Messages From God April 2021

4/30/21 Father God said to "Pray for Every Police Department."

Father God in Jesus's name, Lord we give You all the glory. We know nothing is impossible for You. We pray now for our police officers and all police departments. Lord, we plead the blood of Jesus Christ and pray covering for every officer. We stand in the gap for them, Lord, and lift them up to You. We petition You as You said to call on You in the day of trouble and You would deliver us, (Psalm 50:15). We know these officers are covered by Your grace and Jesus's name and blood. Lord, we ask for Your mercy. Please bless the men and women in blue. We stand on Psalm 91:10-11, "No evil shall befall thee and no plague shall come nigh thy dwelling place for He shall give His angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways." We also pray Isaiah 54:17, "No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper." Thank You, Lord for the victory for our officers and for protecting them, their families, departments, vehicles, horses, and K-9 units. Please give them mighty warring angels to uplift and defend them. Show them their angels and send help. Strengthen, equip, and support them. Give them favor, victory and respect in their communities. We cancel the devil's assignment in their lives and we rebuke every demonic attack against the police force in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. We praise You for the victory and give You all the glory in Jesus's mighty name, Amen.

I hear God saying, "They will see help soon."


Keep reading your Bible, fasting, praying in tongues, and worshiping God into Pentecost. NOTHING is impossible with God! For someone that needs it, I'm hearing, "He will help with that bill" and "You will see help soon. Keep calling on Me."





4/29/21 Don't Worry...Our God is Unstoppable and Invincible

Praise the Lord, Saints! Late last night and early this morning Father God said, "Don't you know...nothing can stand in God's way." "God is going to remove our enemies" and "Remind them we'll be singing, laughing in the streets." Glory to God! Stay encouraged, keep reading your Bible and pressing in. And, please continue to worship Father God deeply and pray in tongues now through Pentecost. Worship, don't worry.

Separately, I heard the other day, "Tell THEM they will leave our police officers alone." Note: "THEY/THEM" is NOT meant as racist which is the demonic dialog some are pushing. We're referring to the mark of the beast, antichrist, antigovernment and witchcraft. In this battle of good/light versus evil/dark THEY are trying to leave us vulnerable to our enemies. But the fear, fire and wrath of God is coming to block and stop them. We keep all police officers uplifted in prayer and we rebuke the demons of terrorists.



What's your pick for the funniest LOL - A or B?
A. The First Celebrity Chef: First you cut the fish up into small pieces. Then you do the same with the loaves.
B. And God separated the light from the dark...
Good isn't just an ice cream brand. It's laughter that's good for ya' soul!
Keep letting God's joy in, reading your Bible daily and getting to bed early (to hear Father God in visions, dreams). And, celebrate the victory...we've ALREADY WON!



4/28/21 It's DONE

Father God said late last night that "He's vindicating us from our enemies." Hence, we don't have to worry but we MUST keep a level head and stay patient as we press into God and rebuke the enemies' games. Here's an example.

Yesterday, I went to post the message we gave last night, Opportunity is Knocking about how we should "Keep worshiping God." All of a sudden my computer was under attack. I had these weird blue screens everywhere like it was crashing. I couldn't control the mouse and I realized it was the devil trying to block God's Word. But, I couldn't and wasn't going to stop.

Father God had given me all this information to share that I didn't want to lose. If I reset my computer, I would lose the extra information He said to share with you. I took the chance, prayed, and hit enter ANYWAY. So, my message went up and suddenly, like out of nowhere, my computer was calm again and I was able to go back in and add all the extra details Father God had given me. But, that's not the only time this happened yesterday. 

When I got up and started walking through my apartment praying and singing to God quietly, my downstairs neighbor began cursing and griping loudly. But, I suddenly remembered something Father God said, "Ignore what he says and do it anyway." So, I pressed in with praise and worship and eventually my neighbor left.

While he was out, that's when the birds landed on my windowsill and I had that intimate time with Father God. Incidentally, Lana Vawser's message below confirmed this.

God wants us to hear HIS HEART and be in sync with Him. As He says it, "Our hearts entwined together." I realized I was seeing a glimpse of what's to come. But, here's the thing.

When I posted yesterday about how WE'RE THE GIANTS....meaning we're the authority, Chris Yoon posted today (video above) about that 12 spies story and the giants. Hence, we must press in and stay in tune with God and continue to rebuke their distractions.

What's important about Chris's message and Lana's is when God spoke through Lana (above), He said, "The weeds and the foxes that have been in the vineyard of our intimacy we will remove together." He even says, "There's a new space in the Garden for us to explore together." Again this reminded me of the birds and time with Yahweh after my neighbor left. Was it God's presence that caused my neighbor to leave so I could have time with Father God? What an amazing revelation!

God is here with us and working with us side-by-side. Truly we have a loving Father who we need to learn about and draw closer to! Hence we must position ourselves by faith to go deeper in God. To God be the glory!




4/27/21 It's ALREADY Done...Just Wait for God to Manifest It

Praise the Lord, Saints! I hear Father God saying as a reminder, "It doesn't matter." Regardless of what the enemy is murmuring or complaining about, keep pressing into God and praising Him. Incidentally, I'm seeing reminders that Father God is bringing Heaven down to earth.

Yesterday I heard a cooing outside my screened window several times and eventually saw a homing pigeon. Today, there were two! And, they stayed at my window for a long time while I took pictures. Apparently they don't eat sunflower seeds so I ate the seeds while I watched them looking on quizzically. They were SO CURIOUS that when I opened the window about 3 inches to put the sunflower seeds out, one kept looking maybe he wasn't sure if this drive thru window was closed? But glory to God who causes us to triumph. His Glory can come and visit like a tiny bird and dwell among us! 

On a separate note, I hear Father God saying, "Don't get paranoid when you see what God does" and "Calm down when you see what He does." Remember, we're going to see an unprecedented move of God. Maybe it will be a SUDDEN shift or overnight change. Whatever He does, keep praising Him. It's ALL working in OUR FAVOR!  

Opportunity is Knocking

In the spirit realm I heard, "Reject it...Stop receiving what the devil says about you and coming into agreement with him." Receive what God says ONLY. Yes, there ARE giants in the land...US!!!!! We're the giants so believe ONLY and don't doubt. We ask for God's mercy! I pray He enlarges your finances, moves you to a new home, repairs that marriage or broken relationship, adds to your family, increases your blessings and knocks on your door with SO MUCH OPPORTUNITY. Keep giving God all the glory and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth now through Pentecost....PRESS IN!!! PRESS!!!!


PS Ignore the haters, naysayers and mockers. Rebuke those demons. Keep speaking over yourself. EVERY knee shall bow of things in Heaven, on earth and things under the earth and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! Pray for Philadelphia. Hallelu-Yahweh! Keep praising God and speaking in tongues. He WILL make the way. He IS the way. He just needs us to believe so He can move. We will have so much evidence. I heard it earlier, "The evidence is here." I hear God saying, "Keep believing on Me for what you need." Ask and ye SHALL RECEIVE. For someone that needs it, I heard, "He will pay that light bill. It's ALREADY paid." Remember, read your Bible and try to get to bed by 930pm. Let's try to get the Body/Bride/Ecclesia on one accord. Over and out!





4/26/21 Stay in God's Shadow

God supplies ALL our needs. God knows you need help with that bill, that mortgage or rent, those hospital bills. Have faith...Help and relief are COMING!


Father God said, "Tell them don't worry when they see what God does," "Pray for Philadelphia," Don't complain," and "Stay in God's shadow." Meaning, we must let God work and lead, i.e., not by might, nor by power [strength] but by His Spirit. We have to trust God's timing and His process and stay in alignment with His Word (we can't speak it and then doubt or back away). As my mom says, "We have to stay out of God's Way and let Him work."


Hence, we can help God by using this time to worship Him. (As I wrote this, I felt Him move in my spirit so strongly). Remember, praise, worship, and singing draw God closer TO US so He can work. But, complaining is sin that takes Him further away FROM US. So, let's keep the Body/Bride/Ecclesia on ONE ACCORD.


Read your Bible, trust God's timing, and don't complain. He's GOT US! Believe the possibilities!

Are you mirroring Jesus or David? Hmm...They both loved God and were chosen by Him. They both performed the miraculous (slaying giants, the occasional fish fry or party). And they both had enemies. But, Jesus showed forgiveness and compassion to His enemies (and He wants us to do the same).

As we worship the Lord and prepare for Pentecost, here's why we need to focus on repentance and revival (and what Absalom has to do with all this!).


Separately, please see Prophet Albert Milton's video from yesterday about changes coming to Arizona so we can pray corporately over the leaders and police officers there. A great spark of revival is coming to Arizona, so let's lift them in prayer. We need to also use this time as we go into Pentecost to stay on one accord and repent and prepare for revival.

Keep reading your Bible and getting to bed early (930). God has been visiting His Children and downloading His Plans to His Sons and Daughters in visions and dreams. Last night I felt an angel's wings and wind of God above my bed around 2:30 am. And, no it wasn't the tuna sandwich I had before bed. Let's keep calling on Father God, worshiping Him and inviting Him in! Glory to Yah!


Monday LOL: Which is Better? A or B?


A. When I get to Heaven...and see Eve
B. Next time a bill collector calls me, I'm gonna say, "No way bro'. My debts are paid in full. Jesus paid it all."


Laughter is (molto bene, tres bien, muy bien) for the soul! Keep praising God, reading your Bible and resting in God! Father God said, "I will help with those bills" and "Call on Me for what you need." So, call on God! Greattttttttt is His faithfulness!


9:31 pm Father God said He wants us to "Say something about Pentecost, preparing for Pentecost." We'll revisit this topic but wanted to remind you that He said the other day He wants us to press into Him through Pentecost.

What are your thoughts? How can we get the Body/Bride/Ecclesia on one accord for Pentecost? Should we reach out to every pastor and ask for corporate prayer between now and May 23rd? Or, ask everyone to pray in tongues throughout the day on Pentecost? What about asking people to pray in tongues every day between now and then? Let's pray about it and see what Father God would like us to do. Have a blessed night!






4/25/21 "Pray for Milk" 

"As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the Word, that ye may grow thereby," 1 Peter 2:2

Father God said "Tell them don't worry when the see what God does." If you haven't seen it yet, please check out our "Deer in the Headlights" video from yesterday about the coming days and what the prophets are saying. We're going to post our "Pray for Milk" message shortly / hopefully tomorrow. But wanted to add, please see Prophet Albert Milton's message The Spark is Here (2nd video below) from today about praying for Arizona.



When we posted the "Oh Deer" video yesterday, in the prayer near the end at about 28:38 in, I was trying to say, "Lord, we welcome Your Glory. We welcome Your Presence" but it came out, "We welcome Your Glory. We welcome Your President (referring to President Trump as I was just talking about him being reinstated). So, I corrected myself and again tried to say "We welcome Your Presence" but AGAIN it came out, "We welcome Your President." Twice! I receive that! No accidents with God! Glory to Yahweh! 



4/24/21 Remember, God is Guiding You

Late last night I heard the Lord say, "Get ready for an explosive move/display of God." He also said "Tell them not to be afraid." He also gave me the reminder that there's going to be "An explosion on the news." Remember, it's not for us to fear but to trust and rest in God. Because we prayed for Him to show up and remove our enemies we must trust HIS PROCESS AND TIMING. When THEY see what God does and how His Glory falls, it will bring many to repentance and the enemy and all demons will run and flee. So, keep pressing into God and worshiping Him. And, as Father God said the other day, "Keep rebuking all evil." 

Let's get this body on one accord, bed early (930pm), reading our Bibles everyday, and getting ready for Pentecost. Please see our video yesterday "No Weapons" for more on this invisible battle that God says "We've already won." It's a very important Word from the Lord. And, NO. It's NOT about Revelation or the end of the world. This battle is occurring RIGHT NOW and will remove all witchcraft and will restore President Trump and bring revival. Press in Troops and don't back down, get fearful, doubt or walk away! The Glory of the Lord is Our Strength!

Father God is also saying, "Keep singing to Me" and "Keep coming to Me for what you need." God is an ever-present help. All we have to do is ask!


Oh Deer...We're not the deer caught in the headlights, the devil and all his demons are. It's why Father God is saying "Calm down when you see what He does" and "Get ready for an explosive display/move of God." This powerful move of God will cause all our enemies to flee. Glory to God who causes us to triumph!

Remember, God is in control, not man, not demons, not witchcraft. Keep rebuking all evil and saying, "Let the fear, fire and wrath of God fall." And, keep reading your Bible. God's got this!





4/23/21 "We Worship You, Lord!" 

Father God said today, "Tell them calm down when they see what God does. He also said "It doesn't matter." Remember, Father God's plan is ALREADY in play and the devil CANNOT outsmart or outwit Our God. Separately, He said, "Look for your window" and "Walk away from anything and anyone that's not like God."

7:15 pm I forgot to add earlier today that Father God wants us to "Keep singing to Him." As a reminder He said the other day that "As the time of Pentecost approaches, let's press into Him on one accord." Additionally, late last night I pray I heard this correctly. Lord, correct me if I'm wrong. I thought I heard Him say, "We're going to see about 10-years of righteousness before the enemy comes back in." Glory to God for time with Him and time to worship the Lord as He dwells among us and sends His Glory to help us.


Sharing our latest word here. Keep reading your Bible and getting to bed early (930). As we stand on God's Word, God's Light will prevail. It's ALREADY DONE! To God be the glory!




4/22/21 They Will See Help Soon

Good Morning Saints! This morning Father God said, "They will see help soon." Please note that as we transition over to video more, today's message is available in the video above. 

I heard in the spirit realm, "He's Coming!" God said He has a "surprise for the enemy" and "It doesn't matter." Meaning their wrath, plots and plans don't matter. The fear, fire and wrath of God is coming to remove all of our enemies, the demonic and all witchcraft.

Repent, fast, pray and press into God and Jesus. And, don't walk away from what God says. Your worship is your weapon. These demons are already defeated. So, don't get distracted or filled with fear and we rebuke all suicide and depressive thoughts in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. They will think it's the Rapture but be at peace. This is God's Glory coming to help us and He wants to spend time with you!




4/21/21 What Are You Going To Do When It All Comes True?

Our enemies removed and Jezebels and Hamans exposed. President Trump reinstated. A global revival. More time with Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost. I'm hearing the Father God say, "What are you going to do when it all comes true?" He's also saying as a reminder, "I want you to repent." Please take a moment right now and repent of ALL SINS because God is going to move SUDDENLY and we don't want stubbornness, unrepentant sin or foolish pride blocking our future blessings. Whoever came against you during that last season of testing, forgive them. Here's a sample prayer,

"Father God in Jesus's name, Lord, I forgive --- for coming against me. I know this was not them but the devil and his demons trying to work through them to stop me from my blessings and promotion. But I walk in love, healing and forgiveness ONLY as Jesus taught us. I will NOT return evil for evil or carry the spirit of offense. Please change their hearts so they can find Jesus and salvation while there's time and if they won't change, please remove them from access to me so they can't taunt, hurt, harm, threaten, menace, or harass me any longer, in Jesus's name I pray, Amen."

Important Instructions and a Special Request from God

Remember, Father God wants to see us mirroring Him and we have Jesus's example of how to love and forgive. As a side note: Please see Donna Rigney's message that we shared a few days ago. I replayed it last night and kept hearing Father God say about how His Glory is coming. He wouldn't let us say what He was going to do for so long until yesterday when He said to write that "He's coming."

"He's coming." That's such an important Word. In the middle of praying for all our police officers, praying against terrorism and praying for peace on the streets and no riots, God is speaking. Yesterday we heard Him say "rioting in the streets" and God is saying today, "Watch. The market is about to blow up" Is it because His Presence/Glory is going to be so overwhelming? And, there's something else that was significant early this morning. The Holy Spirit said, "That's what I want to say. This time, as Pentecost approaches, let's press into Him on one accord." He also said something else that's powerful, "Father God wants our input on how we can spend time with Him." Again, go back to Donna Rigney's recent message about God's Glory coming to us. His Glory is going to rest so heavily on the earth that we will reign unopposed. Can you imagine that?

What will it mean for you when God's presence removes your enemies? Some of the prophets like Shaneka Byers are saying that our enemies will be silenced and some enemies might suddenly disappear. How could they not with God's Mighty presence present. Hence, this is significant. As you spend time with the Lord, please take a moment and write out all that you need Father God to do on one side of a page (write the vision, make it plain). Remember to take the limits off of God. What was that dream you had about a new home? What about renewing your marriage or getting married? Write all this down so God can help. And, don't let disbelief in. This is a NEW ERA and Father God is speaking to us. He's asking what we want and need from Him. So, please open your heart again to Him and worship the Father and let Jesus's love in to heal those wounded areas.

Next, on the other side of that page, write out all that you need Father God to remove. This might include your enemies coming against you and stubborn, witchcraft demons you haven't been able to remove. Then, on a separate sheet of paper, write out all your bills and list every total. Next, take another sheet of paper and write out how you can press into God MORE. Buying more ministry books and Christian study guides are a few examples. Tuning out the fake news and sexual sin on mainstream TV and movies is another. Playing more praise and worship music and worshiping Yahweh is also so important.

Because Father God is asking for our input on how we can spend time with Him, let's pray about this and let Him know. He's coming to fellowship with us. He's answering prayers. He's removing our enemies. So, please use this time to press in, believe, and don't doubt. Glory to God!


Prophetic Word from Prophet Lana Vawser 



I had a dream recently and the Lord showed me simultaneous and successive miraculous births taking place in the lives of believers on a scale that had never been seen before.


The Lord showed me in this dream that ‘previous’ impossibilities to the birthing of promises taking place in the lives of believers had suddenly broken after a long period of ‘waiting’.


When the sudden breaking took place the sense surrounded me of “waters breaking” and the “blockages broken” and not only was the ‘birthing’ coming forth but MULTIPLE miraculous births. It was as if a breakthrough and shift had taken place that was not only seeing ‘one’ promise in lives of believers coming forth, but multiple. It was like a domino effect of birthing that was taking place.
As I pondered this dream before the Lord, I could hear the testimony of believers all across the earth and they were crying out “Praise Jesus, there are BIRTHS EVERYWHERE”.


Where MANY believers had been surrounded by impossibility on what seemed like EVERY SIDE, there was such a shift that was taking place that now instead of impossibility screaming on every side, there was LIFE and BIRTHING, everywhere!


A much loved and familiar passage to me surrounded me loudly in the spirit:
“The season has changed, the bondage of your barren winter has ended, and the season of hiding is over and gone. The rains have soaked the earth and left it with bright blossoming flowers. The season for singing and burning the vines has arrived. I hear the cooing of doves in our land, filling the air with songs to awaken you and guide you forth. Can you not discern this new day of destiny breaking forth around you? The early signs of My purposes and plans are bursting forth. The budding vines of new life are now blooming everywhere. The fragrance of their flowers whispers, “There is change in the air” - Song of Songs 2:11-13 (TPT)


The feeling of a spring day surrounded me in the spirit. The sense of life, the sense of new life, the sense of thriving, the sense of blossoming, the sense of flourishing, the place of deep, awakening to His love that was deeper than it had ever been before. The songs and sounds of harvest surrounded. The sound of healing surrounded. The sound of joy surrounded me. The sound of celebration in who He is, His kindness, goodness and love enveloped me. I could feel the refreshing of His Spirit like a waterfall. I knew in that moment that the Lord was bringing such refreshment, such a reintroduction to His love and power in the lives of many.


The Lord showed me that in the battles, trials and oppositions that many have faced, some for a long time, others over the last few years, but both with the common denominator of the hardship feeling like it has significantly increased in the last while, I saw many feeling so dry. They were feeling so dry and hearts feeling so numb and looking back on their history with the Lord and crying out to Jesus “I want to feel the passion of first love like I did at first”. There was such a deep cry within hearts as they felt this dryness and numbness that had taken up space in their hearts and they longed to BURN for Jesus again with fiery passion. Their love for Him had not wavered but they so longed for the place of deep joy, and to be touched so deeply again by His love and fiery presence, like they did at first.


I heard the Lord speak over these ones “Receive a revival of first love” and I saw what looked like a pillar of fire fall upon them and immediately I knew they were receiving a fresh baptism of fire. A fresh baptism of the fire of His love and the fire of His presence. Not only did the fire of His presence and love completely consume them and ignite their hearts afresh. The weariness, the dryness, the discouragement, the trauma and grief many have been carrying and feeling, suddenly falling away, they were entering into a realm of encountering His heart that they had not entered into before. His words surrounded them “Branded with My kindness”. Immediately I saw the eyes of Jesus burning with flames of fire, the gaze of His love, His eyes locked with theirs, His look of such deep, deep, ferocious, unrelenting, unconditional love, broke open their hearts. They began to weep and weep and weep as His love, His power and His presence consumed every part of them.


There was deep transformation taking place within their hearts. A deeper awakening to abiding in Christ (John 15) was filling them. A deep rest in His love was blossoming within them, an invitation and deeper understanding of what it means to abide in Him and His Word was before them.


The Lord showed me that these ones had experienced a very long season of fire and fiery trials, but this baptism of fire was signalling a shift taking place in their lives that the greatest ‘fire’ that they would know is the fire of His love and their hearts burning for Him again, that was not dependent upon circumstances. The fire within them was going to burn stronger within them, than the fires than raged around them.


It was a fresh baptism of fire.


It was a revival of first love fire.


Cry out for the fresh baptism of fire. It’s upon you!



More Signs He's Coming and We Should Rejoice

2:38 pm So, my mom sent me pictures of the snow in Pittsburgh yesterday. And, here in New York it's sleeting dime-sized hail. As I walked around praising God I heard, "They're going to think it's the rapture but it's God coming to cleanse the world of all unrighteousness." Hallelu-Yahweh! Keep repenting, fasting and praying! Awesome signs and wonders. 





4/20/21 He's Coming!

Father God wanted me to say that "He's coming!" And, in Prophet Albert Milton's video that we posted today, he says that the Lord is saying, "My presence will come and change the situation." Hallelujah! What a mighty word! And, glory to God! Let the redeemed of the Lord say so and stand firmly and confidently on His Word. But what exactly does it entail?

While we don't have the details, Prophet Donna Rigney's video below from the other day was "enlightening." So, please stay encouraged and repent of all sins - even if you only cut off one person in traffic this morning. And, continue to press into God. Keep singing to Him and not going by what you SEE. This devil is trying to cause fear with distractions and noisome pestilences but God is saying, "Keep singing to Me." He also said separately, "Rebuke terrorism."

Keep Getting to Bed Early (930)...Father God is Speaking and Revealing Hidden Things

Separately, in the latest Word from the Lord (4/12), at one point, Father God said, "Tell them the evidence is coming. It's coming..." We made the message into a video with President Trump (see below) as I asked Father God about President Trump's July reinstatement.

I was sleeping early this morning when I heard the Lord say, "It's in the emails." Then, the Lord woke me up and said to write down, "It's in the emails." Again, this is a reminder to keep singing to Yah and ushering Him in, not giving place to the devil who wants to get fear and doubt in. ONLY let God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in. All other traffic must be rerouted (rebuked). 


We keep President Trump uplifted in prayer and we pray for all police officers. Let the fear, fire, and wrath of God fall to expose and remove all demonic/sin, wickedness, corruption, witchcraft, Jezebels, and Hamans. To God be the Glory!
Keep reading your Bible and getting to bed early (at 930). Father God is speaking to His Sons and Daughters. Hallelu-Yahweh!


Matthew 24:8-10, 14; 2 Thes. 2:3-4; Isaiah 46:9-10. We are covered in the name and blood of Jesus Christ. 


"I prayed on it and I told the enemy straight up. Trust me boo boo. This ain't what you want."

Laughter is heart-healthy and good medicine for the soul. Check out our Clean Christian LOL Page and keep joy in your heart. Keep trusting in God and have faith. Believe what God says, not man. And, keep reading your Bible and getting to bed early (930). Father God is speaking to His Sons and Daughters about His plans and visions for us! Hallelu-Yahweh!

Earlier I heard, "You know it's going to be a guilty verdict" and posted it but Father God said to be quiet so we took it down. He said a short time ago, "You know they are going to riot" and just now He said, "Tell them calm down when they see what God does." While we pray for justice, we must be law-abiding citizens who continue to respect our officers and those God puts into office to govern over us (Romans 13:1-4). Father God said "Pray for all police officers," "Rebuke their personalities" and "Rebuke terrorists." He also said to include in our prayers, "Remove hate on the streets."
A danger here is a false sense of pride in some of these "groups" pretending to support blacks. They are not Christian or pro justice/peace. They are anti-police, antichrist, and anti-government. Father God said last year that it's the mark of the beast and many - including black churches and black communities aren't aware of this. They are partnering with them and don't SEE IT YET. We pray the fire, fear and wrath of God falls to expose EVERY hidden agenda, enemy, witchcraft, Jezebel and Haman demon trying to deceive and blind God's People. Lord, remove the masks and expose the mark of the beast so we can get the entire Body/Bride/Ecclesia on one accord. To God be the glory!


4/19/21 Praise the Lord - He Will Help With Every Detail

Good Morning Saints, I'm hearing "Wait and see what God does." It's a reminder to keep praising God because He is loving and here for us. And...we must remember to repent and pray for wicked to repent, too. As much as we want God's fire to "consume everything in sight" sometimes, it's important to remember that both God and Jesus are merciful. Meaning they want people to turn from their wicked ways so that they can SEE there is a God. And, then if they continue, well, we know what happens in the end.

Last night I had the strangest dream. I'm not sure if it was real like real storms or representative of tumultuous times ahead but we're here in New York and I saw the Hudson River with New York on one side and New Jersey on the other. I saw myself going to the Metronorth train station but before I arrived I had these aerial views of everything up and down the Hudson River, almost like I was flying. I looked east up the Hudson River and saw storm clouds forming and a tornado in the distance. Then right next to it, there were like 3-4 smaller tornadoes nearby. I turned west and saw fires breaking out and more tornadoes like the scene out of a movie. The sky had darkened and was a deep gray almost black and I kept saying in awe, "Look, there's another tornado" and they were HUGE and popping up all over. You could see fires and trees moving in the distance. So, we stay in prayer. I don't know if that means a severe tornado and hurricane season OR if it means God is going to deal significantly with New York and other states (abortion laws, satan statue). 

Separately, I heard Father God say just now as a reminder, "Pray for every police officer." He also said "Pray for Philadelphia." And, if you didn't read yesterday's messages, please see what God said yesterday below and see Donna Rigney's SIGNIFICANT WORD from the Lord. It's so powerful, all we can say is, "Glory to You, Lord!" What's more, last night, Father God said, "There's coming the coming judgment and God's wrath. Hence, we repent and don't fear man." Again, see Prophet Donna Rigney's video...Maybe the tornadoes are part of the judgment that's starting?

Additionally, what Donna said reminded me of something Father God said recently about "Look at the clock on the walls." This is important because it ties in with what we mentioned yesterday about the Trump video we did. At the end of the video, I couldn't remove a section of the audio track and tried twice but then I realized maybe Father God wanted it to stay. And what did it say? It was the part where I was quoting God say, "It's coming. It's time." Whatever God is doing, we rest in Him and let Him defend us in battle. SEE the salvation of God. 

God Will Help with Every Detail

We pray for every police officer especially given the recent news and that trial wrapping up (closing arguments). We rebuke riots, mob mentality, the insurrection THEY started and continue to provoke. We rebuke attacks against our police officers and we lift them up in prayer and plead the blood of Jesus Christ over every officer. We also rebuke terrorism.  

Lord, we glorify You and we pray, send your fear, fire and wrath. Open their eyes to SEE THEIR agenda is not to make streets safer but to make us vulnerable to terrorists attacks and other countries. Help them SEE that this is the mark of the beast, antichrist, antigovernment. Lord, remember that You own the US as our Founding Fathers dedicated America to You. Come sit back down in Your House, Lord. Have a seat, Lord, and have Thine own way! The devil can't touch us - We called Our Dad and help is on the way! 



4/18/21 Rebuke Those Demons...And, Wait and See What God Does

Apologies as we were offline earlier editing videos. We included Father God's 4/12/21 full message/letter below with President Trump. Father God also said, "Don't worry. They will see help soon." But then He added, "God has an emergency prepared for us." We have a loving God who is here for His Sons and Daughters. Hence, we can rest CONFIDENTLY in God - for nothing is impossible for Him. 

Separately, Father God said gave a reminder to repent and He said this on 4/12 also. So let's do this...Remember, God is moving soon. Something BIG. Maybe overnight. We don't know. Hence, now's the PERFECT time to repent and confess all sins (Heaven will love ya' and I get extra mileage points). EVEN IF you think you've done nothing wrong...maybe you kicked the cat. Or, you yelled at the dog again and then kicked the cat or rolled your eye at a neighbor or "that one person." Or, you cut someone off in traffic or at the store. You get the idea.

Say this simple prayer, "Father God in Jesus's name, Lord, please forgive all my sins. I know You died on the cross for me. Come into my heart. I make You my Lord and Savior. Please give me eternal life through You in Jesus's name, Amen."

But what if you're already saved and turned your back on God? Then, pray, "Hey God, remember me?" No. Seriously. Simply pray, "Father God in Jesus name, Lord, please forgive me for sinning and turning away from You. I want to get back on track with You and righteous living. Help me overcome...I will lead a better life in You and I won't walk away again, in Jesus's name, Amen.

That last part is BIG so don't leave again, okay? God said on one of our letters/messages that people who walk away THIS TIME will regret it. We're not trying to cause fear but there's a Godly fear that we must adhere to.  

Listen to this touching message from God through Prophet Donna Rigney. What's ahead? The years ahead are days of glory when we love and serve God. Many miracles and visions on all mankind. Evil will be exposed and seen as it is. Many will run to God and repent - even those who spread wickedness. The land will be blanketed with God's glory. Judgment will fall swiftly. Prosperity will be granted freely. Protection and provision will be freely poured. It's a land of blessings and great glory.


Why Repent Now? 

In Donna Rigney's message above, at about 5-minutes in God says through her, "Whoever falls at the feet of Jesus, the Rock, the capstone will break and become His. But those who reject Him will be crushed. Those who oppose Him will be crushed. Hence, God is about to do something and it will happen "suddenly". Meaning it might be a physical thing like a major earthquake all over the globe. But what if it's not? What if it's like Passover? What if tomorrow everyone that's repented is safe and receives EXTRA blessings...and everyone else loses the MAJOR blessings coming in this season. Or, what if it's something REALLY BAD? What if everyone who didn't repent receives Covid? So, you get the idea. So say that prayer, okay? 

I also hear Father God saying, "Keep singing to Me." Glory to Yah! Keep praising Him. Our God is good, so good. And, His mercy's everlasting. His truth endureth to all generations...Oh give thanks unto the Lord!

Father God gave a reminder verse, "Every knee shall bow..."

"That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is LORD, to the glory of God the Father," Philippians 2:10-11.




4/17/21 It's Coming Soon

"For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad," Luke 8:17

"Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops," Matthew 10:26-27

Yesterday I heard, "Explosion on the news." This is a time for God's People to get excited but also stay vigilant. Our nation is so divided and it's NOT dems versus republicans but good/light versus evil/darkness. Unfortunately, there are many blinded by witchcraft, the antichrist spirit and mark of the beast that they can't SEE they're on the wrong side.

Father God had us ask a few times, "Are you sure you're on the right side?" Hence, we must press in and pray that the veil is removed and the masks come off. But alas, it won't be pretty and Kay Nash mentioned a few videos ago that the sheep are going to run/flee.


Please Keep All Police Officers in Prayer
People assume this is LEFT/dems/blacks versus RIGHT/reps/whites/KKK but that's a fake/false narrative the news is portraying. Ask God what's there and being hidden. This is light/good/the Bride/Body/Ecclesia versus evil/darkness/mark of the beast/antichrist. It's meant to cause the spirit of offense in black communities, dismantle the police and remove guns, and make the US and it's citizens vulnerable to attacks domestic and abroad.
Pray that the fire, fear, and wrath of God fall. Pray that God's/our enemies are exposed and all corruption comes to light and the masks come off. Pray for revival, repent and prepare for our Independence Day.
God is on the Throne and God is in charge, not man.


Please stay encouraged and keep reading your Bible each day. Please keep getting to bed early (9:30) as God wants the Body/Bride/Ecclesia on One Accord. And, that is not from ME personally, but Father God said it. See His Message/Letter where He mentions this as He wants to separate us from THEM. Again, for anyone seeing this for the first time, when we reference THEM it's not a black or white issue. It's God's Children coming away from and separating from Satan's children. I hear God saying "Rebuke terrorist attacks."


Father God said, "Remind them that's the mark of the beast you see on the news, coming against God's People, coming against police officers."
This is the mark of the beast, witchcraft and antichrist trying to come against the US, God's People and the police. But God is EXPOSING them and removing every mask and hidden attack.
"Father God in the name of Jesus Christ, we give You all the glory for NOTHING is impossible with You. We pray for every police officer. Please give them Your divine covering, angels and protection in the name/blood of Jesus Christ we anoint them. Lord, let your fire, fear and wrath fall to expose and remove EVERY enemy, satanic attack, witchcraft assignment and act of corruption. Cancel EVERY devil's assignment and witchcraft attack. Overturn them, Lord, and make the enemy flee. Foil every plot and plan of the enemy and expose them on the highest level. Bring Your Judgment, Lord, we pray, in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. Remove the mark of the beast, all witchcraft, the antichrist, all Jezebels and Hamans. We repent and ask for Your mercy in Jesus's mighty name we pray, Amen."
Keep reading your Bible, fasting, praying, worshiping and getting to bed early (930) [He mentioned this earlier] as God is talking to His Children and revealing His plans for us and they are GOOD! And, don't worry. God's got US!


4/16/21 Don't Be Afraid When You See What God Does

Ahh, the best is yet to come. I keep that in the back of my mind EVERY time I turn on the news. I was also reminded of it yesterday when I had on Pandora. I like Toby Mac, Lauren Daigle, Ricky Dillard, Unspoken, Hollyn, and Bishop Hezekiah Walker. But, yesterday, the Mississippi Mass Choir had a song on. While I don't remember the name of it, I remember part of the lyric was about how we will be celebrating in the streets of Heaven and there won't be any fear, hate or sickness. What an amazing revelation! It's a reminder to hold on confidently to God. He changes not and God WILL make the way for us. 

Yesterday and today I heard the Lord saying non-stop, "Pray for every police officer" all throughout the day. When the Holy Spirit presses in like this, we MUST obey and pray.
Father God in Jesus's name, Lord, we give You glory. Lord, we pray for every police officer and lift them up to You. We pray Jesus's name and blood over every officer and for God's covering and protection over them. Lord, we call on You and ask You to step in and intervene. We rebuke the demons of sudden attacks and riots against our officers. We ask for Your mercy and for You to step in to help all our officers. Expose the witchcraft attacks, mark of the beast, antichrist, antigovernment and demonic coming against these brave men and women in blue. We also pray and rebuke the demons of terrorist attacks. Expose the sources, Lord, and remove them. Let Your fire, wrath and fear fall, Lord. We know you said, "It's not their fault." We praise You, Lord for the victory in Jesus's mighty name, Amen.
Separately, I'm hearing "Explosion on the news." Let God and His Angels reveal, expose, and remove all the demonic threats and demons coming against the police force and the US. God will reveal it. It's the mark of the beast.

So, we pray for every officer and lift them up to God. And, while God is working this out, let's remember to not grow frustrated or passive during this time.

Don't let frustrations creep in because God has ALREADY said that the angels are EXPOSING every hidden attack, conversation and agenda. Glory to God! Hallelu-Yahweh! Hence, let God work it out. Now, will it include a power grid blackout for 3-days and riots on the streets? We don't know but we must stand in prayer with this great transition. Further, we must not be passive.

Why God is Delaying

I read Pastor Johnny Enlow's message the other day about what to do during this time when it LOOKS LIKE God is delaying. Through what Father God has said recently through other prophets, God is intentionally delaying for several specific reasons.

These include:

    • God is looking to see who are the Faithful. Hence, He's watching to see the Remnant REMAIN STANDING even when it LOOKS LIKE God isn't doing anything. Others are fainting and giving in but the Remnant (those God's about to promote) continue to stand. 
    • God is exposing the enemy and the masks are coming off. THEY'RE setting up all kinds of pro-abortion laws and promoting THEIR agendas, not Gods. THEY'RE trying to make it LOOK LIKE the police are KKK. But, THEY'RE also messing up BIG TIME. THEY'RE fighting among themselves (attacking their own) and there's all kind of confusion.
    • God is giving us time to prepare for the coming days and what's ahead (The emergency He said through our ministry to prepare for, the shortages Kay Nash and Luke Harding mentioned and possible riots Pastor Robert Clancy mentioned, the Harvest and sheep that are going to flee and need God that Kay Nash mentioned, the famine Kay Nash and Shaneika Byars mentioned, the storm, tsunami/avalanche of exposure and possible power outage Wanda Alger mentioned).


Hence, this is NOT a time to stand around as doubt can start to settle in and you'll eventually give up and walk away. We MUST have God in our ear ONLY and obey what He says so keep pressing into Him and listening through His Prophets. Test every word and pray in tongues. Fast and pray and call on God. Draw closer to God and read your Bible MORE. Keep spending time with the Father and getting to bed early so He can speak to you through visions and dreams. Keep adding to your library books that can increase your wisdom.

There are all kinds of books like Dr. Francis Myles Issuing Divine Restraining Orders which we mentioned the other day. There's also Lana Vawser's new book, The New Era. And, there are all kinds of prayer reference books from Pastor Dutch Sheets and books by Kay Nash on the various types of demons that we're facing and how to overcome them.

We also want to keep doing things that add value. Start that new class, write your book, build a new ministry, start a vlog, take up an instrument. When this thing switches over, let's hit the ground running in high gear for God and ready to witness and minister to the harvest that's coming in. PS Keep getting to bed by 9:30 pm, okay? Let's stay on one accord as God commands.  

Pray for every police officer and our military. Pray for President Trump. Pray for our God-ordained mandate to come to pass. Pray God restores US and EXPOSES THEM ALL and removes THEIR masks. Let the fire, fear and wrath of God fall to remove all witchcraft, Jezebels and Hamans in the name/blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. Get ready for a show! It's going to be spectacular what God does! 





4/15/21 It's There and They Will See

Father God wanted us to focus on what's coming. We know the evidence is coming. And, we're seeing it on the news. They're trying to overturn abortion laws, removing troops from Afghanistan, reopening the border, and all while Covid cases are steadily increasing. It's not for us to fear because we know God is OVERTURNING everything and revival is coming. Hence we must continue to repent, stay vigilant and complete the things God has asked us to do. His fire and the fear of the Lord ARE coming.  

Separately, Pastor Wanda Alger shared in her message below, a few prophetic words that others have given her about the coming storm and a possible power outage or power grid reset. This confirms what God said the other day about "Prepare for an emergency" and possible power outage. When I added "possible power outage and internet outage" to the message, He told me to remove internet outage. Remember, we don't panic but we prepare. We also posted Luke Harding's video below a few days ago about a potential food shortage.

God is working and what He's about to do is going to be SO POWERFUL and SO SIGNIFICANT, we must keep seeking Him. In part of one dream Wanda explored, President Trump gave someone an umbrella because of the coming storm. Hence, let's press into God, listen for messages from His Prophets so we can prepare and keep seeking God out.

As Pastor Kent said in the message below, "Always seek favor before you seek blessings." Seek the Lord and have a relationship with God. This is the time to draw closer to God and ask Him what's on His mind. Ask Him what is the vision for your life, your family, and your business. Ask God if it's time to move or what He wants you to do in the coming days. And, continue to seek God first. Keep your praise and worship music on and keep declaring "Victory!" AND SO SHALL IT BE. Wait and see. 


Dr. Francis Myles Divine Restraining Order from Heaven...

(shared via Dan Black)

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the privilege that you give me by the blood of Jesus to access the court of heaven.

I come before the court of heaven. I’m asking that the court be seated, according to Daniel 7 verse 10, to hear my case.

Heavenly Father, I repent as I come before the courtroom, for sins known and unknown, that the devil could use as legal grounds to try to impede my progress in the court of heaven.

I thank you Father that I’m now washed by the blood of Jesus and cleansed of all sins.

Heavenly Father, as I come before you, seeking a divine restraining order, I do not do it by myself.

I’m asking my attorney, my advocate, the Lord Jesus to stand before me, and argue my case.

For a divine restraining order, against per-mature death.

I need a divine restraining order, against the spirit of witchcraft.

Lord I’m asking for a divine restraining order, against financial troubles.

In Jesus name.

Heavenly Father, I’m asking that based on the finished work of the cross, may you assign to me, these divine restraining orders.

Because it’s my right by the word, because of the price Jesus paid, to have these divine restraining orders.

In the name of Jesus.

Heavenly Father, as you give me these divine restraining orders, thank you for assigning, high ranking angelic officers of the court, to enforce this divine restraining order, here on Earth.

May satan, and any of his demons, or any of his human agents, be held in contempt of court, immediately, by these holy angels, should they even try to violent these divine restraining orders.

I receive by faith these divine restraining orders, because we know it is written, that if we ask anything, according to your will Father, you’ll hear us.

I have asked this, in the name of your son, and according to the will of God, so I receive them by faith, in Jesus name.





4/14/21 More Evidence...Oh, It's Coming...It's There

Morning Saints! Father God said this morning, "We don't have to worry. God is enlarging our territory." So, please stay encouraged and get ready for a shaking and MASSIVE exposure of the enemy. Please see our video below that Father God helped us put together, It's About Independence Day. And, please stay in prayer for President Trump, our nation and all police officers. But why are we praying for all police officers?

There's a severe attack against them to dismantle police departments and remove guns so we're vulnerable to other countries. This is a highly orchestrated witchcraft attack that includes the mark of the beast and antichrist. And, we've written about it before where demons "staged" attacks against innocent people to make it LOOK LIKE the police are all racists but that's not true. Satan is using actors to try to push/promote his agenda. But, God knows all and sees and and won't allow us to be vulnerable and exposed to our enemies in other countries. Praise God that our Founding Fathers dedicated the US to God, so it's His House and this is His Nation. Hence, the enemy can't steal what belongs to God. Prophet Albert Milton explores this topic in one of his videos below and we cover it in ours.

We must also continue to pray against terrorism. Whatever you need, say, "It's already done" and trust God for it. He is removing our enemies. 

Today we're going to explore a few videos where God is giving specific directions to His People through His Prophets. Use these messages to increase your confidence in God so you can under God's mandate, not mans. We MUST come away from mainstream news and TV so we can hear Father God clearly. You can't have both God and man in your ear to move forward confidently because man has an evil agenda. And, because we're facing the Mark of the Beast, antichrist and witchcraft, the news and TV are very deceptive. I'll leave this here and come back later today with a follow-up. Have a blessed day in the Lord!


It's a Surprise...

"Don't worry. I have set up a surprise. We will all be laughing together," God

 "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world," Jesus (John 16:33).

Reading for the Day: Psalm 83

Keep not thou silence, O God: hold not thy peace, and be not still, O God. For, lo, thine enemies make a tumult: and they that hate thee have lifted up the head. They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy hidden ones. They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance. For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against thee: The tabernacles of Edom, and the Ishmaelites; of Moab, and the Hagarenes; Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; the Philistines with the inhabitants of Tyre; Assur also is joined with them: they have holpen the children of Lot. Selah. Do unto them as unto the Midianites; as to Sisera, as to Jabin, at the brook of Kison: 10 Which perished at Endor: they became as dung for the earth.11 Make their nobles like Oreb, and like Zeeb: yea, all their princes as Zebah, and as Zalmunna: 12 Who said, Let us take to ourselves the houses of God in possession. 13 O my God, make them like a wheel; as the stubble before the wind. 14 As the fire burneth a wood, and as the flame setteth the mountains on fire; 15 So persecute them with thy tempest, and make them afraid with thy storm. 16 Fill their faces with shame; that they may seek thy name, O Lord17 Let them be confounded and troubled for ever; yea, let them be put to shame, and perish: 18 That men may know that thou, whose name alone is Jehovah, art the most high over all the earth.



4/14/21 12:08 pm I heard "Explosion on the news." Separately, Father God said, "Tell them not to be afraid when they see what God does" and "It doesn't matter." When He says that it doesn't matter, it's a reminder to not go by what we SEE. God's plan is already in play....and working IN OUR FAVOR! See the first video above or here where God discusses the surprise in store for our enemies. Glory to Yah! God is restoring US and help is coming soon!

2:17 pm, Was reading the message below from Pastor/Prophet Kay Nash. It reminded me of what Father God said about preparing for an emergency...Stay in prayer and ask Father God about this. 

Pastor/Prophet Kay Nash...

"Prepare it is summer" I know it is not yet summer in the natural but in the spirit things always happen first. The Lord has been highlighting this verse to me- "Ants are creatures of little strength, yet they store up their food in the summer" Proverbs 30:25
It is time to prepare for this fall and things coming in the next few months and even winter for some of you. Take time and plan. The plans are ready in the spirit, get the download God is speaking listen and stay attentive.




4/13/21 Reunions Soon...Believe For It

Good Morning Saints! A quick note. We're going to post a message later today that Father God wanted us to share. It will be up after we finish editing the video. Separately, a volcano exploded in Iceland and one in St. Vincent, a small Caribbean island. We keep all those affected in our prayers. God is on the move so please remember what He said yesterday and "Prepare for an emergency." But let's say you don't have to evacuate. What if there's a sudden earthquake near you? Or riots? What if stores shut down again? Do you have enough food, supplies and meds? Is your homeowners or apartment renters insurance up-to-date? What about a major power outage? Take these things to the Lord in prayer so we can prepare, not panic.

We also pray for all police officers and we rebuke terrorism. There was another shooting incident but this time at a school in Tennessee. We pray for the injured officer and all those affected and we rebuke domestic terrorsim.  

Father God said this morning, "Reunions soon. Believe for it." Glory to God. There are parents who have been praying about their children coming to know the Lord. And some are praying that they come home. We pray that your babies are safe and that their guardian angels are always with them. Please ALWAYS know that your prayers work.

A Testimony

Even in the worst time of my life I can remember an old woman hunched over at the train station who walked passed me. Forgive me, Lord, because I mistakenly judged this woman and thought she was a witch  because her back was severely hunched over like at a 45- or 50-degree angle. I was in a difficult relationship trying to break the witchcraft stronghold a man had over me. The woman walked by and lifted up her neck in my direction. I don't even remember if we made eye contact but she said so clearly, "Call on Jesus." It reminded me right away that I had help from the Lord. I'd grown up in the church (services day and night, revivals, watchnight services, every day was church) but had fallen away. I felt so foolish for judging her when I was the one who was sinning. That moment was one of the BIGGEST turning points in my life. It was as if I had an altar call with God, right there at the train station. I started watching TBN, Daystar and the Word network around the clock and building spiritual strength to break free from the devil's grasp.

Father God mentioned yesterday in His POWERFUL message to remind you to issue divine restraining orders. We're going to list these over the next few days and give the credit to Dr. Francis Myles who originally came out with the slogan. If you're ordering his book Issuing Divine Restraining Orders, you can get a free audible version on Amazon while you're waiting for the print version to arrive in the mail. You might want the print for your household as there are 20 different prayers. 

Divine Restraining Order Over Your Children by Dr. Francis Myles

HEAVENLY FATHER, I stand in Your royal courtroom because of the blood and finished work of Jesus on the cross. I have come to receive Your righteous judgment over my life. Heavenly Father, I ask that the Courts of Heaven be seated according to Daniel 7:10. I ask this in Jesus’ mighty name. Heavenly Father, I call upon Your holy angels to be witnesses to this legal and righteous transaction. I also decree and declare that all the demonic entities, institutions, and human beings who will be impacted directly by the divine restraining order that I am requesting will be duly notified by Your holy angels who service the Courts of Heaven, in Jesus’ name I pray. Heavenly Father, I decree and declare that every demonic entity, earthly institution, and human being will respect, honor, and abide by Your righteous judgment, in Jesus’ mighty name.

HEAVENLY FATHER, I repent for any and everything that is stopping the destinies of my children from becoming a reality. Heavenly Father, even as I stand in Your royal courtroom I present myself as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable before You according to Romans 12:1. Lord, I repent before You for any place of sin concerning wrong motives, wrong intentions, or any place where I have not guarded my heart. Lord Jesus, wash me with Your blood so Satan has no legal footing to resist any divine restraining order I need from Your Supreme Court.

HEAVENLY FATHER, Your Word says that Jesus is my faithful Advocate before the Righteous Judge in the Courts of Heaven. Lord Jesus Christ, I summon You as my Advocate to help me plead my case before the Righteous Judge for a divine restraining order over my children against all demonic devices against them. Lord, it is not Your will for my children to be harassed or led astray by demonic spirits, in Jesus’ name I pray. Heavenly Father, I present before Your Court the following scriptures as evidence why You should grant me a protective order over my children.

It is written:

Then was fulfilled what was spoken by Jeremiah the prophet, saying: “A voice was heard in Ramah, lamentation, weeping, and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children, refusing to be comforted, because they are no more” (Matthew 2:17-18).

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth (Psalm 127:3-4).

HEAVENLY FATHER, based upon the aforementioned scriptures, it is clear that if the Court does not impose a divine restraining order over my children to protect them against Satan’s diabolical assignments, the devil will cause great injury to my children’s lives, destiny, and inflict irreparable damage to the purposes of God. Heavenly Father, I repent for my sin, transgressions, and for the iniquities of my bloodline that may have opened a door for the devil to attack my children. Lord, every sin of my forefathers that the devil is using as a legal right to build cases against me and to deny my destiny, I ask that the blood of Jesus would just wash them away. I ask that every legal right the devil has over my life be revoked, in Jesus’ glorious name.

HEAVENLY FATHER, I also repent for all covenants with demons that have existed in my ancestral bloodline. Lord, I ask that any agreement with demons would be rescinded. Lord, any demonic right to claim me and my bloodline is now dismissed before Your courts, in Jesus’ name. Thank You, Lord, for revoking these demonic covenants and altars in Jesus’ mighty name!

HEAVENLY FATHER, I divorce my children from any and all forms of demonic entities that are after them. I give back everything that the devil, his human messengers, and demonic altars would say came from them. I only want what the blood of Jesus secured for my children. Heavenly Father, I now ask that a divine restraining order over my children be issued immediately by Your Supreme Court. In Jesus’ name I pray. Heavenly Father, I decree that any and all forms of tactics that Satan is orchestrating against my children are now cancelled in Jesus’ glorious name. Heavenly Father, I receive this divine restraining order by faith, in Jesus’ name. I decree and declare that You shall fulfill all the days of my children’s life that You wrote in their book of destiny long before You created them, in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen!

Prayer Taken From the Book, “Issuing Divine Restraining Orders from the Courts of Heaven” by Francis Myles.





4/12/21 Beware: What's In The Church

Father God said this morning, "Tell them don't panic when you see what I do." He also said that last week. When God first said this a while back, I thought about the timing and if He's preparing people for President Trump's return to office so there won't be a panic in the streets and martial law. But we don't know.

Will it be the tsunami or avalanche that SUDDENLY starts out of nowhere? As one commenter mentioned about this, "The Glory was so heavy today. I have been getting blasted in His presence all day. I saw the huge wave crash.. its harvest time." Meaning, WHEN this tsunami or avalanche starts and the sheep go running, that's the harvest who NEED TO KNOW that everything is okay and God is working to help us. 

But, what if it's something else? What if it's a physical earthquake that literally shakes EVERY state or the entire planet at once and then it's followed by something so awe-inspiring from God that we HAVE TO KNOW it's Him? What if it's all of the above? Whatever God does we rest confidently in Him.

Exposing Demons in the Church

As a side note, we're going to delve more into the Mark of the Beast this week but I want to bring up another topic briefly. Please be on guard in your churches and online church communities. We know that the devil is in the church, right? But I'm hearing where pastors and prophets are mentioning the demons that are in churches and church congregants. And, it's very alarming. Even in our own prayer card ministry, we've seen instances of demonic activity:

    • A "potential customer" who hadn't even bought ministry cards left a scathing, profanity-filled comment about not speaking Spanish. My immediate thought was...But, if you're working for the church...shouldn't your words be seasoned with salt and NOT include cursing or your email address?
    • We've had people buy our products to sell elsewhere at higher rates (we don't mark up our products because the Bible says don't tip the scales). In one case, the customer praised us and made it LOOK LIKE they were supportive, kind, no complaints, etc. But, secretly they left harsh, untrue, and negative feedback against us FOR NO REASON and it was in another person's name! God exposed it because He knows all and sees all.
    • We had atheists forward our pages to hate-filled groups along with other ministry pages. They targeted pages from mega churches. But God is good. In this instance, we reached out to a few of the mega churches the atheists were also targeting...and I guess the mega churches got their legal teams involved right away. They shut down the atheists, so God worked it out. 

We included Prophet Robert Clancy's video above as it's a deliverance prayer from the spirit of Pisgah. This is another area where the Church/Body is attacked with all kinds of delays. only bring these up to say please stay on guard.

There are all kinds of Jezebel, Leviathan, Athaliah, Delilah, religious, and other named spirits and demons in the church. So, please always stay on guard, test EVERY word, and always ask God to expose every snake, every enemy, and all their hidden plans. We're going to highlight some of these messages today so you can be aware of what's in the church and what's coming as not everyone is there for the bake sale! Thank You, Father for increasing our wisdom and discernment.    


Pray for Every Police Officer

Rebuke the demons coming against police officers...

There's a highly-orchestrated witchcraft attack (mark of the beast) coming against our police officers. It's purpose is to dismantle police departments and remove guns so we're more vulnerable to attacks. But our Founding Fathers dedicated this great nation to God. Hence, it's HIS HOUSE! What's more, God puts people in place to govern over us, (Romans 13:1-4). But this antichrist spirit is trying to remove everything related to God. However, Our God is all-knowing and all-powerful.

God's plan is ALREADY IN PLAY and the devil is ALREADY defeated. We MUST STAND in the gap as the Body of Christ/Bride/Ecclesia for these brave men and women in blue and plead the blood and name of Jesus Christ over them because they're facing the demonic (Ephesians 6:11-12). God is saying to "Pray for every police officer," "Pray against and rebuke terrorists," and "Pray against and rebuke domestic terrorist attacks."

Keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged. Our God is on the Throne, not man.

Message From God Just Now...

Wow! Father God gave a powerful message below and right after He gave it to me, my computer crashed TWICE. This is message is significant and powerful. Watch and see what God does. AND SEE THE PART ABOUT PRESIDENT TRUMP....Wow! Glory to God!

Note: We removed the bold in the text as it's a little hard to see. Everything below except for what's in the brackets is what Father God said.

So many are in line for promotion. You will see all that God is preparing for you. There's so much  evil, evil in the world. These demons have to flee. You are Mine. They will see. Tell them THEY [the enemy] are going to be saying "Not fair" when they see what God does. Trembling in the earth. There's stubborn pride. Tell them that stubborn pride has to flee.  Tell them keep singing to Me. Keep lifting up their prayers to Me and reading their Bibles. Keep singing to Me. Tell them they have to prepare for what they see, what's coming. Tell them, watch what I say and see if it won't come to pass.

Reunions for some. Get ready for an incredible move of God. It's the end of the world as we know it. Keep confiding in Me, calling on Me. I made you a target for a reason. The enemy has to flee when they see what I do. Keep telling them I want you to read your Bible more. Keep confiding in and comforting in Me. Watch your wallet, every dollar and cent has to be accounted for. Keep rebuking those stubborn pride demons and calling on Me. Rebuke that ego. I'm the Turnaround God. Wait and see. They will see. They will see soon. I'm taking them to a better place in Me. Keep praying for the police department. Rebuke the demons of terrorists. 

They're going to hear good news about President Trump. Tell them don't flee, don't be afraid when they see what I'm about to do. Write out your bills, every detail, what you need. I will help you. I'm going to be sending so much favor THEY [the enemy] will say, "Not fair, not fair" when they see what God does. 

I want you to write "temporary restraining order" for someone. "He might need a temporary restraining order or to move away from her." 

Keep speaking over yourself. Celebrations are coming soon. You will see. You will have what you need. Write, the evidence is coming. It's coming. They will see. I'm going to operate My divine restraining orders against this devil. I am your Comforter. Keep telling that devil to quit playing games. I have so many surprises in store for you. Tell that devil quit playing games. The market is going to drop when they see what I do, when they see the evidence. It will rock/shake this world and everything in place will fall away. It's going to be a new environment, an exciting time, change of ideas. They will see evidence soon. Tell them / remind them about that divine restraining order [look for Francis Myles book on this subject]. They will see. New evidence is coming soon. Keep on believing in Me. They will see soon. Reunions are coming soon. Watch and see what God does. Every detail. Snakes exposed. They might not see it yet but it's coming. It's time. Get excited. Ask for God's mercy. 

I want you to say if it's 9:00 pm I want you to start getting ready for bed. Rebuke the demons of purse snatchers on subways. Rebuke the demons coming against the elderly and rebuke poverty. These demons have to flee. Tell them they will see. I'm closing a chapter for some. [He mentioned how some are walking in stubborn pride, please repent to God ASAP]. Call on Me. I will help with every detail that they need. Rebuke demons trying to cause trouble. That's the devil causing satanic attacks. Those demons have to flee. I am surrounding you with so much favor. THEY will be saying "Not fair" when they see what God does. 

Keep on being obedient to me, praying to the Holy Spirit for help. Some are going into new territories, guard their hearts, stay on guard. I'm bringing some out of jails. It's what God wants. They were in jail too long. Keep on being obedient to Me, singing to Me. Tell them they don't have to live in fear. They will see. Keep calling on Me. I want you in bed at 9:30. [He said this twice]. 

Tell them they have to talk to others, get outside of their circles, start bringing God's Children in, other people, other races and nationalities outside their group. Many are afraid of going into other groups and offending other religions but you have Me and I am with you. [I asked if President Trump would be reinstated by July and if we needed to do anything to cover/protect him]. Re July, you don't have to prepare, but pray. Get in bed at 930, get the Body on one accord. Keep believing on Me. Watch and see what I do. President Trump knows I'm about to reinstate him. He will see soon. Keep praying to your Holy Spirit and calling on Me. I want you in bed at 9:30 and don't say, "But it's the weekend." It's corporate. Now walk away and watch what I say come to pass. I'm going to spoil the plans of the enemy. Remember what I said. Pray for Philadelphia. Every Word God spoke / every prophecy it will come to pass and every evil word, plot, plan the enemy spoke it will fail. They will see. Keep coming to Me for what you need. Keep rebuking the enemy's plans. Keep rebuking terrorist plots and demonic plots of the enemy. 

God's people, prepare for sweet surprises are on the way. Our God will not fail. Keep on being obedient to Me. I will answer every prayer soon. You will see. Let them know they will have help soon. Keep reading your Bible. Remember I want you in bed by 9:30. [He repeated this last part a few more times].





4/11/21 He's Extra...

This morning Father God said "Get ready for the earthquake that's coming." He also said, "I want you to say, 'Prepare for an emergency'" and "Tell THEM [the devil and his workers] they will leave God's people alone." Father God said this through us last year in our Doubt: Mark of the Beast article from 9/28/20. I know a few prophets and pastors have mentioned a shortage, uptick in Covid cases, and separately a major earthquake. Prophet Robert Clancy mentioned this in his video on Friday (see below, 12 or 13 minutes in). Hence, we don't panic but we prepare. Pray and ask Father God if you should stock up on food, medication, your pet's food, supplies, and their meds, and any extra supplies (batteries, candles, cleaning products, a portable radio). Remember, whatever you need, pray and ask Father God to supply it and instead of saying "I don't have..." or "I can't pay for..." say, "IT'S NO PROBLEM FOR GOD."

Separately, we saw several confirmations last week about things God said to pray over. Hence, we MUST stay in prayer. Father God said to pray against terrorists and terrorist attacks. He also said to pray for all police officers. And, it's with deep sorrow that we saw on the news where a few officers were attacked, some fatally. We also saw different terrorist attacks and we pray for all those affected by these violent acts.

As a side note, similar to our disclaimer at the top of this page, test EVERY word and only trust in God, not man. Meaning, don't idolize ANY prophet or pastor including me. We are messengers sharing what God says to say. 

The Death of Prince Philip

We were saddened to hear about Prince Philip passing. It's interesting that a few months ago the Lord said to "Pray for the King and Queen." They've gone through all kinds of bad press and upheavals in the past year. And, we keep the Queen in prayer as it LOOKS LIKE there are witchcraft attacks trying to come against the Monarchy.

DMX and the Snares of the Devil

Separately, I heard about the death of rapper DMX. The Holy Spirit put him on my spirit the other day. I thought about the episode where he was on Iyanla Vanzant's show and she said she didn't think he would live much longer without getting help for his fast lifestyle and drug use. And, my heart went out to him because the devil likely caught him early in his career or before it even started.

I thought about the devil's snares and how these actors, singers, musicians and athletes start out with all these hopes and dreams. Hence, with success comes many traps to try to ensnare people. And, if you've found that you're feeling ensnared and trapped and can't get out OR if you're stuck on drugs or have other dependencies, don't go it alone and don't give up.

The devil will say, "I won't let you leave." The devil says these things because he wants people to THINK they can't get out. Even in my own life, I've heard the devil whisper, "I'll never let you go." And, I'd shoot back, "YOU never had me. You can't hold onto what you never had." Or "I'd say, "You think you can take me from God? That's hilarious. I'm God's property and I belong to God and Jesus." (This was before I learned that we weren't supposed to have conversations with the devil.

We're only to rebuke him, i.e., like Jesus during the 40-day temptation when Jesus started everything with "It is written..." and Jesus quoted only the scriptures to defeat satan). To get out of the devil's snares, all you have to say is, "I call on Jesus. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over my life. Forgive me, Lord, come into my heart. I make You my Lord and Savior. Help me, Jesus."  And, He will. Remember, Jesus came to help the thieves, prostitutes, adulterers and when we call on Jesus, He forgives our sin and "there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." Meaning, He won't EVER hold our sin over us or bring it up again. He forgets it so we can live free in Him! So choose this day, okay? Hint: The answer is Jesus!


He's Extra

If you had to define God you might say, "He's extra..." Extraordinary, extra loving, extra kind, extra helpful, extra attentive. We serve a God who is both there with you now but also all over the world meeting the needs of His Sons and Daughters. It's a reminder that we mustn't limit God or box Him into what we think He can do. For example, years ago when my office manager said I would NEVER get promoted, the Lord started whispering to me at work and saying, "You're going to work for the owner." I'd whisper back ever so politely, "No thank you. I'm good." I didn't want to work for the owner who had a volatile temper. But when God SENDS US IN THE DIRECTION OF THE GIANT/LEVIATHAN, i.e., something bigger than us, we know it's God. So where was the EXTRA?

God had the owner come at sit at my desk at night and the owner started asking me about becoming his assistant. (I wrote about this before). The owner's behavior was so extraordinary/out of the norm, the housekeeping staff would look on shocked because they couldn't believe he was sitting at my desk 2 or 3 nights in a row to talk. I realized that I had no understanding of what God could do or how He could move through ANYONE. And, that brings me to the example Father God gave me last night.

What God Has IN US is Unbelievable: The Dream I Had

Father God gave me an interesting visual illustration last night. In the dream, I was outdoors and it was quite icy and cold out. Going up a flight of steps outside, I saw what looked like Siberian Husky puppies running up the steps beside me. However, one puppy sat contently on a step. He was panting (tongue wagging) and relaxed as if he'd had a good run and was now enjoying sitting down. The problem was, he was sitting in a puddle of icy water.

Image Credit: Husky Advisor

I stopped and stared at the sight in front of me. He was literally sitting in freezing water on the coldest day but he was relaxed. Huskies have a double coat meaning they have an undercoat and a top coat to help them deal with harsh weather. Their top coat is thick guard hair that keeps in heat and repels water. Their undercoat is made of thick, fine hair that keeps them warm. In warmer months it sheds and is thin. However, in colder months, it becomes very thick.


Image Credit: Dog Digest

I realized something significant that God was showing me similar to this puppy wearing his winter coat and NOT feeling the elements. Father God designed us to rest in Him and not feel the elements around us regardless of what we're exposed to. And, Paul describes this in Philippians 4:12a, "I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound." Meaning, He knows how to have and to go without. Now, this is just my interpretation of the verse but in times of drought, lack, testing, (weakness), we draw closer to God and rely on His strength for what we need to get through. God provides us with the guard coat to protect and shield us. 

I'm reminded of 4 other important scriptures:

    • "Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit," Zechariah 4:6
    • "Put on the whole armor of God that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil," Ephesians 6:11
    • "Above all, taking the shield of faith wherewith ye may be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked," Ephesians 6:16 
    • "Lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths," Proverbs 3:5-6
    • "Let the weak say I am strong," Joel 3:10b
    • "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" Philippians 4:13 


Hence, with all the demonic and witchcraft attacks, we MUST switch over to God and not lean on our own understanding. In our flesh we'll say, "I can't" but HE CAN. In our weakness, we might say, "I'm so tired from all these attacks" but GOD NEVER SLEEPS. He's here to defend us in battle so we must call on Him and see HIS STRENGTH working in us. We're NOT limited because we serve a LIMITLESS God who is all-knowing and all-powerful. And, like that puppy, we can rest in God and let Him remove our enemies. Glory to God. 

Speak What You Need and Don't Back Down...And, Wait and See What God Does To Make It Manifest

So how do you do this? Listen to Jesse Shamp's video above and see Lana Vaswer's below. As prophets, pastors and people of God, He's given ALL POWER to US. Meaning, we have the same power that Jesus had but Jesus said we'll do greater works than these. Hence, we MUST speak what we need even when we don't feel confident. We've got to let God SHOW US how He answers our prayers and makes what we need manifest.

In my own life, I went through a HUGE financial drought and I was under severe attack from witchcraft, black magic and other areas. I wrote about this. I'd look at the massive stack of bills and God would say, "Tell them you'll make a payment soon." Flustered and exhausted I'd say to God, "How? With wha...?" And, that's when I'd catch myself. My mind wasn't lining up with His. I wasn't mirroring God. I'd apologize, take a breath and say, "Yes, Lord. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I decree and declare every bill is ALREADY paid. And, it's NO PROBLEM for God."

What I didn't realize was that the devil was trying to steal my voice and my confidence. If he could get in my head and make me doubt God and God's Word, I would never speak what I needed into the atmosphere. I had to be like that puppy sitting on that sheet of ice. I had to stop shaking and remember what God ALREADY put in me. I'd repeat my decree but say it with more confidence. Similar to what Paul once said, while my flesh was weak, the spirit, (that guard coat that's there to protect me) was willing. And, I'm telling you to do the same thing.

Don't see it in the natural or with your physical eyes but see it as God would. He's extra powerful and He's given us extraordinary gifts we can tap into. Speak the Word, believe only, and don't doubt. Keep seeing the words you speak and what you need becoming manifest in your life (that's faith). We have to get confident like that puppy because we know whose skin we're in...We're covered by the Most High God. To God be the glory!     

Let God Take Control...


A golfer recently birdied on one of the toughest holes in history. When asked about it, he said that all he tries to do is get the ball on the green. He doesn't focus on what the number is or where the pin is located.
Similarly, don't focus on the intense attack against you (demonic, witchcraft). Your goal is to call on God and Jesus FIRST so God can take control and remove the enemy. You can OVERCOME ANYTHING with the blood of Jesus.


Keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged. Keep believing for the miracle you need and take confidence in God and Jesus because we are covered in Him. With God we can do ALL THINGS. "And the Lord shall help them and deliver them," Psalm 37:40a.

Prophetic Word from Lana Vawser

This morning I heard the Lord say “My YES, is still YES” and I began to see many across the body of Christ who have heard a promise from the Lord and have been believing and contending for this promise, and in the last while, there has not been one giant that has stood before their promise, but numerous. The level of battle and opposition against the promise of the Lord has been so intense, that I saw many have come to a place of even doubting whether what they heard from the Lord regarding this promise was actually right. I saw many beginning to question “maybe I heard God wrong?”, “maybe I’ve misinterpreted?”, “maybe what I have been believing for all along is just not my portion?”.
The words from the Lord heart resounded so loudly over this deep inner wrestle that many were facing. “My YES, is still YES”
Immediately I was surrounded by 2 Corinthians 1:20 “For all God’s promises have been fulfilled with a resounding “YES!” And through Christ, our “Amen” (which means “Yes”) ascends to God for his Glory” (NLT)
“For all God’s promises find their “yes” of fulfilment in him. And as his “yes” and our “amen” ascend to God, we bring him glory” (TPT)
Friend, God has not forgotten. God has not forgotten you. God is faithful to complete that which He has spoken. I heard the Lord say “Keep standing on MY YES with YOUR YES”, continue to agree with Me, for I am going to fulfil that which I have spoken (Isaiah 55:11) and the battle may be intense, the journey has been wearying, but the tidal wave of My refreshment and strengthening is upon you.”
“The waves of opposition have come and attempted to take you further away from the promise that I have spoken to you, but I say unto you that the TIDE is going to TURN. By My mighty outstretched arm, I am going to move in power and I will part the Red Sea of IMPOSSIBILITY!!!”
“Everyone will say, “Come and see the incredible things God has done; it will take your breath away! He multiplies miracles for His people! He made a highway going right through the Red Sea as the Hebrews passed through on dry ground, exploding with joyous excitement over the miracles of God.” (Psalm 66:5-6 - TPT)
The enemy has come so ferociously with hit after hit, blow after blow, to ‘wind’ you and ‘take your breath away’, but I prophesy that the INCREDIBLE things God is going to do, the MULTIPLE miracles, the powerful deliverance, the WAY that God is going to make a way through the impossibility into the manifestation of what He has spoken, WILL TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY in AWE and WONDER of His mighty power.
I heard the Lord speaking over these ones “You WILL have a POWERFUL testimony that the harvest of souls will be drawn to”
Friend, this is bigger than you. The Lord is faithful to fulfil to you that which He has spoken, He loves you so dearly, but also the Lord sees the HARVEST of souls that will come to the feast table of your testimony, to taste and see the goodness of the Lord. (Psalm 34:8) The impossibilities that have come up against your promise/s recently, the pressure and opposition worse than ever, the screaming intimidation that continues to lure “GIVE UP! GIVE UP”, have ALL come because the enemy is terrified of what God is going to do for you and through you. The enemy is terrified of the way the Lord’s kingdom will go forth through you. The enemy is doing all he can to stop you. The enemy is also terrified of SO MANY SOULS coming to know Jesus through your testimonies. The testimony of His miraculous power in these areas of promise that the Lord gave you, the places where impossibilities seemed to increase by the day, those places, will be some of the greatest demonstrations of His power that YOU will tell the world about and MANY will come to know Jesus.
Do NOT give up! Stand up and join your YES with His YES afresh, then watch and see God do the rest. You are closer to the manifestation of God’s promise and divine justice than you realise.


4/10/21 "I'm Going to Make You Comfortable."

"And the Lord shall help them and deliver them," Psalm 37:40a

This morning, Father God said, "Let them know, 'I'm going to make you comfortable.'" We know this is confirmed in the messages over the past few days. Father God spoke through Lana Vawser about sending help to us. He also spoke through Prophet Robert Clancy, Melissa Pearce, Oboitshepo Tladi, and several others.

Use this time for refreshing and to rest in God. Keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged. Our God is so loving and faithful. God's seen the intense warfare and witchcraft attacks. Hence, He's letting us sit and rest while He defends us in battle! 

7:13 pm I was praying earlier and heard the Lord say, "Pray against terrorism" and "Rebuke terrorists." He also said, "Tell them they don't have to worry" and I heard, "Prepare for Independence Day." These are all reminders as Father God said a few times to pray and rebuke terrorism and that domestic terrorism has to stop in the US. With the 4th of July reference, a few prophets and pastors have mentioned that they see a big celebration for President Trump on Independence Day. I think it was Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophet Donna Rigney, and Prophet Robin Bullock. We keep President Trump uplifted in prayer. I hear, "We are going to be celebrating soon."




4/9/21 God's Breaking Curses...Ask For His Mercy

Father God mentioned that "He will remind you who He is." And, He wanted me to add, "Tell those demons they will leave God's People alone." He also said to bring up again what He said on 4/7. Father God said, "Let the Lord know you're walking a tightrope and need help." Remember, it's free will so God won't AUTOMATICALLY move. We have to call on Him for help and invite Him in. God is here for us but so many are suffering in silence because they don't know HOW to call on God or that they have FULL ACCESS to God. And, that's why I love old-time gospel songs.

There are a few old gospel songs where the singers are so deep in the spirit, I started listening to what they were saying. They sang things like "Tell God what you want" and "Let God know what you want Him to do." Want Him to do? I'd never heard of this! It wasn't until I started studying the Bible and reading Jesus's different teachings that I started to learn WHO God is. He is here for His Sons and Daughters. He is here to help us prepare for Jesus's return. He's a loving Father who wants to help and He defends us in battle. Hence, we can ask Him for ANYTHING (like he said to David). Let God know you need help with the bills, the kids, your child's math homework, that job search. And, remember, whatever you need, say, "IT'S NO PROBLEM FOR GOD." I hear God saying, "Revival is coming." Glory to God!

A Mighty Word

Separately, please see Amanda Grace's message from yesterday. This is confirmation in several areas. God had us pray about rebuking terrorist attacks and in that message, God exposes how the enemy is coming through the border and other evil plots the enemy THINKS God doesn't know about. Thank God that our God is all-knowing and all-powerful. Here's an excerpt from that message, 

"As I tore the kingdom away from Saul, I am tearing away those platforms and positions from those who have so abused them and giving them to who I the Lord deem righteous and worthy for such. I the Lord decide such without your opinions for you do not see the heart and I do and tainted motives have caused rabid shepherds and spokesman and women. And, I the Lord have come to put them down. And, says the Spirit, Hear ye all the inhabitants of the earth. Humble yourselves before the Living God to be hidden under His wing and spared from what is to come for the Sword of the Lord and the declarations from His Throne have gone out into the earth. The enemy has been overruled (1:11)." What God's about to do it shall be miraculous and the enemy shall tremble. Glory to Yeshua God! 

This is one of the MOST POWERFUL MESSAGES. God is exposing EVERY hidden plan. Nothing is hidden from our God! Keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged. God's got this! 



4/9/21 8:05 pm God said, "Tell them calm down when they see what God does." Separately, I was reading the book of Ruth earlier and started hearing, "Pray for every police officer. Pray for every police officer." I heard it again and again in the spirit realm. Lord we lift all our officers up to you and plead the name and blood of Jesus Christ over them by God's authority. We rebuke every demonic attack against all police officers. Give them covering, protection, grace, mercy, and wisdom. Send Michael the Archangel and warring angels to defend them and reveal their angels to them so they have additional help. Expose every secret plan of the enemy. We ask for Your mercy, Lord.

Father God said again, "Let the Lord know you're walking a tightrope and need help." Remember, we have to call on God for help and ask for His mercy. God says, "CALL ON ME in the day of trouble and I WILL DELIVER YOU and you shall glorify Me." Pray, "God in Jesus name, please help me with ....." Bills, a sickness, housing, a new job...God will NOT fail!



****PLEASE PRAY******

Prophet Robert Clancy said in his Daily Prophetic Utterance video below, (12:35), "I need to pray because I saw further riots in the US concerning the police officer involved in the George Floyd case so we need to pray that these riots and these things will not go out of hand as a result of the decision that will be handed down."


Pastor Clancy also said, "Lord there shall not be riots like there were last year. We speak peace and harmony and justice in the name of Jesus Christ." He also sees a major earthquake coming to the U.S. We pray no casualties. He sees more covid cases and lockdowns in the coming months. Whatever the agenda of the enemy is (fear) we rebuke that. A US Navy ship was in an altercation. We pray peace and no war. More floods are coming. Another volcanic eruption. We pray no casualties. We pray for Indonesia and those who lost loved ones. People recovering from Covid symptoms. A parent praying for a child to get a job. It's coming. Glory to God!
End of his message...
As we posted this, Father God said, "Let them know they will have help soon."



4/8/21 Look For the Window (of Opportunity) You Have and Keep Reading Your Bible

"Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the Sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew Him not. Beloved, now are we the Sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when He shall appear, we shall be like Him; for we shall see Him as He is," 1 John 3:1-2

I apologize as I wasn't able to get back to the messages late last night. Father God was giving me a specific message. Last night and this morning He said, "Tell them they don't have to worry." He said, "These are all things I want you to say about the Father." He then went on to say, "He's going to move them out." "He will do it again." He said, "Keep praising God and praying in tongues, calling on repentance and Holy Ghost fire. Whatever you need pray for it and it's already done. When you dream, say 'It's already done.' Believe for the impossible. Tell them don't quit. I fight for you."


Praise God Whether You SEE Him or Not. He's ALWAYS There.

I was listening to Bishop T.D. Jakes's Branded message this morning. He kept saying "You gotta' praise Him anyway." But sometimes we make the mistake of ONLY praising God when we SEE the blessings. When we praise God, trust Him, and rest confidently in Him, it draws God CLOSER to us and He can provide. When we fuss or complain, that's sin and it draws God AWAY from us.

Similar to how God gave a confirming Word through Prophet Lana Vawser the other day (see video and text below), He's reconfirming to us that He's here. Keep seeking God FIRST. And, remember this important thing. God ALWAYS provides so we can confidently know regardless of what it LOOKS LIKE, He's working and making the way for us.  

 Warning: This is a separate topic and it might be disturbing to some. I heard something in the spirit and I'm not sure if it's something someone is going through with a legal case/court battle. I don't know what this is but I heard, "'She had a gun in her hands.' That's what I heard."  Separately, Father God said, "Keep all police officers in prayer."




4/7/21 You Will See Signs Soon

This morning I'm hearing, "Wait and see. You will see signs soon. Our Comforter is coming. I'm giving you a break." I'm also hearing Father God say, "It doesn't matter" as a reminder like when God said, "It doesn't matter what they SAY or DO, God's plan is already in play." And, here's why that's important.

There are people who are still walking in stubborn pride and God is trying to get them to repent (it's free will so they have to come to Him). There are also those who are involved in corruption and deception and God is giving them time to repent (because God is merciful). So, while it LOOKS LIKE God isn't doing anything, He's actually taking His time.

Are You Sure?

Imagine a roller coaster that starts so slowly. Some people don't even realize that's it's climbing a steep hill because the pacing is so slow. However, once it reaches the top it sometimes stops briefly before descending wildly out of control. And, when it does, it's too late to turn back. Hence, it's important to repent of sins NOW and get your heart right with God TODAY.

People sometimes make the mistake and think, "Well, I know the rapture can't occur yet because we haven't had the wealth transfer" so they delay in repenting. However, we must ALWAYS be a position of repentance and humility before God. NO flesh can stand before Him. And, God is handing out blessings and curses NOW. So, please take this time seriosly and repent because if you WAIT until you see Him deal with our enemies, it will be too late.

WHEN God moves it's going to be SO fast, SO quick, and SO sudden and powerful, it might be overnight. It's going to be like that coaster, or like a snowball or avalanche that spins out of control devouring EVERYTHING IN ITS PATH.

During this time, let's keep pressing into God. Work on that new ministry, your vlog, that new book series, those t-shirt designs. Do things that add value. And, whatever you need help with, take it to God in prayer. He will help with those bills, that job, that relationship.

We're going to post the balance of our Have Faith message today and the second section from our commenter the other day. Stay encouraged. God's got this!

4/7/21 3:27 pm Father God said, "Let the Lord know you're walking a tightrope and need help." A HUGE mistake we sometimes make is thinking God will AUTOMATICALLY bail us out of a jam. I mean, He's all-knowing and all-powerful, right? While the latter is true on both counts, that's NOT how God works.

We have to invite Him in and ask for His help. He says, "Call on Me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you." He's also a jealous God so we have to be mindful that we're seeking God FIRST, not man, not grandma.



4/6/21 Have Faith - Part 2

Yesterday, Father God said, "Pray against terrorist attacks." Then, early this morning, He said, "I want you to rebuke domestic terrorists. There are domestic terrorists that have to flee." We rebuke terrorism, terrorists attacks (both foreign and domestic) and we pray against sudden, violent attacks. We plead the blood of Jesus Christ over the US and dispatch warring angels to remove every terrorist. Defeat every plot and plan of the enemy before it even starts. Give our military, government and police insight into every incident before it starts. We pray victory for the US over terrorism and every plan of the enemy is defeated, Lord. Glory to Your name.

I remember when Father God said to pray against terrorism plots maybe a year ago, we posted the prayer and people prayed. I think it was a day or two later when they found a compound somewhere with an arsenal of weapons. Thank You, Lord that our God is all-knowing and all-powerful. NOTHING is hidden from our God and we don't have to live in fear. Our children will be safe. We decree it and declare it in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority.   

The Mark of the Beast (The Prophetic Word God Gave LAST YEAR And His Timing With This Message)

Father God wanted us to write about the Mark of the Beast as He doesn't want us living in the dark or fear. As 2 Timothy 1:7 states, "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of POWER, and of LOVE, and of a SOUND MIND." 

We're going to open with the Prophetic Word God gave for our Doubt article. After that, you'll find what Pastor Lance Wallnau posted today about the vaccines/MOTB. Many have questions about this new vaccine passport and if they should have the covid vaccine. But lets stay in prayer and listen to what Father God says.

Message From God When We Posted the Doubt: Mark of the Beast Article

God said "Tell them to keep coming out from among them. These are evil times. Tell them not to worry when they see what God does. Tell them/that devil to leave God's people alone. Tell them to walk away from man, from the crowds. Keep coming out from among them and stay in God's shadow. These are evil times but no flesh can stand before God." 

A Call to Pray for All Police Officers

God said, "Please tell them to pray for all police officers. These are young men and women, our sons and daughters that need our help. The devil is trying to come against them but we can rebuke these demons in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. Tell them to keep coming to the cross and sitting in front of me. They will have what they need soon and I will not fail." 

About the Mark of the Beast

God said, "What they're seeing is the mark of the beast. It wants them to come against God's laws and all the prophecies He put in place. Keep submitting to me. Man won't listen. He won't listen to Me. Keep praying for police officers." 

"The mark of the beast is here. It's coming, they might not see it yet." 

A Coming Storm

God said, "Stay in my shadow. Watch and see. Watch what you say. A storm is coming. He's trying to terrorize them but God's people are greater. They will be saying Hallelujah soon. Keep coming to me. They will see."

About Stubborn Pride

God said, "Sowing and reaping it will be great for so many. A tragic time for some who won't be obedient to me. Keep removing their stubborn pride. Their stubborn pride is in my way. It prevents Me from being able to act/move on their behalf."

"Keep coming to me and rebuking stubborn pride. keep resisting and rebuking substance abuse. You will see, I can help you."

About Those Doubting God

God said, "The danger here is so many don't believe they don't believe in me. They don’t see but they will see soon. Some of them are not calling on Me because they're not seeing my supernatural power; they keep giving up on Me. But I change not. They're turning too fast."

God also said, "Tell them they are not ready, some are not ready."

A Warning

God said, "Tell them I want them to prepare for an emergency attack." 

Good News for Many

God said, "Some are about to cross the ocean soon to better times. They can't begin to imagine what God will do for them/His people.  Watch what I say. So many will be shouting when they see what God does. The blessings He sends." 

"Tell them to get ready. Get ready for what God's about to do. They have to believe for my supernatural abilities. Keep on believing in me. They will see help soon, see my hand soon." 

"Keep going to bed early. If it's 1 o'clock, say "I have to get to bed." Keep submitting to me."

"They will see soon. There will be reunions soon for some. They will see. Praise the Lord. He will show us good things, signs. Stay at the cross. Keep on being obedient to me. Remove everything not like Me. Promotion for many." 

"I'm giving some new area codes and zip codes. I'm moving them to greater."

"Keep being obedient to me. God's perfect peace. His perfect timing.  They will rejoice when they see what God does. Keep coming to me. Tell them if its 930 I want you in bed. You don't have to go to sleep but start getting in bed earlier. You are God's property." 

End of Father God's message...

Pastor Lance Wallnau's Message From Today

Should we prepare for persecution? What form will this persecution take? The "vaccine passport" being pushed by Biden (and fought by Governors like DeSantis) will enable governments around the world to number and track every citizen. Goat State Governors like N.Y. Gov. Cuomo are ready to barcode and stamp everyone in New York. Based on past decisions he is also ready to shut down your church if you don't comply.


Stranger than fiction, the source of this digital vaccine passport comes from Israel. If anyone ought to know what it's like to have government pin a star on your uniform it should be survivors of the Nazi holocaust but such is the derangement that comes from progressives that Israel now leads the path in destroying democracy. In Israel you can not go to a grocery store to buy food without this passport. That's just one step away from not being able to buy or sell, right? One step away from a bio chip in the back of your hand or on your forehead.


What is the marxist-dictatorship by government agenda? Control. The goal is to impose totalitarian control over your life. This will of course include freedom of speech and the right to assemble. This and the right to defend yourself will be taken from those deemed to be a domestic threat. Hard to believe? Here is what makes it harder. The only push back against this will be a spiritual awakening. This awakening however can't just be among us - it must reach further and impact enough of society so as to stop the fire consuming and devouring our constitutional system of self government.


As it was in first century Rome so it is today. The true Christian is eyed as a threat to society. I suspect the installation of Kamala Caligula Harris will be the official ribbon cutting on the imperial attack. She is already known for using the powers of government in California to persecute, prosecute and jail a pro-life journalist who exposed Planned Parenthood for trafficking in the sale of baby parts. You didn't know that? I said all this before she ran and before she was V.P. and all this is a matter of public record. The goal is to get her in place by midterms so she can stoke racial hysteria against Republicans and especially Trumps influence in midterms. The devil is counting on an accelerating erosion and division among Christians.


The pressure is already on preachers to join in the condemnation of the Christians in their circle who have not yet repented of their support for President Trump. These closet Trump hating preachers are now coming out of the shadows. They have joined the progressives in parroting the theology of critical race theory and joined a chorus of condemnation of any Christian who is patriotic. They do not see the hand of almighty God in the formation of America. They cannot honor their national fathers and mothers. They don't know how to deal with the flaws of the past and argue for the virtues that overcame these flaws. Woke pastors and preachers are quick to parrot condemnation of "Christian nationalism" without ever defining what a healthy or unhealthy "nationalist" actually is. When persecution hits they will likely be the first ones to point a finger at you and say "here are your extremists." That's how verses like "brother betraying brother" roll out in communist countries. So what is unhealthy nationalism?


Exalting your race or nation above God. That is bad. What is healthy nationalism? In a free country this is especially easy to define. You are loving God by being thankful for your nation and for the hand of providence extended to your nation. Being thankful for the provision you have and the peace you enjoy you naturally care about any threat to your nation, foreign or domestic. You are thankful for freedom and pray for God to be glorified in and through your country. A Christian nationalist seeks Christ being exalted in his nation and through his nation. A Christian nationalist seeks to see society under the influence of righteousness and flourishing. It seems odd that preachers are rising up and attacking anyone who seeks to stand up to the tsunami of group think and moral degeneracy overtaking our schools, media, corporations and government.


I will talk more about this later. Here's something to read about preachers in the NYT condemning Christian Nationalism. I need to read this.
What signers on this NYT article are known in our circles????
(Bet 90% of them don't like Trump and don't like you)
and of course, I write all this in love.


End of Pastor Lance Wallnau's message...


We Don't Have To Worry...God's Got This!

Funny story we shared before. I was on a flight that couldn't land as the winds were too high at the tiny airport. I think we nose-dived 3 times and the entire plan was bobbing and weaving with the high winds. The guy next to me was shaking like a leaf and clutching his knees. He said, "I'm sorry. I'm usually better with these things. How can you be so calm?" I thought back to my morning prayers and prayers before the flight and said confidently, "God didn't tell me anything would happen today so we don't have to worry." So, you can rest confidently in God and know that He will do EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD DO. Glory to God! It's time to get excited! And, we need more cake to celebrate our victory!

8:46 pm Father God said "Rebuke the demons of terrorists."

Prophetic Word from Lana Vawser



I have been struck the past few weeks by what the Lord has been showing me about the level of attack that many have been under. I saw this attack that was coming against many was coming almost in a ‘circular’ motion. It was coming from many directions and surrounding them in what seemed like every front. It was leaving these ones feeling confined, pressured and suffocated. It was a level of heaviness that they had not experienced before. As I was watching this take place I then heard the Lord say “I am breaking the clutter”.


When He spoke those words I felt immediately that the Lord was breaking this demonic assignment against many that was coming in such a way to bring ‘chaos’ and a sense of high level anxiety that left them feeling like they couldn’t take anymore. This was not a ‘natural realm’ chaos from circumstances, this was a demonic assignment bringing chaos to attempt to steal their vitality, their life, their joy, their clarity and their momentum. The attack was coming to distract them, to attempt to cause ‘mis-alignments’ by putting such pressure on them to cause them to withdraw, give up or lay down the fight of faith in what the Lord had spoken because this battle had been so long. The enemy was attempting to bring such a pressure upon them to steal clarity and cause them to doubt what the Lord has said.


Again He spoke “I am breaking the clutter” and immediately I felt the air was clear. I felt the crispness of fresh air and the sense of many being able to breathe deeply again, to breathe without pressure, to breathe without the feeling of being suffocated and confined. I was so touched by the love of God that filled the atmosphere as I sensed these ones were so weary from the ‘fight’ - that the Lord came and stepped in and He himself fought for them (Exodus 14:14)
But where the enemy had encircled them, the Lord was not only breaking the attack, but He was bringing them FULL CIRCLE. He was bringing these ones to the point of “beginning again”. He was reminding them of what He had spoken, and strengthening them to ‘begin again’ in all that He has spoken to them and was leading them into.


He spoke again “The enemy came in with such a spirit of chaos to confine and clutter, but I am breaking the clutter and bringing these ones into a wide open space prepared for increase.”
“He brought me out into a broad place; he rescued me, because he delighted in me.” (Psalm 18:19 - ESV)
“His love broke open the way, and he brought me into a beautiful, broad place.” (Psalm 18:19 - TPT)


The very areas of confinement where the enemy was encircling so ravenously, the Lord was bringing these ones into the wide open spaces where the manifestation of the truth of Zechariah 2:5 would be seen like never before, that HE encircles them like a wall of fire and is the glory in their midst (Zechariah 2:5).


The very areas where the enemy encircled so strongly, the Lord was positioning these ones into the wide open spaces for increase in these very areas.
Mighty deliverance was upon these ones. A mighty move of the hand of God to break the attack. A mighty wave of His Spirit, a great outpouring upon these ones to bring deep refreshment and rejuvenation. Restoration unprecedented. Recompense that had never been experienced before. A deep breath of the wind of His Spirit to bring life, healing and vitality again.


Taking them by the hand, leading them into the wide open spaces and breaking them free into the new day, they were entering into places they had never imagined. I heard the delight of His heart as He spoke “Oh the places we will go”. It was so clear to me in this encounter that the enemy had come to confine, to lock down, to separate, to suffocate, but the Lord was leading these ones into places of increase beyond their wildest dreams and hopes (Ephesians 3:20) and that this season was one marked and branded by the INCREASE of the Lord.


The enemy did all he could to confine and to kill, BUT GOD. The dread champion stepped in and fought on behalf of His people and made a way out of the confined space of attack and pressure into a place of incredible freedom, longevity and increase.


4/5/21 Have Faith for What You Need

Father God said, "Tell them not to be afraid when they see what God does."  He also said, "Tell them calm down when you see what God does." As I reread this a short time ago, I heard God say, "They're [the enemy] going to be begging my forgiveness when they see what I do." Again, I hear [for God's People], "Tell them calm down." When I called my mom I heard Father God say, "Tell them do not panic when you see what God does."  

Side Note: God is on the move. LA had earthquakes at 4:44 this morning. As God's Children and His Chosen Ones, we can rest confidently at Jesus's Feet. Glory to God!


6:38 pm...Okay, I apologize for the delay. I had to do a little research and dig back a few months ago because it lines up with something someone shared today. As the Body/Bride/Ecclesia, we sometimes receive one word and someone else has another word that's confirming. What God's revealing is so prolific and it's RIGHT THERE!


On 12/1/20, we shared Robin Bullock's video on Sid Roth. God told Robin about a Christmas present He had for us. I THINK Robin said that God was going to overturn the election. After Father God had us put up our Sing message with songs so we can worship Him, we wrote on 12/1,


"Father God said in so many words, all we have to do is "sing" unto God and declare "Victory!" This is like a missing puzzle piece. You see, all year long, Father God kept saying "It's going to feel like Santa Claus" but that was it. He'd say separately, "We'll be shouting victory!" and that "They would be saying 'Not fair, not fair' when they see what God does." Remember, ONLY God has the final say and like Robin said, God will be laughing (Psalm 3) because He has something up His sleeve man doesn't know about and so will we (because He gives us victory over our enemies!)."


So God was saying 3 things: Sing and declare victory and that it would feel like Santa Claus. The other important part was that God had something up his sleeve that man DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT. Then, on 12/13 we wrote, "Father God said to tell you about Robin Bullock's message from God, "Don't worry. I have set up a surprise. We will all be laughing together." 
I mentioned again that Robin confirmed what Father God said about revival coming. The KEY HERE is that Father God said, "Don't worry. I have set up a surprise. We will all be laughing together." So then today, a sweet commenter shared a conversation SHE HAD with Father God. Before the election she was talking to God about not wanting to be under a Biden administration but God told her she won't have to. 
He told her, "You won’t have to. I’m going to let them THINK that they’ve won for a little while, and let them laugh and brag and think they’ve outsmarted everyone." She asked if he meant similar to Haman from Esther's time and God said to her, "Like Haman! Exactly! Then I’m going to flip the script." So, like Haman and Mordecai, they will fall into the traps they set for President Trump, God's People and America. Meaning ALL OF THEIR CURSES, HEXES, AND WICKED SCHEMES will boomerang back on THEM!!
So, God is turning ALL THEIR WITCHCRAFT ATTACKS AGAINST THEM. And, I can confirm this. I wrote about my downstairs neighbor who has been threatening our family and practicing black magic against us. This last time when he spoke evil against me he was outside and looked up at my window and was nodding his head several times like, "Yeah, you'll see what's coming to you." But when I prayed to God, Father God said, "Every evil word he spoke against you it will not come to you. It will go to him instead." And, I've been praying God's mercy for my neighbor and that he change. My neighbor went through all kinds of suffering and had to back off. 
Now, I don't write this to boast because we're to pray for our enemies. I only write it to say, God is moving and this is going to be some kind of MIGHTY DEMONSTRATION and MOVE OF GOD. Like Father God said in the opening today about the enemy, "They're [the enemy] going to be begging my forgiveness when they see what I do."
In the meantime, please continue to press into God and do what He said, sing to Him and declare the victory. And, if you haven't read it, please read our Easter/Resurrection Sunday message from yesterday. Whatever your need is God will supply it. But, like CeCe Winans and Donna Rigney said, the devil KNOWS he can get people through unbelief. But, we're not working in our power or our strength. We're using God's.
Like the electric car example we used yesterday, we MUST switch over His Power to fuel us. When you hit that wall that says, "I can't do this," recognize that yes, that's your flesh reaching it's physical limit. But that's not what God wants. What He's saying is "Not by might nor by strength but by God's Spirit." So call on God's Spirit and ask Him to step in. Then have faith and let His Supernatural Power take hold.
    • Like the angels told Mary and Zechariah in the New Testament, "For with God, nothing is impossible," Luke 1:35-45.
    • Like God told Abraham, "By Myself I have sworn....I will bless thee," Genesis 22:16-17.
    • Like Jesus said to the disciples, "For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened," Matthew 7:8.
We'll pick up on this topic again tomorrow. Hallelu-Yahweh! To God be the glory!


Message From God Through Our Ministry from April 2020

Keep turning the TV off and coming to me. It's time. It's time.. Keep telling them to go to bed early so they can get up and pray to me. Tell them "God is not playing with man". Keep coming out from among them. Don't look back. They will regret what they see... what God does... Keep coming to me, calling on me, praising God. Keep praising me, singing to me. Stay in God's shadow. Tell them the devil thought he had his way. But I am the Rock. I am making a way. Tell them stay away from the enemy. Stay in my shadow.  The mark of the beast (MOTB) and satan's army thought he had his way. They were shocked when they saw what God did. The MOTB is strong but God's army is stronger. Keep submitting to me. There are so many in line for promotion. Keep submitting to me, believing in me. Lay your burdens down at the altar. I know it's hard. It's a hard place. But you will see recovery soon. Soon. Keep asking for God's mercy. It's new for some. Keep reading your Bible and submitting to me.  Tell them I want them to have an attitude of gratitude when they submit to me. It's not their fault what I've done. It's man's. There were snakes among them. So many were on the brink of bankruptcy or falling into destruction. Tell them we serve a loving God who is committed to us. Touch in agreement with one another. The Lord fights for you. Keep submitting to me. Keep asking for God's mercy. The crowds were like a stench to me. [I felt like I was going to throw up when He said the stench part] This coronavirus will be over soon. Stay in God's shadow when you go back to work.  Tell them they [the enemy] think God's people are going out of their minds. Remember they can't touch God's people, they cant hurt us. Obey what I say. Remove their stubborn hearts. Replace their oil with gladness. Stubbornness has to flee. I am their hedge of protection, not man. Keep coming to me. They will see help soon. They will see God's help soon. They will be shouting "Hallelujah!". The economy is about to erupt when it sees what God does. [I'm nauseous again] The MOTB is strong. It wants to have it's way but I will not allow it. I'm preparing the table for them. They will see in time. Keep coming away from them. Coming away from the crowds. He's (MOTB) hiding in them [the crowds]. It's time. Tell them to come out from among them before it reveals itself. They will hear more about the MOTB soon and I want God's people away from them, from Him. Hear my voice. Saturate my atmosphere with praise. Look for your windows. God is making the way for you. Landlords are submitting to me. Credit card bills will be paid off. Keep submitting to me. Don't give up or kill yourself. That's the enemy playing with the minds of God's people. He [the enemy] has no authority. Look for your window. Be sure. Be sure you know you are walking in God's ways and not man's/the enemies. So many are confused. They think they see but they can't because I hide myself. Keep coming to me, seeking me out. Stir up their gifts, agitate the atmosphere. Tremble o earth... They will see help soon. They will receive help soon. Don't waste it. Don't waste this time. Come to me. Come to the Father. Ask yourself, "Are you sure?" Are you sure you're saved and walking right? So many have had THEIR ways but are you after God's heart. Be after God's heart. Be after me. Seek me first...Keep asking for God's mercy. Stop fighting me, being resistant to me. I'm about to start an earth quaking their --- can't resist. Keep coming to the table. Keep coming to me. I will show you in time. The MOTB, the stench, it's like bile. Keep coming to me and coming away from them. Keep submitting to me. You will see. You will have help soon.  Keep submitting to me and you will have victory soon. It's a new day. That old devil. Those old demons they are defeated. I'm going to give you a break, time away so you can stay with your families. Keep being obedient to me. Keep turning the scriptures on and walk away from anything not like me. I want you to do things that have purpose as you draw near to me. I have a heart for you but do you have a heart for God?



4/4/21 The Hem of His Garment (Why the "Touch" is Key)

Happy Easter and Happy Resurrection Sunday. We praise God! Our Redeemer lives! I hear Father God saying, "Let them know they will see help soon." Before we start our message I want to add something important. Please repent of all sins dating back to your ancestors. From what God has been saying through the prophets and pastors, we're in a Nineveh moment of sorts where Father God is giving people time to repent. Even if you say, "I haven't sinned," repent anyway because the Bible states, "We all fall short of the glory of God." Then read your Bible and spend time with Father God.

I had a dream last night where I saw a black church. There were cliques and groups everywhere. I saw chaos and disorder. People were fighting and complaining. The deacon wouldn't come out of the office OR help anyone. Sister So-and-So stayed in the bathroom for an hour doing her hair and makeup. And, I was there, too, and along with everyone else, no one was focusing on the Word. An important part of worship is not fretting about but resting at Jesus's feet, so let's give 100% of our attention to the Lord (unless you have young kids and give 99% to pastor but that 1% stays on that one child!).

Easter messages are usually about the resurrection and Jesus delivering us. But, I want to use Father God's theme about the hem of Jesus's garment and why "touch" is so important. Many don't see that we're in partnership with God. Meaning, we can literally touch in agreement with God for what we need. When we pray, it's not "Well, maybe God will show up and help with this." We serve a God who is bringing Heaven to earth for us. He's saying, "Tell Me what you need and I will do it." We don't SEE the limitless power of God or the power in the blood of Jesus because the devil has fought us so long to feel...well, powerLESS. However, the woman with the issue of blood demonstrated something significant that pastors don't always mention.

Touching in Agreement with Jesus

The woman with the issue of blood had a need and we know that Jesus and God love to help hungry and hurting people. She pressed in and believed that WHEN she touched Jesus she WOULD RECEIVE her healing and that's exactly what happened. What's interesting is she didn't have a Bible where she could turn to Mark 11:22-26 and say, "Well, you said believe and I can receive it." No, the example is given for us to know how to call on God. It's also to help us know how to make manifest in the natural what we ask for in the spiritual. 

In your own life, how does this apply? Consider the witchcraft attacks that are affecting so many prophets. The devil's been trying to annihilate God's Prophets because God is putting His Voice in His Prophets. Lana Vawser discussed this in-depth a few videos back. Meaning, what the prophets speak SHALL COME TO PASS. So the devil is terrified because revival is coming THIS YEAR. President Trump is restored THIS YEAR. And, satan and all his minions know their time is up. Now, with the witchcraft attacks, we explored yesterday about how to go deeper in God and block out the devil's distractions. Today, let's add that we need to bring Jesus there, i.e., touch in agreement with God and Jesus .So, how do we achieve this? Here's a simple example.

Let's say you raise your hand to block the devil and rebuke him. By yourself and in your own flesh, that's limited because you're only one person coming against legions. The example is the demon that attacked the man because he said, "Jesus I know but who are you?" Now, let's say that you raise your hand to block and rebuke the devil but instead of doing it by yourself, you say in Jesus name. There is power in the blood to break every chain, right? So we KNOW you have the authority to make demons flee. But, I want you to take it a step further because we're dealing with high-level witchcraft, incantations, sorcery, black magic, voodoo, juju and other demonic practices. Hence, this illustration and what you SEE is important as it will help build your confidence.

When you raise your hand to block and rebuke the devil, see your hand locked hand-in-hand with Jesus AND God. A cord of 3 isn't easily broken, right? And, we know that NOTHING can stop God and Jesus. However, the goal here is to recognize that when you SEE yourself partnered with God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost, NOTHING can come against you. No witchcraft can work, nothing. It makes you unstoppable like Jesus was and demons have to flee because you're coming in and working in Jesus's name and God's authority, not your own. See the difference? The last step here is to believe and don't doubt. And, this is also important because doubt is like a crack in the ceiling where water can get in. Do not let it in.

Doubt Starts Small Like a Crack in the Ceiling: Don't Let It In

Even when my downstairs neighbor was cursing me every day and I couldn't sleep at night, I would plead the blood of Jesus Christ, rebuke my neighbor and go to bed. Then, I'd hear, "But what if he tries to come in through a window." I recognized it was the devil trying to come in through fear. Remember, he NEEDS FEAR TO GET IN, so don't let him.

I'd turn over, plump up the pillows and say, "I rebuke you satan in the name and blood of Jesus Christ. It is written, tempt not the Lord, Thy God. I don't have the spirit of fear...and Michael the Archangel and my guardian angel will REMOVE anything that tries to come against me." And, I'd sleep like a baby. That's what I'm telling you.

The power of Jesus's blood AND HOW WE SEE God working works but we MUST build our confidence and don't doubt at all. The woman with the issue of blood got through the crowds because she believed. She received her healing because of her faith. She NEVER said a word of doubt to cancel the blessing she wanted to receive.

Why We Need a Believe-ONLY, Resurrected Mind

As I mentioned in the opening about the power coming to God's prophets, the devil is terrified because he knows as God SHIFTS more authority to God's prophets and pastors, when we speak demons will go running in terror and flee like they did when Jesus showed up. So, please stay encouraged as you celebrate Resurrection Sunday. And, as you rebuke satan, see that cord of 3. See the unbreakable cord of YOU, God and Jesus. The devil CANNOT get through that so don't let him in your mind. It's our minds that need the work now.

Like I mentioned about the construction next door the other day. We don't need to make repairs to our minds. We need a NEW MIND. "Let this mind be in You which was also in Christ Jesus." As My mom would say, "Lord, program my mind to receive from you" and "Renew my mind, Lord." Having this believe-only mind is what Donna Rigney discussed yesterday (video below) and what CeCe Winans discussed on Friday (video below).

CeCe Winans said in her Believe For It video, "We only doubt God when we forget what He's already done."


Prophet Donna Rigney said on Elijah Streams about our belief and faith, "And, that's why it's so important to God. He[God] said, the tactic of the enemy, he knows, that we can be defeated by unbelief more than anything. So, what is the enemy trying to do? Rob us of our faith in what God said He will do. If he can get us to doubt God, doubt God's power, even get us to talk about it with other people, 'Oh I don't think God's going to do this. This isn't going to happen.' That is not pleasing to God. Faith pleases God and so we've got to hang onto faith. God you said it. You're going to do it because you're mighty. You're awesome. Then look back at all of the wonderful things He has done already."


Ultimately, as we celebrate the Resurrection, let's glorify God and remember that NOTHING is impossible for God. We are walking in HIS authority and uniting as the Bride/Body/Ecclesia. What a glorious vision!  And, by having that 100% mind of Christ that all things are possible when we believe, it's easier to block out the devil who we have 100% authority over (and seal those cracks so he can't get in with fear and distractions). Our new mindset helps us stand confidently on God's Word and see the cord of 3 with God and Jesus that is impenetrable. And, there's NOTHING we cannot do. I hear Father God saying, "Don't worry. You will SEE soon."

We thank you, Jesus for your sacrifice on the cross for us. We thank You Father God for sending Jesus to us for the propitiation of sins. Jesus, Your name is above all names and we love you for every example, teaching experience and lesson. And, Lord, by God's authority and in Jesus's name, we hear and obey You and we invite You, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost in and unlimited legions of warring and ministering angels.

We call on the Fire of God to fall now on us. We call on the Fear of God to fall to remove Jezebel, Hanan and all witchcraft. Expose all corruption and let the angels bring every hidden and secret thing to light. By the blood and name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority, we expose and eradicate all sin, perversions, corruption (including in politics, social media and news media outlets), abortion, pedophilia, sexual sin, child trafficking and all the evil and wickedness from this world to get ready for the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We repent of all sins and for tolerating Jezebel, religious spirits and Leviathan, Lord. We repent for waking in fear and not standing in our authority.

We take our nation back, Lord. We are NOT sold to Haman and he can't steal the US from You, Lord. We receive the wealth transfer, Your restoration power and power from on high from You, Lord. We restore You, Lord God, back in the United States, back in schools, businesses, homes and churches. We rededicate this great nation to You. We pray for the restoration of President Trump back to office as he holds Your mantle over the US. We pray over his administration, protection and covering. We pray revitalization to our economy, to farms, businesses and homes. We pray covering and protection over our military, for every police officer and over all our frontline workers. We eradicate Covid, cancers and other diseases from us as speak Jesus's healing and resurrection power in the blood. We pray for this global revival in every nation, country and region to honor and glorify You, Yahweh as we prepare for Jesus's return. To God be the glory!     

9:01 pm We hope everyone enjoyed their Easter / Resurrection Sunday. Father God said twice earlier, "Tell them calm down when they see what God does." I'm also hearing, "Are you sure?" Are you sure you've repented? Are you sure you're on the right side with God? Not Dems versus Republicans but light/good versus darkness/evil. There's been a lot of witchcraft blinding people so pray and ask the Holy Spirit if you're hearing and SEEING clearly. If you're riding the fence about God, that's another area to stay in prayer over. Tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone. Hence the salvation and repentence prayers are so important (so don't wait, okay?).

While we KNOW God is going to do something big, let's remember to rest in Him and worship at Jesus's feet. As my Mom said, "God doesn't need us stepping in or getting in His way. Let Him handle it." It's also important to continue doing ALL that God has asked of us so we are ready WHEN He moves. We don't want to be like the man that buried the 1 bag he was given (Matthew 25:18). Do what you can, let God do what you can't (and don't bury your gifts!). Expect the SUPERNATURAL! God will do EXCEEDINGLY and ABUNDANTLY above...but first this tsunami disruption that's coming to the devil and all his cohorts is gonna be a little messy (see Colette's video below and Donna Rigney's from yesterday). 

Side Note: Someone on YouTube mentioned that there are 52 volcanoes that are erupting or have erupted this month. God is moving the earth and everything in the atmosphere (hold onto Him and His Word!). Hallelu-Yahweh!

Separately, tomorrow is 4/5/21 and Isaiah 45:21 states, "Tell ye, and bring them near; yea, let them take counsel together: who hath declared this from ancient time? who hath told it from that time? have not I the LORD? and there is no God else beside Me; a just God and a Saviour; there is none beside Me." That's the King James Version.

Another version states, "Declare what is to be, present it- let them take counsel together. Who foretold this long ago, who declared it from the distant past? Was it not I, the LORD? And there is no God apart from Me, a righteous God and a Savior; there is none but Me." Thank You, Lord, that we have Your Heavenly counsel! 

Using the 45:21, we also have Genesis 45:21 where Joseph has provision for his brothers after the famine when he forgave them, "And the children of Israel did so: and Joseph gave them wagons, according to the commandment of Pharaoh, and gave them provision for the way." A reminder that God ALWAYS provides and makes the way for us. To God be the glory!







4/3/21 Remember the Power of the Blood

Did the devil try to make you lose confidence in God? Confidence in yourself? Or, both? If you've gone through a HUGE demonic or witchcraft attack, it's likely it tried to undermine your confidence but you might not have realized it or noticed it initially. You might start work or school related projects and self-sabotaging thoughts set in. Or, you rebuke a demon that's antagonizing you but it KEEPS COMING BACK. Eventually, all your energy is depleted and you start experiencing self-doubt. Then, the Holy Spirit says, "Believe the possibilities" or something else encouraging. Instead of SEEING what He says and walking in it, you might weakly say, "But I am." And, deep down inside you ARE doing your best. The problem is the flesh has limitations and we must turn over to the Spirit which is LIMITLESS.

POWER From On High

"Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understandingIn all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths," Proverbs 3:5-6

One of my writing clients has a platform for luxury cars and SUVs, hybrids and electric cars. And, the information I learned about them is very enlightening. Certain electric vehicles rely on a charge of electricity to run. That's great for short distances like driving to run errands. But, what happens when you want to drive longer distances? Once that electricity charge is depleted, the vehicle then uses gas for the engine to function. You're not left stranded on the highway going door to door saying, "This is going to sound really strange but do you have several super long extension cords I can borrow?" However, some Christians feel like they're going through this now.

We have our flesh or "our way" of doing things, our mindset and what we're used to. But God and Jesus want us to convert over to THEIR way because God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have limitless power. Pastor Wanda Alger spoke about this a few weeks ago. She mentioned how as we go into this NEW ERA we have to let go of old ways of thinking. And, this is also confirmed in the Prophetic Word my Mom gave yesterday where God said,

"He's going to do new things but we must obey. Many are doing their own thing. Too many are doing their own thing...sinning. He still loves us - unconditionally but He still wants us to obey, believe, have trust/faith for HIM TO DO IT, not us to do it. He knows what's best. We think WE KNOW. He said, 'But I know better.'" 

Hence, we have to let go of the flesh - literally, so God can work through us in the spirit. Calling on the Blood of Jesus in this area is so important because when we apply Jesus's blood, we break the bondage chains the devil tried to ensnare us with. And, I believe it was Pastor John Ramirez, a former satan worshiper who said it best. He described how demons can't work properly when God's People plead the blood of Jesus. He said they would have meetings about how their witchcraft and curses failed because people were pleading the blood of Jesus. To them, it was like nails on a chalkboard! But, pleading the Blood is only one step. 

He Inhabits the Praises of His People  

Another area where we can use the blood of Jesus is with our praise to God. Think of the Pentecostal church and praises that go up to God. It's two-fold. It's like the electric car using both electricity and gas to fuel the engine. Singing to God draws Him closer to us and as God draws closer, the enemy has to flee. And, here's why this matters.

Part of the enemy's plan is to undermine how we feel about ourselves and how we feel about God in us. The devil's goal? To discourage us so we can't grow stronger in our callings. It's why rigging the election and using witchcraft was important. The devil KNEW that if he could make it LOOK LIKE God's prophets got it wrong, people would get discouraged, lose faith and eventually give up. 

Believe Only and Don't Doubt

As CeCe Winans said in her Believe For It video (see yesterday's posts below), "We only doubt God when we forget what He's already done." This is a topic Prophet Donna Rigney explores in the powerful, must-watch Elijah Streams video below. She says something significant at about 37-minutes in. Host Steve Shultz describes how the Children of Israel let their murmuring and complaining keep them in the desert for 40-years when they said, (Massah and Meribah), "Is God with us or not?" And Donna says in response,

"And, that's why it's so important to God. He said, the tactic of the enemy, he knows, that we can be defeated by unbelief more than anything. So, what is the enemy trying to do? Rob us of our faith in what God said He will do. If he can get us to doubt God, doubt God's power, even get us to talk about it with other people, 'Oh I don't think God's going to do this. This isn't going to happen.' That is not pleasing to God. Faith pleases God and so we've got to hang onto faith. God you said it. You're going to do it because you're mighty. You're awesome. Then look back at all of the wonderful things He has done already." She goes on to say, look back at the signs and the 10 plagues. And, remember what He did. Then, Meditate on the Word so we have faith in this hour.  

In looking at this election corruption, we have to treat it like Good Friday. Yes, Jesus is on the cross...but it's only Friday. Yes, they temporarily moved President Trump out of offfice...but it's only Friday. God isn't going to LET someone ILLEGITIMATE that He didn't give a mantle to occupy HIS HOUSE. Hence, we MUST press in and remember that God's Word NEVER leaves void. Is that why Jesus said, "Remember Me"?

Even if you turn the topic to Covid, we must still stand on Jesus's blood and believe for healings. We must see the power of the blood working to eradicate Covid from the earth. What the devil meant for harm will not work because God is greater and we can plead the blood of Jesus over our illnesses, over our debts, over that job loss and every other area where we need it. So, what exactly does the blood of Jesus do? What does it cover?

What Jesus's Blood Does For Us

    1. Through the Blood of Jesus, all of our sins have been forgiven.
    2. Through the Blood of Jesus, we have been redeemed out of the hand of the devil.
    3. As we walk in the light of God, the Blood of Jesus cleanses us and it continually cleanses us from all sin when we confess our sins.
    4. Through the Blood of Jesus, we are justified, set free, and made righteous (as if the first man Adam had never sinned).
    5. Through the Blood of Jesus, we are sanctified, made whole and set apart by God. We now have access to God and we're His Sons and Daughters and in a new covenant with Him.

    The Same God Who Did It Before Will Do It Again

    David was overlooked by his family. When he ran on the field to help his brothers in their battle against Goliath, he said, "What have I done now?" This is an example of a victim mindset. It comes from being under severe attack where EVERY situation looks like someone is against you. However, when he ran out onto the field to defeat Goliath he remembered God. His confidence came back as he described how God helped him slay the lion and the bear. Hence, by the time David ran on the field to slay Goliath, (like that car switching over to fuel for power), he didn't need a sword to slay Goliath, he used the name and power of the Living God! 

    In our own lives, it's important to remember the POWER of the blood of Jesus Christ. The same God who was there before is here now and we can call on Him to break EVERY chain, heal EVERY heart and bring restoration in EVERY area where we need it.

    7 Ways the Blood of Jesus Works For Us:

    1) Redemption 2) Cleansing 3) Justification 4) Sanctification 5) Life 6) Intercession 7) Access

    Let's remember to be thankful Jesus washed all our sins away. The powerful blood of Jesus Christ is covering, protecting, moving and working on our behalf from glory to glory. Remember Jesus's blood today and thank Jesus for dying  on the cross for us.


    Continue to call on Jesus and switch over to God and Jesus's power and THEIR WAY of thinking. Where our minds say, "I'm so tired of these attacks" and "I can't go on," they are saying "You CAN do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens you." Apply the blood of Jesus and SWITCH OVER to God and Jesus's strength today. To God be the glory!



    [Verse 1]
    I was a Wretch
    And I Remember who I was
    I was Lost, I was Blind
    I was Running out of time
    Sin Separated
    The Breach was far too Wide
    But from the far side of the Chasm
    You Held me in your Sight

    [Verse 2]
    So You made a Way
    Across the great divide
    Left behind Heavens Throne
    To Build it here Inside
    And there at the Cross
    You Paid the Debt I Owed
    Broke my Chains, Freed my Soul
    For the First Time I had Hope

    Thank you Jesus
    For the Blood Applied
    Thank you Jesus
    It have Washed me White
    Thank you Jesus
    You have Saved my Life
    Brought me from the darkness
    Into Glorious Light

    [Verse 3]
    You took my Place
    Laid Inside my Tomb of sin
    You were Buried for Three days
    Then You Walked Right out again
    And now death has no Sting
    And Life has no End
    For I have been Transformed
    By the Blood of the Lamb

    Thank you Jesus
    For the Blood Applied
    Thank you Jesus
    It have Washed me White
    Thank you Jesus
    You have Saved my Life
    Brought me from the darkness
    Into Glorious Light

    There is nothing Stronger
    Oh the Wonder Working
    Power of the Blood,
    The Blood, that Calls us
    Sons and Daughters
    We are Ransomed by our Father
    Through the Blood, the Blood

    There is nothing Stronger
    Oh the Wonder Working
    Power of the Blood,
    The Blood, that Calls us
    Sons and Daughters
    We are Ransomed by our Father
    Through the Blood, the Blood

    Thank you Jesus
    For the Blood Applied
    Thank you Jesus
    It have Washed me White
    Thank you Jesus
    You have Saved my Life
    Brought me from the darkness
    Into Glorious Light

    Glory to His name
    Glory to His name
    There to my Heart
    Was the Blood Applied
    Glory to His name 



    4/2 His Love is Good Enough

    Across the court from our apartment building, the next building lost their power a few weeks ago. But, what looked like a simple outage is actually something major. They're now on generators and the utility company is out day and night making repairs. We've seen all kinds of new cables and wires being removed. And, the residents were even displaced temporarily. It's surprising how many workers are now "on the scene." 

    In our own lives, a lot of people have gone through a time when they feel like they had no energy to move on. Or, they felt like they were in the dark and about to lose everything. But, we serve a loving God who is here for us. The problem is we don't always see God as all-knowing AND all-powerful. And, that's what happened to Jesus. 

    What They Didn't Know About Jesus

    Jesus came into the world to help people and save souls. He talked to everyone and tried to inspire each person He met. The problem was the world didn't receive Jesus. They rejected Him and wanted to kill Him. They went so far as to kill Jesus and nail Him to a cross. It's why we reflect on this time today, Good Friday. And, man, things must have looked dark and bleak after Jesus was killed. While we always say, "Jesus died for our sins," we don't always reflect on the fact that "They killed Jesus."

    There were the disciples in the dark probably feeling like lost sheep and wondering who might be assassinated next. But, then God did the miraculous. God turned the lights back on. You see, Jesus went to hell and redeemed us from the grave. Meaning, when His flesh died, so did ours and satan had no hold on our lives again, i.e., EVERY curse was broken. [Like those huge cables I saw, the repairmen cut all the old ties to those dead things.] Then, when Jesus arose from the grave, His light started shining so brightly. Not just for the disciples but for all the world to see. Not just for Israel and Jerusalem in Biblical times but RIGHT NOW when we need God's help the most with President Trump and this election.

    It's almost like God said, "Let there be light" but the devil said, "No, I'm going to make it dark." But it CAN'T STAY DARK (with witchcraft, pedophilia, sexual sin and corruption). The devil can't continue to twist the news media, social media and politicians with the mark of the beast to have God's People in the dark because God's Word NEVER leaves void. So, we're waiting on God and billions of His angels to correct everything. We're waiting on God to eradicate and remove everything that's not like Him and doesn't line up with His Word. And, because God loves us SO MUCH, so shall it be... 

    Let God Help You

    When you look in your own life, don't put limitations on God. Or, assume a temporary fix is all that's coming or all you need. God might send a temporary fix in the short-run, like the massive generators I saw next door to quickly restore power. However, in the long-run, God wants better for His People. He wants us restored. He wants our land given back to us and our rights to serve Him freely and unashamed. He wants poverty, abortion, pedophilia and child trafficking eradicated. He wants His Bride/Body/Ecclesia to rise and rule as we prepare for the return of Jesus, the Bridegroom. So, this time is different. God's not just doing repairs. He's doing a NEW THING so it's a massive overhaul with sweeping changes in our lives, our homes, communities, jobs and neighborhoods.

    We're going to see changes with the news media, social media and even how we get online and receive information. We're going to see a record number of people removed from their offices and positions of power and influence. And, this will include some church leaders, celebrities and people in high positions of power that's going to ROCK the world. Hence, it's a MASSIVE cleaning out of everything dark and destructive to let God's light in. And, in our own lives, let's invite God in and ask for His help and then trust God's timing and His process. 

    Similar to how I see all the repairmen, building workers and police helping next door, it's a coordinated effort. God has warring angels fighting for you in battle and He's sent ministering angels to comfort you. We also have our guardian angels to guide us and the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost. Pray and ask God what you need to do next. Ask the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost for direction and guidance. Father God is saying to "Pray for families" and He mentioned before that "Some will be moving soon to better neighborhoods and some will cross the ocean soon." I'm also reminded of when God said, "Everything is subject to change." And, God WILL restore you and your family, our nation and our planet. Have faith and believe!


    5:27 pm On a separate note, we're so saddened to hear about the loss of a police officer today at the Capital. Father God said several times yesterday to pray for all our officers. We keep this officer's family in prayer and pray for the safety, covering and protection of these brave men and women.

    Prophetic Message/Word From God Through My Mom

    Father God started speaking through my mom earlier and she said the following below. Apologies if I'm off with the quotes. I was writing as she was talking and Father God said told me to be quiet (so we don't disrupt the spirit and it can flow)! 

    "He's going to do new things but we must obey. Many are doing their own thing. Many still need to see His works. Many are still hesitant but they're doubting, seeing the negative. Why am I going through this? It's for a reason to let you know who I am. He's also saying, 'I am a God who doesn't play.' Too many are doing their own thing...sinning. He still loves us - unconditionally but He still wants us to obey, believe, have trust/faith for HIM TO DO IT, not us to do it. He knows what's best. We think WE KNOW. He said, 'But I know better. Yes, good things are coming. I hear the prayers, the cries. I know. It's a new year, new thing, yes, a lot of deaths but still, good is coming. It might take time. Good is coming. I do not play. I do not play. I am the Lord Thy God. I come first in everything' and that is what He said, to God be the glory. It will get easier, brighter, there will be laughter, to God be the glory. Yes, there will be laughter, to laugh again, relax again, but it will take time. It's like a cleansing. It's like a cleansing. Like a sifting. Glory, Hallelujah. We still need to love on each other, care for each other. [As she spoke I kept hearing God say "wisdom" over and over.] He is the judge and those who disobey, He'll take care of them. Do not worry. Do not fret. I see all. I will take care of them. Good things. Maybe a shortage? We'll see. Right now...He does love us unconditionally. [My mom then referenced CeCe Winans' special so we added it above]. Cece tied in how much He loves us. She talks about people who have given up but God loves you and He has not given up. Her brother Ronald was hospitalized and received a miracle and her father had a resurrection story. It was a good concert, right on time about the resurrection. God also said revival is coming. Yes, indeed. It's going to be all over. People will be rejoicing, shouting and praising God again. [This is confirmation as I've only briefly mentioned to my mom about the revival that's coming.] [Again I hear "wisdom".] It's about relationship. Knowing Him. Loving on Him. A lot of people are down, depressed, not going to church. People are leery. It's going to take a while for capacity to pick up. Good things are coming. Shelves stocked again. Jobs plentiful. It will take a while but it will come. Remember, it's darkest before dawn but He's taking care of it. He's a good and loving Father and He's taking care of us. As far as the east is from the west. He doesn't hold anything against us and the good news is we can start over if we want. It's about a relationship and He does look on the heart. Hallelujah. Praise Him. Love Him. Keep reading your Bible. It's about worship. Loving Him. Praising Him. There is power in the blood. Hallelujah."   




    4/1/21 Wait and See What God Does (What God's About To Do)

    I'm hearing Father God say, "Keep singing to Me" and "Keep coming out from among them." Separately, we ask special prayers for the brave men and women who protect and defend us. Father God said late last night, "Watch for a credit crash" and "Please pray for all police officers." With praying for the officers, God has said this several times over the past few days. I'm not sure if it has to do with the case that's on the news but we pray no retaliation or vengeance against any police officers.

    I'm not sure if the devil has some kind of attack planned or is putting hate on the minds of people but Father God is starting to say, "Pray for all police officers" more. And, what's interesting is when I realized this last night and posted it, my computer froze and I had to reboot EVERYTHING, so please stay in prayer for our officers. This is a time when we should be drawing closer to God in prayer and sitting at Jesus's feet. But the enemy will try to stir up hate on the news. And, while it might LOOK LIKE these officers were racists and coming against innocent blacks, this is also a trick of the devil.

    Satan uses demons through people to strike fear. He also wants to cause the spirit of offense to:

      • 1. Block answered prayers and blessings because if you're offended you can't hear from God, (Mark 11:22-26),
      • 2. Cause "certain groups" to justify dismantling the police, (which goes against God having people govern over us, Romans 13:1).
      • 3. Make us vulnerable and exposed to future domestic and foreign attacks. Hence we must pray against this.

    It is a STRONG witchcraft attack that many do not see but God is opening eyes and removing the veil. We keep our officers uplifted in prayer and ask covering for every officer, their families, working partners and their K-9 units in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. God will expose the true intentions of the devil. We also pray for the families of those affected by unprovoked attacks and we pray God's justice for you and your loved ones. However, these are demons working to divide God's people but He will expose EVERY hidden attack and plan of the devil.

    Keep Doing Acts of Service and Random Acts of Kindness


    "And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto Me," Matthew 25:40.


    After giving a delivery worker my packages the other day, she'd planned she was taking a vacation. And, that's when I remembered the glasses. I'd bought all these discounted sunglasses so I ran to get them and let her pick out a few pairs. As she left, I thought about how her face mask kept slipping when she was talking. I took our box of masks and ran to catch her at the elevator. And, I heard Father God say, "Let her pick out the one she wants." I didn't realize until after He said spoke that there are all kinds of ways we can show kindness and help others.


    Whether you can wash feet like Jesus did this week or perform some other kind act, let's keep drawing closer to God. Holy Week is a time of reflection to worship God and sit at Jesus's feet. It's also a time to be thankful that God loved us so much, He sent His Son, Jesus!


    Keep reading your Bible each day and try to get to bed at 9:30 pm. God's been talking to His Kids and sharing what's on His Heart! Glory to God!


    Prophetic Word from Prophet Lana Vawser

    Recently the Lord showed me that there are many in the body of Christ who have been assaulted by a very intense spirit of ‘confusion’ of late. It has caused many to feel like they have been thrown into a ‘haze’ and clarity that the Lord had given was now suddenly feeling overshadowed by a strong feeling of ‘did God really say that?’


    The intent of this assault was to hinder God’s people from stepping into greater manifestations of that which He has spoken and the new assignments and ventures that are before them.


    I watched in this vision as many were in deep anguish before the Lord, they were crying out for deep deliverance from the weight of confusion and despair that was surrounding them. I continued to hear the words “I just don’t know anymore”. I began to see many of these ones feeling so weighed down and taking on this confusion as their own. I then heard the Lord speaking to these ones “This confusion is not your own. This is a spirit of witchcraft coming against you to steal the vision, to hinder the birthing, to hinder the movement and to cause such despair to come upon you that you will not move forth into the promised land that I have for you by taking hold of that which I have spoken.”
    I could feel such a sense in the atmosphere to STAND on that which God has spoken and to be full of resolve of what He has said.


    His words surrounded me:
    “Do not dance with confusion.”


    There was such a strong encouragement of the Lord to stand on what He has said and to not entertain the confusion in any way shape or form. To not entertain the doubt, as those who are dancing with the confusion have found themselves begin to spiral deeper and deeper into lack of clarity, discouragement and despair.


    It was so important to come against this spirit of witchcraft by not only by taking authority over it in the name of Jesus, but remaining in a place of praise that was pushing the enemy back and the heavy fog of confusion was lifting and the Lord was bringing deeper and deeper confirmation and clarity.


    “I am bringing My people into a REST IN WHAT I SAID”
    I began to see the hand of the Lord deeply ministering to the hearts of these ones and bringing a deep rest and a deep place of CONVICTION upon what He has said.


    “The greatest move of My Spirit that you have ever seen is going to be demonstrated in the areas where the onslaught of this confusion has come. Don’t move. Don’t give in. Keep standing on what I said and do not entertain doubt or confusion. Stay ferociously focused on what I have said and put your faith in Me and My goodness and know that I am leading you every step and My supernatural confirmation will continue to crash in and astound you.”


    “In the areas I have spoken will be such a great awakening that will take place by My Spirit. Such deep demonstrations of My power and coming of My Glory that the enemy is trying to cause you to give up and go to ‘sleep’ and not continue to show up and stand in faith, but know that you stand not by your own strength but it is the empowerment of My Spirit that is meeting your choice to ‘stand’, giving you the strength to stand.”


    “Recognise that what is hitting you is not natural, it is a spiritual force (Ephesians 6:12) and I have given you all authority to overcome. You are and will overcome as you stand in My Word and stand in faith, as you remain close to Me. I am bringing deep refreshment and rest to your hearts.”


    I then felt the love and comfort of the heart of the Father so strongly and He spoke again:


    “It won’t always be like this. I know some of you need to hear this. You are so battle weary and there is a temptation to align with the expectation that the level of intensity of the battle will always be like this. My people, there will be trials and tribulations and battles, but you must recognise that you are crossing over a threshold into new ventures and new realms of destiny and the battle increases dramatically at the threshold places. Know that I am with you, I have not left you, nor will I leave you. I am empowering you. I am comforting you. I am healing you. I am refreshing you. I am rebuilding you. I am strengthening you and I am bringing deep rest to your soul. Do not align your heart and your mind with the lies of the enemy that nothing will ever change and you will not be living in a place of enjoying the fruit of the land in the promised land. Reject those lies. Come and lie down beside the still waters as I lead you and know I am restoring your soul (Psalm 23) and you will not be forsaken or overtaken, but that indeed you are moving into a time where you will see My voice and My Spirit bring wholeness and fulfilment in the promised land like you have never known before.”


    “Soon you will see. Soon you will see greater and greater glimpses of what I have been doing behind the scenes. Soon you will receive a greater understanding of what I have been doing and WHY the assault of the enemy has been so intense against you and the confusion has hit you so hard. You VERY SOON will see that it wasn’t all for nothing. My Glory, My presence, My power that is going to be seen in these very areas of battle, is going to leave you marked forever in a new and fresh way. You will be BRANDED afresh. These areas where the enemy is hitting you so hard with confusion and despair, these are areas where you are going to be baptised afresh with the fire of My love and My presence and see such a mighty move of My Spirit.”


    “Confusion is not from Me and as you praise Me and take authority over this demonic spirit of witchcraft coming against many of you My people, you will not only see this attack fall away, but you will be ushered into encounters with the library of heaven, for some of you it will be again, and for some of you it will be the first time. But I am going to take you to My library in encounters with Me in dreams, in visions, these places of deep encounter with Me will see you led by My Spirit to see with greater clarity what I have written in the books of heaven in many different areas. BE EXPECTANT for these encounters. Stand against the confusion by positioning your heart in expectant hunger for Me to usher you into the library of heaven. The confusion has hit so hard not only to stop you, take you out and attempt to hinder your crossover into ‘promised lands’ but also to hinder you from this deeper place of encounter with Me in the library of heaven, but my precious people, do not be discouraged or afraid but know that the victory is yours and as you arise, stand and take authority over the attack of the enemy, not only will you see him defeated again, and see these attacks that have been coming against you, that have been screaming loudly, but really have no bite, suddenly broken, but you will be ushered into these new and deeper places of revelation.


    “GET A NEW JOURNAL, GET A NEW JOURNAL - ready to be filled with all I am going to show you in the library of heaven. You will see this journal FILLED with new revelation of what I will release and KEYS from My Word that is going to be a tool in your hand for this new era. This crossover you are entering into is not just a small breakthrough, this is a MONUMENTAL DESTINY SHIFT where heaven will invade earth ushering you into new realms of destiny to see My Glory and Majesty revealed. These encounters with Me in the library of heaven are going to prepare you to host My Glory and a move of My Spirit that is like nothing you have ever seen. Do not rush, but embrace the places of encounter and preparation with Me in the library of heaven for the revelation I will release will be key in you having and walking in My wisdom and strategy to carry this move of My Spirit that is upon you.”


    8:14 pm I heard, "Tornado" twice. Not necessarily like a weather occurrence but like God rushing in and moving quickly. He also said earlier, "Tell them calm down when they see what God does." Also, remember, whatever you need help with, I'm hearing, "Let God handle it." It's God who fights for us. Prophet Albert Milton confirmed what we were posting here. To start prophesying what you need, here's an idea.


    Write It Down
    "And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it," Habakkuk 2:2
    "For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened," Matthew 7:8 


    Imagine that you have 2 lists on a piece of paper. The one on your left represents what you need God to remove. The right side is what you need God to bring. Whether you list 5 or 10 things you need God to remove, once you speak it out or right it down, leave it with God.


    Next, as you write what you need and want God to bring, praise Him that it's already done. And, then only focus on that side of the list. The more you do this and let go of the other side, the more it can ignite your faith because you're giving God time to work. And, He will not fail! To God be the glory! Believe...and so shall it be! To remember this, break down the word "believe". It will "be" when you "lieve" it with God! 



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    The Prayer of Salvation

    If you haven't said the Prayer of Salvation, now's the best time. Please say: Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord, I ask forgiveness of my sins. Please come into my heart, Lord. I turn my back on sin and I make you my Lord and Savior. I want to follow you for the rest of my life. Please give me eternal life through you in Jesus name, Amen.    

    If you're already saved, but turned your back on God. Now's the perfect time to make things right. Don't let the devil make you feel bad about your past mistakes any longer. In Christ, you're a new creation and you have a Father God who loves you. Old things are passed away and God remembers the sin no more. Won't you please come back home to Him? 

    Rededicate Your Life to Christ Prayer

    If you need to rededicate your life to Christ because you feel like you've been sinning or haven't been living right, pray: Father God in the name of Jesus, I ask forgiveness of my sins and I turn my back on sin. Please help me to overcome ---- and I want to lead a better life through you. I decree and declare this day I have overcome ---- and I have the victory in Jesus name, Amen. 

    Stay in God's shadow, stay away from sin and temptation, keep reading your Bible and keep seeking God first.


    Be ye doers of the Word... We pray this message blesses you today!

    If you need prayer, please call the Bill Winston Prayer Center at (877) 543-9443. You can also check online for Joyce Meyer's prayer request form and other sites that can pray for and with you. You are more than a conqueror!