Messages From God February 2021


2/28/21 Let God Have His Way

Got to see an answered prayer for someone yesterday. A senior, Ms. B., wrote to us that one of Pastor Timothy Dixon's videos had music playing while he was speaking. Because Ms. B. has cochlear ear implants, she couldn't hear the full message. We prayed and asked God for help and wow did He answer!

The site that posted the video asked Pastor Dixon to to redo it without the music! Aside from Ms. B., another person had written in that they too were hard of hearing. Hence, this was a prayer answered because we want everyone to get EVERY WORD Father God has for us. Thank you to Pastor Dixon and the Jesus page for the updated content. 


Watch this prophetic Word from Pastor Robin Bullock and say, "As a Saint of God, I pound the ground with my staff in the name and authority of Jesus Christ! I call and command President Donald J Trump, come back. Take back your rightful seat! We call you back to your rightful seat in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority! You carry God's Mantle and He has not removed it." Hallelujah! After I said this, I heard the Holy Spirit say, "Watch and see what God does."


111, 1111 and 222

So yesterday I wrote about how I saw 11:11, 1:11, 2:22 and 11:11 pm. Super early this morning I was awakened by scratching on the walls. There's a squirrel or raccoon gnawing at the wood in the walls...the time? 2:22 am. While I DO NOT believe in astrology and numbers, I've heard there's Biblical significance so I turned on Pastor Troy Brewer who specializes in the significance of numbers. He said 222 represents the manifest of being a faithful witness. Wisdom is also mentioned 222 times in the Bible and then we have "Miracles, signs and wonders."

Acts 2:22 states, "Ye men of Israel, hear these words; Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you by miracles and wonders and signs, which God did by Him in the midst of you, as ye yourselves also know." 

Pastor Brewer also explains that 1111 has great significance. He said 1111 is actually 11 twice and God is repeating something. He wants us to stop because He's speaking to us. 1111 is a call to faith and we see this in Hebrews 11. It's also to be separate, rise up and stand apart.

On the flipside, it's judgment upon disorder. Jeremiah 11:11 states, "Therefore thus saith the LORD, Behold, I will bring evil upon them, which they shall not be able to escape; and though they shall cry unto me, I will not hearken unto them." What's more, something else Pastor Brewer said is POWERFUL. 12 represents God being in control and when we see 11, it means man is in control so we know God has to correct this. As Pastor Brewer said with seeing 1111, "Rise up, have faith, be encouraged and do something amazing!" Hallelu-Yahweh!   

How do you have sustaining joy when you're going through difficult times? Watch as Pastor CeCe Winans speaks about getting in God's presence, "counting it all joy" and keeping God's love in your heart. Choosing joy is an action we MUST do and it's every day, not just one time.


Think your prayers aren't working? You BET they are...but it starts in the Heavenlies and spiritual realm BEFORE it's manifest in the natural/physical. Here's why God's Saints should be encouraged...breakthrough, answered prayers, miracles, signs and wonders AND revival are coming! 


Prophet Emma Stark reminds us that the devil wants to keep us stuck and repeating the same cycles. However, WE can rebuke these demons and break the curse of witchcraft.



2/28 7:49 pm Father God said, "Tell them calm down when they see what God does." 


Note: Is this another significant weather sign? Between 3/1 and 3/2, the winds will be fierce in some areas overnight. What's more, affected regions will experience wind chills that significantly drop by several degrees.

As we pray for President Trump, let's declare what Prophet Robin Bullock mentioned above,  "I pound the ground with the authority of the name of Jesus Christ as a saint of God! President Donald J Trump, take your seat back! We call you back to your rightful seat! Hallelujah!"  





2/27/21 "I Am Preparing a Table For You"

"Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over," Psalm 23:5

"I called upon the LORD in distress: the LORD answered me, and set me in a large place. The LORD is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?" Psalm 118:5-6

A while back my mom and I were on a cruise and went to dinner. We had assigned seating with another couple who we would meet once we reached our designated table. Having dinner with someone random is tough. What if you don't get along? Will they still pass the salt?

Our host escorted us to the table and an older couple were already seated. The man was a retired veteran and his wife was also retired and had a heavy foreign accent. What I noticed right away was behind her bifocals, she looked terrified. I wasn't sure if she was timid with meeting new people or was just hoping for familiar, quiet exchanges with only her spouse during her meal. I wrote about this briefly before. As we placed our orders, Father God told me to talk to her husband. We started talking about the ship, tours and travel. The conversation then drifted to their retirement in Florida.

The man who did most of the talking for his wife explained that she was a runner and would get up sometimes at 5 or 5:30 am to run. I smiled and told her that I used to do a lot of running, too. I'd run down Madison Avenue and up Fifth Avenue usually around 6 or 6:30 am when no one was out except the doormen and dog walkers. The streets were so quiet and clean and traffic was minimal!

Mangia and More Than Enough

As our meal was served, Ms. Kalchek and her husband looked over quizzically. My mom and I did something different at dinner. Instead of ordering a typical entrée each, we ordered a few selections so we could sample everything (highly recommend it if it's offered). We had 1 order each of items like short ribs and mashed potatoes, spaghetti and lasagna, filet mignon and lobster. I used to manage a doctor's office and got the idea from my former employers. The staff were all Italian and when they'd take me to dinner, they used this method and man, what a big spread! I'm convinced it's why there are so many taxis available in New York parked in front of restaurants. People are too tired and relaxed after dinner to walk!

As the waiters started placing all kinds of dishes on the table, I said, "Ms. Kalchek, would you or your husband like to try anything?" She said a polite no and after we prayed over our food, I said, "Mangia!" and started eating. I don't know which part of that exchange or meal touched her heart but God did something to Ms. Kalchek. She suddenly opened up and started talking nonstop. She was so happy. She started talking and you could tell she felt so comfortable opening up and was having such a good time. It was a joy to see.

We skipped dinner in the main dining room the next night and when we went to the restaurant the third night, the couple hadn't arrived yet. Our waitress told us that Ms. Kalchek asked about us the previous night and the waitress explained that the Kalcheks had been onboard before and that this was one of the first times they'd seen her open up like this. She was usually very quiet and timid. And, on the last night, I understood why.

Are you hearing God and the Holy Spirit clearly? Or, are you going by what you SEE and what others SAY? Watch Chris Yoon's video above on why we need to pray to the Holy Spirit for clarity in God and HIS Vision...


Life More Abundantly

We were enjoying the celebratory last meal and it was formal night so everyone was all dressed up. Ms. Kalchek explained that she had 2 orders of the lambchops and I told her not to feel bad. I had two orders of lambchops as a midnight snack. I then told her husband that as runners, we need our strength! He just shook his head in disbelief. It was like we were kids or old friends talking who had known each other for years.

As the meal came to an end, the Lord told me to pray for Ms. Kalchek, so I asked and she said okay. I prayed briefly that God cover and keep them and give them His traveling grace and mercies. I also prayed that angels would always be with them and protect them. After ending the prayer, Ms. Kalchek looked at her husband and then at me and said, "I was attacked." I caught myself because I wasn't sure if I heard her correctly. I said, "Ms. Kalchek, I'm sorry. Did you say you were attacked?" She explained that when she still lived in New York, someone broke into her home and robbed and attacked her. I realized that's why she was so timid and fearful. But then I also understood what God was doing with our time together at dinner.

Healing Hearts

Father God sent us to their table to heal her. Maybe God wanted her to see that she COULD enjoy herself again and that she could live again and have fun. When I say she was laughing and opening up, even the waitress and assistant were surprised at how much fun Ms. Kalchek was having.

As we got up to leave, she gave me the biggest hug and I hugged her right back. And, Ms. Kalchek whispered that she prays too and calls on the angels. I praised God for this amazing encounter. And, I say this humbly. It was like the life and vitality was restored in her. I don't know if it was so much food being spread out and sharing the dishes or thoughts of her running and enjoying herself but God knew.

Father God is saying "I am preparing a table for you." We know that the next part of that familiar Bible verse in Psalm 23:5 is "in the presence of your enemies." When we hear this, we might mistakenly believe that it ONLY means God is providing all that we need. While that's true, we have to go deeper into the verse. God is saying that the table the enemy is setting and THINKS is theirs is not for them.

They THINK the wealth and riches are stored up for them. It's not. They THINK this nation and all the land and resources are only for them. It's not. They THINK they secured the stone over Jesus's grave and the election win is now secure. It's not. They THINK they can enact all kinds of pro-abortion laws to promote their agenda and God won't do anything. He WILL.

Similar to how Ms. Kalchek started enjoying herself and realizing that she was safe and could enjoy herself again, God wants us to take comfort in Him. He is restoring us. He is bringing Heaven down to earth for us. He is removing the enemies, witchcraft and demons out of the way for us. And, God wants us to rejoice in Him and rest in Him.

Prophetic CONFIRMATION from Pastor Dixon. God reminded us this morning that God is the Alpha AND Omega. NO ONE can stop the coming Revival or stop the Word of God. "You'll know in the next few days...You'll know that I AM God." The shaking is coming. They've hidden sins, pedophilia. They think no one SEES but God sees it. 


God is Restoring Us

That first night when I saw Ms. Kalchek, I realized it was fear in her eyes. But I know God gave her comfort so she could rest, feel revitalized and live again. In the same manner, God is removing the demonic attacks and menacing threats that have plagued us. If you listen to God speak through Prophet Lana Vawser, He says how He KNOWS the devil caused debilitating illnesses in some. This devil was trying to annihilate God's People but God wouldn't allow it. We serve such a loving God who is here for us.

Miracles, Signs and Wonders 

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go," Joshua 1:9

In the coming days we WILL SEE mighty signs, miracles and wonders. These are all demonstrations of God's goodness. We will experience the miraculous and see God move in significant ways. These demons, serpents and all witchcraft are going to run and hide because they CANNOT work when God is present.

What I'm saying is, get ready for the supernatural and God's miracle-working power. Several pastors and prophets are saying that we'll be "Marching in March," so we praise God for the GREAT THINGS He hath done - and is about to do! To God be the glory!

And, today...I saw 11:11, 1:11, 2:22 and 11:11 pm. God is working! Hallelu-Yahweh!   

Prayer of Protection (shared by my Mom)

The light of God surrounds me. The love of God enfolds me. The power of God protects me. The presence of God watches over me. Wherever I am, God is.         




2/26/21 Celebrating Purim

As we celebrate Purim, it's a reminder that God delivers! Purim is the time when we celebrate the Jews being saved from a mass murder plot by Haman. This is based on the Book of Esther and the story of Queen Esther who helped to save the Jews. Honoring this special moment is important. As we feast, we can celebrate this victory because it's a demonstration that God is good ALL THE TIME and saves us when we seek Him out. 

The story of Purim helps us understand God's MIGHTY miracles to deliver His People. The Book of Esther also demonstrates how God works in the SUPERNATURAL to protect us. It's so inspiring to see God answering our prayers and making His presence manifest even when it LOOKS LIKE the devil is winning. It's a reminder to NEVER go by what you SEE because God NEVER FAILS.


And Mordecai wrote these things, and sent letters unto all the Jews that were in all the provinces of the king Ahasuerus, both nigh and far, 21 To stablish this among them, that they should keep the fourteenth day of the month Adar, and the fifteenth day of the same, yearly, 22 As the days wherein the Jews rested from their enemies, and the month which was turned unto them from sorrow to joy, and from mourning into a good day: that they should make them days of feasting and joy, and of sending portions one to another, and gifts to the poor. 

23 And the Jews undertook to do as they had begun, and as Mordecai had written unto them; 24 Because Haman the son of Hammedatha, the Agagite, the enemy of all the Jews, had devised against the Jews to destroy them, and had cast Pur, that is, the lot, to consume them, and to destroy them; 25 But when Esther came before the king, he commanded by letters that his wicked device, which he devised against the Jews, should return upon his own head, and that he and his sons should be hanged on the gallows.

26 Wherefore they called these days Purim after the name of Pur. Therefore for all the words of this letter, and of that which they had seen concerning this matter, and which had come unto them, 27 The Jews ordained, and took upon them, and upon their seed, and upon all such as joined themselves unto them, so as it should not fail, that they would keep these two days according to their writing, and according to their appointed time every year; 28 And that these days should be remembered and kept throughout every generation, every family, every province, and every city; and that these days of Purim should not fail from among the Jews, nor the memorial of them perish from their seed. 29 Then Esther the queen, the daughter of Abihail, and Mordecai the Jew, wrote with all authority, to confirm this second letter of Purim. 

30 And he sent the letters unto all the Jews, to the hundred twenty and seven provinces of the kingdom of Ahasuerus, with words of peace and truth, 31 To confirm these days of Purim in their times appointed, according as Mordecai the Jew and Esther the queen had enjoined them, and as they had decreed for themselves and for their seed, the matters of the fastings and their cry. 32 And the decree of Esther confirmed these matters of Purim; and it was written in the book.


Father God said, "We pray for justice for our families." He also said, "Let them know you're going to see Heaven on earth." I also heard "tornado" and separately, I heard, "THEY'RE angry because it's working."

Keep praying to Father God. Keep glorifying God worshiping Him. Keep praying for President Trump's second term starting and his administration. We're learning to walk by faith and not by sight. And, God is moving on our behalf! God is coming to America with His saving grace! It's such an EXCITING TIME!!!

Watch Tauren Wells sing this AMAZING song, NEVER LOST. Keep singing to God. Our praise is our weapon!!!! Keep singing to Him!!!




2/25/21 Do You Know WHOSE You Are?

Bring your tired. Bring your shame. Bring your guilt. Bring your pain. Don't you know that's not your name. You will always be much more to Me.

Everyday I wrestle with the voices that keep telling me I'm not right. But that's alright.

'Cause I hear a voice and He calls me redeemed when others say I'll never be enough. And greater is the One living inside of me than he who is living in the world. In the world, in the world.

And greater is the One living inside of me than he who is living in the world.

Bring your doubts. Bring your fears. Bring your hurt. Bring your tears. There'll be no condemnation here. You are Holy, righteous and redeemed.

Every time I fall there'll be those who will call me a mistake. Well that's ok.

'Cause I hear a voice and He calls me redeemed. When others say I'll never be enough. And greater is the One living inside of me than he who is living in the world. In the world, in the world.

And greater is the One living inside of me than he who is living in the world.

There'll be days I lose the battle. Grace says that it doesn't matter. 'Cause the Cross already won the war. He's Greater, He's Greater.

I am learning to run freely understanding just how He sees me. And it makes me love Him more and more. He's Greater, He's Greater.

There'll be days I lose the battle. Grace says that it doesn't matter. 'Cause the Cross already won the war. He's Greater, He's Greater.

I'm learning to run freely, understanding just how He sees me. And it makes me love Him more and more. He's Greater, He's Greater.

'Cause I hear a voice and He calls me redeemed. When others say I'll never be enough. And greater is the One living inside of me. Than he who is living in the world. In the world, in the world. And greater is the One living inside of me than he who is living in the world.

There'll be days I lose the battle, Grace says that it doesn't matter. 'Cause the Cross already won the war. He's Greater, He's Greater.

I'm learning to run freely understanding just how He sees me. And it makes me love him more and more. He's Greater than he who is living in the world.

Lyrics to MercyMe's song above, Greater.

"But now thus saith the Lord that created thee, O Jacob, and He that formed thee, O Israel, Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art Mine," Isaiah 43:1

Today, we touch in agreement and pray for each and every one of God's Children. As it is written, "Touch not mine anointed nor do My Prophets any harm," Psalm 105:15. Keep reading your Bible each day. Change is coming.

What is a False Identity?

The definition of false identity is not in accordance with the truth or facts; irregular or invalid, a false start; untruthful or lying, a false account; not genuine, real, or natural; artificial; fake; being or intended to be misleading or deceptive.

What defines our identity is how we see our personalities and characters. Discovering our identity or true selves is based on what we believe, what we're taught and who we serve. While some people might not realize it, our identity doesn't start with our parents or grandparents. It dates back to God and the Garden of Eden. "Let us make man in Our image, and in Our likeness,” (Genesis 1:26). That was God talking and some theologians suggest He was talking to Jesus when He said, "Us." We know this because the Bible states, "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God" and Jesus is called the Word.

The problem with our identity is many believers have gone through an identity crisis of sorts. They don't know WHO they are or WHOSE they are for that matter. And, this is because of Adam's sin. Sin which came through the serpent separated us from God. Hence, man started serving the evil one and doing things that pleased their father, the devil, not God. Jesus explores this in John 8:44, "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it."

Now we know that Jesus is referred to as the second Adam. And, that's where our true identity is uncovered and brought to restoration. When we repent of our sins, we become a new creation. One pastor, Hrvoje Sirovina pointed this out on Sid Roth's show but the way he said it shocked me. I almost turned the message off until I understood WHAT he said. He was describing prayers in his book, Redeeming Your Bloodline and started to pray. He asked the audience to repeat after him. He said say this after me, "I am dead" and I thought, "Whoa! Where's the remote? I don't receive THAT!" But then I heard the rest. "I am dead in the flesh and the devil thinks his curses work on me but my flesh died on the Cross with Christ so the devil has nothing to stand on." I realized what he was saying WAS right. I just hadn't given him a chance. 

As new creations, (2 Corinthians 5:16-17), we're not under sin or the law. We're under grace. We have a new identity in Christ (old things are passed away) because we belong to God, i.e., Jesus paid the cost for us at Calvary. But, how do you live in your TRUE identity? How do you find out who God called you to be? Let's start how we get off track.

A False Start: The Children of Israel

A false start...That must have been what the Children of Israel thought about when the new king put MORE work on them. "We got off on the wrong track somewhere." Enslavement was not what their ancestors wanted for the Children of Israel who were enslaved 400 years (some estimate this was around 1661 BC). The Children of Israel were actually in Egypt 30 years before their enslavement. So what happened?

For one, Joseph was dead and so were his brothers. And, there were the Children of Israel living in Egypt. They had multiplied and because they grew in numbers, the insecure king didn't have sympathy or love for them (Exodus 1:7-9). To try to control them and break their spirits, the new king enslaved and oppressed them. But something strange happened. 

"Therefore they did set over them taskmasters to afflict them with their burdens. And they built for Pharaoh treasure cities, Pithom and Raamses. But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew. And they were grieved because of the Children of Israel," (Exodus 1:11-12).

But, that's not the only false start we've heard about.

A False Start: Christians in the United States

There's an additional false start that we want to mention and that's with this recent election. God has spoken through prophets all over the world about how America is "sleeping" and a "witchcraft attack came over the US." The enemy's goal interestingly included the groups above. The devil's trying to attack God's people. He's coming against minorities. He's trying to come against innocent police officers to remove the legitimate governing bodies our founding fathers wanted for the US. But, God is saying no more.

God is calling His People to Him and saying to come out from among the crowds. God is removing the veil and letting people SEE what the devil is trying to do. As Pastor Kent Christmas said in his message yesterday, the devil is trying to label God's people and call them "victims" but God calls us "Victory!" Praise the Lord!    

Hence, in every example, God was and is with His People. What's more, just like God led His People before, He will do it again, "When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee, (Isaiah 43:2).

When God Calls You But You Don't Know Your TRUE Identity: Moses, Moses

The video above with Moses is actually today's message from Prophet Robert Clancy. He reminds us to listen for God. We have a loving Father who is here for us and wants us to know that we are not alone.

When we look at Moses, we know that while he didn't think he had the gifts or talents to be used by God, God still chose him. Moses is another example of someone who God called but they had an identity crisis. Moses had a stutter. He also killed a man early in life and hid for several years. But we know from the Bible, who God calls, He preordains. Meaning our gifts make room for us. As God describes it, "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations," Jeremiah 1:5.

Moses didn't have to worry about not speaking eloquent enough before Pharaoh. God gave him the words to speak. God also gave Moses a rod and explained how there would be awesome signs and wonders as God delivered the Children of Israel. It's a reminder that God is with us, equipping us and empowering us.

Who You REALLY Are in Christ: Sons and Daughters, NOT Servants

"Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his LORD doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you," John 15:15

"But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of Him who hath called you out of darkness into His marvelous light," 1 Peter 2:9

In thinking about how we walk away from our old life when we accept Christ, it's important to address our identity in Christ. 

As a teenager maybe you questioned at some point, "Who am I?" or "Who do I want to be when I grow up?" That's your self-identity. As you age into adulthood you may revisit the topic after a major life event. Take a parent who sees their kids go off to college. They might develop empty-nest syndrome and question who they are because they literally spent the past 18-years raising their child.

Other examples include a retiree who may debate what to do next after working a few decades consistently in their careers. A person who changes jobs or graduates might also question their identity. Perhaps a new outlook is giving them time to reflect on their life choices and what they want to do next. While these are all examples, they're about your self-identity. So, let's now look at your identity in Christ.

Welcome to the Family

When we say the Prayer of Salvation, we enter into God's family and this is HUGE (but we might not see it initially). It's not like when someone marries into a BIG Italian or Greek family and all the aunts and uncles are there yelling in your ear saying, "Welcome to the family! Come get a plate of food! Let me introduce you to all the cousins!!!" No, the welcome you receive might be different  depending on how, when and where you were saved. Maybe you said that prayer at church years ago or online recently. 

If you didn't have a church family, you might be looking up information online yourself about how to grow in Christ. If you did have a church family, they welcomed you in and recommended Bible classes, getting baptized and learning how to speak in tongues (and maybe they mentioned the big church bake sale).

What's different about developing our identities in Christ is we not physically SEE the benefits right away. Specifically, coming into God's family means we're now HIS Children. And, there are other names you might hear: God's Sons and Daughters, God's People, God's Kids, God's Chosen Ones, God's Anointed. God's Elect, and more. 

Read Your Bible...MORE

Because we are loved by God, this is a time to read our Bibles so we can draw closer to God and learn about our identities in Him. The more we read our Bibles and study the scriptures, the more we learn about God's character and how He treats and sees us as His Children.

Scriptures that describe our identity in God and Christ include:

    • For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them, Ephesians 2:10
    • Therefore we are buried with Him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life, Romans 6:4
    • But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name: Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God, John 1:12-13


When the "I AM" is Now Your Dad

What a lot of believers and new Christians may not realize early on is that when we receive Christ as Our Savior, we receive the same benefits, powers and authority that Jesus has. But we have to grow into them.

One of the most amazing examples of this is David when he was young running out onto the battlefield to face Goliath and saying, "I come in the name of the Lord!" So, what are some of the benefits of being a Child of God?

Glad you asked...

  • You are God's Child and will reign with God and Jesus (Ephesians 1:3-8)
  • You are free from condemnation in Christ Jesus, i.e., it's the devil who is the accuser of the brethren (Romans 8:1) 
  • You have the Holy Spirit who can guide and lead you in all truths (John 16:13) 
  • Jesus calls you His friend (although a lot of people see Him as a brother (John 15;15)
  • You are a member of the Body of Christ/Ecclesia/Bride of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:27)
  • You receive BACK what you give pressed down, shaken together and running over, i.e., the measure you use is measured to you (Luke 6:38)
  • You can heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons and do greater miracles than these (Matthew 10:8) 
  • You receive eternal life because you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior (Philippians 3:20)
  • You were God's workmanship, created in His image and molded by Him (Ephesians 2:10, Genesis 1:26, Isaiah 64:8).
  • You're a new creation and old things are passed away (2 Corinthians 5:17).
  • You have safety in God and can rest confidently in Him (John 10:28).

Follow and Mirror Christ 

Because we're a new creation, it's important to mirror God our creator, not man. We either have God as our father or we serve the devil and we can't serve two masters. I remember Father God giving me this excellent illustration once.

When I still worked in Manhattan, one night I was walking to the train station. Groups of people were walking along with me, some on phones, some on tablets and most were distracted. I realized suddenly they weren't looking WHERE they were going. They were basing their movement by the person in front of them. As I stopped there at a corner, the man next to me kept going right as a car zipped by and I yelled "Hey!" The man almost got hit by the car because he wasn't paying attention to where he was going. And, because he was too distracted with his phone.

To help you follow and mirror Christ, means to come away from the world, i.e., the crowds. Here are a few examples:

  • Instead of watching TV and movies all the time, read your Bible and pray.
  • Instead of relying on friends or family for advice, ask God and the Holy Spirit for wisdom and discernment.
  • Instead of getting angry or returning evil for evil, choose to walk in love, healing and forgiveness.


Getting Back to the Garden of Eden

Ultimately, we are God's Chosen People and Father God has so much that He wants to show us and share with us. Don't go by how the devil tried to oppress you or all the evil in the world. God is removing our enemies and He's giving us time to prepare for revival and get the Body of Christ ready for Jesus's return.

In this NEW ERA, we must remember to take the limits off of God. Meaning, don't see God as ONLY available at church or ONLY Jesus's Father. God is Our Father and He loves us. Let Him show you His Spirit and His Heart and as you read your Bible, listen for His Voice! To God be the glory!  



4:25 pm Father God said, "It doesn't matter" and "God will help with your bills." Keep looking to God FIRST and not your problems. I know this is SO HARD when you're fighting to pay bills and fighting to stay afloat. It's like a flood coming in but fix your eyes on Jesus and call on Him. He's there in lifeboat ready to help. Tip: Some people DON'T KNOW you have to CALL on God for help. He won't just do it because it's free will. That's why in the Bible, God says, "Call on ME in the day of trouble and I will deliver you and you shall glorify Me." And, God will MOVE MOUNTAINS for you! 

Side Note on Fake Identities and Familiar Spirits

For Our Christian YouTubers, please pray against "familiar spirits." Here's why. We did an article the other day about Paul as God said to write about him and the slave girl that followed him. She had a familiar spirit and told about the men of God. But I didn't make the connection.

On YouTube, we're seeing where fake YouTubers are stealing the videos from prophets and preachers. They're monetizing with ads and creating fake pages that "look like" the LEGITIMATE messages. So, what happens? Innocent Christians go in and leave prayer requests but no one is answering them. Or, they go to watch a sermon or hear a prayer and it's suddenly interrupted with an ad. We pray bring this to light and ask God to EXPOSE a lot of these fake YouTubers (a handful in Asia from what I've seen). 



2/24/21 The Evidence is Coming...

Father God said this morning, "They will have the evidence soon but it may not be what they think." I can't comment on this too much as I don't know ALL Father God is doing. I will say that one pastor said evidence might not be strictly physical. He said "faith" is also considered evidence and to keep that in mind. As we SEE more evidence of corruption being exposed and the real, hidden agenda as the veil is removed, more people are turning to Christ. They're repenting and calling on God AND increasing their faith. That goes back to the verse, "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen," Hebrews 11:1. We also know 111 represents the Trinity/God Head of Father, Son and Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost.  

Now, in mentioning SEEING evidence, we want to highlight Sam Robertson's video at the end of today's messages about SEEING and OVERCOMING. God is opening our eyes to see the enemy's plans BEFORE they can attack. So, let's continue to pray to the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost and get in alignment with God's presence. You know, like cloud by day, fire by night. We want to always be mindful of where God is and what He's saying to pray for...These are more ways that the Body of Christ/Bride/Ecclesia is coming together on one accord! To God be the glory!  

The God of Peace Will Soon Crush Satan Under Our Feet

We open with Pastor Timothy Dixon who speaks about how the Angel of death will strike and how God will rattle the structure of politics. He also discusses how Kamala Harris will be betrayed, and turn on those who turned on her and how God's going to turn the tables. 

Next, we have the FlashPoint video with host Pastor Greg Bailey. Listen as Pastors Dutch Sheets and Mario Murillo, Abby Johnson and Senator Rapert discuss why me must continue to push for pro-life. We want righteous leaders for our nation who are anti-abortion.


Raji discusses in the video below about the fire of God that proved Elijah was the true prophet. She asks us to question where we are in our walks. Are we conforming to the world or STANDING for God's truth? Again, this is confirmation as God has said, "Tell them move faster." Months ago Father God had us write about telling people to choose a side and don't be double-minded. It was so touching when Raji says that Jesus told her, "Stand for Trump." 

Raji reminds us that even during this Lent season, God is working and says that God is driving out all the beasts (5-minutes in) and it will occur in a matter of a few months, praise God. Raji mentions how God is releasing multiple keys and strategies to President Trump, more power and more authority. We can confirm this as this morning, when we were praying for President Trump, Father God said to specifically "Pray for his administration."


What's Hidden is Coming to Light and It will be FAST

Above is PLady's message on Mitch McConnell. It's a reminder to keep all these politicians in prayer. They're running out of time and we want to see everyone receive Jesus. Separately, PLady mentioned in another video about Lin Wood and the password. I've heard this referenced before and someone mentioned in the comments that YouTube keeps taking it down. We rebuke their personalities for censoring what should be free speech.

We also included Pastor Dutch Sheets' video below on turning the tables, another insightful message. It's a reminder that, "Nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad," Luke 8:17. 

"God will turn the tables on the crafty ones." Our God is the God of suddenly. In the Old Testament, Jericho fell in only ONE DAY. In only ONE DAY the Egyptian army was destroyed in the Red Sea. In only ONE DAY day our salvation was secured. We are in the preparation period, just waiting for God's suddenly. Keep praying to the Holy Spirit for insight, revelation and direction.

As you go throughout your day, please keep a sense of EXPECTED hope:

    • Hope in God to show up and show out in your life. Hope in God for sudden bill payments.
    • Hope in God for your mortgage paid off.
    • Hope in God for a miraculous healing. Hope in God for that child or loved one to come home.
    • Hope in God for His miracle-working power with that new job.


No matter how hard it looks, GOD WILL NOT FAIL.   

Move with and Agree with God's Light to Expose Darkness

***Special Note: This is a Confirming Word. Read what's here and then read the revelations in Lana Vawser's Prophetic Word below...Listen as Sam describes how God says we will now be able to SEE and overcome. This is a confirming Word as God said previously a few times, "They will SEE." Sam also confirms that we're "winning" as Father God said the other day that the devil's upset that God's People are winning.

"The Spirit of the Lord says to you, As you open your eyes and as receive today a fresh capacity to see in the spirit realm, there are going to be two things that you experience that equip you for warfare. And, the Lord says this, Number one, you're going to be able to see what the enemy is doing and number two, you're going to be able to see what I'm doing. And the first one, seeing what the enemy is doing almost sounds a little bit daunting or scary but I heard the Spirit of God say this, This is a day for the smallness of the enemy's plans to be exposed to you that you might realize that you are more able to trample on his head than you think you are. You see, when you SEE what the enemy's plans are, you realize the powerlessness of them. You realize how little capacity they have to truly bring proper destruction and the Spirit of God says that spiritual sight comes to cloak you and this spiritual sight comes to you today where you're going to be able to see the plans of the enemy even before the enemy has started to execute them...As the enemy's plans are exposed, so shall they be destroyed. Importantly, God is saying, See what I am praying. See how I am moving and then be in agreement with this prayer."


God is gifting us with the ability to see what the enemy is doing AND to see what God is doing. What a mighty revelation!

We found Sam/Glasgow Prophetic Center through Prophet Emma Stark. She appeared on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural a while back and separately gave a strong confirming prophecy about how God was removing pastors with ungodly altar calls. Pastor Kent Christmas confirmed this when God spoke through him and said that people were coming to the altar and seeing the person and not God. It's another reminder to get in position as God replaces some pastors and prophets with people on fire for Him.

3:54 pm I heard, "Explosion on the news" and "You can tell them not to be afraid when they see what God does." Let's remember to trust God's timing and wait on Him. God KNOWS the plans He has for us and He also has hidden paths man doesn't SEE. Remember what God said through Prophet Robin Bullock on 2/9. God is visiting His People. Welcome Him in during this time of visitation...Glory to Your name, Lord. Hallelu-Yahweh!   

CONFIRMATION***AFTER***CONFIRMATION***AND IT'S TIME TO GET EXCITED... Listen as Pastor Kent says, God WILL restore the House of David. Rest in the Lord and have faith!


Short version: "God is not a microwave or Google. Turn the news off and wait patiently on God."


Longer version: Listen as Pastor Kent says to stop looking in the natural. God told him the enemy is trying to name us "Victim." But that's NOT what God said. The other day God had us post here, "My People's name is Victory." Listen as he says that the Trump/Biden election debacle was a distraction the enemy wanted us to focus on, i.e., smoke and mirrors.         

Prophetic Word Lana Vawser

This week I heard the Lord speaking over many in the body of Christ and He spoke these words “GET READY TO WRITE AGAIN”.
When He spoke these words I knew that the word He was speaking was twofold.


Firstly, the Lord was speaking NEW WRITING assignments. These new writing assignments were coming upon many suddenly and they were unexpected. The Lord showed me that many have recently written, some wrote a long time ago and then there are many that have not ever thought of writing. I heard the Lord say “SURPRISE! It is time to write!” I then began to hear what sounded like the sound of an earthquake, it was a shaking and a major shift and the Lord spoke “What I will have you pen in this hour in this surprise assignment will SHAKE, SHIFT and BREAK OPEN My plans and purposes in this hour and for this new era. Many of you will have to adjust your time and schedule to fit in this new surprise writing assignment, but the grace and empowerment of My Spirit that will be upon your writing will be greater than you have ever experienced.” I then began to see a HUGE tidal wave of revelation of the Word, His wisdom and strategy being released in a much deeper way than they had ever walked in before. As I watched these ones begin to ride in and on the wave of His Spirit bringing this revelation, wisdom, and strategy all at the same time, I saw this wave was also bringing DEEP healing. As they wrote, healing was taking place in their own lives personally and the anointing of healing was upon that which they were scribing of the Lord. I then heard the Lord say “These scribes are scribing that which I am speaking and revealing and it is marked by My divine strategy that will bring HEALING. The words of My heart and mouth that will go out through what I have these ones scribe will bring HEALING to individuals, families, communities, cities, and nations. These ones have lived deep in My heart, they live in the library of Heaven’ listening to what I am saying and seeing what I have written for what is to come and they have been stewarding these words with purity and humility and now it is time for their release. For others, I have and will surprise them with the downloads of My heart for what they will scribe and it will take them into a realm of tending new lands and gardens with Me that they never thought they would. The anointing that will be experienced in the writing in these ‘surprise assignments’ will be like nothing experienced before and these assignments of scribing what I am saying will be part of a ‘library of revelation’ that I am building through many scribes in this era containing key revelations, teachings, messages and strategies for the era. Purity and Power will flow through that which I have them scribe as they live in a place of purity and deep intimacy before me. Many of these ones have been hidden in the caves, the world may not know their name, but they are known by Me and I am raising them up to release My voice with purity, power, and boldness for such a time as this.”


I saw many who have lost heart in their call to write, they have been discouraged, they have had ‘seeming failures’ and ‘closed doors’ in their writing, those that have given up on the call to write, the Lord is bringing healing to them. If that’s you, I want to encourage you, the breath of God is upon you to breathe life and hope back into you. The Lord is pouring His love upon you, He is healing you and He is loving you back to life. His heart is speaking over you “It is time to write again”. The assignment of the Lord is coming upon you to scribe again. Your writings for the Lord will be marked with a fire of His love, you will be one to release hope, restoration, and healing to many. The enemy came strongly against you to try and take you out, and kill your assignment of the Lord to write, but the Lord says to you “NOW, you will not only step into the restoration of all that was lost and stolen from you, but you are also stepping into a greater realm of clarity, vision, focus, and revelation for what I will have you scribe. The enemy tried to break you, shake you and kill you, but I am now coming to restore and heal you and what I will have you scribe will bring others together, there will be a reconciliation anointing upon what you write, there will be an anointing upon what you write to see restoration and refreshment come to those who hear and see the words I will have you scribe and release. There will be a DOUBLE PORTION in the DELIVERY! There will be a DOUBLE PORTION in the delivery! A double portion in the intensity of the clarity and revelation, a double portion in the movement that My Spirit is birthing through what I will have you scribe and there will be explosive demonstrations of My favour upon that which I will have you scribe. You are now taking your place for SUCH A TIME AS THIS as the scribe that I have called you to be. You will now find the SOUND of My heart that is within you in these new assignments that will resound LOUDLY in the earth. Testimonies of signs, wonders, and miracles will flood to you as people hear, read, and see that which I will have you scribe. The enemy tried to take you out, but he failed. Now the enemy will be paid back for coming against you, through the marvelous miracles, salvations, harvest, and move of My Spirit that will be birthed through that which I will have you scribe.


I heard the Lord say “GO and grab the song, grab the manuscript, grab the poem, grab the teaching that you put away, that you gave up on. GO and get it, dust it off, and ask Me for My strategy for release. For you gave up on the revelation I gave you because of words others spoke over you and you believed the lies of the enemy as he came against you to taunt you with his intimidation to cause you to withdraw, but I say unto you, TODAY is a new day. PICK UP again, what I have had you write and believe again in that which I spoke to you, and ask Me for My strategy of release and watch the winds of My Spirit pick up My message and take it further than you could ever imagine.”





2/23/21 God is Sending Signs/Proof/Evidence 

Praise the Lord, Saints. Father God said just now, "Tell them they are in for a sweet surprise." God is a loving Father who is separating us from what's not like him and what means to cause us harm. He wants to bless us and restore us. God doesn't want limited visitation rights with us. He wants full custody. Pastor Robert Clancy confirms this in the video above. God also said the other day that He's "legitimizing His Sons and Daughters." But what does that mean?

As Sons and Daughters We Must Obey God

As Clancy points out, the devil has been trying to convince US like the world to do WHATEVER we want WHENEVER we want. But, that's not God. Father God wants us to obey Him and stay free from sin and temptation. This is also confirmed in the number of times in the messages below when God says to "Get to bed by 9:30." 

God wants to separate us from the world's sin and satanic influences. As Pastor Clancy points out, by obeying God we can access the power, covering, protection, favor, authority and benefits ONLY God provides (Deut. 28:1-14). Look for your window and let's wait expectantly on what God does. He's preparing a table for US!

God IS Our Confidence and He's Saying, "Keep Being Obedient to Me"

Listen as Jamie Ivey (above) discusses confidence in God. Sometimes we mistakenly discount our own blessings through fear and from hearing the devil say we CAN'T. God says we CAN and He shows us the way so we can confidently trust in Him.

Father God said recently, "They're not prepared/not ready yet for what I'm about to do. Judgment is coming. So many are in for promotion and favor. Watch and see. I am the God who changes NOT. Keep doing things that add value. Believe God's miracle working power. Remember, the END of a thing is the BEGINNING of God." 

Listen as Chris confirms what God is saying about waiting on His timing. He uses the example of Adonijah and how he was a FALSE king.


As Bible Hub describes it, "David did not directly attack this false kingdom of Adonijah's. He did set up the true kingdom in the place of the false. So the false fell because there was no room for it in the presence of the true. Here is admirable illustration of the best way of overcoming."


Chris also mentions a lot going on in the spirit realm, with the Supreme Court, Senate, 2/22 George Washington's birthday and other factors.


Father God said to "Pray for Philadelphia," "Pray for the police department" and "Pray for the President."




2/22/21 Have Faith AND Rebuke the Snakes

Ahh, Monday mornings. A time when we start out in praise and worship and then it's suddenly interrupted by a noisy neighbor with the bass turned up on a movie at 7:30 am. Or, a time to sleep in a little until a neighbor quietly drops off his wife at work and then comes home and starts yelling, screaming and cursing throughout their home. And, it's so loud, you can hear every curse word LOUD and CLEAR. That was my experience this morning but I hear God saying, "Don't worry about them."

This devil is UPSET because his plans are failing and satan is scared because God's people are NOT moving or backing down. Noooooo, the devil and all his demons are the ones who are going to run and hide.

Don't War in the Flesh...Rebuke It

A point I want to make is the devil is sending intimidation demons to try to get God's people out of the Spirit. While it wasn't my neighbor per se but a demon working through him, I still rebuked his personality. I also prayed for my neighbor that God would remove that demon or demons from him. Satanic attacks are coming because people are setting up ungodly altars. Movies and TV and A LOT of movie streaming apps have witchcraft and occult in their content. They're teaching people how to gain success, get back at your ex or get more money.

The tempting lure of the devil starts small but it's a snare. The devil wants full control and pretty soon the person is completely reliant on witchcraft. They're addicted to drugs and alcohol because they can't cope with the daily stress of life. But God is saying...I have an open door. I have a way that's better. I want to heal you, deliver you and set you free.

The Demon in the Slave Girl

"And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying: The same followed Paul and us, and cried, saying, These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation. And this did she many days. But Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit, I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And he came out the same hour." Acts 16:16-18

When Paul rebuked the slave girl, her owners could no longer make money on her fortune telling. So, we can see WHY Paul rebuked her. But why did the slave girl tell everyone that they were the church? Why not cast out the demon the first day? Why let it linger for days?

Let Them See Proof

One theory is that Paul was letting the slave girl say WHO they were so people could see the real God come forth. What a way to advertise! It's likely that the demon in her was alerting her owners that they would lose everything because the REAL God had shown up and its time was running out. It's also possible that the demons had to stand at attention and tell the truth because God was present in Paul and Silas. She had a spirit of divination and python spirit and was using it against the Body of Christ. Python likes to overwhelm and suffocate. 

Paul might have been waiting to hear from God on how or WHEN to remove the pythia demon (trance-like or ecstatic state). However, Paul HAD to put a stop to it because we're to rebuke not tolerate religious, Jezebel, leviathan or python demons. Because she represented a false-witness with her oracles, she wasn't like Lydia who was delivered. The demon had to flee because it was trying to make the scene LOOK LIKE she was in authority. Why? It might LOOK LIKE they were offering a watered-down doctrine or promoting another agenda if they tolerated her. Witnesses might think, "Don't they have authority over her?"

Side note: Look at the fake election. The news media is trying to make it LOOK LIKE God's prophets got it wrong and THEY were right.

Exercising Obedience

Another theory is that Paul might have been trying to maintain his patience and not war in the flesh because of the suffocating spirit. We know that Paul had a "thorn in his side" that God refused to remove. Was it impatience? Was he worrying about grieving God if he didn't complete his mission accurately? Remember, Moses lost his chance at reaching the Promised Land because he threw down and broke the tablets (Exodus 32:19). So, obedience - and patience are crucial.

Perhaps Paul wanted to ensure that it didn't LOOK LIKE he was lashing out at the girl in anger. This might make him look like he physically threatened her (potential grounds for imprisonment, making the church look bad). It could also alert the demons to his weakness or Achilles heel. What's more, his anger was against the oppressive spirit in her and he didn't want the spirit to harm the girl. This is a move that Jesus also used when removing demons.

"And in the synagogue there was a man who had the spirit of an unclean demon, and he cried out with a loud voice, "Ha What have you to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are—the Holy One of God." But Jesus rebuked him, saying, "Be silent and come out of him!" And when the demon had thrown him down in their midst, he came out of him, having done him no harm," Luke 4:33-35.

Side Note: Look at the Capital Riots and how the news media IMMEDIATELY blamed President Trump. They made it LOOK LIKE he orchestrated the attack to have grounds for silencing the Church. But He who sits in the Heavens laughs. Lesson learned: Never try to outwit the one with the Master Game Book (He knows EVERY secret plays).

Avoiding Arrest

Paul was also in an area where he didn't want to be arrested. It's likely that he didn't fear her the girl or her handlers but KNEW her handlers would lose money if he performed an exorcism.

Removing the spirit would immediately cause an uproar and subsequent revenge imprisonment. 

Kay gives a confirming message about the coming days. God said the other day that He's "legitimizing His sons and daughters." Don't get battle-weary...We didn't start this fight but God's going to make sure WE WIN THIS WAR AND RECOVER ALL.


Listen as Pastor Wanda Alger describes how we have LEGITIMATE authority. Don't STAY STUCK on the battlefield. We STAND in the Throne Room with God. We use our authority and STAND on God's Word until God lines it up.


CONFIRMATION after CONFIRMATION! Listen as Albert says the python spirit cannot bind us as God off its head. Hallelu-Yahweh! EVERY AGENDA OF THE SNAKE IS OVER! Charlie Shamp and Raji spoke about python recently and we discussed python earlier today in the story of Paul and the slave girl. It's about to get better...Stay encouraged, read your Bible and pray to the Holy Spirit for direction and help. Keep offering up the sacrifice of praise. God's got US!


Get Ready for Revival

Lastly, an additional theory is that Paul waited because he wanted the witnesses to grow. By showing the REAL God removing the demon, it meant more souls won for Christ. Hence, this is the BEST side note ever. As we wait for God to move in the US, it's an important reminder that the MORE witchcraft, corruption, ILLEGITIMATES and the demonic are EXPOSED, the more people will eventually SEE the masks and veil come off and turn to Jesus Christ.

The more we exercise patience and don't walk in the flesh, the more souls we can deliver with the coming revival. And, what a glorious day that will be! As God said through Prophet Robin Bullock on 2/9/21 (video and text below), 

"For now, you have been thrown in the Courtroom of Heaven and now the gavel sounds on each head. For now angels are there watching and they've heard every word you've said. Your scrolls will be unrolled and read and it will be heard in the Courts of Heaven and everything you've done will be seen and said. For you have no rock to hide in, no cleft that you can move to. I gave My People a cleft in the rock but not you. For you have nothing to protect you as I walk by. For this is it, says the Lord and I am going to show signs in the sky, BOOM! And, light and explosive power overhead and yet it is a small, tiny piece of Glory that will raise the dead. For one day, I am going to tremble the earth now. I am going to tremble it through Canada all the way down. For this is the way it is, says the Lord. And, I am going to visit every province and every town. Get ready for My Visitation or move out of your habitation for I am going to walk through and either your tents will shake or they will be crushed or you will stand by Me. For the separation has come. Who is on the Lord's side? Come to Me, the Lord says. Who is not, stay where you are for the ground will open up and swallow you. For this is the way it is. You have set yourself to stand in My Way and so I have given you this declaration from My Throne, says the Lord, THIS VERY DAY." To God be the glory!

12:32 pm I hear God saying, "Do not be afraid when you see what God does." 

8:55 pm Father God said, "Pray for every police officer." He's been saying this a few times over the past couple of days. We lift every officer up to God in prayer and pray for their covering and protection in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. Please change their reputation, Lord, and make it better. Make them more respected in their communities and let the public rally around, support, love and encourage our officers. We KNOW there are witchcraft demons that have tried to come against them working through certain officers to make them look bad. We rebuke those officers, Lord. And, we pray give help to all our police departments. These are the bravest men and women who fight for us daily. May they be equipped with more help, spiritual armor and all they need (and more benefits, higher salaries, equipment and vacation time), we pray, in Jesus's name and by God's authority, Amen!

Separately I hear God saying "9:30." Try to get to bed by 9:30 if you can. Father God's been speaking to His Children and pouring out His Spirit. He might wake you up with a specific Word, vision or dream. Let's be mindful to let God move in this New Era as He wants relationship with us. Glory to Your name, Lord. YOUR presence is everything. Lastly, keep rebuking the devil in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. WE have the victory! Hallelu-Yahweh! 





2/21/21 Pray for America: We Must Move Faster

Remember the song, "My hope is built on nothing less, Than Jesus Christ, my righteousness. On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand. All other ground is sinking sand...


Are you standing on the Rock or shifting like sand? And, importantly, are you SURE you're on the right foundation? Listen in the  Chris Yoon video above as he explores how to REALLY stand strong in the Lord. Keep reading your Bible each day and draw closer to God. While MANY are the afflictions of the righteous, God delivers us from them ALL. Call on the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit. He will help with EVERY detail.


I was reading posts in a Chris Yoon message when I came across message after message with people saying "God's Prophets got it wrong" and saying, "Well, Trump's still not in." It's a reminder to "rebuke their personalities." No word of God EVER fails AND you can pray in tongues and ask God for proof. God will not fail and we must stand firm and believe. I hear God saying "We must move faster" to prepare for what God's about to do. He also said, "Get ready for an explosion in the news." He said that the other day, too. Sharing my reply to the comment below:

M*****wrote: "Trump is not going to be reinstated before 2024. Many people and professing Christians are in agreement. The people here and Yoon who believe he will be, are on the fringe group, virtually cultic."

**********Beginning of the comment......

God said, "Let there be light..." and it was light. We choose to STAND with God and His Prophets. But careful for you and anyone else that critiques what God is doing...God ALREADY said through Pastor Kent Christmas that those who have STOOD and believed even when they didn't see during this test will receive the blessings. Those that didn' is the time to repent and "Move faster" because God is NOT playing. AND, God said "President Trump is ALREADY in his second term" and start praying for his "term starting." We pray for any unbelievers who can't see the light yet but maybe instead of slandering God's Prophets because you think God is google, ask jeeves or a microwave, turn on the news. Look at the snow in Jerusalem, snow in the Middle East, record snow and ice all over the world. Record earthquakes and shaking. You all call it global warming. We know it's a GLOBAL WARNING...Repent and get ready for MASSIVE global revival. ONLY God's voice WINS, ONLY God has the final say and ONLY God is on the Throne, not man. EVERY Word of God and EVERY prophecy WILL come to pass when God SAYS it will and when He wants it to. Beware/be afraid of YOUR false doctrine...

The test is will people STAND even when they can't SEE God? True worshipers are going deeper in spirit and in truth. Like Chris said, 3 kinds of supporters, right? Then there are the new believers who are unsure but the majority of the slander/negative comments are from unbelievers because Christians KNOW not to speak against or slander a prophet. So, assuming you're an unbeliever, we stand in prayer for you, M******, that God opens your eyes to SEE that THIS is how we stand on God's Word. This is how Noah stood when he had to keep building an ark no one believed in. This is how Joseph stood when he was left in a pit and sabotaged by his brothers because of his dreams. This is how David stood when he faced a giant that an entire army of men in full gear were afraid of for 40-days. This is how Hannah stood when she was mocked by Peninnah before she gave birth to Samuel. Oh no, Michael. This isn't our first rodeo but God is delaying it so you will SEE and BELIEVE, too. Here's confirmation below.


*******What we posted on FB yesterday: Jesus said, "I AM the way, the truth and the light. No one comes to the Father but through Me." I hear God saying, "Tell them to move faster." If you're riding the fence with God, please don't wait. Tomorrow is NOT guaranteed. Pray: Lord Jesus, I ask forgiveness of my sins. Please come into my heart. I make you my Lord and Savior. I want to follow you for the rest of my life. Please give me eternal life through you in Jesus name, Amen. If you're already a Christian but procrastinating in your calling, God wants you back in alignment. Don't wait until you SEE God move before you start working. He's ONLY going to bless those ALREADY in position. So, make the choice today to finish working on what He's asked you to do so you don't miss out on your blessings.**********


M*****, we pray for you and everyone else that is saying "It's too late." THEY said it was too late for Lazarus after he was dead for 4-days. THEY said it was too late for Ja-irus's daughter but Jesus said weep not, she's only sleeping. THEY thought THEY could convince believers that it was too late for Jesus by scorning and mocking Him, crucifying Him and rolling a stone over the grave. And HE STILL GOT UP. We pray God changes your heart so you can SEE and BELIEVE. And, for God's faithful, I'm hearing, "Don't worry." We know EVERY Word of Yeshua God will come to pass. It's ALREADY done. To God be the glory! Hallelu-Yahweh! Keep reading your Bible. God's got this! 


*******End of the comment.....


Promotion's coming but are you READY? What will you do when people walk away because they didn't want to see YOU succeed? Will you stay close to God? Other questions to consider...Are you operating in your gifts/calling but not in right standing with God? Have a religious spirit but unaware of it? Listen to Nkenge's video above on what to do. The promises that you’ve been waiting for from the Lord, are about to manifest suddenly. God will move by His Spirit and bring a supernatural change QUICKLY into the earth. He wants you to “Be Ready.”


We must STAND For America and continue to wait on, trust and press into God. Touch in agreement for what you need. Speak and plead the blood of Jesus Christ over yourselves, your family, home, business, ministry, marriage, health and finances. Keep rebuking that devil away and keep reading your Bible each day. Continue to believe and don't doubt. God will send you proof. I hear God saying "Believe for God's miracle working power." 


4:18 pm I heard, "Praise God." I started praising Father God and I heard, "See, I told you He will not fail." I then heard, "Let them know they will see relief soon. I will help with your money. Relief soon. Keep believing in Me. I'm doing something good for My Faithful Ones. Keep believing in Me. Let them know there will be fabulous news. Some I am blessing early; changing area codes; new jobs; new business opportunities; husbands; marriages. They will see soon. Promotions are coming for many. Wealth transfer. They will see. Keep rebuking THEIR personalities. Keep on being obedient to Me. I'm blessing them supernaturally. Revival is starting. Tell them get their houses in order. I know they need help. It's coming. Tell them help is coming soon. Just keep on being obedient to Me, rebuking stubborn pride. It's a 'starting over' for some, for many."   


It's Unbelievable and Incredible what God will Do...

2/21 8:43 pm This morning the most amazing thing happened. I was sleeping and I saw what looked like supernatural rain landing all over my arms and upper body. It was like drops of bright white lights were landing on me. I woke up and that's when I heard, "I stand before you an open vision/open harvest. It's reigning down supernatural provision on us. Get ready for God's showers of goodness; showers of blessings." I then realized my arms and upper body were completely dry and wrote down what I heard God say. But a few seconds later, I felt an actual drop of water hit my head! I looked up and realized it was a small flood from my upstairs neighbor's apartment. To see something supernaturally that manifested physically, it just felt like the most amazing sensation. It also reminded me of what a few prophets said recently about the avalanche coming to the enemy. It's going to start small and then spiral out of control. We also have Elijah's example of the abundance of rain as he made the servant check 7 times and THEN he saw a tiny cloud. But with us, maybe God is going to bless us in what starts out with a few drops and then turns into a flood.

I almost discounted the event and thought, "Oh, well water was landing on me so that's why I dreamt about it." But then I realized, no, that wasn't the case. God gave a Word as soon as woke up. And, Father God said to share it.

I don't discount things like this because I remember when my mom had what looked like scales or cataracts on her eyes years ago, we had previously prayed over her with anointing oil and I had touched her eyes and prayed for her healing as God commanded. She was standing in my kitchen one day and said, "Oh look, it's raining." I looked up at the cabinets and ceiling and then back at her and said, "Mommie, I think that's God removing the scales from your eyes." We praised God for His awesome signs and wonders!    




2/20/21 It Doesn't Matter...

I used to wonder why God had us say so many times, "It doesn't matter." He'd have me add that it doesn't matter what the devil SAYS or DOES. And, it doesn't matter the number of threats satan makes...and now I GET it. The devil can't do ANYTHING that will EVER stop God's plan. It's such a comforting thought. Regardless of how it LOOKS or what the enemy SHOWS you or wants you to doesn't matter. God's plan is ALREADY in play. 

Over the rest of the weekend and in the coming days as we prepare for the election shift, please use the time to rest in God. I hear the Lord saying two things, "Wait and see" and "Walk away." Remember, God is just and He fights our battles. These are sensitive times because the enemy is losing ground as God's people wake up. It's a reminder to stay on guard and walk away from people who want to war in the flesh. Rebuke their personalities and rest.

What's more, I saw where Kevin Sorbo's FB page was removed with no warning and I believe Not Me, Him! is down on YouTube - or they may have received a warning (they shared a lot of Kent Christmas and Hank Kunneman videos). But again, this goes back to, "It doesn't matter." And, here's why.


ALL OUR LIGHTS are Shining Brightly For God

I remember watching a cartoon years ago where a tiny light came on in the US. Then another and another and it went from a few hundred to a few thousand lights to millions across the nation. I couldn't find the movie clip but wanted to use the lantern video as an illustration.

As the Body of Christ/Ecclesia rises and people wake up, they're repenting. They're turning back to God. They're preparing for revival. And, importantly, their lights are shining brightly for God - and it's not just me and you. It's billions of people all over the world that love God. Hear their prayers, read some of their comments in YouTube on pages like Dutch Sheets and Victory Channel. Feel them standing with us and know that we are NOT alone (and there are MORE of us than there are of THEM). Jesus says that so we know it's true. Always remember, ONLY God has the final say and He can do ANYTHING at ANY time and with and to ANYONE. And, God is saying "Tell them not to worry."

Incidentally, in the comments for the lantern video, someone wrote that in Ancient China lighting lanterns like this meant that war was starting...and indeed a spiritual battle is starting as we STAND firm on God's Word and come against witchcraft, satan and the demonic in this world. And, we don't have to fear. As one pastor mentioned in an article I read about procrastination, we sometimes don't do a thing because we're afraid and don't know how to get to the next step. But God KNOWS the way. And, His plans for us are so amazing. Father God has said in the past a very comforting thing, "I will help with every detail." I also know that the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost has said several times to include here, "Pray to the Holy Spirit." So, we know He will guide and lead us in all truths.

Believe for the Impossible...

As a side note, George Washington's birthday is this Monday, 2/22. I saw 2:22 pm today on the clock, a reminder that Pastor Wanda Alger mentioned 222, (video further below or somewhere in our January posts). We shared Pastor Timothy Dixon's latest prophetic Word above. Listen as he says the next 30-days will be a time of rejoicing (40-min in). In the comments, a woman wrote, "Y'all are going to think it's crazy, but my daughter has had dreams about Washington and Trump working together since mid October of 2020!!!" We know NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD...While we can't say WHAT God might do - or when, we serve a loving God who is here for us, fighting for us, covering us and protecting us and...It's ALREADY done.




2/19/21 Are You Thirsty?

Father God said, "Praise the Lord for breakthrough blessings and answered prayers, miracles. It's time to come to the altar. Fix your face like flint and get your healing." I also hear God saying "breakthrough prayers." 

How Not to Develop a Victim Mindset/Mentality

I saw in the spirit realm a house being renovated. So many old things had to come out like the plumbing and wiring. We might think we need to replace a few things or just duct-tape them but God is saying, "It's time for new." That might include a new way of thinking to break out of a 'stuck' mindset. Maybe you had old belief systems that need 'upgrades.' You might have only existed one way for a long time and now God is calling you higher. How do you know what higher is if you've never seen it before?  

Father God wanted us to call today's message, "Are You Thirsty?" But I don't want to highlight the familiar story about the woman at the well. Instead, there are 2 people that Jesus helped that we want to highlight. The lame man at the pool of Bethesda and the blind man. One could SEE his way out but gave up. The other couldn't see but DIDN'T give up.

The Lame Man Who Let Haters Stop His Voice

The lame man sat for 38 years and couldn't get to the Pool of Bethesda (House of Mercy) for his healing. It's likely that he tried several times. Maybe even hundreds of times or thousands. But other people got in his way. Then there were the haters and mockers who probably told him he couldn't do it. Or, maybe they pushed him out of their way. He sat so long in that survivor mindset (what should have been a temporary place) that at some point, he gave up.

I remember Bishop TD Jakes described it like this. He said, "I don't care if you have to hop, crawl or roll yourself down to the water, if you want to get there, you're going to do it." What's interesting is we KNOW the lame man gave up because of two things. He told Jesus that he didn't have anyone to help him and that when he tried someone else got in. But then there's something more troubling. The Bible doesn't state that the lame man yelled out to the angel for help. What's more, the Bible states in John 5:6, "When Jesus saw him lie." It didn't state, when Jesus arrived, he overheard the man crying out. Jesus should have at least heard him say, "Hello, hey...over there! Can you help me?" So, we know when Jesus approached, and as the Bible indicates, he "has been now a long time in that case." 

Image Credit: GOC

The Blind Man: Why Be Quiet?

Now the other man did things differently. Luke 18:35-39 states, "And it came to pass, that as he was come nigh unto Jericho, a certain blind man sat by the way side begging: And hearing the multitude pass by, he asked what it meant. And they told him, that Jesus of Nazareth passeth by. And he cried, saying, Jesus, thou son of David, have mercy on me. And they which went before rebuked him, that he should hold his peace: but he cried so much the more, Thou son of David, have mercy on me."

What we see here is the blind man was different than the lame. For one, the blind man asked who was nearby because he could HEAR the crowds. And, when he heard that it was Jesus, he KNEW it was his opportunity. The Savior was coming. He cried out for Jesus and asked for mercy and when the people told him to be quiet, he got LOUDER. He wasn't distracted. He didn't let the naysayers and mockers stop him. He realized THIS was his time to get his healing. 

Image Credit: CAUK

Interesting Points About the Two Men

The image above is a model of what the Pool of Bethesda might have looked like. Incidentally, there are a few interesting points about the two men:

  • The blind man KNEW when to press in AND get loud AND put a demand on God. The lame man didn't even ask who was in the area. Wasn't there a commotion at the Pool when Jesus walked by? Didn't the lame man SEE this?
  • The blind man ignored the people who tried to silence him. He used their trying to silence him as fuel to get EVEN LOUDER. The lame man was ignored so he internalized his frustrations. And, he got quieter. 
  • Jesus also spoke to them differently. With the blind man, Jesus said, "What wilt thou that I shall do unto thee?" And he said, "Lord, that I may receive my sight." And Jesus said unto him, "Receive thy sight: thy faith hath saved thee." However, with the lame man, Jesus's approach was different. He saith unto him, "Wilt thou be made whole?" The impotent man answered him, "Sir, I have no man, when the water is troubled, to put me into the pool: but while I am coming, another steppeth down before me." Jesus saith unto him, "Rise, take up thy bed, and walk." And immediately the man was made whole, and took up his bed, and walked.

Have You Given Up Or Are You Getting Up?

As previously stated, it's likely that the lame man gave up because NO ONE helped him. But why did the blind man press in when NO ONE helped him? As Jesus mentioned, the lame man was in that state for a long period of time. While the blind man was likely blind all his life, he didn't let the people ignoring him cause him to develop a victim mentality.

Practical Psychology describes the victim mentality as a viewpoint that a person is a victim due to the negative actions others take against them. And, again, this is NOT to beat anyone up. It's to help you address how to become victorious and hungry/thirsty for God.

Examples include: 

  • Expressing the negative motives or intent that others might have
  • Being excited or anxious around other people 
  • Seeking out sympathy based on your condition, i.e., how others treat you
  • Comparing yourself to those who are more fortunate or receive more love 
  • Not identifying with others who are treated unfairly 


Chris confirms what God said over the past few days. We're to rest in God and stay vigilant. Many in the Body are waiting on God for deliverance, healing, finances, restoration, so don't give up. Revival IS coming. Chris also confirms what God said to us, that people are waking up and repenting/correcting their behavior. God had us post today about being thirsty for God. And, Father God said this yesterday, "The devil's upset because God's people are winning" and "My People are named Victory." Satan's last ditch effort to block revival HAVE ALREADY FAILED. WE ARE THE BODY OF CHRIST AND THE DEVIL CAN'T TOUCH US!!!!

The Victim Mentality

Hence, it's possible that the lame man took on a victim mentality because he couldn't get healed after 38 years. And there are people today who might identify with this. It might include you. Maybe there's a trauma or crisis that occurred where you are deeply hurting because no one was there. Or, perhaps, you've been overlooked for so long, you stopped trying. But, here's what you need to know - so you can get your healing. 

An optimistic person sees failure as an isolated, one-time event. Their viewpoint is that other events in their life will turn into winning situations. An example is a basketball team that does poorly one season. They practice hard and win the next season. But, that's not the same mindset for someone who has a victim mentality. They think EVERY time they try to win or try to succeed at something, they will fail. Remember, the lame man said, "Sir, I have no man..." But, he had an angel standing right there for 38 years! 

It is possible to change your mindset if you have a victim mentality. Perhaps an incident or incidents genuinely affected you. You may have been manipulated by someone or intimidated. A person may have been violent toward you. And, even in the spirit realm, the recent witchcraft attacks have been SO GREAT, they've left people traumatized. Hence, it's important to remember that these are isolated incidents, i.e., your life won't always be like this. Demons can come in the form of Jezebel to make you think she's in control while the Leviathan demon can try to make you feel helpless. You might think it will ALWAYS be this way, but that's not true. That's the devil trying to play mind games with you so you give up. Again, you are NOT a victim you are a victor. And, with Jesus's help, you can get up, so don't give up!

Watch this short video from Dr. Stanley about focusing on God, not the problem.


How to Go Deeper in God Not Deeper into a Victim Mindset (What the Devil Wants)

To help you overcome this mindset so you can go deeper in God and not feel like a victim, here are a few tips. 

Pray and ask God to heal your past traumas and ask Him to renew your mind. Pray and say, "Lord, let this mind be in You which was also in Christ Jesus."

When you encounter obstacles, change your thinking. Let's say you're rejected for a new job offer. Don't internalize. Ask God to help you prepare for the next interview. Receive the new job in your spirit FIRST so it can become manifest in the natural. 

Recognize you might need "new wiring and plumbing." Similar to that house that we mentioned that needs repairs, you might need a new way of thinking - and praying. 

Rebuke their personalities. Just like the blind man got LOUDER when he saw his opportunity, don't let your haters and naysayers stop you. You will have all kinds of people who are jealous of you but if you KNOW you want a healing from God and Jesus, press in, yell out, give it all you've got! 

Change the channel. Instead of ALWAYS seeing failure, ONLY see success until you receive it. Stand on Deuteronomy 28:1-14. Bring to God's remembrance what He said you can have. This is part of being thirsty for God like the blind man. You have to change your thoughts so they line up with God's Word. Luke 11:9-10 states, "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened." Pastor Kay Nash described it like this, when you ask, you'll be given a direction to the right door so look for it until you find it. Once you find it, knock until it opens. And, don't get frustrated. Remember, delayed is NOT denied. Even if what you want doesn't happen now, don't give up. You might be in a time of testing to see if you'll persevere.

Like the blind man who only saw men like trees when Jesus FIRST healed him, ask for a second touch. Like the disciples who were frantic in the storm, wake Jesus up (so you can go rest in Him). Like the woman with the issue of blood, press into the crowds and receive supernaturally from Jesus what you need. And, like Sarah and Abraham, don't laugh. If God says your baby is coming...don't worry. It's coming! To God be the glory!   

Questions To Ask

In order to go deeper in with God, we have to ask ourselves key questions that He can help with. Kind of like a house that needs repairs. What needs to be repaired? And what needs to be replaced? These are areas the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost can help you with.

Questions to ask yourself include:

  • Am I reading my Bible enough daily? Am I absorbing the scriptures?
  • Am I praying in tongues consistently each day?
  • Am I taking time to hear from God, i.e., not just talking TO Him but waiting to hear FROM Him?
  • Am I fasting and praying? Should I fast and pray over specific needs?
  • Are there things - or people trying to distract me away from God? Am I spending too much time with my devices?
  • Am I afraid to go deeper with God because I feel let down about something? Am I secretly holding pain from a time when I thought God was NOT there for me?


Stay Focused on God

When you ask yourself these questions, write down your answers. Then, ask God to highlight any areas where He feels like you need help. And, He will tell you. It might be through a sermon, video, person or directly in your spirit. Lastly, don't beat yourself up. We ALL start out like the first realtor.

We base our understanding of God on what we know and/or what our parents or a pastor teach us. But, God wants us to seek Him out MORE so we can become confident in EVERY area of our lives. Are you ready to dive in deeper with God?

Keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged. Have faith. God is going to do GREAT and MIGHTY things! Hallelu-Yahweh!

"Your success is going to go so big, THEY are not going to be able to deny it..." Listen as Latoya describes how to manifest what you need. She says, "You've got to put your head down and you've got to get to work." Here's how to remove old belief systems that the enemy put in you.


Luke describes how God wants us to rest especially in the aftermath of the election. God can't work with us or through us when we're tense or divided. He wants us united, resting in Him.

A Note for YouTubers: Help Them Subscribe

Separately, this is something God showed me in the prophetic. For those with YouTube pages, please make sure you walk people THROUGH how to subscribe for future videos. Remember, more people are online with the pandemic and older people might not know WHERE to find the subscribe button.

I saw in the spirit realm a woman who went to a website. She didn't know what to do. I saw the subscribe bell so I know it was for YouTube. Maybe in your description, don't just say, "Hit the subscribe button" but say, "Press the 'More' Button with the 3-dots and then hit 'Subscribe.' Remember, they might be on Roku devices.

I tested this out with my own mother. Not only did she not know where to find the subscribe button but when she heard YouTubers mention it, she thought it was for a paid subscription. So, please make sure you let them know it's free so they can get your future content as soon as it's available.





2/18/21 Get a PRAISE in Your Spirit

6:31 am I don't what it is...I woke up just now with a praise break in my spirit. I literally heard praise music as I was waking up...have had no coffee. It's the anointing. It's the Holy Spirit. When you have a moment, please, please put on praise break music...

I remember when Kat Kerr said to eat cake, we celebrated because she saw them celebrating in Heaven. When I called my mom she was singing, "Victory! Victory!" and going everywhere in her house singing it. So please CATCH THIS SPIRIT. Whether it's 2-step, 4-step or anything foot stomping...get your praise on. Wev'e got the VICTORY!

Something is breaking in Heaven. Something broke! I don't know what it is but believe God's miracle-working power. Praise the Lord! Whatever it is...Praise God! Your miracle is coming!!!  

Very early this morning I heard, "Hear God's voice, 'The devil's upset because God's people are winning.'" Breaking news...this just in...we've ALREADY won!!! Catch the WIN of that anointing!!!

Separately, I heard "Pray for Los Angeles." We also keep in prayer all those dealing with severe weather all over the US and in different parts of the world. Remember, God is working behind the scenes so the record snow, ice and severe weather are confirmations that He's working.

We're also experiencing unprecedented shaking and earthquakes of all sizes all over the globe. But we don't worry, we we worship. We know it's God who fights for us. In the interim, keep rebuking the devils and demons. And, here's why.

Speaking Life, Joy and Victory Into Your Situation

The other day was strange. I had intimidation demons come against me in 3 different areas. While I KNOW this means test, psychologically they still bring stress and release all kinds of fight-or-flight hormones. A lot of God's people have experienced all kinds of symptoms and medical conditions because of too much stress. Prophet Lana Vawser covers this yesterday in the video below. God says in that video that He KNOWS we've gone through HUGE conflicts. He is sending Jesus with refreshing for us. And, now as I write this, it makes sense that I woke up with my spirit filled today. That was Jesus, the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit and the Anointing. What's more, my mom reminded me of something significant.

The Smallbone Brothers (Joel and Luke, King and Country) in the video above sing about choosing joy. Similarly, my mom said to walk through my home and sing, "Victory, victory!" We don't want to go day-to-day ONLY responding to our circumstances (what the devil attacks us with). That's like trying to swing at every ball thrown at you, it's ineffective. Instead, we want to STAND and dictate what we want to receive. That's speaking into the prophetic so the angels can help make it manifest. Keep choosing joy, victory and peace. Keep calling on those things that be not until they ALREADY are. We serve Jehovah Jireh, God Our Provider and GREAT is His faithfulness!   


12:02 pm I heard, "Get ready for a Praise break." Father God said, "Right now My People are named Victory."

We were praying this morning for all those affected by this cold snap. We even saw on the news how in Texas, people were crying out publicly, "How can I boil water when I don't have electricity?" Others were watching in shock as water flooded their 55-degree homes because pipes had burst. One man, "Mattress Mack" opened his store to the public. He's letting people eat and have a place to stay temporarily. 


God bless this Mattress Mack guy who opened his doors to the public. We pray more businesses take in cold and hungry people.
Please don't walk away...We pray that our churches, more stores, area businesses, schools and even malls open their doors with a heart of thanksgiving. Open up and help those in need. Whether you are a Republican or Democrat, these are desperate times. I heard God say, "People on dialysis" My mom said, "people on oxygen." Please don't walk away when you can help. It's been 6-days for some. It's 55-degrees in some homes. Pipes have burst and homes are flooded. Some are stuck in their homes in the dark with their animals and livestock. They're sleeping under tarps, burning their fences and books to stay warm. Please open your doors, share your space. If you heat and generators, please share them. Please share your resources. We pray for God's miracle-working power to restore all power NOW. Please give food, water, warm blankets and shelter NOW. All these RICH HOMEOWNERS, SPORTS STARS, PASTORS, BUSINESS OWNERS, POLITICIANS AND CELEBRITIES with property, fireplaces and MORE THAN ENOUGH. Please don't turn away.


Refill Your Spiritual Tank

5:43 pm Father God said, "I want you to tell them, 'Don't worry when you see what God does.'" Watch Albert Milton's message above and Pastor Robert Clancy's below. We're entering into a time of restoration and revival but first we need refilling. The world is spinning in chaos right now but God wants us to focus on Him. Sit at Jesus's feet and worship. Let Him FILL YOU UP.

We're also including an important Word from Oboitshepo Tladi. She reminds us that on a global level, all the evil and deceit is being revealed. What we've experienced is severe spiritual warfare but God is bringing us to a place of rest and victory is ours!

Yahshua God promises to NEVER leave us NOR forsake us. Remember to sit and rest, stay focused on Jesus. God's love is like NO OTHER. A simple prayer, "Father God in Jesus name, search me O' God and remove anything or anyone not like You. I repent of all sins. Heal my heart, home, family, ministry, business. I invite You in. Remove these pressures and these witchcraft attacks. Give me Your peace Jesus. You are My God. Fill me up with yuor refreshing. Change my circumstances and bring recovery, restoration and revival in Jesus's name and by God's authority, Amen!"

Keep reading your Bible. God's got us and we're HIS KIDS/HIS CHOSEN ONES! Let HIM FIGHT for YOU! 

11:00 pm Father God said, "Get ready for a serious explosion on the news."




2/17/21 You are Covered By God

Father God revealed to me last night how Big Tech is going to change and how we can capitalize on it. I saw 2 examples of people on sofas sitting side-by-side in their homes but the links/access to content changed.

On the left the family accessed content through a social media platform like YouTube or Facebook. On the right the link was different and possibly directly from the ministry or business.

I'm not sure what this means for your ministry or business but pray to Father God for a strategy on sharing your content directly with consumers and not through social media. Social media represents a third-party that can filter and remove your content. You're also more prone to internet trolls, violence and sexual content because these sites have no filters. Censoring is another concern. I noticed that Not Me, Him! hasn't posted in the past few days so if you see videos missing, it's possible that social media is censoring them. However, we don't walk in fear because God ALREADY saw this over 2,000 years ago. And, we KNOW Jesus already overcame the world.  

I saw a video where another prophet was mentioning the same topic and how God's people are walking away from Big Tech. So, let's stay in prayer. As she pointed out, no one thought records and CDs would become obsolete but they did. We never thought Blockbuster would close but it did. Remember, God said the other day that "Everything is subject to change." 

Covering in the Storm

We also want to take a moment and pray God's covering for those affected by these severe storms. We ask for God's mercies and pray for these families, all seniors, the disabled and all animals.

We also pray they declare a State of Emergency in areas where they can take people in and provide heated areas even if they run heaters and generators in vacant schools or shopping malls. 

On a separate note, Trump Plaza is scheduled to be demolished today. Dems might see this as a final nail in the coffin but we see otherwise. We posted months ago that God said He's "Putting a new man in office" who will there for Him. We know that "new man" is our new walk with Christ, i.e., old things are passed away as we cultivate a deeper relationship with Him. And, I remember this happening when my mom went through her cancer treatments (she's healed now, praise God!). 

Construction Ahead

I stayed with my mom for about 9-months during her cancer treatments. While in her home, a new Target store was being built across the street. But you couldn't see it at first. They tore up the ground and there were trucks everywhere. When the store finally opened it was pristine with a new Starbucks inside and everyone went running to the light, so to speak.

Likewise, we're in a time of construction and so is President Trump and his administration. Prophet Lana Vawser calls it the New Era where God is taking us on levels we've never been on before. As my mom received her healing, she had a new anointing on her life. Similarly, WHEN President Trump is reinstated, he will have a new calling on his life. It's God and Jesus working THROUGH him to do God's will for the nation and the world. It's also the growing Ecclesia/Body of Christ, i.e., the Bride of Christ. 

Now, during constructing, there's a major shifting that takes place. Traffic is rerouted (inconvenience) and new plans are made to follow a specific blueprint. This is one of the reasons God wants us to draw closer to Him and come away from the news and social media.

God is doing a NEW THING. He is stomping His Feet and shaking EVERYTHING across the globe as the Bride of Christ wakes up. They're seeing injustices. They're STANDING in prayer. Even as I look at the thousands of comments on sites like Not Me, Him!, Elijah Streams, Flashpoint, Victory Channel, Luke Harding, Dutch Sheets and many more, they are praying (not doubting).

Prayers Needed for President Trump

Listen to this Mighty Word from PLady above. She gives several confirmations including a confirmation at about 19-minutes in where she says THEY are after wealth. God said through Prophet Robin Bullock on 2/9/21 that He's going to strip them of their wealth. "And, you will dig and run and hide, trying to hide in holes but I know where you are and I know where you'll be and some of you are about to get hung up in the bowels of a great tree. For you are running, says the Lord. It's MY MULE YOU RIDE and I am going to require this from your hide for you were given chance to repent and you said "Nay, I will not for I love money and I love power" and both of those will be stripped from you even that that you've got. For you will not have it anymore, says the Lord, as you walk off into the abyss."

She also confirms that God is cleaning the land. Other prophets have messages up about the cleaning and rain on the land.

We keep President Trump in prayer. As one person said, "The Lord told me in June of last year, 'All efforts to overthrow or take out President Trump, will FAIL' but I know we have to continue to pray for him. His heart is for America just like God." 


The Coming Revival

People across the world are uniting and the Body is STANDING. Hence, it's a time to draw closer to God and call on Him. Fast and pray in tongues and ask Father God for His blueprint for your life. Pray over our nation, President Trump, the military and all police officers. Pray for our families, neighborhoods, churches, businesses and communities.

Pray for the MASSIVE revival that's coming and pray God's will be done ON EARTH as it is in Heaven. We're going to see unprecedented moves of God and blessings like NEVER before. Glory to Your name, Lord! He will show proof and MORE EVIDENCE IS COMING.






2/16/21 Get Excited for What God's About To Do

Father God said "I want you to get excited for what God's about to do." Let's face it. The devil wants people distracted. He's running out of time and he's scrambling right now. As more evidence comes out, we're one day closer to MASSIVE revival. We're one day closer to sweeping changes and cries of victory throughout the US and globally.

In the interim, remember to look to the hills, our help comes from the Lord. Pay attention to the winds, look at the shores and the cities. Look to the sky as Pastor Hank points out and see the severe weather. These are significant signs that God is moving. We included a short clip about a popular tourist beach in Poland. Notice that the shoreline which is usually covered with sand is now covered in ice. A Galveston, Texas beach is also reportedly covered in snow.

We pray for all those affected by severe weather. We also pray for areas that might experience temporary food shortages. Stores like Walmart temporarily closed 500 stores.


On a separate note, God is dealing with injustice behind the scenes. He's stomping His Feet against the enemy and we will see God move on our behalf. But remember, several prophets have stated that this is a snowball/domino effect. It will start small and then build up speed and suddenly explode.

God IS covering us and we can confidently rest in Him. Glory to Yah! Keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged.


You're on a team project with another person (work, church or school colleague). They repeatedly - and intentionally cause miscommunications. And, they sabotage your work to outshine you, reject you and get a reaction from you. Then, when you get angry, they play the victim and pretend it's YOU that's the problem.  

Do you: 

  • A. Get angry, vent your frustrations and then once you're calm try to come up with a resolution.
  • B. Get back at the person in the same way and then gloat when they suffer.
  • C. Tell the person you KNOW what they're doing and ask them to stop.
  • D. Walk away, ignore it and let God handle it. You're the bigger person.


The correct answers are every answer except B. A is correct because you do want to vent in a healthy way. The Bible also says you can be angry, but sin NOT. C is correct in some cases because you don't want to let anyone intimidate you or fill you with fear. D is also correct because inviting God in means He can help you and you're not walking in the flesh.

B is incorrect because you don't want to return evil for evil. The Bible says when you do this, evil never leaves your home (Proverbs 17:13). Jesus states that we're to love our neighbors. The Bible also teaches us to "Bless those that curse you and pray for those that spitefully use you." The devil KNOWS walking in love and forgiveness is the will of God and it's why he tries to get people to act out in the flesh. However, the Bible says, Not by might (flesh), nor by strength (even more flesh), but God's Spirit. God will only help if we invite Him in (It's free will, i.e., we have to invite God to draw nigh/close to us). What's more, God CANNOT help if you put your hands on it (in the flesh, again free will). The devil KNOWS that and it's why he tries to get people angry.


Sometimes people try to undermine us because they let a back door open and now the devil has access to them. When satan comes through a back door, this is a type of relationship conflict.

An example is a sales manager that is intentionally late every month giving key sales figures his/her colleagues need. A student may withhold information on a team project because they don't want someone else on the team to outshine them. The goal is to get you angry so the devil can then work (he wants you to feel rejected so you'll react emotionally).

Resolution: Work Together to Achieve Your Goals

Pray first and ask God to soften the person's heart. Ask God for a good time to speak with them, if He wants you to bring the matter up. When you talk, don't start with accusations and "You..." Instead, explore what you have in common. Sometimes people have walls built up because they're deeply afraid or insecure about something.

If you feel comfortable talking, briefly bring up the source of tension and don't argue but suggest a way to resolve your differences in the future. The goal for you is to not wall off your heart or separate from others but work together. 

Listen to their point of view and show empathy. However, if the matter persists, pray and ask God if you should escalate it to a manager, teacher or church leader.

If you can't work together, pray and ask God if you should request a transfer to a different team. If you can't, learn what you can about the other person and ignore the differences. They might not change, but you can. To God be the glory! 


God WILL Bless You...It's Coming...Don't Worry

We're closing with two POWERFUL messages. Pastor Latoya Okeia tells us to stay focused and don't go by what THEY'RE doing. People who are coming against you WILL fall. The enemy is intimidated because you're working for God but don't let that stop you. They WILL have their day because God knows all and sees all. 

Pastor Latoya also reminds us that, "The enemy is always in opposition of what God is doing in your life but he can't stop it." God is saying, "Don't worry about the situation today. Many of you are worrying. Use Psalm 37, 'Fret not thyself.'" She reminds us to speak positive affirmations and, "Forget those folks who are contrary to your purpose."

    The next message is a MIGHTY Word from Prophet Albert Milton about President Trump and the coming days. We praise God President Trump was acquitted and we STAND firm on God's Word over the US and for the global revival that's coming. Remember God's got US and the devil can't touch US! Hallelu-Yahweh!






    2/15/21 You are NOT Illegitimate. Don't You Know? You're a Child of God.

    “I will be a Father to you, and you shall be My sons and daughters, says the LORD Almighty,” 2 Corinthians 6:18

    Before I get into what Father God said, I want to highlight a few things. One, the Lord said a few days ago that a mega pastor would die. We posted this below a few days ago as Father God said to pray for him. We heard that Dr. Frederick K. C. Price passed away a few days ago. We pray for his family and congregants while they grieve. I had the opportunity to meet Pastor Price briefly a few years back. A mighty man of God. 

    On another topic, an Israeli coronavirus treatment reportedly cures 97% of its patients. Prophet Tracy Cooke stated several months about a cure coming from Israel.

    We also want to point out Kay Nash's video above. She opens with a message from God where He confirms that He says, "I have gathered you to myself as a hen carries its chicks." God confirmed this through Prophet Robin Bullock in the 2/9/21 message. He says, "My People are mine and your corruption is yours. And, I will hold Mine up in My eyes, under My Wings. And, you will deal with Me from this day forward." So, we know God is emphasizing a closer walk with Him and a time of refreshing, restoration and healing. 


    Seeing God as a Father

    Late last night I heard Father God say, "Father God wants to legitimize His Sons and Daughters." But what if you've never seen God as your dad? 

    On Instagram a few weeks ago, a man laughed at something I wrote. I deleted his message but it stated something like, "LOL, you're calling God Father." I realized this man may not have understood that God IS our Father. I've even heard children call God, "Papa God." It's out of love for God because He's not just the head of the trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost). God represents our dad, friend, source, confidant, keeper, helper, love and so much more. The concern is that people mistakenly only see God on the surface level. And, here's why it can be confusing and why people don't go deeper with God. They're not taught by their pastors and their pastors might not know God on that level.

    Hearing and Seeing God

    A few years ago, one of the mega church pastors said something I disagreed with. He said in so many words, "God's not going to tell you want to put on." And, I thought, "That's NOT true." Your walk with God is as deep as YOU take it. I thought, "How can this mega church pastor who is a bishop NOT know God's intimacy on that level?" It made no sense. I figured maybe he wasn't on the prophetic level that others are where God openly talks. Another pastor said, "God will be as intimate and close with you as you are with Him." And, this made more sense to me as I had several examples:

    • On vacation once, my mom and I asked God to let us have intimate time with Him during our trip. We took a walk around a pond and there were flamingoes and ducks everywhere that walked right up to us. Iguanas fell out of the trees right in front of us and we saw a big rainbow. It felt like we were walking through the Garden of Eden and we didn't want to leave!
    • On another trip, we were in a cab heading to a park that was about an hour away. God said, "Don't go. I want you to go back to the ship." I told my mom and we asked again for confirmation. God said it again so we obeyed and told the driver to please turn around. By the time we reached the boat, the rain started and it turned into a torrential rain that would have ruined our plans if we hadn't listened.
    • On a separate trip at a hotel we asked God to let us bless someone. Around 5 am we were awakened by loud drilling and called the front desk to complain (no coincidences with God). It wasn't the hotel but an adjacent restaurant. To make up for it, the hotel gave us about $200 or $300 in food vouchers but we'd just gone grocery shopping for our stay. In the gym I met a Spanish woman who came into the hotel to use the gym (available to non-guests for a small fee). Her husband sent her there for her birthday. I talked to my mom and we prayed and asked the woman to bring her family over to enjoy the pool and use the vouchers. To see multi-generations in her family relaxing and resting in God was a blessing.


    Building Intimacy with God

    My mom taught me about intimacy with God as she talks to God about EVERYTHING. She'd pray before she went shopping, "Lord, please give me sales and help me remember everything I need to buy." Then she might stop and add, "I don't want to be selfish, let there be sales for everyone and let them be able to find the things they need, too." Hearing her talk intimately with God helped me to see God on a new level. I'd start talking to God more in the mornings and inviting Him in. I'd ask Him to please get involved in My day and help me minister to who He wanted to speak to and say what He said.  

    What I'm saying is God wants to have that Garden of Eden experience with us where we can walk and talk with Him. Now, don't get me wrong. When I first started, man, the conversations were awkward. It was like, "Hi God..." (crickets) " I hope you're well." (then even the crickets got quiet). But the MORE I got up and talked to God or went in my prayer closet and talked to Him, the MORE He started talking back! He might say, "Keep calling on Me" or "God read your Bible and go rest." 


    Picking a Fast/Time to Draw Closer to God

    As we start this 40-day Lent season, I have a challenge for you. Pick out the 1 thing you're distracted with and give that time to God. Spend time with Father God like for 1-hour a day. Talk to Him, read your Bible, write your goals and what you want to achieve. I was watching YouTube videos on people who started a 40-day fast. Some fasted for a better marriage, some for a new job or a closer walk with God. You might even fast to be more responsible and get back on track with your business or ministry.

    Whatever it is, stay consistent with it. Ask God what He wants you to fast. Some people fast from TV, video games and internet. Others fast from food for a specific time each day. Consult your physician first if you have a health condition. Then, map out on paper how you want to fast and keep a journal/record so you can keep track and stay committed to God.

    At my old church they fasted something similar to this:

    • Week 1: Give up all cereal and bread
    • Week 2: Give up all meat
    • Week 3: Give up soda and coffee
    • Week 4: Give up all chips and cookies
    • Week 5: Give up fried foods
    • Week 6: Give up internet and TV
    • Stop eating every day after 7pm
    • Read your Bible daily for 1-hour
    • On Friday fast from 7am to 7pm


    Stay Consistent and Don't Cheat!

    Don't do like I did. I'd say, "Okay, give up bread, got it." I'd cram a whole pizza in my mouth the night before I had to give up bread. Man, I felt so sick (because I was doing it wrong). Or, I'd switch the fast around so I could keep all the stuff I really wanted as long as possible (I just didn't want to part with my favorites!). I remember one year I started fasting and walked outside. The handsomest man said, "Hi," with the biggest smile. I said, "Really? Really? Now? No, no, no! Come back in a couple of weeks!" The guy looked at me like, "What's wrong with her?"

    My mom tells the story about Prophet Mahesh Chavda. He said that when he started fasting, one night the cookies called him from the kitchen. They said, "Mahesh..." By the time he realized he'd eaten the cookie and broken the fast, he felt so guilty. But God told him to just apologize, get back on track and continue to fast.

    Give God time during your Lent or other fasting time and commit to spending time with Him. We are sons and daughters of the Most High God. And, God is our loving Father. He WANTS intimacy and time with His Kids! He wants to help pay those bills and help you live stress-free. He wants to increase your wisdom and faith so you can confidently rest in Him and confidently call on Him. I hear God saying, "Keep your eyes lifted up to Me, the author and finisher of your faith. I will not fail you." To God be the glory! 


    Now to a different topic. Not sure if the fake news is hyping it up but they're talking about charges against New York's governor. He didn't report nursing home fatalities and now the spotlight is on him when he tried to put it on President Trump. This is the same governor who threatened to punch President Trump at one point. Not sure why they're EVEN REMOTELY ALLOWED to make threats against a president. But it now LOOKS LIKE God is bringing his own words back against him. (Prophet Jonathan Cahn covers some of this in the Harbinger books about the abominations in New York, satanic statue they erected, dedicating Empire State Building lights to false gods, pro-abortionists).

    The governor now getting a lot of heat is confirming. It's a reminder of the Bible verses, "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD," Isaiah 54:17 and "Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm," 1 Chronicles 16:22.  




    2/14/21 It Doesn't Matter...(Victory is Ours)

    Happy Valentine's Day! While it's a public/commercial holiday, it's also a reminder that we are loved. God is so merciful and so full of surprises, He wants us to keep expectancy in our hearts for Him. Please do something today that includes putting your feet up, resting, reading your Bible and/or putting a movie on.

    We pray for you and your family that God restores you in every area where you need it. We also pray that you RECEIVE all that you need, i.e., restored health, restored finances, favor, that new job, that child to come home, that relationship repaired. Whatever it is, take it to God so He can fix it. Believe for God's miracle-working power and watch God bring it to pass.


    Prayers Against Evil and Witchcraft

    As a side note, please pray for the covering of President Trump's attorney, Michael van der Veen. He revealed how his family has come under severe fire because he was defending President Trump. I think it was the Fox interview where he said his home was spray-painted with graffiti. He was very upset and rightfully so because we're seeing all kinds of hate, the demonic and witchcraft.

    Father God also said to pray for "all police officers." They, too, are coming under significant fire from the demonic. This is TRULY a battle of good/light and evil/darkness and as God exposes this devil/enemy more (no, I'm not saying the Dems, per se, but the demons that are EVERYWHERE and on BOTH sides), we're going to see more evidence. Stay alert and vigilant when you're out and always pray before you travel. For those planning Spring Break getaways, remember to pray and ask God if this is the best time and if you do go away, anoint your hotel room or rental and rebuke the demonic.


    A Demonic Encounter

    When we were on vacation once, I remember a time share lady tried to pressure my mom. I refused to attend the meeting but my mom said she would go. I think they were giving out $125 or $150 Visa cards and it was only for 1-hour. Well, a few hours later, I called the front desk because my mom hadn't returned. About 20-minutes later my mom walked in WITH the lady from the time share meeting. Right away, the Holy Spirit said, "Don't say anything." I sat and listened to her spiel. And, that's when God said, "Don't turn your back to her. Let her leave first." I remembered thinking, "Whoa!" but I just sat quietly and continued to say no and that I wasn't interested. But then I understood WHY.

    The woman then switched to insults to pressure me with things like "Because you don't know the best way to save money, right?" but I ignored her and sat still adding nothing else to the conversation. At one point she took it too far with one of her insults and I openly rebuked her. I politely and calmly said, "I rebuke you in the name and blood of Jesus Christ" and stayed seated. She eventually got up and left in a huff. After she left I told my mom what God said and we prayed and rebuked the lady. Regardless, we have our angels with us and the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit knows EVERY thought, motive and intention. We don't have to worry because God is covering us and we have the blood of Jesus and a hedge of protection.  

    Father God said, "It doesn't matter." While we're in a time of celebration, it's important to remain vigilant because the devil is mad that they're losing ground/territory. Someone on YouTube mentioned that Facebook is starting to ban Bible verses. But, we must pray against religious censorship and ask God for help with this. Remember, Jesus said there are more FOR US than against us, so trust God's timing and His process.

    I wrote about how I once stood in an empty church praying. I looked up and saw all these faces sitting up in the bleachers looking down at us cheering us on, so please stay encouraged and continue to STAND. We are not alone. We are waiting on our Father God to do something SO MAGNIFICENT and SO MIGHTY, it pales in comparison to what we've EVER seen God do. Even in my DARKEST moments I would remind myself, "Nope devil. I want to see EVERY promise God told me was mine come to pass" and I'd add something like, "And, I want to SEE Him crush you." God will not fail!


    Separately, Father God said something about how "We now have God AND the legislators." I was quite sleepy when I heard Him but maybe He means because more people are SEEING what the enemy is doing it's opening their eyes. Remember, it's not about being pro-Trump or pro-Republican. This breaking away is the Ecclesia/Bride of Christ that's going to emerge is going to be global. He said something about a new evangelist movement starting.

    I can't say too much because on the one hand, we don't know everything God is doing. On the other, God doesn't want us SAYING everything that He's going to do, i.e., He doesn't want us revealing His plans. But we DO KNOW that God's plans for us are good, so good! Confidently rest in God, read your Bible and praise Father God. Great is HIS faithfulness! xoxoxoxo 

    Time to Pop the Popcorn: It's Not WILL but ALREADY

    Last point...Please remember that we've ALREADY won. We look at the news or what happened with the election, remember that God said a few days ago, "EVERYTHING is subject to change." I see hundreds of people praying "I pray Trump gets back in," and "I pray we will see...." We have to SHIFT to "We praise God Trump is ALREADY back's just a matter of time before it's made manifest."

    The reason I stress this, when I went through my huge drought and had NO money, I'd get up and pray 5:30 am. I wrote about this. I started hearing God say after several days, "I KNOW you need money" and then He'd provide. I had to increase my level of faith to meet what God was SAYING, not what I was SEEING. And, He never failed. God keeps confirming His Word through different prophets and pastors. Hence, we have to do our parts, too.

    Let's continue to stand and pray for President Trump's term starting and his covering. Let's continue to pray for the police and military and pray for revival. We don't want to be like Sarah and Abraham and settle for something ILLEGITIMATE because we doubted God. I know that's harsh but FOREVER God's Word is established and HE WILL NOT FAIL. God will NEVER FAIL US.    





    2/13 Let God's Hand Play Out - And, In the Meantime, Focus on Jesus

    "O God, thou art my God; early will I seek Thee: my soul thirsteth for Thee, my flesh longeth for Thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is; To see Thy power and Thy glory, so as I have seen Thee in the sanctuary. Because Thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise Thee. Thus will I bless Thee while I live: I will lift up my hands in Thy name. My soul shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness; and my mouth shall praise Thee with joyful lips: When I remember Thee upon my bed, and meditate on Thee in the night watches. Because Thou hast been my help, therefore in the shadow of Thy wings will I rejoice. My soul followeth hard after Thee: Thy right hand upholdeth me. But those that seek my soul, to destroy it, shall go into the lower parts of the earth. They shall fall by the sword: they shall be a portion for foxes. But the king shall rejoice in God; every one that sweareth by Him shall glory: but the mouth of them that speak lies shall be stopped," Psalm 63

    Father God said "The Lord is trying to get your attention but you're getting distracted by all the distractions." Separately, He said, "Tell them don't worry when they see what God does." "Believe the possibilities."

    I wrote about this before. When I took my mom on vacation, we prayed fervently before our trip. We wanted God to use us, we wanted to have a good time and we also knew the devil might try to come against us with distractions. And, man, talk about EVERYTHING going wrong.

    I forgot my ATM pin so I couldn't get any cash at the ATM. My luggage was overweight even though it was the exact weight at home. The airline lost one of my mom's bags. We didn't receive the room we requested and the 'upgrade' still had a view of the parking lot. My computer crashed with all the ministry sermons, Christian music and movies I'd saved for our trip. Then my mom's computer crashed. Whoa! What in the world? I was ready to cry. I was ready to start complaining. I was so angry. This isn't what we had planned!

    In our hotel room, my mom and I paused EVERYTHING and put on praise and worship music. Worship Mob (video above) has a bunch of awesome songs to help usher in the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost. We said the Our Father and The Lord's Prayer and we read the Bible out loud and prayed. We got in God's presence and let Him refresh our spirits. We started thanking Him for everything He did for us.

    By the time we finished praying, it turned out that the computers were fine. It was the hotel's internet. My mom's luggage was delivered directly to the hotel. I was able to transfer money to another account. And all the other problems had easy fixes, too. The devil was so angry and upset that we were on assignment for God that he was trying to ruin our plans. He didn't want us focused on God and helping others. And, it wasn't until we started ministering that we understood why the attacks were SO GREAT. 


    Rebuke the Distractions So You Can Hear God

    I don't want to rewrite the entire story but everywhere we went, God had us touching in agreement with people and telling them, "The devil can't touch you." We were in grocery stores talking to strangers. We talked to the hotel staff and prayed for them. We talked to the drivers and all the employees and prayed. We touched in agreement and prayed for and with a record number of people. But then something strange happened.

    At one point, the computer wasn't working correctly and God sent us to the IT department but it was the IT manager who needed help. I asked about fixing my computer and she reset our passwords. When I walked away, God said, "Don't walk away from her." I turned around and told her what God said and she IMMEDIATELY started crying. It was so sudden that we started praying right away. SHE was coming under severe attack. THIS is why the devil was trying to block us. I think it was her son who needed a kidney transplant and she was having trouble with her daughter. Hence, we have to:

      1. Rebuke the distractions,
      2. Stay in the Spirit, and
      3. Receive Jesus's peace so we can clearly hear God.


    What I'm saying is the distractions are meant to take you OFF of what God is doing and the direction where He's going. The devil wants people frustrated. He wants them glued to the news and worried. But God says don't fear man or the wrath of man. We also have to remember not to focus on man's voice or the news. Listen for God's voice. And, to hear God, we have to tune into God.


    What I'm hearing Father God say right now in the spirit is...

    Joy comes in the morning. Touch in agreement. I will help with the hospital bills. I will help with those bills. We pray for your family. Pray for Pennsylvania. Pray for Philadelphia.

    Regardless of what you SEE on the news, tune it out and turn it off. God is going to handle it. Father God wants us resting in Him and worshiping at His feet. Remember, God is on the Throne and whether He shakes the earth open today or comes like lightning tomorrow, don't get distracted. God will do EVERYTHING He said He would. To God be the glory! 



    More Evidence is Coming

    On 2/3 Father God said, "Tell them you don't have to worry. They are in for a sweet surprise. Tell them not to be afraid. They're about to raise the roof." And He said, "Massive revivals taking place everywhere."


    From 2/3...
    THEY say: President Trump's impeachment trial is next week.
    God says: There is no impeachment trial.
    THEY say: The darkest days are ahead. There is no evidence.
    God says: I'm shining My light. Celebrate. MORE evidence is coming.
    THEY say: God's prophets were wrong. Biden was legally elected. See, the people's voice won.
    God says: Believe My prophets. Trump is ALREADY in his second term and I call Biden ILLEGITIMATE. Only God's voice WINS.
    It's now 2/13 and God says "More evidence is coming."


    Praise God for Answered Prayers!

    "'Our Historic, Patriotic and Beautiful Movement...Has Only Just Begun." President Trump
    I just read about President Trump's acquittal and we praise God for answered prayers. I heard the Lord say, "Pray for the President." God is also saying, "See, this is why I told you to never give up." 


    As a side note, remember not to WORSHIP President Trump, but God. It's God who vindicates and promotes and it's God we serve. We honor God and Jesus for using President Trump. And, we pray for President Trump's covering, discernment, wisdom and strength especially with his second term starting. Prepare for revival...God's voice WINS! And, with God, we CANNOT fail. Hallelu-Yahweh! Keep praying to God and the Holy Spirit. God's got us.




    2/12/21 Don't Be Afraid - Conquering Fears

    Father God said this morning, "God will prove it to you, prove what you need in tongues." He also wants us to say something about removing unclean spirits. Let's start with what Father God said first.

    Exposing Demons and Unforgiveness

    I remember praying one New Year's about the coming year. I prayed and asked God to highlight any area where I was walking in unforgiveness or anything I missed in prayer. A short time later, the Lord gave me the name of a coworker and I thought, "Her?" I hadn't thought about the girl for years! But then I realized, I also hadn't forgiven her in my mind. We worked together around the time that she got married. But I noticed she started wearing short skirts and high heels to get attention. And, the men were lining up! Me and the other ladies I worked with frowned on this (they were married, I was serving at my church more). We understood that while it was attention, it was inappropriate and a door we KNEW she didn't want to open. She eventually left because there was so much work she could no longer bluff her way through it and others wouldn't do her job FOR HER. And, she played all kinds of games.

    I had to cover for this girl once right before her entire team went to a big conference. The girl said "Everything's already done and in order." That's what she SAID and what she WROTE in emails. However, the Monday morning I started covering for her I realized it was a setup. NOTHING was done! She'd booked the flights and hotels but didn't put a single itinerary together, nothing in the calendars, nothing. It took me hours of work and she was actually happy when I mentioned the surprise she left for me. I'd never seen anyone like this! After that incident, I started praying for God to expose what she was doing and when I say God started working...this girl had no where to hide. One manager was so demanding that he dumped all kinds of work on her and she couldn't keep up. She eventually started looking for a new job.

    When this girl resigned, I remember her leaning over my desk and whispering to me, "You won." I thought, "What?" And, I remember saying something like, "That's not even what this is about." This girl had NO IDEA that it wasn't a competition, i.e., your way versus mine or your sexual displays versus actually doing the work. I really just wanted her to see that her behavior was inappropriate and not what God wanted. Looking back, I remember questioning if that was a Jezebel spirit because of how she tried to display herself as a temptress.

    Jezebel and the Mantle

    In the God Revealed video above, Prophetess Raji, a very strong Christian minister, talks about the Jezebel spirit in Kamala Harris and how God would throw that spirit down. Raji has a powerful anointing to see the worldwide Jezebel spirit and she says it won't be there much longer. (Again, this is NOT violence against a person or group; these are spiritual forces/demons/wickedness in high places that are being removed). This correlates what Prophet Robin Bullock said about Trump's mantle (Biden video below from yesterday) and here's why this is SO significant.

    God GAVE President Trump a mantle to carry for the nation. Obama had this initially when he first started office. But Obama did things that grieved God and God took the mantle from him. Robin mentions this as the time when Obama was speaking and the Presidential Seal fell off the wall and bounced 7-times. After that, Obama started aging faster and his real motives were obvious (opening borders, watering down Christianity). Robin gives an excellent correlation in how Saul was king but disobeyed God and started to go mad. This was around the time when David would play for him. Robin mentions how Biden has been confused and is sometimes shown standing and staring off into space.

    The mantle of God over the US is so strong and powerful that it can cause madness in the WRONG PERSON. Robin even petitions President Trump to hear his message (second video from yesterday) because in God's eyes, President Trump is STILL WEARING GOD'S MANTLE. We've mentioned several times how God said "President Trump is ALREADY serving his second term," so we know this will eventually be made manifest in the natural world.

    MORE CONFIRMATION Raji's Message

    I don't want to get into Kamala's name meaning aside from adding that Raji said it means Jezebel and that God is going to remove her. What's concerning is the correlation that Prophetess Raji ties in at about 18-minutes in. There are SEVERAL confirmations so we've highlighted a few.

    "Trump is taking a seat back, not in a dependency way, 'Oh, what happened, how many counts? How many counts? 81 million?' No, no, no, no, no. Something in a new, mighty way. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah Himself is going to make him to be seated on the Throne and we are going to be DANCING. When I see, my feet [are] filled with anointing. Evangelism is going to be fired up. God's Kingdom is receiving amazing souls all over the world. America is going to rejoice...Trump is seated in a mighty, majestic way...THEY [the evil demons] shall be killed by their own...They are cutting each other, attacking each other, confusing each other and fleeing...They shall be hung up by the spirit of Haman..."

    So, here, we have more confirmation about the coming days. Let's not get caught up in the election specifics and dates. Because God is speaking AND confirming through multiple sources, we need to continue to move forward with God and press in. And, that brings us to cleaning house, i.e., cleaning up spiritually.

    Cleaning House

    The term "cleaning house" is both literal and figurative. When we pray, God can reveal areas where we may have unforgiveness. This is figuratively cleaning house as we remove offenses in our hearts and pray for clean heart and a right spirit. God may also reveal things we need to do to prepare for the next level (reading our Bibles more, praying in tongues).

    The other way we "clean house" is literally. God might expose where we have idols in our homes that we need to remove. And, that's the next point. I wrote a fashion article for a client a few years ago and when I added the top shoe designers, there are high-end brands that include red bottoms (significant of blood). Others have witchcraft symbols and witchcraft stones or evil eyes in their shoes. Some jewelry brands include witchcraft symbols, stones and evil eyes, too, so be careful. There are also clothing brands that have witchcraft sewn into the labels or words of hate sewn into the fabric. There are even movies that include witchcraft, demons and magic that you might need to remove. Or, maybe you have yoga videos with poses to Hindu gods. Pray and ask God for help in cleaning house and what to remove. Those sudden or sharp pains or those irritating thoughts that keep pressuring you are also signs of witchcraft and the demonic. 

    A few tips on how to Cleanse the Home in Jesus name with Oil:

    1. Father God said to, "Anoint yourself with oil FIRST." It can be olive oil that you pray over and set aside specifically to anoint yourself and your family with. Don't do like I did. I used the oil in a "kitchen emergency" to fry chicken when I ran out of regular oil. 
    2. Pray aloud in every room and invite the Holy Spirit into each room: "Father God in Jesus's name, Lord, I thank you that this room belongs to You. Holy Spirit, I invite you into this room in the name of Jesus Christ. This is your space, this room belongs to you in Jesus name."
    3. Rebuke the forces of evil, every demon, powers of darkness, any principality. Speak and command them to go into eternal darkness and never return in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority: "In the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority, I command every demon in this room to stand at the attention of Jesus Christ right now and I command you to go into eternal darkness and never return in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority". Then rebuke satan. Confess any sins, offenses, unforgiveness, bitterness or disappointment because that's an open door in your heart that lets satan in.
    4. Plead the blood of Jesus Christ over every room and in every corner: "I plead the blood of Jesus Christ in God's authority over this room right now. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over my home, I plead the blood here. Devil the blood of Jesus Christ in God's authority is against you."
    5. Plead the blood of Jesus Christ in God's authority over every room, every item, and every person in the home.
    6. Place oil over every door in the home and window (make a cross or stripe)
    7. Before the last door, command every evil spirit to stand at the attention of Jesus Christ and go into eternal darkness and never return in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority and then anoint the final door. Repent of anything in your heart and invite the Holy Spirit in in the name of Jesus Christ.
    8. Walk the property and state that nothing can cross the blood line in the name of Jesus. No sickness can come in this door, no COVID or enemy can dwell in this home.
    9. Thank God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost: "In the name of Jesus Christ, God we thank you. For every chance to cleanse and get delivered. Now we have Your attention and we will see Your great hand of deliverance. Where we struggled and have been in the dark, You now bring us into a place of deliverance and show us Your mighty hand and bring us out and bring us into prosperity and freedom, in Jesus name as we obey You. You God will do the work and charge Your angels to wage war against spiritual warfare and against any enemies or demons trying to battle our minds."

     Source: RCW


    Overcoming Your Fears: You are  More Than a Conqueror

    In exploring how we grow in Christ, it's important to remember that God has equipped us with EVERYTHING we need. We have all the tools inside of us. The problem is we haven't grown into them. Another concern is because we haven't exercised them, we can become afraid or intimidated by someone yelling or acting aggressively. Remember, God makes us and wants us to see ourselves as the head, lender and above (Deuteronomy 28:1-14). But, this isn't something that we might inherently believe. We actually have to STEP into it. Meaning, if you're faced with a threatening menace, you might not initially stand firm and say, "I rebuke YOU in name of Jesus Christ." You might run for the nearest exit. It's as we grow that we realize WE have the authority to command demons to flee.


    In the video above, this is an EXCELLENT illustration of how a dog is afraid of water. But how is that possible when dogs are natural swimmers? Listen as Cesar says it only takes about 10-minutes to overcome this fear of water that the dog might have for 10-years. But given his size he shouldn't be afraid of anything right? That's how it is with demons. I mean David slayed Goliath and he didn't even have armor on. Demons try to plant seeds of doubt to make us afraid. However, the Bible teaches us that "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind," 2 Timothy 1:7.

    Take a moment and explore the areas where you are afraid, feel anxious or hit a wall that you THINK you can't conquer. We've ALL have them. Pray and invite God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost there. Say, "Lord, this is where I need the most help." Sometimes people are afraid to say what it is because they THINK the devil will then attack in that area. That's not true. Saying it to God is a way to shine a light on it and say, "Jesus, this is where my faith fails me. Please help me heal this area." God is here for us and His strength is made perfect in areas where we feel weak.

    In this next video, listen as the dog cries because he's afraid to step into something NEW and unfamiliar. How many times have you avoided something out of fear? Or, how many times did you stop doing something because you thought it MIGHT look hard? 

    Like Cesar standing in the water with the dog, he stayed calm when the dog panicked. He didn't throw the dog in. He pulled him in slowly and let the dog feel the steps FIRST. 

    This next video is SLIGHTLY different. When this little dog hears a loud noise, it "redirects" its energy and starts eating its food. How many times do we "redirect" when God is calling us to face something difficult? The problem is demons want us afraid so they can get in? Why? the devil cannot work unless fear is present. If we don't face the fear with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost, we can start feeling anxious and will back down from something we really have authority over. This is why God made me stand up to my downstairs neighbor. He likely saw Christians as weak, kind and frail. However, with God, we are MORE than a conqueror. When I stood up to my neighbor he backed down. In the same way the Body of Christ is standing up to the devil and STANDING FIRM on God's Word.  

    Tomorrow we'll take a look at a few tips on overcoming fears. When you pray, ask for God's mercy and trust God to help you overcome EVERY fear so you can walk confidently in Him. And, keep reading your Bible. God's got us and GREAT is His faithfulness! 





    2/11 Let HOPE and Freedom Reign

    "And the spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD; And shall make him of quick understanding in the fear of the LORD: and He shall not judge after the sight of His eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of His ears: But with righteousness shall He judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth: and He shall smite the earth: with the rod of His mouth, and with the breath of His lips shall He slay the wicked," Isaiah 11:2-4

    "The Spirit of the LORD GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound," Isaiah 61:1 

    "Now the LORD is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is liberty," 2 Corinthians 3:17

    2/11 7:52 am Father God said, "What God is going to do will be suddenly, when you least expect it. He will not fail." He also said, "I want you to tell them to call on Me." I had a chance to watch some of the video messages from yesterday and when I saw Prophet Jonathan Cahn speak, I was shocked. By now you've probably seen his rebuke to Biden. However, a lot of people didn't know that Google took it down shortly thereafter.

    Tech giants think they can censor anything that goes against THEIR agenda but they can't go against God. The Lord had ALREADY put it on my spirit to add the full text below. Father God had ALREADY put it in the minds of His People to copy the video and upload it on Rumble and other sites. This devil is trying hard to stomp out our lights but God said through Prophet Robin Bullock that He's going to stomp them NOW. And, here's why I want you to get confident and get excited and CELEBRATE with EXPECTANT HOPE. What the devil failed to remember is something VERY important.


    The definition of dedication or dedicate is to devote (time, effort, or oneself) to a particular task or purpose; to formally open or unveil (a building or memorial); to ceremonially assign (a church or other building) to a deity or saint. Our Founding Fathers dedicated the United States to God so it's HIS, not mans. God said this through Prophet Robin Bullock, "It's MY MULE YOU RIDE." [democracy, democrats, mule symbol] These demons also foolishly forgot that our Founding Fathers were Christians. And, I learned about this early on.


    Source: AFRF

    Years ago I wrote a book for a client about George Washington. When I researched Washington's various battles, I didn't know that he prayed before each battle. God guided with everything from how to get coats for his men who were freezing in the winter season to where to strategically station his men (on a hill or in a valley).

    When Prophet Robin Bullock gave his Word from the Lord on 2/9, God said several significant things. "For those who have sought to fence you in and the powers that be have sought to make the fences that surround freedom. For the Lord says, Did you think that a fence could keep Me out? Did you think that razor-wire could harm My brow?" "For I am not concerned or scared of anything and certainly not YOU."  

    "For I was pierced with something much greater and I pulled it out and threw it down when I rose from the dead. For I am not concerned or scared of anything and certainly not YOU. For nothing moves the Almighty. No fear comes near My presence."

    How can these demons THINK they can steal this great nation from God's Chosen People? Due diligence: Our Founding Fathers DEDICATED this country to God, i.e., it's God's not mans. Get ready for GOD'S WRATH devil.

    "They [the remnant] are waking up! Hallelujah! And, hell is concerned. And, the Remnant is about to roll over the enemy and become the majority again. And, no man, beast or demon can stop it for God has promised it and God says hear My mighty roar and cry for I WILL bring this to pass!"


    What David KNEW

    David, before he slayed Goliath, knew that his might, strength and weaponry didn't matter. He would achieve victory in battle by God's Spirit. Because Goliath disrespected God, David KNEW God would respond. David even said that he KNEW the "battle belongs to God.” David also KNEW to to let Goliath's weapons or his size intimidate him. David wasn't blinded by the physical things the enemy threatened him with. Goliath might have been able to taunt Saul and his armies for 40 days but the WICKED ILLEGITIMATES (I mean Goliath) couldn't taunt God's people, pastors and prophets (I mean David). 

    "Then said David to the Philistine, Thou comest to me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a shield: but I come to thee in the name of the LORD of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied. This day will the LORD deliver thee into mine hand; and I will smite thee, and take thine head from thee; and I will give the carcases of the host of the Philistines this day unto the fowls of the air, and to the wild beasts of the earth; that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel. And all this assembly shall know that the LORD saveth not with sword and spear: for the battle is the LORD's, and he will give you into our hands," 1 Samuel 17:45-47.



    "The Lord has heard our prayers and there is something very powerful from the Lord's hand that He's going to show us that He's hearing our prayers. Some things are about to absolutely be busted up and broken open and God is going to show that He is the one that has not forsaken this nation." Pastor Hank Kunneman.
    "Have you ever heard My Voice, says the Lord, rumble a mountain? Have you ever heard My Voice in the depth of a rock shake it until it cracks? Have you ever heard My Voice? The subterranean water supply has and it uttered its voice. For the earth now is now responding to everything and they are fighting for My People. (11:11) Hear the cries of death overhead. Hear the cries of remorse from beneath. Hear the cries of men as they run to and fro in the earth scared of what's above and what's beneath. Hear these cries. Watch the ears curl as My Voice and My Banner unfurls. For now, it is war time and you called Me out to the field. So get ready, o' serpents' eyes for you're about to feel the weight of My Heel." God through Prophet Robin Bullock.
    "I am going to tremble the earth now. I am going to tremble it through Canada all the way down. For this is the way it is, says the Lord. And, I am going to visit every province and every town. Get ready for My Visitation or move out of your habitation for I am going to walk through and either your tents will shake or they will be crushed or you will stand by Me. For the separation has come. Who is on the Lord's side? Come to Me, the Lord says. Who is not, stay where you are for the ground will open up and swallow you. For this is the way it is. You have set yourself to stand in My Way and so I have given you this declaration from My Throne, says the Lord, THIS VERY DAY." God through Prophet Robin Bullock.
    "And, My Children, I will gather like a brood under My Wings, for there, their protection they'll see. For there is no fear in Me...My People are mine and your corruption is yours. And, I will hold Mine up in My eyes, under My Wings. And, you will deal with Me from this day forward." God through Prophet Robin Bullock.


    It Doesn't Matter...Pray for that devil and pray for THEM because THEY did not repent and God HAS RULED

    THEY can have all the hearings and trials they want. THEY can censor online and try to remove EVERY prophetic message all they want. THEY can get the news media to call the prophets wrong and call themselves right (mark of the beast) all they want.

    God has already spoken and God is:

    1. Removing His hand from the enemy because they refused to repent. "You were given chance to repent and you said 'Nay, I will not for I love money and I love power' and both of those will be stripped from you even that that you've got. For you will not have it anymore, says the Lord, as you walk off into the abyss."

    2. Sending a curse to them. "For you have now made My people to murmur against each other. You have sowed discord among the brethren. And, this brings a  curse and I will not stop it from coming at you."

    3. Acknowledging that judgment is coming to them. "For these things are running from My Capital that was dedicated to Me long ago. And, you will dig and run and hide, trying to hide in holes but I know where you are and I know where you'll be and some of you are about to get hung up in the bowels of a great tree. For you are running, says the Lord."

    4. Hits both sides of the gavel and confirms judgment for the enemy and justice for God's People. "Go ahead and try to stop My Revival now. For I have made a swelling in the nation, the military, and all officials in this nation. For it's going to be a great, GREAT, great close and invocation. My People are mine and your corruption is yours. And, I will hold Mine up in My eyes, under My Wings. And, you will deal with Me from this day forward."

    Biggest. Revival. Ever. 




    2/10/21 Don't Walk Away 

    2/10/21 Hey Folks...Just a quick note. Today's messages are two-fold. First, we're including video excerpts today from last night's Victory Channel/Flashpoint message with Pastor Kent Christmas, Pastor Mario Murillo, Pastor Hank Kunneman and Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. If you have a chance, play the full video. It's down below from 2/9 and is about 58-minutes long.

    Second, we put up the text below from the Prophetic messages Prophet Robin Bullock and Pastor Johnny Enlow gave yesterday. These are THE MOST POWERFUL WORDS because God is speaking about the election, the impeachment trial and GOD'S MOVE NOW and the curse that's coming to the enemy because they chose not to repent. 

    There is NO Impeachment Trial...But God is Saying THEY Will Be Tried

    Incidentally, when God said the other day, "You KNOW there's no impeachment trial," I'm starting to understand what He means. In Heaven, they ONLY see the LEGITIMATE votes that were counted. They don't SEE this nonsense that they're showing on TV meant to scare people. God let yesterday play out to give the enemy a chance to repent, back down and change their minds. However, they went THROUGH with their wicked plans and crossed the line. Some pastors and prophets call this "the tipping of the bowl." God is giving them a chance to repent but when enough evil occurs the bowl not only fills up, it tips over. And, God then acts. Hence, yesterday was SO SIGNIFICANT.

    What God spoke through Prophet Robin Bullock in the Fences Video (full text below) is SO POWERFUL. Again, we DO NOT CONDONE VIOLENCE OR RETALIATION OF ANY KIND. But God is saying He is covering and protecting us and the enemy is going to run and hide but they can't because God knows all and sees all. God mentions how they will stretch forth their fingers like the verse about the writing on the wall. Powerful! God mentions "His declaration." Powerful! Our God is NOT playing with this devil and we will SEE God move in the coming days. 



    The Turning

    Last night I had a dream that there were 3 people on trial (None were President Trump). They looked like 3 eggs about to be cracked. In the coming days, keep pressing into God, focus on Jesus and STAND FIRM. We're adding the text from Pastor Johnny Enlow's message shortly. It's also a mighty confirming Word.

    "The prayers of the Saints have reached up to the Kingdom of the Lord and God is opening the Heavens. Do not be distracted, says the Lord, by this political thing for this is a spiritual battle being fought on a natural field and God is not going to lose. Quickly, the Lord is going to bring this thing to an end. And, God is going to loose the Church and the greatest harvest that we've seen." Pastor Kent Christmas 


    God is saying, "Keep on believing in Me and calling on Me."
    Lord, we seek YOU first, not man. We glorify YOU Yahweh to MOVE for us and work on our behalf, not man. We STAND on God's Word. Fire of God come down and remove EVERYTHING not like YOU. Expose and remove EVERY hidden corrupt thing.
    We repent, Father and ask for Your mercy. Heal our land. Restore US Lord. Help US Lord. Send US Your Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost. Bring revival. And, we give You ALL THE PRAISE. Glory to the Most High God! Hallelu-Yahweh!



    Prophet Robin Bullock 2/9/21

    I hope everybody watching, wherever you are in the world, can sense what we sense on this stage right now. If it's coming across through those cameras and it's coming across through the stream, as big as it's happening right here, I want you to know something BIG is up right now. Something huge is swelling up in the earth right now. For today, great victory has been declared. Victory of the shout before the charge before the battle has ever started. For God has drawn His sword. His sword has already been wet and His bow is already bent. And, can't you see the King look back and smile as He charges the onslaught of the enemy and all we have to do is follow. Follow...follow and run. Run, says the Lord. Run with the shout of victory on your lips. Run against the kingdom and the forces of hell. Run against them, says the King. Run toward them. Don't run from the battle. Run to the battle. For the battle is mine, says the Lord. And, I will go before you and I will march up the middle of the enemy's onslaught before you and I am going to go out and obliterate cancer.  I am going to go out and obliterate poverty. I am going to go up among you and begin to obliterate these forces of hell that's coming against you, says the Lord. And, I am going to do some things in the world that you never even dreamed was possible but I'm about to show you that it's possible. And, possibilities have now arose in the earth to the point that there is no stopping them. Hallelujah! Hallelujah to the Lamb of God. How we bless the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. King Jesus our King. The blood of the Lamb goes before us. We hold up a blood-stained banner as we move toward the enemy. We have now heard the cry from the enemy's camp, just the same as, "This is nothing but Gideon coming down, rolling down upon us." And, in the voids of time and the voids of hell and in the abstract of time and hell we heard the conversation, "What will we do now...for they are waking up?" They are waking up! Hallelujah! And, hell is concerned. And, we are about to...the Remnant is about to roll over the enemy and become the majority again. Hallelujah...Hallelujah...And, no man, beast or demon can stop it for God has promised it and God says hear My mighty roar and cry for I WILL bring this to pass! Hallelujah! Rise warrior rise. Rise up and put your boots back on. Lace them up tightly and start to march for the ashes of the enemy are under your feet as you go forward for your boots are on fire and you will step on the head of the enemy. Walk up his back and down the backside of him again. For now I am going to march with indignation through the land and I am rallying My people as I come and I am indignant toward the enemy and what he's done and those who have arrayed themselves against Me, says the King. For this is the time of salvation. Today is the day of salvation and I am going to bring it to pass and when I shout, I am going to change the landscape of the environment, says the Lord. For this is coming, this is coming...It has come and now it has begun.

    Prophet Robin: So somebody shout! Just shout before the Lord. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. How we bless You, Lord. How we thank You, Lord. How we thank You. Prophet Robin's wife starts speaking in tongues [4:26] and He translates it.

    Hear the Word of the Lord. Hear this Word. Hear this Sure Word of the Lord, says the King. For those who have sought to fence you in and the powers that be have sought to make the fences that surround freedom. For the Lord says, Did you think that a fence could keep Me out? Did you think that razor-wire could harm My brow? For I was pierced with something much greater and I pulled it out and threw it down when I rose from the dead. For I am not concerned or scared of anything and certainly not YOU. For nothing moves the Almighty. No fear comes near My presence. Nothing can surround Me but My glory surrounds Me. And, My Children, I will gather like a brood under My Wings, for there, their protection they'll see. For there is no fear in Me. There is none and you grit your teeth and hiss like the serpents of old. Hiss at me with your teeth again and I will kick them out of your mouth. For I am NOT going to tolerate YOU any longer. For you have now made My people to murmur against each other. You have sowed discord among the brethren. And, this brings a  curse and I will not stop it from coming at you. Move out of the way for I promised Moses My Glory will fill this earth and so it shall, says the King of Glory. It will fill the earth. Hallelujah. For I have no fear. I know no fear. But you will become so afraid your joints separate for you have never invoked the wrath of the Almighty. You have never seen My Hand lift from you. You have never seen this. But you old politicians have set your brow to be wiser than God. For as I told the King of Tyrus, your time has come now. For the time is at hand. Check your hands lest your fingers break. Check your mouth unless you have no teeth to chew. Check your ears lest you go deaf and never hear again. Check your eyes lest they close in silence in the grave. For these things are not yours to say. For now, you have been thrown in the Courtroom of Heaven and now the gavel sounds on each head. For now angels are there watching and they've heard every word you've said. Your scrolls will be unrolled and read and it will be heard in the Courts of Heaven and everything you've done will be seen and said. For you have no rock to hide in, no cleft that you can move to. I gave My People a cleft in the rock but not you. For you have nothing to protect you as I walk by. For this is it, says the Lord and I am going to show signs in the sky, BOOM! And, light and explosive power overhead and yet it is a small, tiny piece of glory that will raise the dead. For one day, I am going to tremble the earth now. I am going to tremble it through Canada all the way down. For this is the way it is, says the Lord. And, I am going to visit every province and every town. Get ready for My Visitation or move out of your habitation for I am going to walk through and either your tents will shake or they will be crushed or you will stand by Me. For the separation has come. Who is on the Lord's side? Come to Me, the Lord says. Who is not, stay where you are for the ground will open up and swallow you. For this is the way it is. You have set yourself to stand in My Way and so I have given you this declaration from My Throne, says the Lord, THIS VERY DAY.

    Good is the Word of the Lord. We esteem the Word of the Lord. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God. (Prophet Robin Bullock starts speaking in tongues).

    Have you ever heard My Voice, says the Lord, rumble a mountain? Have you ever heard My Voice in the depth of a rock shake it until it cracks? Have you ever heard My Voice? The subterranean water supply has and it uttered its voice. For the earth now is now responding to everything and they are fighting for My People. (11:11) Hear the cries of death overhead. Hear the cries of remorse from beneath. Hear the cries of men as they run to and fro in the earth scared of what's above and what's beneath. Hear these cries. Watch the ears curl as My Voice and My Banner unfurls. For now, it is war time and you called Me out to the field. So get ready, o' serpents' eyes for you're about to feel the weight of My Heel. Hallelujah. Hallelujah! (Prophet Robin Bullock starts speaking in tongues).

    For the nations have now become a drop in the bucket. They're tiny in their significance against Me. AM I AFRAID OF YOUR BULLETS? Nay. You have been foolishly presumptuous to think fear could even come My Way. For you throw your head back like a ravenous rooster crowing on a hill. And, you hold your head back with your tongue hung out and your blared eyes thinking YOU are the King of the Hill. You are but a fowl. You are but a fowl. And, a weak one at that. For you are no more o' rooster than a very afraid rat. For these things are running from My Capital that was dedicated to Me long ago. And, you will dig and run and hide, trying to hide in holes but I know where you are and I know where you'll be and some of you are about to get hung up in the bowels of a great tree. For you are running, says the Lord. It's MY MULE YOU RIDE and I am going to require this from your hide for you were given chance to repent and you said "Nay, I will not for I love money and I love power" and both of those will be stripped from you even that that you've got. For you will not have it anymore, says the Lord, as you walk off into the abyss. For I will even cut off from some of you and you, all the males that against the wall they piss. For this judgment has come and been declared and come down. Go ahead and try to stop My Revival now. For I have made a swelling in the nation, the military, and all officials in this nation. For it's going to be a great, GREAT, great close and invocation. My People are mine and your corruption is yours. And, I will hold Mine up in My eyes, under My Wings. And, you will deal with Me from this day forward. Hallelujah! HALLELUJAH! Hallelujah. (Prophet Robin Bullock sings in tongues).

    The song of the mourningful. The song of those who cried. You brought the gavel down from the Courtroom in the Sky. (Prophet Robin Bullock sings in tongues). Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah!







    2/9/21 God's Move Will Be Mighty 

    2/9/21 4:19 am Father God said, "You're going to have a marvelous time in the Lord when you see what God does." I'm also hearing God say, "They're going to be saying 'Not fair'" and separately I heard, "Let God handle it." Okay, so I GET why God is saying, "It's going to feel like Santa Claus." The expectation is CRAZY! We want to see God move. We KNOW He's going to do SOMETHING BIG. And, who can sleep? Will it be today? Tomorrow? Next week? I turn on the news...Yup, cable's still on. I go to the window...Yup, Hudson River's still there. My mom calls me to 'check-in'...Nope, we haven't been raptured yet! But that reminder about Santa Claus is significant. God wants us in the childlike-wonder so we can KNOW that HE delivered us. Until then, let's just keep praising Him, resting in God and trusting Him! Also, please keep all our police officers and police departments in prayer. 

    While we're excited about the move of God, remember we gave a prophetic Word in January or December about the riots. Pastor Robert Clancy (Australia) saw police in riot gear in the US over the election. He said something like "where it didn't go well for one side." And, I saw buildings on fire and police standing by. So, we pray and rebuke this and we rebuke violence. Yes, when God moves it will be a MIGHTY time of rejoicing because we know GOOD conquered evil and LIGHT conquered darkness. But, we also know that people are going to be upset, fearful, angry and fighting because the devil didn't get his way and witchcraft didn't win.

    How Many is THAT?

    Let's do a little math. We know one can chase 1,000 and two, 10,000 but Pastor Dixon (from 2/6 prophecy video below) saw 101,978,000 votes. How many can THEY chase? Keep praying to God against Valkyrie, against Jezebel and against the Leviathan demons. Keep praising God for total VICTORY, RECOVERY, RESTORATION and REVIVAL as we advance God's Kingdom. 


    10:43 am Interesting...They're doing construction a few floors down and drilling, right? However, the noise was so loud and for so long, it sounded EXACTLY like a shofar...or trumpet. It sounded like a person was blowing loudly through cardboard and it went on for a long period of time. Even my upstairs neighbor walked through her apartment to investigate. I was online at the time, right as I saw Johnny Enlow's latest message (above) about the "trumpets." MIGHTY confirmation and Word! And, Pastor Enlow also mentions Lindell's message which Pastor Hank discussed yesterday (and Utube keeps removing). Sharing it here: Absolute Proof video. It goes to ML's site.


    Let's stay in prayer over "President Trumps term starting" (as God said). We also pray for a peaceful transition because we want to get people to revival. Pastor Kent Christmas said he's hearing reports of busier church services and they're seeing larger numbers. And we know Pastor Mario Murillo is seeing RECORD numbers at his tent meetings in California.

    Keep shining your light and doing things that add value. Keep working on the things God asked you to finish so you're ready for promotion. It's coming and whatever God does - and WHENEVER He does it, it will happen fast! To God be the glory!

    2:38 pm I woke up from a nap just now but briefly remember seeing a rodent stuck in a trap trying to pull itself free. I saw it trapped in like a bear trap and it would try to move and then stop and rest but it couldn't get out. 


    *****CONFIRMATION AFTER CONFIRMATION*****Who is On the Lord's Side? Listen to What God Just Said Through Prophet Robin Bullock CONFIRMATION AFTER CONFIRMATION******

    5:07 pm Robin Bullock's prophetic fence message above is the second confirming Word today where God curses the enemy. (Pastor Enlow's above is also prolific). Through Robin, listen to this MIGHTY, MIGHTY Word of God as the Lord speaks. "The earth now is responding and they're crying for My people." God confirms what He let us post on FB today (image and text below) about the rock being rolled away for Lazarus, i.e., the enemy has "NO rock to hide in." It's also confirming as God asks "Who is on the Lord's side?" We posted that on FB earlier today and a few days ago about Jesus drawing the line. Incidentally, God says, "You are no more than an afraid rat." I mentioned the rat dream I had earlier. What I didn't mention was that God said this morning, "I want THEM [the enemy] to be afraid." He also confirms what God let us write on FB (image/text below) as God says, "For I have given you a chance to repent and you said 'nay'" and "Some of you are about to get hung up in a great tree." Pastor Hank or Pastor Enlow also mentioned Hanan. God also confirms the mule riding part. This is from what Pastor Hank mentioned yesterday about Jesus riding a mule (democrats) as it was reserved for an appointed time. God also confirms that revival is coming as He says, "Go ahead and try to stop My revival now" and "You will deal with ME from this day forward."

    This is the text: You know Lazarus was DEAD, right? I don't mean dead like sleeping (the widow's son, Ja-irus's daughter). Jesus let Lazarus DIE and left him there for 4 days. Jesus said, "I'm glad for your sakes that he is dead." [So the ENTIRE WORLD can see God's miracles, i.e., the BIGGEST REVIVAL EVER]. "Roll back the stone." "But Master, by now he stinks." Noooo... What stinks is thinking that a stone can stop God. Ha! He who sits in the Heavens laughs. What stinks is thinking that God isn't going to move. God is merciful. He GIVES people time to repent BEFORE HE MOVES. Remember, Saul DIDN'T kill David. Saul fell on his own sword. Haman DIDN'T exact his revenge. He was hung in his own gallows. Jezebel DIDN'T reign. She was thrown down a wall and trampled. Lesson: It doesn't matter what it LOOKS LIKE. Those demons have to flee. ONLY God has the final say. Jesus is drawing a line and saying "Whose side are YOU on?" Believe God's miracle-working power. Now is the time to REPENT because God is exposing EVERY HIDDEN THING. Pray for Philadelphia. God said "President Trump is ALREADY IN HIS SECOND TERM." YOU WILL SEE. 

    Mighty Messages, Signs and Confirmations: NOW We Will See GOD MOVE

    8:44 pm We added Victory Channel: Flashpoint's message from today above. It includes Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophet/Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Pastor Kent Christmas and Pastor Mario Murillo. Watch the remainder of Flashpoint's message on their channel here.




    2/8/21 6:33 am Father God said, "I don't want you to be afraid by what you see. Surprises are in store for all God's people. Tell them it doesn't matter what they MAY say. They WILL say "It's your fault." "It's not my fault." "Pray for Philadelphia." He also brought to my attention something that He said the other day about "The end of a thing is the beginning of something new." And, the Lord said, "We're in a time of great transition." 


    A Layer of Protection

    Father God gave me an unusual fable this time. I saw a man I knew with a cast on his arm and he was having the cast removed. When the person went to remove the cast, they hesitated and I understood why. A cast is supposed to have a top layer of hard plaster, then cotton to protect the skin. This cast only had a single hard layer of plaster and there was nothing to cover the skin and protect it from the saw's blade.

    I worked in the orthopedics department years ago so I'm assuming this is why God gave me this specific example. In the dream, I stepped in to help the person cutting off the cast. And it's a delicate process. To bring the blade down, you can't drill through a cast like you would a piece of wood with all your weight, strength or pressure. You only drill until you stop feeling resistance. As soon as you feel the saw give way (go slack), then you stop because you've reached the cotton. If you don't stop there, the saw can actually cut into the person's skin. And, this happened once when I was cutting a cast off.

    I took a cast off someone and accidentally cut into a person. There wasn't significant damage, thank God, but you could see tiny red scratches that went down the person's arm that were lightly bleeding. The doctor showed me this and said, "You see what happened? That's why you have to go gentler every time. You don't know if the person who applied the cast used enough padding underneath." It was a valuable lesson.

    In this dream, there was no cotton layer or protection underneath the plaster. So, I inserted a ruler and said, "Sometimes you can add a layer underneath and then cut the plaster. That way if there's no cotton, you won't cut the person's skin." I then demonstrated so the technician could cut the cast off. What I hear Father God saying is "You need a layer that protects you." 

    Image Credit: MC

    What's Missing in Your Armor?

    Many people are going through transition and some are missing a protective layer. This is not to say that you did anything bad. What God wants us to highlight is where you might have vulnerabilities. These might include past traumas. Maybe you've been isolated so long that you kept to yourself and won't let people in. Or, you might trust God but are afraid to go deeper with Him. I remember that happening to me.

    I saw myself in a dream sitting at the shallow end of the pool and afraid to go under the water with God. But what else might be missing? You might have grown up in a household with a strict disciplinarian or a missing parent and that might have affected you and now you feel a void. You might also have vulnerabilities in your personality where all it takes is one person to ignore you before you feel 'out of sync.' The devil intentionally designed social media to make people feel insecure and increase their vulnerabilities. Or maybe, it only takes one person to say the wrong thing before you 'go off.'

    God is shining a light on areas where we need strength so we can have more confidence and trust in Him. He wants us to stand with or without people by our sides because of the New Era we're stepping into and this time of great transition. Families are divided over politics, there are race and political wars in different neighborhoods. People are arguing over the smallest things. What I feel God is saying in the example is like how iron sharpens iron. We need to keep God closest to us - like that ruler.


    Does the Armor Fit? Are There Cracks From Battles?

    Do you remember when David tried to put on Saul's armor? It didn't fit. Likewise, when we put on the Armor of God, it needs to fit. But how can you have your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace if you're warring with yourself or someone else? How can you hold up the shield of faith meant to quench EVERY fiery dart of the wicked if you're doubting?

    This week, pray and ask Father God where you might have vulnerabilities in your armor. Ask Him where you're exposed and when God reveals it, pray and take Jesus there. Mary in the New Testament was vulnerable in her faith. She cried about Lazarus being dead because she couldn't SEE Jesus resurrecting her brother. Many with this election are holding on but might be wavering in their faith because they don't SEE God moving significantly. And, sometimes that's the test. Are you going to serve God EVEN WHEN you don't see Him move?

    Let God in so He can strengthen your armor and build up any cracks in it. Like in a military battle, now is the time to assess the damages and make repairs. The devil tried to tear God's people apart. Now, we must repair the damages so we can stand strong and confident in Christ.

    • God wants us hungry for Him, not fixated on or worried about the election (what the devil wants).
    • God wants us focusing each day on His plan and doing a NEW THING, not the impeachment trial or what internet trolls are saying.
    • God wants us walking in righteousness and filled up with His Spirit not warring in the flesh or depressed over what we're SEEING on fake news. I heard briefly just now, "The riots are coming." We pray against this in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority and we pray for all police officers and our military.



    Remember, no word of God fails. So, let's keep moving forward and doing what God asks because EVERY word God spoke shall come to pass. But He doesn't want us to have anything missing or lacking. Remember, God is an ever-present help in times of trouble. 

    The Devil is a GOOD Actor but Look Carefully Behind the Veil

    This so-called impeachment trial is smoke and mirrors. The devil is trying to strike fear by making it LOOK LIKE they're in control. It's NOT WORKING. I say this humbly and not out of false pride. My downstairs neighbor who made all the threats against me lost his job several months ago. So, the attacks he spoke against me came against him. Right? I shared that.

    These past few weeks when my neighbor was REALLY aggressive and yelling upstairs loudly nonstop and trying to cause intimidation, Father God had me say in the kitchen one day so he would hear me, "Be prepared for what God's going to do to you." Last week my neighbor's wife lost her job and I ONLY knew about it because she left for work, immediately returned and he started yelling. Now, they're both home.

    This is NOT to condone violence in ANY WAY and I say this respectfully. God does NOT play. THEY don't see it yet but they will. THEY cannot come against God's Chosen Ones, i.e., His people, pastors, prophets or property. Keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged. God's got this!


    2/8/21 7:09 pm Father God said, "Tell them 'Calm down when they see what God does.'" "God will not fail." He also said, "Tell them they are going to be in for a surprise when they see what God does" and "Pray for all police officers." "No weapons formed against you shall prosper."

    On a separate note, Pastor Hank's message yesterday (below) mentioned this Absolute Proof video. It's on ML's site.




    2/7/21 Exposing the Enemy/Devi's Tricks in the Light

    "Let the wicked fall into their own nets, whilst that I withal escape," Psalm 141:10

    "Deliver me, O LORD, from the evil man: preserve me from the violent man," Psalm 141:1

    Father God said again to please "Pray for all police officers." We hope everyone is able to relax today, read your Bible and enjoy the game.

    I noticed my downstairs neighbor tried to provoke an aggressive attack but it's backfiring. And, what we're seeing with this election, well, that's backfiring, too.


    The Setup Failed 

    I love spending time in my kitchen (on my computer, practicing different recipes). However, one time I caught my downstairs neighbor watching me from his car. I realized that he KNEW when I would be in my kitchen (morning, noon and early evenings) so he usually makes loud noises (yells, fusses, turns the bass on his speakers super loud) when I go into MY kitchen, not his, right? Now, we're talking about territorial demons, not the person, per se, because God is increasing our territories but the devil is fighting that. To get back at me, my neighbor set up HIS computer in the kitchen and set up his really loud speakers with all the bass. So, when I say that he BLASTS the music if I walk into my kitchen, directly above his, I KNOW it's intentional and some kind of passive/aggressive game. But, here's the thing. Last might it backfired.

    You know that saying, "What the devil means for harm God works in our favor."? It's true! Last night, I was relaxing and suddenly heard music blasting from the kitchen. When I went to my bedroom window curious to see what was going on downstairs, I saw my downstairs neighbor - at it again. But, what was different this time is his kitchen window was wide open, no blinds or curtains and NOTHING TO HIDE where the noise was coming from. And, that's when it hit me. He was doing it to establish dominance and control but because it was completely dark out, the ONLY light was the bright white light coming from his kitchen. Meaning, EVERY neighbor could HEAR the noise and SEE where it was coming from! I shook my head and thought, "He's falling into his own trap instead." To make matters worse, my neighbor actually turned up the volume to make it extra loud. That's when I heard the Lord say, "Walk away." And, here's why this matters.

    If you are in ANY kind of confrontation like this, remember to "Rebuke their personalities" and walk away. These are territorial demons who THINK they've set up residence. They're trying to provoke an attack so you retaliate or seek revenge, i.e., evil for evil. But, don't fall for that.

    Prophet Oboitshep Tladi also explores this. She describes how the enemy can come in bad dreams to rattle you from something that you've ALREADY been delivered from. These are distractions so rebuke these demons and watch out for these distractions. Obey God, stay at peace and let God handle it. And God did. I guess someone complained and my neighbor had to turn the music down. So, I pray for my neighbor that he's free from that demon.


    The Fog is Lifting

    I only mention this because here we are the day before the so-called 'impeachment trial' and the Dems still THINK they've won. They set up shop and THINK no one is going to stop them. They're even turning up the volume with all kinds of executive orders because they THINK they won't get caught. And, what are their orders? To overturn EVERYTHING Trump did. But, don't fall for that. Stand in your authority and WATCH and SEE. (better than the Super Bowl minus the stuffed pizza).

    God is saying, "I'm going to show you all kinds of evidence." So, let THEM think what they want. People are starting to SEE behind the veil and the masks are coming off.


    We're Not Millions in the Body...The Body/Ecclesia is BILLIONS of Lights Shining Brightly...And, If One Can Chase One Thousand...

    We've included a few new faces including the sweet sister above. I don't know her name but I think it's Angela. She's on YouTube under PeculiarLady. This woman is so anointed and her light shines for God. Listen as she reveals so prophetically what God told her about President Trump. She reminds us about Elizabeth giving birth and hiding for 5 months. What did her husband Zachariah do? He didn't believe. He doubted the angel who prophesied it. And, what happened to him? God silenced him and he couldn't speak until the baby, John, was named. And, we mentioned the other day how someone else said that President Trump was giving birth.

    We wanted to use a few new faces to prove that God can use anyone at anytime to speak His Word. To see prophets from all over the world all talking about Yahweh, the Holy Ghost, President Trump and the Ecclesia, we're truly seeing God on a new level. These are unprecedented times and prophet after prophet is standing up and confirming God's Word.  Again, what the devil meant for harm, God's working in OUR favor.

    Satan thought closing the churches and censoring Trump and social media would shut God down. But it's not working. God has BILLIONS of Christians standing and shining their lights! Keep standing. Keep praising God. Keep rejoicing. A flood is coming! Do things that add value and read your Bible. Game on! 


    A Trump Critic Died

    2/7 2:58 pm We had an interesting confirmation. George Schulz, former secretary of state died. A prophet posted in January that a 'great billionaire' would die incidentally, another 'George S.' What's noteworthy is Schulz who worked under Reagan, was not on board with Donald Trump's run for office in 2016.

    At a Palo Alto event, when asked about Trump becoming president, he said, “God help us.” A harsh critic of President Trump, Schulz wrote On Trust and rebuked Trump's administration and how he handled issues like climate change. BUT we have to remember that God is leading President Trump so MAN cannot come against what God ORDAINS or what God WANTS.


    Impeachment Trial Scheduled?

    I didn't forget about the 1/29 Word where I heard God say"I want you to know there is no impeachment trial." We're still staying in prayer over that. When I prayed for confirmation, I wrote how I felt God's spirit move within me but He hasn't said anything else to me specifically about this yet. 

    4:24 pm I heard the Lord say, "I am the God who changes not." Again, I hear, "THEY will be saying 'Not fair' when they see what God does. Believe the possibilities."

    9:28 pm An interesting thought...Remember back when we posted the letter/message from God about Trump's second term? Father God said in so many words that "He doesn't know I'm going to use him." Pastor Lance Wallnau confirmed this in a message earlier that President Trump might not be aware that he's ALREADY in his second term. Interesting thought...because the prophets all know. But has anyone told President Trump? What a Mighty God who is drawing His people together! Stay encouraged and rest in God.

    Separately, Father God also said to "Pray for all police departments" and "rebuke violent demons of terrorism."  





    2/6/21 Can You Hear the Bells of Liberty and Freedom? Hallelujah!

    This morning I heard Father God say, "I want you to get excited." We serve a loving God who is faithful and He ALWAYS provides. As you go about your day, celebrate the victory but don't get STUCK in the time frame. I know I got caught up in the mix, too, around the inauguration. I was like a kid with the popcorn out, ready for a show. And, then...crickets. But I had to remember that God is merciful. When God delays a thing we have to TRUST that He has a bigger plan (and not grow impatient, stubborn or bitter like Jonah).

    Remember God is merciful and He wants as many people saved as possible. As He said through Pastor Hank a few days ago (and I believe Pastor Kent), this will be one of the last MAJOR moves of God that we see before Jesus returns. But, how can you wait patiently for the fireworks? He SAID, "It's going to feel like Santa Claus." Is that what God means? That because we're waiting expectantly on His arrival that we can't sleep and we KEEP CHECKING IN? I mean, it's hard NOT to be curious:

    • I questioned if we would suddenly all have signs of fire on our foreheads and see the 666 on the enemy. But, Kat said she believes God said this isn't the case.
    • Some prophets believe we'll have 10 years and then another 10 years in terms of timelines. However, others haven't confirmed this and anticipate Jesus's return sooner rather than later. We do KNOW that Father God is saying we'll have 4 years of rest, now, under President Trump. The Lord has confirmed this multiple times through different prophets. 
    • Then there's the impeachment trial. Is something going to happen on Monday? According to what God said the other day, there is no impeachment trial. 
    • We also heard Wanda Alger's thoughts (video below) about 2/22. Is God going to move on George Washington's birthday? Wouldn't that be awesome!
    • Pastor Hank said He saw February and March as significant where March is rebuilding? I have to look his exact reference. It's in one of the videos below. But, he also said not to give it an exact timeline.  


    Avoid the Distraction Trap

    I mentioned my downstairs neighbor who would suddenly turn on the bass in his speakers super loudly if I walked into my kitchen. These are distracting demons and you may have your own. I think it was Pastor Robert Clancy who said prophetically yesterday, don't let their actions stop you from 100% worship and rest in God, in so many words.

    Picture a cup of water that's 100% clear. Every time the devil distracts, he muddies the water. Would you drink mud? No, of course not. It's the same with me. Instead of me tiptoeing into my kitchen or wasting time thinking, "How can I get in there quietly? Should I put my headphones back on?" all I need to do is stand in my authority and rebuke satan EVERY time I see or HEAR the same pesky demon. That's why we used the dog training illustration yesterday.

    It's the repetitive behavior that WE have to change to let the devil know, "It's NOT working and I won't tolerate this bad behavior." In church terms, we say, "I rebuke you" and "Get thee behind me satan." Why? You never want to have conversations with the devil that can lead to traps like with Adam and Eve. We must do like Jesus and rebuke satan. And, notice, when Jesus was confronted with demons, He never said, "Let us cross over to the other side of the street because that demon is standing in the way." No, He immediately rebuked the demons and they got out of the way! 

    Maturity in Spirit

    God also wants us to build up a maturity in our spirits so we don't respond to every distraction we see. Sometimes we can become hyper-sensitive to everything to the point where we're constantly defending ourselves and ONLY fighting the enemy. We explored this topic a few days ago.

    We have to defend AND build. Every time we don't give 100% focus to Jesus, we're diluting that praise and worship and our attention is not completely given to God. Like a mom at church with an unruly child. The mother can get so distracted trying to monitor the child that she misses the sermon. And, the devil KNOWS this. So, take caution with these demons that want to distract. 


    Intentionally Delayed

    God doesn't want us stuck on dates. He wants us in worship and praise to Him and He wants us working in our assignments. As some of the pastors are pointing out, this New Era is NOT about politics or about President Trump, per se. Yes, God is using him, but the focus is on rebuilding our nation under God and the global revival that will result. Although he doesn't realize it, President Trump is being used like Moses. He's serving as a catalyst to part the Red Sea so God's people can pass THROUGH.

    I think it was Pastor Hank who said yesterday that he asked God why didn't the people just pass through and the sea close up? Why did God INTENTIONALLY DELAY opening the Red Sea? It let the enemy catch up with the Children of Israel, right. God told him that He intentionally delayed so that the enemy COULD catch up. God wanted every Child of Israel to cross FIRST. As soon as they all crossed, He waited until the exact moment when every Egyptian solder was IN THE RED SEA and God then engulfed them all and they ALL drowned.

    God told Pastor Hank that if He hadn't completely destroyed the enemy this way, the enemy would rise and plan an attack at a separate time. Incidentally, one of the prophets said that earlier this year about how the dems would retaliate and we'd hear nothing from them for 4 years but they were plotting revenge. Hence, we have to let God work because ONLY God knows all and sees all. 

    Remember, God is a God of His promises and what He speaks SHALL come to pass. All the prophecies about what's to come SHALL COME TO PASS. All the Founding Fathers wanted for our great nation SHALL COME TO PASS. Serving God unashamed, it SHALL COME TO PASS. Have faith and hold fast. Keep your eyes on God and Jesus and don't get distracted. Our help is coming soon and our help comes from the Lord. HE WILL NOT FAIL. Hallelu-Yahweh! The Lord said, "Let them know they are covered in Me." 



    Don't Go By Man's Timeline, Rest In God Through His Signs for a Timeline

    Father God said to "Read the book of Joel" just now as I was posting this. Remember, we can rest in God because there are specific signs that we are are seeing.

    These include: 

    • The church that caught fire that housed the Liberty Bell in NYC.
    • The Christmas Star shining brighter than ever before.
    • The sudden storms, severe snowfall, ground-shaking earthquakes (God shaking His feet) and the unprecedented winds blowing EVERYWHERE.
    • The Ecclesia (Body of Christ/Bride) rising and believing/having faith. Remember, the Bible says about faith that it's the EVIDENCE of things not seen. 
    • And, many, many more!


    The Coming Days

    There are more signs that were reported in Pastor Hank's recent videos below. And, I think he said or another pastor said that as God shines the light and separates light from darkness that their masks come off and we see them as they really are - does that mean we'll see them as demons? Or their true nature? Not sure.

    One thing I do know is that around the time of the election when I was asking God about President Trump and Joe Biden trying to steal the office and God said, "He's wearing a mask." So, keep reading your Bible and let's see how all this unfolds. It's not just US waiting on God with the popcorn and cake ready. The WORLD is waiting to see God move! This is going to be better than the Super Bowl (but without the BBQ wings)!


    2/6 2:47 pm Believe the Possibilities

    I just wanted to follow-up on something. Earlier today (after posting our message), the winds started whipping fiercely outside. It's further confirmation that God is on the move.

    Father God said to "Pray for Philadelphia" and "Please keep all police officers in prayer." 

    2/6 9:13 pm Father God said several times earlier today, "Pray for all police officers." We keep them uplifted in prayer in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority.








    2/5/21 You're Going to Be Surprised by What God Does

    Father God said this morning, "You will be surprised." "I want you to be surprised by what God has done." "Tell them not to be afraid when they see what God does." He said, "Do not worry." He said a few times yesterday, "Pray for every police officer."

    We shared Pastor Kent Christmas's video yesterday and want to highlight this. He reminds us how God is uniting His people, i.e., the Remnant/Ecclesia, Body of Christ/Bride. Whatever it is that God's about to do, the Lord said this is going to be His last big move/sign before Jesus's return. We also know that God is giving us the next 4 years. As previously stated, God confirmed this to us right around the election date when I overheard, "But, we need more time." I heard that and thought it meant they needed more time to count the votes (another reason it's better to ONLY say what God says and not add our opinions UNLESS God says it's okay). 

    Pastor Kent confirms a message we shared about being Anchored In/To God, hence his sea-trials title below. Remember, God is giving similar messages to His people so you have confirming Words and KNOW it's God. Someone on social media even shared with us that Pastor Kent said, “If I’m wrong, and I don’t think I am, then God has changed the way He’s spoken to me for 35 years and He didn’t tell me.” God is doing a NEW THING in this NEW ERA. And, we haven't been here before so don't look back for a reference.


    The Teacher is Silent During the Test

    My mom went to Azusa years ago. She went to hear Mahesh Shavda speak. She went to the School for the Holy Spirit. She's very gifted in her anointing and sometimes says, "Remember, the teacher is silent during the test." As Pastor Kent points out, God tests us to see if we'll stand. You might think, "But God's all-knowing. He KNOWS I love Him." That's not it. God tests us because it's free-will.

    I wrote about when all my testing started, I kept hearing the devil say, "Call on your dead relatives." I thought, "Wait, what?" I'd here it again and again and I'd rebuke it again and again. That's why God is asking so many, "Are you sure you're on the RIGHT side?" Not Dems vs. Republicans but the side that's light/good, not darkness/evil. God is looking for the Remnant that's going to stand with Him unafraid. Like the military, they want the best of the best and those that won't buckle in fear. God's looking for the Bride and Body to unite together as one and that's what we're doing. I wrote briefly before about a Coptic Christian I met once.

    A delivery guy came to our door and I witnessed to him. He said, "Yes, I know the Lord" and we started talking about Christ. He explained that his family is from Egypt and I gasped. They'd just had the bombing at the church there where a lot of Christians died. I apologized for their loss and for offending him because this was likely a time of grieving. But what he said shocked me. He smiled warmly and said something like, "No, we're not sad. We're rejoicing. Yes, it's terrible what happened but we know we'll see our loved ones again." What I saw on his face was pure peace, and not a drop of fear. The devil is looking for people to run in fear so he can get in. He CAN'T operate if there's no fear or doubt. That's why the testing is sometimes so intense, especially in this season. As Pastor Kent points out in the message below at about 14-minutes in, David said, "Ye though I walk THROUGH the Valley of Death." God doesn't want us to fear anyone or anything and He doesn't want us to fear death. That's not to say we go and do something foolish like step in front of a bus. No. God doesn't want that either. My interpretation of what God wants is that we don't fear ANYTHING the devil tries to throw at us:

    • Look at Covid and say, "Ye though I walk THROUGH the Valley of Covid, I SHALL FEAR NO EVIL." 
    • Look at your bills, that eviction notice and all those threatening letters and bill collectors and say, "Ye though I walk THROUGH the Valley of debts, I SHALL FEAR NO EVIL." 
    • Look at that wicked person coming against you throwing stones and say, "Ye though I walk THROUGH the Valley of offenses, intimidation and manipulation, I SHALL FEAR NO EVIL." 
    • Look at this election fiasco and say, "Ye though I walk THROUGH the Valley of corruption, miscounted votes, and secrets and lies on the highest level, I SHALL FEAR NO EVIL." 


    God's is our Protector, Helper, Shield and Strong Tower. He's here to guide us and He won't let our foot slip. But how do you get THROUGH the testing like David? I can tell you, when that testing occurred for me, the strangest thing happened.


    Standing Firm 

    At one point the devil was taunting me and saying, "Call on the dead, call on your dead relatives for help" and I was tired of hearing it. I shot back loudly with "Why would I call on a dead relative when I serve the Living God? I rebuke you satan. Flee from me!" And, I felt God's presence fill me so powerfully.

    What I didn't realize was the test was about standing up for God EVEN WHEN I COULDN'T SEE GOD.  



    NOT Backing Down and Staying in Control 

    CAUTION: THIS VIDEO ABOVE SHOWS A DOG BITE. I want to give you an interesting illustration but it's a bit graphic because the dog in the video bites the trainer multiple times. But, it's a very important lesson about boundaries and how WE'RE the authority.

    This tiny dog was ruling the owner's house and would bite anyone that came near it. To BREAK THE TERRITORIAL DOG'S SPIRIT, Cesar, the dog trainer, put his hand near the bowl and wouldn't let the dog near its food. This went on for almost 5-minutes and finally, the frustrated dog had enough and suddenly started biting him again and again. Caesar knelt there patiently and LET THE DOG BITE HIM AND REFUSED TO MOVE. The owners stood in shock because the dog wouldn't stop.

    Caesar stayed patient and kept his hand there to break the dog's will. Finally, the dog stopped and turned away. Cesar then turned to the family and said, "You see. I broke HIS spirit. I had to let him know that no matter what kind of bad behavior he displayed, I WAS NOT MOVING."  

    God bless trainers like Cesar who take the time to walk people through examples like these. His love for animals is amazing as he works with them. He'll work with traumatized dogs to help them gain their confidence back. But he'll also correct violent dogs and break bad behaviors. God bless him!  

    Breaking Bad Behavior

    As another example, Nanny Jo Frost was trying to break a child out of a bad behavior. His parents didn't correct certain behaviors and he became unruly. Jo's method was that if he acted out to place him in a timeout. Well, this kid wasn't having it. The father or mother put him in a timeout again and he took off running again. She patiently said, "Put him in the timeout again" and they did so....for a record 67 times, I believe! Finally, the child sat still and said, "I'm sorry mommy."

    God is telling us to STAND FIRM because WE dictate what happens in this world. God is HELPING US to remove the stubborn pride and sin so we can get BACK ON TRACK and prepare for Jesus's return. God's correction IS coming and it's for us to keep praying and keep praying and don't back down and keep praying. Regardless of how much THEY BITE BACK, don't back down. Be brave, be courageous, be patient and see the salvation of God! That flood is coming!    




    2/4/21 "You are Covered in Me," God

    This morning, Father God said, "I want you to think about Santa Claus." As i was thinking about Christmas I suddenly thought, "He comes overnight." Father God has been saying all year "It's going to feel like Santa Claus." Is what He's about to do going to take place overnight? A few prophets have mentioned this AND Father God said in earlier letters/messages that "It will be fast." Hence, we need to move faster and get in position. Why? When God moves and overturns everything, millions of people are going to be shocked and affected. It's the catalyst that can lead to massive revival. Please keep that in mind and stay in prayer, ministers, pastors and laypersons.

    Separately, I saw prophetically where a major or mega church pastor died. I didn't see his name but saw a white square with the text inside, "In honor of...." We keep that pastor in prayer. 

    Father God also said, "God will help with every detail" and "You are covered in Me." And, here's why that matters.

    I wrote months ago about my next door neighbor. She's a young girl who hooked up with the wrong guy, she had 2 kids by him and he was verbally abusive. We used to stand at the door and pray or touch the wall and pray that the demon in him would leave. He'd stalk her from room to room and out into the hallway. The kids were terrified. The Lord said it was an intimidation and controlling demon. Well, Hallelujah to God, he's gone. The demons left in that boyfriend and he actually left, too! The last few times that he was there, I noticed he was kind, helpful and more patient. He was a proud father and that's what we were praying about. Because it's not that people are bad but they sometimes pick up bad behaviors.

    What's interesting is when I sit in my living room now, I hear the most amazing thing. And when God spoke through Prophet Lana Vawser yesterday, He mentioned this. The kids now run through the house playing all day. I think they're 2 and 3 now? So, I hear them playing with pots and pans and playing in the tub. What's so touching is the uninterrupted joy in their voices, you know, where they can be kids and play unafraid. What I'm saying is, wherever there is tension or you sense the devil trying to work, shine God's light there. At my old job, there were so many demons and people acting out, I remember saying one day, "Lord, I don't why You sent me here. I don't see a light." God said, "You are the light." That's when my mom went through cancer treatments and got healed and they got to SEE her healed through my faith. So, trust God to lead and always do what God says to DO and what He says to SAY. Here's why.

    Before that neighbor moved out (the guy), I had different encounters with him. He had a sexual sin demon of some kind (not trying to judge, but it was very obvious). He'd literally stalk women in the building. I'd go to take the trash out and he'd SUDDENLY be right at the elevator Every. Single. Time. I remember thinking, "Oh, he's looking for a new victim." I'd read about narcissists who look for new prey (vulnerable people to take their aggressions out on). But one day, I took the trash out and as I was coming back, the Lord said, "Don't say anything." When I went near my door, he was standing directly in front of my door with one of the kids who was a few months old at the time. The Lord said to say, "God's got you. He won't bother you." I politely said hi and spoke over the baby and then said that. So, it's amazing to see how God was and is protecting children. 

    The point is, wherever there's a threat, rebuke them. The Lord said, "Rebuke their personalities." And, this goes back to conflict resolution and our question of the day.  


    You're working with a manager who's not a Christian. They play mind games with you and put you on the spot in front of other staff members. They tell you to do something one way but you were taught a faster or better way. However, this person in leadership won't listen. What do you do?

    • A. Walk away and say nothing because you need your job.
    • B. Do what they ask but keep repeating that you have a better way.
    • C. Take it to God in prayer first and do what's asked.
    • D. Refuse to do it and brace yourself in case you're fired.
    • E. Walk off the job, go home and watch your shows and come back on Friday for your check.


    The correct answer is 'C'. While people in leadership might be incorrect, God sometimes puts them in those positions for a reason. He might have us in a testing season and want to see what we're going to do. The correct response is taking it to God FIRST. But, please know that wherever there's a threat or it feels like abuse, the Lord said, "Rebuke their personalities." 

    Rebuking their personalities means that THEIR words don't cling to you. The devil plays aggressive and controlling games to get under your skin. He wants to cause the spirit of offense and if you get offended, then you're walking in sin and can't hear from God. Jesus explains this in Mark 11:22-26, 

    "And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God. For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses. But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses."

    Now that you understand why the devil wants to offend, here's why the other answers are incorrect:

    • 'A' is incorrect because if you don't go to God, the behavior will continue and you might build resentment against the person (what the devil wants.
    • 'B' is incorrect because a person in a leadership role that's trying to undermine you KNOWS they're controlling. It's likely how they reached that level of authority, by being demanding. As a subordinate or new person, if you come against them, they can fire you or write you up for insubordination.
    • 'D' is incorrect for the same reason. You're there to do a job and if you refuse to do it, that's grounds for dismissal. Always go to God in prayer and keep reading your Bible for encouragement.
    • 'E' is definitely incorrect but we threw that in for a good laugh. However, there ARE people who feel like they don't have a voice or a choice. You have both - through God and He will help you. 


    A good story is about how David overcame Saul when Saul was stalking him. David didn't return evil for evil. David went to God and said in so many words, "Lord, I didn't do anything this manager. I've been good to him and he's attacking me. I can't come against him because I know there are rules. So, I'm calling on YOU for help." And, God did just that.

    God eventually made David king. The tests he went through with Saul were to groom him for greater. And God is grooming us for greater, too. But, what about the fact that it's not fair? Yup. God KNOWS that sometimes managers are not fair but God might also want to build your character to make you STRONGER despite what they're doing. And, don't worry. God will deal with that manager.

    The Bible says that Saul's armies were attacked and his sons killed. He eventually fell on his own sword. So, do what God says to do and seek Him first. Then, let God handle that boss. Remember, EVERY knee shall bow. The Bible states in Philippians 2:10-11, "That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is LORD, to the glory of God the Father." God's got this and He's got YOU!


    When dealing with a confrontational boss, pray FIRST and then use the CALM Method:

    • Clarify the issue and ask yourself why you're upset. Then think about what you're going to say to the other person and practice it ahead of time so you can stay calm.
    • Address the person but don't make accusations with "You did..." or "You said..." Briefly say what you thought happened and how you felt. 
    • Listen to the other person or group. Don't interrupt and don't assume your way is the only way. Paraphrase what they said so you don't misinterpret it and don't dismiss their feelings.
    • Maintain that you will find a solution by establishing that you both have needs. With a person in authority, do what they ask so you're not guilty of insubordination. This creates a win-win for everyone. You've asked God for help and He will guide you.


    Unsure how to handle conflicts? Want more information on conflict resolution? See the full Conflict Resolution article. And, stay encouraged. You are more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ.


    Sharing 2 significant messages here. Pastor Mike Thompson (above) discusses the Ecclesia and how WE as the Body of Christ have the authority and power to change our government in the earth. It's happening now! We're growing into this authority but the devil didn't want us to know we had it. It's why he tried to discount God's prophets and make the news media look RIGHT. The devil is a liar! We as the Body of Christ have the keys. What WE bind is bound and what WE loose is loosed. Glory to God.


    Keep trusting in God. I read something last night about jealous people. Pastor Robert Clancy said, people that are idle can become jealous. But when we continue to grow in Christ and work for God's Kingdom, we're effective. Let's be effective in ministry! Worship the Lord for GREAT THINGS He hath done! Look how he's binding the enemy!!!!! 

    Prophetic Word - Pastor Hank Kunneman

    This last video above is from Pastor Hank Kunneman's church. When you get to 12:24 in, hear God speak through Pastor Hank. He says,

    "See that there is a shift that is taking place by the power of My hand and the Lord says that as You see unusual manifestations of light , unusual displays of light, look to the sun, look to the stars, look to the heavens, and look and see these lights. Look as they report it in the cities. There shall be power that shall go out and light that shall come on. Strange sights of lights that shall begin to come and you will see it and they will say what is this that is taking place with light. God says that this shall be a sign as you close out this year and it shall be seen even in the first 6 months of the new year. For it shall be known as the year that the floodgates are open. Listen to Me says the Spirit of God. 2021 The floodgates are open and light shall be brought forth.  Why am I saying this to you regarding light and the floodgates? You will know that the shift and the dividing of My hand when I divided light from darkness, day from night, there has been much evil. There has been much darkness but this shall mark the shift and the prophecy that I have said to you My people that it will be different. I will give you rest. I will cause My goodness to be displayed and My presence to be made manifest. Therefore, look at the displays of My hand of light and look says the Lord at what begins to take place that will cause you to understand that there is a floodgate open and an acceleration and a great outpouring of My hand upon this earth, says the Spirit of God." 




    2/3 Are You Sure You're Hearing Right/Correctly?

    Father God said, "Tell them you don't have to worry. They are in for a sweet surprise. Tell them not to be afraid. They're about to raise the roof." And He mentioned, "Massive revivals taking place everywhere."

    We want to include a simple prayer. Father God in Jesus's name, Lord, we give you all the glory. We ask for You to clearly speak to us Father and remove anyone or anything that's not like You or from You in Jesus's mighty name and by God's authority we pray, Amen. 

    The devil tries so hard to use smoke and mirrors. He wants us to THINK his plan is working but remember, we walk by faith, not by sight. Hence, it's important to turn the news off. And, we must tune out the haters and naysayers on social media. Here are a few examples:

    • THEY say: President Trump's impeachment trial is next week.
    • God says: There is no impeachment trial.
    • THEY say: The darkest days are ahead. There is no evidence.
    • God says: I'm shining My light. Celebrate. MORE evidence is coming.
    • THEY say: God's prophets were wrong. Biden was legally elected. See, the people's voice won.
    • God says: Believe My prophets. Trump is ALREADY in his second term and I call Biden ILLEGITIMATE. Only God's voice WINS.


    Personally, I used to tune into ALL the mainstream news channels but now I only put them on for the weather. Instead I tune into the Victory Channel, FlashPoint, Newsmax TV and NPT.  Pray and ask God if you are hearing correctly and keep reading your Bible. God ALWAYS makes a way. And, we will see help soon.


    Short Letter/Message From God

    2/3 2:15 pm Hey Folks...Just a quick note. Please stay encouraged and keep reading your Bible. Something's going on in the spirit realm. I had a writing client reject ALL my work suddenly. I KNEW it was an attack from the devil (Sometimes when you give 100% he discounts it to make you look bad and cause frustration). It also happens when we're SO CLOSE to BREAKTHROUGH and the devil tries to cause breakdown. I started rebuking him and praising God because I KNEW that meant OUR VICTORY IS SO CLOSE!!! We know it's ALREADY done! As I praised God just now, I suddenly got caught up in the spirit of tongues...

    Father God said just now: "Keep up the good work. I don't care what the landlord says. Keep calling on Me. I am removing the hand of the enemy. Stay in My shadow. Tell them don't look back. These are stubborn pride demons I am removing. Remember, I said 'it's going to feel like Santa Claus.' Hear My voice. They will see My help soon. I say 'repentance'. Keep getting up early and coming to Me. Some are crossing the ocean soon. Tell them to cheer up. My plans have not failed. They will see My help soon. My hand is upon them. Those stubborn demons have to flee. THEY [the enemy] will say 'It's their fault...' 'No, it's your fault...' while WE [God's people] say 'Victory!' My plans will not fail but his [the enemy's] plans will."  He also said, "Another letter" is coming soon and to remember, "God is preparing a table for US."

    3:58 pm Was reading the comments in YouTube under Pastor Wanda Alger below. I love how one person went to say "President Trump's presidency" and mistakenly said, "pregnancy." Yes, God is birthing something mighty. Another post was from a different country and a young man said he saw prophetically that President Trump was "taking the presidential seat and people were SHAKEN." Stay encouraged. God is on the Throne!

    Prophetic Voice: Lana Vawser


    Recently I heard the Lord say “The children will teach you”. Instantly I was reminded of many things the Lord has spoken to me about regarding children for this new era. A mighty move of God through the children, the place of childlike faith and humility, and a move of His Spirit through the children could offend if hearts aren’t positioned in humility.


    As the Lord spoke these words recently, I was surrounded by this strong sense of the Lord saying, “PAY ATTENTION TO THE CHILDREN”.
    I had heard the Lord say this to me before in words I have released and when He spoke it again recently, I was surrounded by such a deep sense that He is releasing and will continue to release a deeper revelation of childlike faith, deep trust, and wonder to many, through children right now.
    There are some life-changing encounters with the Lord and His voice for many right now that are going to come through paying attention to the children.


    “At that time Jesus declared, “I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to little children;” – Matthew 11:25 (English Standard Version)
    “Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19:14 – ESV)


    “Jesus overheard them and said, “I want little children to come to me, so never interfere with them when they want to come, for heaven’s kingdom realm is composed of beloved ones like these! Listen to this truth: No one will enter the kingdom realm of heaven unless he becomes like one of these!” Then he laid his hands on each of them and went on his way.” (Matthew 19:14 – TPT)


    I began to see the many encountering the Lord through paying attention to the children and the Holy Spirit speaking through the mouths of babes. There are lessons, keys, impartations, and moments of encounter with the Lord that are taking place and will continue to take place for many through watching and paying attention to the children.


    The Lord showed me that there are going to be significant prophetic words that are going to come out of the mouths of babes for many right now that is going to give many clearer direction and clarity in what the Lord is saying. The Lord is going to astound and confound by His voice and wisdom that will flow through the mouths of babes. It’s important to PAY ATTENTION.


    The Lord showed me that there is going to be a ‘rearranging’ of PACE for many that are going to take place through paying attention to the children.
    The Lord is going to release such a deep revelation of what it is like to live in “wide-eyed wonder” like a child to many right now that is going to see many by the direction of the Holy Spirit, change their pace, and make room in their lives for more time to sit at His feet in wide-eyed wonder, to slow down and be present and enjoy the little moments and not miss the beauty, revelation and His voice in the little things of every day. The Lord showed me through watching the children, the Holy Spirit will speak and there will be a rearranging of priorities for some that is going to make space for a new move of God in their lives that they have not anticipated or expected.  I heard the Lord say “I am going to teach many of My people again the place of JOY in Me and FUN with Me.”


    The Lord said to me that the battle many have faced in this last season that many have forgotten the joy that it is to know Him and to not be so weighed down. We are in a serious and intense season, but the Lord showed me that many have forgotten what it is like to have fun with Him and to LAUGH.
    The Lord is going to meet many who have been heavy laden and weighed down by life in moments with children that are going to bring forth such JOY, an explosive joy within hearts that will see the Holy Spirit breathing life back into hearts in those moments as they are reminded again through watching children what it is like to have fun and to laugh.


    There is going to be a deeper level of encounter with the Lord revealing in greater ways what it looks like to live in childlike faith, to take the Lord at His Word, and to live in a deeper level of trust without fear. There is going to be a new level of joy that is going to spring forth in hearts as the Holy Spirit uses children to minister His heart for His people to walk in childlike faith and humility.


    Some of your prayers are about to be answered, hearing the voice of the Lord, deeper revelation, and lessons the Lord is wanting to teach through, through the mouths of babes and watching them. Pay attention to them! There are some monumental moments with the Lord set up for you by the Lord through children. Don’t allow distraction to rob you. Slow down and listen for Him closely, He’s speaking and revealing.



    Prophetic Voice: Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

    In a video message for President Biden, Messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn recalled the first inaugural address 232 years ago when President George Washington gave the nation "a prophetic warning." "The propitious smiles of heaven cannot be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right that heaven itself has ordained," Washington told the nation. Cahn said in his video, posted Monday on YouTube, that there's a message for the current president and the nation he leads. "If America follows the ways of God, the blessings of God will remain," Cahn said. "If it doesn't, they will be removed."


    Cahn, known for his bestsellers including "The Harbinger," led a massive gathering on the National Mall in September calling for a "return" to God. Later, he urged Americans to pray and fast on Election Day, warning the nation was "standing at a crossroad and a precipice." Now, in the wake of the riot at the Capitol, he said, "division infects the land" along with the COVID-19 pandemic "that has kept its citizens masked and locked in their houses." It appears, he said that "the smiles of heaven are being removed from the land" as people disregard "the eternal rules of order and right." "America has turned away from God and let in other Gods and served them, embracing the ways of immorality," said Cahn. "We've called evil good and good evil," he said.
    "We've passed down rulings from Washington, D.C., that war against the eternal laws of heaven, on human life, human nature, gender, marriage," he said. "We've indoctrinated our children against the ways of God."


    Cahn said Americans have "done as we were warned not to do, and then we wonder why the blessings of heaven are being removed from our land."
    He noted the pattern of God's judgment from the Old Testament that he discovered were remarkably repeated in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, including on the spot where George Washington stood and prayed on the day of his inauguration. For Israel, he noted that after such a warning, there was a window of time of 19 years to return to God before judgment, or "great shakings" began. Clearly, 19 years after 2001, America suffered a year of "great shakings." He directed his words to the current president. "Mr. Biden, you have called for unity and peace. But how can a nation have unity and peace when it wars against the very foundation on which it stands?" he said. Cahn said the nation can't have unity and peace when it has "turned against the God who brought it into existence."


    Addressing Biden, he asked how the president can place his right hand on the word of God "and then with your right hand sign laws into existence that war against his word?" "How can you invoke the name of God in your oath and lay your hand upon his word and then implement laws that will suppress the going forth of his word, that will censor his word and those who advance it?" Cahn asked. He warned that Biden, his administration and lawmakers will be called to account some day by God for their actions. "The problem is not social or economic or cultural or political, the problem is ultimately spiritual. And so must be the answer.


    America's only hope is to return to God. "Choose true greatness and lead in that return, or continue in this departure from God, to destruction and judgment," the rabbi said. He said that "to those who love the nation and fear for its future, the only hope is revival." "Revival only comes through repentance and return," he said. "It's time to pray as never before that return and revival would come. But it's time not only to pray for revival but to live in revival and to choose to live in revival now." Cahn said that if darkness comes, God reminds us to fear not, because, he still has the ultimate authority, and the darkness cannot overcome the light. "If the darkness should grow darker, then it's time for the lights of God to shine even brighter."



    2/2 Are You SURE Which Side You're On?

    Last night I had an interesting dream. In it, there was a bride getting ready to walk down the aisle. I saw myself as the bride-to-be but I was also looking down on her from above as she was heading down the aisle. She was standing outside a door to the main section of a church/reception area. The room she was in was a large foyer, the kind where you have more than one wedding taking place so the space was massive. In the doorway, I could see inside to the church area. All these people were seated waiting for her to come in. But the pastor closed the doors slowly and turned to the bride. So now, it was just the pastor and the bride-to-be standing outside the church doors. She was wearing a dark/royal blue wedding gown and I thought, "Why isn't she in white?" I then thought about the blue and what it could represent and thought, "Is this the Democrats?" The pastor looked at her and said, "Okay, you have a choice to make. There are two men inside waiting to marry you. One is Christian and the other is not." And, he said something else like, "It's up to you." I then saw myself as the bride saying, "I need a second. Is there a restroom nearby?" And I went to a door on the left where there was a unisex restroom. That's when I woke up.  

    For myself, I know I had to stand up for President Trump as a prophet online a couple of days ago. I said that I support him and I KNOW what God said and WE ARE NOT BACKING DOWN. On another occasion when someone tried to make it LOOK LIKE it was too late, (leviathan demon, hopelessness), I said, 

    "With all due respect, God's voice WINS and we are not alone. We stand with and have God, Jesus, the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit and all the Heavenly Hosts. And, we KNOW what God said. It's not Dems vs. Republicans anymore. This is light/good vs. darkness/evil. And, Jesus is drawing a line and saying to choose a side. What you're seeing on the news is false and it's the mark of the beast meant to discount God's prophets. We pray you SEE it in the coming days." 

    As Chris Yoon pointed out yesterday, we're going into a season where we might be put on the spot and need Conflict Resolution. People might be cornered by trustworthy people like pastors, coworkers, family and friends. They may be asked to take a side or defend why they are on a particular topic (Covid, politics, social issues). But I hear God saying, "Don't worry." Stand in faith with God and He will work it out.

    Praying Over February

    When I prayed yesterday over the month of February, I heard the Lord say, "Tell them not to worry when they see what God does. Let them know they will see help soon." Father God said, "All things are subject to change." "Tell them you don't have to worry when you see what God does. He's healing us and sending awesome signs. He then repeats it, "Tell them they don't have to worry when they see what God does." He says this a *third time and then says, "Stay in God's shadow so I can work." "An earthquake is coming. I will send them evidence. Keep calling on Me for what you need. Tell them not to be afraid." Keep reading your Bible. God's got us!

    *Note: Father God said 3 times "Tell them they don't have to worry when they see what God does." When He says something 2 times it's confirmation. But, 3 times means it’s something important, i.e., Jesus said to Peter "Feed my sheep" or "Don't call unclean what God calls clean." 


    2/2 8:08 pm Our prayers go out to the officers' families that were affected by that senseless tragedy earlier today in South Florida. As Father God said, we "Pray for every police officer" and for the day when churches invite them all in for prayer and anointing. It will happen. These brave young men and women are facing the demonic every day and they need our prayers and covering. We lift every police officer in prayer and pray for their covering in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. Lord, please keep them all safe. And, for our officers, we are praying for you, your families, partners and K-9 units. Please stay encouraged and keep reading your Bible. God is covering you and it will get better.

    On a separate note, Jeff Bezos, Amazon's CEO stepped down. Has anyone else heard about this? We've all been praying about these tech giants coming down. Is this a sign and more evidence? 





    2/1/21 Praise God for President Trump's Victory!

    Sharing another confirming Word about President Trump (above), this time from Pastor Dixon. This is not a timeline but confirmation to hold onto our faith. Pastor Dixon reveals his dream about President Trump going back into office. He also mentions the great revival that's coming. What's interesting is when he describes the crowds stretching down to Washington's statue.

    Remember back in 2016 when President Trump said he saw massive crowds? God may have been speaking prophetically through him of what's to come. Pastor Kent said yesterday prophetically that he saw over 80 million votes in Trump's LANDSLIDE victory. What a Mighty God se serve! And, God will NOT fail. Please continue to pray for President Trump's second "term starting" as the Lord commanded (it was a few weeks ago in the posts below, I believe). The Lord also said "We will see more evidence soon." 

    Prophetic Word - Pastor Hank Kunneman (text to the video message above)

    "I will, I want you to listen now, you that are around the world. I will and I am dealing with the enemies of darkness. They celebrate as though they have won but the are terrified. They remember being stripped of their agenda, power and a public display was made of them. This will happen again says the Lord. Are you ready to stand with me when it looks like I have forsaken you, United States? Yet I have set traps that they fear since the Son of God seems so quiet. I have heard the prayers as in the days of Daniel when he prayed on the first day and it looked as though Heaven was silent and darkness would prevail in its resistance. But the angel broke through, 'This won't take place' and it's happening again. Now God says that you'll see after it appears that the forces of darkness are prevailing that I have come to give your freedoms to you United States. There is My timing and events and there is man's timing. Do not confuse them as if man's timing determines your future. Their timing is wrong because I have My day of visitation that will be outpoured upon you. There are those who weep. They are fearing and they say, 'Where is God? You're quiet. Why didn't He do anything? Why has this day happened? Where is the Lord?' I am the same God who gave Ja-irus his daughter back who was as I said not dead but asleep and this I say of you, United States, that I'm giving you your nation back that was and has been stolen from you. I give it back to you and your children that I may be glorified. Therefore in this season, you are to open and lift your arms high to Me. And, as Moses's arms were lifted and victory was given, you will see that I have opened My hands and my heart to you and to give your nation back to you, says the Lord." 

    As you read the prophetic Word above, notice how God is speaking but then Jesus talks. We saw this with one of Pastor Kent Christmas's messages in the writeup in our Lion of Judah article. Jesus confirms Ja-irus's daughter's resurrection and this is confirmation. Remember, God had us do an article on Believe and Don't Doubt about Ja-irus's daughter. As we posted this, Father God said to remind you to, "Move faster" and that "Another letter is coming." 


    Restoration is Coming: In this Word from Tried By Fire Ministries, Prophet Erica also confirms what God is saying about "reunions coming." Father God also put it on her spirit to speak about restoration, restored finances, marriages, and other topics.

    Father God speaks this way to me sometimes when He says, "Encourage My people." Thank You, Lord for showing us that You are close and caring for us. God loves us unconditionally and wants us to know He cares and that He's there. Glory to Your name, Lord! 

    Pay Attention to the Signs: In the message below, Pastor Hank discusses the signs we're seeing now, i.e., the shaking, earthquakes, wind and snow. Pay attention to what He says about the weather and God's feet and fists as He walks around. Incidentally, Pastor Hank mentions the East Coast and this is confirmation as Father God said to "Pray for the East Coast" several days ago.

    We also added a message from Pastor/Prophet Robert Clancy about the restoration that's coming. He confirms reunions, promotion, marriages, engagements and so much more that's on the way so cheer up! Praise God!


    Conflict Resolution: Remember that topic from yesterday? Prophet Chris Yoon explores February and what's to come. He again confirms "revival" is coming and mentions how we may have to discuss with people where we stand with God. And, here's why this is important.

    A time may come when we face people we think are trustworthy like pastors, family and close friends. And, we may have to speak what we know from scripture. Topics might include Covid, community, politics and more. We're going to have to state where we stand at dinner tables, the office, etc. Thinking critically and standing up for ourselves is important. [Do you remember how I mentioned this yesterday about my neighbor and me having to stand?] This might confirm WHY God had us create the Conflict Resolution article. Remember, the Body of Christ is coming together so we're seeing one person prepare a section of a topic and another doing a different aspect. 

    Sharing the link here We did this based on different scenarios like if there's conflict in the family, at church, at school or at work. We also added steps to walk through arguments and deescalate power struggles. Thank You, Lord, for wisdom and helping to prepare us!


    No More Delays: We're including 2 additional videos today. I know it's a lot but some of these Words are for the month of February and God is moving faster now that January is over. Prophet Albert Milton discusses new beginnings, new opportunities and no more delays. He confirms how God is the Lion of Judah and we need attitudes like lions. He also confirms that we need to expand our boundaries/territories and that revival has begun. He cautions that they will try to take 'In God We Trust' off the dollar but it won't happen so we stay in prayer over this. 

    Incidentally, if you've never heard of Albert Milton, he's a young prophet who loves the Lord. Early in life he couldn't talk/speak but God healed him. The Lord then sent him to the US from India to start ministering to people and doing the Lord's work. And, we pray God blesses him mightily!

    Overcoming Demonic Spirits: In Pastor Wanda Alger's video, she starts a 4-part series on demonic spirits. It's important to explore topics like these and the Conflict Resolution article we posted (link above). Pastor Wanda discusses religious spirits, Jezebel and Leviathan spirits. They are in politics, churches, businesses and homes. Hence, we must pray against these spirits and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us so we don't entertain them. There are all kinds of demons that will come out as we draw closer to God and we need to know how to confidently overcome them. 



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    The Prayer of Salvation

    If you haven't said the Prayer of Salvation, now's the best time. Please say: Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord, I ask forgiveness of my sins. Please come into my heart, Lord. I turn my back on sin and I make you my Lord and Savior. I want to follow you for the rest of my life. Please give me eternal life through you in Jesus name, Amen.    


    If you're already saved, but turned your back on God. Now's the perfect time to make things right. Don't let the devil make you feel bad about your past mistakes any longer. In Christ, you're a new creation and you have a Father God who loves you. Old things are passed away and God remembers the sin no more. Won't you please come back home to Him? 

    Rededicate Your Life to Christ Prayer

    If you need to rededicate your life to Christ because you feel like you've been sinning or haven't been living right, pray: Father God in the name of Jesus, I ask forgiveness of my sins and I turn my back on sin. Please help me to overcome ---- and I want to lead a better life through you. I decree and declare this day I have overcome ---- and I have the victory in Jesus name, Amen. 

    Stay in God's shadow, stay away from sin and temptation, keep reading your Bible and keep seeking God first.


    Be ye doers of the Word... We pray this message blesses you today!

    If you need prayer, please call the Bill Winston Prayer Center at (877) 543-9443. You can also check online for Joyce Meyer's prayer request form and other sites that can pray for and with you. You are more than a conqueror!