Message from Father God


We're preparing the final details on our February Newspaper (out shortly). However, Father God gave us an important message. He said it was okay to post it when we put up the Newspaper. For the other prophetic messages, please see the link.

Sharing it here: 

A Message From Father God: February 7, 2020...

Message from God

Tell them they have to move faster. They will see what I’m about to do. Keep turning the TV off and coming to me. They have to move faster. Tell them they have to move faster. He will see what’s coming to him soon. He will see how he falls like the angel falls/fell. Get ready. I know it’s early but don’t worry about. Guard my children my sheep my flock. God is preparing us for greater what’s coming tell all my sheep to prepare the way prepare for me. Every knee… Keep speaking in the spirit of tongues, binding/loosing. Being obedient to me. That snake has to flee. He has to leave. I’m uprooting him. God will not fail. Keep being obedient to me. Tell them to move faster it will happen soon. What they need it’s coming and God will not fail. Keep being obedient to me. They will see signs of my help soon. Keep being obedient to me. The mark of the beast is here and its witchcraft. Rebuke the demons of sickness disease and death keep calling on the Holy Ghost inviting Him in. Tell them they have to move faster the mark of the beast is here/coming. Do not worry God will not fail. Keep reading your Bible. Open your mouth wide to me and I will fill it. But they keep wanting to call on buddha and other idols that won’t help in their time of need. Stay at the cross it’s God’s territory and He can defend you there. Another man is coming in. he’s coming into office. He will be there for me. Hear me soon.

Don’t give up when you see what I do to them through my prophecy. It’s so they can understand they need to be obedient to me. I’m making them uncomfortable so they can turn to me. They are being negative and saying, “It’s not fair.” Don’t think about the money. You have all you need in me. Call on me and it’s done. Every bill is paid don’t worry about “the way”. Stay at the cross. I am the way. I have what you need. Your soul prospers in me. Keep giving glory to God and then wait for me. Be strong when you see what I do.

Tell them they have to move faster and be obedient to me. Tell them they have to move faster and be obedient to me. Get up early with me [He’s referring to getting up early to pray, speak in tongues and praise Him]. I know your stomach's rumbling for change. I give you victory. Everything is subject to change but remember I change not. I have my finger on the pulse. The crowds - they have to disperse. Every knee shall bow… I'm going to make them uncomfortable. They will be saying "not fair, not fair" but it's for us instead. They will be angry but don't go by that. Believe the possibilities. It's going to affect every pocketbook [Is this the wealth transfer?]. They will have what they need. Tell them I [God] am in authority I can change them. Then walk away. Watch and see what He does. [Is this a direction or instruction for God's people?]. Tell them it will get better. They will see. Keep coming to me. They don't have to worry about what he [the enemy] does.

They're going to make a very expensive mistake because they thought God was not watching. Make sure you tell them, "Be not afraid when you see what I'm about to do." It's not for them. But, they need to see it.