Messages From God April 2023




4/30/23 It's time to get excited...wait until you SEE what God does! (In the meantime, keep reading your Bible MORE).

Praise God, Saints. I was reading the different messages I heard in the spirit this morning when Father God said Diana Larkin had a message (see above).

Saints, don't give up. We will receive help soon. At 5:31 am I heard "I rebuke this imprisonment." At 6:00 am say "We won. Every cancer has to flee. Those devils are defeated. Let them know they will receive My help soon. And don't walk away." At 6:19 am "Don't worry. We won and the battle is going to shift in our favor. Keep saying He's delivering me. They will be sorry." 

Please keep the prophets and yourselves/fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, President Trump, our military, and all our police officers, truth tellers, and whistleblowers in prayer. The battle has been fierce but its like I hear "God's sudden judgment is coming but we will hear music soon. Singing and dancing in the streets when we see what God does. Keep saying God is covering me. God is covering my family." Watch and see what He does. Our God won't fail. Keep that praise and worship music on to usher in and soak in God's presence. As a reminder, "fast and pray."




4/29/23 God's Help is Coming Soon

Trump News: President Trump is scheduled to speak in Des Moines, Iowa on May 13. We keep the Man of God in prayer and will include the viewing link when it becomes available.

I just heard at 10:43 pm "Ladies and gentlemen...I'm about to start My news." Keep reading your Bibles and read what God said today and yesterday through Diana Larkin and even Laire Lightner below. God's got us. And I hear for someone "don't worry about the money." Cheer up and keep saying "something good is happening to me. God will help with the bills." It's happening and we will see God's relief efforts soon. Forget all the negative and focus on God. Let God work. Believe for what you need and stay positive. I also heard "Let them know they will receive help soon."







4/28/23 Good News is Coming

Praise God, Saints. At 6:53 am I heard "Let them know it doesn't matter. God's plan is in play. Trump news is coming. Explosion on the news." At 1:05 pm I heard "Don't believe everything you read online." 

WARNING: EXPLICIT IMAGES BELOW...Saw a few interesting posts from Benny Johnson, 1776 Nation, and Diana Larkin (see the images above and below). What I find interesting is when the threat was overseas with isis showing beheadings we were quick to denounce a totalitarian regime but THIS ONE is on our doorsteps mutilating kids and indoctrinating them and we're supposed to do nothing?

Now this is not to judge any group or race because we're to judge NOT...God will handle that, right? It's like saying "You can do what YOU want as we all have to answer to God and EVERY knee bows to Jesus...but as for me and my house, WE WILL serve the Lord." But what we're seeing with the trans terrorists, black youth violently attacking on city streets, and fake biased radical left news media/mark of the beast false prophets are domestic terrorist threats targeting Christians and traditional family values and trying to cause violence and strike through fear. The devil tried that before with Goliath and the Philistines.

40 days with all that man-made armor on and Saul and his men AND David's brothers stood frozen in fear, but David CAME IN THE NAME OF THE LORD. 40 days and Jesus ate nothing but the Word, right? He SPOKE THE WORD back to the devil. 40 days while Noah and his family and the animals were in the Ark while they STOOD ON GOD'S WORD by faith...So, we're NOT backing down.

We're running like Davids INTO the battle to protect and preserve our nation and WE COME IN THE NAME OF THE LORD. Heck. THEY couldn't even get the marketing right...Do you know who drinks light beer? That's basic Marketing 101 as in a SWOT analysis or KYC (Know Your Customer). THEIR groups don't drink lite beer. Surprise! This was targeted for YOU.

You know who drinks lite beer? Christians and every day hard-working folks who love God, Jesus, the American flag, country music, and President Trump. So why target them? It's the SAME LEVIATHAN PYTHON AND JEZEBEL DEMONS that targeted black communities with the spirit of offense. But why?

The idea is get them offended and distracted and they won't focus on God and saving family values. It's because WE REFUSE to bow down to baal. WE ONLY BOW TO JESUS CHRIST.  But here's the kicker...

THEY FAILED BIGLY and it doesn't matter. Why?

(message continues below Diana Larkin's posts)

We invite God in and put God in the middle because the battle is HIS. (Psalm 55:22, 50:15). He says CALL ON ME IN THE DAY OF TROUBLE AND I WILL DELIVER YOU. God's help, wrath, and sudden judgment are coming, and Trump news is coming soon, too. And NO DEVIL IN HELL can stop God from delivering us. THEY (think Ephesians 6:12 demons) think they can crush David because their weapons are carnal. No wonder HE WHO SITS IN THE HEAVENS LAUGHS. We can PULL DOWN carnal weapons.

Saints, keep fasting and praying. Keep rebuking, and binding/releasing. Keep decreeing EVERY PLAN AND PLOT OF THE ENEMY/DEVIL EXPLODE IN THEIR OWN CAMPS INSTEAD. Keep praying God's angels cover and protect whistleblowers and truth tellers like Benny, Elon, Tucker, and so many others. God's favor is on US and we ask for His mercy. Situations are going to change SO FAST. Those witches and demons will run and flee when they see what God does. Pray THEY repent and please pray for our military, every police officer, our nation, and President Trump. 

Keep reading your Bible more and don't walk away. Trust God's timing. Our nation will be restored soon and God said Help is coming soon so don't be afraid of THEM. God's coming to remove the mark of the beast soon. Keep coming out from among THEM, and those snakes, witches, and demons. We will have help soon and we will see relief efforts soon and THEY will be saying not fair not fair when they see what God does. Pray for President Trump and we praise God for President Trump. We are ONE NATION UNDER GOD...and God won't fail.





4/27/23 President Trump Speaks Today at 4:00 pm / ET in Manchester, NH. Use the Rightside Broadcasting Link Below

President Trump speaks today in Manchester, New Hampshire on Thursday, April 27, 2023, at 4:00 PM EST.

Live Coverage Begins at 12:30 PM ET. Use the Rumble Link for full coverage:


Praise God, Saints. The message above from Father God through Diana Larkin about the waves is so touching and a reminder of the Father's love. When we posted today about President Trump's speech, I heard God say "Tell them don't worry," "let them know help is coming soon," and "good news is coming." I heard in the spirit realm "don't blame us" and the reminder God wants us to read our Bibles more.



The post above was from 10 years ago today...and a reminder to keep reading your Bible. I hear God saying "Watch and see what I do. I know the plans I have for you. Let them know they will have help soon."






4/26/23 At 8:05 am I heard, "I'm going to do something that's going to lift their spirits up."

Trump News: President Trump to visit Scotland next week: Regardless of what THEY say, want or do... play THROUGH Mr. President.

Praise God, Saints. I heard, "Tell them calm down when they see what God does," "Read your Bible more, " and "See, I told you you don't have to worry."

Please see Diana Larkin's message above and know that good news is coming. But God continues to give that reminder that "They will be saying not fair when they see what God does."

I hear "Don't think about it. Rest in Him." At around 12:31 pm I heard "Let them know that evacuation orders are coming." At 4:14 pm I heard "Let them know they will receive help soon." 








4/25/23 Wait and See What God Does...Situations Are About to Change Real Fast. Tell Them Not to Be Afraid. Believe for a Miracle.

Praise God, Saints. God will not fail...

I hear God saying "Tell them not to be afraid when they see what God does." On 4/21 God said "So many are going to be destroyed from here. They're going to be destroyed when they see what I do but the witchcraft and that demonic was so intense, how they were coming for you, for so many of God's people, how they wanted to destroy you. Watch and see what God does..." He said just now "They're going to be in a bad mood when they see what Ido." Continue to repent, read your Bible MORE, and trust confidently in God. He said we will be singing and dancing in the streets. Watch how He delivers us! He also said "Continue to rebuke their personalities and keep calling on God MORE and putting Him in the middle." He's also saying "Don't worry. He wil fight for you. He sees these demons and knows what they're doing but continue to rebuke their attacks. Situations will change soon and THEY will say not fair when they see what God does." I also hear "He has everything on camera. He knows what they've done and how they've come against President Trump. We will have help soon, be restored. Hold onto God. Keep seeing the victory and that we've won. THEY will be in a bad mood when God moves and those witches and demons WILL run and flee when they see what God does."




4/24/23 "Tell Them "Don't Walk Away. Remember the Enemy's Going to Be Saying Not Fair Soon."

 At 5:52 am I heard "Tell them it doesn't matter. God's help is coming soon." 5:55 am "Continue to bind them away from here. Believe for a miracle." 7:15 am "We have one simple system for our world. God is our source and Jesus is the light of the world." I also heard as a reminder that we can pray "Lord God, remove me from the hands of my enemies." Father God said "Let them know they will receive help soon. Don't walk away."

Please keep reading your Bible MORE and receive Jesus's peace so you do not war in the flesh. God's move is coming to help us! See yesterday's Letter/Message From God - SO POWERFUL!







4/23/23 LETTER/MESSAGE FROM GOD: Tell Them You Don't Have to Worry. I Want You to Believe for a Miracle.

Praise God, Saints. We shared a letter/message from Father God below. Please take it to God in prayer and pray in tongues for Him to confirm it. 

4/21/23 Message/Letter From God...

"Don't walk away from God's will. We cut the head of the enemy off. We cut the devil off. Every assignment of the enemy is defeated. Situations are about to change soon and suddenly and so fast. Keep saying God is covering me. God is covering my family. Keep coming out from among them. Keep coming to God and drawing closer to Him. Situations are about to change suddenly and so fast. It's going to make heads spin. We cancel all of the plans of the devil. We cancel every devil's assignment. Situations are about to change soon. The battle is not yours. Keep saying God is covering me. God is covering my family. Situations are about to change so fast. Watch and see what God does. Surprises are in store. Watch and see how He crushes that enemy soon. Surprise! Watch and see what God's about to do, and for some of you, there's going to be a surprise at your door, right outside your door. Watch and see what God does, how I touch you, how I come through. I tell you they're going to be in a bad mood soon. Many are going to see it soon, too. Keep crying out for Me to step in when you need Me to. Keep singing to Me. Keep being obedient to Me. Keep calling on Me. Keep letting them know My sudden judgment is coming soon. Many are not sure... They're not calling on Me enough. They're not praying to Me or praising Me. They need to come out from among here, from among her, from among that Jezebel spirit. Let them know they will see it. Many can't see it yet, but they will see My help soon. Keep reminding them to say it's no problem for God. It's like to put a demand on Me for My anointing. You don't even need the oil. You're calling on Me to provide and trusting Me to make the way. Let them know they will see soon. Keep singing to Me. Keep calling on Me for what you need. I have a witness for you. Say whose report do you believe. Make sure you say you believe My good report. Keep rebuking him, coming out from among him. I want you to tell them that. Remind them that I have a hedge of protection around you. So many are not sure. They're trying to stand but they're not sure if they're seeing Me clearly. Let them know they will have help soon. Let them know I am rejuvenating you. I am rejuvenating you. Some are going to see so much more. Watch and see how My help comes. So many are going to be destroyed from here. They're going to be destroyed when they see what I do but the witchcraft and that demonic was so intense, how they were coming for you, for so many of God's people, how they wanted to destroy you. Watch and see what God does, how I destroy her and remove her [in the past when He said her He was referencing Jezebel] from here. Keep rebuking the demons of strokes, heart attacks, sickness, and all disease. Let them know I am fighting for you. Keep calling on Me for what you need. Keep believing on Me. Let them know you have My support. Many don't see it yet but they will see My help soon. Let them know they will see My help soon. It's going to be a violent report on the news when they see what I do. They're going to increase the violence on the news. Keep believing on Me, call on Me, praising God for My good report. Keep getting before Me and reading your Bible more. Keep crying out to Me and calling on Me. Let them know they will see My help soon. Watch and see what I do. Let them know they will have relief soon. They will have help soon. Watch and see what I do. Know that God's help is coming. Know that I am here. Know that I am making the way, reunions for some. Let them know I have a hedge of protection around you and the devil cannot touch you. [I started asking about President Trump...] You don't have to say anything about President Trump each time. They already know that the GOOD NEWS is coming. It's coming soon. You can put that up if you want. Just keep holding onto Me and believing in Me. I don't want them to always see thne Trump news because then they position themselves to think that it's only about him when it's so much more. It's about what I'm doing, how I'm restoring them, restoring you, restoring your mom, restoring him back to a position of power. All these things will come to pass, they shall come to pass so don't walk away. Watch and see what I do, how I deliver President Trump. Watch and see. [I then heard that scripture...Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but God delivers us from them all.] Just let them know you will see help soon. I want you to tell them to cheer up as we ask for God's mercy and don't look back when you see what God does. I want you to keep praising God for President Trump. Let them know as a reminder that God is in charge. The enemy is under our feet. Keep asking God for His mercy and for Him to step in. Watch and see what I do. Remind them don't walk away. God will not fail."






4/22/23 There Shall NO EVIL Befall Us...

Praise God, Saints. I am hearing "He's setting a table for us." At 8:01 am I heard "I won't let you down."  Let's trust confidently in God. I also hear "Tell the devil stop playing games with God's people. We ask for God's mercy. Watch and see what He does." I also hear "We're going to wake up to the sound of good music soon." 






4/21/23 Wait Until He Reveals It...LETTER/MESSAGE FROM GOD

ACTION ITEM:  We pray for SUPERNATURAL ANGELIC PROTECTION for the whistleblowers as they come forward (see Diana Larkin's message above)...

Note: We have a special word/letter from Father God that we will post tomorrow, and as a reminder, God has been saying "Don't walk away."

Praise God, Saints. We are so excited for what God's about to do in all our lives and we pray you have a good day. Keep being confident in God to provide.

At 4:18 am I heard "Ladies and gentlemen, He/he is about to take the veil off. Most Christians are not..."

As it was quite early, I'm not sure if the wording after that was "prepared," "ready," or "focused on God," but let's be intentional about ALL OF THE ABOVE and seek God first...because then we KNOW we cannot fail.

Proverbs 24:10 states "If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small," but it's not OUR strength. We are using GOD'S STRENGTH and with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.  




4/20/23 Praise God for President Trump 

Praise God, Saints. I heard God say "Tell them you don't have to worry. We will declare martial law soon, and we will have help soon."

Praise God for President Trump. I am still hearing "THEY will be so sorry when they see what God does." Separately I heard "Do not fear. Trump news is coming, by force... the castle. They're going to be saying not fair, not fair, when they see what God does. Remind them GOD ONLY has the final say. Don't fall into a depression. Don't allow in depressive thoughts. The devil is not in control."


"Go and put on God's music, that glory music. Rebuke the demons of disasters and natural disasters. Help is coming soon."

At 9:45 pm I heard "let them know they will see help soon." I also heard a few times to "pray for all police officers."




4/19/23 Watch and See What God Does... and Keep Reading Your Bible MORE 

Praise God, Saints. It's like I hear God saying "cheer up," and "don't walk away. Remember, God is in control and He will make that witchcraft flee soon. Situations are about to change soon so keep rebuking that violence, demonic, and arguments on the streets. Those are situational demons trying to distract and agitate you. But take authority. God will help with the bills and help is coming soon." Again, it's like I hear "They are going to be so sorry when they see what I do." 






4/18/23 Don't Walk Away

Praise God, Saints. We wanted to share that Dr. Charles Stanley passed away today at the age of 90. God bless the man of God and we keep his son Andy and their family in prayer. Dr. Stanley was famous for saying "Obey God and leave the consequences to Him." So, don't walk away. 

In exploring why God has chosen you and why God is saying don't walk away, recall that Peter didn't always get it right.  But God saw his heart and even after denying Jesus, he did a great work for the Lord.

What's interesting is Jesus focused on his heart. Regardless of how people come against you, their opinions don't matter. Keep shining your light for God and know that He is covering you.

Situations are about to change soon/suddenly, so keep focusing on God. 





4/17/23 God is Not Playing 

Praise God, Saints. I heard this morning, "Focus on God. Don't worry about what they're doing. They're going to be so upset and so mad when they see what God does."

I heard "I want you to write that's why I said to stay alert. Tell them I want It hear keep their defenses up," "ladies and gentlemen," and "I'm setting the example for you."




4/16/23 The Anointing is Covering You

AS GOD SAID THROUGH DIANA LARKIN, PLEASE DECREE/SAY OUT LOUD TODAY: "Lord God, we call forth Your light to completely overthrow the darkness."

Praise God, Saints. Good news is coming soon so please hold onto God and don't walk away.

We want to share that Father God said the other day (see below) to "rebuke terrorists." And He said through Diana Larkin within the past day or two that THEY are getting angry because their plans are not working (e.g., bud was NOT wise).

God said through DL that there's more violence and shooting they have planned as they target innocent people to try to shed more blood for the devil in hopes that he can help their evil plans. But WE REBUKE THEIR EVIL PLANS AND DECREE LET EVERY PLAN OF THE WICKED BE EXPOSED AND EXPLODE IN THEIR OWN CAMPS INSTEAD. There shall NO EVIL befall us. Neither shall any plague come nigh our dwelling places. Hence, we pray for innocent lives to be safe/spared.

We are ONE NATION under God so please don't be afraid of THEM. As I heard "Why are you worrying?" recall that God already said their massive attack is foiled and we will be shocked with what they had planned so do not walk away.

Keep rebuking those demons and confidently trusting God. He knows about the planned attacks, trainings, flights, and last ditch efforts by the ds, cabal, gs, wb, hc, bc, bg, jb, pc, and so many others. But THEY can't stop God's plan to take all that money they stole back and give it to God's people...

We rebuke EVERY demonic attack and EVERY evil plan is EXPOSED AND DEFEATED. It's alteady done and it is written that the wealth of the sinner is laid up/stored for the righteous.

Get ready for God's plan and His timing to move right away. We will have more evidence and praise God for President Trump. God said "We will have help soon." I hear "It's going to stun the enemy what I do but it's a stunning victory for us." He will show proof.



Comment after the Hakeem Jeffries post...

1. Prayed for God's will against the witchcraft and demonic and that they stop sacrificing babies and mutilating kids. 2. Prayed that THEY WOULD REPENT because God's wrath and sudden judgment are coming.  3. Prayed because THEY don’t realize it's an extended Passover season and while THEY think they can remove Godly people that love this nation, ALL THEIR CHARIOT WHEELS ARE STUCK IN THE RED SEA. For all those that love God and have Jesus in their hearts, don't walk away. God is covering us, and there will be singing and dancing - and two-stepping on the streets soon when we see what God does. Situations are about to change suddenly. Pray THEY repent and keep coming out from among them. God said "because THEY came against you and President Trump, My wrath is coming against them." So WE don't have to worry or fear. We are ONE NATION UNDER GOD and God IS covering US an God will help with the bills. Wait and see what He does. Praise God for President Trump. DON'T WALK AWAY...They WILL repent.

9:27 pm A reminder God said "Situations are about to change soon" and "don't walk away. We will receive help soon."




4/15/23 "Tell THEM God is Not Playing." But for God's People "I Know the Plans I Have for You."

Praise God, Saints. At 842am I heard "Refunds are coming to some and soon they will be saying not fair. Watch and see how fast God has you take that elevator." I also hear "I tell you they're going to be in a bad mood w&hen they see what I do.  They thought it was Stormy Daniels but My Storm is coming."


 Keep reading your Bible more. For God's people I'm also hearing "Rebuke their personalities" and I keep hearing in the spirit realm like an angel or the Holy Spirit saying "See I told you you didn't have to worry " and "Remember we are covered in the blood of Jesus."




4/14/23 Don't Walk Away

Praise God, Saints. I heard at 11:01 am "We rebuke the demons of terrorists." At 6:32 am I heard "an army of soldiers is rising up" (from the song Break Every Chain). I also heard "something good is happening to me." As a positive affirmation, you can say that so the angels start bringing good things to you.

God gave a similar affirmation when He said through Diana Larkin yesterday that we should declare "It is finished and our nation has the victory over darkness." It sends angels and the Heavenly Hosts on assignment to bring God's words to pass. Already done!



4/13/23 I Tell You There’s Going to Be Dancing (and Lots of Music) When They See What God Does...

Singing. dancing, music. But don't start the music quite yet...First let's let God bring this darkness against the wicked and then shine His light!

We can't add to this but recall several months ago when Robin Bullock and possibly Hank Kunneman and Donna Rigney mentioned a blackout. One said the wicked had what looked like a 10-day blackout planned but it was actually more like 3-days as "clap on!" President Trump was restored, so don't walk away.

At 4:51 am I heard "If we stay together, God's plan will work." 5:36 am Thoughts for our nation: Our nation restored back to Godly values, President Trump restored back to a position of power, hearing in the spirit realm people don't want their 401ks touched.

Believe for a miracle and watch and see what God does. God will not fail. As President Trump sues Michael Cohen for $500 million, we keep President Trump, who is a prophet, the man of God, and holds God's mantle, in prayer. He has a second deposition in NY today. Letitia James, as the news stated, is a pro-LGBTQ advocate who told THEM she would make it her mission to go after him. But NO ONE CAN STOP GOD...or do they STILL only see David with a tiny rock facing these Goliath-sized demons?

If THEY would just stop spending so much time changing covers of Land O Lakes, Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, and Bud Bites, they would see Our God changes not and everything God says comes to pass. And He said TOUCH NOT Mine anointed nor do My prophets it getting hot in here?





4/12/23 Believe for What You Need and Keep Speaking Over Yourself 

Praise God, Saints. At 5:33 am I heard "They're going to be sorry when they see what God does. This nation, this evil, witchcraft, and demonic... They're not prepared for what God's about to do."  "They're going to be sorry when they see what God does."


It Doesn't Matter What THEY Say or Do...

In Pastor Joel Osteen's Easter Special, people from all walks of life took broken pieces and laid them on a cross. Laying our burdens down and giving them to God means we're confidently resting in Him to restore us, our homes, ministries, businesses, health, schools, churches, government, and nation back.

We pray "Lord God in Jesus name, we glorify You. Please heal our broken areas and turn our lives around. We are covered by You and want Your will done on earth as it is in Heaven. We want You to get the glory iut of our lives as we lay our burdens down. Forgive our sins and the sins of this nation and planet. please help us restore it back to You with You first on the Throne and godly values in our lives. Thank You for restoring us and helping us, in Jesus name, Amen." And I hear "Don't walk away when you see what God does."

Today we decree confidently by faith "I am healed, restored, made whole, blessed and highly favored, fearfully and wonderfully made. I am the head, lender, and above. God is covering me and my family and God supplies all my needs. All that I need He has supplied and it's NO PROBLEM for God. I confidently wait on God and trust His timing. It is well with my soul. It is well."

Believe and don't doubt and let God bring what you need to pass. It's coming and He's got US! BELIEVE!!!




4/11/23 God Has NOT FAILED and He Will Show You Proof 

Praise God, Saints.  At 12:57 am I heard "let them know I will help with the bills." At 5:56 am I heard "Know that God loves ou. God is here. Trust God's plans for us. Believe for God's miracle-working power. Believe for a miracle. As that reminder, God's army is rising up against wickedness to push back the darkess."

At 613am I heard "I want you to say 'remove me from the hands of my enemies' and know that it shall be done. God's grace is upon you. Keep singing to God and praising Him and know that that miracle is coming soon, that miracle that you need. Watch and see what God does."


A reply to Pastor Mike Thompson...

Yes, we can confirm this. God said this repeatedly in our prophetic messages (even from when you did the Be Ready To Launch In February series last year). He keeps saying to God's people "Don't walk away," or be afraid or panic as God's wrath and sudden judgment come against the wicked. Continue to rebuke their authority, keep binding and releasing. He said through Diana Larkin to keep decreeing lying Leviathans be forced to tell the truth, and keep decreeing that every plan of the enemy ONLY explode in their own camps. God keeps saying through us "when God moves the witches and demons will run and flee" and "they will run and flee when they see what I do." God's plan is in place. Trust His timing and we praise God for President Trump. Watch and see what God does. He's setting a table for us but it doesn't look like it AT FIRST. Separately,  keep calling on God for what you need and asking for His help and mercy. He said "explosion on the news" and "watch and see what I do." God's only letting it LOOK LIKE they won and are winning. It looked like Jesus and Lazarus were dead dead and stinking in their graves but they got up AND started eating. It looked like Saul could catch David and Pharaoh the Children of Israel but Saul fell on His own sword and the Egyptians got stuck in their own devices and drowned. About the wicked who think God can'tand won't move and that evil has taken over...SURPRISE!!! "THEY are going to panic when they see what I do." That’s what I'm hearing and we will receive help soon. God's plan is already in place so trust God's timing in this new era, season, chapter, and ballgame. Don't worry about it. THEY will see how because THEY tried to tarnish and remove the name of Jesus, Christianity, righteousness, Godly people including innocent police officers, the Military, and President Trump that God's wrath and sudden judgment are coming. The fire is starting, and God IS NOT playing. God bless you Pastor Mike and CK...we pray God has a glorious church in mind for you...tell CK start decorating! And watch and see what God does! We believe for it. Saints, keep reading your Bibles more, in bed by 930 pm, 1am at the latest, up early singing to God. It's His time so don't go by feelings or what you see. THEY will say not fair not fair when the Trump news comes and the tide rolls in. Be ready to march and sing and celebrate and dance in the streets at how God is blessing us, so no, don't walk away. Don't worry. God is covering you and your families and He will help with the bills. It's going to be so fast how He restores us...everything all at once. Situations are about to change suddenly so fast. Be ready.



4/10/23 NO WEAPONS Formed Against Thee Shall Prosper

Praise God,  Saints. At 5:59 am I heard "They have an elaborate scheme or stage in place but its all a hoax."

On a separate note, we will keep praying for the President that he is completely exhononorated and restored back to a position of power.

We also keep the Wisconsin police police department in prayer as two officers were tragically gunned down.




4/9/23 HAPPY RESURRECTION SUNDAY! We Pray for Every Family, for our Nation, and President. Watch as God Restores US!

Happy Easter/Resurrection Sunday! Let us remember that while nailed to the Cross, death could not hold Jesus. He laid His life down for us. So many are under severe attack for their faith but we must stand firm and don't walk away.

There's a verse in Jeremiah "show me the good way and I will walk therein." So, let's NOT give up, faint, become bitter with unforgiveness, or war with each other (flesh), which is what THEY want. Forgive those coming against us because these are demons, not people, per se.

Some people, even our very relatives, are under severe witchcraft and demonic attacks and brainwashed by the fake news media. While these prodigals can't see, God's truth through Benny, Elon, Travis Tritt, Russell, Tucker, MTG, Kari Lake, Julie Greene, President Trump, and many others are shining a light. We choose God and Jesus and We WILL NOT BOW DOWN TO BAAL or all this witchcraft and demonic trying to dismantle our nation and mutilate our kids - sorry, Corn Pop, but not on our watch!

Like Jesus's example, trust God's plan/timing and forgive despite THEM wanting us fighting more. Recognize, it's only to distract and intimidate. Instead, like David's example, don't retaliate but come out from among THEM. Draw closer to God by reading our Bibles more, getting to bed earlier like 930pm to 1am, getting up early and singing to God, and recognizing that these battles are strategic.

Like Nehemiah, we must build and defend, but also like David, don't fall for the intimidation tactics and don't be afraid of THEM. Because we serve and seek God and Jesus first, we ask for God's mercy. We trust God's timing and we will receive His help. The Bible teaches us that the battle is not ours. It's the Lord's.

Like the Children of Israel, God is parting the Red Sea so we can go through but even though it LOOKS LIKE they are hot on our tails and about to close in, that is part of God's plan to expose and remove wickedness once and for all.

When God moves, the witches and demons will flee so we don't have to worry or be afraid,  just keep reading your Bibles more and rebuking those Ephesians 12:6 demons. All those trying to come against our nation, President, our families, police, and military. All who are trying to remove Godly values and righteousness are in for a rude awakening.

The floodwaters are closing in on THEM and their chariot wheels are stuck so let's pray they repent because IT DOESN'T MATTER what they say or do. ALL SAULS FALL and Saul fell on his own sword so don't walk away. We will not lose because God is on our side but THEY will be saying not fair, not fair soon when that fake actor and DS are all exposed.

We WILL SEE our nation restored, families reunited, debts canceled, bodies healed, prodigals home, moves to better areas. THIS is not the end for US, but it's the end for THEM and their wickedness. Like the Egyptians that drowned in the Red Sea, that enemy you see today you will see no more. They will suddenly be gone so don't stress or be afraid of these intimidation demons.

THEY think they are coming for you and have you surrounded but God is coming for THEM! We rebuke heart attacks, strokes, sickness, and all disease. Remain standing on Godly values and KNOW that the gates of hell SHALL NOT PREVAIL.

On this Resurrection Sunday, know that we won, the demons lost, and the devil is already defeated. God is covering us so be confident in God to deliver US. Situations are going to change soon/SO FAST. TRUST God's timing and watch how God resurrects and delivers us because we come in the name of the Lord.

We pray, Lord Jesus, forgive my sins. I know you died on the Cross for me. Please give me eternal life through you and your Holy Spirit to guide and lead me in Jesus name, Amen.

If you're saved but backsliding, get back on track with God today. Pray, Lord God in Jesus name, I glorify You. Please forgive me for walking away. Please help me overcome --- (list whatever you struggle with, i.e. sexual sin, substance abuse, naughty naughties on IG). Please help me because I can't do this without you. I will not walk away again, in Jesus name, Amen.

Lord God in Jesus name, we glorify You. Forgive us for lust of the eyes, last of the flesh, and the pride of life. Forgive us for the spirit of offense and we forgive those who offended us. Thank You for sending Your Son, Jesus, to save us. Thank You in advance for restoring US, our nation, families, and President Trump. We remain standing and we will not walk away. We wait expectantly on You and thank You for delivering us.

As You're about to move soon and bring Your wrath and sudden judgment against the wicked, please help us have preparations in place. Put it on our hearts what we need to prepare (groceries, meds, more faith, Bible reading, trust). We wait for You, Lord.

We rebuke every demonic and witchcraft threat trying to come against us. We rebuke and bind away from here and cast into eternal darkness all witches, warlocks, sorcerers, strongmen, and workers (whatever name they go by), and all principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, spiritual wickedness in high places. We say stand at the attention of Jesus. We cast you into eternal darkness and we bind you all from here and you shall obey. You cannot speak, transfer powers, or retaliate. Go to where Jesus sends you. We release warring angels to defend us in battle and we plead the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority.

We declare let every trick and trap of the enemy expose them and explode in their own camps. We declare let every enemy turn on themselves and expose each other. We declare make lying leviathans be forced to tell the truth. We declare let God's truth, light, and golden glory rain down on us.

We declare victory is ours, in Jesus name, Amen. God said "Let them know you will see help soon" and "Don't look back when they see what God does." Remember we are in covenant/contract with God. He has US and help is coming soon. Have faith and rest in God. That devil WILL stop playing games with God's people and we will see proof, more evidence, Trump news, and sudden good news. Trust God's timing  and believe the possibilities!

11:54 pm Was reading Deuteronomy 7 and heard "Let them know I'm removing the mark of the beast soon."





4/8/23 Don't Walk Away...Situations Are About to Change FAST!

Praise God, Saints. At 5:32 am I heard "There's a tragedy they're going to report on the news. It's going to bring relief to me, to some." "Greatness: A pathway you should be on if you want to activate greatness regardless of your qualifications." I also heard something Iike "I'm going to put you on the other side so you can see what its like." I also heard, "They belong to me. Take your hands off of them. They belong to Me."


Remember to keep reading your Bible more and keep rebuking them in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. 

6:12 pm "Let them know they will receive help soon and keep praising God for and praying for President Trump."



4/7/23 Look Up in the Air...What's That? The Military

Praise God, Saints. As a reminder I hear God saying, "Let them know they will receive help soon" so don't walk away. We praise God for President Trump! I heard at 4:38 am "He who vindicates us is near." 


Post we shared on Derek Johnson's 1776 Nation...A commenter shared "Derek if you only KNEW how MANY of US are looking forward to Our Day of Vindication!!! Many of Our Family and Friends think we are FREAKING CRAZY, and some are NOT nice about IT even when you NICELY BEG them to READ or listen to US. IT IS FREAKING EXHAUSTING!!!"

My response... I stopped talking to them as God said through us and Diana Larkin that some WON'T see it until God moves. Hate to use the reference "throwing pearls to swine" but if THEY want to stay in that mindset until God and the military move in, what can you do? As God said in so many words, just be there as support (and not to say "told ya' so."). God said through my mom once that people are going to be so repentant because they didn't SEE IT. Some can't see the lying fake news media or the fake actors but that's Matthew 24:24 about "fooling the very elect." So keep standing and let God's TRUTH come. And so many are EXPOSING the witchcraft and showing the TRUTH. Look at Benny Johnson, Jack Posobiec, Laire Lightner, Derek/here on 1776, Elon Musk, and so many others. Look at how Travis Tritt is standing up. God bless him for standing up against Bud Light for changing their ads to support all this witchcraft/demonic. People and businesses are giving in to all that demonic, witchcraft, and perversions out of fear/coercion because THEY want us afraid. That's why they use a propped-up actor licking ice cream and sniffing kids and feeling them up. It's sad but people are not seeing the TRUTH. Some are afraid and embarrassed because its pride and it would mean that THEY got it wrong. What we need is to start telling the truth and saying "When you support THIS group or THAT agenda, THEY plan on mutilating your kids. THEY are pro-pedophile, THEY are twisting Godly doctrines and giving your kids pills without your consent, THEY are pro-mutilation, and antichrist..." But IT DOESN'T MATTER as God's about to step in and the FEAR of God and that Lion roaring is going to make them run and flee because God has plagues for the wicked. But separately there's also going to be a time of MASSIVE mourning (Wanda Alger said it) when people wake up and learn it was a fake actor and realiz that THEY were fooled and tricked into coming against US to tear the US down and try to sell it to the highest bidder. They don't see this is the same thing before the Reichstag Fire Decree against the Jews. It's why THEY think it's okay to call us cockroaches, communists, and enemies of the state. But we don't have to worry because God calls us His Remnant and He's standing with US and President Trump like He stood with David. God said situations are about to change SO FAST. So, don't waste any more time trying to change THEIR minds. Instead, pray for President Trump, have preparations in place like extra meds, groceries, and extra tissues for when THOSE FOLKS start crying cause they can't believe what's happening as God and the military move in, and THEY are so shocked and apologetic cause they got it wrong and listened to the fake news instead of God, President Trump who is a prophet, and our military. We have to be the adults and stand up and in the gap for THEM cause THEY can't see it - YET. God said SOME CAN'T and WON'T see it until God moves and the military comes in...but remember it's for us to be the adults and remember that it's NOT US VERSUS THEM. Some of the DEMs are our brothers and sisters in Christ who like prodigals will eventually come home (and sadly that represents family members and apparently the ENTIRE BLACK CHURCH ON THE LEFT)...but wait until THEY wake up! We should ask for REPARATIONS for every time they stood with Al Sharpton and tried to come against President Trump and God! We pray Lord God, open their eyes and ears so they can see the witchcraft that's there. God said tell them keep coming out from among him (Joe Biden)...or the actor commonly known as corn pop. And God's also been saying don't walk away so trust God's timing and keep praising God for President Trump. Let's read our Bibles more and get our nation back to Godly principles and NOT naked dragqueens doing backflips, mutilating children, and teaching kindergartners how to twerk. This is NOT Sodom and Gomorrah. This is the United States, as in UNITED as one nation UNDER GOD, NOT PEDOPHILES...Lord God we rebuke these OBAMAnations and ask for Your Fear, fire, wrath, sudden judgment, and glory to come help us restore the US, our families, neighborhoods, govt, schools, churches, and businesses back to You! ONLY God is on the Throne and NO DEVIL IN HELL CAN TOUCH US OR PRESIDENT TRUMP! God bless America and President Trump...God's got US! And God won't fail!

Message from Veronika West...

..This morning as I was before the Lord concerning a very painful and pressing issue that I am being challenged with, I began to cry out to the Father not just for myself but for many others that may be faced with Giants that seek to intimidate and frustrate The Purposes of God in their lives,…suddenly,..I heard these words…”WATCH!…FOR THE STONE OF EBENEZER SHALL BE SET UP IN THE MIDST OF YOUR ENEMIES”…
…And then I heard the Spirit say,..”WATCH!…FOR THE STONE OF EBENEZER SHALL BE SET UP IN THE MIDST OF YOUR ENEMIES,..Yes!!..I say to you this day..FEAR NOT!!…THIS IS THE HOUR OF DIVINE HELP…AND SUPERNATURAL INTERVENTION,…Listen!…Do you Hear it?…The Loud Sound of Thunder…for the Sound of My Voice Shall Go forth Like Thunder to Shake The Heavens and the Earth…the Sound of My Justice and Righteousness shall be heard like the Mighty Roar of The Lion of Judah,…
…A Sound that shall pierce and penetrate the thick Veil of darkness that covers the lands and the people,…WATCH!…For I say again,…the Stone of Ebenezer shall be set up in the Midst of your enemies this day,…And the Sound of Thunder shall bring forth CONFUSION in the Camp of your enemies,…and you shall GO OUT TO PURSUE…OVERTAKE AND RECOVER ALL,..
….For I Tell you,…This is the HOUR OF DIVINE HELP AND SUPERNATURAL INTERVENTION,..Yes!…Watch!..As My Spirit now moves to bring Intervention,..Restoration and Supernatural Preservation…to those who have Returned to Me with their whole heart, those who have Turned from Idol Worship and to those who have Taken up the Garments of Servanthood….Ha!..Watch!..THE STONE OF EBENEZER SHALL BE SET UP AND THE SOUND OF VICTORY SHALL BE HEARD…FOR THE HOUR OF MY HELP IS NOW AT HAND”…says the Spirit of God..!
…Note; The word Ebenezer means “stone of help.” The reference comes from I Samuel 7. After defeating the Philistines, Samuel raises his Ebenezer, declaring that on this spot God defeated the enemy. Thus, the words, “hither by thy help I come.”
May be an image of text that says 'EBENEZER ...HITHERTO THE LORD HAS HELPED US. SAMUEL 7:128'




4/7/23 Praise God for President Trump...Watch and See What God is About to Do

Praise God, Saints. As a reminder, situations are about to change SO FAST. At 4:01 am I heard the birds chirping and heard "birds chirping brightly." Think about them SHINING for God! I also heard "They are going to lose their minds when they see what God does. They are going to be crying when they see what God does." God also mentioned "They are going to be in a really bad mood when they see what God does and how I restore/reinstate President Trump." So, let's continue to stand on Godly values and don't walk away. Expect EVERYTHING to change overnight when God moves. Move faster and be ready. 




4/6/23 "There is an Actor Commonly Playing Joe Biden."

Praise God, Saints. I was thinking about President Trump and praising God for him when I heard "Now you're going to see what a President does. We rally around President Trump. Believe for a miracle. Release articles of confederation." I also heard "We will see what the DS/deepstate does with the economy now" and "There is an actor commonly playing Joe Biden."  

Remember, God WILL HELP with the bills, so keep trusting in Him. Do NOT take your focus off of God but keep saying "God is covering me. God is covering my family." The devil is trying to tighten the noose on God's people so that it feels like a tightrope but we're not under the law, man, witchcraft, or the demonic.

Whatever you need, call on God and partner with others in your church community. We ask for God's mercy and confidently know that God's help is coming. Expect sudden changes..It will be SO FAST!




4/5/23 Situations are About to Change FAST 

Praise God, Saints. I hear Father God saying to "Keep singing to Me." Let God handle it and expect God to move on our behalf.

My mom was in the kitchen cleaning and suddenly started singing when God spoke through her, and she said "You're going to see your enemies one time and you're not going to see them anymore. They're going to flee from you." She also gave a confirming word that "When God moves it's going to be suddenly and He's going to do everything all at nce." The confirmation came as she explained that her prayer warrior friend called her and said the exact same words. Keep holding onto God and have preparations in place. God is about to restore US!

On a separate note, we honor the lives of the military that were lost and pray for their family members.

Word from Derek/1776 Nation...

Many of you need to read what a Continuity of Government actually is... because we are under one and many are going to have a rude awakeningof what's coming based on Laws and Order that have all been extended to 2024. 💯☠️🇺🇸👇🏻
Continuity of Government via White House dot GOV:
July 2021 alone is titled the Reconstitution of the Executive Branch:
Federal Continuity Directive 1 issued January 17, 2017, with Operational dates: 2018-2022:
Federal Continuity Directive 2 issued June 13, 2017, with Operational dates: 2020-2024:




4/4/23 Watch and See What God Does

Praise God, Saints. I'm hearing in the spirit that "We are NOT on a tight rope" and to "cheer up." Understand that the devil wants it to LOOK LIKE they won but we're under God, not man, demons, or witchcraft. ONLY our God is on the Throne, so keep trusting confidently in God and continue to rebuke those demons. I heard at 2:24 pm "Tell them keep coming out from among him." Recall that God said "They will be saying 'not fair, not fair' when they see what God does." However, I also heard "It's about to happen soon."

Sharing a Post from Derek/1776 Nation...

Bullet Points from the Office of Security:
• Oversees the Department’s security, continuity and emergency management programs.
• Establishes and monitors implementation of Departmental policies and procedures for security and emergency management functions affecting program operations in Commerce’s operating units. These functions include: physical security, information security, personnel security, communications security, operations security, Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) security, investigations, threat management, occupant emergency programs, and continuity of operations/continuity of government.
• Coordinates implementation of government-wide and Departmental security initiatives.
• Manages the Department’s headquarters security services located in the Herbert C. Hoover Building in Washington, D.C.
It’s April 3, 2023, and this Call Sign confirms the Continuity of Government issued in Federal Continuity Directive 1 and 2 issued January 17, 2017, and June 13, 2017.
CIC DJT had an SCI set up at the Eisenhower Building November 3, 2020👇🏻
“We have it all. We’ve caught them all.” CIC DJT, 2020 campaign ☠️
The signs are more and more 😎🇺🇸





4/3/23 "I'm Standing Here with a Purpose... Make Sure You Tell Them to Keep Reading Their Bibles More." 

"The devil cannot touch him, (President Trump)." Praise God, Saints. That is what Father God wanted me to put up first...the simple sentence that the devil cannot touch President Trump. As a reminder, I heard maybe 2 or 3 times where God called him "His prophet." Hence we stand on the scripture, "Touch NOT mine anointed nor do My prophets harm." And here's why this matters...

At 11:47 am I heard "They will be sorry when they see what God does." At 2:38 pm I heard "Keep coming before Me, singing before Me." At 4:08 pm I heard "Tell them they don't have to worry about anything. Keep calling on Me. My help is coming. They will see. They will have evidence soon, so much more evidence. He's about to make it better. Keep praying in tongues and loosening it before Me."

But here's the kicker. That 11:47 am verse is POWERFUL. I've never told anyone this but I held onto #47 and the significance of President Trump being reinstated. So then Derek shared yesterday the symbolism with the Trump cap including 45-47, righ? But that's not all. When I started holding onto #45 and #47, I'd look up scriptures and see how they were associated with President Trump. But I never looked up that 11:47 even though I would see it often. And what does it say?

"Woe to you! You build tombs for the prophets but it was your fathers who killed them." The King James version actually says "Woe unto you! For ye build the sepulchers of the prophets, and your fathers killed them." That scripture reference is the reminder of how they plotted to kill Jesus. But God is on the Throne.

THEY cannot touch President Trump, or this nation and God is going to vindicate us in such a powerful way. He said "THE WITCHES AND DEMONS WILL RUN AND FLEE WHEN THEY SEE WHAT GOD MOVES." And God will show us proof. Hold onto God and trust His timing. I hear a reminder right now and that is, "don't walk away!"


Prophetic Word from Laire Lightner...and I hear a reminder from Father God as we share this "Don't walk away."

I had a dream 💭 last night.
I asked God how much longer we have with this evil fraudulent regime in power.
He took me to what looked like a giant newspaper. It had every single plan of the deep state and the white hats counter written on them.
It went further back than DJT.
I was taken to the very last page. It had 3 events on it.
- Banks collapse
- Communication blackout
- Ebola/Marburg
In the Ebola Marburg event the word SHOWTIME appeared.
I ran to David with the newspaper in my dream to tell him SHOWTIME was coming and that I had released a word called SHOWDOWN. They had to do with one another.
As soon as I tell David I see POTUS address the nation from a podium and blow the lid on the entire operation that took place behind the scenes. It was all made public now. The covert operation had just become an overt operation.
Military took over and the rest of the steps left on the newspaper 📰 was how to restore the republic.




4/2/23 "You don't even need to write anything. Just say 'Watch and see what God does.' And remind them to keep reading their Bibles."

Praise God, Saints. For this Holy Palm Sunday, let's remember that the battle is the Lord's and great is God's faithfulness.

Believe for a Miracle and God Will Show Proof...(Sharing a post we did on 1776 Nation in response to the cool Trump 45-47 hats Derek displayed)... 

Isaiah 45:7 "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things." For those who didn't believe the significance of the numbers (President Trump's birthday, the inauguration date, 777, and why Jesus said to forgive them 70x7=490 h.res490), THEY will see. God called President Trump, endorsed him, and ONLY GOD is on the Throne. God's powerful army is arising and there's NOTHING THEY CAN DO to stop God. They will declare martial law. Watch President Trump do it.


I heard "stand and see the salvation of God" and "when God is for US who can be against us?" Our founding fathers dedicated this nation to God NOT illegits-illeg-occup. Don't walk away when you see what God does. Keep singing to Him! I hear "articles of impeachment are coming soon for Joe Biden." Lord God, we glorify You and know situations are about to change suddenly. Let Your wrath and sudden judgment come against the wicked standing (every knee bows to Jesus). Make THEM repent, Lord. Make the wealth transfer come to restore homes, businesses, and families. Remove THEIR obamanations and all evil, demonic, and witchcraft. We decree and declare replace unrighteous, compromised judges and leaders with those who honor righteousness and will bring justice. May all the enemies' plans explode in their own camps instead. May every hidden, wicked, and evil deed be brought to light (including the fake actors). Expose and remove them, Father. We choose You and ask for Your mercy. Let Your fire come against the wicked. Reunite the Body so we can prepare for revival and Jesus's return.


For our CIC, President Trump, this nation STANDS WITH YOU and NO WEAPONS FORMED AGAINST YOU SHALL PROSPER. Release those articles of impeachment, and then go pick out more new suits and red ties and start making plans to redecorate. Those new planes are coming (red, gold? one for Melania). We're praying for you and THE DEVIL CANNOT TOUCH YOU. THE DEVIL CANNOT TOUCH PRESIDENT TRUMP. THE DEVIL CANNOT TOUCH US, OUR MILITARY, OUR POLICE OFFICERS, OUR FAMILIES, OR OUR NAION. WE ARE ONE NATION UNDER GOD AND THE GATES OF HELL SHALL NOT PREVAIL. Watch and see what GOD SAYS come to pass. God will show proof and I hear "They will have the evidence" and "our nation will be restored soon. Don't walk away."


Prophetic Repost from Laire Lightner (Note this is from 9/10/22)...
The RETURN of my David 9/10/22
The RETURN of my David Prophetic Word.
The return has been initiated by my servants the generals in charge of my nation America. Do not fear for what you see next. They will try to cause chaos and upheaval but I am the one in control says the Lord.
As I protected the Israelites through the crossing of the Red Sea, so will I protect my remnant through this transition. A transition of power is at your door my beloved. A time of instability designed for me to uproot everything I must remove to cleanse this land of the ones who have risen their fists against me saying “there is no God.”
I shall show them, I AM the God of ages. The One who always was, is and is to come and I am a covenant keeping God so my America I shall save.
My David has received his marching orders. He is marching back to his rightful place as Commander in Chief of this nation. 8 Years He shall serve until I raise another Trumpet after Him to take his throne. His name shall be known throughout all the earth as the deliverer of the captives. The Liberator is his name in heaven. He had much to learn but He surrendered to me and now I am the One who guides His every step. His heart pure as Gold just like my David’s was. My kings have never been perfect but they have been contrite in heart and a contrite heart I will not despise.
I bow the KNEE to NO MAN says the Lord of Hosts.
Did you really think Lucifer could outsmart me and change times and seasons on my behalf?
Does nature not know who the King is?
Do the animals not know who their Creator is?
Doesn’t everything I have created sing my praises?
Why would you think it would obey an imposter, a created being?
Things have been out of sorts for a while and I am making all things right for the last harvest.
A time of confusion and incredible fear is coming quickly, the markets will free fall, the currencies will fail but I shall be your sustainer and your deliverer. A time when you will doubt my prophets and my word more than ever before. At which time I will silence the prophets to protect them from the fiery arrows you will want to cast at them but be very careful and tread lightly because these men and women I have raised to sustain the church for such a time as this not only speak on my behalf, they are MY servants. My friends. My voice on earth. Use wisdom in the way you treat them for I will hand out the recompense each is due according to what they have sown. I am a patient God. I am an understanding God but you will no longer mock me. When you mock a prophet I have sent, you mock Me says the Almighty.
Gather what you need and bring it into your storehouses for the storm is already here and the sky will go dark until I am done cleansing this land. Stay inside and abide in the shadow of my wings and nothing will be able to touch you. I have sent angels to guard your homes through this time. They know who my remnant are and 10,000 will fall at your right hand but nothing will come near your dwelling.
Peace and prosperity will be the portion of the faithful in the new era I am ushering in but before this comes to pass a realigning of the powers must take place. Baal has had power over America for way too long and this is not the way your forefathers wanted this nation to go.
A shifting of global powers.
A reinstating of old currencies.
A new financial system.
New voices leading the charge.
The unknowns shall become the new generals of the faith.
I am uprooting the liars, thieves and idolaters in my house. You stood behind pulpits I never told you to speak from. You sang worship songs as if your heart was sold out to me but I saw what you were doing behind closed doors. The children you took advantage of. The money you stole from my people. The miracles you sold as a modern day prostitute. Your reward I bring with me. No need to wait until you stand before me to account for yourdeeds. You shall have it at once. Many will drop dread from my glory alone because much sin abounds in you. REPENT and cleanse yourselves before me before the Angel of Death has its final call. I shall be patient no more.
The shift has begun.
My army marches forth.
A red October you shall indeed have.
While you think everything is upside down…NAY says the Lord. This upheaval shall put everything back where it belongs.
Starting with my church and ending with my David.
Rightful king of the NEW ALLIANCE.
The old alliance has passed away BEHOLD I make all things new.
I shall be crowned KING in the hearts of my people once again as my Justice and Glory sweep this world from corner to corner. Yes, even the 4 corners of the earth.
Laire Lightner 🦅 on telegram


Prophetic Word from Lana Vawser...

Recently I heard the Lord say “Daughters of God, My fire is falling on multiple areas of your lives bringing forth multiple births”.
When the Lord spoke these words, I was taken back to encounters I have had with the Lord over the last few years where He has spoken the words “multiple births” for this new era. As I asked the Lord what He was meaning, I heard Him say:
“Many of My daughters have felt like over the last few seasons there has been such a battle and such a warfare over what I have spoken would be birthed in them and through them, that many have been left feeling like they have been in a place of ‘still birth’. Many have felt like the birthing suddenly died and have been left in such a place of despair, hardship and weariness. Many of My daughters have been crying out for My Spirit to come and revive them and bring them back to life. That time has arrived. I have walked with them in the valley, I have carried them through the pain, I have stored their tears and surrounded them with My comfort, and I have been close. Now is the time for them to arise. My fire is not just falling upon their hearts to bring them back to life, My fire is falling on multiple areas of their lives bringing forth multiple births. There is a deep stretching taking place right now in their lives, for these multiple births are bigger than they have anticipated. I am calling them to make room for the birth. Make room for the birthing that is coming forth.”
“Walk in My wisdom in whom you allow in the delivery room with you, for My fire is falling upon you to see you step forth and arise in greater strength, healing, freedom, identity and authority in Me, but also My fire that is falling on multiple areas in your lives, is bringing forth a birthing that is exponential. It is a birthing that is sacred. It it a birthing of moves of My Spirit that you have not yet seen. Guard it well with My wisdom. I am shifting alliances. I am moving alignments. I am bringing together new tribes. Maintain the position of surrender and allow Me to sift and shift that which needs to be sifted and shifted to bring forth the increase.”
“There is a great joy that is going to burst forth within you in this hour. The heaviness you have felt, you will feel no longer. The sadness you have carried, you will no longer carry, you will feel LIFE, My life flourishing with you with the fruit of peace, joy, strength, vitality, hope and passion like never before. You are not drying up and withering, you are being positioed to thrive in Me like never before. The move of My Spirit across the earth right now to position My daughters is unlike anything that has ever been seen before.”
“The enemy has roared LOUDLY over My daughters to steal their roar, and many felt in seasons past that they have lost their voice and their roar, but I say unto you My fire is falling now and your roar is not only being restored but it will be louder than ever before. My roar of love, My roar of authority, My roar of justice, My roar of recompense, My roar of restoration, My roar bringing forth divine alignment, My roar of deliverance is resounding LOUDLY over you. With ONE ROAR you will see Me deal with it all. You will see Me deal with all you have been bringing before Me, the heavy, heavy weights and the enemy has been screaming “years, it will take years and years” but I say unto you in ONE MOMENT and ONE ROAR of My deliverance, you will see My power bring you into freedom and re-establish you in strength and healing. Can I not do it? Will I not do it? There is rapid and radical deliverance taking place. Position yourself in expectance and surrender, for I am DOING IT and I am doing it SWIFTLY.”
“I am restoring health, I am bringing forth wholeness in your lives that is found in Me. It is imperative that you are sitting at My feet like Mary, that you are prioritising intimacy with Me. It is a time to behold Me like never before. My heart is declaring across the earth “MAKE ROOM FOR ME, MAKE ROOM FOR ME”. As you make more and more room for Me, you will see health restored. Wholeness like you have never seen before. As you sit at My feet, you will arise as a warrior. My heart is thundering “ARISE, ARISE, ARISE” and you are ARISING OUT OF THE ASHES. You are ARISING IN STRENGTH founded in your surrender in Me. You are arising into a flourishing place of being the YOU I have created you to be, without comparison, without shame, without heaviness, without hiding but arising in strength in Me, that you are My friend, you know Me deeply and I am bringing you forth in this hour to partner with Me in the greatest moves of My Spirit that you have ever seen in and through your life.”
I then heard two words” ANGER AND FAILURE being repeated over and over in the Spirit and I saw Jesus stepping in front of many daughters of God and He spoke “I know you have been angry, I know you have been deeply angry for many reasons and you have labelled yourself as a ‘failure’ and ‘constantly failing’. Today, I am dealing with this anger. I am dealing with this lie you have labelled yourself with.”
He looked deep into their eyes and He kept speaking one phrase over and over “I love you, I am so proud of you. I love you, I am so proud of you” over and over and over again. I knew every time He repeated that phrase, healing and deliverance were happening that was so deep, it was too deep for words. These daughters of God began to sob and sob as repentance flowed forth as His kindness and love were bringing forth such healing. A divine exchange was happening. The anger was being surrendered, the anger was losing hold and the awakening to His love and pleasure was bursting forth and completely consuming them. The anger and failure and expectancy of failure had completely lost their hold and freedom was RESOUNDING LOUDLY. I saw liberty bells ringing over them and I knew this was not only a divine moment of deep, deep healing and deliverance but it symbolised a major shift of the season. This was a life-changing moment.
“As My fire falls upon multiple areas of your lives, you will see the landscape change. SUDDENLY from barrenness, it will shift to fruitfulness. SUDDENLY from chaos, it will shift to peace. SUDDENLY from lack of vision to CLARITY and insight into My vision for those areas of your life that extends further than you have ever seen. Where you have felt you have contended for the ground in these areas of your lives for years and yars, now you will experience the ease in the increase of anointing and My Spirit as My Glory falls. Ask Me to take you into the library of heaven in the season, for I am inviting you in, to hear and see the revelation of My heart and hear what I am saying in greater ways and clarity than you have ever known. (Jeremiah 33:3)”
“I am raising up My daughters in this hour who are seeking Me to walk in a level of divine strategy founded from the place of deep intimacy with Me, like never before. This will bring transformation as My Spirit flows through them in power, wherever their feet will tread and My Glory will be seen.”
“As My fire is falling upon your hearts and lives, I am increasing hunger within you for Me and there is an UNDIGNIFIED CRY of worship and praise that is being released through you. There is a radical abandonment being birthed where the GROAN is increasing within you. “I must have more”. I am awakening you and growing you up into your inheritance in Me. The awakening of your inheritance of what it means to be “IN ME” is radically transforming you and changing everything. As My fire falls upon you and in multiple areas of your lives heaven is thundering “IGNITE, IGNITE, IGNITE”. My heavenly declaration is shifting the season, where you felt like you have fought so hard to keep the fire alight and burning, now there will be SO MUCH FIRE you will not be able to contain it. My fire will spread thick and fast and not only will you see multiple areas of your life suddenly thrust into sudden birthing, these multiple births, but you will also see My fire flow THROUGH YOU bringing transformation to lives all around you.”
The encounter ended with a vision, where I saw the fire of God falling upon the daughters of God, there was such a sense of a sovereign move of God and His fire fell on those multiple areas of their lives and suddenly the wind of the Spirit blew and all these multiple areas began to come together and join. As I watched it became a NET OF FIRE. I heard the Lord say “Watch the symphony and synchronicity of My hand in this hour to supernaturally bring all these areas together in a divine flow, that is forming a net for HARVEST. All these areas will flow together and will be a net to bring in the harvest.”
“Daughters of God, the season you are living in right now, this moment you are in right now, is a season of seeing an unprecedented move of My Spirit. Look not to your circumstances. Lift up your eyes and know this is your time to ARISE. Nothing has been lost or time wasted in Me. I am restoring all and I am IGNITING YOU and your lives with My fire like you have never seen. The move of my Spirit you are in the midst of and will host is UNPRECEDENTED.”






4/1/23 Don't Quit, Don't Give Up, and Don't Look Back. Keep Saying "Something Good is Happening to Me." And I Hear "Keep Reading Your Bible MORE. Tell Them Do Not Give Up."

Praise God, Saints. God is on the move as we did a short video about the tornados and storms breaking out all over our nation. We pray for all those affected by this severe weather.

Please continue to press in and pray. God has US and the devil cannot touch us. Keep doing things that add value and read your Bible MORE. We have a letter/message from Father God, so I am listening out for Him. I heard Father God say at 1:59 pm today "Let them know they will receive help soon." 

Sharing a Prophetic Word from Spirit Move (I believe this is Liberty Turnipseed)...

The Lord gave me a 0vision of a huge downpour of water coming down on top of a large high-rise building...
The Lord said "My heavenly downpour is being poured over what's been built" the structures that have been built in my name have a fresh downpour coming their wy, everything that's been built in my name must be cleansed first and what does not hold up under the pressure and the weight of Heaven will be destroyed, every structure will be tested for my glory and kingdom, this testing must come to my people first so what doesn't survive gets removed and flushed away, as the rain hits the enemies camp, when it hits the enemy's camp, many will run to me and many will be ready to receive the truth, deception will be lifted, my people and the structures they have built must be held up by purity and the removal makes room for bringing in the harvest, my body must be built well and full of purity, and the fear of God to carry the load of the end time soul transfer and harvest, the heavenly downpour is on the way, you will see many physical signs of this downpour, you will hear and see of stories of buildings that survived physically and some that didn't, those will be a sign of the spiritual work at hand and Heaven's rain and downpour upon you, it's time, the time is here for the structure to be tested, I've been preparing and testing my people, now the season of the testing is here to see if the structures previously built will hold up, watch for the signs my people, you must discern the times.
He fashions their hearts individually; He considers all their works.
Psalms 33:15 NKJV
The Body of Christ must discern the times and the seasons that we are in, we must be ready to go all in, to choose purity over popularity, to choose Holiness over what the world says and considers "good" , to choose the fear of the Lord over the fear of man and to choose the power of the cross over religion, as we choose these things we become unshakable, our structures will hold up, things may fall apart around us and people may fall around us that we didn't expect to fall, but when our Christian walk is built on the things that are actually true and right we become unshakable unto death!
“Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock. “But everyone who hears these sayings of Mine, and does not do them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it fell. And great was its fall.”
Matthew 7:24‭-‬27 NKJV



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The Prayer of Salvation

If you haven't said the Prayer of Salvation, now's the best time. Please say: Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord, I ask forgiveness of my sins. Please come into my heart, Lord. I turn my back on sin and I make you my Lord and Savior. I want to follow you for the rest of my life. Please give me eternal life through you in Jesus name, Amen.    

If you're already saved, but turned your back on God. Now's the perfect time to make things right. Don't let the devil make you feel bad about your past mistakes any longer. In Christ, you're a new creation and you have a Father God who loves you. Old things are passed away and God remembers the sin no more. Won't you please come back home to Him? 

Rededicate Your Life to Christ Prayer

If you need to rededicate your life to Christ because you feel like you've been sinning or haven't been living right, pray: Father God in the name of Jesus, I ask forgiveness of my sins and I turn my back on sin. Please help me to overcome ---- and I want to lead a better life through you. I decree and declare this day I have overcome ---- and I have the victory in Jesus name, Amen. 

Stay in God's shadow, stay away from sin and temptation, keep reading your Bible and keep seeking God first.


Be ye doers of the Word... We pray this message blesses you today!

If you need prayer, please call the Bill Winston Prayer Center at (877) 543-9443. You can also check online for Joyce Meyer's prayer request form and other sites that can pray for and with you. You are more than a conqueror!