Messages from God...


9/22: In this season, continue to stand on God's Word. God said help is coming in and that it will get better. That's what we're to focus on. He supplies ALL our needs. But, here's the thing. What God REALLY needs is for us to do our parts and DON'T DOUBT GOD. Doubting Him is like believing for a train (with all the goodies piled high, blessings and answered prayers) to come down the tracks. When we doubt (because we CAN'T see the train or it's taking too long, or we speak words that cancel it, the train backs up and goes in the other direction. Doubting also makes it where our angels can't work FOR US because when we doubt we're double-minded. Doubting also opens a back door to the devil. But when we BELIEVE THE POSSIBILITIES, whoa! All aboard! Tickets, please! Now, that train is unstoppable! And, that train is our Father God and HE'S UNSTOPPABLE (and so are we when we believe). So, today, right now, get on board. Do things that lift your spirits up (new recipe, new music, a new Bible book, watch a movie, take a walk, write that book, clean that closet). Regardless of how many bill collectors call or what IT LOOKS LIKE, keep speaking what God SAID, (not what you SEE). Say, speak, declare and decree, "It will get better", "We will have help soon", "It's no problem for God" and "The stimulus is coming". It's cause-and-effect. By getting on ONE ACCORD, we're actually CAUSING God to HAVE TO release blessings. He HAS TO bless us because we're putting the demand on Him and HE CAN'T LIE or not provide. He HAS TO SEND THE TRAIN (piled high with all our goodies)...ho, ho, ho! So, keep praying that effectual, fervent prayer and believe for the SUPER-natural. And, keep praising God! Keep glorifying Him! He's so loving and faithful. He will provide. He will come through. He loves us so much. Read your Bible today and get to bed early 9:30 pm! Good news is coming soon and surprises are in store - Let God WORK!!! PS God said we will have another letter/message soon and I also heard something like "God's going to do something so they will know to leave God's people alone". Not sure what this is - will stay in prayer. Stay tuned!
Separately, I heard "Rebuke the demons of terrorist attacks", "Rebuke terrorist acts" twice and I heard "earthquake" earlier today when I was watching Sid Roth's It's Supernatural. I also heard "rebuke suicide terrorist attacks". I also heard "bombing" or "suicide bomber" and I think He said "mass attack" so we pray against these.
9/20: This is REALLY GOOD NEWS: I heard God say, "Tell them it doesn't matter" and "Don't you dare give up". He also said, "Tell them I'm going to bless them early" and, "They're getting surprises, those that have done the work and put in the efforts."
That's such great news so get ready and believe in God's miracle working power. God's going to show UP and show OUT. It reminds me of a story. My old office manager and I went upstairs in the building where we worked one night. The former tenants had left TONS of office supplies behind. There were chairs, desks, cabinets, paper, pens, everything. We could have WHATEVER we wanted. My office manager said, "Put a post-in on what you want". I walked around with yellow sticky paper like Oprah Winfrey giving out cars. I said, "You get a chair" and "You get staplers and highlighters". (Not really but you get the idea). It was like being in a candy store - or in this case an empty Staples store!

What I'm telling you is don't let what you see right now cause you to give up. The devil is trying SO HARD to make it LOOK LIKE he's won. He has NOT won. God has and so have we because we have Jesus. Just like me stamping everything with the post-its, look at those bills and say, "In Jesus's name, that's paid off!" Say, "God's got this" and "I am debt-free". Then, when you pray, bind the devil AWAY FROM your finances and release God's covering, favor and mercy so He can work on your behalf. If your health isn't great or you've been sick, say, "By Jesus's stripes, I am healed" and plead the blood and anoint yourself with oil. If the devil has been trying to attack your sleep or causing noisy disruptions or panic, say, "Jesus, give me Your peace" and "No weapons formed against me shall prosper." God WANTS us to call on HIM in this season so He can fix it. Boom! ALREADY done! Keep giving God glory! If you need prayer or a Word, please use the comments at the end of the page to reach us. We are praying for you and your family. God WILL make the way and you WILL see recovery soon! Keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged. 
9/19: A couple of important things...Father God said, "I want you to believe for a miracle today". God said, "I want you to believe. I know they need a miracle. Keep believing on Me and in my miracle-working power. I will help with that landlord. You think I'm helping everybody else but I'm here for you, too. I will help with your needs." The Lord also said, "Don't walk away from what God does" and "Pray for every police officer". Father God also said, "He will pay that rent" and "It doesn't matter". It's important in this season to keep your spirits up and do things that add value. And, here's why. A lot of people feel like giving up when they stare at their bills. They might be running out of money and might not see any hope in sight. But, in the Bible, God says, "I am the Lord Thy God" and "I change not". What that means is God HAS TO bless us. He HAS TO help us. He HAS TO make they way, open doors, send favor, supply all our needs, heal our sicknesses, answer our prayers and so much more. When you feel like giving up or doubting, say, "God WILL help me in Jesus's name and I WILL receive my miracle today". Then wait on God to show up - because He ALWAYS does and He will not fail. Father God also said, "I want you in bed at 9:30." Remember, this is so we can get up early to pray and praise God (corporate prayer and worship). As we get the Body of Christ on one accord, God can do greater works in us. And, remember, you have the Holy Spirit in you so pray and ask Him what to pray for and to guide you. Keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged. God has great things in store! Oh, and God said, "It will get better!" To God be the glory! 
9/18 2:47 pm While this doesn't apply to everyone, God said just now, "I want you to tell them to leave the police alone. Stop harassing them from doing their jobs." People are making HUGE mistakes in trying to come against the police. The Bible says "Love thy neighbor" - regardless of what THEY might be doing. It's wrong to try to retaliate against a few working in the demonic to cause the spirit of offense. What you're actually doing by retaliating is 1. Causing God to block your blessings. 2. Putting yourself in a position to be judged because you are judging and 3. Losing your covering that God provides in Deuteronomy 28. We keep all our police officers uplifted in prayer in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and we pray all laypersons pray over each and every officer and anoint them in the name and blood of Jesus Christ. Please pray for their covering, better benefits and equipment, more pay and more vacation! 
9/17: We just posted another letter / important message from Father God. Please share it with your church leaders, elders, deacons, prayer warrior team, etc. It has very specific instructions from Father God about the coming days, (good news for God's people, instructions to clean house, sanctify ourselves). Further, it includes a message from Prophet Lana Vawser. This is a MIGHTY confirming word for intercessors. It also includes instructions about getting before God tomorrow night, Rosh Hashanah and what God is going to do. On a side note, we're already seeing confirmation that blessings are coming in. The President is asking for higher stimulus payments. 
9/17: This is a specific message ONLY meant for those who aren't listening to God and obeying His Words: Father God said, "Tell them don't regret" and He also said to "Quit complaining. There are some that have stubborn pride demons. My mother said it right, "They are stubborn pride demons. These are stubborn people."
9/16: Father God said to "Pray for Alabama and for those areas affected by the storms, fires and floods."
Father God in Jesus's name, Lord, we praise You because You're the Most High God. Lord, we come to You together and ask for Your mercy over every area affected by severe fires, severe flooding, storms and hurricanes. We pray for Alabama, Oregon, Louisiana, Washington, California, Florida and every other area affected by severe weather. As You told us in one of Your earlier messages, we rebuke the demons of natural disasters. We speak peace and calming over these areas and we cancel the devil's assignment. We pray for all those affected including the seniors and disabled, and all pets, wildlife and livestock. We pray for all the first responders, EMTs, police, all fire and rescue workers and hospital staff. Lord, we ask for Your mercy. Please help provide food, shelter and covering and restoration to all those affected in Jesus's name and by God's authority, we give you glory, Amen."
As a side note, we have a Word from the Lord / another letter that we'll put up soon.
And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me, (Psalm 50:15).
Keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged. The name of the Lord is a STRONG TOWER. The righteous runs in and is safe.
9/14: Father God wants me to say something about the supermarkets. If you haven't done so already, please shop early for the fall and winter. It's been kind of quiet with not a lot in the news recently about food shortages but a lot of stores are running low on some products. I noticed at our usual store they're starting to run out of staple products like dry milk, canned tomatoes, paper towels, cleaner and other products. Pray and ask Father God what you need and how best to plan to stretch your budget. But don't delay. If the coronavirus is going to worsen or a second wave will occur this winter, ask yourself "What do I need to get now if everything is shut down?" Think about canned products and items you can store long-term. I don't want to make this long but even right now we have about 6 loaves of bread, maybe 10 boxes of pasta, 6-8 big cans of sauce, 3-4 jars of peanut butter and plenty of bottled water. Also, if you SEE that there are items you need but they're not on sale, like in your online shopping cart, put your items together and make your list. Then, add Father God for favor. He'll give you the discounts at the stores or online. To God be the glory. He never fails!  
9/14: Look for God in unexpected ways. He is there for you...So, I forgot to mention on 9/13 something amazing that happened. I got up early to pray and was drinking my coffee as I looked out my window. I heard God say, "Go back to sleep" because I really haven't been sleeping soundly as we get up early to pray before this New Year starts 9/18. But because I KNOW I can go back to sleep I said, "Okay, Lord", and started praising God. Suddenly I heard a familiar sound and rushed to open the blinds. I caught a glimpse of  a flock of geese quickly flying by overhead. They were making a loud honking noise like they didn't care if anyone was sleeping (it was about 7:30 am). I praised God that I could see them all together in formation (like the Body of Christ coming together). What a Mighty God we serve that He lets us see signs of hope AND things we enjoy (I'm an avid bird watcher).
On a separate note, today I also saw or should say HEARD a wonderful sign. I wrote about my neighbors making all kinds of distracting noises yesterday. My downstairs neighbor turned the base up on his speakers - KNOWING this disturbs us because the sound is like bombs going off. My upstairs neighbor let kids run through her apartment KNOWING the sound echoes loudly and is disruptive. However, we serve a DISRUPTIVE God who is just. I obeyed God and went to bed early but woke up late. I immediately heard, "Go back to bed" despite my best efforts to explain to the Holy Spirit that there were freshly baked cookies inside and 1 or 2 (and a glass of milk and a show) would help me go to sleep. I hear God say again, "Go back to bed". I obeyed and then got up later to pray. In the kitchen drinking coffee I heard the loudest banging. And, it got louder and louder. It was about 8 am. I went to my bathroom and realized they doing construction AGAIN on the apartment above my neighbors. I thought, "How inconveniencing. They're not going to like that...It's going to wake them up..." and that's when I realized, we serve a God who vindicates us. God didn't want ME retaliating and making MORE noise against my neighbors. He wanted me to rest in Him and obey. The banging was SO LOUD and consistent it was like they were doing it ON PURPOSE. Praise God who vindicates us. I hear God saying "You will see evidence today". I pray God sends evidence to you that HE VINDICATES YOU and shows you that HE IS YOUR HELP IN TIME OF NEED. Do something good today, okay? Have the pancakes. Make a sweet treat. And rest in God. AND do things that add value. Work on a new language or start a new book. God IS FOR US and He is so merciful. NO WEAPONS formed against you shall prosper. Have faith. I keep hearing God say "It will feel like Santa Claus" and He said "Tell them I'm about to make it better". Hence, don't go by what you SEE. Trust God and EXPECT good things to come! We rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. Continue to rebuke their personalities and walk in love, healing and forgiveness ONLY.
9/13: The Holy Spirit said "The market is about to go up". Note: This is not a timeline or stock advice as there's no particular timeframe on this.
9/13: God said just now, "I want you to tell them you are not afraid and they shouldn't be either" He also said "And, don't you ever give up". God will NOT fail us. You will see good news and have help soon! *Separately, see the PSS note at the end of today's message for some VERY good news. 
As we get closer to the Jewish New Year starting on Friday, September 18th and as we get closer to Jesus's return for that matter, God is removing things from us not like Him. These can be hidden fears like tiny seeds the devil is trying to plant.
These might be thoughts deep in our mind and things like:
  • "If I say or do the wrong thing it will get worse"
  • "I want to obey God but I don't want THEM to come against me"
  • "I'm trying to do it God's way but I don't want anyone retaliating against me because I'm barely holding on".
  • "If I just stay quiet they'll leave me alone"
  • "If I don't move they won't know I'm here and I can keep the peace".
But that is NOT how God wants us to live (in fear, anxious, depressed, defeated). Another problem is like Kay Nash points out, if you don't stop a small fox it can become a big fox. Please know God doesn't want you having any areas of your life where you're afraid or have an emotion that's not from God. He wants to remove these so you can have healing. And, I've been through this personally. While I try to avoid confrontation sometimes God INTENTIONALLY sends the enemy TO ME so I can work on defending myself and increase my courage.
When God Makes You Uncomfortable
Confronting the enemy happened in the Old Testament with David and Goliath. It also happened with my neighbors who were causing a noisome pestilence. Goliath taunted Saul's armies who were clearly afraid of him. Hey, 40-days is a long time, right? However, when David showed up, David was confident in HIS GOD and didn't let any fear in. David IMMEDIATELY said that God would deliver him today - no wasting time, no second guessing - and importantly - no doubting. So, you know the rest, David slayed the giant. But a crucial point about that story is God CAUSED David to go to where the battle was being fought. David wasn't there to fight. He was there to bring food to his brothers. But, there are no accidents with God. So when David learned about the giant, he volunteered to fight Goliath willingly. He went in with God on His side knowing He'd have God's mercy with him. Now, hold onto that story for a second.  
I write about problems with my neighbors because in order for God to help me give you what to pray for in the prophetic, He lets me see it first hand sometimes. He's anointed me for this calling and I've seen it happen over and over again where I go through a test and then I see God's people go through it. 
My next door neighbor, upstairs neighbor and downstairs neighbor all make a ton of noise. The devil comes in 3s sometimes. I've written about that, right? So, there have been a few occasions where if I was singing Christian music or even just walking through my apartment, they would yell, scream or curse to INTENTIONALLY try to make me afraid. Now, it's not the people per se, but these are demons working THROUGH people. My next door neighbor would slam doors trying to disturb me but it would wake up my upstairs neighbor who would start banging on the floorboards thinking it was me! Confrontation and retaliation demons. My downstairs neighbor would threaten me and yell loud curses even if I just walked through my apartment. Threatening and intimidation demons. And, there's me left shaking my head, "Father God, I didn't even do anything wrong." I'd pray and ask Father God what to do. Once He said to stand up for myself and defend myself. Another time He said to ignore them and rebuke their personalities. So, what's the point?
For one, always know God has a hedge of protection around you but God DOES NOT want you intimidated or afraid of possessing the land and territories God gave you or is giving you. You're God's Chosen and His child and He WANTS to bless you (but first we have to possess the land, right?). He is enlarging our territories and demons ARE GETTING VERY UPSET AND AGITATED.
In the story about Goliath, David KNEW he could call on God and God showed up and helped David because that tiny rocked knocked Goliath to the ground (and David killed the giant with his sword). In the story with my neighbor, I didn't react based on what I heard THEM SAY. I reacted based on what GOD SAID. I asked God what to do FIRST. Once He said to complain, then I had the okay, (or all clear). It's not for me to come against my neighbors. We're to pray for them and love them as Jesus taught us. But the demons have to flee.  
Note: Never do anything without asking God FIRST. Obeying what He says means He's given you permission and you have His covering and blessing. right now, I hear God saying, "Keep being obedient to me" and "You will see help soon". Don't fall for the enemy's tricks or fake set up to try too get you to war with your flesh in retaliation. It's God who defends us in battle and He will NOT fail. These are stubborn pride demons and intimidation and fear demons God is removing. Praise the Lord, we are ALREADY delivered! God has ALREADY made the way! Lastly, please remember this important thing: You are not a target - the enemy is - so get ready to see victory in your life! Whatever you need help with, call on God and give it to Him. Ask Him to step in and deliver you and He will. To God be the Gory! 
Prayer: Father God in Jesus's name, Lord, I give you the glory, honor and praise. You are the Most High God. Lord, please help me overcome every area where I am afraid and any area where I feel intimidated by the enemy (on the job, at work, school, at home). Please enlarge my tents and widen my territory and help me stand strong and courageous in You so I can receive from You all that You have for me and my family. I decree and declare, 'Father God in Jesus's name, whatever You have for me is mine and the devil can't steal it.' I praise You for the victory over the enemy and every adversary is defeated in Jesus's name and by God's authority, Amen.  
Father God also said, "I want you to tell them to never give up." Try to get to bed early (latest 1am) so you can getup early and pray. We serve a loving God who inhabits the praises - and prayers of His people!!!
PS: And, please watch the words coming out of your mouth. Life and death, blessings and curses are in the power of the tongue. Keep calling on the Holy Spirit to guide you and pray in tongues and fast. And, read your Bible daily so you can hear from Father God.
PSS: And, this is big: Father God is also saying "It will feel like Santa Claus" what God does. Apologies if the reference is secular and sounds like it's comparing God to Santa Claus but I think He's saying that's how the blessings will come. All year God (see earlier messages from God in bold below) has been saying this in my spirit. Whatever it is that God has for you, it's coming very soon. God is about to release MIGHTY blessings so whatever you NEED FROM THE LORD, write it down and give it to Him. Get organized ASAP and do everything God has asked so YOU'RE READY. I'm telling you because I am seeing it made manifest. He's about to bless us SO MUCH, it's going to feel like one blessing (or present) after the next. He's going to KEEP pouring out blessing after blessing. Ask Him. He will confirm it and reveal it to you in tongues. Glory to Your Name, Lord! Hallelu-Yahweh! Stay tuned!     
9/12: Father God said, "It doesn't matter". I wrote about this once before. Sometimes the devil tries to challenge God THROUGH us. A demon working on your job might make you do MORE work than everyone else. But God is there to give you support. Satan might try to to steal from you some way - But God gives you your money back. While it can be frustrating, tiring and draining, remember a few things: 1. The battle's not ours - Just obey God. 2. Call on God in the day of trouble and He will deliver you. 3. Remember that in times of the GREATEST testing there's usually a blessing around the corner. One of my biggest tests was at my old job one day. EVERYONE called out and I was left to do ALL the work. I was running like a chicken with my head cut off but a strange thing happened. As I told myself to give 100% I heard God call my name twice. He does that sometimes in a big test. I looked around and the only way I could describe it was like I saw eyes on every computer monitor screen. I felt like God was showing me that He was right there with me and to not give up or faint. When it came time for bonuses God made my managers remember me. They said things like "This is extra for all the hard work". What I'm saying is please don't faint in the test. Whatever you need, know that when you call on God, He will NOT fail you. Hear me clearly....He ONLY sends the test if He KNOWS you're going to pass it... To God be the glory! Separately, the Lord said to "Pray for Philadelphia" and "Pray for all police officers".
9/11 4:00 pm Was watching a message about how God is defining and redefining us and the Lord said, "I want you to tell them don't give up."  Whatever the attack is or whatever the games are that the devil is playing, tell the devil "Satan you will stop playing games with me in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. NO weapons formed against me shall prosper". Keep reading your Bible and you will see help from God soon. As the Bible teaches us in Romans 16:20, The God of Peace will soon crush satan under our feet. YOU have the authority, not the devil and not man. Keep standing on God's Word and speaking what you need Father God to do so He can bring it to pass. And, keep rebuking the devil and don't get distracted. Stay focused in this last week before the Jewish New Year. God will help you. Separately, Father God continues to say, "Pray for Philadelphia" and "Pray for all police officers".  
As this is the anniversary of 9/11 while we reflect on this date, it's important to honor those who have fallen. We pray God is with all those who lost someone or were affected by 9/11 in some way. We don't look back at that senseless tragedy in anger or bitterness but we look ahead to let God heal grieving hearts. God is just and God will vindicate the hurting. 
On another note, Father God said, "I want you to watch your pocketbook". Watch out for any hidden charges fees. Lift your wallet or purse up to Father God and plead the Blood of Jesus over your finances. God WILL make the way for you and you will see relief and help soon. 
9/11: Hearing something about "earthquake" twice today and I heard this yesterday. Also hearing "sudden storms". 
9/11: Was hearing for today, "Rebuke every demonic attack" and "God always makes the way". I wish I could call this Whose news report do you believe (the devil's or God's)? Demonic attacks can come in this season where the devil tries to get into your ears and change your thinking and sometimes we get our thinking backwards because we go by what we SEE. For example, you might hear on the news, "We're not sending a stimulus until November" or "Evictions are coming". This is the enemy trying to strike fear and doubt into God's people. A person can turn on the news or talk to someone who SAW the news and HEARD WHAT THEY SAID. Then what happens? Instead of standing on God's Word (to always provide and never leave us or forsake us), they start to doubt and become afraid. The devil WANTS people afraid (and doubting God, becoming double-minded and unstable) and thinking there's no way out. But the devil is a liar! We MUST STAND on God's Word to make the way. God is the WAY MAKER and He ALWAYS provides. 
Hence, a few reminders:
1. ONLY speak, think and see what GOD SAID, not man.
2. Turn the news off and tune out non-believers and those with weak faith who might say things THAT GO AGAINST what God said. Get them OUT OF YOUR EAR so you can hear God.
3. When you feel doubt coming up, rebuke it and SPEAK GOD'S WORD ONLY. This reinforces to your mind - and heart that God IS INDEED COMING. And, here's how I know this works.  
I was taking a class on campus one semester so I took the bus to school. As I got off the bus there was a girl on the bus stop and I noticed she was wringing her hands. I studied body language once so I could confidently prepare for interviews and I KNEW she was worried about money. When I told her "Don't worry, God will make the way", her shoulders slumped and she said, "How did you know?" So I prayed with her.  
What I'm telling you is God KNOWS what you're going through. He knows you're grieving a job loss or lack of income. He knows about the medical bills. He knows you feel let down. I felt it too -- I felt like God WASN'T there because I thought He WASN'T doing anything. So I asked Him what was going on in prayer. I said politely as I didn't want to grieve or anger God, "Lord, You said You would supply ALL my needs. Well, with all due respect, I'm not seeing it. You said You would make me the head, lender and above and that I am blessed in the city and field, coming and going. Again, with all due respect, I don't understand what's going on." He said in so many words that that was the test in this season and to keep calling on Him and bringing His Words to His remembrance! It was a light bulb moment. So, God was there all along! This is just another test to increase our faith...(and to widen our territories!). 
God was looking to see if I would go back to the old ways in defeat and self-doubt or if I would stand and wait patiently and remind Him of what the Bible says. You know, like Jesus sleeping on the boat? It's intentional so go wake God up...Remind Him respectfully that HE said He is the one who supplies all your needs and that you're waiting on Him faithfully because He's a loving God who is here for you...To God be the Glory!  
Oh yeah, and if you catch yourself wringing your hands together subconsciously, stop yourself and grasp your hands together in prayer and say, "The Lord will make the way. It's already done. It's no problem for God and I WILL see and have help soon in Jesus's name and by God's authority. I WILL see a miracle today." Now, go read your Bible and rest in Him! Believe for your miracle! God WILL make the way.
9/9: The Lord has said a few times to "Pray for Philadelphia". On another note, be careful with "set-ups" and "provoked attacks". For example, if someone tries to provoke you for no reason. I've written about my neighbor who makes threats if he hears me walking through my apartment. So, today I was walking around and I had my headphones on but they weren't plugged in. I wear them this way sometimes because our neighbors are loud. However, in the kitchen, my headphones caught on the fridge, almost like an angel was prompting me to take them off. And, when I did, I could hear my downstairs neighbor yelling. Instead of reacting - or overreacting, I prayed and rebuked him, said Psalm 91 and Isaiah 54:17. The concern is that is this something that's coming? I wasn't making noise, didn't have the radio or TV on, just walked in the room. It's like the enemy is trying to incite violence or trying to incite a riot or provoke an attack. Remember, if someone tries to "set you off" or "put you suddenly on the defense" 1. Stay calm and rebuke their personalities. 2. Walk away and mirror ONLY Jesus, i.e., walk in love, healing and forgiveness only. The demon trying to work through a person might to get you to mirror THEIR behavior (anger, retaliation, bitterness). But don't. Only mirror God. If you mirror THEM, you're now walking in offense and God won't hear your prayers Mark 11:22-26. 3. Pray for them to change. Time is running out before Jesus returns. Remember, it's a demon working THROUGH a person. Pray for God to change the person and deliver them. Stay encouraged and keep reading your Bible - The BEST is yet to come! And, God keeps saying, "What He's going to do is going to feel like Santa Claus!"   
9/7: URGENT MESSAGE: DO NOT QUIT OR GIVE UP. THAT'S A TRAP SET BY THE DEVIL. THAT SNAKE IS WHISPERING TRYING TO MAKE YOU FEEL DEFEATED. BUT YOU WILL NOT FAIL. GOD IS ON THE THRONE: See this Prophetic Word shared by Lana Vawser she just shared. Here's an excerpt, "I watched as the enemy was prowling through the Body of Christ and he was coming against many that were feeling defeated, tired and downtrodden and they felt like they were losing their 'fight'. I saw the enemy come slithering up alongside them and he began to press the lever and the view would change. The picture they were seeing was then not the accurate one. I heard the Lord say "Pray in the spirit and pray the Word for the enemy is attempting to change your view." See the full message here. She just posted it tonight. It's the first message under 09 02b. 
9/7: Was watching Kay Nash's word this morning, "Word of the Lord for the Fallen/Wounded - Get Up Now!" and this confirms what Father God said yesterday. A lot of people (in ministry especially) are beating themselves up. I hear their thoughts in the Spirit realm, too. They feel like they COULD HAVE done something to prevent their bills from piling up and losing things. They feel like they COULD HAVE had a better plan in place. No, no, no. Understand this. No matter WHAT you think you COULD HAVE done this year, it would not have worked because God intentionally uprooted everyone and everything. God wanted to remove the "self" out of certain things. For some they were using too much self-reliance and not turning to God. For others they relied too much on things to boost their self-esteem which led to ego and false pride. For others they might have been too selfish and arrogant and God needed to bring correction. Then, there's a group that did absolutely NOTHING wrong but because we're ONE BODY in Christ, they still felt a loss of some kind. So, no, don't beat yourself up like YOU did something wrong. Don't even look back and think "If only I hadn't taken that trip, I wouldn't have so much debt now..." or "If only I had saved more". That's doubt and that's looking back. It's not what God wants. Yes, there are times to look back to bring self-correction. You might say, "Next time I'll be more prepared and have more savings" or "Next time I'll stock up on groceries when I see sales". But this coronavirus was meant to SHIFT everything. The Holy Spirit said it through our ministry and through others. See the messages below for how many times God said a "shifting" or "shaking" was coming (everything in bold is a Word God said). 
This is a year that started with disruption and it's leading to a realignment for God's people. Remember, so many prayed for God to remove the hand of the enemy and He's doing just that. However, if God chose to keep everyone at home while He did so, we have to trust God's way and not complain about HOW HE DELIVERS US. Lana Vawser had a prophetic word about this where God said, "Don't complain about what I'm doing". God KNOWS coronavirus and the quarantines made us uncomfortable. He had to in order to get us into position. In this season:
1. Guard your mouth and your thoughts: Don't doubt God or complain. He will make the way.
2. Rest in God and have faith: He is saying, "I supply ALL your needs" and we're to lean on Him so trust God to make the way. God WILL help with your bills.
3. Practice self-love: Self love is when you nurture yourself and don't beat yourself up. Self-love can include taking a relaxing bath, spending quiet time at home reading your Bible and a good book, watching a movie or taking a nap. Self-love also includes turning off those messages and tapes playing in your head.
 The devil has tried to make us feel SO defeated that although we're in a new season, we still feel like the enemy is attacking. We're repeating his stinking words to ourselves. For example, last season satan's games might have been speaking words of defeat to you, "You're such a loser. You can't even pay your bills". When you first heard them, you might have rebuked them. But, hear those same words again and again and they start to break down that protective barrier. So, then you start thinking, "I'm such a failure." No, that's wrong. What you have in your ears is God's Words about you ONLY. 
In practicing self-love you say, "I am the head, lender and above. I am blessed and highly favored..." You speak positive affirmations DESPITE what it looks like. Friends, this year's test was BRUTAL but it's over with. Let's get up like the Lord said and finish strong. I know it feels we don't know how to get up or what to do next, but call on the Holy Spirit and ask Him to help you. 
I can remember crying over my bills when I went through a HUGE drought. I had maybe $30 but had to pay about 25 different bills. I cried and cried and said, "Lord, I hear You saying to pay my bills but with what?!" I was so frustrated. But then I heard what God said to me in the softest voice and He kept saying it to me, "I will help you with your bills." "I know you need money." "I will help you." He started helping me to lean on Him mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. By doing that, as I looked at my bills instead of immediately crying or giving up again in frustration, I'd then shift to, "The Lord will make the way" or "It's no problem for God. He will pay these bills." When I said those words I started to feel the Holy Spirit within me and I realized what God was doing. He was training me up to walk by faith and increase my faith. And, He's probably doing the same thing through you. 
We have the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost to guide us but be careful. We MUST be gentle with the Holy Spirit. I can recall wanting to lash out because I felt like God wasn't moving FAST ENOUGH to help me. It was the flesh, I know, and that's what God is rebuking and removing this year so we can stand in the Spirit. I had to rebuke my own false pride, ego and arrogance so I wouldn't grieve the Holy Spirit who can leave if we're disrespectful. 
Trust God to make the way. Trust God to increase your finances. And, start speaking over yourself MORE. Speak over your finances, family, ministry, marriage, business, school, bills, health - every area of your life - and watch God bring it to pass. Get up. It's okay to get up. You haven't done anything wrong. God's correction is to take us to a higher elevation in Him. Prophecy to those dry bones (bills, finances or whatever else you lack). And, importantly, keep rebuking those demons. Remember, they KNOW how to get under your skin so don't let them. Put your praise music on, rebuke satan and keep speaking good things over yourself. Keep good news messages on (Joel Osteen, Kay Nash, Jentzen Franklin, Tony Evans, Steve Furtick, Beth Moore). Tell you one last thing.
We're in Recovery...
Years ago I had a small surgery for abdominal pain but my doctor said, "Oh, we removed your appendix to rule that out if you have any more pain". I was surprised when they said, "Now that the surgery's over we want you to get up and start walking around so you don't get stiff." And, man was I stiff! I was hunched over in pain and stiffness but they said to keep getting up and walking despite the pain. I hadn't planned on this! I hadn't even called anyone to come over and help care for me. I prayed and cried because I was in so much pain, I didn't know what to do. I think it was the next day when there was a knock at my door. I yelled loudly, "Please give me a minute" and slowly made my way to the door hunched over in severe pain and stiffness. There was a man at my door with glasses on. He looked at me confused as to why I was so hunched over. I looked at him confused as to why he was at my door. He explained that he was in the building fixing the buzzers - and happened to mention that he was a pastor - No accidents or coincidences with God! I KNEW Father God sent him there for prayer (I forgot all about the buzzer or the pain!). Glory to the Most High God! 
I mention that story to say, Beloved, we're in the recovery room and the surgery is over, okay? God removed everything not like us, okay? You made it out, okay? Hear me again. You made it and you're safe. Now it might take some time to heal but you can get up. You're in the recovery stage. God's got this and He's got you! Get up. You've got to get up and start walking around again - even if it's in your apartment. Start living again. Do your hair. Put your makeup on or go shave. Pick out some fresh clothes and take those grave clothes off. Don't stare at the bills. God's ALREADY made the way and they're ALREADY paid - Receive that in the Spirit realm. Also, for some that aren't moving, I'm hearing God say, "Tell them they need to move much faster". Try to get completed anything that you haven't finished for God in the next 7-10 days. The Jewish New Year begins on Friday the 18th. We want to be ready for the next move of God so look at your list of things God told you to do and get to work. Get organized, clean that closet, do everything you CAN and God will do everything you CAN'T.
God will supply ALL your needs! And, like I've been hearing, "Good news is coming soon" and "It's going to to feel like Santa Claus". I keep hearing and feeling like God is about to do something mighty near Christmas or like the Christmas holiday. I'm just wondering if I should put my tree up early? Believe the possibilities!  
9/6: The Lord said, "Be not afraid when you see what God does". Separately, He said, "Let them know I will not leave you alone". He also said "Let them know the stimulus is coming". He also said, "Reunions are coming soon for some". A prophetic word online mentioned this, too, about children coming back home. We pray over the safety of your babies and any missing family members in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority they are covered in the blood of Jesus and angels will keep them safe. For someone that needs it God has said twice "I want you to pray about your hospital bills". Not sure who this is for but lift every bill up to God. He has miracle working power so don't feel overwhelmed. Ask the Holy Spirit and Wisdom for direction. There's all kinds of debt cancellation in the supernatural and loan forgiveness programs you can ask for, praise God!
So often we think we're fighting by ourselves or we might not have anyone there physically to turn to - But God is here with us and He's there with you. When you pray, call on God and Jesus and listen for the Holy Spirit. God wants us to seek Him out and talk to Him. He is here for us. However, we have to call on Him and invite Him in. Sometimes people say in frustration, "Doesn't He SEE what I'm going through?" Yes, but God is not presumptive. That's why the Bible says draw nigh (close) to God and He will draw nigh (close to you). Try this prayer, "Lord, I give you all the glory in Jesus's name. Please help me on my path. Speak to me, Lord, help me and I call on You and invite You in. Show me Your plans for me. Help me see and hear You on a new level and please help me with my situation. I know You are the Way Maker and I praise You because it's already done in Jesus's name, Amen". And, for whoever needs it, God will help you pay that rent - Just ask Him to make the way and give you favor with your landlords and creditors. Believe in His miracle working power. You might not see signs right away but when you pray God starts working and He will show you signs of relief soon. Lastly, I'm hearing God say that some are saying "I regret my past mistakes." Don't beat yourself over Covid or not being able to "get back on track" or "get up and running" right away. Covid-19 set back EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. It's a reset so God could move His people out of the enemy's hands. God was also dealing with false pride. You WILL be able to pay your rent soon. You WILL see signs of recovery. Read through the posts below from previous messages. Everything in bold is something God said and an important message He gave was through Prophet Tracey Cook. He said a few months ago that we would see 4 parts of recovery this year. The first 3 months, the second 3 months, 3 months of easing and then it would be better the last 3 months. We're already in September so please hold on and don't give up. Another reason to stay encouraged is God keeps saying "It's going to get better", "You will make that payment", "It will feel like Christmas" and "It will feel like Santa Claus". Whatever Father God is doing - trust Him and let God RESTORE us. And, don't worry about your bills. You are NOT alone. EVERY creditor I interview for the credit articles I write says the same thing. They have relief plans in place but you have to ask for them. Keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged. Put a demand on God - when you see a bill or get a call from a lender say, "It's no problem for God" and "It's ALREADY paid". God is faithful and just and He is MAKING the way! We will see and hear good news very soon!      
Father God also said to "Pray for all police officers", "Pray for the Caribbean", "Pray for Philadelphia" and "Pray for Long Island". Some are asking why does God keep saying to pray for our police officers? Remember, God puts people in charge to govern us. However, the devil works hard to put demons in people. So, it's the demon in a person that's acting out and not the person per se. We've seen this in the bad officers that attacked innocent people. Maybe they were racists or just had violent tendencies. Regardless, there's an urgency to pray for police officers. Pray for the handful of bad officers to change and repent. And, pray for police departments all over the U.S. They need our prayers because they're facing the demonic and are on the front lines of battle every day. People think pastors are the only ones facing demons but they don't see what the police, military, EMTs and medical personnel go through. The Bible also states to love our neighbors as ourselves. Our officers are also our neighbors and Jesus said to love one another. Don't let a few demons make you take on the spirit of offense and judge them because they're judging us (that's what the devil wants). Jesus didn't even accept offenses when one of the disciples cut off a soldier's ear. Jesus healed the ear because He KNEW offenses would come as they were part of God's plan to get Him to the cross. When you see offenses and people coming against the innocent, don't lash out at them or retaliate - take it to God in prayer. God is just and He fights for us. We're so close to going home soon and must prepare for Jesus's return. We're to walk in love, healing and forgiveness ONLY. God bless our police officers and please pray for them! 
9/4: The Lord said, "I want you to tell them it's about to get better. They will see." I know these times are challenging but remember to cling to the Rock/God/Jesus. Don't focus on the bills or the rent. Keep your eyes focused on God. This is a HUGE test that you CAN pass. I remember going through this. It was like I was standing by a pile of bills that was getting higher and higher. And, there I was saying, "Lord, don't you see this? Why aren't you helping me?" But, me standing by those bills and trying to PULL God in that direction is not what He wanted. He wanted me to step away from that pile of bills and come to Him in Worship (which requires giving focus and 100% attention). But there I was, "How can I worship when I'm worried..." It was like the disciples on the boat frantically saying, "How can you sleep when we're in a storm?" And, that's when I realized I wasn't walking in faith. By walking away from the pile of bills (the mountain that represented my fears, worries and doubts) and getting into worship, I could give God 100%. I started praying, "Lord, I praise You because it's already done. I praise You because You're a Covenant God [Deut. 28] and every bill is paid. I praise You because You supply all my needs". Once I started the worship and stopped the worry, He spoke and said, "Keep getting up early and praising Me" and "Keep reminding Me about My Words". Give God your Worship - the bills are already paid. Hallelu-Yahweh! He is the God who restores!
9/2: Father God led me to Psalm 52 today. It's an interesting chapter that opens with, "Why boastest thou thyself in mischief, O mighty man? the goodness of God endureth continually." In this time before the Jewish New Year starts, we should fast, pray and repent. But there are people who are still full of pride and boasting - in themselves. However, the Word of God says, "Lean not on your OWN understanding" and "No flesh can stand before God". Let's remember to acknowledge God, keep Him first and rebuke false pride. By humbling ourselves before God we can invite Him in to move on our behalves. Separately, had a foreshadowing thought about the "rebuke terrorism" messages. I asked the Lord if this was a specific incident because He keeps saying to pray about this. I heard the Holy Spirit say late last night - and this isn't to alarm anyone but a reminder to pray to rebuke it and expose it before it happens. I heard Him say, "Think about 9/11". Lord, we ask for Your mercy.
9/1: The Lord said, "Pray for the President", "Pray for Puerto Rico", "Pray for Philadelphia" and "Pray for all the police officers". On another note and this is just an observation, it might be wise to make a plan through the rest of the year. Not saying people should stay indoors but there's a huge rise in hate crimes and random attacks. The Holy Spirit said we can, "Pray to rebuke sudden attacks". While God's people are going to see blessing after blessing there's still a stubborn pride demon that's running rampant. Literally, demons are running around and randomly attacking people. My mom mentioned this a few months ago about people taking extra precautions when you travel because people are becoming desperate. And, we're seeing it online. I was reading a blogpost where someone stated they randomly had their coat or jacket stolen. A judge was randomly punched by someone on a bike. People are crowding inside stores and restaurants with no masks on. It's a group think or mob mentality in some areas. Shots are randomly going off outside people's homes. However, this is not all tied the election, the coronavirus or racism. We're a few weeks from the Jewish New Year. We're also ushering in a new season with God so there's A LOT going on in the Spirit realm. See Kay Nash's message for September. I can't give a timeline on when Jesus is coming back but God is saying to prepare the Church now. Will it be 1 year? 5 years? 10 years? Only God knows but we MUST obey God, look at the signs and prepare the Body. Look at how the church was targeted recently by the devil and his demons. Look at the severe attack God's people have been under.  Look at the poverty, job losses and food shortages America is experiencing. The Lord has been saying "Look at the supermarkets" and "Order what you need from the supermarkets". Kay Nash confirmed a good point the Lord has been saying, we have to prepare the churches and food pantries because people WILL be coming in. If coronavirus hits in the fall as a second wave with the flu, everything might be shut down again. But there are other signs. Look at the number of celebrities and sports stars that are suddenly dying. Again, I bring up the NBA. Look at all the sports stars who are dying. It's tragic but it's also a wakeup call to the Church and the Body of Christ to minister to the hurting and lost. GOD IS UPROOTING EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. Praise God we have God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and legions of warring and ministering angels. Praise God that God is on the Throne and not man. Praise God Jesus is coming back soon but let's not grow weary now, wren our garments or fall asleep. Let's not fight each other and tear one another down. Let's not cast jealous eyes because NO flesh can stand. Continue to rebuke the demons. Continue to rebuke their personalities - and pray for them because so many are running out of time. Let's continue to humbly light our candles and prepare for the Bridegroom, Jesus. Let's continue to get up early in obedience to Father God and praise His name. Let's continue to ask God and the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit for GOD'S PLAN, not mans. And, don't worry. God will NOT fail us! Do you KNOW who Our Dad is????!!!!! Look for your "Then suddenly" victories and breakthroughs. The chariots are coming! Psalm 68:17 "The chariots of God are twenty thousand, even thousands of angels: the Lord is among them, as in Sinai, in the holy place." The Lord said to also add Joel and read this. Chapter 2:1 reads, "Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the Lord cometh, for it is nigh at hand;" and 2:25 reads, "And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you." And, we're about to see MOUNTAIN-MOVING miracles! Keep believing God for your miracle and your breakthrough. Have faith. Lord, we pray, increase our faith. Hallelu-Yahweh!     
8/31:This isn't for everyone, but the Lord said, "Tell them quit complaining. They will see evidence soon." Please remember this important thing. The devil's GOAL and STRATEGY is to do things to MAKE YOU complain. It's a natural response. I get it. But, it grieves God and the Holy Spirit. And here's a cool illustration. I had a dream once about a delicate little bird. But if I moved the wrong way he would fly away. We often see the Holy Spirit like the image of a dove so be mindful of the words you speak because we're accountable for EVERY WORD. Keep seeing God making the way and remember IF you're complaining is it because you need to work on patience? If you are doubting is it because your faith needs to be stronger? When I went through a SEVERE drought I cried and cried but then God said in so many words, "Are you going to believe me or not? Are you going to wait on me or not? Are you going to believe for a miracle or not?" Hence, WE have to get off that fence and say, "Yes, Lord, I believe and I will wait on You." Hallelu-Yahweh! God is ALWAYS on time and He doesn't change!!! God is saying right now, "They won't be complaining when they see what God does". He's got GOOD STUFF in store. Stay encouraged, put your praise music on so He can work it out! And, go read your Bible! God also said, "Keep being obedient to Me. Your atmosphere is about to change soon." He also said, "Tell them calm down when you see what God does" and the Lord said to "Pray for the President". 
8/30: The Lord said to say again, "It doesn't matter" and I feel like He's also saying, "Lean on me and I'll show you proof". The devil is trying SO HARD in this season to make it look like he's won. But, the devil is a liar and a manipulator, a snake, thief, and so much more. Satan hasn't won and he isn't winning ANYTHING because Jesus already won at Calvary over 2,000 years ago. Remember don't go by what you SEE. Go by what God SAYS. God has a hedge of protection around us and God IS making the way. When you pray, wait for God to show up and show signs. Maybe this is why Saul couldn't kill Goliath. Maybe the 40 days they were out there they were secretly praying for someone to help. And, then David showed up! David KNEW it wasn't about his tiny rock but the MIGHTY GOD behind him and supporting him.
When you pray for help, you might not SEE evidence right away. But, God hears us as soon as we pray. And, it doesn't matter how big that mountain or giant looks. There's NOTHING too hard for Our God! Who can stand before Him? No one. God will provide and give us the things we ask for as long as we don't hold any offenses against anyone. This is why the devil attacks SO HARD so we can get offended and not get our prayers answered. So, if you're upset or fighting with anyone, please forgive them ASAP so God can help you. If you need prayer or have a question, please use our contact details below. We'd love to hear from you. And, we are praying for you and your family! PS Saw two rainbows last week - What a Mighty God we serve (and He changes NOT!). Keep reading your Bible daily so you can filter out the world and hear clearly from Father God. I heard "Rebuke terrorists", "Pray for Puerto Rico" and "Pray for Philadelphia" a few times. Please continue to keep all officers in prayer. 
8/28: Father God wanted me to add a reminder, "It doesn't matter". I wrote about how years ago a few coworkers tried to set me up. They called out sick and left early one day. And I was STUCK with all the work. It was a holiday weekend and instead of being able to leave early like everyone else, I had HOURS of work ahead of me. I was so upset. But, then the Holy Spirit reminded me not to complain, be thankful I had a job, etc. So, with EVERYONE gone, I CRANKED up the praise and worship music! I got to work and a few hours later stopped to take a break. When I went to the kitchen, to my surprise - whoa! There was food everywhere! Snacks, sandwiches, cakes, all kinds of fruit. And, there was a TON of food left in the fridge that couldn't sit all weekend. So, I prayed, got a snack and called around to the food banks and churches. We were able to give a lot of stuff away nearby and gave food to our housekeeping staff. What the devil means for harm God works in our favor. In this season, I want you to TURN YOUR PRAISE MUSIC ON and keep blessing God regardless of what it looks like. Your praise ushers God in but the devil is trying to do things to make God's people complain. We're a few days away from the end of August and a few weeks away from Rosh Hashanah. Keep praising God and speaking into your atmosphere. Keep rebuking the devil and don't respond to his games. This is a SENSITIVE season right now. Whatever the devil SAYS or DOES rebuke him - and rebuke THEIR personalities in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. Keep PRESSING in towards God! And, do things that add value (new hobbies, new books, cooking, painting, music). God's help is on the way! Stay encouraged and keep reading your Bible!   
8/28: Have been hearing Father God say, "Don't walk away from what God does" and "Don't be afraid when you see what God does". This isn't for everyone but so many are still walking in stubborn pride and they have to let that go. God wants to see the Body of Christ on ONE accord. It reminds me of a news clip about the NBA last night. More players are starting to kneel in solidarity to support black lives. And, this is big. Remember, EVERY knee shall bow... We pray for black men and for all minorities that are racially profiled. Please don't give up hope and don't faint. I mentioned a while back about how we were away and I saw an NBA player. The Holy Spirit let me say 3 important things to him: 1. The devil can't touch you, 2. Stay encouraged, and 3. God's got you. I hear Father God saying, "I know you are scared but you can TRUST me. I will not fail you." And, that's Psalm 55:22, "Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and He shall sustain thee: He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved." Remember, whatever it is you need, put a demand on God. He will provide. Say, "It's NO Problem for God" and let Him work it out. Keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged. God's got us! We pray also for our military as we get ready to head into the holiday weekend and there's been some kind of activity with China. And we pray for all our police officers. Please watch your pocketbooks/finances. Lift your wallet or purse up to God and say, "God supplies ALL my needs". He will make the way for you. Try to get in bed by 1am so you can get up early to pray. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much, (James 5:16). And, don't worry. We will SEE signs of recovery soon. Help is coming and I keep hearing "It's going to feel like Santa Claus". Well, then, I'm putting my Christmas tree up! Glory to God! For someone that needs it, I hear, "Good news and help is coming to you". For someone else, we rebuke the demons of heart attacks in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. We also rebuke emergencies, cancers and all sickness and disease. 
8/24: The Holy Spirit said, "Pray for the supermarkets" and "Pray for Philadelphia". With the supermarkets, Lord we pray that they are able to meet demand and we don't have food shortages or a famine in the coming months. We also pray for the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, Louisiana, Texas and for all those that have to evacuate. I also heard yesterday, "The market will drop", (Note: This isn't stock advice or a timeline). And, not to alarm anyone but I've also been hearing "explosion" in the Spirit realm.
8/23: Father God said again to post "It doesn't matter". And, this is significant. The devil THINKS he can do something to undermine God's people. Satan THINKS he can get over on God. But, I remember in one of God's messages He said by the time the devil catches onto what God is doing it will be too late. God LETS the enemy THINK his plan is working. And, we saw this on a trip my mom took once.
My mom was traveling on a flight and Father God put her in first class but she didn't know until she got on the plane. As a senior, she was hoping that people would be kind and help with her bags. However, a man pushed past her to go TO THE RIGHT of the plane and find his seat. My mom got ready to say something but God told her not to. Just then, a kind flight attendant stopped my mother and said, "No, you're not going THAT WAY. Your seat is TO THE LEFT." God KNEW that man would be rude. God KNEW he would intentionally push ahead of my mother. But God also KNOWS all and sees all.
God KNOWS how and when to send favor when He wants to. He KNOWS who is trying to step past you and He KNOWS about every injustice. And, He WILL fix it. But, you have to do your part. Keep being obedient to God. Keep on believing in Him - and don't doubt. Keep blocking out the noise and the distractions. Keep getting up fresh and ready to start your day. Keep washing your hair and brushing your teeth. Put the cookies on. Read your Bible and watch the game. Plan for that trip in 2021. Keep doing things that add value and don't give up hope.
This is a new season and Father God is saying, "Don't feel like a failure and don't give up". Whatever you need RIGHT NOW, I'm hearing "Praise God for a miracle and you shall have it". Give your needs to Father God and let Him supply them. And, then wait patiently...Something good is coming. We'll have another letter out soon. Stay encouraged, keep obeying Father God and keep reading your Bible. Spoiler Alert: We win BIG! And, for someone that needs it, God is saying, "Go read your Bible right away." He's saying to someone else, "Haven't I kept you out of the hospital?"
8/23: The Lord said, "Rebuke the disaster". He also said, "Tell tell the devil stop playing games with God's people." In this season, it's important to watch the words that are coming out of your mouth. I can remember demons that would play sick games to try to cause me complain or curse my neighbor. Hence, we have to remember to stay strong and don't forget we're not to fight but to stand. "We rebuke demons of depression" in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. The battle is not ours but God's so rebuke those demons and don't walk away from what God does. In times like these, the devil wants you to think every time you step a little closer to God all hell will break loose but that's the game satan plays. He wants you to think you're losing your mind. But, the devil is a liar. Stay strong in your Spirit and get in a supportive group with people that love and encourage you. It's also important to read your Bible daily so you can hear from Father God. And, do things that will build your confidence (take up piano, bake, build stuff). Satan is a game player but secretly he's afraid of YOU and ME because we're the game changers. Don't give up! God is an ever-present help! 
8/22: A few things...The Lord said, "It doesn't matter" again. Remember, you are NOT by yourself. You have legions of angels, your guardian angel, Jesus, Father God, the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit and millions of Christians all over the world praying for you. Don't let the devil isolate you or make you feel like you're a "victim". You are a "victor" and victory is yours. I needed to hear this one day and my mom out of the blue said in the spirit, "No, don't get it wrong. You're not defeated, the devil is." God sees all the injustices taking place. He knows what they did and what they said. He knows about EVERY set up and secret discussion. He knows EVERY word that came out of EVERY mouth - even if they say you can't prove it. But remember Child of God, IF, IF Father God allowed it then it's going to work out in your favor - meaning by keeping your peace and walking in love, healing and forgiveness, you can overcome that demon/battle. Walking in forgiveness like Jesus did helps us not hold onto the spirit of offense or unforgiveness. When we love and forgive (no matter how hard it might be), we're telling God we're ready for the blessing. We're showing our growth and maturity. We're saying, "Okay, Lord. I will let You handle it.". And, here's why this is so important. 
We're in a time when the devil is mad because he CAN'T get a reaction out of God's people so he's INTENTIONALLY making MORE noise, picking MORE fights and causing MORE distractions. Don't let that stop or deter you. Keep giving your best and quietly wait on God to bring change. Put on a movie, speak encouraging words over yourself, eat that ice cream or cookie and go read your Bible. Focus on your future, finishing school, organizing that closet, writing that book and planning that vacation. God will NOT fail and at just the right time God will make manifest EVERYTHING we need. You're turning a new page and old things are passed away. In a short time, that enemy or those enemies who THOUGHT they had you..., well, the Bible says you won't see them any more. Glory to God! That's what they're SO ANGRY ABOUT! [You've ALREADY won and God will not fail! Hallelu-Yahweh!] The Lord also said a few times "Rebuke terrorism", "Rebuke the demons of terrorism" and "Rebuke terrorist attacks". The Lord also said, "Pray for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands", "Pray for Mexico [Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana given the storm threat], "Pray for Philadelphia" and "Pray for California"
8/20 The Lord said, "Tell them it doesn't matter". For so many that need it, know that God WILL help with your bills. I remember calling a prayer line and the prayer warrior said "God loves you and He will make the way" I was so overwhelmed, I cried into the phone "If He loves me why is He letting this happen?". You see, I never question God and always try to trust His timing but there are times when we feel like we can't see Him or know He's right there. And, that's what I was going through. I got off the phone, cried and prayed and cried prayed. I stood on God's Word and said, "Lord, I know you WILL help me." What I didn't know is what was going on in the spiritual realm. In one of Lana Vawser's prophetic messages, God said how He is removing stubborn pride from us - I knew that because God said it through us, too, in the prophetic. But God said something additional with Lana's message. Father God said that He's removing pride and idols from all God's people AND He sees the tears and how we're crying out to Him for help. He's also seeing how families are coming together. He's seeing how people are being reunited with loved ones. And, Father God said how He's about to use us in a mighty way where people will be coming back to the church for help and there will be a great revival. It was an eye-opening reminder that God wasn't isolating me personally or holding back income from people because they did anything wrong. On the contrary, God is preparing us for the next level. He's about to bless us in a mighty way. He's getting ready to pour out His Spirit on us like never before. Now, here's where this starts to make sense. I hear God saying "There was a stubborn people I had to deal with" Lana's message included this, too. God said there were MANY in the church who edified self instead of God. Many were hooked on TV, images of self, gaming and other devices and forgot their First Love. Maybe you've seen them in church. They walk in stiff-necked, don't want to sing or get into praise and worship. So, praise and worship takes longer and we tarry longer to get everyone on one accord. And, it's usually when everyone is crying and singing and shouting unto Father God that He can REALLY work because we're now on one accord. So, picture the time we're in. Everyone is waiting on God and crying out for His help and mercy. God is about to move in a big way like we've never seen before. Hence, He wanted ALL God's people crying out to Him, praising Him and waiting on Him - not man. Lord, we ask for Your mercy Have thine own way, Lord. Help us, heal us and restore us. Lord, we wait patiently and expectantly on You. Stay encouraged and keep reading your Bible. God will restore us and help is coming. 
8/18: The Holy Spirit said, "The stimulus is coming".
8/17-8/19 This message is not for everyone but the Lord said to let them know, "God is not playing games". He also said to "rebuke/release that stubborn pride".
There are different kinds of people who don't want to submit to God and only want to serve self. And, they are playing a dangerous game with God.
A few examples:
  • Pharaoh refused to let the Children of Israel go: In today's world, this might represent people in positions of power that exploit the poor (employers with unfair labor practices, people in authority with unfair contracts who overcharge for services or add on hidden fees, those that withhold pay). However, no man can hold onto God's property (Us, i.e., God's children). And, there is God saying, "Let My people go!"
  • Saul tormented David: There are a lot of demons playing games with God's people at work, home or school. These might represent people (regardless of race) who terrorize others to strike fear in them. People are randomly shooting off guns to strike fear. Or, they bear firearms to instill fear in others. But, God said don't fear man or the wrath of man. 
  • The King got upset because David and his friends worshiped God: This one is BIG. Whenever we try to get CLOSER to God, the enemy tries to step in with fear, distractions or a noisome pestilence. I have a neighbor who yells curses (intimidation demon) at me if he hears me walking around in my apartment. Another neighbor stomps on the floor or drags chairs through the apartment (noisome pestilence) at 5 or 7am when I'm up for prayer. These are demons working THROUGH people to try to provoke an attack and get God's people OUT of the Spirit. Regardless, we're instruments of praise and must REBUKE and IGNORE THEM to give ALL the glory to our Father God - Remember, when we pray/praise, God shows up and demons HAVE TO flee! I hear God saying repeatedly with this one "Read your Bible" so you can stay in the Spirit.
  • Jonah refused to obey God and preach in Nineveh: Jonah learned the hard way that we can't and shouldn't ignore God. Ignoring God is disobedience and witchcraft. If you ever want to learn about the curses that come from disobedience, read Deuteronomy 28 after verse 11 or 12. In order to benefit and receive ALL the blessings God has for us, we're to obey God (read Deuteronomy 28:1-11 or 12 for this). In Jonah's case, remember, God's Word NEVER leaves void so Jonah HAD to go to Nineveh. Besides, God was trying to save Nineveh - which He did! God is merciful and WANTS to help us. Glory to Your name, Lord! BTW - Check out the stage play, Jonah this weekend on TBN for FREE! I think Friday's viewing airs at 8pm. You'll like it.
Whoever is coming against you or trying to intimidate you, we rebuke them in the name and blood of Jesus Christ. It's also important that we rebuke our OWN flesh and any stubborn pride or ego as NO flesh can stand before God. Keep coming out from under them and come away from the crowds.  Stay encouraged in whatever you're going through or whatever you need. God's got you and the devil is defeated. We are God's property and the devil can't touch us. Lord, we ask for Your mercy. Saints, keep reading your Bible. God's got us and He will not fail! God has ALL that we need and God supplies ALL our needs! Hallelu-Yahweh! Separately, God keeps saying "Rebuke terrorism". For someone that needs it I hear "You will receive a miracle right away".
8/15: A few things: The Holy Spirit said "Pray for the President", "Pray for Arizona", "Pray for Philadelphia", "Pray for Puerto Rico" and a few times He said, "Pray for all police officers". He also said twice "Tornado". The Lord has also been repeatedly over the past few days, "Rebuke terrorism". The Lord also said, "You don't have to be afraid when you see what God does" and "Remember, the battle is the Lord's". Please stay encouraged, keep reading your Bible and don't give up hope. We're praying for you and your family. Keep rebuking the devil in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. Remember, whatever you need, ask God for it. He's not presumptive so He won't move unless we INVITE HIM IN. And, then wait on God to move, answer or show you a sign. God WILL make the way and He CANNOT fail. I forget this sometimes, too and it's a reminder to change our thinking. I think "How can I manage or how can I do..." and then I catch myself and remember, "No, it's not I or me. It's God... He supplies ALL our needs". My responsibility is to call in Him and invite Him in and give my requests/needs over to Him and praise Him in advance for the victory. We're to rest in God and don't worry HOW He will do it - or when. Let God handle it.. Ask God for a sign. He will give you one if you want. Glory to Your name, Lord! Hallelu-Yahweh, You are the Most High God and You NEVER fail!    
8/14: The Holy Spirit said, "Tell God's people keep coming out from among them. There are demons and they don't even realize it." Also, "It doesn't matter". Whatever games Satan is playing, don't fall for his dirty tricks, God has already made the way. And, God will move mountains for us. I want you to believe in miracles and wait and see what God does. Those demons (sickness, poverty, fear, lack, depression, anxiety self-doubt, cancers) have to flee, in Jesus's name and by God's authority. Hallelujah and glory to Yeshuah!
8/13 11:22pm Heard the most powerful confirming word and want to share it. This is not for EVERYONE but there are a lot of God's Prophet and some who have been hanging on "like a thread" which I kept hearing in the Spirit. The other day (8/2 see below) I posted that I heard God say, "The dam is re...." and I thought I heard "The dam is releasing". Please watch/hear this powerful prophetic Word from Lana Vawser. She's saying that the "dam" was an attack from the enemy because God is taking God's Prophets to the next level. And, there are MANY prophets going through HUGE tests where all you can do is "hold on". These are specific prophets with clean hearts, sold out for God. Use this Need a Word link. It's the top message "Prophets of Purity" from Lana.  *She has other links so please get filled up on this Word....I heard Father God say, "Don't worry when you see what God does" and "Don't be afraid when you see what God does". Lana also said to not get caught up in the confusion the enemy is causing but DIG DEEPER into the secret place with Father God. God is saying there are some who "Keep hiding from me" but God WANTS us to get up early and minister to Him. He wants us up praising Him. We're going into a new level and must stand REGARDLESS of the distractions or games the devil plays, regardless of what's going on around us. God WANTS us eating, speaking and breathing His Living Word. So, to use a visual, it's like you've been in labor for 28-34 hours. DO NOT STOP NOW. Keep pushing into the Spirit realm. And, then push again. Get prostrate. Fast, Pray. Dig deep and then dig deeper. Filter out every distraction and keep pressing in to God. Keep ushering in God's Spirit. Know that HE HAS YOU. Don't worry about bills. God's got all that - His SUPER is meeting up with our natural. And, what He does it will be quick. Whatever it is that He's about to do He wants us prepared. Get organized NOW. Whatever God gave you to do on a list DO IT NOW, RIGHT AWAY. I know that we don't walk in time but there's a sense of urgency to COMPLETE what Father God has asked of us NOW/ASAP/RIGHT AWAY. DO NOT LET HIS WORD LEAVE VOID. Start and do what you can so He can see your action and He will then do what you can't. Don't miss this blessing - and whoever's distracting you just rebuke their personalities - they're probably part of what Lana said about the enemy distracting with this HUGE attack against God's prophets. God's waiting for our house to be in order so He can release what He has. But, like how God gave us a Word once about the runner in the relay race, He's only going to pass it to those who are already running and READY TO RECEIVE from Him. Glory to God!  I'm also hearing Father God say twice, "Tell them they have to move faster". Rebuke everything NOT like God by God's authority and in Jesus's name.
8/13: Father God said the other day, "When you pass through the waters..." Then He said it again, "When you pass through the waters..." I shrugged it off and said politely, "No, Father, God, I don't want to think about passing through the waters". I kept thinking about trials and hard tests and how tired God's people are - like we're all clinging to life preservers and waiting for Him. I said "Father God, we need breaktTHROUGH. We need relief." And, then I thought about the significance of His words. Father God DID say "THROUGH". He didn't say "When you get to the waters TRY to make it, okay?" He didn't say, "Hold your breath and good luck. You MIGHT be able to do it." No, He said FUTURE TENSE when you pass THROUGH - - as in it's ALREADY DONE because He ALREADY KNOWS that we will make it out on the other side. And, this is significant.
Whatever you're facing or whatever it LOOKS LIKE, keep seeing Father God there. Remember, He has a hedge of protection around you. Keep believing in Him and calling on Him. Remember, Jesus slept son the boat in the middle of a storm for a reason. He WANTED the disciples to wake Him up, i.e., call on Him. Call on God in the day of trouble. Know that He WILL be there. He WILL provide. He WILL cover and keep you. He IS the Way Maker. Keep casting your cares, worries, doubts, that illness, those bills - whatever it is - on God. I keep hearing Father God saying, "Don't worry. I know you need...You need a stimulus. You need to pay your bills. It will happen fast. You will pay your credit cards off. Keep coming to me. Keep calling on Me. I am covering you. Keep being obedient to Me." Glory to the Most High God! Great is His faithfulness! He WILL always make the way for us!    
The Lord said to add Pastor Joel Osteen's message in today (right on time): "What you’re up against may seem bigger, stronger, the odds are against you, but don’t worry; the Most-High God is for you. He knows how to defeat the giants; He knows how to turn things around. No person can stand against Him: no sickness, no addiction, no obstacle. Whatever is trying to stop you is subject to change. It may look permanent, but it’s only temporary. Don’t be moved by what you see; be moved by what you know. God is working behind the scenes right now, making your crooked places straight, pushing back forces of darkness, changing people’s minds in your favor. Not only are you going to come out, but in the process, you’re going to discover your wings. You’re going to rise to levels you never dreamed."
Trust God: You're going to see a miracle today - Believe for it! God has surprises in store for His people! Also, He said to "Pray for Philadelphia". 
8/9: Don't Give Up Hope! God said, "Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver thee and thou shalt glorify Me". God
SPOILER ALERT: I watched this really cool movie, "Sea Change" about a couple that sailed in a tiny boat from Africa to New York. The man taught the woman how to fish, filter water and row. When he tried to show her how to swim in deep water she got scared. He wanted her to swim a few feet from the boat and take a picture. But, she refused to let go of the boat. He realized she had limitations and COULDN'T LET GO. Later, the man dove into the water to take a picture of the boat from a distance. He suddenly found the boat drifting quickly away and he couldn't swim to keep up. The woman - who had prayed for God to help them on the trip, thought quickly and threw the fishing line out to him, saving him.
How often do we find ourselves in deep water? Or, deeper than we thought we COULD handle? When you feel that, KNOW that God is ALWAYS there with you.
Father God says, "When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee," (Isaiah 43:2). Like the movie title, in order to SEE change, we have to trust God and increase our faith. God is our LIFELINE and He will NEVER let us go. He is always there for us so we can rest confidently in Him.
Whatever you are facing, say, "Lord, I know I am not alone and You WILL make the way. Help me increase my faith. SHOW me you are here." And, wait for God who is faithful! Glory to God in the Highest! He will NOT fail you.
8/4: I'm hearing God say, "Why are you worrying?" Father God said, "Have faith". I remember praying about bills once. I was SO FAR behind. I'd pray and cry and pray again. At one point the Lord stopped me and said in so many words, "Do you believe me for it or not?" I realized I was praying and then doubting, praying and then doubting! As an illustration it's like fishing for five minutes and then saying, "Well, there's nothing out here. Let's go home". Or, planting a seed and after five minutes saying, "Well, nothing's happening". I wasn't actually WAITING on God to provide. I wasn't SEEING the victory. I was only seeing physically with my eyes what was in front of bills! I started changing my thinking to praying and then declaring "It's no problem for God" and "I'm already debt-free".
As an example of HOW faith works, I remember early in my writing career I started working for a client and there were NO articles to work on. But God told me to work for the client. I didn't realize I was waiting on God. SUDDENLY after a few weeks, all these orders started pouring in and I had more than enough! In another example, I started temping for a company and the office manager said right away, "There's no room for growth" but God sent the owner himself over to my desk and he promoted me. Trust God and then wait for Him. It's the waiting patiently without doubting that we have sometimes need to work on. If we can get this part we'll see more and better results with Father God because we'll spend less time crying and clogging our sinuses. Can I get an amen! Glory to the Most High God!
But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint, (Isaiah 40:31). 
Father God, we give you all the glory and we pray, help us to grow our faith and wait CONFIDENTLY in You. We KNOW You will provide and it's ALREADY done. Thank You for being our God and helping and leading us. Thank You for making the way out of NO WAY. We praise You because NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU. Thank You for helping with our bills and restoring us. Thank You for making us the head, lender and above. We praise You for the victory and we look ONLY TO YOU, in Jesus's name, Amen.
8/3: The Lord keeps saying, "It doesn't matter". The devil has been delaying people and playing all kinds of games. BUT GOD has already made the way for us and God will not fail. The Lord also said, "Tell them do not worry. Wait and see what God does." He's also been saying to "Pray for Philadelphia".

8/2: I heard Father God say as a reminder, "It doesn't matter". Remember, no matter who delays or who plays games, God has ALREADY made the way for us. We don't lean on our own understanding. We trust God and we wait patiently on Him. We ask for God's mercy and we can rely on God because He changes not. He's the same yesterday, today and forever! Watch and see what God does.
8/2: I keep hearing, "Rebuke terrorism". This was throughout today and yesterday.
8/2: I woke up early and heard "The dam is re...." Not sure what dam this is in the US, but I thought I heard something about it's going to release. 
7/28: The Lord said, "Pray for Puerto Rico" and "Pray for the Caribbean". Father God, we praise Your Holy Name. Lord, we lift up the Caribbean islands to you and ask for Your mercy. Please protect the islands, all people, animals and property. We speak calming over the oceans, winds and waves. We also pray for Your mercy over Puerto Rico as they have experienced a lot of earthquake activity and some areas are still suffering as they haven't been able to rebuild from Hurricane Maria. Lord, please reach these hardest hit areas, build and restore them. Please bring people to You, Lord that they will see that YOU made the way, not witchcraft or idols and not man. We give You all the glory in Jesus's mighty name, Amen.
7/24: The Lord said, "Tell them it doesn't matter" "Good news is coming". God will rebuke every storm, help you pay every bill. He will heal every cancer and remove all sickness and disease. Sometimes we only see the bad side. Sometimes we focus too much on what's in front of us and only see the negative. Sometimes we worry so much about our FICO score or bills that we don't remember God does "exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask". Trust God and praise Him for the SUPERnatural. Every mistake is forgiven. Every bill is paid. Every heart is healed. Every storm is calmed. Trust Him! God will help with your bill payments and ALL your needs. He is Our Supply and He WILL NOT FAIL! PS: The Lord also said as a reminder to get to bed early. He mentioned midnight and 9:30 pm. Try to get in bed by 9:30 pm or midnight at the latest so you can get up early to pray. Also, another letter is coming... If you haven't already seen the messages God has spoken to us through tongues, check them out. Most are confirmed.
Keep focusing on the good things and the good news of God. He has resurrecting power. Lastly, please pray for all police officers and pray for the tensions in the US to stop. And, keep doing things by God's authority and in Jesus's name.

7/23: Terrorism dream? Warning: This is a bit graphic in nature. "Boom! Boom! Boom!" That's how fast it happened. I dreamed that I was walking in New York City and in rapid succession, 3 separate yellow taxis jumped curbs and ran over pedestrians pinning them to the sidewalks. What was strange about this location is it was in a square. Like if you picture a square and that represents roads in 4 different directions, the center was something like Bryant Park. I thought maybe it could have been the ice rink near Rockefeller Plaza but it was a square with traffic in 4 directions. There were no cars or buildings in the center which was open. Maybe it just represented a 4 block radius, not sure. From where I was standing I could clearly see all 3 accidents at once so there was no building in the center. I looked to the left and there was an accident, to the right there was an accident and directly across from me further up was the other accident. What I do know is that as I was walking on a sidewalk, I initially heard screeching tires and "Boom", then it happened again and again but on different sidewalks all in that same square and seconds apart. No one paid attention to this but I stopped in the middle of the street and said, "Does anyone not see this?" "Is no one paying attention?" I took out a disposable camera and took pictures. As I was taking them I said, "Accidents don't happen 3 in a row like that". People kept walking. The first 2 accidents were clear. In the first one, there was a woman pinned under the yellow taxi. She had on white. In the second accident, it was a woman and maybe a man. I could see that someone had on black like a black suit. I couldn't really see with the third because there was a crowd there? New York went back to a heightened state of emergency shortly thereafter. I then saw myself at Grand Central and people weren't paying attention again. An Indian man was pouring what "looked like" a flammable liquid across the platform where people board Metro North trains. It looked like gas because it was coming out of a large red container like the kind you use for gas but it could have also been a cleaning solution. I couldn't tell. I ran to tell someone. There were a few older Indian workers nearby and I think the National Guard was stationed in the area. It was very noisy and they could barely hear me. I asked a man "Is he supposed to be doing that?" The man was too busy talking and half-heartedly nodded at me as he carried out his conversation. I then saw fire in the area where the man had poured the liquid. I couldn't tell if the area was on fire itself but it looked like fire/sparks like the type that come from welding. Wasn't sure. I think the man was now mopping but I saw fire in that same direction. The old man I told shrugged me off and just nodded as he watched the Indian man. That was the end of that part of the dream. Whatever this is we pray for New York and we pray that people are alert to their surroundings.  
7/23 and 7/22: The Holy Spirit has said several times over the past couple of days to "Pray for Philadelphia". 
7/21: The Lord said, "I want you to tell them to get excited and come to me with great expectation. Don't give up." And, He's got good news for someone (see the end of this 7/21 message).
Sometimes it's hard to exercise "faith" muscles especially if it's new. But, we pray for your whole family that God does something so miraculous and "out of the blue" you see your relationship rekindled with Him or see Him in a new light. It's funny because maybe that's what the Children of Israel needed. Maybe they just wanted a sign when they didn't see Moses who was spending time with Father God. Instead of asking for a sign and remembering God is the same yesterday, today and forever, they took all their gold and made an idol. Meaning, they fell on old ways - which is what the devil wants. But, to serve God in a new season, we have to serve Him in Spirit and in Truth. And, as a side note, Father God said, "Tell them quit complaining" and about their enemies, "Rebuke their personalities". Remember complaints push God away - Praise draws Him in. It's also important to rebuke/refuse offenses so you don't become offended. If you carry offense, God CAN'T answer your prayers, (Mark 11:22-26).
We have to remember that He changes NOT. We have to claim that which is not until it already is...No matter what it LOOKS like, no matter what the devil says, keep speaking out what you need and write it down. Keep rebuking the devil by God's authority and in Jesus's name. Write the vision so God can bring it to pass. He has SO MUCH in store for us/His Chosen/His Kids. He is El Shaddai the God of MORE THAN ENOUGH.
Lastly, the Lord said as a reminder, get some sleep so you can get up early and pray. And, remember, we're God's property and He WON'T let our foot slip...i.e., the devil CAN'T touch us. Glory to God! Keep rebuking those demons. They have to flee and they WILL leave God's people alone.
And, whoever this is for, "You WILL get all your money back and whatever else God has in store for you." It's someone saying, "They don't appreciate me" but God sees your efforts so trust Him and His timing. He WILL show you evidence. He will work it out. There's a new sheriff in town!
PS He said, "Another letter is coming". Stay tuned!
7/16: The Holy Spirit said on 7/15 to "Pray for the President".
7/14: We rebuke the demons of terrorists and the Holy Spirit said to "Pray to block terrorists access to the United States". He also said to "Pray for our prison populations" in the light of Covid-19.
7/13: A few important things: First, the Holy Spirit said, "Don't walk away when you see what God does". Second, we updated the Share This for Every Believer to See article. It now includes a very insightful Christian Post article that Prophet Jonathan Cahn shared. Third, we honor the life and legacy of Dr. Morris Cerullo who went home to be with the Lord. Lastly, keep doing things that add value, read your Bible daily and stay encouraged. God's got this and ONLY God is the Author and Finisher meaning we CANNOT fail because God HAS ALREADY made the way for us - through Jesus!  Whatever the good thing is that's coming, I keep hearing "It's going to feel like Santa Claus". 
7/10: The Holy Spirit said "Pray for the East Coast" and "Pray for Puerto Rico". Was watching the news about Tropical Storm Fay and the potential for some areas to get several inches of rain. Please take caution if you're in a low-lying area. I'm reminded of a foreshadowing dream I had where cars under a bridge were stuck in traffic and water rushed in suddenly rising above the cars. We rebuke this and pray for everyone's safety and we keep all affected areas in prayer. Additionally, not sure WHO the government official is but I was talking to my mom and we were praying for the President, praying for the police and military and our elected government officials, praying about the next election and discussing Biden and Obama and how they opened the borders when the Holy Spirit said, "They're going to charge him with statutory rape".
7/6 The Holy Spirit said to "Rebuke terrorism". 
7/6 6:05 pm The Holy Spirit said, "I want you to tell them 'Cheer up. New income will come' and tell them to say 'It's no problem for God'". I checked through the older Messages from God and sure enough, there was a message when Father God spoke prophetically through my mom. The Holy Spirit said at the time that "Another stimulus is coming but that they're trying to hold it up." He also said something about God seeing this and that we shouldn't worry. And, that's the point. To GROW our faith, we HAVE to say out loud, "It's no problem for God". Try it. Say it and when you do, say it with determination and don't think about a single bill (even if they're stacked in front of you). That's the kind of faith that Jesus wanted the disciples to have. And importantly, I honestly think it makes Father God PROUD of us - when we can rest and trust that confidently in Him. As I wrote this last part I heard the Holy Spirit say, "Watch and see what God does". I remember the Holy Spirit having us post that something would open up in the middle of July. Additionally, I think one report mentioned Congress being back around July 20th and that stimulus bill WILL pass. There are so many hurting and hungry people so please hang in there and hold fast (hold onto, lock into, don't let go and don't give up) to God! He's got this and He's got us, too! You will see. I learned NEVER to doubt God...especially after the Macy's incident.   
My mom and I were going to Macy's and she started getting all excited and praying, "Mmm, I see sales, Jesus. I see 50% off Karen Scott, Hallelujah." She was waving her hand around and had her eyes closed, "I see short lines and deep discounts, yaaass!" So, we get to Macy's and a woman walks over to ME - not my mom. The lady said, "Honey, can you use these?" as she opened her purse to show me the contents, "I have so many." Inside her purse were so many discount coupons and savings cards all for Macy's! She STUFFED them into my hands and said she received them all in the mail but they gave her TOO MANY. Remember - we serve the God of MORE THAN ENOUGH and OVERFLOW (like when Peter was fishing in the New Testament and the nets broke). I stood there with my mouth open as I KNEW I was witnessing a miracle. My mom just casually walked over and took the discount cards out of my hand and said, "See, I told you...favor. Thank you. Those are for me" and walked off to the Karen Scott section of Macy's.
Give you another example. Talk about a bumpy ride. My mom and I were on vacation a while ago. We were on a cruise but the first few days we were at the hotel. The Holy Spirit told me to write down EVERYTHING my mom said before our trip. One day out of the blue she just started prophesying. She said, "I see boats out the window". So, I took that to mean she wanted a water view. I tried to book a room that would show the waterway area so my mom could SEE the boats. Well, our view was of the parking lot. I said, "No, we requested a water view." The hotel suggested moving us over a few doors - with the same parking lot view. I thought - well maybe she'll see the boats another time. On the first night of the cruise at about 8:30 or 9 pm the captain spoke over the loud speaker that we weren't leaving the dock because they had to check something with the engine's propulsion system. No problem. We just walked around exploring the ship. When we settled in about 12:30 am for the night we started hearing this REALLY loud bumping noise directly under our room. And, it got louder and louder. Then the engine came on and cut off. And, the bumping started again. My mom and I pulled back the curtain and there a few feet down from us was the Coast Guard on a boat and another boat. They were working RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR WINDOW. So, there were the boats my mom saw! Keep visualizing what you need. Believe it, see it and don't doubt. Keep saying, "I see my bills ALL paid off" and I am the head, lender and above. AND it shall come to pass!
NOTHING is impossible with God! Go watch your movies, put your feet up, read your Bible and rest in Him. God's GOT this!   
7/3: A word of caution in this season. The Holy Spirit has said, "volcano" twice. If you think about a volcano, it builds up and builds up before finally exploding. There's a lot of tension, anger and short fuses so please take caution when dealing with others. Stay "prayed up" and walk in love, healing and forgiveness ONLY. That's not to say that you should tip-toe around hot-heads, but remember the Fruit of the Spirit and put on the Whole Armor of God.
For some that are going away for the first time in a while, we pray you have a fabulous vacation. Take caution when you travel and pray before and during your trip. Remember, God's got you and you are covered in the name and blood of Jesus. We pray God's protection for you and your family. Rejoice in the Lord and have a great time! See our Summer Safety Tips and my mom's prophetic message at the end about summer travel. Remember, not everyone is working now so guard your purse/wallets, always watch your kids, secure all doors/windows and use a reputable VPN for public wifi.   
6/28 11:54 pm: The Holy Spirit said, "Don't be afraid when you see what God does". He also said, "Keep doing things by God's authority and in Jesus's name". Also, watch out for people in "bad moods". These are sometimes spirits meant to rub off on you. They might try to cause altercations. Just let that go. Rebuke them and keep your praise music on/keep your spirit up. Keep doing things that add value (new recipe, new language, audit a class, write a book) and look for ways to stay positive. The Holy Spirit also said, "God's going to lift your spirits up" and "Some of them might be in for surprises". "Keep rebuking their spirits, rebuking those demons and rebuking their personalities". The Holy Spirit also said as a reminder to "Get in bed by 9:30" and "Keep doing things that add value". Even if you can't fall right to sleep by 9:30, it's obedience.... Sharing a short prophetic message that Father God said was okay to post here. This is a very talented young lady with a lot of gifts. I pray this message blesses you...
6/27: The Holy Spirit said, "You don't have to worry when you see what God does". He also said, "You don't have to be afraid". I just heard, "Pray for the military" "Pray for every police officer", "Pray for Los Angeles" and twice the Holy Spirit said something about "'explosion'[not sure if this is news-related] rocking the White House. Separately, "Keep telling the devil to stop playing games with God's people" and "Watch the words that come out of your mouth".
The devil's been trying to push people by playing games, pushing their buttons. But, God will NOT fail you. Keep resting in God and calling on Him. He is faithful. And, remember, you have the Archangel Michael with you and your Guardian Angel so call on Jesus - demons HAVE TO FLEE. Just watch what you say because the devil's trying to set people up and trap them with words. Keep praising God. He WILL help with those bills and those stubborn demons have to flee. They WILL leave God's people alone. Glory to the Most High God!
Almost forgot. Father God has been saying that some have to "move much faster". I believe this has to do with this second wave of the coronavirus or increase in the first wave, not sure. So, if you haven't ordered groceries, please make sure you have enough. With bills and all that you need, please know that it's NO problem for God. It's important to decree this EVEN WHEN YOU CAN'T SEE IT. It's walking out on faith. God WILL help your family with that rent and those bills. Keep saying "It's already done", "It's no problem for God" and "Glory to God. He made the way!" Won't He do it!
I think the concern is that as the virus is spreading through parts of the southeast and the west, there might be more food manufacturing plants closing and delays with shipments to stores, not sure. My mom saw this too in the spirit realm and said Father God said, "Be ready". I'm seeing lines at the food banks so do try and prepare as much as you can. Think about what you ran out of BEFORE so you can stock up now (bread, milk, eggs, any medications, etc.). And, watch your wallets.
As always - keep reading your Bible! Spoiler Alert: We win in the end!
6/25: Just a reminder as the Holy Spirit said "Keep your defenses up" and "Watch your wallets". He also said, "Tell the devil stop playing games with God's people". You do NOT have to live in fear. The devil has been playing ALL kinds of games. It's important to not get discouraged especially if you have noticed this or if you experience delays of some kind. The internet might act up or a neighbor might be rude. Be extra patient and walk in love, healing and forgiveness ONLY. Walk away from anyone who tries to antagonize you. Stay encouraged.
The Holy Spirit said, "Don't worry". He also said, "I know some of you feel like you're on a short rope but that's the devil trying to bring you down". Keep looking to God and calling on Father God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the angels to make the way. Change your atmosphere to one of praise and start praising God because He WILL show up. Praise Him because the door IS open and He IS sending favor. Hallelujah! God will help with your bills. See this important link on how God helps us in times of need...God will not fail you. Stay encouraged and have faith. You will see help soon!
Take some time away from the day-to-day to purposely be good to yourself. Put on a movie. Take a walk. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon reading your Bible and a good book. Do things that add value (new hobby, new recipe, build something). Satan is VERY upset that God's people are increasing their territories but what God has for us man can't take away from us. Keep praying and pleading the blood of Jesus and saying, "No weapons formed me shall prosper". There are agitating, menacing and tormenting demons the Holy Spirit and the angels will remove. We are God's property and God is enlarging OUR territory so we do NOT have to be afraid. God said He would remove stubborn pride and stubborn demons. Rest in God and let HIM handle it. Lord, we ask for Your mercy. The Holy Spirit also said, "Please pray for Philadelphia", "Please pray for every police officer", "Pray for Puerto Rico". He also said to "Pray against coronavirus". We rebuke it in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority.
6/23: The Holy Spirit said a day or two ago to "Pray for the President". He also said to "Pray for all police officers" and "Pray for Pennsylvania".
The Holy Spirit said for today, "Tell them 'It doesn't matter'". Remember, it doesn't matter what the devil SAYS or DOES. God has already made the way for you. Hence, it's important to walk in love, healing and forgiveness ONLY. Whoever's bothering you, coming against you or trying to distract you, pray for them. Pray that THEY change while there's time. Pray that THEY ask God for forgiveness because NO flesh can stand before God. Pray that THEY walk in humility and start a relationship with Christ first. You see, Jesus is coming back soon and people who hate, are violent, set others up to fail, lie, cheat and steal - they won't get into heaven.
Read Galatians 5 and 6 and James 4 and 5. Additionally, Proverbs 6:16-19 reads, "These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto Him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, a false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren".

Galatians 5:19-21 includes important passages, "Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God."

We also learn in Galatians 5: 22-23, "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law." Let's be mindful to continue to focus on these and walk in love, healing and forgiveness ONLY as Jesus taught us. People honestly think they are attacking US but they're only jeopardizing their own futures. Hence, we should pray for them. Lastly, the Holy Spirit said, "Rebuke their personalities" and "Rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority". He also said to "Pray against terrorist attacks".
On a separate note, the Holy Spirit also said to state why we haven't posted specifically about supporting the organization, Black Lives Matter. As an example, people have questioned why Vice President Mike Pence who is a Christian wouldn't say that he supports Black Lives Matter. They assumed his lack of support meant that he was racist. Black Lives Matter was originally founded to support the LGBTQ community. We want our focus on God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and focusing on God's agenda to bring more souls to Christ. We pray that any organization, group or person regardless of race, economic class, religion or gender find a relationship that's Christ-centered - especially in these last days. Jesus says "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."
6/21: Happy Father's Day from God-Driven-Designs...

Praise ye the LORD. Blessed is the man that feareth the LORD, that delighteth greatly in his commandments. His seed shall be mighty upon earth: the generation of the upright shall be blessed. Wealth and riches shall be in his house: and his righteousness endureth for ever. Unto the upright there ariseth light in the darkness: he is gracious, and full of compassion, and righteous. A good man sheweth favour, and lendeth: he will guide his affairs with discretion. Surely he shall not be moved for ever: the righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance. He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in the LORD. His heart is established, he shall not be afraid, (Psalm 112:1-8a).

Like as a father pitieth his children, so the LORD pitieth them that fear him, (Psalm 103:13).

The just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him, Proverbs 20:7).

We're doing a special in the coming days on attitudes, intimidation and distracting demons. As the temperature is heating up, watch out for demons trying to set you off or set you up so you can lash out at them. The Holy Spirit said, "Ignore their personalities". These might be small things like a neighbor turning up loud music late at night. Or, rude kids setting of fire works late at night when you have to get up early. It can also include false accusations. These are all tricks the devil plays so be on guard and don't play the devil's games. Walk in love, healing and forgiveness only and don't be afraid. God has a hedge of protection around you. Remember, God is enlarging our territory and the devil's upset. But God's in charge so it doesn't matter. The devil can't touch usDemons have to flee. Glory to God for the blessings coming in! Watch and see God's favor all over your life! Believe for it and see. He will send proof and you will have what you need. Keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged. God's got this! Hallelu-Yahweh! Have a beautiful day.

The Holy Spirit also said, "Watch the market". 
Note: Everything above in bold the Holy Spirit said to include.

6/16: The Holy Spirit said several times "Pray for Philadelphia". He also said "Pray for the police officers" and "Pray against terrorist demons". We saw confirmation from some of God's messages today. A CNN post about the militia and another post about officers quitting. Remember when you pray, say "Remove me from the hands of my enemies". Churches don't always say this phrase but the Holy Spirit taught it to me. I looked it up and confirmed that in Psalms there's a verse asking God to remove us from the hand of the enemy. This is essentially important because sometimes the enemy comes in the form of witchcraft, voodoo, juju, the occult, satanism, demon worship and so forth, where you can't SEE where the attacks are originating. Other times it can come from demons that are assigned to you - - not that you've done ANYTHING wrong. There are demons the devil might try to assign to you because your destiny is SO BIG and your work for God's Kingdom will be SO GREAT and POWERFUL. So, don't get frustrated. The devil wants to frustrate people into giving up. But don't. Recognize that you're on the right track or he wouldn't try SO HARD to come against you. Know that YOU have authority over him so every demon and devil has to flee from you and get under your feet. 


This season is about using faith and putting those demons under our feet. As God's people come out of this - - we're going to see more of God's People in the public spotlight casting out demons. More of God's People will advance His Kingdom. More of God's People will use their authority to speak over the sick and heal them. We're going to see a lot more miracles. But stand strong and go read your Bible - that's how we grow - by staying near the Cross. Remember to get in bed by 9:30 so you can get up and pray! And, do things that add value! God loves and we love you and are praying for you! Put on the WHOLE ARMOR - not just one or two pieces! ;o) God's going to do something so mighty for His people by the time He does it the devil won't have time to react. You'll see. It will happen soon. Praise the Lord! 


As an example, enemies (the devil's team) on my old job all called out sick ( I wrote about this before). They wanted to frustrate and overwhelm me ( a sign not to worry). Instead I went to the bathroom and prayed and asked God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and ministering and warring angels to help me (my team). I got organized and wrote everything down I needed because I now had about 40 people to help at once (no accidents with God). I kept seeing myself as the head supervisor and thought "How would I handle it if I was the manager?" I started printing all reports and getting my managers on their morning calls. Several times they noticed that I was the only one there (everything is in the details). Remember, the enemy wanted me frustrated and fearful so I would be fired (3 Fs, frustrated, fearful, fired). Instead God had my managers HELP ME. I stayed productive, got promoted and gave God the praise (my 3 Ps). So, don't go by what you see. You are the head, lender and above. Everything you need you have. Do it by God's authority and in Jesus' name and watch what you say to people so that you don't overreact. 


The Holy Spirit also said for someone, "Don't worry about the money." Whoever that's for, God's got it and it's already there so it will be manifest and you'll see it soon. Keep cleaning those closets out and get organized. Some of that stuff is valuable and you can sell it and make extra cash! Who knows? God will help with your bills and that landlord. It's already done. And for someone, take your vitamins and get plenty of rest. I'm hearing that in the Spirit. Don't let that devil run you down! God supplies ALL our needs - Ask your angels for help with that money. For someone else, "Remember, you have God as your defense". People can make false accusations but God is the judge. He knows all and sees all. He will make the way. Hallelu-Yahweh!      


6/15: Happy are those whose God is the Lord... I was listening to a music video when Pastor Ron Carpenter quoted that scripture. It reminds me that we need a Shamar Praise for the spirit of heaviness.


We're in such a unique time and there's a lot of shifting going on in the spirit realm. However, it grieves God to see us lose our patience, take on bad attitudes and start "stinking thinking". Instead of fussing and complaining, feeling anxious or getting depressed, take time to put on praise and worship. Come to the Tabernacle and come to the Altar. Get refreshing in the presence of God. Come before God and worship Him. 


Psalm 16:11 teaches us, "Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore." Father God saying "I want you to read your Bible more". I hear Him saying "Keep on being obedient to me", "Good news is coming" and "It's time". And, late last night He said, "Tell them you don't have to worry when you see what God does." Thank You, Abba Father for loving us so much. Thank You for being Our Father, Our Dad and covering us and loving us! Hallelujah! We're posting a Come to the Altar repost with praise and worship. Please take some time to come away from the news and the complaining and arguments. Please open your Bibles and read God's GOOD news. We are SO CLOSE to Jesus coming back. Keep ushering in God's presence and offer up the sacrifice of praise. Remember, when Paul and Silas were in the prison chained and prostrate (Acts 16:25), they used the time to sing and praise God. And, the prisoners were listening. I hear Father God saying "You will see help soon". He also said "It doesn't matter". Meaning, remember that it doesn't matter what the devil SAYS or DOES or TRIES to do. God has ALREADY made the way for us and ONLY God has the final say! Hallelu-Yahweh! This reminds me about the dream I had last night. 


I was taking a relative on vacation and I did all I could to prepare. When I finally met him on the trip I was so upset because the devil had tried to sabotage my savings. I cried as I braced myself to say that I didn't have any extra money. But instead, my relative said, "I brought plenty of money". It reminded me that we CANNOT lean on our own understanding and we should NOT go by what we see. God has reserves that we don't know about. He is OUR SUPPLY. He has fresh oil for us and water that NEVER runs dry (JESUS). Hence, we can cast our cares on the Lord and HE WILL sustain us! Do everything by God's power meaning say "In Jesus's name and by God's authority". 


6/13: I'm hearing Father God say "You don't have to be afraid when you see what God does" and "Keep praying for the police officers". It's like there are people who are afraid about something happening but remember, God has us in a bubble. He KNOWs the plans He has for us. You will see help soon, promotion, a big shifting coming in. Remember, God will not fail you. Keep your spirits up, watch a movie. Try to get in bed by 12am. Keep reading your Bible and trust Father God. For someone He's saying "I know you need the money for bills. Have faith." And, I can relate to this.


When I went through a huge drought, I called a prayer line and I was so upset. It was a big test of faith because I felt like Father God was there but that He wasn't doing anything. The prayer warrior praying for me listened as I cried profusely and she said, "God is there with you." Fighting back more tears, I said, "But, where? Where is God? How can He let this happen to me? Doesn't He see what I'm going through? "Why isn't He helping me?" They weren't supposed to counsel me on that call for prayer but I pressed her, "If God is here and we're doing everything right, why doesn't He DO something?" She quietly said to give Him time.


Later, when I turned a few prayer messages on, there was God with the answer! One of the pastors said that God DOES hear and He IS close to us. We look for things in the physical - like right in front of our eyes but God works in the supernatural so He IS working. And then there are ways we CAN see proof. The grocery store might suddenly have a HUGE sale. Your landlord might give you extra time to pay your bills. The stimulus check comes in and you suddenly have help with bills. Always know that no matter how it LOOKS, God is with us and we have the Holy Spirit. Call on God in Jesus's name. God will NOT fail. He CAN'T. Stay encouraged because He is working even when we can't see it. Again, I hear Father God saying, "Don't worry about the money. Don't worry about the rent. You will see help soon." God will not fail! And, something big is coming in the middle of July... 


6/11: A few things. Know that God WILL NOT FAIL YOU. Part of walking by faith with God is KNOWING that He WILL be there. The more you do this the more you'll become used to it and change your behavior. You'll go from "If" and hesitancy, nervousness or anxiety to "I know God's got this" confidently. Also, "Please pray for all police officers". The Holy Spirit keeps pressing me several times a day to pray for them. As I said before, God hasn't pressed me THIS MUCH since Puerto Rico had Hurricane Maria. We pray for every police officer that they are covered in the name and blood of Jesus. Also, the Holy Spirit said 2 days ago "the market will change" but I forgot to put it up. The other thing. Not sure if this was the confirmation. The Holy Spirit said, "Pray for Long Island" and "Pray against terrorism". There was an incident on the news about a man who went into a Long Island hospital with explosives. But a savvy detective spotted him, praise God! God bless our officers, detectives and all in law enforcement. Also, not sure why we're having the uptick in attacks RIGHT NOW (is it because God's people - - inter-denominations and races - - are uniting?) but we're also seeing more people intentionally out without masks. Are they purposely trying to cause a second wave of coronavirus? It's very concerning. However, these are the last days. Stay encouraged and keep reading your Bible. Keep praying in tongues and fasting. God will reveal Himself. Don't worry - God's got this!


6/9: I could hear in the Spirit realm just now where someone is saying in a snide way, "Why don't you go back to Africa". Maybe this is grumblings from people that don't want to see the George Floyd demonstrations? But the Holy Spirit said, "Tell them not to be afraid". The problem with deep rooted hate is that hateful and racist people don't realize the doors God has opened for them. People who are filled with hate are not accepting or tolerant of others but at one time probably wanted the same mercies. Take my downstairs neighbor who is from another country. He hates that I walk through my apartment (but he obviously walks through his, right?). I'm not stomping but walking through. As my neighbor worships false gods, it's for me to stay on guard and stand my ground in the Spirit realm (stay prayed up, call on God, don't walk in the flesh, let God handle it). So, in relation to the times we're in, there are demons in this world that are upset because God's people are not giving up their territory. I saw this when my neighbor would get upset EVERY time I started walking around. He would start yelling whenever I went into my bedroom so I naturally went in there less frequently. But Father God would say, "Go into your bedroom". God does NOT want us giving up our territory. If anything, God is enlarging our territory. Reinhard Bonnke's replacement pastor, Daniel Kolenda, believes for 150 million people to come to the Lord over the next 10 years and Prophet Tracey Cook said he sees a great time of revival. Hence, we have to stand strong (humbly, not full of false pride) and not be afraid. We rebuke those demons and the devil in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. It doesn't matter what the devil says or does or threatens us with because God made this world for His people/His Chosen Ones and demons have to flee. Go put a movie on and rest in Father God!


Keep doing things that lift your Spirit and add value. Take up the piano or guitar. Try a new recipe, start a garden or build a shelf. (I've been taking up piano). The name of the Lord is a STRONG tower - and we are safe in God's arms! Glory to God! Whatever you need, give it to God. He will help with EVERY bill and He will help with that rent. Keep rebuking the devil in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. We ask for God's mercy.


6/8 1:01 pm The Holy Spirit said, "Pray for Florida". The Holy Spirit said to "Have faith. God is not finished yet".


So many are feeling down or embarrassed by sudden setbacks but remember, this is ONLY a temporary thing. Do things that will build your confidence (create something, make a new recipe, clean out the closet, head out for a walk, get organized). And, share your story with others. It helps to know that others are fighting "the good fight" with us, too. And, stay encouraged. God's got us.

Look for a little weekend trip or something to do away from the day-to-day. We need refreshing and it's usually when we take our eyes off a thing and turn it over to Father God that God can go to work. Keep rebuking stubborn pride. Don't let the devil get a foothold. Father God is putting our enemies under our feet and removing stubborn pride. Stubborn pride is a demon that wants to latch onto us so we can do things in our flesh, the OLD WAY or rely on old habits and what we USED to do. But, God is doing a new thing. And, now it springs forth! So we need a fresh vision and fresh oil is coming.

When you have time, anoint yourself with oil (you can use a little extra virgin olive oil) and lift it up to God and ask Him to anoint it. But, I wouldn't go getting the Pam cooking spray or slathering the kids down with Land O'Lakes. When you rub a little oil on your head say, "Lord, renew my mind. Let this mind be in You which was also in Christ Jesus". And, if you lose things or find yourself forgetful, say, "The memory of the righteous is blessed". And, then let the angels help you find your keys or remember what you were thinking!

(And, read your Bible - it's good stuff!).

6/8 1:01 pm The Holy Spirit said, "Pray for Florida". 

6/8 Last night's message about sudden attacks and people using their vehicles to hurt others was confirmed with an incident in Seattle. There was another incident in VA by a KKK leader. While people want to march and demonstrate, it's important that we don't condone violence of any kind. This is unacceptable. I don't condone violence and neither should you or anyone else for that matter. This is NOT what Jesus would want. Additionally, please keep your guard up. While we don't live in fear, we must remain vigilant in these last days. The devil is very upset that people are growing in Christ, getting organized and preaching about freedom and religious rights. On a lighter note, it was nice to see pastors in Minnesota coming together to start a dialog. When we invite God in, that's when we can see TRUE change for the blessings of the Lord maketh rich and it addeth no sorrow.
6/7: A few things. Now this might not apply to everyone but Father God said "Tell them stop complaining." Remember, we can reach Father God through worship, praise and prayer. But complaining is a sin and He can't stand murmuring, griping and complaining (like the Children of Israel did). He's rebuking stubborn pride AND He's putting our enemies under our feet so we have to trust God's timing. Also, the Holy Spirit keeps saying to "Pray for all police officers" a few times a day. The last time the Holy Spirit said to pray for something THIS MUCH was with Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Please keep all police officers in prayer. I think it was in Mexico where they said an officer was set on fire and we've had officers here attacked and stabbed for no reason. We pray for the safety and covering of all our officers and we rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. 
The Holy Spirit also said to "Pray for the Caribbean". Not sure if this is coronavirus related, tropical storm related or both but we keep all the Caribbean islands in prayer. A concern here is that people might be on vacation at an Airbnb rental, for example. I think they have to "be ready" for sudden weather changes, have emergency supplies, know what to do if the lights go out, and so forth. Prophet Tracey Cook said this and I'm sensing it too like a huge, major hurricane is suddenly going to pop-up. 
Another concern is the Holy Spirit has been saying to "rebuke terrorism", "rebuke terrorist demons" and "rebuke terrorist attacks". It's like there are little militia groups trying to plan things in the background, planning to ram crowds with vehicles, etc. A man rammed 3 teens in Long Island yesterday and the Holy Spirit has been saying to "Pray for Long Island". The Holy Spirit said to "Pray for Philadelphia and PA" and there was an incident where a man had Molotov cocktails.  There are so many young people standing up for blacks and other minorities but not everyone is happy and there are demons everywhere trying to start plans of attacks and acts of aggression. It's like it's going to be a very hot summer with tempers and fighting. We rebuke these demons of confusion, racist, angry demons and demons of sudden attacks in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority.
Father God in Jesus's name, please dismantle every attack of the enemy in advance. Send warring angels to defeat every plan of the enemy and we bind every demonic threat away from God's people, away from innocent people and children and away from public gatherings and areas where there are crowds in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. We release Your covering and authority to work on our behalves in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority in Jesus's name, Amen.
Father God said "He has another letter coming soon" and we'll post it as soon as we have it. Keep your defenses up as you travel and go back to work. Remember to walk in love, healing and forgiveness ONLY and the Fruit of the Spirit. And, keep reading your Bible and try to get to bed by 9:30 so you can get up early to pray to Father God and praise Him. Have an appetite for God/be hungry for God. Our God is great and greatly to be praised! Surprises are in store for so many. And, demons have to flee so don't look back! Keep doing everything in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority! Be thirsty for God and don't look back. Look for your window of opportunity that Father God sends! If you haven't seen it, it's coming! And, watch your pocketbook. Have faith. God's got us!
Try to get the things you need from the store in case there's a second wave of coronavirus. Father God said "Tell them to move faster". Restock on your cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and enough groceries, meds and pet stuff for at least a few weeks. We're praying more stimulus money comes in for so many in need. God's got us. Lord, thank You for Your mercy! He is restoring us - and help is coming. Remember, bed by 9:30. At the name of Jesus, demons have to flee. Whoever's bothering you or plaguing you, rebuke that devil by God's authority and in Jesus's name! When you get ready to go to bed, put Joel Osteen on.
For someone that needs it, Father God knows you need help with that rent money. We pray you receive the miracle money you need. Look in your hands and say, "We ALREADY have it". Trust God and He will make the way... soon, soon....He knows it's an emergency - God WILL NOT fail. He WILL NOT let your foot slip. Keep doing everything by God's authority and in Jesus's name. Start looking for your groceries. Have faith! It's like it's going to be "just in time" to pay that rent. You'll see. God is faithful and we send angels on assignment. Go put a movie on, rest, read your Bible. God's got it and it's ALREADY done. Hallelujah! 
6/5 The Holy Spirit said "You don't have to be afraid when you see what God does". He also said to "Pray against terrorism" and "Pray for Long Island". The Holy Spirit also said as a reminder, "Don't look back" and "Don't be afraid of the devil or his demon workers". And, this is important. Different news sites are offering advice on how to talk to children about racism. However, it's also important to explain to them that Jesus ALREADY overcame the world and He gives us authority over demons and the devil. This is based on "Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you, (Luke 10:19) and "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind, (2 Timothy 1:7). The devil or a demon might play games or they might get loud and threaten violence but because we have God and Jesus we can stand on the blood of Jesus Christ. Hence, it's important to remember, "The devil can't touch us". The Holy Spirit has said this repeatedly.
I wrote SEVERAL times about working for a manager with a REALLY bad temper. I mean he was a hot head. God told me I would work for Him and that He was sending me in that direction. I politely said, "I love you Holy Spirit but no thank you". Deep inside I was so scared of that leviathan (a sign that God is there because it's something so big we can't control it in our own power/strength) I refused to move. To show me how much He loved me and how much he was in control, God brought the manager over to me. Literally! The manager would walk over and sit at my desk every night after-hours and say "I just need a good secretary".  "I just need someone reliable." I kept saying in my spirit, "Nope, it ain't me." But God had already made up His mind. The housekeeping staff was also shocked because they NEVER saw this manager act this way. NEVER. It was God.
When I started working for that manager - and hear me clearly, he yelled, cursed, screamed and hollered about EVERYTHING in front of me. While he was doing that the Holy Spirit would tell me, "Just be quiet". One day he told me I was fired and said not to come into work. The Holy Spirit said, "Go on in the office, it's fine." I was in shock. I still had a job. The file the manager was looking for someone else had (and they met me at the front door and gave it to me for him). There are NO coincidences with our Father God. Hallelujah! At night God kept having me read passages in Isaiah where He says, "I am the Lord thy God" and "Fear not". He had me reading Isaiah so much when my manager would yell I realized he wasn't a threat - God was! My manager was just venting loudly and wanted to express his dominance. Who knew? 
Where going into seasons where we have to STAND on God's Word and say, "Devil I am NOT afraid of you" and look that devil right in the face and say, "NO WEAPONS FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER" and walk away. The seasons we're going in require faith and we have to exercise it and use it so we can watch and see how God works and fights for us. Do not fear racism or violence. Do not fear police violence either. That's what the devil wants. Pray for all our officers and forgive the bad ones. There are so many police officers who are Christians and strong prayer warriors. There are so many on the police department who NEED our prayers. remember, they are facing demons when they start their shifts and they're walking into all kinds of dangerous situations. They're also dealing with extremely violent people who are menacing threats. It's possible that the devil planted demons in the police force in hopes that we WOULDN'T pray for all the officers. But these young men and women fight bravely for us and they need deliverance and help, too. 
You can also pray, "Remove me from the hands of my enemies". For it is written, "But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for He maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust, (Matthew 4:44-45) and "Thou brakest the heads of leviathan in pieces, [and] gavest him [to be] meat to the people inhabiting the wilderness", (Psalm 74:14). 
I pray God sends you signs about this so you can see God working for us. He has us and He has YOU in the palm of His hands! We rebuke the demons of sickness, disease and death in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. Glory to God!
6/4 The Holy Spirit said "Pray for Philadelphia", "Rebuke the demons of riots in our streets" and "Pray against terrorists, terrorist acts and sudden violence". 
6/3 As a side note, watch the movie Just Mercy with Jamie Foxx for FREE during the month of June. Just Mercy is FREE on sites like FandangoNOW, RedBox Movies and other movie streaming sites. (It's a very good movie, check it out!). 
We pray for every black man or any person for that matter who suffers from injustice, discrimination or racial bias. We serve a Just God and He says "Call on Me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you and you shall honor Me". What a loving and faithful God that we pray to Him and it's done! It WILL get better because God is on the Throne. Believe God for the impossible! 
Remember Ephesians 6:12-18 as we don't war in the flesh. These are principalities, demons and rulers of the dark world. Hence we stand on God's Word and HE DEFENDS US in battle. Watch and see God bring everyone to prosecution for injustices. He keeps saying He's getting rid of stubborn pride. Demons have to flee. No flesh can stand before God and God HATES injustice. He won't tolerate racism and the demonic continually coming after His people. Wait and see. Think about the coronavirus and how everything is shut down. God's not playing. People need to prepare themselves. They look at another person - someone innocent and try and come against them because they're outnumbered. But you can't come against God. He will NOT fail His people! Legions of angels and demons have to flee! Hallelujah to Our Just God! He will not fail! Stay by the cross! Don't think about the bills or the money you need. Just call on God. He's El Shaddai - The God of More than Enough! 
6/3: The Holy Spirit said "Pray for Connecticut". He also said "Pray for the East Coast as the temperature heats up". I don't know if He meant specifically weather-related, as tensions flare or both. There's also a strong concern about severe and unexpected weather occurrences. The Holy Spirit also said to pray about "civil unrest". We pray for peaceful demonstrations. We pray for all police officers and we pray God's covering over our nation and planet. 


When I talked to my mom she added about the weather, "The rain that's coming is a washing and a cleansing". We saw this when we went to Bishop Hezekiah Walker's revival concert a few years ago. It suddenly suddenly started pouring rain like buckets and when the Bishop took the stage, he said that God told Him it was to wash and cleanse us. (Remember, no stubborn pride or flesh can stand before God, so every person with their hair "did", "Sunday best" clothes on and an attitude or ego, the water washed all that away and everyone looked the same). 


My mom also said "He said 'some are not listening'". Continue to pray about the stimulus check. Look at the unemployment almost 20% (almost 33 million unemployed). There will come another check. They're holding it up. Father God will release it. Too many are hurting. Even when they go back they're confused, they don't know. How do I start opening this business back up? They go to the stores - they stand there like what do I do now? It's a new norm. We're wearing masks. We have to keep so many feet back. We're not taking money from you. It's a cash-less system we're getting into. People are truly scared.


My mom also started talking about people that are ready to travel now - even if it's for short distances or a short vacation. She said, "Write it down wherever you want to go whatever you want to see so Father God can bring it to pass". She said to anoint the four corners in every room when you travel because you don't know who was there before you or the religion of the owners or the religion of those who are cleaning the rooms. I saw this in a dream where a person had a witchcraft altar in a hotel room behind a TV. We also saw this at a timeshare presentation. I remember I didn't want to go but the woman was so persistent she came back with my mom to our hotel room. I think she had experienced so many people getting up and walking out on her that she had spoken something negative over them. The reason I say this, the Holy Spirit said, "Don't walk away from her or turn your back to her. Let her leave first". So I kept politely saying "No, thank you" and she eventually left.  


Regarding condos and things like AirBnB rentals to rent a condo or a house, she said, "Be very careful with that - extremely careful and it has to do with security and keys and locks. It's better to be around a number of people than to be by yourself. People can make duplicate keys, copies. If they're not changing the locks. Look at the security. With the unemployment rate at 20% people are desperate. They'll do anything. As we're going into another phase and things are opening up don't go buckwild because you're not thinking. It's hot. The kids have been cooped up. [You're thinking...] Get the kids in the beach/water. Think safety especially with family/kids first and foremost. You've got a lot of predators around. Keep your eyes on the kids. It's not good [this environment]. Pray over your kids. Before they even walk out the door and go to sleep. Make sure the windows are locked [when you travel]. You don't know the background of these people in hotels, condos and B&Bs. Check mirrors, TVs, they're good for putting cameras in. Check the windows that they're secure. Yes, God is our security, provider and protector. He sends His angels to protect us. He never leaves us nor forsakes us. We have angels, grace and mercy but we also have good sense, too. Go by instinct and don't ignore it. Stop ignoring it."  


She also mentioned about being very careful and cautious with travel and going into the holidays. People are unemployed and desperate. We posted this a few days ago too about watching your wallet and purse. Take extra precautions with your children that they don't leave phones and tablets out in public places as people will walk off with them. These are extremely desperate times and people are out of work. Keep your doors and windows locked and take caution with patio doors and screens as a precaution.


Please remember to stay vigilant especially as we go into the holidays. Not everyone is receiving help, benefits and blessings from Father God. The Holy Spirit has been saying this repeatedly that they will say "Not fair, not fair" when they see what God does for His people. I notice it too when I'm on the phone and my downstairs neighbor starts yelling, cursing and complaining. I pray that he changes but we also have to take caution and stand on Ephesians 6:12-18. And read Galatians 5 and 6. Lastly, as a reminder, the Holy Spirit said, "Watch the words that come out of your mouth". People are extremely tense and on edge like a bomb ready to go off suddenly. I had a question about an account and called an agent for help but I didn't understand what he said. He got frustrated and started slamming something down on the table in the background. I said, "You know I can hear that". He said, "You heard me?" He was truly embarrassed. The Holy Spirit told me to just end the call and "Walk away". Stay on guard and walk in love, healing and forgiveness only. Remember, we stand on God's Word. Psalm 91:10: There shall no evil befall thee neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. Keep your defenses up. Rebuke those demons and walk away. Keep your spirits up. Think positive thoughts. Keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged. God's got us and we will see more help soon!


6/2: 18 times. We did a check on the number of times the Holy Spirit said to pray for police officers in the past two months and we counted 18 times (although I think it was probably more). As I posted this the Holy Spirit said, "Now you see why I said to pray for every officer". What's curious about 18 is that Genesis 18 represents God's promise to Abraham that his generations would be a great nation. This is significant because 2020 is the end of 400 years of slavery and it might possibly be that the "shift" and "great shaking like an earthquake" that God has been referring to is freeing His people from bondage and fear. But, here's where we need to tread carefully.

You see, the devil wants people to come against the police. Just like the devil wants people saying something about the President or your neighbor or that relative that gets under your skin. That's the spirit of offense and a person's prayers CANNOT be answered or heard by God if there's any offense (Mark 11:22-26). Yes, there are some racist and/or violent officers but it's not the person per se but the devil working through them.

A demon can come through someone because there's an area of sin in their life that's exposed. It could be childhood abuse, pain or trauma or other things that lead to anger, bitterness, resentment and hate in their adult life. What people need to see is the devil is trying to block the promise coming to God's people by causing the spirit of offense. That's why Jesus ONLY walked in love and kept saying the devil "had nothing" on Him. We have to INTENTIONALLY rebuke false pride, rebuke the spirit of offense and rebuke sin, hatred, bitterness and retaliation. Like Paul said, "I buffet my flesh daily" meaning we have to rebuke our flesh and keep it in check. Hence, we shouldn't come against the police because some are violent and racist. Pray for the violent and racist officers to change AND FORGIVE THEM. 

We pray for racist officers and violent officers. We pray that their hearts change. We HAVE to pray this because we don't want to judge. The Bible teaches us that IF we judge we will be judged. That's why we should forgive and walk in love, healing and forgiveness ONLY.  And, here's where our churches can get more involved.

Our pastors need to have dialogs with their communities to educate people on how the devil works and all the deceptive games he plays. We pray for peaceful demonstrations and we pray for all police officers. We pray that black men and other minorities and all people for that matter are respected. We also pray that people are respectful to law enforcement. We pray a new dialog is established within our communities. And, we pray that these churches start anointing all our police officers in the name of Jesus Christ.

As a side note, I was out yesterday and think I saw a total of 7 different police officers. God bless them! I reminded them that we were praying for them and that we were praying they get more equipment, better benefits and more vacation time - and one of the officers said, "Yeah!". When I saw them, the Holy Spirit had me say to them, "The devil can't touch you". And, praise God, we keep all our officers in prayer. Lastly, remember, don't live in fear of these end times. We're truly in a battle of good versus evil but Jesus ALREADY overcame the world. Please keep all police officers in prayer and keep reading your Bibles!

5/30: The Holy Spirit said, "Tell them they don't have to be afraid when they see what God does". He also said, "Please keep respecting those in authority". We're to walk in love like Jesus and think love, healing and forgiveness ONLY. It doesn't matter what this person did or that one. It's interesting how the devil is trying to cause the spirit of offense RIGHT BEFORE PENTECOST. But God is greater and God is not unaware of the games the devil or his demons play. (Because satan's time is almost up and Jesus is coming back soon - glory to God!). Hence, it's important to rebuke the personalities of those who offend so the spirit of offense doesn't cling to you. If it does, then God can't and won't hear your prayers. The spirit of offense is designed to cause bitterness, anger, the need to retaliate and fight back. It's straight from the devil and what he wants. The devil is waiting for people to use their flesh - and cross that line into the flesh - because if they say or do ANYTHING "in the flesh" then God won't and can't step in and help. Be very careful and walk away as this is a strategic attack. Be INTENTIONAL and stay in the Spirit ESPECIALLY as we go into Pentecost. Forgive and walk in love, healing and forgiveness ONLY. Pray, "Lord, let no sin rule over me". Don't let offenses cling to you. Don't say slanderous words out of your mouth or give the stink eye! We are to love our neighbors and forgive - or we're guilty of sin and judging and won't be forgiven. Read Galatians 5 and 6 VERY IMPORTANT.
If you haven't read it yet, see our Pentecost message. What's amazing is we posted it 2 years ago and it describes the times we're in now, i.e., the "shaking" we're going through, praying for black men, praying for the police, etc. Our special message Make Me a Priority will be out shortly and it includes an important word from the Holy Spirit. We'll try to get it up by tomorrow for Pentecost! Remember, God is an ever-present help in times of trouble. And, Jesus is on the mainline...Tell Him what you want. Keep reading your Bibles!  
5/29: The Holy Spirit said "Always remember God has His hand on us and there is a hedge of protection around us". That means we are covered and don't have to worry about diseases, wars, riots, the news, etc. Glory to God! Early this morning the Holy Spirit said "Tell them they don't have to worry when they see what God's about to do. Miracles are coming for so many." As a special word, the Holy Spirit said, "So many regret the missteps they made but don't look back and don't beat yourself up. See God making the way. You will have help soon - relief there". Remember, don't look back. This time we're in where "everything" is behind and "shifted" won't last. God is removing stubborn demons and He's putting our enemies under our feet. Watch and see. God spoke about this in His earlier messages about the great shaking and Prophet Tracey Cook mentioned a shaking, too. I keep hearing the Holy Spirit saying that there are so many who are beating themselves up. The coronavirus caught a lot of people off-guard. The Holy Spirit said, "They feel like a failure". But, let that go. These are special circumstances beyond our control and not our fault.  As a word of caution, watch your mouth in this season as there are stubborn demons REALLY upset that they couldn't uproot God's people. They're bitter, griping, murmuring and complaining. But, don't worry. God is here FOR US and He will help us and restore us. Praise God! You will see more help is coming. God said it and He is faithful. The Holy Spirit also said, "Pray for the Caribbean" not just about coronavirus but storms, hurricanes, lack of business/income from the travel industry, etc.  And, we pray for every family that you feel God's love, covering, protection and healing. Good news soon! And, please pray for every police officer. Yes, there are some bad officers but the devil intentionally uses people to try to cause the spirit of offense. Don't take offense or your prayers won't be answered (Matthew 11:22-26, very important). Lastly, when I was watching the news last night about the protesters, the Holy Spirit said "They're going to start a revolution". See our full message on all this when we post Make Me a Priority. God will not fail us and good news is coming. I still keep hearing the Holy Spirit saying "They're [our enemies] going to be saying 'Not fair, not fair' when they see what God does for us". Hallelu-Yahweh! God WILL always make the way and He WILL restore His people! It's time! The devil thinks he's in control. He's not. God's got us. We cancel the devil's assignment in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority.
5/26: As the Holy Spirit keeps saying to "pray for all police officers", we're lifting them up in prayer. Officers are still being spat upon and attacked and need more protection, gear and assistance. As churches open we pray they are able to anoint every officer in the name of Jesus Christ. These officers walk into some of the harshest conditions and put their lives on the line daily.  We pray for their covering.
5/26: Saw this incident on the news where a woman called police on a black man. The Holy Spirit spoke about racists attacks. He said "It's an offense demon meant to cause fear, panic". Please note that Jesus said that offenses would come and this is not a "white or black thing" but demons trying to cause the spirit of offense in people (regardless of race). How? If a person becomes offended and carries the spirit of offense (bitterness, anger, retaliation), God won't hear their prayers. It's strategic and it's from the devil. Hence, walk in love, healing and forgiveness only as Jesus taught us. 
5/26: The Holy Spirit said to "pray for Long Island" and He said twice to "rebuke terrorism" and that we would see help from God soon. Please stay encouraged and don't give up. God will help with EVERY detail. And, He's an ever-present help in times of trouble and need. Glory to God! 
5/22 5:46 pm The Holy Spirit said "Pray for the Philippines". Not sure if this is typhoon related or other weather occurrences but we lift them up in prayer. We also pray for India and areas hit by severe weather. 
5/22 10:27 am The Holy Spirit said yesterday to "Pray for the President".  
5/22: Saw the confirming news. The Holy Spirit has been saying to rebuke terrorist attacks and sudden attacks. There was an attack in Arizona (not sure if this was the open market He was referring to). There was also an attack at a military base and a woman was senselessly attacked in NY. We pray for all those harmed. We pray God's covering and His mercy and we rebuke every terrorist demon in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority.  
5/20 Was talking to my mom and a word of caution for some. She said, "People aren't listening. They're ignoring government officials, going to the beaches and stores with no masks on and taking too many risks. Hence, it's important to use this time to thank God for sending the stimulus checks and helping us. Then, prepare to restock what you need and negotiate bill payments. Be prepared in the event the coronavirus takes a turn because too many people are taking risky chances. As my mom reminded me, like the Children of Israel, "they're a stubborn bunch". Father God is saying, "They're too anxious". People aren't going forward, they're going back. And, God has been saying He's removing stubborn pride.    
5/19 5:16 pm Not sure what this is but the Holy Spirit keeps saying "Rebuke terrorism" and "Rebuke terrorist attacks". I was reading my Bible and stopped to pray about this when He said "Watch where there are open markets". Father God in Jesus's name, Lord, we praise You because You are the Most High God and You know all and see all. Father God, please keep a hedge of protection around us and keep us safe. Father God, wherever there is a terror threat, we pray cancel that devil's assignment in Jesus's name. Shine a light on it and defeat the plans of the enemy. Your Word says "No weapons formed against us shall prosper." We rebuke terrorism, terrorist demons and terrorist attacks. They shall not come nigh our dwelling places. We pray please show proof of where this is and help all law enforcement and keep them safe. Lord, we plead the blood of Jesus over our families, homes, neighbors, communities and our country. We praise You for victory over the enemy and demons have to flee. We call on Michael the Archangel to please keep everyone safe in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority - the devil CANNOT TOUCH God's people in Jesus's name, Amen!  
5/19 4:17 pm The Holy Spirit again said to "Rebuke terrorism and random attacks". Please keep your guard up when you travel. People are snapping and making rash judgments. I'm still hearing an exasperated woman's voice in the spirit realm saying, "Speak English to me". While the quarantines and stay-at-home orders brought communities together and we rallied for our first responders, please keep in mind not everyone is happy. There are people stealing out of desperation. There are people bitter over being inconvenienced. But, remember God is not playing. He will deal with our enemies. Do what you can though to stay on guard. We pray for all government officials, our military and all law enforcement as we go into the holiday, Monday, May 25th. We pray especially for our police officers as they have to keep some areas closed. We pray for Long Island and other areas where businesses, parks and beaches are opening up but not in other areas. We pray people stay on guard and wear their masks. Lord, please cover us and cover each and every officer in the name and blood of Jesus Christ. Lastly, if you are traveling over the holiday - even if it's a short distance, please pray before you go and stay alert. Don't get distracted with phone calls and headphones that you're not alert and aware of your surroundings. Watch your purses and  all electronic devices and watch out for pick-pockets and random thefts. 
5/19: The Holy Spirit said to "Rebuke the demons of terrorist attacks" and "Pray for all police departments". He also said to "Pray for Philadelphia", "Pray for Chicago", "Pray for Puerto Rico" and "Pray for the Caribbean".
5/18 841 pm: Was prepping an article the Holy Spirit said to write, "God will help you with your bills." He also said, "Tell them you don't have to worry. You will see the Spirit of God move soon." Hallelujah to God! Thank You, Lord! Great is Your faithfulness!
5/18 5:05 pm Confirming the Holy Spirit's message 5/15 about sudden attacks and people suddenly going off. This man attacked people with a machete over the lockdown.  
5/18: So, I'm on hold with the post office now trying to track a customer's order. His order has been delayed by 3 weeks? As I was writing to my customer, the Holy Spirit said, "Wait and see what God is about to do". God has mighty plans for us because we never gave up and we kept pressing forward to God in Jesus's name. We're also calling on God in Jesus's name and rebuking stubborn pride.
It reminded me of Daniel who prayed and a holy angel was delayed 3 weeks by an unholy angel. The holy angel said something like "I heard your prayer and was on my way but an unholy angel tried to stop me so I was delayed." Notice the angel said "Tried to stop me"? NO plan or vision or promise from God will ever fail!
Sometimes there are stubborn demons trying to block the way - especially if they know you're going to encourage and help people. But just like that holy angel had Michael the archangel intervene, we can call on the archangel Michael, too. Remember, no plan or vision of God's will ever fail. And, demons have to flee. In this season, please keep your defenses up. I'm hearing the Holy Spirit say there are people in a "bad mood" and volatile tempers. There are demons trying to bring people down. They're stuck at home and miserable and trying to make everyone else miserable. Or, they might be out and like a time bomb are ready to explode. Take caution, "keep your defenses up" and have extra patience. We ask for Father God's mercy. Keep reading your Bible and do things that add value and lift your spirit up!


Then said he unto me, Fear not, Daniel: for from the first day that thou didst set thine heart to understand, and to chasten thyself before thy God, thy words were heard, and I am come for thy words. But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia, (Daniel 10:12-13).


5/15: The Holy said to "Pray for the President", "rebuke terrorism" and "pray for all police officers". But, there's an uneasiness I'm feeling like a volcano is about to go off somewhere (or abrupt outbursts). Not saying this to cause panic. The devil is defeated - but people are too quick to head to the beach and take the masks off. I'm seeing cars and bikes racing around, neighbors with no masks on. Because we're getting closer to the holiday, please slow down and keep the masks on. Also, please take extra caution with heading to bars or going out especially for young women and teens. People have been pent up so long and we don't want to see our young people fall prey to sexual assaults or attacks from bar fights. I've been hearing in the spirit realm confrontational things like "What did you say to me?" or "Why did you walk into me?". I'm still hearing "Speak English to me" like there are racist people warring in the flesh or displaying juvenile jealousies to intentionally start fights.

Separately, the Holy Spirit has been saying another letter or message is coming in a few days. We'll post it as soon as it's available. 

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the LORD, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil, Ephesians 6:10-11.

For someone in particular, not to alarm you, but the Holy Spirit said, "Be careful if you hear a knock at the door." Not sure who this is for but don't be quick to answer right away and let everyone in. We pray for our seniors and plead the blood of Jesus. Lord, keep everyone safe in Jesus's name and by God's authority. 

We rebuke the plans of the devil. God KNOWS all and SEES all and God will cover and keep us in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. Hallelu-Yahweh!


5/14 The Holy Spirit said "Pray for Long Island" and "Pray for Puerto Rico". He also said "Pray against terrorism and sudden attacks" and "Pray to rebuke suicide demons". Father God in Jesus's name, Lord we praise You because You're the Most High God and You are available to us. Father We ask for Your mercy and pray for the hardest hit areas dealing with coronavirus and areas dealing with bigotry and violence. We know You are a Just God and will help the poor, minorities and all those in need. Whatever the situation is in Long Island and Puerto Rico, we lift these areas up to you and ask for your mercy. For so many struggling and feeling like they "can't find a way" please show them that You are the way, not man. Show them how You can suddenly help pay the bills and we stand on Joel 2:25, "And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you." I know there are some "that haven't eaten today" but our Bible teaches us that, "I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread." Psalm 37:25. Please send miracle help for those in need. What's bound on earth is bound in heaven, loosed on earth is loosed in heaven.---- I Hear Father God saying "Tell them not to give up" and "I will help with every need". We wait confidently in You, Lord because You are Our Help from on high. We also pray Father God over people who feel like giving up or they "feel like a failure" because they "can't get help for their families and can't pay their bills". We know this is the devil trying to cause bitterness, suicide and depression. We rebuke satan and we stand on Philippians 4:19, "But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus." Also I'm hearing You say, "They are/were not prepared" and "Some are/were underprepared". We pray Lord, please send favor to families and those in need. Open the supply house and provide for every need. Let them find deals and savings in the stores and online. Let the foodbanks have more than enough that they can give extra and let these stores start carrying more supplies to meet demand. We praise You, Lord and give You all the glory. We can rest in You as Your sons and daughters, kings and queens, heirs to the Throne up in heaven, in Jesus's name, we pray, Amen. 

Father God said "He will send proof". Please stay especially alert to not fall into a depression during this time. What helped me tremendously was speaking the scriptures and reminding God of His promises. Every day pray Psalm 91, Deuteronomy 28 (the first part about all the blessings), 1 Samuel 10 about the Saul blessings, Joel 2:25, Isaiah 54:17 and Matthew 5 blessings (The Beatitudes). There was a devil that tried to tempt me and say "Why don't you pray to the dead for help" and I kept rebuking it. I stood on the scripture, Submit to God, resist the devil and the devil has to flee. I was so tired and so drained and I had no money. The devil would say it again, "Why don't you pray to the dead" and I'd rebuke him away from me and one time I was doing that, God said, "Keep rebuking him and keep speaking my promises". I realized I had been doing the right thing all along! And, there was Father God watching. It helped me to stand strong. That was my lightbulb moment to KNOW who I am in God and I pray that for You, too. God daily loads us with blessings like favor, mercy, His grace, wisdom and understanding. But you have to get it deep down in your spirit that God WILL NOT fail and that God WILL show up. Keep pressing toward that mark and you WILL see change. God is faithful and ONLY God has the final say! To God be the glory! I pray He shows you proof today and that He sends encouraging news to you and your family. Demons have to flee! Get ready for something exciting as we break THROUH to another level. Lastly, Father God wants me to include that we should remember, He's removing a stubborn pride demon in people. Now, don't take this the wrong way as some might say, "I'm not stubborn" or "I don't have pride". It's NOT about that. As we grow in the spirit, the flesh is resistant and a demon of stubborn pride can try to latch onto us. But, God is removing that so we can freely seek Him without that hindrance. It's a demon that's trying to latch onto a lot of people. Keep rebuking it and it HAS TO flee. I'm also hearing God say, "I'm going to help you raise that money for rent". To God be the glory! Hallelujah!    

5/12 The Holy Spirit said, "Don't be afraid when you see what God does." I can't speak for what God is going to do next until He reveals it. But remember, Father God said in earlier messages there's a "shaking" and "shifting" like an "earthquake". Tracy Cooke confirmed this in one of his posts when he mentioned the severe weather we would experience. This doesn't always mean physical shaking as there's shaking going on in the Heavenly realm. I think the main takeaway is to rest in God and trust Father God and use this time to draw closer to God in worship as we head into Pentecost which is Sunday, May 31st. It's also important to turn off the news as there's a lot of fake news to increase ratings, create market volatility and cause people to panic. Someone pointed out to me that the "The coronavirus is mutating." I said, "That's not what God said. He said to 'Don't look at the coronavirus news' and 'Rebuke coronavirus'". But, I do understand that if the coronavirus is getting worse or is expected to worsen in the fall that might explain why the Holy Spirit keeps stressing "Look at the markets" so we can prepare - not panic. See our second article The Holy Spirit Keeps Saying Look at the Markets for more. However it unfolds, we stand on God's Word that NO WEAPONS formed against us shall prosper - whether they divide, multiply or carry the 1! We've got warring angels guarding us (We're God's property!)

Oh, speaking of which, please don't miss the Jesus presentation on TBN tomorrow night, May 13th at 6pm PT / 9 pm ET. There's a section when it shows the death angel and the plague coming in. It's very important to see as the blood of the lamb covers the doorposts and we have the blood of Jesus covering us. Hallelujah to God! And, He will not fail. I just heard the Holy Spirit say, "So many of God's people are in line for promotion. Keep 'being thirsty for Him', seeking God out and worshiping Him." I also heard "You will see signs of God's help soon" and "They will be saying 'Not fair' when they see what God does for us'". He also said "Make time in your bedroom for God." (I'm not sure if I heard this correctly or if He said bedroom routine or make space in your bedroom where you have an area to pray). Keep going to bed early and getting up to pray and praise God. See the message under Need a Powerful Word (very last video, Secret To the Power of Prayer by Lion of Judah) about why Jesus prayed so much (because it blocked sin and temptation).  

Lastly, a great reminder is 2 Timothy 1:7, "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." We can rest confidently in God. 


5/9 The Holy Spirit said, "Pray for the President". While there are some that don't care for the President or his actions, I am only repeating what the Holy Spirit said. 

5/9 The Holy Spirit said, "It doesn't matter", "Tell them they have to move faster", "Pray for the police departments" and He keeps saying "Look at the supermarkets". Know that when God says "It doesn't matter", He's made a way out for us. So, we don't have to worry or live in fear about what the enemy MIGHT try to do. God knows all and sees all. Always remember that even IF the enemy THINKS he or she can outwit YOU, they cannot outwit God EVER. EVER. And, we say, "Devil, you will stop playing games with God's people." God keeps a hedge of protection around us and we have warring angels, Michael the Archangel and our guardian angels. NO WEAPONS formed against you shall be able to prosper ever...ever. Read the Gospel of Luke when you have time - and focus on Jesus's teachings.

Regarding "move faster" and the "supermarkets", please make sure you have enough groceries in the coming weeks and months. In NY, we are experiencing HUGE food shortages at some stores. But, that might not be in your area yet. Because the Holy Spirit keeps pushing this point, it's very serious and very important. Don't wait to see what happens. Prepare so you're not caught off-guard if there's a sudden shifting with this pandemic and the numbers suddenly go up in your area. Even if you're on a limited budget or only have a little money, when you pray, ask God where to find the deals and ask Him for a miracle with your groceries and finances. I've seen Father God SUDDENLY put everything I need on sale at once and when we ask Him for help we will ALWAYS have more than enough. You might be in for a few surprises and special things on sale that you want! Father God knows and great is His faithfulness. You might find some stores are out of a lot but other stores have a few sales and supplies. Use our Supermarkets article for tips. Remember, we don't panic, we prepare. And, if Father God is saying this, it's because the food shortages are going to get worse. However, He also said a few days ago to pray that the stores can meet demand so we keep this in our prayers daily. God's got us. We pray you see a miracle today!

Keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged. Remember, the Holy Spirit said we will be saying "Victory!" and help is coming soon. We also pray over the second stimulus they're considering. Lastly, we keep all police officers in prayer. We pray for small businesses and we pray for our healthcare workers and first responders. We stand on Psalm 91 and Isaiah 54:17. God's got us. The name of the Lord is a strong tower! We will (As Father God said) be seeing more and more miracles. Remember, bed by 1am so you can get up and pray....Keep the Body of Christ on one accord. To God be the glory!


5/6 The Holy Spirit keeps saying, "Don't look back when you see what God does" and He's been saying "Look at the supermarkets". 

5/6 The Holy Spirit keeps saying, "Pray for every police officer". We ask for God's grace, mercy and covering over every officer. He also said to "Pray for Puerto Rico". Lord, we lift them up to You and ask for your mercy. Please help Puerto Rico with their recovery efforts after Hurricane Maria and several earthquakes and storms. We pray and ask for your mercy, grace and covering over the island in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. He also said as a reminder, "Don't look back". 

5/5 6:29 pm The Holy Spirit said, "Rebuke the demons of terrorists attacks". We rebuke the demons of terrorists attacks in Jesus's name and by God's authority. We cancel every assignment of the devil. No weapons formed against us shall prosper.

5/5 The Holy Spirit said on 4/21 about rebuking the demons of sudden attacks. The Holy Spirit said, "Keep your defenses up" and be patient and vigilant. People are starting to "snap" from the stay-at-home orders. Police officers are being spit upon and cursed at, a Dollar Store worker had a man wipe his nose on her shirt when she asked him to wear a mask in the store and people are protesting with assault rifles against the governors. We keep our nation in prayer. So many are hurting but violence and disrespect to the flag, law enforcement and public officials is not the answer.

God tells us to respect those in authority: "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. 2Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. 3For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same: 4For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil. 5Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake. 6For for this cause pay ye tribute also: for they are God's ministers, attending continually upon this very thing. 7Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour", (Romans 13:1-7).  It is also written, "Let him eschew [resist] evil, and do good; let him seek peace, and ensue [pursue] it," (1 Peter 3:11). 

5/4 The Holy Spirit said, "Tell them not to worry." He then said, "This is just an example of what's to come". This was similar language God used when He spoke through my mother. It's in the messages below from 4/29. The coronavirus isn't for us to worry about (which God has been repeatedly saying). However, for those that choose to turn away from God and reject Him - or curse Him, the viruses, plagues, death, pestilence, famines, violence, wars, etc. are part of Deuteronomy 28. They're also part of the plagues that God released on man when Pharaoh wouldn't let God's people go. And, they're part of the beginning of sorrows Jesus talked about. For God's Chosen people, we have nothing to worry about, praise God. However, we should be careful to lead a blameless life, love our neighbor as ourselves, repent of all sins, rebuke false pride, tithe and obey all God commands. Oh, and read your Bible so we can hear from Father God. Keep getting to bed early and getting up to pray and praise God. Our latter days shall be greater than the former and miracles are coming to so many. Have Thine own way, Lord. Have Thine own way! To God be ALL the glory! Thank You, Lord, and we ask for Your mercy.   

5/4 I was reading Deuteronomy 28:11 which states, "And the LORD shall make thee plenteous in goods, in the fruit of thy body, and in the fruit of thy cattle, and in the fruit of thy ground, in the land which the LORD sware unto thy fathers to give thee." As I read the verse, the Holy Spirit said, "I want you to pray for the supermarkets". I started praying and reread the verse when the Holy Spirit said, "I want you to pray for the supermarkets that they will supply more food to meet the demand". I was online looking at the outages the stores have. However, it is written, "I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor His seed begging bread". "They shall not be ashamed in the evil time: and in the days of famine they shall be satisfied." And, "God supplies all our needs". I also heard the Holy Spirit say, "Think of Jacob" or He just said, "Jacob". Remember, Jesus sat at Jacob's well (John 4:6) but He offered the woman water that wouldn't run out - Glory to God!

Father God in Jesus's name, Lord, we pray every store is able to increase their capacity and have more than enough supply. We also pray that they are honest, don't tip the scales and don't price gouge. We thank you for supplying our needs and providing our food. You are the God of overflow and more than enough and we decree and declare our food won't run out in times of famine as You provide for us. We also rebuke every snake in our path trying to block the way. The devil is defeated in Jesus's name and by God's authority. We praise Your Holy name and give You all the glory, in Jesus's name, we pray, Amen.

The Holy Spirit also said "the market's going up" Note: This is not stock advice or a stock tip as there's no timeline.

5/2: Saw the news about the earthquake in CA and PR. The Holy Spirit said "shaking/earthquakes" when we did this month's newspaper. We keep all those affected in prayer and we ask for Father God's mercy. The Holy Spirit also said as a reminder, "Don't walk away from God" and "Tell them not to be afraid when they see what God does". I'm also hearing for some "You're going to have a reunion soon". Maybe a long-lost relative comes back. Also, beware of "snakes". There are people that might try to come in only to steal what you have.

5/1: The Holy Spirit said to pray for Connecticut. He said this a few days ago, too. Lord, we lift them up to you and ask for your mercy in Jesus's name and by God's authority. The Holy Spirit continues to say a few times throughout the day to pray for all police officers. Father God we lift them up in prayer in Jesus's name and ask for Your covering. Stay encouraged and keep reading your Bible each day. God's got us!

5/1 Had the strangest dream, maybe it was a foreshadowing about the weather. I was in NY and it was raining heavily and there were high winds. A man was across the street meeting friends and the window was open. He was yelling VERY loudly. He said, "No, you don't understand. It's going to get worse." First he was talking about the East Coast and the radios were on. I could hear newscasters describing the severe weather coming in. (Prophet Tracey Cooke mentioned this within the past month about severe weather coming). Back in my dream, the man yelling loudly said, "We're getting another 4 inches", as he described it going down the East Coast. Then he went on to talk about Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. He said, "But it's going to be WORSE for them." He kept stressing this and I saw an image of PR where it was sunny over the mountains and it had only rained a little. But he was describing what was to come. He said, "They're getting rain but then more is coming. I think they're supposed to get that but then ANOTHER 7 inches of rain is coming by tomorrow!" If this is a foreshadowing, we pray for the East Coast, Puerto Rico and all the Caribbean islands.

4/30 The Holy Spirit has been saying another letter/message is coming soon. We'll post it when it's available. 

4/29 206am: Father God gave this very important message. The Holy Spirit said, "There are people who bit off more than they can chew but God will help them turn it around. There are some that might be fired but God will help them. I know they are in a rough patch. Trust me it will get better. Keep doing things by God's authority and in Jesus's name". He also said "They're going to see a miracle today." And, "testify about it". Lastly, He said, "Don't fear that disease". 

I don't like to add to Father God's messages but please know as He's shown me in my own life, that when we feel weakest, His strength comes in. Maybe there are some that overspent on Christmas and were planning on using their tax refund to pay off bills. Now they're finding they're behind on bills AND facing layoffs. During times like this, trust God to help with EVERY detail.

I remember having EVERY bill past due and not knowing what direction to turn to.  I would hear Father God say, "Your guardian angel will help you" or "Call on the Holy Ghost". When it feels like you're facing the Red Sea and the enemy's coming in hot on your heels like a flood, you can trust God. He has secret paths and He ALWAYS makes a way out. Remember, we don't fear the terror by night nor the arrow that flieth by day. Stand firm. Call on Father God in Jesus's name and declare the victory. Then wait for Father God. This is exercising and growing our faith and it's in THIS season that we REALLY see God work and see miracles. And, Father God is merciful. I'd be down to NOTHING and Father God would supply money to me from a completely different direction. He is an EVER-PRESENT help in times of trouble and need.

When I went through my drought I remember the exhaustion and frustration of having so much money due in bills but only having a few dollars available. Instead of thinking or saying "I can't afford it", the Holy Spirit would have me intentionally think and say, "It's coming" and I'd say confidently "It's no problem for God". When I said those words, I'd feel something move in my spirit almost like virtue coming out and the devil KNOWING he was defeated because my words spoke life into my finances. I'd sow a tiny seed by faith and trust God who is merciful. The rough patch is sometimes so we can see God work in our lives. He's not just working but He's defending us in battle and He's restoring us (Joel 2:25).

I was talking to someone the other day about how it LOOKS like things are getting worse. But, then she said something stunning. She said, "But, you know what? Despite what's going on around us, God's people are covered." And, that's so true. God is faithful and He will not fail. Read Deuteronomy 28:1-14, 1 Samuel 10:1-10 and Matthew 5:1-12. These are some of God's promises to us. And, Father God once said, "Put me in remembrance of what I said". Meaning, remind God that He HAS TO provide because we're in covenant/contract with Him. He is faithful and He will make the way. Remember, believe and don't doubt. Look for your window. Glory to God in the Highest! Hallelu-Yahweh!

Message Father God gave through my mom: The reason why you're going through this is because of what's to come [Is this more plagues, famine?]. Too many were relying on paychecks and not relying on me. I am the Lord. This is a foretaste of what's to come because we're going back too soon. They're jeopardizing people by opening too soon. God does not play. They're going back too early. They're congregating too soon. This is just a taste of what's going to be. [Regarding shopping] It's not about hoarding but taking the time and being prepared. [Re: The coronavirus] Another reason we're seeing this is people need to see proof. They need to see. God is going to provide miracles. We're going to see miracle upon miracle. Right now all people keep seeing is coronavirus on the news. But God is going to show His children exactly who He is. There are going to be a lot of miracles. Even on TV they're talking about praying and God. We're going through this because they took God out of churches and schools and replaced Him with idols. That's why we're going through this. He said I am the Lord Thy God and there is no other. His sheep know His voice and no other will they follow. There are so many that turned from God, straddling the fence, looking to sin out of curiosity. He's giving them time to turn back, turn from wicked ways. He always gives us a chance. He's an awesome God.

Separately, she said, remember whatever you need, all you have to do is ask Him. Ask Him and let it go. Ex. she needed Excedrin but forgot to buy it. She forgot about it for a few weeks, then remembered and she said, "Father God, I need this - not to depend on it but just in case." When she went to the store, He reminded her and she was able to get that and other items she had forgotten. All you have to do is let Him know.


4/27 754pm: The Holy Spirit said earlier to "Pray for Chicago". As we were getting ready to write this He said, "I'm getting ready to do something that's going to lift their spirits up". Glory to God! 

4/27 The Holy Spirit said, "Rebuke the demons of terrorists". In the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority we rebuke terrorist demons and threats against us and we cancel the devil's assignment in Jesus's name and by God's authority. No weapons formed against us shall prosper.

4/25 The Holy Spirit said as a reminder that "We are in this together". While it feels like no one understands what you're going through, please remember that everyone is affected by the quarantines. Don't think about the money or what you're lacking. Use this time to rest in God and say, "It's no problem for God". He provides ALL our needs so speak and decree CONFIDENTLY what you need so the angels can help bring it to pass. Our help comes from the Lord and He promises to never leave us nor forsake us. Keep doing things that add value and keep your spirit up! Our help draws nigh! 

4/24 The Holy Spirit gave a few reminders, "Pray for Pennsylvania", "Pray for Philadelphia", "Pray for the Caribbean", "Pray for the President", "Don't look back", "Don't be afraid" and "Don't be afraid when you see what God does". We also pray that our restaurants get help. And, please stay encouraged. The devil is defeated and God put the enemy under our feet. Cheer up. New income WILL come. You will see. God is faithful. It's coming! 

I was watching another prophetic message from Tracy Cooke, a reminder that the first 4 months this year are the hardest and almost over. That's followed by 4 months of recovery and I believe he said, 4 months of restoration. God HAS us so don't go by what you SEE or how it LOOKS. Do things that keep your spirit positive and uplifted. Our help IS coming so turn off the news and use this time to draw closer to God! This is such a special time when we can be home with family and pray and fellowship.

Don't look at the negative or allow doubts and fears to get in. The bills WILL be paid. The balances WILL be paid off. The economy WILL be restored - but what will you say that you DID with the time. Write that book. Take a free online class or worship. Read your Bible more daily and pray and talk to God. Ask the Holy Spirt/Holy Ghost to guide you. And, keep speaking over yourself. "I am healed, whole, blessed, highly favored, the head, lender and above - and my father is the Lord God Almighty - and NOTHING SHALL BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME!" 

4/23 2:52 pm If you have the chance, head to Amazon Prime and start a free trial of BroadwayHD so you can see Jonah, Moses and Noah. Not sure how long they will be free through the channel but it's such an amazing blessing to see! God bless the hundreds of people that worked on these performances! Stay encouraged and enjoy (help is coming soon)!


4/23 1:50 pm The Holy Spirit said, "I want you to tell them it's going to get better". During the quarantines and time home, it can be especially hard for people falling behind on rent and experiencing so much pressure from creditors calling.

The summer I moved back to NY after my mom was healed from cancer (praise God) was especially hard. I didn't have a job. It was hot. All my bills were past due. And, I needed to work. I pounded the pavement and went on every interview I could think of. NO ONE would hire me. Frustrated, I remember praying and I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to call my old boss who hired me back the next day. God ALWAYS has a window or door for you. That's His promise to us so please don't give up.

I saw in a dream once a man who was fishing and not catching anything. I stood behind him and watched and throw his line in the water again and again - and nothing. The Holy Spirit said, "Tell him to lower the line here" so I said it but the man ignored me. I took his reel and lowered it where the Holy Spirit indicated and boom! I caught a fish. The man wasn't happy though.

The Bible teaches us that "Hope deferred makes the heart sick". We can sometimes feel SO overwhelmed we start to give up. But, this season of quarantines and staying home and bills past due - is only temporary. So please, don't give up, (that's what the devil wants). Shake the dust off. Put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness and look to Father God expectantly! Good news is coming soon! Help is on the way! Though the vision tarry, wait for it... It's coming at just the right time. 

4/23 The Holy Spirit keeps saying "Don't be afraid" and "Be not afraid" when you see what God does. This is almost like a reassurance that we shouldn't go by what we see. Change is coming soon and we will see signs of victory. I think it was one of the prophets who said the first 4 months of this year would be especially hard, followed by 4 months of easing and then 4 months where we're more back on track. Stay encouraged and don't give up.

I remember once taking my mom on a cruise but the day before we checked into a hotel. We cleaned our room, unpacked a few things and had just made dinner. Suddenly, there were bugs everywhere! Hotel staff refused to come to the room and we were devastated. If we changed rooms, it meant repacking our belongings and food AND we'd have to clean all over again. But then suddenly, there was the loudest - and longest blast from a ship's horn in the distance and we started rejoicing. It was as if God was reminding us that this wasn't permanent! And, we also understood we shouldn't let it steal our peace or joy.

Something good is happening in the background. God is working for us and He will not fail. We WILL see signs of recovery soon! Glory to the Most High God! He is faithful! I still keep hearing that what's coming, "It's going to feel like Santa Claus". So, rest during this time. I'm still hearing "shaking like an earthquake" like this great shaking/transition we're going through but we can rest confidently in God. If you need prayer or want to reach us, we are available. Use the email, phone number below or our contact us form. Keep reading your Bible and trust God. He's got this and He's got you and your family! He will supply EVERY need!

4:21 at 8:11 am The Holy Spirit said, "Rebuke the demons of sudden attacks". Remember, God will not fail. Keep reading your Bible. He also said separately "Pray for the President". 

4/21: The Holy Spirit said as a reminder, "Don't look back". Remember, trust God - even if He wants to change the path ahead. People have a propensity to get comfortable with the familiar. However, we have to remember that God can be a cloud by day, fire by night. There are people that relied too much on self and now have to rely on God. Trust Him. He won't let you down. And, don't be afraid. God will ALWAYS provide. Let God do a new thing and don't look back. Keep coming out from among them (and keep your defenses up). People are on edge so be EXTRA patient when you talk. People are irritable, uncomfortable and some are purposely provoking arguments to let off a "little steam".

On a separate note, the Holy Spirit said several days ago about the market crashing. The oil market crashed yesterday. Not sure if that's what He was referring to.

4/20 1:15 am: I had an interesting dream about the coronavirus early this morning. It was like confirmation that the devil can't touch us. In the dream, I saw the coronavirus like a big red laser beam traveling down a street in a straight line. But, then it came near an old black woman who was sitting on a bench bent over in prayer. I believe she had a priest's robe on. It had to stop and go around her. Then it started to travel again elsewhere and as the beam of bright red light started running down the street again (meaning it would cause destruction to everyone in that area, in it's path), I heard a voice say, "Not there" because there were all these church people praying. It had to stop again and it was as if the virus was confused because it was running out of places to go and wasn't sure what to do. When it thought about going near the old black woman who was praying, I heard her voice say in the spirit realm, "Don't even come near here". The coronavirus stopped in its tracks like it was afraid to even go in that direction. I then saw it leave and heard something about the death angel going elsewhere or knocking on other doors (where people weren't praying or covered?).

4/19 5:18 pm The Holy Spirit said, "Pray for San Francisco". Lord, whatever the situation is there, Father God, we pray and ask for your help and intervention. The name of the Lord is a Strong Tower. You are a merciful and loving God. Please send help to those in need right away.

4/18: The Holy Spirit said, "Pray for all police officers". He's been saying this several times. We keep all officers uplifted in prayer and ask for God's mercy for them in Jesus's name and by God's authority. The Holy Spirit said twice that "the stock market will go up". Note: This is not a stock tip, advice or a timeline. 

4/17 5:31 pm I heard the Holy Spirit say, "Cheer up. It's going to get better."

4/16 10:47 pm The Holy Spirit said, "Pray for Chicago". Lord, we lift them up to you and ask for your mercy in Jesus's name and by God's authority. We pray for a miracle for so many in need. Have faith, keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged. The coronavirus's days are numbered - because we serve a Risen King - Jesus!

4/16 Note: As a reminder, the Holy Spirit said, "Remind them the mark of the beast is coming". Hence, it's important that now more than ever, we're obedient to God and on one accord. Forgive offenses, walk in love, healing and forgiveness ONLY and prepare the way. Read Father God's message below about this:

4/16 Around noon - Message from God: Keep turning the TV off and coming to me. It's time. It's time.. Keep telling them to go to bed early so they can get up and pray to me. Tell them "God is not playing with man". Keep coming out from among them. Don't look back. They will regret what they see... what God does... Keep coming to me, calling on me, praising God. Keep praising me, singing to me. Stay in God's shadow. Tell them the devil thought he had his way. But I am the Rock. I am making a way. Tell them stay away from the enemy. Stay in my shadow.  The mark of the beast (MOTB) and satan's army thought he had his way. They were shocked when they saw what God did. The MOTB is strong but God's army is stronger. Keep submitting to me. There are so many in line for promotion. Keep submitting to me, believing in me. Lay your burdens down at the altar. I know it's hard. It's a hard place. But you will see recovery soon. Soon. Keep asking for God's mercy. It's new for some. Keep reading your Bible and submitting to me.  Tell them I want them to have an attitude of gratitude when they submit to me. It's not their fault what I've done. It's man's. There were snakes among them. So many were on the brink of bankruptcy or falling into destruction. Tell them we serve a loving God who is committed to us. Touch in agreement with one another. The Lord fights for you. Keep submitting to me. Keep asking for God's mercy. The crowds were like a stench to me. [I felt like I was going to throw up when He said the stench part] This coronavirus will be over soon. Stay in God's shadow when you go back to work.  Tell them they [the enemy] think God's people are going out of their minds. Remember they can't touch God's people, they cant hurt us. Obey what I say. Remove their stubborn hearts. Replace their oil with gladness. Stubbornness has to flee. I am their hedge of protection, not man. Keep coming to me. They will see help soon. They will see God's help soon. They will be shouting "Hallelujah!". The economy is about to erupt when it sees what God does. [I'm nauseous again] The MOTB is strong. It wants to have it's way but I will not allow it. I'm preparing the table for them. They will see in time. Keep coming away from them. Coming away from the crowds. He's (MOTB) hiding in them [the crowds]. It's time. Tell them to come out from among them before it reveals itself. They will hear more about the MOTB soon and I want God's people away from them, from Him. Hear my voice. Saturate my atmosphere with praise. Look for your windows. God is making the way for you. Landlords are submitting to me. Credit card bills will be paid off. Keep submitting to me. Don't give up or kill yourself. That's the enemy playing with the minds of God's people. He [the enemy] has no authority. Look for your window. Be sure. Be sure you know you are walking in God's ways and not man's/the enemies. So many are confused. They think they see but they can't because I hide myself. Keep coming to me, seeking me out. Stir up their gifts, agitate the atmosphere. Tremble o earth... They will see help soon. They will receive help soon. Don't waste it. Don't waste this time. Come to me. Come to the Father. Ask yourself, "Are you sure?" Are you sure you're saved and walking right? So many have had THEIR ways but are you after God's heart. Be after God's heart. Be after me. Seek me first...Keep asking for God's mercy. Stop fighting me, being resistant to me. I'm about to start an earth quaking their --- can't resist. Keep coming to the table. Keep coming to me. I will show you in time. The MOTB, the stench, it's like bile. Keep coming to me and coming away from them. Keep submitting to me. You will see. You will have help soon.  Keep submitting to me and you will have victory soon. It's a new day. That old devil. Those old demons they are defeated. I'm going to give you a break, time away so you can stay with your families. Keep being obedient to me. Keep turning the scriptures on and walk away from anything not like me. I want you to do things that have purpose as you draw near to me. I have a heart for you but do you have a heart for God?

4/16: I'm hearing the Holy Spirit say, "Don't look back when you see what God does" and "Tell them they need to move much faster". We're writing a message about this and will post it shortly.

4/15: God will not fail you. And remember, at the name of Jesus, demons have to flee. Keep trying to get to bed by 10 o'clock so you can get up early to pray. God is calling us and we must obey Him.

The Holy Spirit also said something about "explosion" last night. I'm not sure if was "Get ready for an explosion" or "Explosive news". I will stay in prayer about this. Oh, as a heads-up, if you're on the site and having problems, be patient. I saw online where several people were saying the IRS site is saying they're not in the system? Or, something to that effect. We pray this is rectified soon. 

4/14: The Holy Spirit said a few times over the past 24-hours, "Tell them not to be afraid", "Don't live in fear", "They will see help soon" and "Surprises are coming soon [Good news]". Whatever God is doing behind the scenes, it will manifest soon. The Holy Spirit is also saying that we'll have another letter/message from Father God soon. We'll post this as soon as it's available. The Holy Spirit also said pray for "Philadelphia" and "Pray for Pennsylvania". And, He said to "Watch the markets". Note, that's not stock advice or a stock tip. 

I had a terrible dream last night about a person standing at their window in a high rise building with a face mask on. The devil said, "Why don't you throw yourself down?" or "Why don't you jump?". We rebuke suicide demons in the name of Jesus Christ and pray for people not to give up. Satan is trying to cause fear in people and make them afraid. We posted a video with Sid Roth's It's Supernatural about a former satanic worker. He mentioned how the devil NEEDS fear to work. Hence, we stand on 2 Timothy 1:7, "God does not give us the spirit of fear but of POWER and of LOVE and a SOUND MIND." Remember, you have your guardian angel with you. Additionally, it's important to know that, "It's not your fault" what's happening. People have a propensity to blame themselves (internalize) if they can't provide or pay their bills. Don't see it that way with the coronavirus. The devil tried to attack HARD through the coronavirus to take away all that we have. However, God is shifting the atmosphere and God is providing for us. My mom even said, "Praise God as He sent the stimulus checks for those in need." But what about the people that come against you in this season?

I remember calling about a credit card bill and the bank rep said, "You're past due". I had to rebuke his personality because he kept repeating it and tried to place blame on me. I  said calmly, "Sir, I called ahead of time to let you know my bill would be late. Additionally, I've documented the 12 or 15 times I tried calling and no one answered. Your automated message cuts off." He said very abruptly, "Well, that's because we were closed." Soooooo, I knew it wasn't my fault and rebuked his personality (to myself) so I wouldn't walk in offense. Remember, as your stimulus check comes in, use the money to pay your rent/mortgage and for bills. Don't assume another stimulus check is right around the corner and this is shopping money. I saw online how people foolishly went shopping with hurricane stimulus money a few years back. However, a second hurricane came in and there was no second payment for them to rely on.

In this time of testing, hold onto God. He will ALWAYS make a way out of no way. While you are home, stay active. Do things you CAN and let God do what you CAN'T. Organize your closets, bills, files or recipes. Start a new hobby or class online. Build something or make small home repairs. And importantly, study God's Word. This is a perfect time to draw closer to God and learn the scriptures. Order pizza, plan that next vacation and know that the coronavirus's days are numbered. We have angels watching over us and we call on Jesus!


4/13: The Holy Spirit said "Pray for Pennsylvania" and "Pray for the Caribbean". We lift these areas up to You, Lord. And, we ask for your mercy. We also pray for all those affected by tornadoes as you previously mentioned this. We continue to pray and rebuke coronavirus AWAY from us during Passover and we plead the blood of Jesus and ask for Your mercy, Lord. Passover ends 4/16 and Father God we are praising You for unexpected and good news soon in Jesus's name and by God's authority. Hallelujah! Our help comes from the Lord!

The Holy Spirit also mentioned "groceries", so please ensure you have enough groceries in the coming weeks and see our article for tips on how to order groceries and takeout during coronavirus.  It also includes substitutions as a lot of stores only have limited amounts of bread, beans, eggs and other basics. The Holy Spirit mentioned this two weeks ago and we're now hearing about meat plants that have closed in Iowa and PA. 

4/11 11:06 pm: The Holy Spirit said, "Let them know you will have help soon". We are praying for you and your family. You can hold God to His Word. This is something I had to do when I went through a huge drought. The devil tried to convince me that I was losing everything and God was letting it happen. Because I was trying not to believe that, I started quoting Deuteronomy 28, 1 Samuel 10 and Matthew 5 every day. I realized God wasn't allowing it which is what the devil was trying to put in my spirit. I needed to stand on God's Word and rebuke the devil and confidently say WHAT God would do for me. The more I started reading the scriptures and standing on them, the more I could hear Father God saying, "Keep reading my promises" and "Don't worry about the money".

God will help with your bills. He will help with that job loss or temporary housing. Don't walk away from what God is doing. It doesn't matter what it looks like. One Word from God, one move, one letter in the mail, one "Then suddenly" moment can turn it all around. Praise God!

Watch and see what He does for you. He is delivering us so keep praying, speaking in tongues and anointing yourself with oil. But, ONLY call on God. He will answer and help when we call on Him. In the meantime, stay in perfect peace by praising God and worshiping Him. He's got your landlord under control. God WILL NOT fail (so don't worry)! 

4/10 9:05 pm: Remember, it doesn't matter what the devil SAYS or DOES. Because of Jesus's sacrifice on the cross, we ALREADY have the victory! And satan is defeated in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority! Stay at the cross and remember to "rebuke their personalities". There are demons bitter and upset because people are praying and rebuking the coronavirus. They're upset because the President said today we're Chrisitans and the United States is under God and that we serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It doesn't matter what THEY say. So, again, rebuke their personalities. The bitterness, hatred and bad attitudes are what Jesus is delivering us from and no weapons formed against us/you shall prosper. Rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. I'm hearing in the Spirit realm people saying cynically, "Are they for real?" Remember, EVERY knee shall bow of things in heaven, of things on earth, and things under the earth and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! Hallelujah to God! Pray their hearts change while there's still time. 

4/10 1029 am: The Holy Spirit said "Pray for the Caribbean" and "Rebuke terrorism". He keeps bringing up to pray against terrorism every few days, so we pray pray against all terrorist attacks especially during Holy Week and Passover. Please stay alert even when you're talking to people as the devil is trying to cause people to attack one another with words (remember, life and death is in the power of the tongue). If you bump someone with a shopping cart or in line somewhere, just apologize as tensions are high. We also pray God's covering and protection for all our hospitals, first responders, medical personnel, EMTs, military and all police officers.

4/9 9/6 pm: The Holy Spirit said, "Pray for Maryland". Lord, we lift them up in prayer in Jesus's name and by God's authority.

4/8 10:11 am: The Holy Spirit said, "Pray for North Carolina". Lord, whatever the need is there we lift North Carolina up to you. He also said, "1 o'clock" as a reminder to go to bed by 1am so we can get up and pray early to Father God. Our corporate prayers (on one accord) and obedience to Father God are what defeats coronavirus. And, we rebuke coronavirus in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. Father God also said, "Calm down when you see what God does." We have to be grateful and thankful that we have God. Try to read your Bible for an hour a day (so we can hear from God through His Word) - especially while we're home. God is so merciful to us. Glory to Your name, Lord. We ask for Your mercy. Thank You for covering and protecting us! We are not afraid of coronavirus - we rebuke it in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority

4/8 9:11 pm: The Holy Spirit said again to "Pray for Pennsylvania". Lord, we lift them up in prayer and ask for your mercy. If this is related to the coronavirus, we rebuke the coronavirus in Jesus's name and by God's authority. 

4/8 5:13 pm: The Holy Spirit said, "Tell them not to be afraid when you see what God does. Remember, you have the Holy Spirit and angels to guide you." We will see relief soon. Keep rebuking the devil and saying, "Lord, remove me from the hand of my enemies in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority." 

4/7 10:30 pm: The Holy Spirit said, "Rebuke terrorist attacks" and separately He said to "Pray for Pennsylvania". He said late last night to "pray for Long Island" (second time LI has come up). The news showed an alarming number of coronavirus cases there. We lift Long Island and Pennsylvania and all areas affected in prayer and ask for Your mercy, Lord. We rebuke coronavirus and stand on Isaiah 54:17, "No weapons formed against you shall prosper". We also stand on Psalm 91:10, "There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling". I heard Father God also say "Don't look back" and "Why are you worrying?" Remember, [God] "wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusteth in Thee", (Isaiah 26:3) so don't worry. Glory to God. 

4/7 4:01 pm: I was talking to a customer service rep about how the coronavirus would be over soon and how we might have another month or two, based on what the prophets have been saying. The Holy Spirit said, "God will show us proof soon." Glory to God! 

4/7 12:30 pm: The Holy Spirit said, "Rebuke violent attacks". 

4/6 11:07 pm: Was watching the news when something clicked that the Holy Spirit said. In the post below, the Holy Spirit had me add "car payments" as part of the deferments as some car dealerships are deferring payments. However, there was a Newsy article on tonight that Allstate is refunding $600 million to it's customers because there are fewer drivers. It was stated as "unprecedented decline in drivers". Not sure if this is for everyone but the news clip stated that some insurance policy holders will get 15% off their payment in April and possibly May. This is based on the Shelter-In-Place Payback plan. That they can take it as a cash payment, credit card payment or credit toward a future bill. Additionally, American Family Insurance is giving $200 million back to customers. Praise God!  

4/6 2pm: "Why are you crying? Keep singing to me." That's what I heard God say. I was behind on EVERY bill and I thought, "How can God not understand this?" But God does understand. He wants us to praise Him and trust Him because He is providing for us. When we pray, God hears and starts providing the answer - behind the scenes, so it might not look obvious at first - but neither does a cake in the oven if you go by the ingredients. Remember, God supplies ALL our needs and He is covering us. I am hearing God say, "I know you need help." Trust God and know, He will help with every bill. He will bring healing and send that new job. He will cover you if there was a job loss. Keep being obedient to Father God and coming to Him. And, be careful that you don't turn to old ways, old habits or shortcuts.

I remember being behind on bills once and I heard a voice say, "Why don't you pray to your dead relative?" I thought, "Whoa! Where'd that come from? Why would I pray to the dead when I serve the Living God?" I rebuked satan and said, "It is written, 'I will serve the Lord my God and Him only'".  Part of the testing in this season (confirmed by Father God (in the links below) and prophets who discussed the coronavirus) is coming away from idols and anything that's NOT God. We are to call on Father God in Jesus's name ONLY and let God deliver us. Let God help and trust His timing. When God asked me why wasn't I singing, after reflection, I realized that I was secretly doubting in my mind. But, you can't have faith and doubt. It's being double-minded and it doesn't work. We pray, God delivers us and we don't worry because He's working it out. That's the real test of faith... So, keep singing praises to Father God and keep trusting Him - even with that landlord. God will help! And, He is delivering us from the hands of our enemies.

A final note: Don't be afraid if you've fallen behind on bills because of the coronavirus. It's not your fault and businesses know that. They're making it easy to defer/delay payments because of coronavirus. See the Financial Help section with tips. Some banks will delay credit card payments for 1 to 3 months. They might just tell you to call back in May, if necessary. And, that's for utilities, car payments, mortgages, rent, and credit cards (in the link).

Because of the Cares Act (due to the coronavirus), when you call, all you have to do is ask about "delayed or deferred payment options due to the coronavirus". But, you have to call them. Make your calls, keep reading your Bible, stay encouraged and "Don't worry". The Holy Spirit said that as a reminder. God will help with those bills. Continue to do things that add value (read a new book, write a book, learn a new hobby or language, watch a movie or two but less TV) and rest in God in this season. It's a time to rest in Father God, spend time with family and come away from the crowds literally. Glory to God in the Highest!

Malachi 1:11, Psalm 113:3


4/6 9:40 am: I heard "tornadoes" just now. We pray against this and speak calming over the winds in Jesus's name and by God's authority.

4/5 11:17 pm: The Holy Spirit said "rebuke the demons of terrorists" and He mentioned "hospitals". In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray for every hospital and all healthcare providers. We lift them up to You, Lord and we ask for Your mercy. We rebuke all terrorist demons in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. We rebuke the devil for it is written, "There shall no evil befall thee" and "The angel of the Lord encampeth around them that fear Him [God]". Do not worry. God's got us and we are covered in the name and blood of Jesus Christ! Keep reading your Bibles and I'm hearing "Keep singing to Him [Father God]. Lord, we ask for Your mercy and we praise You for the victory is ours! 

4/5 4:30 pm: Very enlightening message from Sid Roth's episode on End Time Prophecies on Trump & Coronavirus. Please see this important video. We posted about God saying a "great shaking" was coming and it would feel "like an earthquake". The shaking we're feeling is God uprooting all false gods out of the way so we can turn to Him. We turn to Yeshua, the one true God. This video includes 2 prophets who describe in detail how the coronvirus is from the enemy/devil. They describe how the coronavirus (in much detail) was sent to cause fear but we're praying and fasting and God is working.

One of the prophets details how God is looking down and calling people to choose Him and come to God and Jesus (remember, it's free will, God can only call/invite us). It also details how that with the Passover season, (right after Easter and around April 15th-16th) Jesus's blood covers us and the number of coronavirus cases decline. Amazing and insightful.

This message includes a confirming word God gave us about how he would prove false idols will fail in this season. God said in one message about "You're calling on Buddha and he's not there". It also mentions what Father God has been saying here about getting up and praying early with God and choosing God as He takes us on another level. The end result being victory which Father God mentioned in the messages and links below. He says we will be shouting "Hallelujah!" and "Victory!" soon.   

4/5:11:23 am This isn't for everyone but the Holy Spirit said, "Quit complaining". There are some that gripe, murmur and complain about being inconvenienced. They complain about being closed-in, but that's a closed-minded way of thinking. It can also be false pride that God is trying to break in us. Don't see this time of isolation that way. We are set apart by God so use this time to draw closer to Him - not fight Him or His will. We have to let God work now, have His way and defend us. He is putting the enemy under our feet and it's a losing battle for the devil as satan can't come against God! Hallelu-Yahweh! Let God work and watch what you say. Keep praising God who defends us in battle. He said, "For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear Not; I will help thee," (Isaiah 41:13). 

4/4 12:32 pm The Holy Spirit said, "Get ready for another bear market" (Note: not a trading tip as there is no timeline). He also said, "Watch your supermarkets". We're working on an article on supermarkets that are out of stock. Keep an eye on this and make sure you get the essentials you need to cover you for the next few weeks. Remember, we don't panic. We pray and prepare. Note: Walmart is starting to limit the number of shoppers at a time.

4/4 10:52 am: The Holy Spirit said I want you to pray for San Francisco. Not sure if this is related to coronavirus or something else but we lift them up in prayer. He also said something about 230. I'm not sure what this is - but I know God said in His messages about not staying up late. He wants His people on one accord (the Body of Christ). So, if it's 1am, go to bed. But, ideally go earlier if you can like at 9:30 pm so you can get up early to pray.

Remember, we're called by the Lord and must be obedient to Him. And, don't fight or resist God out of stubbornness. There are millions of people that need our corporate prayers as we pray and rebuke coronavirus away from us. Think about anytime you've needed prayer. When you asked for it, some prayer warrior might have gotten up early to "stand in the gap for you before God. America and the world need us to stand in the gap and pray now. And, please know, it's working. The coronavirus IS defeated, praise God! Keep reading your Bibles (It's one of the ways we can hear from God)!

And, also please pray for the police department. These brave men and women need covering, better equipment and God wants our clergy to anoint them in the name of Jesus Christ. They, like the military and church are on the front lines battling the devil and his demonic workers. We also pray for all hospitals and all staff. Keep reading Psalm 91 - excellent chapter about God's covering! 

4/3 9:19 am: Not sure what this is but I'm hearing something else in the Spirit realm about "look at the supermarkets". Don't panic shop but please make sure you have enough food to get through at least the next month. You know, staple items like bread, rice, beans, peanut butter, coffee.

Father God, we pray over our supermarkets. Please keep them coronavirus fee and help the workers there. Help us to feed our families, care for each other and look after the poor. We also pray for those that have limited access to provisions. We pray Father God for the least of these. Your Word says "I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread". Please let people check on neighbors, please let people have "more than enough" to get through this storm and we pray keep all supermarket and food bank doors open and shelves stocked for those in need. Thank you that we can call on You and we ask for Your mercy. We know because "we believe we have received", as Jesus taught us, we shall have the things for which we've prayed. We praise You in Jesus's name, Amen.

4/3 8:57 am: Father God said, "Stay encouraged. They will be shouting 'Hallelujah!' soon". He also said earlier (and this isn't for everyone), that He had to break their false pride. There are so many that refuse to submit to God (see the links for His earlier messages below). They idolize themselves or worship false gods. God is showing that ONLY God is on the Throne. There were also people that were trying to strike fear into immigrants, the poor and those less fortunate (we've seen these stories online about people intimidating through hate and fear). God said in His earlier messages that He was making them afraid because they were trying to make other people afraid.

Keep praising God. Keep coming to Him. Look for the doors and windows of opportunity He opens. Lastly, don't be afraid about the coronavirus and don't worry about bills. There are SO MANY saying "My money is about to run out." But, with God, it never runs out because Jesus is the well of living water that doesn't run dry. Cast your cares upon the Lord and He WILL sustain you. He promises to supply ALL our needs! Stay encouraged, cheer up, read your Bible and know help IS COMING. Our help comes from the Lord.

Father God said we "will be shouting "Hallelujah" soon and we praise God for that! We pray for you and your whole family. Landlord comes to your door? Ask them, "Have you heard the news? My stimulus money comes in soon." Don't worry, don't fret and don't doubt. Don't look at your bills and say, "I just can't do this" or "I don't have this". Say, "God will provide." Say, "It's ALREADY paid." Let nothing rule over you and hold you in fear. Have to go to the market and don't have the money? Call your neighbors and share what you have.

Hold onto God. He WILL make the way. He's a God of His promises and He NEVER lies. I'm also hearing "watch the market". We rebuke the coronavirus and demons of disasters, fear and panic in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. The Lord WILL ALWAYS make the way. The Lord will ALWAYS provide, cover and keep us. Hallelu-Yahweh and glory to Your name, Lord!


4/2 2:29 pm: The Holy Spirit said, "Pray for all the hospitals". Lord, we give you glory first and foremost and we ask for your mercy for our hospitals, nursing homes and all staff. Please send emergency relief help to these areas even if it means shipping people out and bringing more staff in. We praise you because coronavirus is defeated. We don't have to worry. The battle is not ours, it's Yours and You are covering and keeping us in the name and blood of Jesus.

The Holy Spirit said, "Make sure you tell them 'Don't panic when you see what God does.'" I'm also hearing Father God say as a reminder that He wants people in bed by 1 o'clock. If this is your first time seeing this, scroll down for the links where Father God gave messages about how He wants us more on one accord, in bed by 1 am and up early to pray/praise. Try to go for one hour each morning if you can. He's conditioning us and drawing us closer to Him, glory to God! He also said in one of His messages that it was going to be like a "massive earthquake" so whatever is coming we know in advance not to panic because God is working and moving on our behalves. Whatever it is, we are going to have so much joy soon - so please, hold onto Father God. Hold onto Him and don't give up.

We rebuke the demons of sickness, disease and death and we rebuke the coronavirus in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. We ask for Your mercy, Lord and we rest in You. Keep reading your Bibles so you can hear from Father God. The name of the Lord is a STRONG Tower - and we can lean on and confidently trust in God!

4/2 7:17 am: The Holy Spirit said, "Pray for North Carolina". He also said to "Pray for Puerto Rico". Father God, we lift them up to You. Whatever the situation is, please cover and keep everyone. With Puerto Rico, we pray they receive the relief money and aid they need.

4/1 8:59 pm The Holy Spirit said, "Pray for Philadelphia". Lord, we lift them up in prayer to You and ask for your mercy in Jesus's name and by God's authority.

4/1 4:58 pm: The Holy Spirit said, "Tell them not to worry when you see what God does" and "But, tell them they have to keep their defenses up.

4/1: Father God said, "Stop complaining to me about how you're being inconvenienced" and "They will be shouting 'Hallelujah!' soon". Keep reading your Bible and do things that add value (write your book, work on your blog, take an online class, start new recipes, finish your degree requirements, learn a new language or play a new instrument).

This is a time when God's people are to rest. Rest in God and let Him make the way. Rest - don't wrestle with God and trust His will and timing. God's shaking the whole world for us and He is making the way. Glory to Your name, Lord! 


4/1: The Holy Spirit said "Pray for Queens". We pray for Queens, New York and lift them up to God. When God said to pray for Long Island, it was disclosed that they have about 15,000 coronavirus cases. We pray God's mercy and we also rebuke the coronavirus. No weapons formed against us shall prosper. The Holy Spirit also has been repeatedly saying to "Pray for every police officer." The numbers are alarming in New York. There are about 1,000 with the coronavirus and a few have died. We pray all police officers and that they have help and relief soon - maybe even law enforcement from other cities. 

3/29:9:16 pm The Holy Spirit said, "Tell them not to be afraid when you see what God does." Then I heard, "I am removing them from the hand of their enemies.

Father God said to pray for Long Island and I turned on the news to see that 800 people tested positive for coronavirus in one day. However, we know that the numbers are going to be up/higher as more testing is done. Remember not to look at the news and focus on the coronavirus. We continue to rebuke it in Jesus's name and by God's authority. We also continue to pray for the Caribbean as the Holy Spirit mentioned that again.

Please also pray for all police officers. There are so many officers, military, EMTs and medical personnel that need our prayers. We lift them up to Father God and ask for His mercy and protection over this virus.

I heard the Holy Spirit say, "Stay calm when you see what God does" and "Remember, you have a guardian angel". And, you have Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit. It's like I'm hearing almost a "Buckle up" or "Put your seat belts on". Maybe it's because the coronavirus numbers are going to climb dramatically or we will hear about more deaths. They're estimating that the next 2-3 weeks might be REALLY high numbers as we hit a peak and then it will start to go down. Whatever happens, do not worry, do not panic and don't be afraid. Remember, God HAS US.

We pray for your whole family and all our communities. Watch and see what God does! He's a good, good Father and loves us so much! Focus on the good news that God has for us. Focus on the fact that the coronavirus is defeated in Jesus's name and by God's authority. Focus on the fact that God has surprises and good news in store for His people. Whatever the blessing or surprise Father God has in store it's going to be BIG. I remember when He said, "They will be saying, 'Not fair, not fair' when they see what God does." Importantly, remember that no weapons formed against us shall prosper.

Father God said, "I know you are scared but you don't have to be." God is with us. He's watching over us and He's covering us. "Watch for your window" and I'm hearing, "Keep being obedient to meAlso, remember to "rebuke their personalities". There are people that are upset about the good things coming to God's people. "Watch your tongue and tone" this week. The devil is VERY upset because God's people are covered. We're united and we're standing on God's Word....and the devil is defeated! Hallelujah to God!

Keep reading your Bibles... I was talking to someone the other day when the Holy Spirit spoke through them. As I reminded the person to read their Bibles, the Holy Spirit said, "He speaks to each and every one of us through His Word. It's Spirit to Spirit. He speaks to us through the scriptures. He has no place for flesh." Hallelujah to God. It's a reminder to serve God in Spirit and in truth and ask for God's mercy.

Keep listening for and to your guardian angel and the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost. Keep saying, "If it's 1 o'clock, I need to be in bed." Get up early to pray and praise God and speak in tongues. God will always make the way. You will see God's help is on the way and He's right on time!

Lastly, see the messages we put up from the pastors that confirms this. When Father God spoke through Dr. Tony Evans, God said, "I need your undivided attention" so let's be attentive to God during the self-isolation and quarantine times. God is setting us apart.


3/24 8:40 pm I had just posted this message below on FB and couldn't understand what God was saying. I went in the kitchen to get a sandwich and I replayed what He said, "Pray for all officers" and "Pray for the Caribbean" but what was "market crush". "Market crush", I repeated it again. And, that's when I realized He wasn't saying, "market crush". God said, "market crash." He was saying, "Watch the market crash". Note: This is not a stock tip or advice as there's no timeline. Additionally, I heard, "Pray for Long Island". As I wrote this, He also added, "Look for your window". Not sure who that's for...

Here's the message we put on social media with the correction crush/crash:

Please pray for the Caribbean and for all of our police officers. Father God keeps putting "Pray for the Caribbean" and "Pray for all police officers" in my spirit. There's not a lot in the news about them with the coronavirus but I know when God keeps pushing to pray, there might be something underlying or coming at a later date.

We pray, Father God in Jesus's name, Lord, we thank you because You are a loving and faithful God and You hear and answer all our prayers. Father God we lift the Caribbean islands up to You, Lord. We also lift up every police officer, all EMTs, fire and rescue, the military and all medical personnel. We ask for Your mercy, Lord. We rebuke the coronavirus in Jesus's name and by God's authority. Lord, we plead the blood of Jesus and ask for His covering over each and every person in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by Your authority. We know You are an ever-present help in times of need. We also rebuke the demons of strokes, all sickness and disease and the coronavirus. We thank You for helping us and for Your covering and protection, in Jesus's name, Amen.

I'm hearing God say for someone, "Look for your window. God will help. Whatever that need is - He's already there. Trust Him." And, we pray for your whole family. Keep reading your Bible and write that book. Occupy your mind and let God work out the details. He has YOU. He's a God of His promises and He never fails. For someone else, He's saying, "Rebuke false and stubborn pride" and something about "Write that letter." Not sure what this is but if you've been stubborn or set in your ways about something, just ask God for forgiveness. Also, He's saying for someone, "Watch your pocketbook". God knows what you need for your family. He will make the way and help is coming. See our message in the link below from the message, Be Not Afraid about the assistance you can apply for now and the relief money that's coming soon. Remember, the tax deadline has also been changed to July 15th.

God is also saying something about "Watch the markets crash". He mentioned market collapse last week. Not sure what this is or a timeline because the Holy Spirit just said twice in the past few days that the market will go up and it did (Note: This is not financial advice, a stock tip or a timeline).

Lastly, two things. God is saying, "Keep your defenses up." This is for any Christian going through tests and trials. Stand strong, Ephesians 6:10-18. Keep praising God, repenting and rebuking ego, false pride. Then, for anyone that needs this, as you grow in your walk with God, there might be stubborn demons that don't want to flee. You can pray each day, "Lord, please remove me from the hand of the enemy in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. See the link below for Break Yokes in Your Life with chain-breaking prayers and what to speak. God's got us. Stay encouraged!

Please pray for the Caribbean (there's something there, not sure what this is but they need our prayers).

Everything in bold above is something God said to pray about or include. Father God also said we're going to have another letter out soon (message from Him). Glory to Your name, Lord! 

Father God is saying, "Don't walk away from what God does." It's important for us to obey God and trust Him.

I remember years ago working for a Jewish manager. One of my coworkers didn't like the manager but I thought he was great. My mom had us studying different Jewish laws and we were just starting to acknowledge the Jewish holidays so I was happy to share what I learned and help my manager whenever he had a request. My coworker, on the other hand, would frown at him. I didn't realize until years later that she didn't like Jews or anyone else for that matter - and that included me.

As I worked with the manager more closely, I learned that he and his colleagues were a great group and lots of fun. I would pray over them and their families and got to know them very well. Around the Jewish holidays, I'd bring in Kosher gifts that I'd leave out for them and hoped my coworkers didn't find out. But, it never failed.

A manager would come to my desk eating pretzels and would say, "Hey, thanks for all the snacks." My immediate coworkers were furious and it caused a BIG divide. What I didn't realize was that God was drawing a line and pulling me out from among the crowds - my coworkers who were working in the demonic against me and those around me. My coworkers were filled with hate and God wanted me to show love.

The more I did what God said and helped others, the harder it became around my coworker and her friends. It got to the point where it felt like I was backed into a corner because I had NO support from my coworkers but all my managers supported me. I wrote about this before.

At one point all my immediate coworkers called out sick and left me with all the work. They were hoping I would buckle under the pressure. However, God had given me SO MUCH FAVOR (and I write this humbly because we can do NOTHING without God) that my bosses pitched in. One brought me coffee, another picked up all the documents off the printer. And, they actually turned on my coworkers and complained because none of them were there to do the work. What I didn't realize was that God was positioning me for management. He was making the tail the head and that's what we're going into.

Please know that there are no accidents or coincidences with God. So, whatever God says or does, please don't walk away from God. Sometimes, the pressure can be great but we have to trust God. Like Job said, "Though He slay me, yet shall I trust Him." Whatever it is you are facing, "Say it's no problem for God." Say, "Yes, Lord, I will obey Your will" and then rest in God to make the way.

That day when I KNEW they had all called out sick, I didn't say, "Oh, I can't do this." I remember standing in the bathroom praying (and having a meeting with MY team/coworkers/bosses). "Okay, Father God, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, Wisdom, Understanding, Angels, I'm going to need your help today. I am management material. Help me think like a manager and not panic. I rebuke anxiety and fear. Help me to get all my assignments and projects accomplished." God made my plans succeed and the enemy's plans backfired. The pit they dug they fell into instead.

Hold onto God for He changes not. He said when one comes against us they will flee from us seven different ways. Glory to God! Whatever you need today, say, "It's already done". God will not fail you. He keeps us in perfect peace. Trust His timing.

For someone that needs it, I'm hearing Father God say, "You will see a miracle today."


God is not playing. This message isn't for EVERYONE but, "You need to move faster." There's a "stubborn pride" demon that's everywhere. People are full of ego. They've made THEMSELVES into false gods and they intimidate others with fear. There are also people walking in pride that stand on the backs of others (intimidation demons) and God is breaking those false tabernacles down that they've established. 

The Goat is In the Pit

When I woke up this morning, I heard, "The goat is in the pit." And, I thought, "Wait, there's a verse about sheep and goats and how God separates us. There's also a verse about if a sheep falls into a pit. In Matthew 12:11, Jesus teaches His disciples, "If any of you has a sheep and it falls into a pit on the Sabbath, will you not take hold of it and lift it out?"  

There Shall No Evil Befall Us (Psalm 91:10)

This next part is taken from Christianity Stack Exchange and Lee Woofenden:

Moving to the New Testament, in Matthew 25:31-46 Jesus speaks of the judgment of the nations using the imagery of sheep and goats:

When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with Him, He will sit on His glorious throne. All the nations will be gathered before Him, and He will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will put the sheep on His right and the goats on His left. (Matthew 25:31-33)

The king then praises the sheep for doing good deeds for him by doing them for "the least of his brothers and sisters" (verse 40), and condemns the goats for failing to do good deeds for him by failing to do them for "the least of these" (verse 45). And he concludes:

Then they [the goats] will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous [the sheep] to eternal life. (Matthew 25:46)

Because Jesus here uses goats as symbols of evil people who fail to do good deeds for God and the neighbor, in Christianity goats have also commonly been associated with evil and the Devil.

End of excerpt.

God's Mercy

Because God is merciful, He gives us time to get back on track. He lets us come to Him and confess sins and ask for forgiveness. But people who take advantage of the poor and think God's not looking are in trouble. People who are wishy-washy about God or "straddling the fence" are also in jeopardy and running out of time. (Read God's messages in the links where He describes them straddling the fence and repeatedly says they're running out of time). There are SO MANY people that have come away from God and He's calling them back. If you know someone like this, please tell them, "Take this seriously. They are running out of time. Choose today." God is not playing.

Now, this is not saying that the coronavirus is the end of the world. We KNOW the signs that must come first before Jesus's return (Body of Christ united, gospel preached in all the world, etc.). However, this is a time when GOD IS DEFENDING US in battle. He's putting the enemy under our feet (which He said last week). Remember, God is just and hates seeing the poor taken advantage of. Jesus said "For judgment I came into this world." God also hates false pride and a haughty look. That's from Proverbs 16:18, "Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall." 

Proverbs 6:16-19 states, "These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto Him: a proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, an heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, a false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren."

If you look at the time we are in, the poor have been crying out to God to fix the injustices and end these brutal racist attacks. So, this "mob mentality" has ended temporarily because people cannot assemble (fear of coronavirus). God said in one of His messages about the "crowds". Now, think of Passover and having the blood on the doorposts. If you didn't have the blood, everyone inside was slain because they had no covering. Think about Noah's time when he built the ark. The Bible says, "For in those days, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, (Matthew 24:8)". And, what's that? A drop of rain? We know from the story, God covered the earth with a flood and only Noah and his family survived.

God also gave people in Sodom and Gomorrah time before He destroyed the land by fire. People were practicing all kinds of idol worship and sexual perversions. But God sent Abraham to get Lot and his family out - and Lot's wife looked back and turned into a pillar of salt. This also goes into another teaching about how God would spare the land if there were 50 people there that serve God. Think of all the areas in our country that aren't consumed because there remains a remnant praying and asking for God's mercy.

We Ask for God's Mercy

God is merciful and He's giving us time but people that don't know God and back-sliders have to move much faster. In order to have God's covering and be able to plead the blood of Jesus, we need to come to God and have a repentant heart. We need to rebuke false pride, cast down the idols and ask for forgiveness. This isn't just for "them" per se, but for all of us. God said it's "stubborn pride" and we pray people heed this message. God is not playing.


3/18/20: God has been saying to move faster. We need to read our Bibles, prepare (get groceries, meds, etc.) and pray - not panic. God is covering us and we ask for His mercy. He also said later today, tell them "Be not afraid but keep their defenses up." He also said separately - and this isn't for everyone, "God is not playing." (There have been some who are wishy-washy about God, not being obedient, riding the fence).

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and a sound mind, (2 Timothy 1:7).

This is not advice, by far, but I was talking to my mom and she's very prophetic. She was prophesying and saying to get what you need from the stores and be prepared, plenty of water, food, band aids, monthly supplies, medicine, [don't forget seniors that need special medications. Don't forget pets, pet medicine and supplies], fruit, vegetables, shampoo, conditioner, batteries etc.

She said that the Holy Spirit told her the government has been lying to people. And, I know when I heard one of the interviews when a doctor was speaking, the Holy Spirit said, "He's lying". BUT, PLEASE REMEMBER... God isn't revealing this for us to panic - but to prepare. Please remember that Father God has BEEN saying to "Move faster" and "Tell them they have to move much faster for what I'm about to do". Maybe THIS is what He's been referring to, i.e., stocking up so we're prepared for the next month? The next 3-6 months? Or, however long it is with the coronavirus if we can't get out. 

Father God also said, "Make sure you tell them don't look back" and separately He said, "Don't complain" as people have been murmuring, griping and complaining about being inconvenienced.  My mom also said, "God has us resting in Him. He has to show the doubters, the players and wishy-washy sitting on the fence... 'Do they want to be a Christian?' [God] He said,  'Okay, that's fine. I have to show who I am.'" [This was confirmed in one of the messages God gave (see the links below) where God says He has to show them.]

She also said prophetically, "My people know MY voice. No other will they follow. They don't need to fear. But these others... I'm going to show them who I am. What I can do. Don't play with God. Stop playing with Him." Hence, we shouldn't worry but rest in God. He's putting the enemy under our feet. He said that in His messages below. But again, this is a move from God that people haven't seen before.

She went on to say, "[God's] He's handling it, rest in Him and don't look back. People need to get on their face and knees and confess sins to Him and get back on track." Not to be alarming but as she was talking I heard the Holy Spirit say twice, "mass suicides" and "accidents" and then He said, "market collapse". This was on 3/16 by the way and look at the market today. Father God just gave me permission to put this up. He said it's going to be like an "earthquake". Incidentally, Utah just had an earthquake.

It's very important to remember, this is not FOR US as God said in His earlier messages so please don't read any of this and suddenly be filled with fear. We're God's children and He's bringing correction because of the evil in this world. My mom said something else about too many people taking this lightly and ignoring it but it's going to get much worse. This is a serious time. God's people have to move fast before this worsens. I saw this myself. NONE of my neighbors are wearing masks. None of them are staying indoors. I even saw a kid outside yesterday riding his bike! Please let's obey God. It's also important that we're in bed by 1am so we can get up early to pray. See the links below particularly the Obey God link on what God said He wants us to do.

Yes, we rebuke the coronavirus and we don't fear but we still need to prepare AND come away from the crowds. Stay off the streets and away from the public as this gets worse. We are to rest and let God handle it but remember, this is a plague and we need to obey God. God is bringing correction for man's actions, sins and for turning against God.

There are so many unbelievers who don't want God or they think THEY are God. We pray for them to be delivered. Lastly, remember, we are covered in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. If you don't have a relationship with Christ or you're not sure or you've come away from Him, please read the Prayer of Salvation below. Remember, we stand on Psalm 91:10 There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. To God be the glory!

The Lord's Prayer

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name, Thy kingdom come, 
Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. 
Give us this day our daily bread. 
And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. 
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

We pray, Father God in Jesus's name, we give you all the glory. Please remove me from the hand of the enemy. No weapons formed against me or my family shall prosper. We cut off the head of every snake and demon trying to come against us. We rebuke the devourer. We are covered in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. For it is written, There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. We rebuke the coronavirus and we ask for Your mercy, Lord. Thank You for salvation through Jesus Christ in Jesus's name, we pray, Amen.

The Prayer of Salvation

If you haven't said the Prayer of Salvation, now's the best time. Please say: Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord, I ask forgiveness of my sins. Please come into my heart, Lord. I turn my back on sin and I make you my Lord and Savior. I want to follow you for the rest of my life. Please give me eternal life through you in Jesus name, Amen.    


If you're already saved, but turned your back on God. Now's the perfect time to make things right. Don't let the devil make you feel bad about your past mistakes any longer. In Christ, you're a new creation and you have a Father God who loves you. Old things are passed away and God remembers the sin no more. Won't you please come back home to Him? 

Rededicate Your Life to Christ Prayer

If you need to rededicate your life to Christ because you feel like you've been sinning or haven't been living right, pray: Father God in the name of Jesus, I ask forgiveness of my sins and I turn my back on sin. Please help me to overcome ---- and I want to lead a better life through you. I decree and declare this day I have overcome ---- and I have the victory in Jesus name, Amen. 

Stay in God's shadow, stay away from sin and temptation, keep reading your Bible and keep seeking God first.


Be ye doers of the Word... We pray this message blesses you today!

If you need prayer, please call the Bill Winston Prayer Center at (877) 543-9443. You can also check online for Joyce Meyer's prayer request form and other sites that can pray for and with you. You are more than a conqueror!