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Our March Newsletter


Happy March and Happy St. Patrick's Day from God-Driven-Designs! We're celebrating March Gladness and the new things God is doing in our lives!  

In this month's issue we cover:

Our March Message: The New Start God Has For You, Overcoming Tormenting Spirits, and Our March Prayer

Music Spotlight: Hillsong United: I Surrender; Isabel Davis: Jesus, We Love You

Christian Cruises: Get Your Cruise Breakthrough

Need an Uplifting Word? Lion of Judah Ministries: Don't You Dare Give Up

News: Teen in Hospital Was Shot Shielding Other Students in Florida Shooting 

Our Latest Book: Pray It By Ear

Show Spotlight: Zumbo's Just Dessert Challenge and Following God's Directions

LOL: The Only Time...

Fasten your seat belts, folks...


The New Start God Has for You...

We start March in prayer as we just lost Pastor Billy Graham. We're praying for Puerto Rico which is still recovering from Hurricane Maria, and we're also praying for the students affected by the heinous school shooting in Florida. 

School shootings that attack children. The Las Vegas shooting which was strategic and targeted innocent people. Racial profiling that targets the innocent. Biased attacks against other races, religions or genders. Sudden attacks and fights. These are all ways the devil tries to offend us and rob us of our future and it can make people very angry, hurt, and bitter. Innocent people are being harmed and hurt all over the world, which brings me to an important question: What are you reeling from? In the past year, the devil has tried to bring on the spirit of offense to so many people through attacks. Maybe you were affected, too:

  • Was there a storm in your life, i.e., a fire, flood, hurricane or uprooting, literally or figuratively? Are you fighting feelings of anger and frustration because you feel like you can't be heard, you have no voice, or you feel like no one is listening or helping?
  • Did you experience a personal trial or test and feel like no one can help you and there's no place to turn for help? You know you are strong, but you can't see a way out. Is that you?
  • Were you racially profiled and are now fighting feelings of bitterness over how you were or are treated and demeaned? Are you still being reminded of your past failures and mistakes? You feel like it's a cycle of poverty and bad breaks that you can't get out of as you face one setback after the next. Is that you?
  • Were you a victim of violence or have you watched so much violence on the news that while you're trying to go about your daily living habits, feelings of PTSD set in? You hear a car backfire and think it's gun shots. A person yells and you duck in fear, or an argument starts and your heart starts pounding as "fight or flight" adrenaline rushes through your body. Are the triggers so high you're afraid to go out and afraid to move? Has so much fear, anger or hurt set in that you are struggling with how to go on?  Is that you?
  • Were you a good person with good intentions doing absolutely nothing wrong, serving God and praising Him when you were uprooted or attacked by some kind of evil and menacing threat? And now you stand to lose everything when you did nothing wrong. Is that you?


Some of these are areas where God might be shifting people in a new direction or clearing out the past and making way for a new and fresh start. A brighter future is coming. The problem is a lot of what has happened might feel unfair, and a lot of it is downright wrong, but you have to see it from another perspective to see what is really going on in the spiritual realm so you don't inadvertently block your future blessing by taking on the spirit of offense.

Sometime over the summer when I posted a message about why I thought God put Trump in office, I was immediately shot down on social media. I am not a Trump fan, but a lot of strong ministries believe that Trump was put into office to stir up the gifts and because he embraces Israel. While many read about Saul becoming Paul, they can't imagine that God could possibly be using Trump. But that's not the direction I'm going in. You see, without the chaff among the wheat, the wheat can get spoiled, but let's back up. 

Wheat and chaff (weeds) grow together. At the harvest, Jesus is going to separate the wheat from the chaff and then burn the chaff in fire (hell). He says clearly in Luke 12:49, "I have come to bring fire on the earth."

There are evil people in this world like the shooter in Las Vegas who targeted innocent people. I can remember having a foreshadowing dream about a similar incident but in my dream it took place near Grand Central in the market area. In the dream I saw children hunkered down, crying, and on their phones unsure of what to do. When you look at the casino area in Las Vegas, for a person to plan out methodically how to have an arsenal of guns the way that shooter did, it's a reminder that there are truly evil people in the world. That's why it's so important to pray for our children, pray for our neighbors, and our friends, family, nation, and planet, and to pray every day before you even step outside. We are covered in the blood of Jesus, but the devil wants to make people afraid and looking over their shoulders. Remember, Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. 

Regarding the wheat and chaff, we all as Christians have chaff in our lives that cause conflicts, derision, pain, and sometimes so much pressure, we're forced to stay on our knees before God in humble prayer, but this is not by accident or a coincidence. The chaff can cause us to grow stronger in Christ and in our callings. Paul couldn't remove the chaff as God told him that he could still serve God despite what was there. Here's my personal experience with it...

I can remember a time a relative hounded me, bullied me, and tormented me for no reason, but after the person was removed, I heard the Holy Spirit say, "I sent them so you wouldn't get spoiled." I thought, "Huh?" I didn't understand at the time that if I grew too quickly, I would become too full of myself and might quickly become too arrogant and God wouldn't be able to use me. Remember, no flesh can stand before God. In order to grow in our callings, we have to grow confidently in Christ, humbly in spirit only and always on our knees worshiping the Father and giving only Him the glory while we love our fellow man - even the ones that hate us so we can mirror Christ. This is part of a message Bishop T.D. Jakes has on emotional development. When you ask for God to fix a situation, expect the burden to come before the blessing, but what the devil means for harm, God always works into our favor.

Now let's look at another perspective. The kings in I and II Kings and I and II Samuel, were either good and used by God or God was against them. God sometimes sends affliction to keep us humble, on our knees, and in prayer to Him. I can attest to this. It explained why when God opened doors He would always say, "Give 100%," meaning, I'm giving this opportunity to you and placing it in your hands because you are my child, but don't sit back and do nothing. Do the work required. Remember, God is opening doors in the future for us, but we can't assume nepotism is allowed, so don't revert back to old, lazy behaviors like the prodigal son. On the contrary, To whom much is given, much will be required. But what does that have to do with Trump and what people are going through? Good question.

We're entering a season where our gifts are developing more and we're growing in our callings. In all the torment we've gone through being harassed on the job, under oppression in our homes, being bullied in schools or in other areas, God is training us to learn how to stand up for ourselves not through the flesh but by using God's Word and staying in the spirit. He's teaching us how to work the Word and stand on it. Having done all to stand, stand. 

Look at the world we are in now. Social injustice is quickly met with "Hey! Not fair. We will no longer tolerate that. Let's take a stand!" We're learning to stand up and stand out. Women aren't tolerating harassment. Children aren't tolerating bullies. Gun control is in the news. People that thought they could get away with crimes are now in the spotlight and being held accountable for their actions. The swamp is indeed being drained. In my own life, I was able to turn to my offenders and say, "No more. I am not afraid of you and I won't tolerate this behavior. I have rights and I have a voice," because God doesn't want us cowering as victims. We are victors! You see the veil is being lifted. The time of "suffering for a little while" is ending and God's people are starting to stand.  But understand this. It doesn't mean that you won't suffer or have tests and trials. That's a part of serving God, but we're coming out of the season of suffering for a little while and the devil is angry because the shift means we're growing stronger as the Body of Christ. God is helping us to stand and have a united voice on a united front. Remember, Jesus is coming back for a united church, His bride, so we have to start uniting as one church and one body of Christ. Christians are standing for Jews. Jews are supporting Christians. Whites are rallying for blacks, Mexicans, and Muslims, and so forth. We're uniting in our causes and quick to help those less fortunate and in need. The Bible states in Psalm 51:

Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. Make me to hear joy and gladness; that the bones which thou hast broken may rejoice. Hide thy face from my sins, and blot out all mine iniquities. Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. 

Before we receive what God has for us, i.e., the blessings, there's a spirit of offense that we must address. 

Walking in Forgiveness and How to Overcome Tormenting Spirits

There's a ministry show that comes on TV a few times a week. About every few episodes, the pastor talks about the abuse they suffered as a child. We've all had something that we've gone through. When this pastor talks about it, it's as a way to help hurting people who may have been the victims of abuse. So we're taught, "If I am healed from it, I can come out and help others." While that is true, Pastor Perry Stone has an interesting take on the matter. 

The Holy Spirit said to me recently, "Pastor Perry Stone has a message you need to hear." I felt like I was dealing with tormenting demons and a noisome pestilence, but I didn't understand why. I pray and fast, I read my Bible every day, and so forth. I turned on Perry Stone one night and a light bulb went off in my head at the end of the broadcast. Perry Stone was closing out one of his messages and mentioned the tormenting spirit that people are being plagued with. Most of us don't see it. We get hurt, we forgive someone, we work on our healing. We go to church and testify, we blog about the incident, we talk about it to others, and we feel better. WRONG! There's a tormenting spirit that is coming on people from the spirit of offense. Here's how it works and why you must address it before God releases the next level of blessings.

Let's take racial profiling: A person in Mexico who has been deported is upset over how the President didn't respond to their plight. They are valid in their feelings. They became a U.S. Citizen and were still removed from the United States. The church says to forgive. The person says "Okay, Lord. I forgive the government for what they did," but instead of stopping there, they talk about the injustice to their friends, family, and while there's nothing wrong with that in the physical realm, because there's a natural propensity to talk about an experience so you can heal from it (Psychology 101), it's opening a door (spiritually) every time you bring it up. It's unforgiveness that can release a tormenting spirit in your life and this is what you want to be careful to avoid in this new season. Are you seeing it yet?

Look at the example above about the pastor talking about past abuse again. The person forgave the offender. Done. God doesn't see the sin anymore. The pastor goes back online in another message and brings it up. What's happening is they are bringing up a sin the person was already forgiven for. This can unknowingly release a tormenting spirit against you, the person who suffered the abuse or attack. Not saying what the pastor is doing is wrong because they are in ministry and have to reach hurting people, but in your own life, recognize that if you bring up the sin again and again, it's unforgiveness that can cause a tormenting demon to be released in your life because God has forgiven the sin but you keep bringing it up. I've been guilty of it, too. We all are. Pastor Perry Stone said the tormenting spirit that's released is what the person that you forgave (but then brought up the sins again) was plagued with, which explained why I was dealing with the noisome pestilence and attacks suddenly. I could see how I was being attacked by the same thing the person that was attacking me was facing: debts, computer problems, being robbed of sleep, noisy neighbors, etcSo what do you do?

How to Avoid Tormenting Spirits, Forgive Others, and Walk Away From Offenses

To help you walk away from the pain of what you've gone through:

  • Forgive the person and have love for them as Jesus taught us. If you have to be around them, stay quiet and don't be judgmental. Be on guard so that you don't fall into a trap to argue back or bring up the past. The devil likes to use old tactics even in a new season to bring on the spirit of offense. If you can, politely and quietly walk away from the person, avoid them, and minimize future contact. If you have to be around them, only see them in the eyes of love, healing, and forgiveness regardless of what they say. Remember, they might also try to pour on the love and forgiveness and then try to snare you back into a  trap. This is a narcissistic tactic. Pray, "Let no sin rule over me." If you think about them, instead of reliving the incident, say, "I only have love, healing, and forgiveness as Jesus taught me." Rebuke the person and their personality. Remember, it's not the person per se, but the demon that is trying to work through them. Pray for their deliverance. Lastly, don't let people force you back into the past, a role or position God has already delivered you from. Old things are passed away. 
  • Don't look back. Every time you look back you're not walking in forgiveness and you're not fit for the plow or working on your future. This is hard because sometimes we replay old tapes in our minds, but remember, what you feed grows. If you focus on the past, you are not giving your attention to your future. Every time you're tempted to rehash the incident in your mind, picture yourself watering a weed from your past. You have seeds that need to be watered. Focus on forward so you can produce good fruit, not bitterness. It can take time, but every day, work on moving forward in Christ. 
  • Remember that God loves everyone and He even blesses evil people because He is no respecter of persons. He expects us to do the same (1 Peter 3:9) and you will be tested to walk in love and not judgment which is why the devil intentionally attacks in this way. It's because he wants to keep you bound to the spirit of oppression or draw you back if you've overcome it.
  • Don't judge unless you want to be judged for it is written in Matthew 6:14 and Matthew 18:35, "For if you forgive men their trespasses, your Heavenly Father will also forgive you," and "So likewise shall my heavenly Father do also unto you, if ye from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their trespasses." Hear Bishop Jakes message about this on why you must forgive and not judge. Your future depends on it because God is merciful. The offending person might have an undiagnosed mental illness, they might have been abused or they might just be in a position where God is using them to get a blessing to you. Don't retaliate in any way or seek revenge. Don't even secretly harbor bitterness.
  • Remember that you want all your sins forgiven and not brought up again. Think about your worst sins. Do you want them brought up again?
  • Detach emotionally from your feelings. The devil attacks through emotions to get you caught up in the flesh, but you're not a chicken. Remember, you're an eagle. Maintain your altitude. You've already come out from among them. Don't come down out of the spirit to war in the flesh or you can be ensnared and trapped by the enemy, so carefully guard your mouth and watch what you say.
  • Keep reading your Bible for inspiration. Focus on Luke and John to hear Jesus's Words about healing, love, and forgiveness. Remember, Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers us from them all.


The point is that by working on and maintaining that love walk, you are mirroring God and Christ and letting God know that you have an open heart and are ready to receive all that God has for you. Yes, it can be extremely hard because of the attack, but remember, the very worst attacks can lead to the very best blessings. If the devil was trying to wipe you out, recognize that there MUST be something SO GOOD up ahead that he's given it his all and he's failed. Stay encouraged and pray every day and ask God to help you not look back, not give up, and not be bitter. See your future. Remember the plans God has for you are greater than the plans you had for yourself.

The fresh start is coming. The new things that God has for you are coming, but you have to do your part and look away from the offenses and the demons trying to snare you in the past with hurt feelings and added pressure so you can receive all that God has for you in the future! And your future is bright. Shake off everything that is trying to hinder you so you can be ready to receive the blessings God has for you! It's coming and God is always right on time! 


If you need prayer, please call the Bill Winston Prayer Center at (877) 543-9443. You can also check online for Joyce Meyer's prayer request form and other sites that can pray for and with you. You are more than a conqueror! 




Music Spotlight

Have you heard Hillsong United's song, "I Surrender"? It's a great reminder to give everything over to Jesus and lay your burdens at the foot of the cross. See Hillsong United's Live video here...

Our March Prayer...

Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord we come to you and we give you all the glory, the honor, and praise due your name. Lord, we ask forgiveness of all sins that our prayers might always be heard. We rebuke the spirit to give up. I hear the Holy Spirit saying, "Tell them don't give up," and you keep saying, "Tell them it will get better." We also rebuke the demons of suicide. There are so many at a tipping point where they feel like they are ready to just die, but we pray against this Lord. We cancel the devil's assignment and cancel every attack of the enemy. We pray for the students. We pray against PTSD settling in (which can take a few weeks). We pray they have strong counselors, ministry leaders, and prayer warriors to pray for, with, and over them. We pray they don't give up and that they are encouraged. We pray for the students in the hospitals for them to be healed and we pray for healing for the families that lost someone during the shootings. The Holy Spirit said there is a strong spirit of anxiety and fear. We pray against this and cancel the devil's assignment. We send ministering angels to the students to calm their fears and help them heal so they can go back into their classrooms and their daily living habits and not give up. 

We pray for Puerto Rico. We pray for all those affected by storms and sudden life changes where they feel uprooted. The Holy Spirit is saying, "Tell them never to give up." We rebuke depression. We rebuke demons of suicide and we rebuke pain unbearable where we feel like all hope is lost. Lord, we ask for your mercy.

Please send ministering angels to help strengthen us. Send warring angels to defend us in battle and help us to stand. Please send signs of recovery and for those in need of comfort, please send help. Father God, we cry out to for healing. We cry out to you for help. We are not giving up. We are not giving in. We are standing strong in you, Father God. We are standing firm on your Word. Please heal our hearts, our homes, our families, our friends, neighbors and loved ones Please bring healing on the job and healing at school. We rebuke the demons of sudden tragedies in Jesus's name. We ask for your mercy Lord. Please forgive  us, heal us, and help us to rebuild. Help us to be strong for all you have for us. We know the tears we've cried ferment the seeds we have already planted. We know the harvest is coming. We pray, Lord, let us reap a bountiful harvest of joy, not bitterness. Let us be able to see the rewards and the fresh and new start you have for us, Father God. We know all things work together for the good of them that love you, Father God and are called according to your purpose.

Thank you that the season we went through is over. Thank you that the threat is gone and we won't have to drink from that cup again. Thank you that we passed the test, Lord. Thank you that you've taught us how to stand firm on Your Word, Lord. Thank you for making the way out of no way. Thank you for the sudden blessings and releasing sudden income. Thank you for the new income and the new season of refreshing. Thank you for breaking every chain the devil had us bound with. Thank you for sudden victories and sudden changes in status and the ability to walk in our wealthy places. We give glory to you, Lord. Thank you that our ministries are growing. Our families are growing. Our children are covered in the blood of Jesus and your name reigns. Thank you that our streets are safe. Thank you that you provide every need. Thank you that you are working it out in our favor and we give you all the glory, honor and praise due to your name. We trust you and we love you, Lord. I hear sudden and we know that you are working to make the way for us. We praise you and thank you for being a loving Father God. We have faith in you and hope for the future and we will stand strong and firm on Your Word and Your Will, Lord, in Jesus's most precious name and by the blood of Jesus, Amen.

Anything in bold above is something the Holy Spirit may have mentioned or revealed in a dream to pray about.

Please stay encouraged. A pastor had a recent message on and said, the thing you went through is a window to the blessing that's coming. Whatever you went through in the past, that greatest hurt that you endured, your greatest victory will come from that. Trust God. What the devil meant for harm, trust God. He will guide you and God will work it out in your favor! It will work in your favor!

Prayer for Puerto Rico

Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord, we lift up Puerto Rico to you. We pray for all those with hurting hearts and we ask for your healing. We ask for your compassion on your people. We ask for breakthroughs like never before, for miracles, and for your mercy. Please heal hearts. I'm still hearing where the people are saying, "It's not fair," and that's what the devil wants. Don't let them lose their vision, Lord. Don't let them suffer hunger because Your Word says, "I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread." We know your Word can't leave void and you will send now help and additional supplies for the island. Please remove every hindrance out of their way and we ask for special signs from you, Father God. Cancel every assignment and root of the devil and please help God's people, Lord. The government has reduced the FEMA money from $4 billion to $2 billion, there are still about 15% without power, and roads are still down, but we walk by faith and not by sight. We praise you for advancement, we praise you for help from the military to fix homes and repair roads, we praise you for an outpouring from the churches and businesses that want to help the island, and we praise you because Puerto Rico will be a better island, stronger, debt-free, and I'm hearing you say, "You will send special signs and special windows for Puerto Rico. We declare the victory over the enemy and the devil is defeated, in Jesus's name, Amen!

The Prayer of Salvation

If you haven't said the Prayer of Salvation, now's the best time: Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord, I ask forgiveness of my sins. Please come into my heart. I turn my back on sin and I make you my Lord and Savior. I want to follow you for the rest of my life. Please give me eternal life through you in Jesus name, Amen.     

Re-dedication to Christ Prayer

If you need to rededicate your life to Christ because you feel like you've been sinning or haven't been living right, pray: Father God in the name of Jesus, I ask forgiveness of my sins and I turn my back on sin. Please help me to overcome ---- and I want to lead a better life through you. I decree and declare this day I have overcome ---- and I have the victory in Jesus name, Amen. 

Stay in God's shadow, stay away from sin and temptation, keep reading your Bible and keep seeking God first. 

Be ye doers of the Word... We pray this message blesses you today!




Music Spotlight

Have you heard Isabel Davis's new song, "Jesus, We Love You"? It's an awesome reminder to keep singing praises to Our God and King. Hear Isabel's new song here...



LOL: The Only Time...



What Does a Dessert Challenge Show Have To Do With Following God's Directions? A Lot...

When you're driving and your GPS says, "Turn left, here, you do it." So why is it so hard to obey when God says to take a step in a direction your unfamiliar with?

In an impossible dessert challenge meant to bring out the weaknesses in a team of talented chefs who can't rely on their old way of thinking, new stars arise. The show, Zumbo's Just Desserts, is a fun way to see how you have to throw everything you "thought you knew" out of the window in order to dig deep and come out stronger. See more on the dessert challenge show and how it relates to following God's instructions here... 



Everyone has likely heard the scripture, "Count it all joy when you fall into diverse temptations," but finding sudden joy when your life is upside down and things appear to be on fire and burning out of control can be tough - - until you apply these helpful tips... See the full article here...




Teen in Hospital was Shot Shielding Other Students in Florida School Shooting Incident

Shared Via Huffington Post: A 15-year-old high school soccer player used his own body to shield classmates from a gunman’s rampage in Florida last week that killed 17 people, said a fellow student who credited the heroism with saving his life.

Anthony Borges, who is recovering from multiple gunshot wounds, protected classmates at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland during the gunman’s Feb. 14 attack, fellow student Carlos Rodriguez told “Good Morning America.”

“None of us knew what to do. So, he took the initiative to just save his other classmates,” said Rodriguez.  

Rodriguez said Borges was the last of 20 students to flee into a room as the gunman, firing randomly, approached. Borges was trying to lock the door, and remained in the doorway as the killer shot him repeatedly, Rodriguez said. None of the other students cowerin in the room were hurt.


Borges, shot in the back and both legs, was in stable condition after hours of surgery, his father, Royer Borges, told ABC News.

“He’s my hero,” Royer Borges said after learning of his son’s actions. “I only ask that people pray for him.”

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel on Sunday visited Anthony Borges in the hospital, and posted an emotional photo shaking the teen’s hand on Facebook.

“Fortunately, he is recovering ― but has a long road ahead with more surgeries needed,” the sheriff’s post says.

We keep all students, teachers, and staff in prayer and we pray for safer schools.



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