victory, in Jesus's name, Amen!

Share our Puerto Rico prayer card with those in need of help. We are praying and Puerto Rico, you will be fully restored! Fight for your birthright. We are standing with you!