Messages From God...February 2023


2/28/23 God is Covering Us

Praise God, Saints. At 2:45 am I heard "A large kaboom can be heard across America." At 6:18 am I heard "Let them know it's about to get better." I also heard "He will reveal it in tongues." At 6:27 am I heard "God's sudden judgment is coming." Father God also mentioned that He wanted me to "say more about GITMO." If you are on Facebook, please check out Derek Johnson's page, 1776 Nation. Because he's ex-military and there are so many in the military on his page, it's very insightful. He was just with President Trump the other day, and we praise God for President Trump and keep the man of God in prayer. It's a reminder to trust God's timing regardless of what THEY say. Now, about GITMO.

In Derek's page, every day he's been sharing how there are regular flights from Florida and other locations back and forth to GITMO every day. A question might be are these military tribunals as some of the soldiers and ex-military on Derek's pages are saying things like how they wish they could see the flight logs, and so forth. However, we do KNOW through the prophets that God IS working behind the scenes. God mentioned through Julie Green and I believe Diana Larkin about plea deals going on behind the scenes, so let's trust confidently in God.

Take everything to God in prayer, test every word, and know that God is covering us...and I hear "we will have Trump news soon" and "we will be singing and dancing soon" regardless of what THEY SAY. To God be the highest praise! 



2/27/23 Soon

Praise God, Saints. The Word I heard for today is "Soon" which chimes in with what God Know that God is saying for us to say "God is covering me. God is covering my family." I also hear "explosion on the news." Let's rest in God, obey what He says, and let Him work.

Sharing a Post from ACP...

#arizona "Here's the list of people implicated by the testimony presented to the AZ legislators regarding cartel links through falsified deeds used for laundering drug cartel money to judges, lawyers, prosecutors, LEO, election officials, Katie Hobbs, state legislators and Runbeck. This testimony also links to bribes of officials and election fraud. Many other states, CA, New Mexico, Illinois, and other states, are also part of this investigation. 120,000 documents have been produced through this investigation. This evidence has been given to the IRS, FBI, US attorneys and was also shared with former AZ. Gov. Ducey and AG Brnovich in May 2022."




2/26/23 Keep Praising God and Watch and See What He Does

Praise God, Saints. While I heard overnight into today "Pray for President Trump" and "Pray for all police officers," I also heard at 4:08 am "Their president is dead." I'm not sure if God is referring to the oBiden actor because He said through Diana Larkin on 1/5/23 that "There's a hidden body buried in Washington, DC." Let's continue to trust in God and let Him work on our behalf. Good news and help are coming and GREAT is God's faithfulness. We praise God for President Trump! That good news is coming soon. 




2/25/23 Praise God for President Trump!

Praise God, Saints. We pray this finds you well. As a reminder, hold onto God because SOMETHING BIG IS COMING. So, God had me make a cake then asked "Think about why I had you make the cake..." We've been making them to get ready for Trump news. Then there's this weather. California is under a winter storm advisory and LA might get hit with a blizzard!

Saints, can't make this up. We put up Diana Larkin's message today where she had the thermostat that showed 77.7 degrees. I was busy thinking about California but I heard God say "Look at the 7s" which had 777. THAT'S PRESIDENT TRUMP. I remembered a writeup and video we did several months ago about how his date of birth and inauguration date numbers match up and at one point we added the section about all of the 7s lining up in the Bible. Here's an example from Charisma News! 


Donald Trump was 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old the day he became president of the United States in 2017 & Jewish year 5777. With the biblical significance of the numbers 7, 17, 70 and 777, many believers found this curiosity at least vaguely prophetic. And with his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, Trump has certainly played a role in the unfolding prophetic restoration of Israel.

But there's more! 

About 2 weeks ago, God had me make a cake. I kept hearing "put the pudding in the cake" so I made it and maybe a day or two later I heard God say "Think about why you made the cake..." We've been making them on and off over two years when Kat Kerr started saying to be ready to celebrate with Heaven because they are already celebrating Trump news!


Now, look at the weather across the country. California is under a winter storm advisory, and LA might get hit with a blizzard...


Recall that in January, I believe, God said through Diana Larkin and Charlie Shamp to watch for changes in the weather, severe flooding, royal news in the spring (William becoming king, not Charles). While the latter event might take a little longer, this weather was so severe ACROSS THE COUNTRY that at one point the forecast looked like a massive rainbow from the purple at the very top near Oregon to all the red in the southwest...can't make this up.


Then there are the numbers in the image. 12:54 is Luke 12:54 "And He said also to the people, When ye see a cloud rise out of the west, straightway ye say, There cometh a shower; and so it is." Or backwards, 45:21 is Isaiah 45:21 "Tell ye, and bring them near; yea, let them take counsel together: who hath declared this from ancient time? who hath told it from that time? have not I the Lord? and there is no God else beside Me; a just God and a Saviour; there is none beside Me."


THIS IS PRESIDENT TRUMP...... Let's continue to trust God and let Him work! Great news is coming! It's coming!!! All glory to God! And don't walk away!


Prophetic Word from Mary Ellen McCloud...
Daily Prophetic Word
February 25, 2023
By MaryEllen McCloud, Replenished Hope Ministries
The Lord says “The atmosphere is sweet with Fragrance and Ripe for the Explosion of unparalleled Goodness. Let your life fill so deep that you can taste what is taking place. I am handing you the means to walk through any fire that the enemy could ever dream up. Choose to see what comes as a set-up to a higher road and preparation to carry more in your earthen vessel. There is purpose and prosperity within the struggle.
What you thought were permanent walls to that oil jar, will expand in the overflow, again and again. Without the stretching by My hand, you would just merely break under the pressure. Instead, you will grow to accommodate more of Me. Wisdom will show you to welcome this process because you will come out far better and in ways you cannot imagine right now. I will never leave you where I found you. Expect the transformation from My Glory to Glory.”
~Blessings MaryEllen McCloud Replenished Hope
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Prophetic Weather CONFIRMATION from Diana Larkin...

Remember all those words about strange weather? First picture is a God-wink: 77.7! The next two pictures are strange temperatures: 81 degrees (record high) today and by Saturday 49 degrees! 
Same here in Ohio. 70 yesterday and 40 today. My cousin lives in LA and said the same thing about a Storm of the Century! Prayers for all in harms way 🙏



2/24/23 Bring Us More Closely to You Lord!

Praise God, Saints. As a reminder God said "explosive news is coming" and we're going to have another letter soon. Father God also said "There's going to be panic on the streets when they see what I do." 


Prophetic Word from Veronika West...

…Beloved,..Surely I have purposed but man has despised,..I have set out My plans but many have resisted and rejected them,..Have I not said that My Ways are not your ways and My thoughts are not your thoughts,..For My Ways and thoughts are higher than yours,..Listen!..Take heed to My Words,..I am not a God that changes His mind or evolves with the times,..I AM UNCHANGING,..I am the same yesterday, today and forever,..
…Soon My patience and My Understanding will run out and those that have stood against Me will be swiftly and severely dealt with,..My Mercy proceeds Justice,..but when the bowls of iniquity are full,..Suddenly and without warning the scales will tip and the gavel of My Justice will fall,..and the rebellious and stiff necked will be broken and will never recover,…
..So guard your heart,..Do not lean on your own understanding,..Do not jeer and mock at My Timing or question My Ways,..for You do not see the beginning from the end,..and the end from the beginning, I do, only see what is right in front of you,..and so your knowledge is limited and your understanding is lacking,…
…Watch,..For My Governing hand is always moving,..shifting and rearranging,..and resetting things in perfect order to ensure and guarantee that all things,..all things, together for the good of those that Love Me,..So do not think or accuse Me of being deaf to your Call or distant when you draw close,…I tell you now,..Live by faith and not by your feelings that are ever fleeting,..fickle and constantly unpredictable,…
…But Cast down vain imaginations and cast off questionings that bring doubt,..unbelief and double mindedness,..For I am an ever present Help in times of trouble,…My Strong right hand is always outstretched towards you to rescue and redeem,..revive and restore your life,..
…Beloved,..Be quick to repent of your pride and relinquish the need to be in control,..Why make Me Wait and delay My divine deliverance and Wonder Working power to perform miracles in the midst of you,..because you have chosen to rather explore and exhaust all other man made ideas and quick fix solutions?..,When will you let go of human intellect and understanding,..and Look to Me alone,..When will you abandon your Will in exchange for My Will and My Way,…for surely I tell you as soon as you let go and Trust Me, will see that I have already made provision like the ram that was caught in the thicket,…there is great reward in store for those that will walk by faith and in radical obedience to My Word,..
…My Redeemed Ones,..Be of good Courage and Pay attention to My Word,..Do not think I am unmindful of the fears,..the frailties and the weaknesses of the human heart,…but Know that I am a God of Love,..and discipline,..Righteousness and Holiness,..
…Fools ignore instruction and are therefore Ignorant and blind and soon fall into a pit,..but the Wise listen and obey and soon prosper and live in peace, Come close,..for I am a Consuming Fire,..Draw near to Me and let the Burning Fires of My Glory ignite and divinely energise you,..for My fire will empower you to lay claim to all My Promises that are yours through Inheritance,..Let us Reign together in My Kingdom for these are indeed Glory filled days,..
…So Choose Me this day,…and the Oil will never run dry,..but you will be filled,..fuelled and burning brightly,..and I shall make you a Sign and a Living Witness in the earth of My Goodness and extraordinary Grace and Love to all that see you,…

Prophetic Word from Kay Nash...

Prophetic Utterance from the Lord- He is sending the bulls
God led me to this verse multiple times this week:
"..there shall not come fear of briers and thorns; but they shall be for sending out of bulls and for the treading of the sheep." Isaiah 7:25
Then He said this to me this morning:
"The people who are relentless in their pursuit of Me will I send out. Children of God are being sent out. Deliverance will arise by bulls. There will be many bulls rising up to cast devils out. The relentless in their pursuit of Me will rise up like bulls and take over the enemy's camp. You will take over. "
Be Fierce. It's our time to take over!





2/23/23 Lord God, We Ask for Your Mercy

Praise God, Saints. We were out today, and I heard "Explosion on the news." Separately, we saw two police officers who looked busy, and I didn't want to interrupt them but quickly said "God bless you. We are praying for you" when I heard God say to add "We touch in agreement for your needs that God provides for you." That's when I heard one of the officers say, "thank you." I was so surprised because they looked busy, but he took the time out of his busy schedule to listen. Hence, we must obey what God says to say because we don't know a person's needs.

Keep listening for God and let Him use you!

Prophetic Word from Veronika West...

Friends I only REPOST Prophetic content at the instruction of the Holy Spirit, I humbly ask that you read carefully and prayerfully and only share with those that will seriously pray,…
All day I have been hearing these words,..”THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM”….
…As I have prayed I have seen storm clouds gathering in the realm of the Spirit over certain Nations,…there is a need to STAY WATCHING AND PRAYING WITH UNDERSTANDING OF THE TIMES,’s vital we stay IN TUNE,..IN TIME AND IN LOCKSTEP WITH HOLY SPIRIT…
Ps; I will post TWO (2) Specific words that need prayerful attention,…

Prophetic Word from Jenny Li Groves...

I pray that if you're here to find drama, instead, you stick around and see what the Lord has to say.
I know that's why some of you are watching my words right now, but that's not the business the Lord has me about. This word came from an incredible, God-given dream, and the interpretation couldn't be more 🎯. And while I know I am posting it late in the day, I woke up this morning around 5 having dreamed about certain issues, and have battled them all day, slowing things down more than significantly. Thankfully, the Lord has given me wisdom, and the wonder of time stamps.
That being said, here's what Father told ne regarding my dreams this morning
*** What will you do when your shepherds, teachers, and those who have helped you in growing your flocks leave you to your own devices?
Do you have the knowledge to nourish yourselves with what I have made grow at your feet, or the wisdom to understand when to switch milk for more mature food?
Have you yet learned how to seek ME for your answers instead of looking anywhere else?
***Haven't I told you I'm cleaning up your "leaderships"? I must sift out the ones who are tainting my Word, lest they poison my flock.
Revival is knocking at your door. How many of you are truly prepared to answer? Who among you has the discernment to know when to stop playing their guitar and let true worship poor out of the hearts of my people as my Spirit leads? Who will put aside their schedules and let me have my way as long as I want, in the way that I want? Who will put aside what they FEEL to speak, and only say what they HEAR Me say? THESE will inherit the vacated pulpits, platforms, and offices. But, even these will not contend with you forever.
***The ones who don't know the way my Spirit moves will complain of the messiness of the transition period of the ministry. They will call is "disorder" and will run from it. Let them. It is the ones that desperately need a move of my Spirit, no matter what it looks like, that will find the beauty there.
This shift will hurt many. Old wounds will break open and manifest, and you will either let me heal them, or run farther from me and bleed out because of your pride.
Those who learn from this, who run to me quickly to mend their brokenness will flourish as has never been seen. BUT, the ones who run, like errant children refusing correction, will die in their rebellion.
Let me tend your hurt, my children! Learn to desire my correction because in it lies your salvation!
***Guard yourselves against those who would muddy my work so that they can stand back and call ot polluted. Shut your ears to them, because that is observation, not wisdom. Instead, run back to the source of living water! My Spirit speaks the truth. My Word divides holy from profane.
***My house has turned into a circus, and those who call themselves by my name perform for notoriety and profit. While some attending your charades may have accidentally benefitted, and managed to find me through the lights and the smoke, you've stopped purposefully ministering to the ones who need me the most and begun catering only to fat pockets that could fill your purses. I am finished with this pageantry and prostitution! It is a foul odor in my nose, and burns like vomit in my throat! Soon, I will wash my hands of your mess.
***I am entering my house now to delegate REAL authority. The ones I am raising up know how to both give commands, and to receive them. These will understand when to work with others, and when to shut them down.
***These will not be swayed by the words or opinions of others, they will not be bought, but understand how to receive, and will be able to show humility no matter their position. They will understand the impact their words have when spoken, and though adversity will continue to come against them because of the truth on their lips, will say what I tell them too, anyway.
***I told you the flood was here, church. Many of you are even now finding yourselves out in the mud and the muck because you would not listen; you would not prepare, you would not repent. When judgement arrives, you will find yourselves seeking shelter, but not finding it, and judgement IS coming. Darkness. IS. Coming. Those who have obeyed my words on that day will have protection from what comes on the earth, and while everyone else is embattled, I will be with them, and they give them peace. Pray you are among them.
As I began to petition the Lord for this interpretation, I randomly opened the Word (asking Him to lead me) to Isaiah 63, and read to the end of the book. It's too much to post here, but not too much for you to read on your own. I encourage you to. It's about God's goodness, His mercy, AND His judgement.
I love you all, I am praying for and WITH you, and...Remember: get in prayer, get in the Word, be blessed, and allow yourselves to be used as vessels to bless others!
All reactions:
54 (can't make this up with these Trump numbers as that's 45x2)


2/22/23 Another Game Changer is Coming

Trump News: Trump Visits East Palestine as God Covers Residents LEFT Neglects

Praise God, Saints. We're posting the Trump blog news from 2/21 below as there is so much that God is confirming here...along with the reminder "Don't walk away."


Shocking Reveal from God through 1776 Nation, and a Reminder "Don't Walk Away."

God spoke through Pastor Kent Christmas as he gave a reminder in His "24-Hour" message from 2/19/23 that a lot can happen in 24-hours. Prophet Laire Lightner shared Pastor Kent's CONFIRMING message with an 8-minute excerpt dated March 25, 2022. But that wasn't the only surprising upset of the day (and we're not even in March Madness so don't walk away). 

God said through Laire that "One day you will see the DS in charge the next you will see the military takeover. Don't expect 45 until Military is done." 

A commenter wrote: Lana Kuystermans

Shortly after a minute into the message, Laire added the following message below which is confirmation as God said through us several times "Situations are about to change soon, about to change suddenly."



What's so powerful about that message from Laire is it ties in with what God said today about Derek's post from 1776 Nation. God said to add - even before we saw Derek's message, that there was a "Confirmation that might surprise you."

What Derek posted was a two-sentence post that read "I thought "Biden" was in Ukraine...? Today.... And here's AF1 just now crossing the Big Pond? #WakeyWakey."  A commenter added "And... if it was a secret last-minute visit, why were all the British press there to report on it?!" Hence, let's remember to not put on the fake news as God said. God already said there's a HIDDEN BODY in Washington D.C. and many are now realizing what we're seeing looks like a fake Biden actor (hence, Derek using quotes around the name). Is this the DS way of trying to run the country covertly?

Separately, God mentioned through us how He's giving the military a second chance and said through Diana Larkin on 2/21/23 that "I AM moving to RIP THE VEIL OF DECEPTION off the eyes of the police and army who have believed CORRUPT and LYING leaders, and they will begin to REFUSE ORDERS." Hence, as this "Biden" actor shows support for Ukraine (or his billions in reserves), recall that God mentioned through Diana Larkin on February 19, 2023, what God's about to do: 

"The darkness has GATHERED TOGETHER with all their EVIL SCHEMES into a DARK HIDEOUT where they think they are SAFE from EXPOSURE and in a position to LAUNCH all their DEADLY ATTACKS. As they look at each other in this dark place, they are SMIRKING in TRIUMPH over you and LAUGHING at your perceived WEAKNESS and HELPLESSNESS. In their ARROGANCE, they did not notice that I turned their SAFE PLACE into a HUGE FURNACE. "They will suddenly realize they are trapped when they hear the big kaboom of the furnace door shutting - right after I throw in my lit match. It will crash in upon them that they are the WEAK and HELPLESS ones."

Hence, let's remember that God said "Regardless of what you see, keep saying God is covering me. God is covering my family." Please don't focus on the spirit of offense (anger, bitterness, wrath, complaining) as it's quite obvious that they intentionally delayed in helping the innocent people that live in East Palestine, Ohio. But understand that this is a demonic, sabotaging attack to cause the spirit of offense to get into people so the devil can get in and God can't work. Let's rebuke them, forgive, and remain standing.

Let's continue to push back their dark schemes by decreeing and declaring that EVERY evil attack will blow up in THEIR own camp only and there shall NO EVIL befall us. Let's decree that God's truth make EVERY LYING LEVIATHAN be forced to tell the truth. Let's also reflect our Father God and show love and forgiveness so God can work through us and use us to minister to others despite them only now moving because President Trump is visiting East Palestine tomorrow.

We keep President Trump in our prayers and pray safe travels for him for his trip tomorrow but what a POWERFUL reminder from Father God that THEIR evil plans are exploding in their own camp, so for God's people, please hold on and "Don't walk away." 



2/21/23 Reminders: Tomorrow is the Start of Lent (Ash Wednesday) and President Trump will visit East Palestine, Ohio. We keep him in prayer.

Trump News: Biden Ukraine Lie, Trump's Visit, and God's Kaboom

Praise God, Saints. As we were posting today's messages, I heard Father God saying, "Don't worry." Remember, God's wrath and SUDDEN JUDGMENT are coming soon to help us. Remember, God HAS YOU! His help is coming soon. Get ready for God's tornado... Derek/1776 Nation in FB has CONFIRMATION that might surprise you, so hold onto God:

  • Keep declaring that God's TRUTH expose LYING LEVIATHANS.
  • Keep declaring that the enemies' plans explode in THEIR own camps.
  • Turn OFF that fake news. Tune into God's GOOD NEWS.


Please click on the image above or use this link for this 8-minute excerpt from Pastor Kent Christmas! I hear Watch and see what God does!!!!

We praise God for President Trump. Pray for the Man of God as he's in East Palestine, Ohio tomorrow. As Father God mentioned Whack-a-Mole through Diana Larkin (images above) and His tornado through us, we're including both YouTube videos here. 





2/20/23 Happy President's Day to President Trump and in Honor of Our Founding Fathers!

Praise God, Saints. Sharing a word we shared on Benny Johnson's page...

He wrote "Joe Biden visited Ukraine before the war zone of East Palestine, Ohio just an hour from DC. You will never see a more intentionally insulting move by a US President. This cannot be understood. Cravenly cruel."

Our response... 

But the motives ARE understood. God called him or whoever that actor is "lucifer" and said to "come out from among Joe Biden as many can't see the witchcraft that's there." Like Wag the Dog, THEY can create a pretend war to funnel money, resources, and weapons to cover bioweaplabs, child sex trafficking, and blood sacrifices to satan. THEY can come against innocent Americans, (Christians THEY want removed to let in THEIR anti-Christ groups, i.e., witchcraft, and demonic). But WE HAVE GOD, JESUS, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT ON OUR SIDE.... We rebuke these "fear demons and panic demons." On 2/18 at 2:38 am, Father God said "THEY can cause panic in the street and people being evacuated, but they cannot stop God from moving in to help His people." Believe the possibilities!

On THIS President's Day, we praise God for President Trump, OUR TRUE LEADER AND THE ONLY ONE WHO HOLDS GOD'S MANTLE... Keep rebuking those demons. Let revival come and rebuke this evil regime. PS.... Lord God, expose the Epstein Maxwell lists and ALL THEIR HIDDEN WICKEDNESS. Lord God, remove every unrightful person in a position of power illegally and illegitimately occupying. Lord God, where there is witchcraft, evil, and demonic, cause every evil attack to explode in their own camps. No harm shall come near our dwelling places. Lord God, let every lying leviathan (including fake news media) be forced to tell the truth. Lord God, restore our nation and restore President Trump back to a position of power. We want to see it physically done....and we give YOU LORD and ONLY YOU the highest praise. We ask for Your mercy. Let revival come!  


A commenter shared about the video message above...






2/19/23 Hold Onto God. We TOUCH in Agreement. NO WEAPONS Formed Against You Shall Prosper

Praise God, Saints. Overnight and into this morning I was hearing God confirming that His help is coming. We trust in God and wait patiently on Him to deliver us. Our help comes from the Lord.

Prophetic Word from Jenny Li Groves (Continuation from 2/18)...

Supplement to 2/18
Encounter with God
I didn't share everything that went on during my time with the Lord yesterday, and I'm here to correct that. I've been stingy with some of the more personal and intimate moments with the Lord because they don't have anything to do with anyone or anything else, and don't have any real prophetic significance. But, what I keep forgetting is that sometimes it's THOSE encounters that will bring people to Jesus, so I repent for not sharing them more. I know that I love hearing about the same types of moments from other people, and if the reactions in my house were any, indication, some of y'all need to hear this, too. Give me grace as I post my first Encounter with's a doozie.
So, many of you will have read yesterday's word that was geared toward Israel, America, some notable deaths, etc. If you haven't, I encourage you to go do that. I will try to remember to put the link in the comments.
Summarized recap:
I took a walk with Father yesterday in the spirit, and he marched me THROUGH a war, and off to a shore. He proceeded to draw a line in the water that kept going until it hit the east coast of the US, and I looked up to ask Him how bad it would be. He plops down in the sand and puts His head in His hands as though He were grieving....which, just....😭
What I left out yesterday was the following moment:
Normally, the Father is ENORMOUS to me in spirit. I mean, I'm like, mouse sized next to Him, and, when He hit the sand it was no different. But, when you see the Lord and King of all creation having a moment like that, what do you do?!?! You go in for the hug! Tiny or not. With His front inaccessible (head in hands, elbows on knees), I walked up to his back, reached my arms out, and fell against Him, "hugging" as much as a grasshopper can, and trying to offer ANY amout of love and comfort to Him. Then He did something else that I can't remember Him doing before....He shrank. In just a moment, YHWH was human sized. He made Himself more accessible for me to minister to Him!
I draped my arms around his shoulders, wrapped Him in the best hug I could, and rested my face next to His. I felt His hands cover my own, and in the sweetest way, His hand began to pat mine gently. Just....pat...pat...pat....
It was a gesture that said so much without a word ever being spoken. I remained in that place as long as He allowed, because, I NEVER want those moments with Him to end. Never.
But... He had more to show me, so we left that place, and I now believe that His grief was as much about what happened next as it was about what had just transpired.
If you'll remember, next the Lord blotted names out of a book, and that SHOOK me. SHOOK ME!
So, I was in the living room with my husband, Brent, and my mom, and had just told them of that whole encounter. When we were finally done crying, we really got into discussion about it, and Brent said something so simple, but so poignant:
"It's not His will that ANY should perish." It hit me then; the King wasn't just weeping for loss of life, but for those who kept running from Him who CHOSE to be removed from the book, forcing His hand. Y'all....😭😭😭😭😭
Our God's mighty heart YEARNS for the lost SO much! I really wish more people could feel even a SECOND of what it was like...could know what it's like to see sorrow roll through the only being that is ABSOLUTE love, and to know that it's for His lost children.
We need to do better for our King, brothers and sisters. We must do better.
I love you all, I am praying for and WITH you, and...Remember: get in prayer, get in the Word, be blessed, and allow yourselves to be used as vessels to bless others!

Prophetic Word from Charlie Shamp...

Released SEPTEMBER 20, 2022
I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, “Do not fear at this time where evil seems to prosper, I am bringing you to victory. There is a shaking of the foundations in America unlike you have ever experienced in the past. I am removing every mask of deception, dismantling satanic structures and demolishing demonic altars. There will be two significant deaths that shall come, they will mark an end of the injustice they have sown. This will be a sign that I will not tolerate the spirit of python in your nation! I’m destroying the stranglehold that hell has placed upon you America. Do not seek to speak to the fallen dust from which man has come. Do not argue with the dark carnality and corruption of sinful man. Do not entangle yourself in the war of the flesh in Washington DC. Speak to that which I have given to you. Speak in the Spirit to the Wind, speak my Word to the earth. Prophesy to the dry bones and they will live! Prophesy to the spiritual wells of revival covered over and call them forth to flow again. For there will come one that has stood in the United Nations as a Prophet for me. They will say, ‘This man is not a puppet we can not pay him to do as he is told. How were we unable to remove him! Make him silent for he goes against that which we want to achieve.’ I say to he is not a politician, but my prophet. I have sent him as one crying in the wilderness. For America you have become a wilderness to me, one filled with wild beasts and a jackal. In seasons past they worshipped their god Baal in secret, but now they worship him openly and mock me. Your world forum will not prevail over my heavenly plan. I will strip and strike down world powers and reveal your weaknesses before many. You have created places so evil that torches give off no warmth when they are lit. I am clearing the board! I am tearing down idolatrous men. I am smashing altars of self worship in your midst.” I saw the US Capital building area laid like a coffin with a man resting in it. I then saw the Lord put the plumb line in Congress. I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, “I will dismantle the destroyer. I will destroy death in this nation. I will uproot the oppressor. I will bring my plumb line in this nation, so look past the visible. Read beyond the headlines. Feel the labor pains are intensifying. The birth pains are increasing. Just as a diamond is created through intense pressure and time, I am birthing the most radical of spiritual revolutions in the backdrop of intense warfare in this season!”
-Prophet Charlie Shamp




2/18/23 Let Revival Come

Praise the Lord, Saints. Regardless of what we SEE, let's continue to cry out to God and sing to Him! God has us and as we open our mouths MORE, His help will come and remove the wickedness and evil from here. At 2:38 am, I heard something like "THEY can cause panic in the street and people being evacuated, but they cannot stop God from moving in to help His people."

Prophetic Word from Jenny Li Groves...

Isreal, prepare to be shaken.
Your allies are conspiring against you in secret, while your own adorn you with charms and spells. Witchcraft poisons your veins.
Even now you suffer a wound those you call friend have inflicted, but have no idea the true danger you are facing. Were it not for my servants intervening in the spirit, you would be bleeding out, already. Open your ears, and Hear, Oh, Israel. The Lord your God, the Lord is one!
I have kept my hand on the land that is called by my name for my glory. I have protected you, prospered you, and made you great among nations. Yet you practice sorcery in my houses.
I have given you milk and honey, and you have neglected what I have called you to be. You have been careless of my gifts, and heedless of my commandments. I must shake you, wake you, and purify you before I can restore what you so callously threw by the wayside: my Glory. My Holiness. My presence.
Pesach (Passover), Israel, will bring MUCH about. You will see.
Who cares if every speck of leaven is out of your house if your heart is full of it!
Repent now, and RUN to your king.
Only when you're a cleansed, Bride, will I return what is rightfully yours, and you will be ready to receive it.
The one you betrayed for silver, Y'huda, is returning soon. Prepare yourselves for Him!
*In the dream, I very clearly saw American Airlines, and what a shambles it's in internally. I feel compelled to issue a warning for a top down overhaul in a hurry before you suffer catastrophically.
Not just the Airlines, but the nation.
America, you are barely fairing better than Israel. Heed the same words.
Prepare for another "hacker" to slip past you.
I was worshipping before the Father, and His face was aflame. Then his whole body was fire. He stood from His throne and walked, and I knew to follow him. Like, ALWAYS follow Him. He opened a door, and I steeped into a tunnel and was swept far, far away, landing in the midst of a raging battle. Father walked from the the war toward the sea, and once there, He swept His finger through the water, and I wondered if he was going to once again part the seas, but He directed my attention to the swiftly traveling line He had begun. It traveled like a torpedo, and crossed the oceans until it slammed into a shoreline. I was lifted up high enough to see it was the east coast of the US. I asked the Father how bad it would be, and He sat down on the ground, and put his head in his hands as if He was grieving. Y'all, I can't even, here 😭
Then, I saw a huge stack of papers (put together much like a book), land on a surface so hard that it shook the area around it, including me. Father began turning pages, and occasionally pressed his thumb against one spot or another, and I felt the phrase "blotting out" in my Spirit.
Then I saw rows and rows of American flags, then a single one on the moon. White wings appeared behind the moon flag, and at first I thought they were angels wings, but they sort of had the semi-open "M" shape often depicted in an American Bald eagle.
Confused, I inquired, and heard, "an American president will die", and "an astronaut will die."
Thinking that if the east coast were to get hit as hard as I saw, surely a lot of people would die, but these two seemed notable and somehow seperate.
I saw a horse with a single horn running. I know...why a unicorn? Really? Then the horn disappeared. I just watched it run and run, and wondered what the point was. I asked the Lord, and the vision zoomed in on the horses head. It really bobbed and yanked its head back as it slowed, as though it were reaching a point where it had to wait, and stop, and was NOT happy about it. This is a horse that is being reigned in and is nearly foaming at the mouth to run! I inquired which white horse this was (Yeshua's or horseman's), and was reminded of the fact that a horn like that (not a "little horn") represents annointing. This horse belonged to Faithful and True.
Then, I saw a white horse with a very particular sort of simple bridle. It was made of sort of golden or brass square chain links. At first I thought that this was the Messiah's horse again, being fitted to ride, but came to understand that they were two different horses. BOTH ready to ride. As I've seen Yeshua on his mount before, I got confused, and asked the Lord, "When?"
He showed me what sort of looked like a cross between a menorah (but wasn't) and a "time turner" (its a time travel device feom the Harry Potter series. Dont @ me on that). It was spinning. Again, I didn't get it, so I asked about it. I heard, "Those who are bound by time can not understand "when" regarding the things of I AM. It is "I AM" and not "I WAS" or "I WILL BE" because EVERY time is the present for me."
Before I got in contention for this word, I opened my Bible, and it went to Matthew 26. Total confirmation. Go read!
I'm a hot mess. Things are coming that I can't make heads or tails of, but He knows, and is calling ALL to repentance.
I love you all, I am praying for and WITH you, and...Remember: get in prayer, get in the Word, be blessed, and allow yourselves to be used as vessels to bless others!



2/17/23 Get Ready for What God Does

Praise God, Saints. I heard "Explosion on the news." Let's trust God's timing and keep standing and singing to Him. I hear "It doesn't matter what THEY say or what he does...." Remember, ONLY our God is on the Throne and the TRUTH is coming to light.

Prophetic Word from Veronika West...

..I have received many emails from folk asking for my views on what is taking place in Asbury,…and I have felt to hold my tongue,..Pray fervently,…and Watch what God is doing,…and this morning as I was again before the Father speaking to Him,..
As I heard those words,..the Spirit of Revelation quickened to me,..2 Samuel 6:7
“When they came to the threshing floor of Nacon, Uzzah reached out and took hold of the ark of God, because the oxen had stumbled. 7And the anger of the LORD burned against Uzzah, and God struck him down on the spot for his irreverence, and he died there beside the ark of God”…!
Ps; Uzzah was struck dead because he touched the Glory. The greatest danger in a moment of Visitation is that we become too familiar with the Glory and we dare to touch the Ark,..we become flippant,..too familiar and the Fear of God leaves the room,…the Asbury Outpouring will be quenched as quickly as it began if man dares to put his hands upon what God is doing….
At this time I am in a prayerful position of Watching,..Waiting and Welcoming a greater manifestation of Awakening and Harvest,..Im praying for Divine protection over this Outpouring and I’m asking Holy Spirit to Come and Have HIS WAY…!!
…I will share more in time what God is saying to me…”I SAY…TOUCH NOT THE ARK,..TOUCH NOT MY GLORY”..!!


2/16/23 Don't Be DISTRACTED. Rebuke THAT DEVIL and THOSE DEMONS!!! Fire of God Come!!!

Praise God, Saints. We are praying for your needs, we lift President Trump in prayer for all he needs, and we also pray for East Palestine, Ohio and all those affected by chemical spills, derailed trains, shot-down balloons, UFOs, and whatever other distractions these demons THINK are going to stop God! Ha! He who sits in the Heaven's laughs....and we laugh with God because NO WEAPONS FORMED AGAINST US SHALL PROSPER.



Remember the oil tank explosion tiktok I posted yesterday? Now it's gone. But I did some digging and that area has had TWO explosions in the last month and there's barely any news on it.

Post we shared in response to Jenny Li Groves...

Father God said "These are false pride demons" and "fear and panic demons" trying to work. In a message earlier I heard " Fear tolerated is faith contaminated. Satan has to have fear to bring his words to pass. The root of fear is that satan wants you to believe... that what God promised you won't come to pass. " We don't worry we worship and we must keep singing, reading our Bibles MORE, and forgive THEIR OFFENSES so we can receive the answered prayers IN ADVANCE. God said to say "Lord God, search my heart for unforgiven offenses. I LET GO of CONTROLLING other people's WORDS or OPINIONS. Cleanse my heart and I pray for and hope for the BEST for those who OPPOSE me" (Diana Larkin FB 2/2/23). God's wrath and sudden judgment are coming. We pray, "Lord God, remove me from the hands of my enemies. We forgive THEM, Lord. We also decree and declare, "Lord, God, may every lying leviathan (including the fake news / mark of the beast / false prophet news media be forced to tell the truth. Let Your truth come, Lord. We choose You ONLY Lord God and WE ARE NOT WALKING AWAY. WE ARE NOT BOWING DOWN TO BAAL. WE ALREADY HAVE THE VICTORY! I hear God saying "We will see help soon."


Sharing a POWERFUL Message from Jenny Li Groves...and a reminder "Don't walk away!" Keep reading your Bible.

I’ve read the book of Revelation my entire life. I shook my head for that chosen generation. The one that would hold the line.
The one that would have to endure. The one that would have to rise up.
The one that would have to get off of the back row and put their money where their mouth is.
The one that could no longer skate by simply by picking up a card and filling it out.
No, they’d have to pick up the armor of the Living God. They’d have to lay down their comfort and they’d have to lose their friends to actually be who they said they were.
I knew they’d be chosen.
I knew they’d be savages in the kingdom of God.
I knew they’d mean what they said to their tenacious core when they cried out...
And I knew He would too...send them.
In all honesty I think I grieved for them.
But I quite literally had no idea they would be us.
I had no idea that one of them was staring back at me in the mirror.
An end time serviceman.
I had no idea it would be you.
I had no idea it would be me.
I couldn’t fathom that He’d trust us with this.
Not us. Surely, not us.
But here we are.
It’s creeping in isn’t it? It’s lurking around the dark corners and you can sense it. It’s waiting to reveal itself. We feel the pressure.
Something within us is quickening.
It sends a shiver down the spine if dwelt upon for lengthy time periods.
He’s calling the worshippers to arise, the preachers to raise their volume, the anointed to birth their gifts, the prophets to take up their call...
The church to be who she’s always claimed to be...
And My Dear God, I hope she can.
It’s as if I feel Him whispering in the night...
“Beloved, prepare. Beloved, it’s time.”
A time that will require prayerful weepers and solid soldiers. Just like you, I’m trying not to be afraid.
But in my desperation and confusion I do know that He would not call a defective generation of believers to something this weighty. He would not trust this to just any run of the mill followers.
He’d entrust it to warriors.
He’d put His faith in the unshakable ones.
He’d finish out with the unrelenting combatants.
So remember, He must know something that we don’t know about us.
Perhaps he’s saved the strongest for last.
I’m decreeing that we’re wise enough. I’m believing that we’re strong enough. I’m standing upon the promise that we’re a generation that knows what to do. That knows how to stand in the gap. That knows how to intercede in the wee hours of the night. I’m clinging to the hope that we’re the ones that know when all else fails it’s time to put faces to carpet and accompany it with fasting continually.
I’m believing we’re enough and holding fast that El Shaddai: The All Efficient one is our rear guard.
Hold your head high...
You’re in a mighty, chosen, spectacular army.
An outpouring we will see.
An awakening we will birth.
It will reach the nations, it will burn with Holy Ghost and Fire, but first it has to burn within us.
We’re revival revealers.
We’re Fire-Raisers.
We’re rallying for the reveal party.
And the God of the ages has entrusted us with such a time and task as this.
It will take grit, it will require determination and it will demand the absolute Fire of the Holy Ghost...
But that’s okay...
I’m proclaiming that we’re spiritual pyromaniacs and we’ve been anxiously awaiting our cue. 🔥
*copied, original author unknown*


2/15/23 Rebuke THEIR SUDDEN ATTACKS. We Call on God for SUDDEN VICTORIES!!!

Praise God, Saints. I heard at 5:03 am "There's going to be a terrible tragedy reported on the news." but we pray against this and cancel the devil's assignment. We don't know if this is related to the East Palestine, Ohio derailment but we keep the family members in our prayers. We also pray that evacuations are ordered to protect the lives of innocent families even if our churches and local residents need to start taking people in. We pray God's mercy.

Let's also remember that God is EXPOSING the evil behind the scenes as there are people in the highest positions who don't care about people and want to harm innocent lives. Because THEY would rather give a blood sacrifice to satan, instead of helping the innocent, THEY are running press conferences on UFO sightings (more smoke and mirrors). But we pray ALL LYING LEVIATHANS MUST TELL THE TRUTH.

Lord, God, we glorify You and ask for Your mercy and help. Please step in and make this evil administration stop gaslighting and harming innocent lives. Please send help right away. We know you are saying evacuations, martial law, military tribunals, and situations changing suddenly and right away.

We ask You to bring Your TRUTH, justice, and judgment. And where the enemy is intentionally coming against innocent people and God's people, Trump supporters, Christians, and President Trump, let EVERY attack of the devil EXPLODE in THEIR OWN CAMP instead. NO HARM shall come near our dwelling places and NO EVIL shall befall us. We praise You for the victory and we know You will not fail, in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority, we pray, Amen.  

Word from Pastor Johnny Enlow...

So on the Super Bowl, I believe I shared the more vital prophetic messaging from it on my Elijah Streams program from this past Monday. In short, it was a good thing that both Chiefs and Eagles were in the final. However, for those who remember the huge significance of the 2020 Super Bowl win of the Chiefs (breaking a 50 year drought), this is an important reinforcer. Bob Jones, the prophet, had given a word years ago saying that the next time the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl it would represent something huge in the Spirit— and specifically a breakout in apostolic generated Christianity. (i.e. “the Kingdom message”, the “7 Mountain Mandate”). The Bible tells us that “in the mouth of two or three witness let a thing BE ESTABLISHED”. This repetition on the messaging from 2020 is the greatest takeaway from this past Super Bowl. The apostolic breakout and breakthrough IS NOW ESTABLISHED. The present Asbury College “revival”, now also in a few other College settings, could be a front end for this breakout. It has been wonderful to hear about and is greatly needed. It HAS to turn into the apostolic/kingdom/7 Mountain/reformation assignment for it to be what we have been waiting for— and by the grace of God that is where it will go.
I did cover more than that on Monday and have additional insights that I might yet do a post from. But meanwhile, any other insights from the game are welcome as well as any other heavenly “intel” that you the seers are receiving is welcome in the comments section. We have gone too long without hearing from the nameless, faceless seers that have blessed so many, so let that flow here now as well.



2/14/23 We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Program

Praise God, Saints and Happy Valentine's Day! I want to combine two Bible verses "Greater love hath NO MAN" and God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son." We have a loving God who loved us before we even knew Him so let's be grateful and thankful to our God! (If you're thinking of Valentine's Day gifts for Him, .... keep singing!).

As a reminder for today, God is on the move. Let's be obedient to Him and listen for His timing. That Trump news is coming soon. Father God told me to have a slice of cake today! Whoa-Hoa! Stay tuned!



2/13/23 Be Strong in the Storm and Be Excited for What God's About to Do

Praise God, Saints. So, the Chiefs won by 3! What a wonderful reminder as 3 represents the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost). I hear God saying "I tell you, you don't have to worry about anything." As a reminder, if it's 1 o'clock, God wants us in bed (not staying up until 2:30 am when demonic activity is prevalent.

Please also see Julie Green's message about how nations will collapse in a day

Prophetic Word Veronika West...

…My Sons and Daughters surely there is no good thing that I would withhold from you,…If an earthly Father knows how to give good gifts how much more your Heavenly Father,…You are not orphans left to defend and provide for yourselves but I have grafted you in,..made you MY OWN,…My Love for you is deep,…deeper than any Ocean,…Am I not All-Knowing,..All-Powerful and Ever Present,…Have I ever lost a battle or gone back on My Word,..I Am not a man,..that suddenly changes his mind,…My Word is Living and when spoken has NEVER failed to act,..and the Promises I have made have ALWAYS carried through,…
…As you Look back Beloved, will See!,..that there is only one set of footprints in the sand, I bore you up and brought you out,..Look forward,…and you will See!…that the Mountains have been levelled and the valleys have been filled,..the crooked paths have been straightened and a road has been built that leads to the land of Great Promise and Kingdom Purpose for you,…this is My Delight to display My Glory and Power to My Sons and Daughters,…
…What delights you My Child?…What has captured your heart and your mind,…What are you wholeheartedly invested in,..What are relentlessly pursuing,..and chasing after with all your soul,..and strength for lasting fulfilment and satisfaction?..Beloved,..My desire is that you would Come Up higher, a place where the pleasures of the world can have no hold over your heart,…but where you delight in Me,…JUST ME!…not for what I can give to you,..and even what I will reveal to you,..but for WHO I AM,…your Loving Heavenly Father,…for I tell you,…when your heart truly Seeks after Me,…to Have Me,..and Me alone,..then surely everything else will be added to you,…
…For With True Intimacy comes a divine exchange,…where a powerful supernatural transaction takes place,’s in this sacred and Holy moment of true Spiritual Intimacy where two hearts,..and two minds collide,…where deep calls unto deep,…where the Life of the Divine is revealed and released and the Seed of Destiny is deeply impregnated and begins to take root,…
…So My Child now REMAIN In Me and I shall remain in you,…for the branch cannot bear fruit of itself,..unless it remains in the vine, too you cannot produce fruit and fruit that will remain unless you are fully connected to the only true source of life and light,..Yes!…As you stay fully engaged with My Life giving Spirit, will be quickened and energised,…you will go from strength to strength and glory to glory,…no restraints nor restrictions,…no off limit places as you seek to dwell in the deeper places of My Spirit,..nothing shall be withheld from you,…for the Keys to every door in My Kingdom will be given to you,…BELOVED,..FOR THERE IS NO GOOD THING THAT I SHALL WITHHOLD FROM YOU”..!!
..My Child,..Yield yourselves as Living Sacrifices,..for this is what I have required,.. You must no longer conform to the lusts and pleasures of an Earthly Kingdom but rather you must be transformed by the renewal of your minds,…
…Set your affections on things that are eternal, life giving and of the Spirit, not be shackled by the Spirit of this world,..that seeks to steal, kill and destroy what has been purchased for you at a great and costly price,..
…Beloved, are not your own, are a Special possession,..and you belong to Me,..You are My Treasure,..For your redemption was a legal and everlasting spiritual transaction,..a Holy and divine exchange,..where your life was traded for the precious blood of My only Begotten Son,..where He purchased your deliverance from a life of bondage and brokenness,..and where He translated you from the kingdom of Darkness into a domain of Light, Life and Love….My Beloved,…Through this transaction which is sealed in His blood, are NOW rescued, redeemed, restored and forgiven!
…Therefore,..Climb up upon the Altar,..and surrender your whole body and being to the All Consuming Fires of My Glory,..for My Power is limited and cannot operate through unyielded and impure vessels,..but only purified,..sanctified and fully dedicated vessels can be used, don’t waste time,…but prepare yourselves,…and be available,..always ready in and out of season,..for at any moment My Spirit may desire to move in the midst of a situation,..where a Divine intervention is desperately needed,..and where the Heavenly realm must kiss the Earthly realm with a demonstration of the Majesty of Miracles,..Signs and Wonders..,
…Beloved,…Surely I say again,..I am not a hard task Master nor a ruthless Dictator,..but I am a Good Shepherd and a Loving Father,…who cannot force you,..nor keep you lest you make a deliberate Choice to fully give yourself to Me, relinquishing your own fleshy appetites and interests for My Will, My Way and for the desires of My heart which is for a Great Harvest of Souls and for the furtherance of My Kingdom plans and purposes in the Earth,…
….Faith,..Obedience and Surrender are keys that unlock the doors to the supernatural realm where the Power and resources of My Kingdom are released,…where full access is granted to the unlimited Supply to My Unsearchable Riches,…My Glory,..My Wisdom,…My Knowledge,…My Truth,…My Life, and My Love,…and where Untold Blessings, Bounty and Beauty has been prepared for those that choose to walk the narrow path with Me,….the road less travelled,…the way of sacrifice and long suffering,..patience and perseverance,…for it is the only Way,..the Highway of Holiness that can bring the Joy that gives Strength to the Weak and Revived Hope to the heart that has become sick,..
…Oh my Child,..My Chosen and Redeemer One,..for what I require is a Living Sacrifice upon the Altar,…so will you come?,….Willing and Silently,…In Faith and Obedience to fully surrender your life to Me?…Turning your back on the false pretences,..the lies and the unfulfilled and empty promises that the world has to offer,..and fully embrace the Grace, Mercy and Unconditional and Steadfast Love of a Father that is not far off and distant,…but closer than the very breath that you breathe!,..
…For In Me Beloved One,..there is no lack or limitations,…but a constant fresh supply of all that you need,..and for those that put their Hope and Trust in Me,..they shall never be disappointed,..nor shall they exhaust My infinite resources,..but forevermore they shall be satisfied,..with their mouths they will taste and with their eyes they will see,..that there is only extravagant provision for those that have fully Surrendered themselves to Me”..!



Prophetic Word from Diana Larkin...

They can drag out their “alien” tales…meanwhile, Aslan is on the MOVE! Not only in America, but also in Israel!


Prophetic Word from Lana Vawser...

Recently I had a dream and I saw books that were dropping from heaven and on the bottom of these books, they looked like they had long strings attached to them.
There was such a heavy sense in the dream of ‘revelation’ that was being released from heaven right now and there was also the sense of the call to ‘intentionality’ to take hold of the revelation that He was releasing.
As I watched these books coming out of heaven, I heard the Lord say:
“There are books being released from heaven in this season that are going to have some of the greatest impact in changing lives that has ever been seen.”
When the Lord spoke these words, there was such a weight to really take hold of what He was releasing.
There was such a weight on that ‘increase’ of revelation that He is pouring out right now, and there was also a very heavy weight and sense of the increase of the move of God that is happening right now, He is pouring out in unprecedented ways through many different areas right now, but there is a move of His Spirit in exponential increase through the manuscripts and books He is having many scribe that are going to change lives in ways that we have never seen.
This was not to discount what He has done before through manuscripts and how He will continue to move through what has already been scribed in incredible ways: but the emphasis was heavily upon the “INCREASE” of revelation that He is releasing now, that was going to bring unprecedented change and transformation.
The heart of the Lord in this dream was clear:
There is a very special place we are being invited into in this hour to receive revelation of what He is saying, what He is speaking, what He is revealing through His Word, what the Spirit is saying, with a level of clarity, wisdom, and heavenly articulation like we have never seen before.
Finally, there was a sombre part of this dream, when I looked up and I saw many books coming down out of heaven, many of these books were just ‘hovering’ with these strings hanging down.
As I looked at them again, the sense hit me strongly, many of these books have not been picked up. They have not been taken hold of.
I could feel His heart at the weight of opportunity and partnership with Him, upon us and the almost urgency to apprehend that which He is releasing.
There was so much revelation, so many books waiting to be apprehended. More encounters with Him, what’s on His heart and revelation of His
Word that He wants PENNED and SCRIBED in this hour, that has just not been taken hold of. It’s available NOW.
For those called to write, ferociously take hold of what He is releasing, what is available right now.
Don’t miss it because of distraction, weariness, battle, discouragement or whatever may try to take your focus.
Be ferocious in your focus to position yourself to receive what is being released.
“There are books being released from heaven in this season that are going to have some of the greatest impact in changing lives that has ever been seen.”



2/12/23 "THEY are Going to Be Saying 'It's Their Fault' When They See What God Does." Keep Reading Your Bible and Getting Before Me. 

Praise God, Saints. At 12:40 am I heard "It's time to turn Ziglag around." Then at 4:58 pm today I heard "Tell them calm down when they see what God does." Keep offering the sacrifice of praise to God. It's our praise and worship that draws God closer. Watch and see what HE DOES!




2/11/23 UNDER God, Not Man (So, God's Got Us Covered)

Praise God, Saints. A quick side note here. We're seeing A TON of censoring on sites like 1776 Nation, Laire Lightner, and I think Lance Wallnau mentioned something recently, too. YouTube is also blocking a lot of Christian content so the bees are busy! As a reminder, like Father God said, "Remain standing and don't walk away." Keep decreeing and declaring and binding and releasing. Keep praying.

Separately, in the Christian music content that we watch in YouTube, instead of generic or relevant ads, the commercials and TV and movie trailers now include sexually explicit content. But let's keep praying and rebuking the devourer. Our God is with us as we stand and push back the darkness. The gates of hell SHALL NOT PREVAIL BECAUSE THERE IS POWER IN THE NAME AND BLOOD OF JESUS AND BY GOD'S AUTHORITY, WE ALREADY HAVE THE VICTORY!  So, don't walk away!

Shocking revelation from Derek and God bless our military..."None were Chinese. They were all a distraction." As God has been saying, don't walk away...(No wonder Father God had us add to yesterday's video "Turn off the fake news."

I mean… What are the odds? ☠️🤣 This one, well above Commercial Zone, still hasn’t made “News” which are under the Continuity of Government controlled by 47 US Code 606 titled “War Powers of the President”… Under CIC Trump due to Article II of the Constitution and MANY other Laws and Orders 😎 You can’t know if you don’t read Laws & Orders 💯
Great Question: is this one of ours?
👉🏻 None were Chinese. That’s all the distraction. It’s a “Look over here!!! Don’t look there.” How many people even knew about these before it hit their Black Box or phone screen? ☠️🔥
Those who don’t know, if you weren’t following what CIC Trump did with China and the tariffs of 2017… plus the relationship with President Xi and the People’s REPUBLIC of China which is WAY different than the Chinese Communist Party… you would understand what’s happening right now is a part of the plan and Operation.
The number one thing to learn first to understand these are distractions is the Continuity of Government.
If you don’t know what a Continuity of Government is then you definitely won’t understand why it was needed and what it looks like.
Though this Operation is complex, it can be understood better by keeping it simple and using the Blueprint to navigate.
I suggest the COG first 🇺🇸





2/10/23 Rebuke Those Joe Biden Demons

Praise God,'s about to go down. The Super Bowl is coming but here's what THEY don't WANT you to know about their hidden plans (and why God is saying don't walk away!). No coincidences, right? We KNOW God won't fail...

This video is 51:39-minutes. Jeremiah 51:39 states "In their heat I will make their feasts, and I will make them drunken, that they may rejoice, and sleep a perpetual sleep, and not wake, saith the Lord." In the NIV it states, "But while they are aroused, I will set out a feast for them and make them drunk, so that they shout with laughter— then sleep forever and not awake,” declares the LORD."

Watch and see what our God does! We give God ALL THE GLORY and we rebuke the mark of the beast.




2/9/23 Watch and See What God Does SUDDENLY

Praise God, Saints. Earlier this morning I heard "Fake Trump news" and "Tell them to remain standing when they see what God does." We did a video earlier as I feel like God is about to do something suddenly in the coming days. The Holy Spirit had me make a cake and said to "think about why you fixed the cake." It reminded me that I'd been making cakes on and off for the past two years waiting for Trump news. So, let's trust confidently in God.

The other part of this that's BIG and I don't want to sound like a racist but is the witchcraft and demonic on the highest level trying to weaponize blacks? I wrote a Super Bowl article for a client and was not aware that THEY are planning on singing the black anthem alongside the national anthem during Super Bowl 57.

This is very concerning because if you look at TV/movies and the news stations, it's like they're trying to flood the media with black people. Are they trying to start a civil war to come against whites? Is that why that girl from the View called Republicans cockroaches? Is that why obiden called Trump supporters, (I stand up for President Trump), communists and enemies of the state (and pushed what looked like the starts of a Reischtag Fire Decree)? Is this the "devastating attack" they THOUGHT they were planning as God spoke through Diana Blackburn Larkin (see the messages below or her FB page)? Recall that God said IT WILL NOT COME TO PASS. So, let's keep reading our Bibles MORE and trusting confidently in God.

I remember when black youth shot at people randomly at a Kennywood in PA and God said something like "They're weaponizing them against Trump supporters," so let's remember to say out loud, "We decree and declare EVERY attack of the enemy will explode in their own camp instead" and "NO harm shall come near our dwelling places. No weapons formed against us shall prosper." Keep speaking out loud AGAINST their attacks and let God work. He's got US and WE have the victory! Pray that THEY repent because those Dems are part of the Body of Christ but can't SEE yet that God is using President Trump...Trust God's timing.  





2/8/23 Don't Walk Away

Praise God, Saints. We pray this finds you well. A constant reminder from Father God to not walk away as God WILL NOT FAIL, so hold onto Him! At just the right timing God will move on our behalf. What an insult that obiden gave his SOTU speech but Jesse Waters said it was plagiarized and included excerpts from President Trump and Ron DeSantis. Again that reminder, don't walk away.

This is a narcissistic tool and trick of the devil to try to get a person to war in the flesh, i.e., brother against brother, but don't be offended. Forgive THEM. It's the demons working behind the scenes, NOT the people per se. We pray THEY repent and find Jesus while there's time. Now the cool part is God is also saying don't walk away because it's giving the Dems a chance to see that they're on the wrong side, i.e., they're not seeing the witchcraft that's there with obiden. But they're starting to...

One black commenter on a YouTube news site was outraged that obiden has done NOTHING to help people (so black communities are starting to see, too). Separately, in Benny Johnson's YT page, he shared a quote where obiden said "Make no mistake: If Congress passes a national abortion ban, I will veto it." The response? Fr. Matthew P. Schneider, LC wrote back "Please stop claiming to be a faithful Catholic." So, let's trust God's timing as MORE people see the witchcraft that's there.



2/7/23 Watch and See What God's About to Do (Time to Get the Popcorn Out!).

Praise God, Saints. At 6:41 am I heard something like the Who Dat New Orleans Saints Theme Song but instead of "Who Dat," I heard "U dat." It went something like "Oh U dat, U dat, U..." and then the words "They have a valuable 'U'... They're investigating him." 

We're sharing a repost from yesterday (sort of) as I'm noticing SO MUCH WARFARE because I took a stand and spoke God's words, so the devil knows we are not playing. I spoke what God said below about not coming against another person but to instead pray to God and THEIR words/outlandish attacks intensified (so don't walk away).

Instead of a simple verbal assault, it became a huge backlash picking apart everything I ever did so every word they spoke against me was a complaint. Instead of responding to THEM, I simply prayed again, "Lord search MY heart for unforgiveness." (Message continues below).

A reminder God said through Donna Rigney "When you see the storms hit your land, know that great peace will soon follow." Hold the line, Saints. Remain standing and keep rebuking those demons. Keep binding and releasing, and also say what God says to say.
God said to say through Diana Blackburn Larkin (here in FB on 2/2/23) to say (instead of to the person but to God): "Lord God, search my heart for unforgiven offenses. I LET GO of CONTROLLING other people's WORDS or OPINIONS. Cleanse my heart and I pray for and hope for the BEST for those who OPPOSE me."
Focus on THIS. Say these things to let God step in and to avoid accusations and fault-finding. THIS DEVIL trying to cause brother to war against brother but we MUST stay in the spirit to hear God and receive His help. Keep rebuking those witches/demons and when God moves, THEY WILL FLEE. Trust God's timing. ONLY Our God is on the Throne!


Onto another subject...Derek/1776 Nation shared 3 separate times (no coincidences as that's the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost), so we shared 3 times what God said through Diana my best Desi Arnez voice..."Luci-fer! You haz some spainin' to DO!"
This is what we wrote....
Debunk it Derek. NO ONE gets plastic surgery to look worse! Also God spoke through Diana Larkin here in FB and said on 1/5/23 that there's a HIDDEN BODY BURIED IN WASHINGTON D.C. Read what God said through her prophetically about a dead propped up leader who died and the puppet masters who scrambled to replace him...but he's not working out. Here's what God said through her: January 5, 2022, She shared it January 5, 2023: THE HIDDEN BODY "Under a building in Washington, D.C., there is a HIDDEN BODY of an illegitimate, propped up leader. His UNEXPECTED death caused PANIC and SCRAMBLING among the powerful few who know of his death. They were his puppet-masters, and they have now been forced to rely solely on a stand-in who is WEAK and UNRELIABLE. Those who are required to cooperate with this EXTENDED CHARADE are close to BREAKING under the strain and enormous pressure of the situation. If one of these BUCKLES, the WHOLE HOUSE OF CARDS will come down. I AM revealing this area of VULNERABILITY and WEAKNESS to you so that you can apply PRAYER PRESSURE against it to cause the facade to FALL, and the DECEPTION to be EXPOSED. Apply the pressure of My SPIRIT OF TRUTH against this fraudulent scheme until you see it TOPPLE and SHATTER the elites' ILLUSION of power and control. Be strong and courageous, wear your armor of light, and go in My STRENGTH and My POWER to PUSH OVER the facade and EXPOSE the truth." All glory to God, we ONLY have one God on the Throne, we are ONE NATION UNDER GOD, not witchcraft or these demonic demons...and we only have ONE PRESIDENT and his name is President Donald J. Trump. Lord, Restore our rightful leader back to a position of power and we want to see it publicly done. We also want the Epstein and Maxwell lists and other prayer requests, too! Restore us, Lord, and please protect President Trump. Protect our nation, our military and police officers. in Jesus name and by God's authority we pray, Amen!




2/6/23 Keep Confiding in God and Calling on Him for What You Need. God's GOT US!

Praise God, Saints. We keep those in Turkey and Syria in our prayers as they suffered a devastating earthquake. We heard the death toll was about 5,000 people so we lift them in prayer. Separately, Buffalo, New York had a small earthquake, and we know God is doing a work there.

We also pray for the police officer in New York who was shot in the face. We pray for his full recovery and pray for all of our officers and military. We pray for President Trump and praise God for the man of God and keep him in our prayers as he works to help restore our nation.  

We wanted to share as a reminder that God HAS US so don't go by what you see or what's on the fake news. God will move at the EXACT RIGHT MOMENT. In the meantime, hold onto God and keep being confident in Him. God KNOWS all that THEY are doing but THEY think they won, and THEY are caught up in their own trap. So, let's let God work and wait on Him...Whatever you need, know that God is making the way and we will receive help soon. We touch in agreement for your needs. 

Please sir, may I have some MORE EVIDENCE...

God said, "I told you more evidence is coming."  We're seeing more sabotaging attacks where the devil is intentionally griping, murmuring, and complaining. This trap causes us to join in and complain. For example, look at the HONEST news anchors who are NOW complaining about Biden. But complaining doesn't remove the witchcraft/demonic attacks. It adds fuel to the fire and maybe why the devil uses it. The other is staged attacks as the devil wants you to say ANYTHING against him to SUDDENLY ACCUSE YOU OF MAKING FALSE ACCUSATIONS AGAINST HIM/HER. Please be aware of these games as the devil wants people complaining so we're then walking in the flesh.

INSTEAD, remain in God and speak what God said to say through Diana Larkin in the 2/2/23 message below that we shared on 2/3/23 (but note how it's NOT against THEM but a conversation between us and God): "Lord God, search my heart for unforgiven offenses. I LET GO of CONTROLLING other people's WORDS or OPINIONS. Cleanse my heart and I pray for and hope for the BEST for those who OPPOSE me." Focus on THIS. Say these things to let God step and to avoid accusations and fault-finding. THIS DEVIL trying to cause brother to war against brother but we MUST stay in the spirit to hear God, receive His help, and make the witches/demons flee (and they will!). Trust God.



2/5/23 God Will Reveal It To Us

Praise God, Saints. Keep trusting in God and let Him work behind the scenes. He's NEVER lost a battle and God will NEVER FAIL! Keep calling on Him! 





2/4/23 Then Suddenly!!!

Praise God, Saints. And we praise God for President Trump. A lot of enlightening intel in Derek's 1776 Nation. God bless our military. We moved Derek's message to its own page as the page was freezing from all the links. K...




2/3/23 I Want You to Continue to Pray "Lord God, Remove Me from the Hands of My Enemies" and I want You in Bed by 1 O'Clock." I also Hear "Tell Them They Have to Move Faster." 

Bible Reference: Psalm 3, 10 

Praise God, Saints. Keep singing to God and confidently trusting in Him. God is working behind the scenes, and He will help with EVERY detail. God keeps us in perfect peace.



2/2/23 "It's Going to Be Not Fair When They See What I Do," God

Praise God, Saints. I heard "Tell them they will have the evidence. They will have the evidence. More is coming out. Keep calling on Me in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. Keep reading your Bible more. Tell them keep their defenses up. Expect a move of God soon. Watch and see what I do." As a reminder, God doesn't want us staying up until 2:30 am (when witchcraft/jezebel are active).


About the opening video in the intro for President Trump...

Special Note: Praise God, Saints! So, THIS WORD IS BIG. We actually had a 10-minute prayer for President Trump but when I started adding the action items from Diana Blackburn Larkin's messages where God was saying what to decree/declare, Father God said to add them all, so we included all of January.... The video is now 45:17 minutes in length and NO COINCIDENCES WITH GOD, right? Isaiah 45:17 states "But Israel shall be saved in the LORD with an everlasting salvation: ye shall not be ashamed nor confounded world without end." All glory to God.

We praise God for President Trump and I hear "Don't walk away." What God packed in here is POWERFUL!!! And then I heard "Yes, it is!" A prayer to/for President Trump, our nation, and our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Cheer up. I hear God saying that. Victory IS ON THE WAY!!! It's ours. It's here. And no devil in hell can stop what God is doing. Don't walk away. Wait for God!



2/1/23 Praise God for President Trump

Message - TBD

Inspiring Word from MaryEllen McCloud...

Daily Prophetic Word
February 1, 2023
By MaryEllen McCloud, Replenished Hope Ministries
The Lord says, “Feel the shift in the atmosphere. You are walking up out of the fog and into full view of what I have laid up for you. What seemed far off is just moments away. The waiting is over! What was held up has been released. Your tent pegs have been strengthen and moved out to make room. Your territory contains more responsibility and greater challenges but so too are the rewards. Release that idea that I am against blessings.
You are Worthy of all that I have! Forsake the lies that I see one more worthy than another. I take you where you are but I will not leave you as I found you. Like a Rocketship will I take you higher and higher in record time. Time is in My Hands. Relax and enjoy the journey. Rejoice for your days will unfold many surprises, big and small. The plot to destroy what has been developing in your earthen vessel was removed. The unknown will be known to you when you get quiet in spirit.”
~Blessings MaryEllen McCloud Replenished Hope
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Prophetic Word from Laire Lightner...

Prophetic Word 🔥
Jan 20
“I AM doing something NEW in the Ekklesia. The way “it’s been” will no longer work. There’s a major divide happening. The on fire for me vs the church goers. The ones who truly fear me vs the ones who nonchalantly talk about me like I am no big deal.
My glory will be poured out on the Holy vessels. The vessels of destruction will become even more evident. The true prophets will be magnified to carry my glory throughout the earth. The prophets of old will not partake in the coming harvest. Not because they are false prophets. Some aren’t but because they are compromising prophets. Much like my Moses couldn’t go into the promised land while Joshua and Caleb did. Disobedience has consequences.
My hidden prophets whom I have kept from stages and spot lights are marching to the frontlines to take the baton over. This relay race is about shift. You will know by the Spirit of truth whom I have called to lead my army in earth. Do not be deceived. Many I’ve called, few I’ve chosen.
I AM dealing with the church and the prophets now. Hold fast.” 🙏🏼🔥
Prophets (unknowns) GET READY. Your time of commissioning is now. 💕 Laire Lightner





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The Prayer of Salvation

If you haven't said the Prayer of Salvation, now's the best time. Please say: Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord, I ask forgiveness of my sins. Please come into my heart, Lord. I turn my back on sin and I make you my Lord and Savior. I want to follow you for the rest of my life. Please give me eternal life through you in Jesus name, Amen.    

If you're already saved, but turned your back on God. Now's the perfect time to make things right. Don't let the devil make you feel bad about your past mistakes any longer. In Christ, you're a new creation and you have a Father God who loves you. Old things are passed away and God remembers the sin no more. Won't you please come back home to Him? 

Rededicate Your Life to Christ Prayer

If you need to rededicate your life to Christ because you feel like you've been sinning or haven't been living right, pray: Father God in the name of Jesus, I ask forgiveness of my sins and I turn my back on sin. Please help me to overcome ---- and I want to lead a better life through you. I decree and declare this day I have overcome ---- and I have the victory in Jesus name, Amen. 

Stay in God's shadow, stay away from sin and temptation, keep reading your Bible and keep seeking God first.


Be ye doers of the Word... We pray this message blesses you today!

If you need prayer, please call the Bill Winston Prayer Center at (877) 543-9443. You can also check online for Joyce Meyer's prayer request form and other sites that can pray for and with you. You are more than a conqueror!