Message from God...

UPDATE: 3/8: Do not fear and do not be afraid. God gave an important message the other day. What's going on is not FOR US to worry about. God is disrupting the enemy. Father God said, "Do not panic." He also said the other day that He's rebuking the enemy (see the messages below). As you watch the news and go about your day, please be mindful to not be afraid or panic. 


3/5/20 1:35 pm Message from God: "Keep telling my servants to obey me and come out from among them. God will not fail. He's cutting the head of the enemy off right now. They will soon discover. Keep being very obedient to me. Tell them do not be afraid. Floods of blessings coming in soon. Help soon. Keep praising me. They will be shouting "Victory!" to me. Remember, God is in charge, not man, not your boss. Promotion and favor are coming for so many. Keep hiding in Me, resting in me. Floods are coming. He is cutting the head of the enemy off. Keep coming to me. Jobs and promotion and so much favor. Reunions for some. So much money and income are coming to my servants because they obeyed me. Be not afraid by what you see. What I'm about to do is so the enemy can see. I am removing my hand from them. Keep submitting to me, speaking in tongues, fasting and praying. He's making a way out of no way. He will reveal it in tongues. He will reveal it to His prophets. Keep reading your Bibles and obeying me. They're about to see God's help soon. Man cannot.Keep cutting the TV off and coming to me. Keep praising me. They are going to see soon. They will see what God's about to do. Stay in God's shadow. He's pouring out a blessing. Remember man cannot and the devil cannot touch you. Everything God said it shall/will come to pass. He's giving us strength. Pay your bills, stay out of petty arguments - when you see them walk away. Keep coming to me. The devil can't touch you. They will see God's help soon. Promotion for so many. Remember, the devil can't touch them. I am cutting the head of the enemy off. Do everything by God's authority and in Jesus's name. God will shock you when you see what He does for all God's people. I told them be not afraid when you see God act. They're (the enemy) going to be shocked when they see what God does but tell my people be not afraid. Tell God's people be not afraid when you see what He does. The strong arm of our just one upholds us. Keep coming out from among them. They (the enemy) have been murdering and sacrificing God's babies. They (the enemy) will see. They (the enemy) will be shocked by what God does but they have to see. Whatever God says or does it shall come to pass and they (God's people) need not be afraid. Kneel unto me. Keep coming to me. Keep giving me praise. I am cutting the head of the enemy off. They are about to see. The enemy will be so afraid of God's people when they see what God does. Keep doing everything in God's authority and in Jesus's name. Get ready for promotion. Keep coming out from among them. They are going to be so surprised. Total victory and total recovery are coming for all God's people. Keep standing under the strong arm of the Lord. We are mighty in battle for the pulling down of strongholds. They are going to see what God does. They (the enemy) wanted God's people to be afraid but they will be afraid instead. Tell them God's people that He is not playing. Don't walk away from me when you see what I'm about to do. Tell them get excited about what God does. When it happens it will happen fast. It's going to feel like an earthquake. Keep reading your Bibles. They are going to see God's help soon. It shall come to pass. The enemy can't fight this. Stay strong and encouraged. Keep speaking over yourselves. So much promotion is coming, reunions for some, missing children returning to their families. The lost found. He's going to saturate them (God's people) with goodness. Don't worry. So many are going to receive promotion. It's time. It's time. Demons have to flee. They (God's people) will see. They will see signs of recovery soon. It's coming. Cheer up. Keep coming to me, staying under me. I am the God who changes not. Keep staying in God's shadow and come out from among them. Do not quit or give up - stand fast (or steadfast). The enemy is going to be crying "It's not fair," when they see what God does but He has to rebuke their stubborn pride and arrogance against God. It's time. It's our time and so much favor is upon our lives. And, tell them cheer up. God is for you. He is not against you. You will see. He's coming soon, soon. Tell them I want them in bed by 1 o'clock so they can get up and pray to me and praise me. Keep coming to me and reading your Bibles. I want them praying in tongues so I can reveal it in tongues. There are so many surprises in store for all God's people. Keep waiting on me. I will reveal it soon in tongues. Soon, soon. He's coming back soon, soon. Get your houses in order. Prepare God's people and your ministries, prayer warriors. Remember, the devil can't touch you. Say "If it's 1-o'clock I need to go to bed so I can get up early and pray." Keep being very obedient to me. Watch and see what God says come to pass. He will reveal His secrets to His servants. What He does it will happen fast. Cheer up. Keep coming to me. Keep reading your Bibles. He will reveal it in tongues. Tell them don't walk away when you see what God does. And, watch what you say to other people. They might not believe but you know God's ways/thoughts are higher."


Father God said to tell them, "Do not be afraid when you see what God does." And, He's reminding us to keep reading our Bibles. I don't want to add my thoughts to what is going on but please stay encouraged. There are a lot of people hanging on by a thread, nervous about bills they need to pay, concerned about job safety and the markets, worried about an illness, concerned for their loved ones. There are also people wondering if coronavirus is going to shut everything down. But we serve a faithful and loving God who is here for us. Father God gave an important message the other day that "I am putting the enemy under their feet." We HAVE to trust God's timing, wait on Him and do everything in Jesus's name and by God's authority - because we know God is ALWAYS RIGHT ON TIME.

I was watching Pastor Troy Brewer from Heart for the World Church earlier and he was talking about the amazing and supernatural things that will happen in 2020. At the same time, I just finished talking to someone about a prophet that's asking everyone to pray to rebuke the coronavirus. God has been saying (see the messages He gave, links below) that we have to move much faster as the church has to get on one accord.

In the meantime, please stay in prayer and stand firm on God's Word. We don't fear the coronavirus and we're not anxious about the markets. God doesn't give us the spirit of fear but of POWER and of LOVE and a SOUND MIND. The Holy Spirit has BEEN saying that the market is going to collapse and crash (again see the prophetic messages from God, links below).

People are so vested in money but they make no time for God. However, it is written, "That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father," (Phil.2:10-11).  

What we're seeing happening in the markets and with coronavirus is confirmation. God said for our February Newspaper, "They're (the enemy) going to make a very expensive mistake because they thought God was not watching. Make sure you tell them (God's people), 'Be not afraid when you see what I'm about to do.' It's not for them. But, they need to see it." 

I'm hearing Father God say, "Do not worry." Keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged.