Messages From God January 2021

1/31/21 Rest at Jesus's Feet Like Mary. But, Why Was Martha Complaining?

Good Morning Saints. Father God wants me to discuss "God's armies." He also said, "If you build it they will come." He then gave, "Seeing God's people listening for Him, they want a better way, want relief, need help, a stimulus." And, we have another letter from God that will be out soon. We're including as today's prophetic message, Lana Vawser's message from yesterday. You'll find that at the end of today's article.


God's Armies are Greater

“Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword. Thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my Father, and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels? But how then shall the scriptures be fulfilled, that thus it must be?” Matthew 26:52-54

Let's start with God's armies. Again, a disclaimer that this is NOT a violent move nor do we promote violence. Father God said in earlier letters that the devil's building his armies but we're not to worry because God is building His armies and God's armies are greater! We already know that we overcome the spiritual forces of darkness in this world (book of Revelation) so stay encouraged, cheer up and keep your head up.

I want to mention a topic from the other day. How do you build and defend when the devil's attacks are relentless? Satan wants to make it LOOK LIKE we'll always be under attack, but that's not true. He wants people tired and battle-weary as we discussed yesterday. So how do you overcome so yo can build what God has for you? How can you work in your purpose and calling when the devil keeps sending attack after attack? 


Overcoming the Devil's Confrontational Attacks

"Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you," Luke 10:19 

"No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD," Isaiah 54:17 

I went through this months ago with my downstairs neighbor. He practices some kind of witchcraft or occult and hates that I live upstairs from him so he makes all kinds of noise and threats. This is a noisome pestilence and menacing threat. And, as previously mentioned, it's about territory. The devil wants to overtake our territory but we're overtaking HIS. How do I know? My neighbor would try to make so much noise I'd be forced into another room. But then God would say, "Go into that room regardless of the noise." God wanted me to STAND, open my mouth and rebuke that devil and KEEP rebuking him. When I did all that Father God said consistently, my neighbor actually got LOUDER. He was smoking pot and drinking, blasting music and yelling loudly. These were all intimidation tactics. But, here's the thing.

I COULD NOT turn MY music up and start yelling. That's what the devil wanted me to do. The Bible describes this as returning evil for evil. What I did instead was as I rebuked satan, I called on God, "Lord, Your Honor...I refer to exhibit A." I said, "Father God, I have not sinned against my neighbor. I did what you asked. I have not returned evil for evil. And Your Word says, I can live in peace and to call on You in the day of trouble and that You would deliver me and I would glorify You." So, it might suddenly become quiet downstairs and I'd thank God. But then it might start up again. And, that's the battle-weary part I want to get into with conflict resolution. 

One day while I was talking to my mom on the phone, out of the blue she said, "You've got the devil on the run, not the other way around." I said, "Excuse me, I'm sorry. Can you repeat what you said?" We weren't even talking about satan but I KNOW sometimes God will start speaking through my mom and to listen. She repeated what she said and I said, "Thank You, Lord for confirming that." I needed to HEAR God say that I wasn't the victim. I was winning this battle. As tired as I was, I needed to know that it wasn't just wearing me down but I was wearing the enemy down. So my next step was to shift my thinking.

When I walked through my apartment in the mornings praying, I'd put on my Holy Oil, (anointed olive oil). I'd start praying in tongues and rebuking that devil. If I heard my neighbor yelling loudly, I'd clearly state his name and say, "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority and you will flee from here. I cast you into eternal darkness. Do not return." The Lord also told me to pray to the Holy Ghost. When I did, He said, "Your guardian angel is binding him," or something to that effect. And, that's when I saw evidence!

There would be days at a time when I wouldn't hear a peep from downstairs but I KNEW my neighbor was there. I praised God for the victory. The problem was, I also had to rebuke my own flesh and ask God for forgiveness. Why? I let that intimidation demon stop me from moving in the territory God gave me. And, I let it distract me. I was spending more time worrying about how to get into the kitchen than I was doing the things Father God asked. But, in every battle, we learn strategic lessons to carry us forward in God.

If You Build It They Will Come

"And they that are far off shall come and build in the temple of the LORD, and ye shall know that the LORD of hosts hath sent me unto you. And this shall come to pass, if ye will diligently obey the voice of the LORD your God," Zechariah 6:15

We're in a new season where God is calling us up higher. Many will receive promotions, some will start new businesses or expand existing businesses. I heard the other day, "Get the blueprints out" and start making plans. But, here's the kicker and I say this with all due respect. Rebuke your flesh and apologize to Father God for not "Moving faster." Many, myself included, stubbornly didn't push to obey God when He FIRST said to move. Instead we said, "But, Lord, I ALREADY tried and it didn't work." That's backtalk and God resists the proud. I'm not calling people proud.

What I'm saying is we can't let a stumbling block become a place of permanent residence. Take my neighbor. When he yelled, I stayed out of certain rooms in my home and didn't move. That's not God's plan. I was the equivalent of Saul and his army standing terrified for 40 days while Goliath taunted them. What God wants us to do is take that devil on spiritually and cut it's head off. Again, this is NOT meant physically but as a spiritual battle. When I spoke BACK to my neighbor and rebuked him, I was cutting that demon's head off. I'd say loudly and clearly so he could hear me exactly what Father God said to say, "It's not working. I'm not afraid of you. I am not leaving. You are!" 

God is calling us to build again and that message is two-parts. "If you build it" means we can choose to create something, i.e., it's our own free will to do it. The next part is confirmation. God is saying, "They will come." That means, if we obey God, He'll do His part. So, we can hold Him to His Word, praise God! It's like saying, "Open that new restaurant and I'll bring in the traffic, guaranteed."

Sitting at Jesus's Feet   

"But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her," Luke 10:42

The point with my downstairs neighbor is while my enemy wasn't changing, I was. I learned how to petition God. I learned how to hear from Him. I also learned how to confidently build and defend especially with stubborn demons that don't want to leave. And, here's why this is so important. God doesn't want us fighting day in and day out, so stop fighting. Stop warring back in the flesh online. These are internet trolls assigned to trap and ensnare people because the devil knows he's running out of time. Walk away from them.

God wants us resting confidently in Him Remember, we ALREADY prayed for help and God is now working. He wants us sitting at Jesus's feet in praise and worship like Mary in the New Testament with Jesus. So, please don't make the mistake of thinking that your role or job is to get up every day and fight in the spirit or defend God with the internet trolls. That's not right.

Not resting when God is present is the mistake Martha made. She murmured and complained because her sister wasn't 'busy' when Jesus arrived. However, Jesus doesn't want us busy. He also doesn't want us running around trying to convince others what God said. Pastor Wanda covered this yesterday about religious spirits. When God is present, we're to rest and let God work.

It's God who fights for us and He defends us in battle. Tests come so we can grow confidently in God and not fear demons because we have authority over them. And, again, this is not about people per se, but the demons that can get in them. I pray for my downstairs neighbor that his heart changes. I pray that he eventually comes to know the Lord because that's how Jesus wants us to live, with love, healing and forgiveness.

At this time of great SHIFTING, rest at Jesus's feet. Don't be so preoccupied like Martha that you don't stop and worship God. When we get to Heaven, the good news is there won't be all these spiritual battles to fight. But, here on earth, we need to find time to rest and let God lead. Let Him show us the way and His plan and vision. God wants us to listen for Him. You can't listen when you're constantly fighting the enemy (and satan knows this). It's why the attacks are so great. I used to turn my headphones up to drown out all the noise my neighbor was making. Know what happened? God said one day, "Turn the music down so you can hear Me." I thought, "Oops, Sorry, Lord. That would help, right?" 


Help Is Coming Soon

"The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance," 2 Peter 3:9

Because so many are in need, let's call on God. He KNOWS we need help. We need relief, a better way, the stimulus. But in the same token we have to be careful how we approach God.

When I called a prayer line once, out of anger and frustration, I said, "Where is God? He KNOWS what I'm going through. Why is He letting this happen?" I didn't realize my approach was all wrong (flesh). But, my mindset was different and I was coming from the flesh, not spirit. What I eventually started praying was Deuteronomy 28:1-14 and I started petitioning Father God. I'd say, "Lord, You have to give us more. You want us to do more for Your kingdom and we're being faithful but we need more help." I'd remind Him humbly of course, "Lord, there are people in the world that HATE You who have more and can do more. And, we're YOUR BODY. Shouldn't we have MORE? We can't work with our hands tied. Your Word says we can't always be under attack like this or Your people will give up." And, God is moving. He is helping us.

Our help comes from the Lord, Hallelu-Yahweh! He keeps saying we will see signs and help soon so please stay encouraged, bed by 9:30 so you can hear from God and keep reading your Bible. God's going to do EVERYTHING He said He would do! Wait and see!

Conflict Resolution

Father God wanted us to add a special section on conflict resolution. Here's the link to our new Conflict Resolution article. As Chris Yoon points out in the video above, each of us is facing different conflicts. There might be a conflict on your job or in your family, at church or at school. A big concern is how to deal with conflict and overcome the devil's games. So, please check the article out in the link when you have a chance. 


A Sweet Surprise...

1/31 4:44 pm Father God said, "Tell them 'You are in for a sweet surprise.' I want you to tell them to move faster." He also said, "Keep doing things that add value." In Pastor Kent Christmas's message above, he confirms what the Lord's been saying. At about 24-minutes 30-seconds in Pastor Kent says, "Obviously Donald Trump was voted back in by over 80 million votes." He then says, "In the eyes of God, he is ALREADY in his second term." Mighty, mighty Word! Praise God for confirmation! 

PS: Aside from the Pastor Kent confirmation above, there was another confirmation. The Lord said a volcano would erupt and Mount Etna erupted in Italy a few hours ago. Incidentally, notice there are still strange weather patterns, earthquakes and storms everywhere. God is on the move! 




Prophetic Message: Lana Vawser



A number of weeks ago I had a dream and in the dream, I heard the Lord say "MEDITATE ON WHAT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN LIKE FOR MARY TO SIT AT MY FEET" and when He spoke those I saw Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus. Her face was full of wonder, it was full of awe, her eyes sparkled with life and adoration for Jesus.


"Now as they went on their way, Jesus entered a village. And a woman named Martha welcomed him into her house. And she had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord's feet and listened to his teaching. But Martha was distracted with much serving. And she went up to him and said, “Lord, do you not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Tell her then to help me.” But the Lord answered her, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.” - Luke 10:38-42 (ESV)


As I sat with the Lord and asked the Holy Spirit what He was saying, I felt an incredible invitation being extended to God's people right now, to come deeper into that place of intimacy.


There are MANY things that are attempting to take the "FOCUS" of God's people and cage them in a place of distraction, but the Lord is wanting to bring His people into a deeper place of intimacy, a deeper place of focus upon Him, a deeper place of fortification of faith in listening to every Word He speaks (Matthew 4:4) and a place of deeper faith rest in the awe and wonder of who He is.


I felt the Lord also releasing a loving warning to the Church right now to not become so busy doing things "FOR" God and prioritising the "DOING" rather than the "BEING".


The Lord is wanting to bring His people deeper into a place of humility, surrender and joy in the revelation that we are invited to be friends of God and sit at His feet, and listen to His voice.
I heard the Lord say "Many have traded the sacred space for the public place".


It is very important right now, more than ever, to prioritise the secret place. To prioritise your time with the Lord. To prioritise the time sitting at His feet.
The Lord is exposing areas of the heart where affection has been for "PUBLIC" view, and He is purging and refining and raising up a remnant who are not living for "PUBLIC" view, but delight and find their life in the AUDIENCE of ONE and they live in the daily joy in the awe and wonder of who Jesus is.


The Lord is bringing His people deeper into the place of FIRST LOVE like we have never experienced before. This is a time to truly, take time to listen. This is a time to draw close to Jesus.
To not RUSH AHEAD and to come deeper into a revelatory understanding of Jesus' words in Luke 10:42....
" thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.”

The good portion, which will not be taken away from her.


Take some time this week with the Lord and meditate on what it would have been like for Mary to sit at the feet of Jesus. Dive deep in Luke 10:38-42 and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you. I prophesy, a new world of awe and wonder of who Jesus is, is opening up to you. I prophesy a time of incredible refreshment, healing, joy, and clarity in His presence. I prophesy as you look into the One whose eyes are like flames of fire, your heart will burn with greater first love fire, deep adoration of Him as the revelation of Jesus unfolds in your life in deeper ways. I hear the words "MARKED BY WONDER". Get ready, to be MARKED by the WONDER of who He is in a deeper way.


"For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified." (1 Corinthians 2:2 - ESV)
"For while I was with you I was determined to be consumed with one topic—Jesus, the crucified Messiah." ( 1 Corinthians 2:2 - TPT)






1/30/21 The God Who Goes Before You

We pray this finds everyone well. Father God said late last night, "The Gates of Heaven Will Prevail."

We're opening with Pastor Wanda Alger (video above). Listen to her insight about 2:22. Is February 22nd significant? It's George Washington's birthday and it's also Isaiah 22:22 "I will place on His shoulder the key to the house of David; what He opens no one can shut, and what He shuts no one can open." This is confirmation from Pastor Dutch Sheets about the Key of David in Revelation when Paul preached to the church in Philadelphia. But, we know not to go by dates or create our own theories. We're to use this time to pray to God about His will and draw closer to Him so we can learn about God as our Father. Hence, we must get more in prayer to spend time with God, not just to 'Get a Word' from Him.

Pastor Wanda reminds us that our role is to believe God and let the Holy Ghost work. There's a lot of confusion where we take on a religious spirit and act like Chicken Little. We're excitedly running to tell everyone, "This is what the Lord said," and "This is what God's doing." I'm guilt of it, too. But God doesn't want us stepping out of His shadow to help Him. He wants us praying, staying in His shadow and confidently resting while He works. I know this because one day I created this LONG message rebuking all the evil and God said, "Don't post that. Stay in My shadow." Another time He showed me where He wants me quiet because He'll get the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED His way.

If numbers are of great importance right now, is THAT why God keeps saying for us to go to bed at 9:30? Matthew 9:30 states, "And their eyes were opened, and Jesus strictly charged them, saying, 'See that no man know it.'" Praise God for His insight and revelations! If God is letting this devil and all his demonic workers THINK that they've won, then we must let God's plan play out. As I said before, whatever it is that's coming, I keep hearing in the spirit realm THEM saying, "Not fair" when they see what God does. I also heard newscasters saying in the spirit realm, "We've never seen adults crying over a president like this before." 

Speaking of revival, we're sharing a special music video here. We only usually post videos in our Best Christian Music  page. However, this is confirmation. Take a look at these youth of different races and ages all praising God. Specifically, listen as they sing, "All the prophecies fulfilled. Like the roar of many waters. Like the sound of rolling thunder. Hallelujah, give Him glory. For the marriage of the Lamb is coming. We're getting ready (Woo). We're getting ready." It's a reminder to keep the praise music on and REST in Yahweh. Keep reading your Bible. God's got us - Wait and see! Hallelu-Yahweh!


A Change to Our Prophetic Messages

Separately, the Lord showed me in a vision that we're going to start putting messages together a bit differently in this section. Especially with censorship taking place across social media, we want to ensure that you're able to access the full messages Father God has given through prophets and different pastors, not just the links. If they remove the links, we lose that prophetic Word. Hence, in the messages below you might notice that the messages might include what a pastor or prophet said in the full text (longer paragraphs). That way you don't miss God's voice.

We'll start to post the prophecies here until Father God says to move them to a different page. And, we're also going to post a few older messages from December and early January, especially from pastors like Kent Christmas because God has been speaking significantly about what He's about to do in a few of these videos. To God be the glory! Keep reading your Bible. What a MIGHTY God we serve!  

Prophetic Word: Pastor Kent Christmas 

The Lord says that the enemy has prowled this nation like a lion for decades. But God says now the Lion of Judah has risen for this hour. And, I the Lord thy God sayeth unto thee that I am walking the streets of this House and I am walking the streets of your nation says the Lord and I am standing in the midst of the White House and the darkness that has settled upon this nation, the light of God's glory is now rising upon this nation, sayeth the Lord. I will not be intimidated, says God and I bind the spirit of intimidation tonight off of this House and off of this nation. Next week, sayeth the Lord, you shall see the glory of God begin to be released upon this country. For I the Lord thy God have said unto thee that I would lead thee in the times of peace but I will also lead thee in the times, sayeth the Lord, of war. And, though thou hath never seen the muscle of my arm, you're getting ready to see that stone that the builders rejected, sayeth God, that rolled me out of this nation, I say unto thee that there is a stone that the Lion of Judah, the Rock of Ages, is rolling out of the heavens, sayeth God. For a season, says the Lord, evil has ruled this nation but I say unto thee that the evil is temporary and I have saved my best for last, sayeth God. And oh, know this, saith the Lord, that the demon spirits that have ruled over this country I am now binding for a season just as I will bind satan for a thousand years. I now bind the intent of the enemy, that wickedness that has risen up in this country, sayeth the Lord. And, though the evil say "We have won" I say unto thee, the battle has not yet begun. For that you have declared war on me sayeth God, I am now raising up an army of men and women, sayeth the Lord, that are getting ready to go to battle. This is not like the army that the devil is used to that could be bought by money, that could be used by sex, that was moved by ego and pride. The Lord says that I have raised up men and women in this hour that for years, they have been in training. They are a no-name generation that nobody's ever heard of. I even hid them from hell but I pull the cover off of them, sayeth God, in this hour. And, there is an army of the Lord. It may look impossible. They may have declared, "We lost," but I thy God sayeth unto thee, eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard, neither has entered into the heart of man those things that God hath prepared for the saints. The hand of the Lord will now be released over this nation and for 4 years I am going to loose signs, wonders, miracles and the demonstration of My Spirit. And, every house that has not been built on the Rock of Ages, every house that banned Me from their sanctuary, I now say unto them, I am closing your doors and you will be silent. I am now raising up churches that have struggled and wondered, "God, where are you?" And, just like a gully washer, just like Moses smote the rock, there is a river, sayeth the Lord, of the anointing of God. For so long, evil has ruled this country until you have become used to sin and you have wondered, "Lord, is there any hope?" But, I say to thee, what you're getting ready to see, I will break the spirit of homosexuality over this nation. I am going to break the spirit of depression and suicide, says the Lord. I am now getting ready to invade the untouchable areas that satan calls strongholds. I am not going to deal with the symptoms, sayeth God, but I am going to the heart of it. I am invading hell. I am invading the heavenlies. I am reversing everything that the enemy has said unto thee. To this generation that has not known me, has not sat in my churches, has not been in Sunday school, has not known my name, I am going to visit a generation sayeth the Lord, under the age of 30-years-old. There's going to be a revival. God says, I'm getting ready to enter into colleges. I'm getting ready to enter into school systems and children in secular school systems, sayeth God, in the middle of their classrooms, I am going to release the baptism of the Holy Ghost. There is a wing of the Dove, sayeth the Lord, that is spreading. As I settle down, these young men and women are going to speak in tongues as the Spirit of God gives the utterance. For those who have said, "The Holy Ghost is not for us," there is going to be a release of the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I created you for this hour, sayeth the Lord. 

There has been silence in my house and even the worship, sayeth the Lord, has not had a sound of victory. My people come with heavy hearts and then they leave, sayeth the Lord, carrying the same burdens.* Oh, know this, there is a shout, Hallelujah, (speaking in tongues), God said I am building a shout and I have waited until this hour when it looked like that it was over. Do you not know, says God, that I do my best work in darkness. Hallelujah. That I can declare in a moment, let there be light and there will be light. This move that is coming in to this nation, sayeth God, no man will ever be known for it. It will not be known for great books that are written. It will not be known for great worship songs that are put together. But, it will be known for one thing, the abiding presence of the Lord. And, the mixture that's been in my house sayeth God, the mixture of sin, I am no longer going to tolerate in the House of God. There is a spirit of death, even sayeth the Lord, that's going to hit the Ananias' and Sapphiras' in my house, that told me that I could do it my way, that we'll have God but we'll hold back part. No longer, sayeth the Lord, will I bless those that only give Me a piece. I tell you this day that the army that I'm raising up will serve Me with all their heart, all their soul, all their mind, and with all their strength.

Pastor Kent: "There will come the days, God, that the church service will continue and it won't shut down. You'll be surprised when you walk out the door. It will be two in the morning or three in the morning and you'll say, 'But my. I thought we were just in the first hour of what God was doing.' Hallelujah. May the Spirit of God, I loose the anointing, yokes that are being broken in this house in the name of Jesus."

Right now, sayeth God, whatever you need from Me, begin to declare it sayeth the Lord. I am loosening the answer. I am loosening the answer. I am loosening the answer, sayeth God, for I have longed for this hour sayeth the Lord. Hallelujah. Now I loose a Spirit of peace. Oh, I loose a Spirit of peace, sayeth the Lord, rest in Me. For the battle is not thine but this is My hour, sayeth God. This is My hour to reveal Myself. For all the years that you have labored without there seemingly being any fruit, now, there is so much fruit coming, sayeth the Lord, in this nation, that you will have to call your brother as Caleb and Joshua did to carry the fruit on a staff. I break the spirit of debt, God said, for the tithers, Hallelujah, oh, I'm going to bless you. Hallelujah, (speaking in tongues). I see, I see loans and debts dissipating in the atmosphere. (Speaking in tongues). Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Now, God says, I am coming quickly. Why have you doubted Me, says the Lord? Did you not know that you're the apple of my eye. Did you not know that you are more important to Me than My own life? [Jesus speaking] Have I not demonstrated to you, says the Lord, that there is nothing that can separate you from Me? Would I really, sayeth God, as the lover of your soul, walk away in your hour of greatest need?** No, says God, so I remind thee, sayeth the Lord, that I cannot lie and I am not a harling but I am the Great Shepherd, sayeth the Lord, who is tired of His sheep being scattered, so I am removing the harlings from this nation. Some of them will be of great renown that many men thought, "Surely, this could not be so." But, I know the hearts where you only look on the outward appearance. There's going to be great embarrassment, sayeth God, on some men and women in this nation who have shrouded themselves with robes of righteousness but underneath, God says, they were unholy, unclean. They stopped My presence from flowing* and now, sayeth God, I release a holiness movement, not of the outward, sayeth the Lord, but a holiness inside of you. For without holiness, no man shall see the Lord and the way that you will know that I am beginning to move on you, God said, even now, many of you will say "Yes" but I am changing what you like. I am changing, sayeth God, what moves you. The things that used to excite thee, the things that you used to look for, in entertainment, sayeth God, they no longer seem to have any effect on you. You watch for a moment and you're bored and you say, "God, there's got to be something else." And, that's why, the Lord says, I am removing the idols from your life that have replaced me. That's why I went after sports, sayeth God. That's why I went after theatres. God says there is a curse on Hollywood and though they think they're going to come back and rule this nation, not so, sayeth the Lord. For I hear a sound, sayeth God, of the abundance of rain. And, right now, sayeth the Lord, even as the prophet said, "I hear a sound of the abundance of rain" but there was no sign in the heavens. God said, the prophet has declared, "There is a sound of the abundance of rain." Put yourself in a position of intercessory prayer because God said in the midst of intercessory prayer, you're going to cause a cloud to form in the Spirit. And, though for a moment it will look small, but all of a sudden overnight, sayeth God, it will fill the sky and the lightning of My Glory shall crash, sayeth the Lord, and the thunder shall roar. I'm going to reign upon your country, not on this country only, sayeth the Lord, but God said, I'm going to reign on Russia. I'm going to reign on China. I'm going to reign on India. I'm going to reign on Pakistan. I'm going to reign on Mexico and Guatemala and Ecuador. I'm going to reign on London, England, sayeth God and yes, know this. That there is a revival that's going to hit New York City and the Glory of God for the enemy, sayeth the Lord, tried to shut the church down but those days are over. No longer will my church be shut down, sayeth the Lord, for I am going to remove the restrictions, sayeth the Lord. So, shout unto the Lord, for this is a new day. This is a new hour, sayeth God, for the power and the glory and the majesty of God is getting ready to be released. For your shout, sayeth the Lord, is going to bring down the walls of Jericho that hell raised up. They said they couldn't do it, but know this, if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray, there is nothing, nothing, nothing, sayeth God, that the Church cannot accomplish by the power of the Lord.   

I also say that I am removing the gray not only in politics but I am removing the gray in the House of the Lord. For it has been the mixture and not the sinner that's made my Church weak. And, there are many that I have already pulled My Spirit from because for 2-3 years, I have wooed them and they said no because they did not believe that I was serious. And, so now, I am no longer turning to the lukewarm. And, they will think they are alright because I will no longer convict them. And, because there will be no conviction, they will think, "Then God's favor is upon me." But, I have called and they did not answer. So, the Lord says, I am taking their candle*** and I am giving it to another group of people who want the presence of the Lord. To every denomination who has said, "We will control God and will will only take part," I will move away from you. I am also going to release a presence of the release of the Holy Ghost to the Baptists and also sayeth the Lord, there is a great revival coming to the Catholics in the United States. And, God said, I am going to glean from every movement. And, though they have not been raised like you have been raised, their hearts are pure, says the Lord. And, so this final Body that I am raising up will not look like the Church of old. On one side you will see a girl with piercings and tattoos. On another side, says the Lord, you will see an individual with a Rosary in their hands but they will not be looking at the Rosary, says God. But, their hands will be raised embracing the presence of the Lord God. As hell has taken my voices for a generation, and put them in secular music and bought their soul, now I am going to take the greatest talents and greatest voices of the world's kingdom and God says, I am going to save them and fill them with the baptism of the Holy Ghost. The Lord says, you're going to see men and women that are of great renown and great success in the secular realm that are going to give it up in a moment because they are going to have a divine encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ**** And, you will watch them stand on your platforms and sing Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. And, as they sing, sayeth God, there will be a stream of healing come out of the Throne Room, says the Lord. And, you will not remember who sang the song but you will remember the glorious presence of the Almighty God. Oh, you have not seen what I'm getting ready to reveal. Now, sayeth the Lord, it's not months away. It is even days away, sayeth the Lord, that My Glory is coming back to the Kingdom of the Lord. Tonight, sayeth God, I put in you, a permanent shout of the Lord. I anoint thy eyes in the spirit that you may see***** what the Holy Ghost is saying in this hour. For I am God and when My Church leaves the world, they are leaving in glory and not in defeat. For what, sayeth God, for I am going to perform My Word, says the Lord.   





1/29/21 Keep That Sense of Hope. God's Prophetic Deliverance SHALL COME TO PASS.

Father God wants us to talk about "Hope and God's prophetic deliverance." He said that, "He's waiting so long to harvest souls. Look at how many are coming AGAINST God and the church now." We are God's property, His people and His children/chosen ones. Therefore, what God has for us, man CANNOT take away. 


Why are There SO MANY Haters and Naysayers?

Yesterday I was on YouTube was looking for messages from God's people and the prophets. I THOUGHT I would see encouragement and Bible scriptures. However, what I saw was saddening. Countless attacks were coming in the demonic about how God's Prophets got it wrong in message after message. They came against Kim Clement, Chris Yoon, Sid Roth, Kenneth Copeland and so many others. It was saddening. How can God's people stay encouraged when attack after attack comes? And, then I remembered something. We don't. It's God who delivers us.

The devil WANTS God's people exhausted. He WANTS us to give up. That's because sometimes we're sitting out on the front lines for too long. It's called battle-weariness. And, I'll give you an analogy from when we were on vacation once.

Put Your Foot on the Devil

Do you remember the old Flintstone cartoons? Father God reminded me of something strange about them. Fred drove using his feet as the pedal, right? Why did he panic when he faced a hill or his car went out of control? All he had to do was put his feet down (the brakes). Just a thought.

As God's Children, we're exposed to a lot of attacks from the devil but sometimes we have to come off the front lines so God can work. God doesn't want us panicking and running away in fear. He wants the enemy exposed and panicking and running in fear. But, the devil will try to make it LOOK LIKE his plan is working and really turn up the heat. That's where we have to put our foot down and say, "No, satan. You don't have ME on the run. I have YOU on the run."

All those attacks on social media and in the news, all those haters and naysayers, God is letting it LOOK LIKE they're winning. When God shines His light and overturns everything, there's going to be all kinds of repentance and revival as God exposes the true plans of the enemy and delivers us.      

Go and Possess the Land - And Believe the Possibilities

This morning, we're starting with a Word from Kay Nash (above). (Note: As she says, "Attack," this is not a physical attack against people as we don't war in the flesh. These are spiritual attacks as we come against witchcraft and the demonic. That's why we put on the full armor of God, Ephesians 6:10-18).

God tells Abraham to "Arise, walk through the land in the length of it and in the breadth of it; for I will give it unto thee," Genesis 13:17.  There's a phrase, "God said it. I believe it. And, that settles it." It means because God spoke we can have it. The door is open. Because God said it that means it's ALREADY ours despite what anyone else says. But how do you possess what God says when you see giants? How do you stay focused when the haters and naysayers are saying you'll NEVER have it? And, importantly, how do you move forward when you experience witchcraft and Jezebel attacks? 

In a 2019 message, Bishop TD Jakes discusses intentionality. He says that while we SHOULD fast, pray and wait on God, we also have to intentional. We have to PRESS in because if God says go and possess the land, then it's already ours.


What God Said WILL Come to Pass

Chris Yoon covers how to have courage when you hear from God and the enemy is trying to block you. It took years for Noah to create the ark. Can you imagine how the devil must have taunted him? How the enemy must have despised him and tried to fill him with doubt? 

Prophet and evangelist Robin Bullock (video below) explores how in the Old Testament, people waited longer on God. This is a similar and confirming message to what Chris Yoon shared. It's a reminder that we have to come away from this "Just Google it" mindset.

God is not a microwave and we MUST go back to the old way of waiting on God. That may explain part of the reason why it LOOKS LIKE God is taking so long to move. It's God's PERFECT timing to block that devil. Hallelu-Yahweh! But again, how do we stay focused and keep that sense of hope when every time we step into the light the enemy's shooting arrows at us?   


Fix Your Eyes on Jesus

Set aside the image of an ark for a second and picture a boat that's flooding. It's filling up with water so you start taking buckets and buckets of water and tossing them out of the boat. But, the waves keep crashing and then torrential rain stars. Can you still keep up? Will you start to give up hope and feel overwhelmed? Probably. The Bible teaches us that hope deferred makes the heart sick. And, that flooding effect, i.e., the relentless pounding from the enemy is because he wants to make you feel defeated. But remember, the battle's not ours. It's the Lord's. And, that attack is not real. It's ONLY an illusion.

Now picture that same boat but instead of 'bailing yourself out,' you see Jesus standing there ON THE WATER. And, He says, "My peace surpasses all understanding." He says, "Come unto me...I will give you rest." He says to that storm, "Peace, be still." As you look to Jesus, you can rest in Him regardless of what it LOOKS LIKE. And God is FOR us. He's showing signs that recovery, restoration and revival are near. God WILL help us. And, He is saying, "I will pay that rent." "I will help with those bills."  God will NOT fail. Keep reading your Bible. Stay close to the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit and keep your eyes - and ears on Jesus.

Lastly, remember, as Christians and the Body of Christ, we don't wish hell on anyone. We MUST pray that they repent because God is about to move and He's going to set fire to anything not like Him and anyone trying to stand in His way. The Lord has ALREADY said a new strain of covid is coming to the enemy as God unleashes His wrath and only the Church will be able to help. These unbelievers, haters and naysayers are laughing, scorning and mocking now but they will fall on their knees when God sends more plagues and reverses curses and witchcraft and sends it back to them x7 (Deut 28:7).

Father God also said to "Pray for Canada." Yes, Lord, we pray for our brothers and sisters in Canada suffering religious persecution. And, we pray warring and ministering angels from all over the world help them, too. 


1/29 3:05 pm I heard the Lord say, "Calm down when you see what God does." He also said, "Remember what I said about the Flintstones." If you're just reading this, we used an example of Fred Flintstone. He pedaled with his feet but for some reason, when things LOOKED LIKE they were out of control, he didn't use his feet as the brake. We have the choice. We can rebuke satan, fast and pray and walk away from attacks.

Don't stay in an environment where things are out of control and the enemy is coming against you. Literally, get up and walk away. Go into a different room, turn the news OFF, or close out the social media page. This devil is trying to distract, intimidate and cause fear. Why? Every day we're one day closer to God exposing the enemy and the devil's trying to cause people to give up. Don't be one of them - put your foot down - and as church folk say, "Stomp on that devil's head!"  Sharing Rig Nation's Prophetic Word about the tent revivals coming. Another confirmation that Father God said "Get ready for revival."

Separately, this morning I thought I heard, "I want you to know there is no impeachment trial." We pray over that Word and ask Father God to confirm it. Note: I wanted to follow up on this. When I wrote it, I was praying for confirmation to ensure I was hearing Father God clearly. I did feel God's spirit move within me as I reflected on this.






1/28 God Doesn't Change and We Shouldn't Change Our Minds Either

Father God has been reminding me that "Jesus arose in 3-days" several times since last week. Donna gives an important reminder to rest in God and have faith. Just like God raised Jesus after 3-days, He will restore us, President Trump's administration and our great nation. 

It doesn't matter what the enemy SAYS or DOES... Keep reading your Bible and have faith. God WILL DO IT at the exact right moment! He NEVER FAILS! Get the cake, the popcorn and the snacks on! And, celebrate victory! ONLY God's voice WINS, not mans! (I hear the voice of revival coming)...






1/27/21 I heard, "How do I know God is in this? He's going to tear down the strongholds that people built. You're going to have people that deal with it differently. Know the facts in how the devil is trying to lead you astray. Get up early so you can hear God. Listen to His prophets. You might not see it yet but you will. God is preparing a table. Rejoice."

This particular Word of the day from the Lord is slightly different and I know God touched my heart with this. I'd been praying over what to say to Democratic Christians. And, importantly, how and if we're to brace them for what's to come. Remember, there are millions who are blindly walking by faith and believing their administration is legitimate. It's the same with the Catholic Church. And, God spoke through Pastor Kent Christmas (video below) that many will eventually see and be delivered and the Body of Christ will change. Revival is already starting. See the comments in the Encounter Today video with Mario Murillo above. Person after person is asking for a relationship with the Holy Spirit. We won't have all traditional Christians serving God. But it will be people with rosaries, Christians, people with tattoos all praying together and serving God. But the concern is the deep pain, rejection and heartache they may experience when the masks come off and the veil is removed.

Our Founding Fathers

Now, this is nothing against Joe Biden but it goes back to Albert Milton's video from yesterday (see below). Our founding fathers made covenants with God in the 1600s to keep America Christian and let God lead. So many Christians on the left believe that Biden is a Christian, pro-blacks and pro-life. So many believe Kamala is a Christian and will support black causes. But God calls Biden ILLEGITIMATE (Kent Christmas video below). God says not to trust in Kamala (Letter from God in Doubt article, link below).


A NEW Altar Call and What God Said About Trump

Millions can't SEE the devil's agenda and some just don't want to believe. But, we must remember that the massive revival this year includes the Democratic Christians and Catholics, too, as God removes the veil. Again, I am NOT pro-Trump or pro-Republican. I am PRO what God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit say. And God is saying that He's put Trump in for another term already so I believe and STAND with God and I will pray for and support President Trump as God commands. And, right now, President Trump needs our prayers. He's a Christian president who is coming under severe persecution because he's helped Christians and Jews. God is saying to pray for his "term starting" and pray for his covering (rebuke attacks against him) and that's what we should do.


1/27 12:48 pm Earlier this morning I heard, "Someone tried to recant their story and apologize." Watch this prophetic Word from Robin and Robin Bullock about the 2-minutes of silence at the Inauguration. Pastor Hank Kunneman and Victory Channel's Flashpoint also covered this topic and it's significance.

We've included Pastor Song Bae's video just below. She's with Lighthouse Global and Father God told her to make this Word, "I will humble you [My people] into your justice." "Truth will be exposed." "Justice will be established as My foundation." "Those who have been humbled will walk into their justice." Pastor Song explores Biblical justice on a global scale. She mentions the coming harvest and the corrections coming in the Church (more confirmations). She reminds us to take our eyes OFF of the election (distractions) and the minutiae. And, to stay away from all the 'chatter' in the second heavens.

We need to ONLY focus on God and go to a higher place with Him. Lana Vawser confirms this NEW ERA. Father God also confirmed this yesterday when He had us make the theme "Focus." As Pastor Song describes it, "This is a setup for the greatest justice movement on earth. This whole scenario - especially in America is a setup for the greatest display of God's justice that will come upon the earth, not just in the church, but in every system that we can think of." That includes on a personal level. 

1/27 3:16 pm Father God said, "Pray for every police officer." He also said, "Please tell them don't give up" and "Ask for God's mercy." If you've been reading the posts and watching the videos over the past few days then you know God's about to do something in the heavenlies. But, He's waiting for a specific moment. Lord, we wait on You and we trust Your timing.

The Lord also said as a reminder, "It doesn't matter." They can plan an impeachment trial and remove President Trump from YouTube all they want. But, God has the LAST WORD and FINAL SAY. God's plan is already in play. Remember, and this is so important. God ALREADY did all this over 2,000 years ago. Meaning what He's speaking IS ALREADY DONE in the heavenly realm. It just has to be made manifest here on earth. Here's how I KNOW. 

During my BIG drought when I had no money and no resources, I'd get up early and pray. I started out crying in prayer the first few times, "Lord, don't you see I'm in need?" But once I started quoting the scriptures, I realized I was doing it all wrong.

When I read and then reread Deuteronomy 28:1-14, the lightbulb clicked:

  1. I had to put the demand on God (respectfully, of course). I had to call Him on His Word and remind Him of His contract.
  2. I had to come from a place of confidence. We're a royal priesthood, chosen generation, right? So why would I cry in pity if my Father is the Most High God? Isn't that the prodigal son? What did HE do next? He marched home because he KNEW his father would help.
  3. I had to stop coming from a place of emotion (crying, fear, pain) and come from the Word. I needed to stand. My mom says Pastor Kenneth Copeland teaches you don't have to beg or plead with God, just ask.


    WHEN I SHIFTED my prayers to OWNERSHIP, God started speaking. He said, "Remind Me about my words," "Keep rebuking your enemies" and "Keep calling on Me" and "I know you need money. It's coming soon." The Remnant/God's People must SHIFT our position to one of EMPOWERMENT. We're not a shy, timid house cat. We're not a bunch of kittens with no voice. We serve the Lion of Judah and we were made in God's Image.

    The Body of Christ/Bride is the Ecclesia. It's not just 75 million Trump supporters. Nooooo, it's so much more. Pew Research estimated 2.5 billion Christians. However, that number is grossly underreported as that doesn't include new converts or Catholics that will come to Christianity. It's no wonder this devil is running scared and trying all kinds of fear tactics. He KNOWS what's coming with the MASSIVE revival this year. One bishop said it like this, "We need to start calling down fire from Heaven and ask God to set fire to everything NOT like Him." And, it's possible, that's just what God's about to do. Remember, EVERY knee shall bow...



    1/26/21 Shock and Awe: "At the Sound of My Voice...They are Going to See... I am Going to Light Up the Sky."

    Father God said, "Tell them they will see relief soon." "My ways are higher than man's. Then He said, "They are going to see, the world is going to see 'supernatural evidence.' I am putting it on stage. Many will say 'Hallelujah! by My Voice. Many will come to repentance. Supernatural." The Lord also said, "I am going to light up the sky. I know they are in a spiritual battle but keep looking to Me, My voice will prevail. They will have evidence. I shall not fail. At the sound of My voice many are going to see and believe and many are going to repent. They will see help soon. Keep doing things that add value. Shock and awe." God also said, "Keep your defenses up."  


    Run With the Horses, Focus - Whether They SEE Or Not And Don't Share It With Everyone

    "It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter," Proverbs 25:2

    And Elisha prayed, and said, LORD, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the LORD opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha," 2 Kings 6:17

    Kay Nash directs us to focus on God regardless of if others understand. She reminds us that God is speaking a lot right now. And, the pace is quicker. There are some that can't understand what God is saying but we have to keep moving forward with God. Don't let their NOT SEEING stop you from NOT BELIEVING. Stick to the plans of God. This is confirmation because God keeps saying "Move faster" and "Don't walk away." Don't let the giant intimidate you because God is with you so don't take your eyes off Him.

    Ask Father God to increase your anointing and open your spiritual eyes on a deeper level. It's why we seek out the prophets so they can confirm what THEY SEE. Prophets can see where the angels are or what's happening in the spirit realm. God's confirmed this to us because He asked us to create a page about prophetic dreams which will be up shortly.

    Remember these are perilous times but we won't be confounded. We pray to rebuke confusion. Like Kay says, we're not to run in circles, "Well ABC said this, but NBC says that." That's not God. God wants us centered on God and to rebuke the python demon (all that media) and rise up in Christ. Kay also cautions us to not share the vision with everyone. Not everyone can SEE and not everyone is on the same level. They may not understand so pray and ask God if it's okay to reveal a vision to another person or group.

    Before you share with someone what God said:

    1. Do they have God's anointing?
    2. Do they have a good character?
    3. Are they saved?
    4. Do they love you and care about you?  


    Always ask God for direction. As we focus on God, He will lead us in the path He has for us. 


    Focus on the Victory, Despite the Enemy (For WE are Greater and WE Have God)

    "But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth," Acts 1:8

    I believe this was a New Year's Eve message from Pastor Kent. However, it's a RIGHT ON TIME Word. The enemy isn't so great. The problem is the Church has to STAND. All the battles we went through we didn't know God was raising us up to become stronger. We are NOT powerless or silent. We ARE rising up all over the world because of the Holy Spirit. God is releasing a SWORD in the Spirit that will overcome all darkness. It will take 24-hours. One moment it will look dark and the next we'll be declaring victory. This confirms what God said this morning about what He's about to do and how it will bring many to repentance. Listen at 9-minutes in as Pastor Kent says how God let us exhaust everything in the natural. Why? Because when God releases the SUPERNATURAL, we'll know it was ONLY God. 

    Remember, our FAITH is the EVIDENCE of things not seen As our faith increases, the evidence goes up that God is moving/working. We also know that our weapons are not carnal (flesh) but we use PRAYER and our VOICES to bring down Heaven and destroy strongholds. This is why the enemy tried to censor social media and President Trump but you can't censor God or the Church/Body of Christ. To God be the glory! 

    A Word of Caution: In YouTube, please be careful with the titles of some of the ministry messages from the prophets. There's a channel 'Prophetic Update' that's actually a chicken farmer in Asia posting Kent Christmas and Tracy Cooke messages as 'urgent.' We notified both ministries. This can be misleading and confusing for Christians who think there's an immediate Word from the Lord when it's actually not. We pray God removes these fake accounts trying to monetize on God's prophets.


    Focus on God

    Kat gives a mighty word and informative Q&A. She reminds us to only focus on the GOOD and asks us to hold onto our faith and wait on the Supernatural. Look at what God is doing in the supernatural (snow, winds, storms). The events that the prophets are describing are ENCOURAGING news of the signs to come so we can stay in the LIGHT and REST. The mainstream news is trying to give DISCOURAGING news that's distracting and doom and gloom. They want to cause FEAR and DARKNESS so the devil can get in. Hence, stand firm and ONLY believe and see what God says. We're in a New Era (Lana Vawser confirms this, video below) so watch for God's promises as they come about in the physical world.




    The Coming Revival

    "And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions," Joel 2:28 

    “Behold, I am going to send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and terrible day of the Lord . He will restore the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers, so that I will not come and smite the land with a curse.” Malachi 4:5-6

    As Pastor Dutch explores the revival topic, he reminds us to decree, "Nothing shall stop the move of God coming to America, in the Mighty Matchless Name above all names - Jesus Christ!!! Lord, You said "Let the children come to Me because the Kingdom of God belongs to them." We praise God that the youth are focusing on God and drawing close to Him. We pray for the protection of our children. Lord, protect their minds, bodies and souls and please let no unholy or ungodly content or curriculum penetrate them. Let them remain focused and steadfast in Yeshua God. 

    Prophetic Word 

    Robin Bullock has a powerful Word about the coming days. He confirms what Pastor Kent Christmas said about how THEY will turn on each other. This is the confusion we're seeing in the news. Some already pointed out that there's a 2-minute gap in the inauguration, the press secretary is stumbling with words and Biden is sending mixed messages, 1 million vaccines, now 1.5 million, etc.

    Robin also confirms about how God is calling who is on His side? We had this in a few days ago about Jesus drawing a line. Listen as he describes how time will fail the evil and wicked and God says "You have no legal time." He also asks the prophets to reach out their hands and receive power. He's calling for Biden to repent, a statement Jonathan Cahn confirms yesterday in his video below. God is calling on THEM to repent because their time is running out. He calls this the time of the withering like the man who stretched out their hand and it withered. God is calling them to repent and let the Red Sea come back together.

    God says He will crumble a scaffold and mentions Murdoch (another prophet mentioned a billionaire dying and some thought it was referencing George Soros). He also says, "The illusion is strong now" to make the prophets doubt their words. This section is confirming as we did the article on the Devil's Illusion and the New Era with Lana Vawser's messages. We also mentioned how in Doubt: The Mark of the Beast, the news media, social media and big tech are trying to make God's prophets out to be liars. God reconfirms that Trump WILL be President again and to stop doubting God's prophets. What's interesting is God spoke through Robin Bullock to choose a side and He said the same thing through Chris Yoon (see below). Father God also said this through us telling people to "Move faster."  Chris also speaks about something we confirmed the other day. The devil is on social media trying to divide people.

    Arguments are suddenly breaking out, the left and right are fighting for no reason. These are all attacks of the devil the likes of which we haven't seen since 2016 and the Russian trolls that were bulling on social media. Hence, stay covered, stay on guard as Father God confirmed this morning and stay focused on God, not petty arguments. The devil's time is up. Keep doing things that add value! 

    Another thing, Father God said to let you know, we have another letter from Him that we're writing. As soon as we have it, we'll post it here. 

    The Israel Connection, The Founders' Covenant, Trump and the Train

    Prophet Albert Milton gave one of the MOST SIGNIFICANT messages to date. Watch this special message about how God says He didn't forget what President Trump did for Israel.

    Albert confirms it's a battle of good vs. evil and says that revival is coming (anointing, meetings, glory prophetic, breakthrough, deliverance). He also confirms what we posted earlier and what Pastor Kent Christmas and Chris Yoon said in the videos further up, to fix our eyes on and focus on Jesus. He then confirms the 'roaring lion' which God gave as the Lion of Judah through our ministry, to Lana Vawser and to Pastor Kent Christmas.

    Albert said, "The promise that God gave to Israel, God already fulfilled that promise. The promise God gave about President Trump, God is going to fulfill and we are going to enjoy a celebration." Victory is coming so stand firm and don't waver or doubt. God's going to do mighty things...shock and awe! Victory! Hallelu-Yahweh!





    1/25/21 The Ecclesia are Rising (and so is the Evidence)

    1/25/21 4:08 am Father God said, "You're going to start telling stories that bring people to the Lord, like fables Jesus told in the Bible." I also heard, "You're going to see more evidence is coming." Hallelujah. With respect to the first point the Lord said, as we start going into revival, we're going to see people delivered from all walks of life. Different nationalities/races, religions, etc. Listen for the Lord as you sleep. He might reveal a story to you that someone can relate to.

    I had an interesting dream that a celebrity was signing autographs in a mall. I stood in line and when I saw him, he looked so tired and was hunched over. People were being abusive to him and only treating him "like a celebrity, not a person." They were demanding autographs and not giving him time to rest so I stood up for him. His eyes opened when he saw that someone generally cared.

    In the first part of the dream, imagine how Jesus had compassion on people in the New Testament. He saw through the veil or "celebrity status" and the exterior, and looked at the heart. Where people had ulterior motives, God sees the hurting, disappointments and pain. That's because we have a loving God who identifies with us. There are hurting people all over the world who need kindness so listen as the Lord leads you. Keep getting to bed early like at 9:30 pm. Father God is revealing things to His Children. It might include a new Word, a new path, or just what's on His heart. 


    Don't Let the Giants Distract You...God is With You 

    We included a few special prophetic Words below about stepping into the unknown, Hallelu-Yahweh. Remember, Father God is calling us into a NEW ERA (Lana Vawser's video below). But, some people are afraid to come out of the familiar (Kay Nash video). However, we have to be open to let God do a "new thing" and not be intimidated by what LOOK LIKE giants in the land (Latoya Okeia and Tim Sheets videos).

    Look at Prophet Jonathan Cahn (video above) and how he rebukes Biden about swearing on the Bible but sacrificing babies and the new gender law he passed on Day-1. Father God SAID more evidence is coming. Hallelu-Yahweh! God also said through Pastor Kent Christmas in our Lion of Judah message that he's binding the enemy. God is SHOWING US that He's doing EVERYTHING He said He would. Let's focus on saying 'Yes' and 'Nevertheless' to God's will and not worrying about intimidation, scare tactics and fear. That's the devil trying to convince us that we can't occupy the land. News Flash: We ALREADY own it! 

    The Word below with Pastor Tim Sheets is confirmation. Father God said prophetically through us that He's raising up a Spiritual army (men and women who will stand for Him) and He's also said this through Pastor Kent Christmas. It's not just ONE David coming against the giants in this world but it's MILLIONS of David's who are standing up for America, the world and for Christianity as God raises up the Ecclesia.

    Note: As Father God said to include that we DO NOT condone violence, in Pastor Tim Sheet's video he references "Take out the enemy." Please do not take this the wrong way. As Christians we are taught to STAND on God's Word and the Lord defends us in battle. Hence, when pastors and prophets reference taking out the devil or the enemy, we're not saying that we are fighting physically but this is a spiritual battle and it's God who fights for us and brings justice. "The Lord shall cause your enemies who rise up against you to be defeated before you; they will come out against you one way and will flee before you seven ways." Leviticus 26:7.


    1/25 4:05 pm The Lord said to "Pray for Chicago," "Pray for President Trump," "Pray for all police officers" and "Tell them to move faster." 

    We posted how God spoke through Prophet Emma Stark (Ireland), God said He was removing certain pastors in the church who had ungodly altar calls. People were coming to the altar to see God and instead, the pastor was promoting themselves. Father God then confirmed that He would do this through Pastor Kent Christmas (Lion of Judah article).

    The point is, God is cleaning house, not just in churches but in businesses, too. He's moving out people who had their own agendas and/or refused to listen to God. If you hear God speak through Kent Christmas, it sounded like God's heart was breaking because He gave both pastors and people a chance but they kept putting God to the side and on the back burner. So, in this NEW ERA, God is removing them and He's looking to promote His Faithful.

    In Luke Harding's video (first one today further up), he mentions in his dream that the enemy THOUGHT they could put out Trump's light but Luke saw thousands of lights COMING ON all over the US. These represent the Remnant/Body of Christ, i.e. the Bride of Christ. So, please do not back down because the devil is trying to pressure you. And, don't stop building or STANDING with God because of what you see on the news. If anything, dig in deeper with God. Listen for Him and again, finish whatever He asked you to do from last year and obey God. We don't know WHEN President Trump will be reinstated so don't go by that.

    Keep building and defending. Keep praying for President Trump's second term and celebrating the victory in advance. Keep doing things that add value. Take that class, start that new hobby. Work on that new ministry. Look for that new home or building site. Whatever it is, get in position because God said multiple times through Lana Vawser, Kent Christmas and Hank Kunneman that promotion is coming to God's faithful, i.e., those that remained and did not walk away. God will not fail! Praise God! I'm hearing "An explosion is getting ready to happen on the news," "Do not walk away" and "Are you ready?" Keep reading your Bible, bed by 9:30 pm. 


    Seeing God's Presence

    1/25/21 5:42 pm Just sending a reminder that whatever you need, you can call on God and He will provide. Sometimes people think that God is not there or that He can't help them. I used to think this, too, but it's when we go through trials that we SEE God is ALWAYS with us.

    My mom's such a blessing and if you ever get to meet her you'll KNOW what I mean! But, there was a real dark time when she was going through her cancer treatments. She's healed now, praise God, but it was BAD. When she started chemo, there was a week where she couldn't tolerate food - even with a feeding tube. In that week, she lost 19-lbs. And, all I could do was hold onto God and pray. Talk about a tightrope, right?

    My mom wanted to sleep in her living room and I'd go in and just listen at night to make sure she was breathing. She was THAT frail and had no food and couldn't keep anything down. I'd go back in her bedroom and pray and then go check on her again. So I prayed and I said, "Lord, I give my mom to you. I know like Abraham's son we have to let go and leave it with you. But, I do ask for you to please make her better." I couldn't remember who in the Bible asked for more time but I asked God to please give my mom more time. Out of the blue, a church member called to check on me. Shortly after that someone from my job called to ask about my mom. I thought it was strange because all these people started calling SUDDENLY but I was grateful.

    Another night I was praying again and another person from the church called to check on me. This time I didn't think it was strange. I just sat and cried. I was so thankful to hear another person's voice especially with my mom so sick down the hall. What I didn't realize was that God HAD HER. I mean He had US and was working this out in His favor. But, we wouldn't SEE what God was doing until much later on.

    When my mom was much better and able to travel, I brought her to my apartment to recoup. The Sunday we went to church, the pastor said something significant. I wrote before about how he told me to stop praying (and start praising) because she was already healed but there was something else. He said that the Angel heard and was giving my mom more time. My jaw dropped open because I'd never SEEN God move like this. I didn't even realize that God would hear that prayer let alone answer it publicly like that. It wasn't until I went back to work that I started to really understand the power of God and His presence.

    EVERY single person on my job KNEW that God healed my mom from cancer. And, it wasn't just my job. It was my mom's, both our churches, her doctors and all the staff, the people in both our apartment buildings and all the staff. They ALL witnessed her miraculous recovery. I mean, literally, it was 9-months I think from when she was diagnosed to when she got her feeding tube and IV port out. But there was one more important detail.

    This Thing is Bigger Than US

    At my home church one Sunday, a congregant asked about my mom and we started talking. She said, "You know, it was the weirdest thing." She went on to say, "We'd be here at Bible Study and God would say, 'Call and check on Kassandra and her mom.'" As I started to fit all the pieces together, I realized that God was there the entire time. He heard every word, saw every tear and knew who to send when. What I'm saying is with this election, the more that's done where the enemy is trying to come against Trump and against Christians, the more people all over the world are witnessing God move and waiting for a miracle. When I have downtime, I sometimes go into YouTube under Kent Christmas, Flashpoint, Victory Channel or Not Me, Him! and I read their comments. There are thousands of people in other countries that are all praying for us here in the U.S. They're all encouraging US and telling us how God spoke through THEIR prophets and pastors and that they KNOW Trump is President.

    I just wanted to share that with you so you keep that expectation and hope in your heart that God's getting ready to do something massive live we've NEVER seen. And, I think it was Luke's video above that had me thinking about that vision of millions of lights across the U.S. lighting up. Millions of people saying at one time, "President Trump, don't worry. God's got this." Millions of people standing and saying, "Lord, we repent and we're praying. We're ready, Lord. We're waiting for You. We know You'll come through." The demons thought they set US up but they fell into the trap instead because we're not the ones on the tightrope. The enemy is and it's just a matter of time.    


    Shock and Awe IS Coming and God IS Intentionally Delaying for a Reason

    1/25 8:39 pm I'm hearing the Lord say to "Move faster" again. Incidentally, Shelley's video just above God's Word Delayed for Shock and Awe gave some insight. She said she prayed and asked God about the delay and that the Lord said He's intentionally waiting because He wants to 'shock' the world. He wants the biggest effect to win the most souls. We saw this with Lazarus. Jesus purposely delayed. What's more, Father God had us just write an article on Ja-irus's daughter so we KNOW God is causing the delay.

    What's interesting is as the Ecclesia (Body) comes together, it's fascinating how we all have these parts - like veins, arteries, muscles, tissue - all over the world are communicating (staying together as God said the other day) to work perfectly with God's plan. He truly is the God of MORE THAN ENOUGH! Keep speaking in tongues, praying to God and trusting Him. God will work it out when He's ready. We offer up the sacrifice of praise! Let the festivities begin!   







    1/24/21 Wait and See What God's About To Do

    Earlier today, my next door neighbor was giving her 2 little boys a bath. Our walls are so paper-thin, you can hear EVERYTHING. I prayed as I could hear the boys fighting in the tub. I think they're 3 and 4 years of age now, or 2 and 3. Either way, she's a young mom so I also prayed for her to ALWAYS be present when they were in the tub because accidents can happen. And, it made me think about the past few weeks or months.

    Rebuking Distracting Demons

    If you're like a lot of Christians, you've probably gone through HUGE hurdles and faced MASSIVE mountains. The problem is, we can spend so much time defending ourselves that we forget to build. This is what happened to me.

    I spent so much time (distracted) thinking about how to stand strong when my downstairs neighbor would start yelling upstairs at me or suddenly blasting his music that I wasn't focusing on things Father God told me to do. For example, I'd get up at 5 or 6 am and pray and maybe go back to sleep. Then, when I went to get coffee in the kitchen, (and my neighbor KNEW I was there), he'd start yelling or turning the music up and I'd have to force myself to STAND STRONG and not cower or back down. I just wanted coffee. I'd rebuke him and then walk away but I was dreading coming into my kitchen at lunchtime and dinner. What if I wanted a snack? This was a pesky demon trying to undermine me. And, why? Because God is enlarging our territories and these tests come to help us stand. So, I'd remind myself of this and the next time I went into the kitchen, if my neighbor started yelling upstairs at me, I'd say EXACTLY what the Holy Spirit said to say. I'd state firmly and clearly so he could hear me, "It's not working. I rebuke you in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority." And, then I'd add, "I'm not giving up my territory and I am NOT leaving. It's YOU who are leaving and you shall flee from me." You see, God has this hedge of protection around us but the devil wants fear. Fear is like a key to a door that gives him access to us. Therefore, keep all the doors locked.

    We Need Better Balance

    Father God said earlier today, "It REALLY doesn't matter what the devil SAYS or DOES. God's plan is already in play" and "Start getting ready for the good things that are coming." And of course I thought right away, "Ohhhh, that's great news." But then I remembered something Lana Vawser said. And, this is especially important for anyone working in ministry. Don't let this devil get you so distracted that you don't PREPARE. We must remember to build AND defend at the same time. There has to be a balance. We did a write-up, Don't Believe the Devil's Illusion below, when Father God spoke through Lana about not backing down or losing our roar. The enemy doesn't realize God's about to unleash us on them in the spirit realm.

    I can remember watching TV all day years ago. I had so many enemies on the job that I just wanted an escape and TV was entertaining. The problem was all I was doing was walking away from the fire briefly instead of putting it out. Then, to break that habit, I started staying in the Word non-stop. The problem was I had NO entertainment or fun because I was ONLY watching ministry messages. And if you tried to have a conversation with me, I'd rebuke everything in sight! I'd literally stand in the grocery store and say, "I don't receive that you're out of peas and carrots. The devil is a liar." Church folks would laugh because they knew it was church but other people had NO idea what I was talking about. So, balance is essential. And, here's why.


    It's Time to PREPARE for What's Next, i.e., What God Said, Not Man

    This devil has spent so much time in the news media and on social media trying to discount the credibility of God's prophets and pastors. But, here's the thing. As soon as they announce that President Trump is INDEED in his second term and this election is overturned, then the spotlight suddenly turns on the Church. Imagine this for a second. The Dem. Christians will be in shock, like Chris Yoon said. (We gave his 3 points below the other day about the types of Trump supporters/believers). So, there will be a massive amount of attention on the Church as people start coming in and praying more. And, they will because this revival is going to be MASSIVE.

    I wrote a while back that Daniel Kolenda predicted 150 million lives saved over the next few years. I think I also mentioned the other day that I saw a vision where people were standing in a room/business and looking around in disbelief because there was no one there to counsel them. I heard overhead, "He's/she's not ready."

    One of the pastors said that revival sometimes after a crisis. So, please, however long this stretches out with the election, don't let the devil get you SO distracted that you don't build.

    To do this:

    • Rebuke the devil and rebuke their personalities.
    • Make a list of what God said to do and get some things accomplished every day. These might include big things and small things. Mix it up so you have SOME things done every day.
    • Ask God and the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit what's missing to help you prepare. Ask for more help and wisdom when you pray.
    • If the devil tries to distract you, recognize that it's an attack so you can avoid it (and spot it the next time). Then, get back on track.


    Satan Can't Silence God's Voice THROUGH US But the Devil Can Try to Distract Us

    One of Lana Vawser's videos below or in Messages From God 2 (link at the very end) describes how God is giving His Voice to His Prophets and we'll have voices like thunder. That means God is speaking to and THROUGH us. And, it's why the devil tried so hard to shut up our voices. It also explains why this devil has tried EVERYTHING to distract God's people. He doesn't want us prepared. He doesn't even want us speaking!

    Ask Father God what you need to do to be ready for this NEW ERA. Kay Nash goes into this in one of her New Year messages. She breaks it down into sections. Is it a family you want? Start looking for a bigger house? Is it a larger church? Start looking at real estate. Is it more income and to become debt-free? Dust that resume off and update your skills. It's not a matter of IF President Trump gets back into office, God already said eh IS in his second term, so it's just a matter when. And, from the things Father God has said lately, while it looks like we're not SEEING anything in the physical, it will happen fast and it might be overnight. Be ready to enlarge those tents and widen the territory God has for you, And, don't let those demons distract you!      

    Side note: I'm still hearing "Reunions for some." Family members coming home, praise God! 

    1/24/21 9:32 pm  Father God said, "The evidence is coming. You will see."




    1/23 It's About God's Timing

    1/23 11:58 am Father God said, "Get ready for a revolution." I also heard, "I object" when I woke up this morning. I invite everyone to hear Father God speak through Pastor Hank and Kat Kerr yesterday in the "It's About Time" message below. A powerful move of God is coming!  


    1/23 8:08pm Saw on the news that 33 missing kids were found in LA County. This is confirmation. Father God said a few days ago again that there would be "reunions for some." I think we posted it on FB. Also, Father God said twice today, "Please pray for all police officers." We lift them up in prayer for God's covering in Jesus's name and by God's authority.

    Keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged. Try to get to bed by 9:30 pm so you can get up early to pray. It's not just to pray. Sometimes Father God wakes us up to tell us what's on His heart. Keep a notebook or journal near your bed to write down what He says. Also, I hear, "Listen for your window" for someone. An opportunity might arise if you listen intently for God's voice. Lastly, stay at peace knowing that God's got us so don't worry. Whatever you need, just ask Father God and He WILL make the way. He's a generous and loving Father who WANTS us to call on Him.  





    1/22 God's Plans Prevail, NOT Man's

    Special Note: Please see the Flashpoint video above, It's About Time, at 30-minutes in when God speaks at approximately 30-minutes, 33-seconds. God's Word NEVER changes and He NEVER fails. He will reveal EVERY detail, EVERY hidden agenda and EVERY plot and plan of the enemy and NO witchcraft can stand. Make no mistake God is OUR JUDGE and President Trump is ALREADY serving his second term. Thus sayeth the Lord.

    1/22 9:05 am Okay, a few things. But first, Father God wants me to mention as previously stated: We DO NOT condone violence and NONE of our messages include or promote violence, nor do we tolerate it. We state that because as censorship increases, there are hate groups that want to promote the devil's agenda. We are NOT a hate group and only teach and share what God tells us and what Jesus preaches which is love, healing and forgiveness.

    Now, a few things...Father God said, I believe, (because I was sleeping when He woke me up with this) "Censor YouTube" or "Pray against/about YouTube" in the spirit through prayer, not violence (flesh). Early this morning the Lord said clearly, "I want you to take on Big Tech." And, these giants are big topics so let's shine a light on this area.

    Social media (YouTube, FB, IG, Twitter) are coming after churches. They disguise it and call it the 'Right' and say they're coming against 'hate groups.' However, let's call a spade a spade. The mark of the beast is in Big Tech, social media and the news media. It's in government offices and law enforcement. It's in Hollywood and the church. And, it's coming against Christians, the Church and the Body of Christ. The ONLY thing that THEY THOUGHT was standing in there way was President Trump. The problem is, they thought WRONG. OUR God is on the Throne. He's the Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End. He is all-knowing and all-powerful. He created the END from the BEGINNING. So every demon in hell needs to hear this, "Wake up. God is coming against EVERYTHING demonic. It's ALREADY DONE." Read the book of Revelation, read Joel, Jude, Haggai, Daniel and Malachi. They CANNOT change what God is DOING because it's ALREADY DONE. Hallelujah to God! And, they will see evidence soon.

    The problem with Big Tech is these guys grew up in Silicon Valley, don't serve God and some think they're their own form of god because they quickly became millionaires and billionaires. They're drinking their own kool-aid and they're AFRAID if they don't listen to the crowds, King Herrod, and come against Christians, they might lose their loyal followers - and all that money. But they are losing EVERYTHING because no man can come against God, His prophets, Jesus or the Church. Pray for them to change. In the meantime, we also pray for windows of opportunity, for other platforms to get the Gospel of God up.

    So what's included in Big Tech: It's Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube, to name a few. Big tech, the news, Hollywood and social media don't realize that 2 things can potentially happen:

    1. WHEN the Body of Christ/Christians walks away they are taking billions upon billions of ad dollars and revenue with them. It might even be trillions of dollars. How do we know this? Big Tech thinks Christians are ONLY under Trump's administration and they think they can silence the church by boycotting them. Wrong! The devil is a liar! Christians are located all over the world, they're uniting and they're covered by Jesus's blood and praying and standing on God's Word and speaking in the prophetic.

    What's more, God gave Christians the authority in this world OVER demons, i.e., what the Body of Christ says WILL come to pass. Further, the Democratic Christians are waking up to what the devil is doing. Look at the dems first day in office. What do they do? Open the borders back up which can let terrorists back in. What do they do? Tell people to use 2 masks - instead of saying let's get in church, confess our sins and "Let's pray and get before God and shake this snake off in the fire!" Again, God said "He's removing the veil."  Next!     

    2. WHEN the Body of Christ/Christians walks away they are setting up their OWN social media platforms, news syndicates, TV stations and more. And, they're also petitioning God and saying, "Mmm, Lord, I want to own that social media site" or "Nope, Yahweh, I claim that news channel." And, guess what? God is going to GIVE IT TO THEM because we serve a loving God hears our requests and...wait for it...SUPPLIES ALL OUR NEEDS.

    The point is, as we SEE Big Tech trying to make strategic moves, they're making HUGE mistakes. They're exposing their ulterior motives and the sleeping Church is waking up ALL OVER THE WORLD and saying, "Wait a minute, if they're censoring THEM, then they'll try to censor us, too." And, that my friends wakes up the REAL GIANT...and that's the Body of Christ, not man. Get ready for the showcase showdown!


    Remember, bed by 9:30 pm and "Don't walk away from what God does." Why does God say not to walk away. This devil likes confrontation and a lot of Christians are not used to it. In the church, we're taught that the Lord fights for us so we back down from conflict. THIS devil thinks because Christians LOOK passive that they're weak and vulnerable. Nooooooo, the devil is a liar. We STAND and let God fight our battles. We STAND and speak God's Word and it comes to pass. Remember, Father God said a few days ago, "You can speak up. I gave you MY VOICE."  Don't let these demons intimidate you with their loud voices. Speak God's Word because YOU have rights and God gave us HIS AUTHORITY. Again, I am NOT condoning violence. What I am saying is You have a voice. You have a say. And you can speak confidently that what YOU SAY shall come to pass. The devil doesn't want YOU to speak up because he KNOWS YOU HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO SHUT HIS SHOW DOWN. (Apologies for all the caps, had a lot of coffee this morning). Stand firm on God's Word and don't be passive. But DO ask God before you react to someone or say anything. God doesn't ALWAYS want us talking back because sometimes the devil tries to ensnare us with words.

    Quiz of the Day:

    You tried to explain to a Democrat friend how God is using President Trump in this next term. They ignored EVERYTHING you said and stated that it's too late now, the dems are ALREADY in office and the inauguration is over.

    Do you:

    • A. Explain AGAIN what God said, what the prophets are saying and ALL the evidence that's mounting about what God's going to EXPOSE.
    • B. Start an in-depth analysis on the history of something like say, wheat bread, and how it used to be real bread but now it's filled with all these fillers and appears to be fake bread and then tie in the correlation with the fake news.
    • C. Don't acknowledge this obvious ploy to rely on fake news and what it LOOKS LIKE and use the example of the chicken and the eagle and how you're flying away right now so you don't get distracted.
    • D. Say nothing and wait on God because ONLY He has the final say and ONLY God's voice WINS! And, then go eat your celebratory slice of cake or pie as you await the REAL inauguration! To God be the glory!
    • E. All of the above.


    The answer's 'D'. Rest in God. He has us! Believe the possibilities!



    1/21/21 Don't Worry

    5:57am I need to ask a huge favor. And, this is just a reminder but Father God said the other day to start praying for President Trump's "term starting." And, we MUST obey. But yesterday in the Spirit I heard repeatedly God saying to tell you, "Don't worry." And, I think this is a faith test for some.

    Let's say you're my child and you tell me your hungry. I say, "Okay, I'll put something on. Go set the table." But instead of setting it, you stand there and wait. So I say, "Why haven't you set the table? I'm putting the food on." You say, "I'm waiting to SEE if you put the food on and then I'll set the table." That's not how God works. With faith, God wants us to TAKE ACTION when He speaks. Jesus mentioned this when He said, "My mother and my brothers are those that HEAR the Word of God and KEEP it." Meaning, we must HEAR and DO. We prayed, now we must continue as if our prayers are ALREADY ANSWERED, walk completely away and leave it at the Cross. Why? Because "faith without works is dead." 

    CONTINUE AS IF GOD ALREADY ANSWERED our prayers about President Trump because God DID. It just has to be made manifest/revealed in the physical. Father God is now saying to pray about his term starting so let's focus on that next step. Go work on that book, that new ministry, cleaning out that closet, building those shelves, updating that reading library...God's got this! 


    This morning Father God said, "Don't worry." Again, I heard, "Not fair." He also said "Tell them don't be afraid" and as a reminder, "Don't look back." Continue to do the things God has told you to work on. He said a few times, "Tell them to move faster." I also heard, "Look for your window." New opportunity? New job? New relationship/marriage? Praise God! Keep reading your Bible and keep the news off. It doesn't matter what they SAY or DO. God is protecting us and ONLY God has the final say! Those stubborn demons and all that witchcraft have to flee. This is God's House, not the enemy's playground. Hallelu-Yahweh!

    11:58 am Father God said, Don't worry. They're going to arrest him soon." (And, no, this is not President Trump). "I want you to tell them, 'Why are you worrying? Keep trusting Me [God].'" "I want you to tell them, 'Cheer up. It's coming. Keep rebuking the enemy and don't go by what you see.'" Father God then said, "I know it feels like a tightrope but God surrounds you. I will reveal it soon. It's stubborn pride demons that are fleeing." He said, "Let them know, 'It's witchcraft and stubborn pride. Let them know My quaking is starting soon. It will remove everything evil in my path. I'm going to blindside the enemy. Keep rebuking those demons. I am enlarging My/God's/Our territory." "What I do it will happen fast."

    Interestingly, CYPRUS just had a 5.4 earthquake about an hour ago. God is on the move...

    Father God said, "Quit complaining to Me about the timing." Remember, we MUST let God work. Because God SAID IT, it shall come to pass. ONLY offer God praise and prayer requests. Don't gripe, complain or murmur. It pushes God away and is sin. Note: We posted this on 1/21 but please see the Flashpoint message, It's About Time, on 1/22 at 30-minutes in when God speaks about this.


    Separately, Father God asked me to write a prayer for President Trump's term starting. Interestingly in Bing I can't find ANYTHING on Trump's prayer going into office only the dems recent stuff. Strange. Okay, we'll do our own. If I'm missing something, please add it to the comment form below and I'll add it. 


    Talk about revival coming? We usually post music videos in or Top 30 but wanted to share this mix of youth from different nationalities. Listen as they sing, "We'll shout til the whole world hears it. We'll sing til the whole world knows. We're getting ready. We're getting ready. We're getting ready for You. Hallelujah, give Him glory for the marriage of the Lamb is coming." As we were watching the part where they say, "Jesus is Lord," the Lord said, "Tell them they will see My help soon."


    Prayer for President Donald J. Trump's Second Term Starting

    Heavenly Father in Jesus's name, Lord, we give You all the glory and the highest praise. Thank You for making all things possible. Lord, we praise You for the victory over our enemies and that the devil is defeated. Thank You for restoring President Trump and putting him back in office. We now pray, please remove every stumbling block and barrier of the enemy/devil. Remove every act of witchcraft, hatred and aggression. Anoint President Trump for this second term and surround him with angels, favor, wisdom, and help from on High. Let ministering angels comfort him and his family and warring angels defend them. Let there be a rise in assistance to help President Trump and also give him wisdom to lead the nation and create new relationships and ties with other countries. Help him with his policies and the new administration that's in place. Only put people in to assist him that are God-fearing and will do your work and will and will protect and defend President Trump. I know Prophet Tracy Cooke mentioned an 'attempt' in his second term and You confirmed this in one of Your letters, Lord. We rebuke all assassination attempts against President Trump in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. We cancel the devil's assignment in advance. No weapons formed against President Trump shall prosper. We pray and ask for anointing, wisdom and discernment for the FBI, Secret Service, DOD, NSA, government officials and all military personnel. Be their eyes and ears Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost and help them keep President Trump out of harm's way. No evil shall befall him and no plague shall come nigh his dwelling place. Increase his wisdom and stature, favor with You, Lord, and man. Create in him a clean heart and renew a right spirit within him. Help him defend the US and create religious rights for the Body of Christ. Help him overturn injustices and help him guide and lead the military in the event of a threat of war or rumors of wars. We know sweeping and monumental changes are coming into President Trump's new administration. Lord, we ask for Your mercy. Remove every act of evil from the White House. Remove every sign of witchcraft and every demonic attack. Remove those stubborn pride demons. With President Trump's advisors, surround him with the best and unbiased, those who love God and love President Trump and our great nation. Please give President Trump the best spiritual advisors that ONLY speak Your Words and Will. Give that team the highest level of discernment and warring angels to defend and protect the President and know every hidden motive and agenda. We decree and declare, evil WILL NOT govern this nation AGAIN. We rebuke all demonic powers in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. And, we bind the devil, all his workers, demons, witchcraft, principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and all spiritual wickedness in high places, Jezebel, Athaliah, Delilah, Ahab, leviathan and python demons, and cast them into eternal darkness never to return in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. And we release, Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority, Your covering, power and authority to work on our behalf.And, Lord, please renew President Trump's mind and body. Make him fit spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally for the next term. Give him insight into how to lead God's people not as Democrats and Republicans but as the Body of Christ and Bride of Jesus Christ. Help him transition his administration so that You ALWAYS remain in office until Jesus returns. We pray and ask for Your help with every detail and we give You all the glory, honor and praise in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority, Amen.    

    Watch and see what God does. Have Thine own way, Lord. Glory to You! Remember bed by 930 pm so you can get up early and pray!






    1/20/21 Be Not Afraid...God is Just Getting Started and a Storm is Coming to the Enemy...Farewell Devil! Bye!

    1/20 9:30 am Father God said, "Explosion" on the news. For those starting to doubt what Father God said, please read earlier messages and His letter. God is not changing. Remember, God said President TRUMP is already in his second term. Believe God, don't waver, don't doubt. For anyone who says otherwise, rebuke their personalities. Read your Bible and stay encouraged. I remember a pastor preaching about Moses and something about they didn't SEE God's glory WHILE HE WAS THERE. But they KNEW it was God AFTER He passed by. Trust God. He CANNOT lie. His Word NEVER leaves void. I don't care WHAT THEY ARE SAYING. ONLY God has the final say and God has not changed His mind.

    Quick note: I wrote the other day about my big drought, right? So how did God answer my prayers and provide? It was when I had a calm in my Spirit and believed Him. It was the weirdest thing. I wrote how my mom said the eye of the storm is calm. When I quieted my spirit and rested in God, He moved. Maybe it was a few days later, blessing after blessing started coming in. I had all kinds of clients, people that owed me money were contacting me. I mean, it was a FLOOD of blessings. We must go from thinking "Will God do it? It looks impossible..." to "Our God can do ALL THINGS and NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE for Him."

    This is a faith test so like Gideon's army, whose going to continue to stand and believe? "But Trump said his farewell speech." Like Pastor Hank Kunneman said, "So did Brett Favre several times!" God is building our faith and showing He can RESURRECT what looks like a dead thing. Wait and see. It will be all of a sudden. Believe for God's miracles. Trump said farewell, yup, and we're saying farewell to the devil, to witchcraft, and everything else NOT LIKE GOD. Cast your cares upon the Lord... Psalm 55:22. Wait and see and get excited. THIS IS FAR FROM OVER. Father God also said, "Calm down when you see what God does" and "Don't be afraid when you see what God does."  

    1/20 11:17 am I heard again, "Explosion on the news." And, I heard, "Get ready. An earthquake is about to start." 

    12:00 pm Father God, we thank You that You're a God of Your Word and You promise to defend us. Your Word says, in Psalm 91:10, "There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling." It also says in Deuteronomy 28:7, "The Lord shall cause thine enemies that rise up against thee to be smitten before thy face: they shall come out against thee one way, and flee before thee seven ways." You O' Lord are just. You cover us with Your righteous right hand and we know Isaiah 54:17a teaches us that, "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn." You also say in Psalm 50:15, " And call upon Me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify Me." Lord, we offer ONLY You the highest praise. Lord, we praise ONLY You because we serve NO OTHER GODS but You, Lord. We cry out to You confidently for help, Lord and KNOW that You will answer. You will not let our foot slip. You did not let Daniel fall into the lion's mouth. You did not let Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego get consumed in the fire. But you let the fire devour their enemies. You did not let Jesus stay on the cross, Father. But You made Him the propitiation for all sins. Hallelujah! ONLY You are God all by Yourself and there is none higher. We STAND UNITED at the cross, Lord and we pray and stand in the gap for President Trump and for America. We ask for Your mercy. We repent of all sins and the offenses in our hearts, (Mark 11:22-26). We know it's not by works alone so we do not boast before You, Lord. Forgive us for lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and pride of life. Forgive us for not standing. Forgive us for tolerating Jezebel, Athaliah, Delilah, Ahab, leviathan and python demons. Forgive us for accepting watered-down doctrines and idol worship. Forgive us for loving ourselves more than You and for foolish pride. Forgive us for not honoring You and putting You first and breaking the Commandments and not reading our Bibles. Forgive us for not standing on the religious principles of our Founding Fathers for this nation. We plead the blood of Jesus Christ and thank You for Your mercy and forgiveness and another chance to get it right before Jesus returns. We STAND UNITED this day and seek You first. We STAND UNITED this day and praise You for the victory over our enemies. We STAND UNITED this day and ask You to defend us in battle and keep us out of the hand of the enemy and out of enemy territory. Lord, You said You would bless those who bless us and curse those who curse us. We call on You for help like David, Joseph, Noah and so many others in the Bible. God back on the Throne in this White House. Put President Trump back in office to do Your Will and Your Work. Make Him the "New man" You said would be in office for You to do Your work and Your will. Make the US the beacon of light for the other nations. Lord, we prepare for revival and we know it SHALL COME TO PASS. We enlarge our tents and widen our territories. As Jesus taught us, we forgive our enemies, Lord, and we pray for them. Let no sin rule over us. Crush satan under Your feet, Lord, and anything not like You. We believe in Your miracle-working power and EXPECTANTLY wait on You, Lord. We wait on Your justice and for You to EXPOSE every corruption. We will prepare the Bride for Jesus's return. We will not be afraid or live in fear. We invite You in, Lord. Come visit us, lead us, heal us, help us and show us Your plan, Your Will and humbly, Your glory, Lord! No enemy can stop You. No witchcraft can block You, Father. Show them who You are and that our God reigns, not evil and witchcraft. We love You and we glorify Your name and praise You for the victory. We leave it in Your hands, Have Thine own way, Lord. And, we decree and declare, evil will not govern this nation. In the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority, we bind the devil, all his workers, demons, witchcraft, principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and all spiritual wickedness in high places and cast them into eternal darkness never to return. And we release, Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. Your covering, power and authority to work on our behalf, in Jesus's Mighty Name and by God's authority, we pray, Amen." 

    Father God said, "Tell them they will see what I'm about to do. Keep singing to me and praising Me and singing to Me. Keep reading your Bibles and anointing yourselves. I am removing their enemies and stubborn pride. Be strong. They will be saying, 'not fair, not fair' when they see what God does. It's about to be better." 

    12:38 pm I was putting on a religious video in YouTube when a commercial popped up about spells and witchcraft. The young boy listening with his earbuds in said, "Why haven't I heard about this one?" Do you remember when witches were burned at the stake in Salem? There's a old saying about cooking lobster. If you throw them in a pot of water they'll try to get out but if you place them in cool water and turn the fire on, they won't realize it when it heats up. Turn on Disney, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix and what do you see? Sexual sin, violence and witchcraft. It's what our children are seeing. It's in the ads. We must continue to remove the veil and expose EVERYTHING that's NOT like God. God gave us this nation to STAND, not tolerate the abominations He despises. Where is our voice for God?  

    1/20 3:06 pm Father God said, "Tell them don't worry. They're about to see what I'm to start doing." Father God said again, "Tell them they don't have to worry. Keep your defenses up. Keep doing everything in Jesus's name and by God's authority"

    3:12 pm Father God said again, "You don't have to worry" and to "Pray for Philadelphia." He said again, "You don't have to worry." For anyone that's unconcerned, fearful, anxious or feeling uncertain, do this: 1. Turn the news off and keep it off temporarily. 2. Read your Bible, maybe Psalms 27, 34, 91, or read through Luke, like Luke 6-13 3. Take a walk, take a bath, put on soothing music or a good movie. I recommend Faith Like Potatoes, Courageous, I Can Only Imagine and War Room. And, rest in God. Keep giving glory to God because it's already done. You see, they're celebrating thinking they've WON but God has the final say.

    We serve the MOST HIGH GOD and God WILL move. So don't let THEIR voices in. And, this can be especially hard if you've never SEEN God move like this. Try to get to bed at 930pm, up early to pray. God's got us. When I wrote that prayer above, you know, the second edition of War and Peace, (God told me it was too long), I felt God move so powerfully. All He keeps saying is to rest in Him. This is how we grow our faith. Go make some good food and celebrate. Remember, in Sodom and Gomorrah, Noah's time, the Tower of Babel, when they made the golden calf while Moses was gone, they were singing and dancing too thinking they'd won. ONLY God has the final say. Touch in agreement with you...and put a hand over your forehead and say, "Lord, renew my mind. Let this mind be in You which was also in Christ Jesus." God's got us. Bible and bed by 930...That's all folks! 




    1/19 The Capital is Under Siege...But This Time It's By God's Angel Armies!

    Father God said, "Remember, what God says is set in stone, not what man says." He also said, "The hundreds that will see the evacuations that begin. Heaven and earth will sing. The forces of darkness can't hold it back any longer." He then said, "Tell them not to be afraid. Help is coming. They may not see it yet. But it's a surprise." I have to stay in prayer over the "hundreds" reference and over "the evacuations" to better understand what God means.

    As a special note, if you read these messages early in the day, please check back by the end of the day. We usually update them around 10:30 am and then around 8 or 9pm.  

    About the Title Today

    Weird title, right? I asked Father God if He was sure as I was in the kitchen when I heard this. But He said to say today that, "The Capital is Under Siege." I'm thinking He means by God's angels and His angel army but I don't want to add to it because "we know not." There are all kinds of prophets praying for President Trump. And, again, this is NOT about going pro-Republican. God said in His recent letter that He is using President Trump to help Christians and President Trump isn't even aware of it!  I DO know that when the devil "staged" the attack at the Capital it was to cause fear in people. It was NOT the Trump supporters as there were too many videos of them praying and too many eye witness accounts. We already discussed this about them bring ANTIFA and rioters in on busses. There's also video showing them being ushered in (which the media is DESPERATELY trying to remove from social media). Remember, the devil can only work when fear is present. But God is now sending fear into the enemy's camp. Note: This is NOT about physical violence or retaliation. So, DO NOT war in the flesh as that is NOT God. That's the devil. This is about STANDING on God's Word for it is God who fights for us.

    This morning, Pastor Greg Bailey opened the Victory Channel by saying "The veil has been lifted." That's confirmation as Father God said He was "removing the veil" a few days ago and Chris Yoon says this in his video below. Pastor Hank gives a prophetic word about how God is now sending fear to the enemy. This was confirmed yesterday by Pastor Kent Christmas in his prophetic message. 

    The End of Slavery and Bringing God's People Out

    A very, very significant part of Pastor Hank Kunneman's message today might not be received by some yet. We wrote months ago about how last year was the end of 400 years of slavery for blacks in America. Some date this back to 2019 but we had 2020 from other statistical data we researched. So here's the point, we posted how God is bringing His people out. And, I remember a delivery guy I was talking to about Christ say, "You know blacks are Jewish and part of the Children of Israel?" I didn't know anything about this. However, think about the bondage the black community and black churches have been in. Pastor Hank references the Children of Israel coming out of that 400 years of oppression (video above, 6:27 into the video).

    The concern though is they are under the Dems side and don't see this yet. That's another reason why we have to let God work to EXPOSE all the corruption, lies and witchcraft. There are so many blacks who if they hear that Trump wins will run and hide because the spirit of offense was so heavy it's made them THINK President Trump and the police are the enemy. They don't SEE that the devil worked through certain officers to cause this fear. They don't KNOW about the witchcraft Pastor Francis Myles talked about to bring everyone against President Trump. They THINK the wealth transfer will come through the dems because of self-righteous pastors who haven't given the PURE Word of Yeshuah. Hear God speak through Lana Vawser about Restoration from 1/6/21. See Emma Stark's video in Can You Believe the Election and Pastor Kent Christmas in Lion of Judah.

    We have to stay in deep prayer over this and continue to read our Bibles. You see, if Trump had what 75 million votes and 89 million followers, how many minority Christians are about to be set free from the devil's witchcraft? THIS, THIS right here is what satan is afraid of. THIS kind of revival IS COMING this year and souls will be set free and the devil can't stop it.  

    Turn Your Light On and Get the Printer Out

    Prophet Kat Kerr shared an inspiring message to stand firm and don't back down in the faith. We continue to celebrate the victory in advance of President Trump's election win (and keep the fake news off).

    Kat also said something important so please take note. If social media is cut off temporarily, please save this page and the Lion of Judah page (link below). We also invite you to print a copy of this page or cut-and-paste it and put it on your computer. Why? While the links to the YouTube videos might go down, you will have several Words from God's Prophets to hold onto.

    Another point Kat made was to turn your Christmas lights back on or put up a few lights to represent God. Interestingly, is it me or are you also seeing God's light bursting in lately? I've seen light flooding my rooms and just said, "Yes, Lord, have Thine own way." As a reminder, please "Pray for Philadelphia." God continues to say this a few times a day. 


    Prophet Chris Yoon gives a reminder that what we're seeing on the news is "Not what it seems." Remember, don't go by timelines. If something happens tomorrow or not, the domino effect has already started. Father God has said the exact same thing through other prophets to not go by timelines. It will suddenly just happen. But, if you've never seen God move before how do you know? 

    I can remember writing about my "big financial drought."

    It was a time of major testing. I had no money, limited resources, and man, the devil set me up to fail. What helped me get through was after getting up and praying every morning and quoting Deuteronomy 28:1-14 back to the Lord, Father God said one morning, "I know you need money." I wrote about this before. That simple phrase I had to remember to receive WITHOUT bitterness or impatience. I could have thought, "And...." I mean my bills were all due. Why was God doing this? But instead I said, "Thank You, Lord for speaking." We're often reminded to revere God and fear Him, especially in Job because we don't want to talk back to Father God with disrespect. However, I was concerned when God said, "Keep singing to Me." I have to admit I was in shock at that point. I didn't understand that when God said, "I KNOW you need money" He was sending it. And several prophets confirmed it. The test was would I CONTINUE to serve God, praise Him and sing to Him EVEN IF I couldn't SEE His help coming through. I got up each morning and would sing but it didn't click in my mind for several days. I had to do like Jesus said in Mark 11:22-26 and RECEIVE IT IN ADVANCE EVEN IF I COULDN'T SEE IT YET. This builds our faith walk.

    Even If There are Only 300, Keep Giving Glory to God

    What I'm saying is maybe THIS INAUGURATION AND IMPEACHMENT ARE THE TEST. Remember when God gave His letter on 1/15? What did He say? He said how some would say He delayed. And then He said, Yes, He delayed for a reason. And this is big. Right now, it LOOKS LIKE the Body of Christ is being tested to see if you will CONTINUE TO STAND even if you see Trump impeached? Will you STAND if you see the other side go into office (temporarily, of course, if at all, not sure WHAT Father God will do). This is God enlarging our territories and the SIFTING a few pastors have mentioned and my mom said this.

    My Mom's Prophecy: The Calm Before the Storm and a Time to Rest and Let God Work

    My mom said, "God is going to do a 'suddenly'. He will show up and show out. God is sifting. We must stand on our faith, remain grounded/planted in God. We're entering the eye of the storm and then the calm. Knowing He will bring us through the other side." She describes the witchcraft attacks. "You do one thing, another happens. Faith is being tested/tried. But grace and mercy follow you." She also gives a few instructions, "Send angels on assignment, let Him know, "I don't have anything but YOU DO. He becomes Your keeper. He will always provide and He doesn't need help so sit down, rest and leave it all at His feet." She said, "People pick it up again. We keep getting in His way." This is the same thing Chris Yoon says, to just rest and let God work. 

    God is sifting out the wishy-washy Christians and keeping the Remnant. Remember Gideon's army? How many started out versus how many remained? Gideon started with 32,000 but only 300 remained. The test is God asking, "Will you still worship Me even if you don't SEE Me move?" Will you still remain faithful when the crowds are looking at you and saying, "And...We don't SEE anything!" This is what happened with me.

    The Test

    The other day, the Not Me, Him! Staff asked for all prophets who have remained vigilant to stand. It's on one of their YouTube pages. They wanted to get an idea of which prophets and ministers remained standing and which fled off. I saw prophet after prophet that we've shared here. And, there were a few whose names we added to our Prophecy page. As I was reading through, I heard the Lord say, "Add your name." I said "Yes, Lord!" I posted that not only do we STAND with God and asked for prayers as we're not backing down. And, we know that YOU'RE standing too and not backing down.

    Now, not every prophet and pastor made that list. Some backed down in fear. Some are so worried about losing followers they're trying to ride the fence but God said don't do that. When you get a chance, look through our old Messages From God, (links below), and go back a year ago or so. You'll see where God says, "Stop riding the fence" and "Choose a side." And, in more recent Letters from God He states clearly "Don't walk away from Me or you'll regret it." Pastor Kent Christmas mentions why in his video below and the videos on Lion of Judah.

    To be more God-like and have the authority God wants to give us means we must stand FIRM. It also means God can use us. Like Pastor Hank said in today's video above, it's like the test where Abraham had the knife poised over his son but God sent a sacrificial ram instead. God wants to see do we sincerely love HIM or is it about the crowds? Will we honor HIM or give into peer pressure, haters and naysayers. Keep rebuking their personalities and continue to stand. As Pastor Kent Christmas said in the video from yesterday, those crowds of haters will be coming into the Church for healing soon. So, please keep reading your Bible, stay encouraged and keep trusting in God. It doesn't matter what the devil SAYS or DOES. Fix your focus on Jesus, set your face like flint and don't move, don't waver and don't doubt.

    I hear God saying, "Keep confiding in Me." "Keep getting to bed at 9:30 pm and getting up early."  


    Sharing another confirming message that President Trump remains in office (above). Listen as this video, Faith Over Fear confirms that the left is into all kinds of witchcraft, pedophilia and other things they are trying to hide behind. We thank all our officers and military for standing for God and for standing for President Trump. 

    We know God said "Expose" many times and that God is shining a light and holding them accountable for all their corruption. Remember to stay in prayer for President Trump. Father God said to continue to please "Pray for all police officers." We also pray for our military. Remember, we don't walk or live in fear. We walk by faith. God said, "Tell them they don't have to worry when they see what God does." God has us and ONLY God's voice WINS! And, we stand by what Father God said, "President Trump is ALREADY serving his second term!" Believe the possibilities! 



    1/18 God Will NOT Fail

    I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war, (Psalm 120:7). Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusteth in Thee, (Isaiah 26:3). 

    We're opening with a powerful Word (above) from Prophet Albert Milton about President Trump. He's confirming that the Words God spoke over the years SHALL COME TO PASS. Keep your eyes on GOD not TV, not the fake news.

    Not Everyone Will Believe What Happens with President Trump

    Prophet Chris Yoon mentioned today that we shouldn't focus on trying to convince others about the truth in the coming days. The news media will try to twist what happens with Trump's win and other stories that come out to try and make them appear fake. Prophet Kay Nash confirms this about not spinning in different directions from all the fake news. She also states something interesting. She mentions that the "remnant will become the Army of God." Father God confirmed this when He spoke through Pastor Kent Christmas (Lion of Judah 2 videos). Kay goes on to explain that not every can SEE what you see.

    I hear God saying, "Why are you worrying? Turn off the news and keep your focus on Me." Remember, God is a God of His Word. EVERY Word He speaks comes to pass. I hear in the spirit realm again, "Not fair." The Lord said, "Get ready for the stock market to crash." Note: This doesn't represent a timeline or stock advice. I also heard "God will help with every detail. Get ready for this NEW ERA" and "Do not worry." Father God is also saying "Tell them to move faster."

    If you're not in position or have things outstanding that Father God asked you to accomplish, please do these things right away. Promotion is coming for many of God's Children but we don't want to miss what God has of disobedience. In our minds we might think, "Well, I tried before but I was delayed" or "I gave it my best and nothing happened." But what if that was the test? Please dig deep and give it that 100% so you don't miss this next move of God!


    Press Into God, Not the News

    This morning I listened to Pastor and Prophet Robert Clancy's new message. In it, God says through him, "The enemy has bitten more than he can chew, within this hour and I will arise and shine. I have not finished with the nation of the Free. And, I will show you when I bring an awakening that has never been seen before. Know that I am with you. Know that I am for you....Press into this hour. I can see that an awakening is coming...that will awaken the Bride of Christ and the nations that are going to be shaken and awakened to the truth. Keep your eyes on Jesus." He then says, "changes" and "unexpected." 

    It's so important to keep the news off over the next couple of days as Pastor Dutch Sheets points out. I turned on one headline which read something about Trump TELLING his followers to storm the capital. No, that's not true and it NEVER happened. However, in Rumble, there IS a video that CLEARLY shows a moment when people dressed as police officers were waving protesters inside the Capital, and there are other accounts of this. Another alarming piece of news is that CNN wants to shut down Newsmax. Wait, what? The devil is trying to seal every bit of access to light to cause fear and a concern with the fake news is that what's shown is meant to take our focus off of Jesus and fill us with fear. And this happened to me once. 

    Don't Get Defensive

    I worked in an office and my coworkers accused me of something frivolous like not printing the right reports. By the time the managers found out, I was frantic. I started speaking rapidly to defend myself. A manager said in the calmest voice, "You don't have to get defensive. We know." But what they didn't know and what I didn't realize was that the enemy had been setting me up to fail. The enemy was trying to frustrate me, fill me with fear and make it LOOK LIKE they won. I didn't have a close walk with the Lord at the time so I felt outnumbered. However, we have a God who loves us and is there.

    God sees the giants trying to control the news and social media. He sees the witchcraft trying to get into the White House. He sees the false accusations against President Trump. But can you hear God saying, "Be still and know that I AM God." We have a loving Father who is HERE to fight for us. And, like Prophet Bobby Conners said today, God doesn't want us falling prey to the enemy. God's there to fight for YOU. Wait and see what God does. Rest in Him and let God work it out in HIS timing and HIS way. The enemy will be saying "Not fair" when they see what God does. That's what happened on my job.

    I say this humbly. Those same people that set me up to fail watched God promote me and there wasn't anything they could do to change it because it's God who promotes. Keep your eyes focused on Jesus and press in. Over these next few days watch out for distractions and avoid petty arguments and people digging up "old things" that might affect you emotionally or try to make you look back. It's smoke and mirrors to deter you from pressing in. Get to bed early 930pm and get up early and praise Father God. Sing to Him, give Him your prayer requests, read your Bible, don't neglect your responsibilities. "God will help with those bills." Tell that devil "You will leave God's people alone." What I didn't realize on my old job was that God was conditioning Me. He had to set me apart.

    Why 930pm?

    Getting to bed at 930pm is something Father God has been saying to do. Sometimes early in the morning like at 4am or 5am, He might speak so listen for Him. He even does it at 11:30 pm or midnight after you've gone to sleep. Keep a journal by your bedside and write down what He says. I also hear, "Keep your defenses up." Remember, this devil is scrambling because he's running out of time. Again, if you haven't been reading our posts, this is NOT about Democrats versus Republicans. This is good/light versus evil/darkness. This is not strictly about the United States and President Trump either.

    This is about God moving out the spirit of darkness, witchcraft and evil and the Bride of Christ coming together on one accord. See Pastor Kent's message below for more. Through this election, God has awakened the Body in every nation. If you don't believe, me, read through YouTube and look at post after post under Kat Kerr and Dutch Sheets. They are ALL messages of prophets and pastors praying around the world. It's why the tech giants and social media are trying to censor God's people. But like we stated late yesterday, the devil is too late.


    God is shining a light and EXPOSING every hidden and corrupt thing. Expect massive and sweeping changes. It's a time to get SO excited and get ready. God is elevating the Church. He's going to move the faithful up into positions of power. Wait and see. The God of peace will soon crush satan under our feet! And, according to Hank Kunneman's prophecy yesterday, God is moving His feet! Can you feel the shaking and quaking yet? To God be the glory!



    1/17 Get Ready for the Evidence

    Note: Please see Father God's Word at the end of today's message

    Father God said early this morning as a reminder, "Have your cake" as we celebrate this election victory and the victory over the enemy, darkness and witchcraft. We will see more evidence soon and I heard, "We will see evidence in the morning." "Keep doing things that add value." Sign up for that class, start that new hobby. Do things that are away from TV and the news. Sharing Kat's latest video that highlights a few confirmations. Remember yesterday we pointed out that God said, "There will be signs in the heavenlies." Kat highlights the 10 earthquakes that occurred on 1/14 (some were the largest on record, Croatia, California, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, South Florida "shaking").

    Now, for some, it's going to sound strange that Kat says she "sent out 50 billion hosts of angels." However, Lana Vawser confirmed this Word several times in her posts that God has shifted power to His Prophets. I remember she said something like because they tried to steal the prophets' voices, God is giving the prophets His voice (this might be in 1/221 video below, and older messages). Further, Father God said a few days ago, "You can speak louder. I gave you My voice." What's more, when Robin Bullock (see the boots video 1/11 below, 4-minutes in) stood at the Capital and let the rod strike, I think it was less than a minute later there was breaking news. So, God is speaking THROUGH His Prophets. Hence, we MUST continue to stand and speak what God says. Our voices ARE like lightening and will achieve God's purpose.   



    Shock and Awe

    Please see Pastor Hank Kunneman's video below and the prophetic Word God he gives at about 14-minutes in. This is the "shock and awe" and signs of what's to come. Remember, don't go by 1/20 or 1/21. Don't say, "But they impeached Trump already" or "But they had the inauguration for Biden."

    Father God's Word through Pastor Hank: "And I hear the Spirit of God say, Do you hear the sound of the wind? Look in the days that are going to come. There will be an unusual sign that I will bring in various places across the nation - this nation, the United States. For there shall be tremors. Yes, the ground and the soil shall shake. And, I will do this, that it will be the sound of My feet. But listen closely, for My hands are moving and My fists shall smack down, as I have said before, over that which the enemy has sought - that he thinks he can gain the upper hand. But, with it, and the cracking down of My fist shall be the wind. For I am holding the wind in My fists. And you chall see it in the natural - there shall be a wind that shall begin to blow in various places. And it shall be an unusual thing and it shall even be reported, says the Lord. But in this wind is the wind of change. Do you see the weather vane pointing in a new direction for this nation? Know, says the Spirit of the Lord, it is not in the direction of going backwards. It is a direction of a NEW ERA. [Lana Vawser confirmed this, wrote a book on it] And with this new era, listen carefully, I am about to bring what you have declared tonight. It shall be known as a shock and an awe. Yes, that's what I said, says the Lord. I will shock you and you will be in awe. For did I not say in the days of Pharaoh's pursuit, "I will get My honor concerning Pharaoh, his horsemen, his chariots?' And so I shall once again get My honor, My glory in that which shall take place in this time. So look closely. There shall come a great betrayal and it will not just be one betrayal, but there shall come many betrayals, because My hand is extending toward this nation in great grace, great power, but great fear shall come upon this nation in the coming days. Therefore, says the Spirit of Grace, the Spirit who carries power, and the Spirit who shall bring forth great fear and conviction, do not pay attention to the news, to the headlines, to the reports, to the movements even of those who have said, "we have won." Do not pay attention even to the electoral calendar, the certification dates, or even to the inauguration date, for I am not paying attention to the dates of man's calendar. I am choosing My event. I have chosen My act, and you will see it, says the Lord, and it will be in My perfect timing. Therefore, stay firm, stay strong, and fear not. You will see My hand and My wind and My fists and you will hear the movement of My feet as I shake, shake, shake and expose and bring to justice those and that which must be held accountable in this time, says the Lord." 



    Pray Against Censorship

    Please keep all prophets and pastors in prayer. While most don't realize it, social media is shutting down their accounts. This happened with Pastors Mario Murillo and Lance Wallnau, and Prophet Chris Yoons. But nothing happens without God knowing. Father God had us start a page with contact details for prophets, pastors and churches if there's a sitewide social media ban. Please stay encouraged as God is on the Throne and God is removing the veil to expose wickedness and giants in high places. The devil is ALREADY defeated.


    Angel Armies are ALREADY Here Helping Us 

    Need an inspiring Word for this week? Check out today's MIGHTY, MIGHTY Word Resurrection in the Atmosphere from Pastor Kent Christmas. With harvest, first God sends angels into the earth to remove those that offend and create iniquity. We can't see it yet but angels are in the atmosphere removing those that have committed iniquity and come against God's plans. Once they're gone, then the laborers go forth (that's us as the Body of Christ) and gather in the sheaves, i.e., the souls that need to be saved. Watch and see.

    We want to take a moment and highlight Pastor Kent Christmas. He's not only a visionary but one of the strongest leaders in the Church. With a bold stance on defending the Gospel of God when others are backing down, we pray God blesses him mightily for standing with the Body of Christ. 


    The Growing Ekklesia...

    Mirroring Pastor Kent Christmas's message, Pastor Dutch Sheets shares a similar Word. Inspiring and impactful, it reminds us that God isn't just working in the US but setting the tone for the entire world as deliverance will be on a global scale and the coming revival on epic proportions. Listen as he describes God restoring His People - and that no force from hell can stop God's plan.

    Read through Dutch's comments on YouTube if you get a chance. In China, the UK, South Africa, Netherlands, Guam, Indonesia and India they are praying. On Kat's page, they're praying in Brazil, Thailand, Canada and Australia for us. It's no wonder the tech and social media giants are running scared trying to censor and shut down God's Pastors and Prophets. But, they're too late. Angels are ALREADY moving on assignment and binding the enemy. And no one can shut down God.


    1/16 God is saying, "Keep on believing Me." "Get ready for revival." "Tell them they don't have to worry or be afraid when they see what God does." Get ready for a "Suddenly" and a "Shift." He said "Shock and awe" through Pastor Hank Kunneman. The Lord said earlier today, "They have to move fast. Get into alignment with what God does." He also said "It doesn't matter" i.e., the enemy's plans don't matter because God's plan is in play and "They are going to be so surprised when they see what God does."

    Keep telling that devil to quit playing games and STAND firm on God's Word. We had confirmations the other day when Father God said "He would send signs in the heavenlies." which we posted on FB. Pastor Hank Kunneman and Greg Bailey/Flashpoint confirmed record high winds, earthquakes (one on 1/6) and snow in Spain. Separately, I had this weird dream about a white tractor trailer (all white, no markings, trailer attached) that veered off the road and crashed. The driver was trying to go after someone in a road rage incident but it backfired on him and the rig flipped into a ditch, not sure what that was about. I just remember writing in my notes on 1/14, "It backfired on him."

    As a side note, I'm going to do like someone else recommended. I'm keeping the TV off and staying in prayer and praise and worship. Eat the cake and celebrate for the big victory party we're all having and Heaven is celebrating, too! Remember, this victory is NOT about Republicans versus Democrats, it's removing spiritual darkness and wickedness and God binding the enemy over the next 4 years. Okay, sharing a few confirming prophetic messages. This 1st message confirms the SHIFT that's coming and listen how the children (angels) are singing "Hold on." The 2nd is an interview with Pastor Hank. This 3rd video confirms "Shock and Awe", "Shift" and the ground quaking. Stay encouraged. God's got this.

    In the 4th message, hear how Father God says, "Come out of her." Is He referring to Jezebel? When Father God gave a recent message to us He said don't trust in Kamala for help. So many people are desperate and barely holding on right now and need help. But God is saying don't look to man. Before God showed me that Trump would win this reelection, when I heard that Kamala would become the VP I said, "Oh, good. She can help the black communities." Father God said, "Don't bet on that." We pray because there are so many people and churches who don't SEE this enemy but Father God said He is "removing the veil" in a short time. 





    1/15 The latest Letter From God is out...  Just saying, don't worry about a thing. God's got us..."get the cake!"

    As a side note, a woman posted on one of the prophetic sites how everyone was cheering at the inauguration for the dems but it all turned around on January 21st. Incidentally, Psalm 21:7-13 states,

    "For the king trusteth in the Lord, and through the mercy of the most High he shall not be moved. Thine hand shall find out all thine enemies: Thy right hand shall find out those that hate Thee. Thou shalt make them as a fiery oven in the time of thine anger: the Lord shall swallow them up in His wrath, and the fire shall devour them. Their fruit shalt thou destroy from the earth, and their seed from among the children of men. For they intended evil against Thee: they imagined a mischievous device, which they are not able to perform. Therefore shalt Thou make them turn their back, when Thou shalt make ready Thine arrows upon Thy strings against the face of them. Be thou exalted, Lord, in thine own strength: so will we sing and praise Thy power."

    1/15 This morning Father God said, "I want you to think about the New World Order." One commenter on Kat Kerr's site said to remember, "The NWO is NOT greater than the Lord God. Job 38:4, 'Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell me, if you know so much.'" Separately, the Lord said, "America doesn't SEE what God is saying. They will be flooding the streets, massive protests, massive marches, chants of "4 more years." The Lord said to focus on the "term starting" and "Pray to the Holy Spirit." And, do you understand why?

    I wrote about praying over and over again that my mom get healed from cancer (she did, praise God!). One day the pastor called me up and said in so many words, "Stop praying. God heard you the first time." Confused, my mom whispered to me as I sat down, "I'm ALREADY healed." I didn't know we were supposed to SHIFT from praying fervently to receiving the answer in our spirit and praising God (puts a demand on Him to make it manifest).

    We've fasted and prayed over this election and as God has spoken CLEARLY through the prophets below, God answered. NOW'S the time to pray for President Trump's actual term for the next 4 years. This is what the devil DOESN'T want. Satan wants people distracted and thinking it's too late for Trump. Noooooo! The devil is a liar. God said Trump is ALREADY in his second term and I believe God, I'm not wavering. I'm not doubting and neither should you. I KNOW what God said and I KNOW what the prophets have confirmed.

    The problem is when a prophet speaks, it doesn't mean the answer is immediate. However, because God spoke, we stand in the gap and say, "Lord, You said we KNOW You'll bring it to pass." It's complete confidence and trust in God's Word. The problem is when people saw Trump impeached a second time, they likely thought, "Well, it's DEFINITELY over now." Noooooo! Wait on God because ONLY God has the final say. And, what He says SHALL COME TO PASS.

    Question. Did your mom ever bake a cake or cookies? When she told you she was baking something, what was the time frame? Did the cake magically appear? Did the pie suddenly turn up cooling off in the window sill? No. Chances are, she said she was going to bake something and then several hours later you had the end result. My mom didn't even SAY it. She'd put 2 sticks of butter in a bowl (to reach room temperature). And, man, let me tell you. When I saw those 2 sticks I started singing and dancing. I didn't even KNOW sometimes what she was going to bake but the EVIDENCE was there.

    The evidence we have is God SPOKE the words through us that Trump is ALREADY in his second term. God also spoke through Kat Kerr, Chris Yoons and other prophets that it's a consecutive term. But, here's the thing. Jesus teaches us to hear AND do. So God spoke it and now we have to wait for HIS actions. That's like my mom's 2 sticks of butter (letting me know something good was coming). I then had to wait on her actions to confirm it. So, stay encouraged and DO NOT DOUBT. This election is FAR FROM OVER. And, please don't take this the wrong way. It's not dems versus republicans or blacks versus whites. People were reaching out to Pastor Hank Kunneman saying he was a racist for preaching about Trump's second term. Noooooo! This isn't about race and over the course of this year MANY will see (again, hear what God said through Pastor Kent Christmas in Lion of Judah). This is a battle of good versus evil and God has chosen President Trump (flaws and all, we all make mistakes but God still uses us, so we can't judge HIS mistakes when we've got closets full!).

    In the coming weeks and months we will see the MIGHTIEST move of God like never before. We'll also be in shock over what the enemy was trying to cover up. But now the work starts. One of the prophets saw in the Spirit realm an attack against Trump and the Lord confirmed this to us (It's in one of the letters/links below). Hence, we must: 1. Praise God for the election victory. 2. Pray and fast over the next 4 years because of what's coming 3. Pray to the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost and ask God for direction, help, wisdom, favor and mercy. Remember, the Holy Spirit leads us into all truths and He speaks what God says. In Pastor Kent's messages in Lion of Judah, God SAYS the next 4 years are ours. They include MASSIVE revivals, more jobs, income, faithful moving into positions of power. It's going to get so much better. Let's stay in prayer over this term. The Lord said "Pray for Philadelphia" and "Pray for all police officers."

    1/14 Father God said, "The forecast is GOOD." Separately, I heard "earthquake" and "sudden" and Father God said, "Tell them they have to faster for what God does." Make sure you're completing the things Father God asked for you (getting organized, closing out 2020, working on that new book or ministry). I also heard, "We interrupt this regularly scheduled program." Remember NO WORD of God EVER fails. Hearing a few prophets mention that social media is censoring their content. So, if you go online and see fewer messages from a pastor or prophet, check their website. We'll have a list up tomorrow you can reference. God's got us! 



    1/14 8:00 am Father God said, "They're going to be shouting in the streets when they see what God does. He [the devil], thought he had you [God's people]." God also said "Tell them not to be afraid when they see what God does." And, He said, "Now you're going to see what justice is," "Rebuke violence" and "Pray for Philadelphia." The Lord also said, "Don't worry. Other forms of communication will come. He's opening up other channels for His people to communicate. "Pray for the East Coast" [He said this this morning and yesterday]. We "rebuke terrorism." A note about the part, "He thought he had you..."

    When I went through severe testing, I wrote about this in Put God in Place of That Problem. The severe test was like God changing places with me and letting the enemy attack me head-on briefly. The test was to see would I buckle, call on God or call on witchcraft. It was INTENSE pressure as the devil kept whispering from all sides "Give up, just die, it won't get better." All I could do and the thing I KNEW I needed to do was STAND on God's Word. Early on in my prayer life I would have buckled more but this time was different. Because we're taught to put a demand on God as He can't lie and His Word won't go void, I held tightly Him. So if you imagine a rope at an obstacle course, I wasn't holding a rope, I was holding onto the Word tightly that God WOULD deliver me.

    I kept rebuking satan and I mean I was crying and rebuking and calling on God and rebuking. I'd never been through such warfare. Every bill was behind, I was in a severe drought. But that was the test. Then I could see God getting back in front of me and it stopped. Father God said sometime later, "The devil thought he had you..." It was after the testing that I started seeing help coming in and all kinds of blessings.

    As the Body of Christ, remember a few days ago, Father God said, "Stay together." I mistakenly wrote initially to "go out in groups." That's not necessarily what He meant. I believe He was saying for the Body of Christ to STAND together united and don't waiver. There are so many examples you can compare this to, a football game, Hell Week in the military. The goal is to remember that this is only a test. The devil is ALREADY defeated and we have the victory. Now, let's let God work it out. I hear "MAJOR UPHEAVALS" are on the way. Now you will see God move.

    1/13 Mighty, mighty Word...Stay encouraged and listen to this encouraging message. Prophet Albert Milton mentions "14". Is it the 14th or Psalm 14? There's a comparison between President Trump and David and how God will remove the giants. So much good is coming for God's people! Read Daniel 5 about what's coming to the enemy. The enemy's days and his kingdom are numbered. Confusion is coming to his camp. It's a matter of days. Justice is coming and vindication for the Prophets!

    The second video with Kat is about trusting God when we pray. Remember, this is COVERT. God is working it out and angels are behind the scenes. Keep praying but it's also time to start praising God and receiving in advance that it's ALREADY DONE! Remember Father God said, "I want you to get SO excited." He told me to have some more cake...what about you? Celebrate! Our God is on the Throne! Hallelu-Yahweh! 

    "Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered: let them also that hate him flee before him. As smoke is driven away, so drive them away: as wax melteth before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God. But let the righteous be glad; let them rejoice before God: yea, let them exceedingly rejoice," Psalm 68:1-3




    1/13 When All is Said and WON!

    "They have prepared a net for my steps; my soul is bowed down: they have digged a pit before me, into the midst whereof they are fallen themselves. Selah," Psalm 57:6 KJV

    "They spread a net for my feet- I was bowed down in distress. They dug a pit in my path- but they have fallen into it themselves," Psalm 57:6 NIV

    "Don't doubt in the dark what you heard in the Light," Gene Bailey, Flashpoint / Victory Channel

    The God Who Shows Up and Shows Out: My Mighty Testimony

    I wrote about this great testimony many times. Years ago I worked with a bunch of really catty people who set me up to fail. They all called out on the same day leaving me to manage a department with maybe 40-people? There were all kinds of meetings and calls, reports, etc. The goal of my enemies was for me to collapse under the INTENSE pressure and get fired. They did it before to another girl who ended up having a nervous breakdown. How do I know? My enemies BOASTED about how they set her up. So on this day I KNEW I needed help. I prayed in the bathroom and asked for God, Jesus, the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit, the angels, wisdom, understanding and every Heavenly Host to help me (you know, we KNOW people, right?). But why did the attack happen?

    My pastor at the time needed help and I wanted to sow a HUGE blessing at church so I guess the devil got wind of it and wanted to stop me. So, there I am praying and planning how to get through this day. I stood in the mirror and said, "Okay, today, I have to think like the manager, stay organized, calm and get this done." I quoted all kinds of scriptures and STOOD on God's Word. What happened next was miraculous.

    In between juggling calls, I started printing and distributing reports for all the managers. At one point as I passed a manager's desk, I saw what looked like eyes everywhere. They were on the computer screens, near the walls, and on everything. I thought, "Lord God, how much espresso did I have?" But then I remembered a verse about God having eyes everywhere so I kept going and that's when I started seeing things really SHIFT. MY managers started helping me! One brought ME coffee. Another took reports off the printer and gave them out so I could answer calls. A different one dialed into his own conference call. And then God did something amazing. A manager asked from a few feet away WHY his secretary was late? Because he was across the room, that led to a different manager questioning why HIS secretary wasn't at work either. By the time my coworkers showed up, the HEAT was on them, not me. And, I can remember one of my coworkers who tried to set me up arriving late and looking around startled because everything was ALREADY DONE. (Remember, God is a God of order and when we call on Him, He comes!). She was shocked that I wasn't being rolled out on a stretcher.

    When It's More Than We Can Manage/Handle, That's a Sign It's God

    I'm not bringing this up to say it was ME. That's false pride. I'm saying, when something is SO BIG we can't handle it (like that 'can you control the leviathan' verse in Job), we KNOW it's God. Not only did I have the bonus money to give to my church, I actually received EXTRA and my managers said privately that they KNEW what I went through and how hard I worked. Imagine that? What I'm saying is God will help with your bills. That overwhelming illness. That stubborn child who won't act right or come home. God will work it out. In this season, I KNOW a lot of people are tired but see the Lord ALREADY making the way for you. See God coming in and cleaning house and giving you the help and favor you need. See God everywhere there is a need. "Rebuke those demons" and keep calling on God. And, this is important. God never meant us to be self-sufficient. We're to be God-reliant. Hence, when we have a need, we call on God and seek Him FIRST. It's why the Bible says, "He supplies all our needs." 

    Starting today and over the next few days, get excited and STAY excited over what God's about to do. God is removing these stubborn demons and we're going to see God part the seas and move like never before.

    President Trump is ALREADY in His Second Term - But the WORLD Doesn't Know YET

    I can remember several weeks ago, Father God said, "President Trump is already in his second term." I raced to create this article but God said don't put it up. You see, the enemy has to THINK they've won. They have to think they DID IT. Like on my job. At one point, one of my coworkers texted me that she was on her way but I told her, "Take you're time. We're good." When I realized God had ALREADY worked it out, the enemy's plans were foiled. That same coworker took an extra hour to get to the office. I figured they were probably scared to come in because their bosses KNEW it was a coup! So, let this devil THINK he's won because ALL KINDS of evidence is coming out. Prophet Kat Kerrs confirmed this when she said the devil starts to get sloppy. So, today should be interesting.

    "When the ground begins to shake, get ready for the landslide..." Kat said this in her recent video about the justice that's about to come. If you haven't followed our posts, it's going in Trump's favor. God's working it out for us. And, get ready for a rollercoaster ride! Incidentally, I want to pop some popcorn this show is going to be so good! The Red Sea had an earthquake, there was one in Oregon and today Alaska had a magnitude 4.4 earthquake. We know 4 is the 4th day when God created the earth. God didn't create the world so evil could win. We're to rest now and stay in God's shadow and let Him work.

    Ignore the Media But Do What God Said

    As you go about your day, there's all kinds of impeachment news but ignore all that and get ready for a "show." The devil has tried SO HARD through the media to make God's prophets out to be a liar but there are too many prophets hearing the same Word. It's why we've included several of their videos below and in the article, Can You Believe the Election Results. God is going to SHOW UP and SHOW OUT! Several times I heard, "Pray for Philadelphia." We pray for America. We pray for President Trump and we pray for the military and all police officers. As I keep saying - forward thinking "Get the oil out and have the tents ready. This is going to be the GREATEST revival we've ever seen and it's going to be one of the LONGEST and BIGGEST altar calls when all is said and WON! To God be the Glory!"

    I also heard, "Tell them they have to move faster" and "Do things that add value." Don't use this time just sitting and watching the news because that's the devil trying to plant a seed of doubt. Stay active and work on that book or hobby. Clean out those closets. Get ready for the next move of God. For you churches, start getting your messages ready and order that new Bible. Keep witnessing MORE. In the next 4 years, God will make it so the church is back in the spotlight and revered, not slandered. Remember, God said through Pastor Kent (videos in Lion of Judah, links below) that He's going to make it so that the coronavirus doesn't affect God's people, but the enemy. That means there will be altar calls for healings. Start working on that new ministry. Do everything God gave you a list to do NOW. We want to hit the ground running. Stay in your assignment, continue to STAND in position and don't back back.

    God said through a few of the prophets that what He does will be SWIFT. So, let's be ready. I saw a vision of several people coming in for help but the person wasn't ready. If you need a bigger business, start looking for another location or store. Do what you can and God will do what you can't. Write that vision and make it plain. Continue to do everything in Jesus's name and by God's authority! I'm also hearing for some "Your vision might change." God may have a new ministry for you or a new industry to work in. Pray about this. Keep going to bed by 9:30 pm so you can get up early and hear from Father God. And, I understand what this means. When we watch TV or play video games at night, we're hearing that in our ears. However, if you go to bed early, Father God might wake you up and speak to you. He's also available early in the morning. Lastly, "Keep praying for people that they come out of the hospital and are restored." 

    Listen to Sharell's message below about how God is giving us back our voices. This is confirmation as Father God said a few days ago, "You can speak louder. I gave you My voice." As we posted this article, Father God said, "I'm going to show you a sign of My work and what's to come."

    I was replying to someone on YouTube and telling them not to be doubleminded when Father God said, "I want you to watch what I say. Keep rebuking those devils in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. Tell them I've had enough with the games."

    4:34pm Again, not comparing Trump to Jesus, but as the accusations fly, notice how THEY are now switching to name calling and false accusations? This devil CAN'T stand that a Christian President is in authority. I stand by what the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost said when this happened to me on my old job, "Don't even LOOK at ...." This is the same mistake Saul and his army made when Goliath was tormenting them for 40-days. The reason God's people stand, gain strength and grow confidence in their faith walks, like Peter on the water, is we keep our eyes on Jesus. God is saying, "They will be sorry for what they said." And, President Trump said it right. We DON'T condone violence. We WILL NOT lift a finger. We don't return evil for evil. We don't curse. We walk in love, healing and forgiveness ONLY as Jesus taught us. It's God who blesses those that bless us and curses those who curse us x7 (Deut. 28:7). God is sending legions of warring angels who fight for us. We will see help soon. We rebuke those devils in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority.

    Note: We're hearing about some videos going down on YouTube. A few of Pastor Francis Myles' videos were missing and others are not up. Will look for these but just a note if you see a video isn't up. 

    I hear "emergency" like Kat heard "Emergency broadcast." Remember Father God is bringing correction. Keep praying for Philadelphia. I'm reminded of the old saying, "The devil saw me with my head down and thought he won until I said, Amen." I think it should say, "The devil saw me on my knees and thought he had me. But I stood up and said, "No, I'm praying God's mercy for you because He fights for me and He's on His way!"

    "Lift up your heads, O ye gates; even lift them up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of Glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory? The LORD of hosts, He is the King of Glory. Selah, (Psalm 24:9-10).Shout unto God with the voice of triumph! Hallelu-Yahweh! Our God reigns! 

    6:03 pm The Lord said, "Tell them they don't have to worry."



    1/12 6:32 pm Hey Saints...Very, very important follow-up. Chris Yoon's latest video goes into how social media might go dark the next few days and how the news media might twist what's being done. Watch his latest video in YouTube and download NewsMax and the Emergency Broadcasting system right away so you don't miss anything from President Trump and anything in the prophetic!

    Remember, if FB and YT are down, go directly to the pastor's website. For example, if YouTube is down in the next week and you're trying to get Lance Wallnau's messages, go to his website which is Pastor Wallnau mentions this in his video below, so it's something God's pastors and prophets are preparing for.  

    1/12: Father God said, "It doesn't matter" and "Pray against terrorism." Remember, what they SAY and DO doesn't matter so don't panic when you SEE what happens on the news reports (that's the mark of the beast, demons are angry because they thought they outsmarted God). Keep your eyes focused on Jesus and believe the possibilities. "Please keep your defenses up" and "Pray for Philadelphia." We decree and declare we are ONE NATION UNDER GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


    As a side note, can we start this party, already? Glory to God, this is a NEW ERA and Father God DID say, "I want you to get SO excited." It's not #45, it's #46. Keep speaking as if we've ALREADY received the victory because we ALREADY HAVE! Start thanking God it's ALREADY DONE. Praise God! Pray for President Trump.


    1/12 12:25 pm Father God confirmed earlier something President Trump said today. This morning the Lord said "anger" twice and the President mentioned this in the inappropriate actions of the tech companies. Then, separately he said it in his second interview.  

    1/12 10:53 am There's a lot of chatter in the Prophetic about something breaking in the news possibly later on today/tonight. You know a few days ago, I heard in the Spirit realm, "We interrupt this regularly scheduled program..." And, 2 more prophets confirmed this. In Kat's video below she even heard, "Emergency Broadcast." PLEASE DON'T PANIC...Father God said, "Please keep your defenses up" and if you can, try to stay home the rest of the week. See Chris Noon's video below.

    It's not to alarm anyone because we don't live in fear or panic. However, make sure you have enough groceries, pet foods/meds, medication and batteries through the end of this week just in case you have to shelter-in-place. And, check in with family NOW, let them know you're okay in case social media goes down. Again, it's nothing bad, nothing to panic about and please don't worry. As Father God is exposing the enemy, a lot of MAJOR SHIFTING IS STARTING. "Pray for Philadelphia." Remember, it's not for us to figure out what God is doing but to trust His plan and His timing! 



    1/12 6:30 am A few things...Just a warning the topic might be a bit harsh for some...Father God said, "Can you see the death angel going through?" I then heard in the spirit realm people crying out in desperation and saying, "I didn't DO anything" and "I didn't DO it."

    • The Lord previously mentioned how fake pastors and prophets deceiving people will be exposed. Prophet Emma Stark in her video (see Can You Believe the Election, 11/28) "You have brought people into ungodly altar calls because you called people to an impartation from your own hand and you called them forward at conferences and they met YOU rather than meeting ME." So, she mentions churches coming under fire. While this doesn't say death specifically, the next Word does.
    • Pastor Kent Christmas said in the Lion of Judah video that's translated into text. "The mixture of sin, I am no longer going to tolerate in the House of God. There is a spirit of death, even sayeth the Lord, that's going to hit the Ananias' and Sapphiras' in my house." So we know that's death in some churches because He said "My House" and "House of God." 

    Father God also spoke through Pastor Kent in the 2nd video, same link. He said something about coronavirus deaths coming to the enemy and that God was making it so that in the future God's People would not get the coronavirus. Please see the video for the exact wording He used. 

    Father God said, "Keep looking to the light and calling on Me." I also heard, "God is destroying the witchcraft of the enemy" and I heard, "They shall have evidence. It will now come." Glory to God! Father God also said to "Pray for Philadelphia." 

    On a separate topic, I'm hearing "anger." From now until the inauguration, please stay in prayer for President Trump, all police officers, the military and our great nation. We also pray for freedom of speech. Side note: Notice how additional giants (social media) were EXPOSED. God is shining a light, folks!

    Including Robin Bullock's video below and Chris Yoon. Chris cautions us to stock up on groceries and stay in for the rest of this week. Remember, not panic, but preparedness. In the second video, Robin describes 2 inaugurations but one isn't legitimate. Does this lead to the rioting Pastor Clancy saw with the election outcome? See Can You Believe the Election, video Daily Prophetic Utterance with the snow, trees and red berries, about 14-minutes in I think). Again, I saw buildings on fire and police standing by). 

    I heard, "Ladies and Gentlemen!" Remember, don't quit and don't give up. God's Word NEVER leaves void. That means what He speaks WILL ALWAYS COME TO PASS. Even in the darkest times, hold onto God's Word. God will not fail! Hallelu-Yahweh! And, He said what He does, "It will happen fast." I hear, "Pray for Philadelphia" and "Pray for the East Coast." Late yesterday He said "Pray for Pittsburgh." And we pray for our nation especially with the civil unrest that might come between now and the inauguration. We also pray for Vice President Pence. Incidentally, when Kat reconfirmed 4 more consecutive years for President Trump she said there were also said Pence is still VP. That video's below. 

    1/11 1:46 pm I heard "Buckle up and put your seatbelts on" and "God is enlarging our territories." Love that today is 1/11. President Trump was scheduled to speak at 1:30 pm ET but it was pushed back to 3:15 pm today. The devil cannot manipulate us anymore and "God won't fail." I remember a couple of nights ago my downstairs neighbor (who makes all the noise) started getting loud again. It was a Saturday and his wife wasn't home so I guess he felt like it was okay to be abusive to ME upstairs. He started yelling loudly from his kitchen but I KNOW we're not to walk in the flesh. I went into my living room and sat down and put a movie on. I heard the Lord ask me, "Why did you turn the TV on?" I said, "Oh, he wants me to return evil for evil. I cannot do that, Lord, or YOU won't work. I'm putting on the TV and sitting down because I'm NOT giving up my territory." I said it out loud so it would penetrate that demonic atmosphere. My neighbor got even more angry and did his usual, smoking and drinking, music blasting. What he didn't realize was that his wife came home early. And, suddenly the music went off. Party's over. That's what I'm speaking prophetically into this day. "Party's over for the enemy. Party's over for that devil who thinks he can torment, manipulate, intimidate and cause fear." As I wrote this, God said, "Tell them don't worry. You can speak louder. You have a voice that I gave you." He said "They [our enemies] will be fighting amongst themselves." Again, that's confirmation from Pastor Kent's video in Lion of Judah. "Their days of witchcraft are over." God says, "I am going to bind the enemy. I will help. I will not fail. They will see." I heard "shitar" or "sitar" not sure what this is...We GIVE HELL NOTICE. Your time is up. Father send the fire. Send the angels. Send Your light and EXPOSE EVERY secret thing. Now, here's the other part, 2 things.

    Remember what Father God said. "We must not look back." I also heard, "Tell them not to be afraid when they see what God does." Another point is we still must walk in love, healing and forgiveness - not vengeance. Remember, it's NOT about revenge. Yes, we want God to act. Yes, we want justice. But we still have to do it the way Jesus intended (Mark 11:22-26), through forgiveness. Forgive the Dems. Forgive Nancy Pelosi. I say as a daily reminder that I forgive my downstairs neighbor. Let NO sin rule over me and let no demon have a legal right to enter me through manipulation and domination.

    This battle is about exposing every secret thing to God's light and asking for God's correction, judgment and mercy. We want as many souls won before Jesus's return. Also, I keep hearing over and over, "Pray for Philadelphia" several times a day, sometimes several times an hour. We pray for God to EXPOSE all corruption in the election. We also pray for God's mercy because when HE MOVES, nothing can stand in HIS WAY. Glory to the Father! 

    Note: This is a Mighty and Confirming Word from Pastor Lance about standing, God drawing us closer to Him and the harvest that's coming. Remember, keep singing and praising God and don't FEAR man or the wrath of man. God is on the Throne! 


    1/11 11:28 am God says, "Wait and see what God does." Posting Pastor Johnny Enlow's message and man, this brought tears to my eyes. So many prophets holding the line and we know you are, too. What's so amazing is these are ALL CONFIRMING Words. We had to move the older content because God is speaking message, after message. Stay encouraged. Keep praising God and shouting out, "Victory!" 


    1/11 6:33 am Father God said, "Tell them they don't have to worry when they see what I do."

    Separately, yesterday in the Spirit realm I heard, "Breaking News: We interrupt this regularly scheduled program..."


    1/11 He's the Turnaround God

    Hallelu-Yahweh! We praise God who can turn things suddenly! And, I'm hearing "a rapid transition of power." To see God work, to see Him move, words can't express it. When Father God said on 1/6 "I want you to remember this day" who would have thought that God was about to come down with legions of angels to help us. He's a merciful and loving Father. He's removing stubborn pride AND our enemies! May we ALWAYS remember the Sovereign Lord who saved us. Lord, we ask for Your mercy. Guide us and lead us. Always cover our nation and protect us. Protect President Trump the military and all our police officers. Almost forgot. Father God said yesterday, "Don't look back."

    Get the spirit of excitement for what God's doing and about to do. AND, remember, He's pouring out blessings to His Faithful Ones (healings, help from on High, promotion). See Pastor Kent Christmas's 2 messages on this in Lion of Judah. In the first video The Next Four Years He also mentions reversing the coronavirus and that it's coming to the enemy instead.

    Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow! Great is His faithfulness! Have Thine own way! 

    Sharing Prophet Robin Bullock's video. I think 4-minutes in is when he holds up the staff over the Capital and prays. Pay attention to what time it is when this happens! God is working in OUR FAVOR! Hallelu-Yahweh! God will NOT FAIL!


    1/10 God Will Not Fail You

    The Lord said, "Calm down when you see what God does." Remember, God's GOT US and God works swiftly. We'll have another letter out soon. Please continue to pray for President Trump. And, Pray for Philadelphia.


    Father God wants us to get excited about the good things coming and for what God is about to do. WE are ONE NATION UNDER GOD - and no devil, Jezebel demon, witchcraft or corruption will EVER stop Our God! To God be the Glory! Bring on the Revival! God's voice WINS!


    "The LORD foils the plans of the nations [enemies]; He thwarts the purposes of the peoples [wicked]," Psalm 33:10
    "Give thanks unto the Lord for He is good. His mercy endureth forever," I Chron. 16:34


    “Take courage! It is I. Be not afraid,” Matthew 14:27

    If you get the chance to watch, Sight and Sound's live Jesus production, there's an interesting scene (we added a short video excerpt above). We often envision Peter walking on water, (Matt. 14:22-33), as if the waters were calm and the water clear. But, that's not how it's depicted in the live version. In the middle of the ocean as Peter walked to Jesus, the waves were churning and the sea looked dreadfully fierce.

    Be Not Afraid

    I can remember reading about Peter's excitement to do what Jesus did. Here was Jesus walking on the water in the middle of the night! And, Peter wanted to mirror Jesus's behavior because as he saw the Lord working miracles, his faith grew. Remember, Jesus also said, "The things that I do, you shall do greater than these." So, Peter believed this. Remember, when the disciples said, "Lord, should we send down fire from heaven?" They wanted to obey and increase in the spirit, while decreasing in the flesh. But alas, this takes time - and testing, especially when we're new to serving God. Our faith is strong in our mindset as we feed on milk but then the testing comes. That's meat. To mature into that requires great testing to build great faith.

    Part of Peter's problem - and what we go through in our Christ-walk, in my opinion, is he had to learn both to HEAR and DO. We hear church messages all the time. We read our Bibles and pray. We hear God speak. But what happens when the test comes and now God is saying, "DO what I command?" What happens when it's a contrary wind or Word that your mind tries to process and CAN'T agree with because of the storm? Is that what made Peter look down in the water? Is that what made him think, "I can't DO this!"? 

    Choose Faith Over Fear 

    To help us grow in our faith walks, we have to inject FAITH everywhere there is FEAR and don't doubt. Peter had enough courage to step out of the boat and onto the water. The problem was, Peter SAW the storm approaching in the distance. So maybe that water WAS calm, at first. Peter's mind was likely processing, "Okay, it's getting darker, winds are picking up, waves are choppy. This is not what it LOOKED LIKE when I got off the boat."

    Remember, Jesus had a habit of testing the disciples in the middle of things. And, here's the mistake some Christians make. They're confident - and sometimes even arrogant when the water is calm. Picture a new church member who says, "Oh yeah, I can preach and lead better than that pastor." I remember when a bishop said this once in a sermon. He said "You might run up here, but you'll limp away." He was trying to forewarn the congregant that the testing is hard and sometimes severe. So what Peter saw in that calm water on the boat, was NOT the test.

    The real test is when the storm starts. As the waves started churning, Peter looked down, meaning, he took his eyes OFF Jesus. And, in our faith walks, we can feel like we're sinking from distractions, the devil trying to show FEAR on the news, a bad report or anything else that takes our attention off Jesus. Because Peter couldn't SEE Jesus, he lost faith and saw his flesh sinking in the water.

    To keep our faith strong, we need daily discipline, i.e., Bible reading, praying, church and spending time with God. What's more, it takes work to maintain our faith. Remember, with God we go from faith to faith and glory to glory. When we pass a test, a new test comes. The devil battles us because he can ONLY work when fear is present.

    Fear puts us out of faith and God doesn't give us the spirit of FEAR but of POWER and of LOVE and a SOUND MIND, (2 Tim. 1:7). When our eyes are focused on Jesus we confidently think or say, "I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me." That's FAITH. When we're not fixed on Jesus, FEAR can get in (flesh). "I'm scared." It triggers emotions that send messages to the brain, "I'm going to sink." "These bills are overwhelming." "I can't do this alone." "This is overwhelming."

    As a side note, look at how many times the stimulus bill was delayed. People panicked because their bills were past due. However, God and Jesus were standing on the water saying, "I can help with your bills. Come unto Me and I will give you rest." The devil intentionally caused panic so people would fear and then he could work to further tear down their faith. That's why the Bible says, "Don't give place [a foothold, crack, entrance, access, opening] to the devil."  

    Part of the reason Peter's faith walk faltered was he hadn't witnessed Jesus working in THIS particular area. Yes, Jesus multiplied the bread and fish and fed 5,000 but the only way to pass a new test is, well, with testing in a new area. Jesus had an AMAZING resume but like the Children of Israel, people sometimes forget He's the same God yesterday, today and forever. It's one of the reasons why Jesus walked on the water. He needed to do something that looked SO IMPOSSIBLE to the disciples so they would know that they know that they know, nothing is impossible with God.

    As a side note, in our Lion of Judah message, when God speaks through Pastor Kent Christmas, God talks to us about how so many prayed and cried and gave up in 2020 thinking that God WASN'T there. In so many words, God says, Why would you ever doubt Me? Why would you think that I wouldn't show up and help you? Do you not know how much I love you? The most touching part as God speaks is when we hear Jesus speak and say, "I gave up My life for you."   

    Furthermore, Jesus walking on water was so inexplainable, the disciples needed to SEE evidence of the supernatural. They needed to SEE that He was indeed the Son of God.

    Don't Doubt God's Abilities

    Another concern with Peter is after the 5,000 were fed, after he walked on water and saw the other miracles, why did he deny Christ, (Luke 22:54-62)? Was it peer pressure? Was he scared? 

    To answer these questions, we have to look at the steps Peter went through in his faith walk.

    These include:

    • Confidence When We DO See Jesus: Jesus let Peter walk on the water to him. After Peter slipped and the Lord helped him up and back ON the water, they went back to the boat. Peter had to demonstrate/do the same actions because Jesus gave us His authority.
    • Confidence When We DON'T See Jesus: Jesus said that Peter would deny him 3 times. Peter said that he wouldn't (shouldn't that count as the 4th?). When Peter was approached by the woman in the courtyard, he was in the midst of unbelievers, hanging with the wrong crowd. He may have felt insecure because of the doubters, naysayers and haters.   


    Psalm 1:1 tells us, "Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the path of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful." Hence, the Bible teaches us, don't walk with them, stand with them or even sit with unbelievers. That doesn't mean we judge them. No, we walk in love like Jesus taught us. However, we must come out from among them or else we can start to mirror THEIR behavior, not God's. 

    The Approaching Storm

    I already wrote about a dream a few days ago where my downstairs neighbor said, "A storm is coming." He was rushing through his home to close the windows AND block out the light from getting in. God's LIGHT is coming and the devil can't stop it. All the witchcraft, hate, hexes, voodoo, juju, animal sacrifices and curses the devil spoke are now coming back at him and at them. God is going to handle EVERYONE that came against Him and His people. 

    God revealed to one prophet that the evidence is about to come out and the devil and his demons KNOW this and are now scrambling. It's why they're grasping for straws and racing to get President Trump out. But what is the evidence? Is it the proof Rudy Giuliani has about the DOMINION machine corruption? Some lady in Germany posted that they have the results and they show Trump winning by a LANDSLIDE. This would verify what I heard in the prophetic before the election. I heard a single voice say, "I didn't vote for Biden." What other evidence is there? Is it the proof we now have that the Capital breach was staged? Those videos from the REAL Trump supporters are all over the internet. Is THAT why Facebook, Apple and Twitter are trying to shut down Trump's social media? Too late!  

    What's interesting about the time we're in, this testing and the coming days is Peter's faith walk. In studying it, Jesus let him go through specific tests to build up his faith. Look at the election. It LOOKS LIKE the enemy won. It LOOKS LIKE they're going to impeach President Trump again, arrest him and charge him with treason. However, this is a bluff. The devil is trying to strike FEAR until the inauguration. Why? He's running out of time and he wants to cause doubt. And, some Christians are buckling under the pressure.

    Whose Side Are You On?

    A few days ago, the Lord let me rebuke a prophet online. The man who BOLDLY posts messages about President Trump's win posted a video asking if God is going to judge the wicked Trump prophets? I thought, "Wait, what?" You see, when God's prophets post what He says, it's not about likes, tweets and shares. When God gives a Word, a prophet's responsibility is to share it. We CANNOT change it or we face God's wrath. I read comment after comment on this man's social media. Other prophets, ministers and lay persons rebuked him and said how wrong he was for turning away. It was like he succumbed to the enemy's pressure. And, again, I'm not saying this is Dems versus Republicans. Leave political parties out of it. This is good versus evil and Jesus has drawn a line and God is asking "Whose side are you on?"

    If you picture the Body of Christ like Hell Week in the military, the goal is to get through that SEVERE testing without ringing out. I like to say, "Hold the line" but every time I write it the Lord corrects me and says not to say that but write, "Have faith." The devil cannot TOUCH God's people unless he can convince them to give up and cross that line. Hence, we have to stand firm and unwavering.

    However and whatever happens in the next 10 days, many will SEE the mightiest move of God like never before. We've never seen the angels come down and fight for us - but they're on their way. We've never seen the Red Sea parted and our enemies swallowed up. But it's about to happen. In showing the BIGGEST demonstration of God's faithful Word, because the ENTIRE WORLD is watching, God can move and show His most powerful demonstration (already had my cake to celebrate Trump's win, and now I'm popping my popcorn for this show).

    Prophet after prophet said this year's revival will be MASSIVE. The devil tried to block this and can't. In the next few days, God is going to expose ALL the corruption and evil in the U.S. He might be doing it right now, i.e., today as one prophet said God is not waiting months or weeks. He's moving NOW. He's taking off the veil and shining a light on every secret and hidden thing. This will expose the mark of the beast in the media and how the devil tried to use witchcraft to come against the Body of Christ. One prophet said the events will be so BIG, the military will have to get involved. Another prophet confirmed this and said he sees police in riot gear. I saw buildings on fire and the police standing by. What we heard was newscasters saying in the spirit realm, "We've never seen adults crying like this over a president." God said, "He's removing stubborn pride and our enemies." And, He's doing what He promised. 

    The significance of what happens in the next few days will be phenomenal. God is enlarging our territories and getting the Bride/Body ready for Jesus's return. We're going to have revival, restoration AND recovery. We're getting the Body of Christ on one accord. It won't be the Dem Christians and the Republican Christians or other groups. It will be one Body, one nation, serving God. Praise God! So many will come to Christ when they see what God does. It's why He said, "I want you to get SO excited!" To God be the Glory! He will NOT fail!   

    Note: Sharing a few recent posts. God is speaking and helping us to stand confidently and strong in Him. 




    1/9 Get Ready to Celebrate

    1/9: Just a heads up, our article is out, Is The Media Staging Events. In it we explore the Capital breach, the Flashpoint interview and other events Is President Trump, a target of the media because he's Christian? Is this the mark of the beast? Remember when Jesus drew a line in the sand?


    Excerpt: If we drew a line in the sand right now, some might think one side would represent Democrats and the other Republicans. On the one side, you have the Dems. Their followers might include LGBTQ groups, BLM, Pro-Abortionists, feminist groups and the black churches and black Christians supporting Biden. On the other, you have the Republicans. Their followers include white Christians and white churches, the Jews, Pro-Lifers, the KKK, Proud Boys and other groups supporting Trump. So, it's Dems versus Republicans, right? I beg to differ. The evidence is showing this is the battle of good versus evil. This article explores media bias and if what we're seeing is the mark of the beast coming against President Trump because he's a Christian. 


    1/9 I hear God saying, "I want you to get excited." (please don't miss God's MIGHTY prophetic Word in the video below about the next 4 years). This devil is saying treason, impeachment and arrest for President Trump. However, the ARRESTS will come but it won't be for President Trump!!!


    The devil (accuser of the brethren) comes to steal, kill and destroy. However, like Kat said, "When the devil thinks he's WON, he gets sloppy." We'll come back to that with OUR explosive news. Remember, the devil is a liar! Have faith, keep the news off - the media is trying to strike FEAR to stop your FAITH. So, don't panic.
    God spoke about the Capital's STAGED ATTACK to His prophets BEFORE it happened. And, just like God made a hidden path through the Red Sea, He has made the way for us with the election! We hereby PUT HELL ON NOTICE: God is exposing EVERY hidden thing. It's ALL coming to LIGHT.


    Keep reading your Bible. WE have the victory! OUR GOD is on the THRONE, not man, not evil. ONLY GOD has the final say. REGARDLESS of how it unfolds, President Trump IS President for 4 more trust God. He said, "It's about to get better."
    Celebrate Trump's reelection (already had my cake). And, remember, whatever we need from the Lord, say, "It's NO problem for God." Piece of cake! Victory! Hallelu-Yahweh!


    I decree and declare the election's overturned. I see apologies and reinstatements. The enemy's saying "Not fair." But we're standing firm and saying, "You will leave God's people alone." I see celebrating in the streets! Massive, massive revivals, old tent-style revivals, lines around the block, Azusa-style, healings and deliverances. Upheavals in every sector. So many job changes in the media, news, Hollywood, massive upheavals where people are fired and replaced with better. People moving to better neighborhoods. A MASSIVE wealth transfer (wait and see). Black and white churches uniting, the scales and veils come down/off. ONE NATION under God, not divided by political class, religion, race, language, there are no barriers. Huge parades of God's people praising Him! Reunions for some. Prisoners set free. Sweeping changes in the secular world. It's okay to turn the TV and movies on again. More celebrities, athletes and singers coming to Christ, openly praising God and worshiping Him, telling others to read the Bible, cleaning up their streets/neighborhoods. People are debt-free and helping others. Massive, massive breakthroughs. Open praise and worship, God back in schools, businesses, churches and homes. God back on the Altar and no fear from/or of anyone. Have hope and get ready! Keep reading your Bible every day. Stay strong in the Lord and the power of HIS MIGHT! THIS DEVIL'S ALREADY DEFEATED!!! And, I hear, "What God's about to do, it will happen fast."


    Pray for Philadelphia...




    1/8/21 God Will NOT Fail

    "For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry," Habakkuk 2:3

    "Ye have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, He may give it you," John 15:16

    1/8 Father God said, "Let them know 'You will have help soon." He also said, "I will help you with your bills. Call on Me if you need something. God will help with every detail." We will have another letter/message from God soon. The Lord also said to "Pray for every police officer." Keep leaning on God and calling on Him. Also, as a reminder, please don't watch the mainstream news. It goes back to that verse, "Whose report do you believe?" This is a topic we'll cover tomorrow.

    Father God is also saying "Tell them they don't have to worry. What God's about to do is going to be BIG." Additionally, He said, "I want you to rebuke their personalities. They will be saying 'Not fair' when they see what God does for us." God has great news for His People. Stay encouraged and keep reading your Bible.

    I also heard, "Keep your plans hidden from man." "Thou shalt hide them in the secret of Thy presence from the pride of man: thou shalt keep them secretly in a pavilion from the strife of tongues," Psalm 31:20. Father God said again, "We will see help soon. What He does and what He reveals - it will be fast."


    Judgment is Coming to the Wicked

    Wanted to share Kat Kerr's video where she discusses what's coming soon to those who went up against the Body of Christ and she speaks prophetically about the future. Yes, President Trump is serving 8 consecutive years as President and Mike Pence will still be Vice President. She states about the left, "There will be so many people going to jail. This is His Word, going to jail or prison. They will begin to fall upon each other and nash at each other. He said, 'They have no foundation, the left, the wicked, the evil, to hold them together...They will fail greatly." She mentions that this includes some Christian leaders who joined their team and abandoned what God wanted. Revelation after revelation - no wonder we're hearing "explosion" a few times!

    Kat says to get your cake and celebrate in the midst of what we're seeing. Remember, we have to SEE in the Spirit until it's made manifest in the natural. We have hope that Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, the Lord God Almighty and all of Heaven are working on our behalf. They are celebrating the victory! They're celebrating in Heaven because they KNOW what's about to happen and we should celebrate to! Revival! Victory! Recovery! Restoration! It's coming! Believe the possibilities! 

    1/8 I'm hearing "explosion." Heard it a few times today and late yesterday. 


    Whose Report Do You Believe? 

    "And all this assembly shall know that the Lord sayeth not with sword and spear: for the battle is the Lord's, and He will give you into our hands," David, before he slayed the giant, I Samuel 17:47

    1/8 Father God wanted me to write about the media. They're trying to strike fear in people by making them think President Trump caused the Capital breach. I read online where Christians were saying it might have been ANTIFA antagonists, rogue rioters, actors, anarchists and BLM disguised as Trump supporters. Others believe it was the dems themselves who intentionally left the capital unguarded so they could blame President Trump.

    A Conflicting Report

    Witnesses said there were groups of suspicious thugs in military gear who showed up on buses with tools. All of this was caught on video. The actual Trump supporters were there singing, cheering and praising God. The suspicious group had NO encounters with them. Others reported similar findings. But now they're pushing for treason so they have grounds to immediately remove President Trump from office. But why? The devil's trying to do all he can to get President Trump out.

    As one pastor pointed out, when BLM demonstrators rioted, attacked bystanders officers, and set things on fire, they received $10 billion and a few murals. When Trump supporters rally to support President Trump, it's treason. What we're REALLY seeing - beyond the smoke and mirrors, is the mark of the beast. What the enemy doesn't want people to know is the reason they're trying to RUSH to get President Trump out is because the devil knows this year we're going to have the BIGGEST church revival and restoration. And, the devil's doing all he can to block it. Hence, he's trying to make it LOOK LIKE President Trump orchestrated this attack and for the "safety of the American people, he has to go." Why would FB and T block President Trump for the rest of his term? To silence President Trump because they don't want him discussing the election coverage. And, because the media and social media don't want people knowing about all the witchcraft and corruption behind the scenes. Well, the devil is a liar! 

    God is Exposing the Corruption

    In the Charlie Shamps video (see below) from It's Not Me, It's Him, God says, "Oh, America. There is a cloak of deception that has been placed upon your land. It has been spread from the east to the west. Yes, the lie has been spread to deceive you into destruction. But, I am coming and removing the veil from off of your eyes. My hand is even now upon the nation and I am pulling back the deception and unraveled evil and revealing to you the truth for what they have told you is not what it seems to be. They seek to place upon you the chains of enslavement. I am releasing my TRUMPET. I am releasing my sound that breaks every chain. I am breaking the masquerade and manipulation that has been upon the land for generations. You will see my salvation in your nation." 


    The Enemy and His Groups 

    Let's face a few facts. The devil is organized. Remember when the demon told Jesus, "We are legions"? WE don't have to fear because Jesus already overcame the world. However, we must understand what the media is doing and why we should turn away from movies, TV and the mainstream (fake) news. This devil is united and working with the media, government officials and Hollywood to promote satan's agenda.

    Look at how many newscasters and celebrities have made statements about how they don't condone violence in the U.S. But, witchcraft, animal and baby sacrifices and election fraud are okay? The rush to get President Trump out is tied to Biden's promise. He said within 100-days in office he's promoting a new LGBTQ equality bill. And, you better believe other bills will follow that are anti-Christian (antichrist). But thank God we have an all-knowing and all-powerful God. So, this intimidation, fear and manipulation is nothing new. It happened to me.

    Look Away

    At my old job, I worked with a girl who hated me. God GAVE me her job and she was demoted. I get it. But I mean she REALLY hated me. She played all kinds of games. She'd accuse me of stealing stuff and wouldn't help with the work. She also did this weird staring thing. Pastor Robert Clancy said it's a witchcraft tactic where the person tries to gaze at you for long periods until you make eye contact with them. She'd sit or stand across the room and intentionally stare at me. The Lord KNEW what she was doing and would tell me, "Don't even LOOK at her." So, I'd ignore her, turn on my praise and worship and stay busy. I guess it upset her that she couldn't get under my skin that way so one night at the train station she approached me. (I wrote about this before). She said "Hi" and tapped me on my shoulder. But the way she touched me was more like a shove like she wanted me to fall down the stairs. Well, my Bible says, "Touch not..." She never came back to work. She went into false labor that weekend, lost her job, the husband lost his job, and she struggled for a REALLY long time. I guess whatever it was she was wishing on me, it ALL CAME BACK TO HER INSTEAD. 


    Finding Help in God

    What I'm saying is don't even LOOK at what this media devil is showing. They're trying to intimidate, manipulate and control through FEAR but we walk by FAITH. So, don't let that devil in. They're united, lying, anti-Christ and they're hiding behind their agenda to crush Christians. But, God! Fortunately, we serve the King of Kings and we're not drinking that Kool-Aid. We don't have to worry because Our God is on the Throne and God has already said that He's binding the enemy.

    In the interim, remember you have help:

    • You have your guardian angel, legions of God's MIGHTY angels, and Michael the Archangel to protect you.
    • What you speak comes to pass. Decree and declare what you need. God will make it manifest. Write the vision and make it plain so God can provide what you need.
    • Increase your Bible reading, read your Bible daily and keep on your praise and worship music. Try to increase your Bible reading. I used to listen to the Bible for an hour but then I found myself doing other things and I couldn't remember a thing I'd heard. We get a better return on our Biblical investment when we get deep into God's Word AND spend time with Him. Spend time with Father God early in the morning and pray throughout your day. Press in like never before. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. When we get to Heaven, chances are we won't be saying, "That's great, Jesus, but my show's about to come on." 
    • Pray and speak in tongues daily. Aside from the Lord's Prayer, one of the best prayers is really simple. "Lord, please remove me from the hands of my enemies." When Father God first told me to pray this, I wasn't sure if I was hearing God or not. I'd never heard of it. It's Psalm 31:15, "My times are in Thy Hand: deliver me from the hands of mine enemies, and from them that persecute me." We MUST pray scriptures like these because the devils we're facing are practicing witchcraft, black magic, voodoo, juju and who-who knows what else. Jesus already overcame the world but remember, He GAVE US His authority to cast out demons and heal diseases. We, however, have to grow into our gifts. Tip: Also remember to "Rebuke those demons/devils" and "Rebuke their personalities." We don't want to let offenses in or give place to the devil. It's like planting a small seed that grows into an oak tree!
    • Remember what Father God said yesterday, "Keep believing Me." The enemy/mark of the beast is doing EVERYTHING to show a good poker face but don't believe satan. Believe God! 


    Confidence in God, and a Few Warnings

    In closing, stay confident in God. The devil's trying to PUSH his agenda through the media to make people believe they've won. THE DEVIL IS A LIAR. Our Father God is about to show up and show out. In the opening verse for today, David actually says, "The Lord saveth NOT with sword and spear." I used to think that the tiny stone David used took the giant down. That's not what killed Goliath. David ran over to Goliath when he fell and used Goliath's own sword to kill him. And similarly, with these media giants and demons trying to come against God's people, God is binding them and with Deuteronomy 28:7, their own curses will come against them x7, so we don't have to fight or war in the flesh. Just walk away and have FAITH, not FEAR. Remember, REST, don't WRESTLE with God and let God handle it.

    We're going to see a move of God we've never seen before so let's stay out of God's way so He can act. God will give us the victory, so that means:

    • No slander, curses or mirroring the enemy's behavior
    • No pride, retaliation, vengeful acts or flesh 
    • You also want to avoid storming other people's office for selfies, hanging from awnings so Me-maw can see you on TV, and dressing up in fur and Viking horns unless it's for a movie casting call


    Use the time in the coming days to usher in God's presence and rest in Him. When He works, we rest. He's OUR Way Maker, Miracle Worker and Promise Keeper! And, there's NOTHING the devil can do to stop OUR GOD! Remember, Psalm 91:10, "There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling." I'm hearing a great "Quaking" is coming. I'm hearing "Quaking." Have Thine own way, Lord. Glory to God! Hallelu-Yahweh! 

    This is Only the Beginning

    Note: When President Trump spoke today about the Capital incident, at the end of his speech, he said, "This is only the beginning." When God spoke through Pastor Kent Christmas (see Lion of Judah), the Lord said, "And though the evil say 'we have won', I say unto thee, the battle has not yet begun." It will be interesting to see how the media treats President Trump's speech and how the masks start to come off. We can't say what happens next, i.e., if President Trump will actually leave office and then return or how this will pan out. Only God knows. I do remember Pastor Robert Clancy said he saw Joe Biden standing in the White House alone in a dream and that Pastor Clancy rebuked him strongly because of the corruption he used to get there. Furthermore, remember, Prophet Kat Kerrs said she sees Heaven cheering right now over President Trump's win and he IS #45. What's more, in Pastor Kent Christmas's message, the Lord said, we will have 4 years of signs, wonders, miracles and demonstrations of God's power. Is it possible that President Trump will have to leave office and then return once the election corruption comes to light? Only Father God knows. What we do know is that God is up to something amazing. On December 13, He said, "Don't worry. I have set up a surprise. We will all be laughing together." Well, surprise, surprise, surprise! Have Thine own way, Lord!

    For someone that needs it, God is saying, "Look for your window." God makes opportunities, remember to look for the opening He provides. 




    1/7/21 The Enemy Thinks He's WON

    1/7 "Here's what I learned about satan. When he THINKS he's won he gets very sloppy..." Kat Kerrs

    Okay, so the enemy THINKS he's won. But God STILL has the final say. Remember, the enemy thought he won when he crucified Jesus. He thought he secured the vote, I mean, Jesus's death by rolling a stone over the tomb. But, God has the last laugh and God ALWAYS has something else up His sleeve which the enemy is about to find out about. We included Prophet Jonathan Cahn's video below about how THIS ends the darkness. Now that the tomb is sealed, God can SHINE THE LIGHT. It will be interesting in the coming days to SEE how Hollywood, the government (dems) and the mainstream media (antichrist/mark of the beast) start to get sloppy and plan their celebrations. They already started using "Amen and awomen" in prayer and praying to Hindu gods. Nancy Pelosi already announced they will stop using gender specific terms like "mother, father, daughter son." Because the enemy THINKS they won will they make more BOLD declarations that help sleeping dem Christians SEE THE LIGHT?

    Father God said late last night, "I want you to remember THIS DAY." Is God letting light shine NOW? Will we see scales come off eyes and the real witches exposed? Will we NOW visibly see 666, the mark of the beast on foreheads? How will God bind our enemies based on His Words to us in Lion of Judah? Will He blind the enemy the way they blinded the Christian dems from seeing the dem party's true agenda? The definition of bind is to tie together, confine by using a cord. Will our enemies suddenly become restricted and unable to move? Will the DOMINION voting scandal stop everything now that Giuliani has proof of rigged voting in Georgia? Was God letting this all play out to give everyone a chance to confess (mercy) before God strikes HIS gavel? We added Lance Wallnau's video below. However, this plays out, stay encouraged and keep reading your Bible. ONLY God has the final say. I hear God saying, "Don't worry. What I do will be in the supernatural. Have faith." Praise God and thank You, Lord for confirming Your Words to us!


    Quiz Time...

    Because we don't want to doubt, we must put our game faces on. If haters, naysayers or mockers say anything about the election, do you say:

    • A. "ONLY God has the final say."
    • B. "He who sits in the Heavens laughs and He laughs LAST."
    • C. "God's voice WINS" or
    • D. "Get thee BEHIND ME SATAN!


    Answer: All of the above!"


      In closing, I had a very interesting dream last night. This might be a MIGHTY foreshadowing dream about the demonic. In it, I was in my downstairs neighbor's home. This is the one who tries to practice witchcraft against us (that devil's defeated). So, I was looking out one of their windows when all of a sudden, the man/my downstairs neighbor, slammed the window shut in front of me and quickly pulled the shades down. I jumped back because his actions were so sudden. I don't think he and his wife saw me there as he turned to his wife and said, "A storm is coming." But, what's strange is my neighbor DOES NOT have shades. He has mini blinds. If a storm was coming, why was he trying to quickly block the light from getting in? There were A LOT of windows and as he raced to close each window and pull down the shades I saw a torrential rain storm starting as the rain beat against the glass on a few windows.

      What I'm saying is, God's rain and the storm He's sending is starting. Say, "I see an abundance of rain." I see an abundance of healing, revivals and victory. I see an abundance of provision and restoration. I see an abundance of corruption exposed and devils/enemies defeated. Hallelu-Yahweh! It might only look like a tiny cloud now, but as Kat said in her video above, don't go by what you see on the news, in Hollywood or TV. Go by what GOD SAYS. In heaven, they're rejoicing and celebrating right now over this election and Trump's win. God has the FINAL SAY, not man, not witchcraft, not demons. To God be the glory! I hear God saying, "Only believe Me."  Yes, Lord! Amen, Amen!  Believe for the SUPERNATURAL. What we're seeing now, God says, "That's witchcraft." 

      PS: Lana Vawser's FB page has the following confirming Word for today: 

      Don't lose hope! Stay in the place of the ferocious focus of faith! God is going to do what He said He was going to do! This is the hour of His power being displayed in explosive ways.
      Jesus looked at them and said, “With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God.” - Mark 10:27 (ESV)
      ‘Ah, Lord God! It is you who have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and by your outstretched arm! Nothing is too hard for you. - Jeremiah 32:17 (ESV)


      PS: Kat Kerrs video reminded me of something I heard in the prophetic a few months ago. In her video she says she saw President Trump elected 46th President but she can't give a timeline. She saw people dancing and celebrating in the streets that Trump is reelected. And, they're celebrating in Heaven. I heard in the spirit realm news reporters saying, "We've never seen so many adults cry like this over a president." Were they crying over a Biden loss?



      1/6/21 Believe the Possibilities...

      1/6 Regardless of what happens with this electoral college drama, here's the kicker...

      Before the election, the enemy tried to use witchcraft to bind President Trump. There were all kinds of news posts and reports from prophets about how witches tried to cause the spirit of offense, tried to blind people so they wouldn't focus on the what the dems were really doing (witchcraft, animal and baby sacrifices, anti-Israel). SOOOOO, that means God is going to use against them WHAT THEY USED AGAINST God's people. How do we know this? Wait for it...

      God spoke through Pastor Kent (see the video below or our Lion of Judah write-up for the full text). In it, God says, "And oh, know this, saith the Lord, that the demon spirits that have ruled over this country I am now binding for a season just as I will bind satan for a thousand years. I now bind the intent of the enemy, that wickedness that has risen up in this country, sayeth the Lord. And, though the evil say 'We have won' I say unto thee, the battle has not yet begun. For that you have declared war on me sayeth God, I am now raising up an army of men and women, sayeth the Lord, that are getting ready to go to battle." 

      I just wanted to share that with you that regardless of the electoral college outcome, we can REST in God. This is FAR FROM OVER. God's not just going after the enemy, He's going to bind the enemy. As we were writing this, He reminded me about "Binding/Releasing." This goes back to a message Father God gave us a few months ago, Doubt and the Mark of the Beast where He says, "Sowing and reaping will be great for many." God is letting the enemy step in their own trap. He's also giving them time to repent because God is merciful. But the enemy doesn't know what they're in for. Deut. 28:1-14 includes that when the enemy comes against us one way, God will make them flee 7 different ways. Keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged. God's got us and GREAT is His faithfulness! Father God said again to "Pray for Philadelphia." We're praying God's mercy for them that they repent as this corruption is not what the founding fathers wanted for this great nation. We're also praying that all corruption is exposed. HAVE THINE OWN WAY, LORD!

      1/6 A quick word about the news today and protestors storming the Capital. I think it was Pastor Kent Christmas who said, "On the 6th day we take DOMINION." That's from Genesis when God created man on the 6th day to dominate the earth. Pastor Kent was referencing overturning illegal DOMINION voting machines. But who could imagine people would literally storm the Capital?

      Remember, our weapons are NOT carnal but mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds. We don't condone violence, nor should you. God is working it out in the Spirit realm (not by might nor by strength but God's Spirit) and in the SUPERNATURAL.


      We pray, Father God, please remove us from the hands of our enemies. Bring peace to our nation and restore us. We pray for President Trump and we pray for the US to be one nation under God ONLY, not man, not demons, not witchcraft.


      Get ready for BIG MOVES from Father God! Hallelu-Yahweh! Keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged. God has us! Please keep Philadelphia in prayer.


      1/6 Okay, Lion of Judah is up. We included yesterday's messages at the end of it as there are so many instructions from Father God. What a MIGHTY Word! Please share it with your ministries and lay persons if you want.  

      Father God also said, "Please keep Philadelphia in prayer" and "Remember, God is preparing a table for us." 

      1/6 Father God said, "Tell them they don't have to worry when they see what God does." We have a Mighty Word from Father God when the Lord spoke through Pastor Kent Christmas. However, instead of posting the video, please check back later today for the message, Lion of Judah. Father God wanted the title to be, "The Lion of Judah Says: Hear Me Roar" and when Pastor Kent opens his message, Father God says almost the same thing - it's very insightful, about this NEW ERA, the election changes, instructions for God's people and the MASSIVE revival that's coming. This one's MIGHTY! Finishing edits on the article now! The video's here if you want to watch it.



      1/5/21 Get Excited for What God's About To Do

      1/5 It's TIME TO GET EXCITED!!! Today's message is a bit longer and includes 5 videos. Father God spoke in the Prophetic to us and through other ministries. What He said is highlighted in bold. It's related to us good things in our future, the election and the new thing God's doing. And, it's SOOOO GOOOOOD!!!! Remember, "It doesn't matter" what the enemy SAYS or DOES. God's ALREADY made the way for us. Hallelu-Yahweh!!!!

      Note: We're waiting for a letter from the Lord and will put it up as soon as it's available. He wanted us to post the text below as it includes A LOT of instructions for God's people for 2021 and what's to come. 

      Father God said, "An earthquake is coming and stubborn pride has to flee." "Fires are coming to many who did not believe, who did not repent." 


      Yesterday the Lord said, "I'm going to remove your identity and replace it with a new one." This ties in with a wonderful message the Lord gave through Lana Vawser (above). And, it mirrors a lot God said through Pastor Robert Clancy. Let's look at an example. And, please excuse me if my "football lingo" isn't correct. 

      In high school, I remember there was a BIG commotion. A rival team was so upset that our team was winning, they did something underhanded. They started showing up at our practices and recording the practice plays. I was either cheerleading at the time or working as an assistant with the players, but man, I could hear how furious the coaches and players were! No one wants to give away their secret plays, right? Especially when you're giving it your BEST legally. So, here's my point.

      The devil did all he could in 2020 to try to crush God's people (witchcraft, occult, animal and baby sacrifices, rigging the election manually). He tried to steal from us and used people on ALL LEVELS to help. He used fear, manipulation, intimidation and distractions. However, God's people didn't just stand by and do nothing. We STOOD on the blood of Jesus and read our Bibles. And, we held onto God in the toughest times (Robert Clancy video #1 below "My Love," 6:08 minutes in). We prayed like never before and - importantly, we didn't war in the flesh. So, because we didn't put our hands on it, God can now work.

      God said through Robert Clancy that, "We grew in the storm." As my mom described it, God is now going to bless us. Father God told her, "Because the Children obeyed." And Robert Clancy confirms this when he says God is now going to bless us (video #1 below). We're going to levels we never thought we'd ever reach. Clancy says, we were so close to God in praying and fasting that we were seeing the "fire of God's eyes" in a new way. Lana Vawser also confirms the new things in her Word further below from January 2, 2021 about the NEW ERA we're in with God. And, that's important.

      That fire that's in us is now going to be unleashed on the devil. (why the attacks were so brutal). Through Robert Clancy God says, "Get ready for a great year. Get ready for I am about to pour out My Spirit on all flesh and everything that I have said through My prophets, shall it not come to pass? Shall it not come forth? Have I not said that My Word it shall not return back to me void but it shall accomplish everything that it sets out to achieve? Get ready for the promises that I have made for I am a Covenant Keeping God...Have an expectation. Keep your eyes on Jesus Christ...It is time to come back to me...Start the new year in new repentance...Renew your relationship with Me. Understand who you are and how I see you. That is all that matters in this hour..." (This is partial text from video #2, please see the video for the full text 24-minutes long). This is confirmation for so many! And, the good news is it also lines up with what God said the other day about "great surprises are in store."



      In 2020, the devil hit us with his BEST shot. This year in 2021, God is letting us strike back with our spiritual authority. That's why these attacks were so brutal against God's people, the saints, prayer warriors and prophets.

      Remember how we were all praying to expose the corruption? Robert Clancy gave an important message about the election (Robert Clancy, video #2, Transformed from Glory to Glory, about 13-minutes 37-seconds in). While he's in Australia, God has let him see prophetically here in the U.S. He said, "Get ready for the light to be switched on in the USA to those in corrupt alignments within politics, within media, within Hollywood, within the corporate world. You will start to see this being exposed and then you'll start to see a domino effect that will start also within other nations, obviously connections also to that. And, things that are going to be happening in nations. It's going to be a year of complete exposure and also things brought to judgment. Also, there will be a swift judgment in certain areas so allow God to bring the truth out within this hour that maybe you have not seen before because it's been very well hidden." He goes on to say how there will be pedophile rings exposed and people in high positions (more so than last year). There is extreme exposure taking place this year. Regarding the election, I heard "Pray for Philadelphia."

      I don't want to get too far into what's going on in the prophetic because we're doing a separate write-up on it. But, I hear God saying "I want you to prepare yourself for the new season we're in." We'll come back to that point in the coming days about building yourself up in the prophetic in our other write-up. I just want you to "stay together" and stay encouraged. I've been hearing "stay together" so please if you have to go out, don't go alone. Stay in groups. This is not to make anyone afraid but there's more strength in numbers. You have someone to pray with and for you and you have a witness! I'm also hearing God say to tell the enemy, "You will leave God's people alone!" So, please stay on guard.

      Remember, whatever God does with this election, it disrupts all the wicked plans of the enemy and breaks/shatters his witchcraft and animal sacrifices. We don't have to worry. Remember, Father God said yesterday that the devil will "shrink back when he sees what God does." What if they are all blinded and receive 666 on their foreheads and we have obvious flames of fire on ours like the Holy Spirit/Upper Room? Time will tell...have Thine own way, Lord!


      Going forward, even if you see the devil acting aggressively or trying to manipulate, distract or intimidate, remember, it's a NEW ERA. What worked last year for the devil isn't going to work this year because God is turning the tables. We are walking in God's authority. And, God will help with those bills, too. He said, "I know you need money. It's coming." Keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged. Glory to the Most High God!


      Robin Bullock's January 5th video highlights what's happening in the demonic (shedding innocent blood, animal sacrifices) and how the enemy's trying to bring in the mark of the beast. As examples, Prophet Jonathan Cahn noted how Nancy Pelosi is banning gender-specific terms like "mother, father, daughter, son" in the House Rules. What's more, the recent 117th Congress Opening Prayer included "Amen" and "Awomen." Different gods and deities were also mentioned in the prayer.  

      Robin also discusses the devil's agenda BUT the devil's agenda for 2021 is foiled. He quotes how President Trump said, "They're after you.[Christians] I'm just in the way." That's why God is saying not to worry because God KNOWS and KNEW the enemy's plans. It's also why God kept having us say repeatedly in 2020, "It doesn't matter." God is NOT GOING TO LET THE ENEMY WIN. WE WIN AND IMPORTANTLY WE'VE ALREADY WON. WE HAVE AUTHORITY OVER ALL DEVILS AND DEMONS. He who sits in the Heavens laughs!

      The Lord said through Robin, "The enemy is afraid of revival...The enemy can't control it...It will take men into the deepest darkest jungles...This is what happens when the fire of revival burns...The enemy knows that his time is short...You will find that Trump won, thus sayeth the Lord, and won big...Make no mistake that revival is what the enemy is afraid of and he will do what he can to stop it." But, we KNOW revival is coming because Father God said in earlier messages here "Prepare for revival." God says through Robin Bullock that Joe Biden already sold out but Kamala still has a chance. Unfortunately the Word cuts off at the end but we'll look for the full version.

      Lastly, Lana Vawser has another message up about coming out of dry places. This matches what Robert Clancy said in one of his videos about the "desert" we were in. Father God is saying we'll become "suddenly fruitful" and "overflowing with fruit." There are also areas in our hearts that are dry and God is making these fruitful. The Lord saw where the enemy tried to bring "death" to these places but God is going to make them suddenly fruitful. This confirms the opening message about the intense battle we're in and how God saw us faithfully hold onto Him. "The heart of the Lord has been so moved by these faithful ones who have continued to keep their eyes on Jesus and faith in what He said He would do even when it seems the 'land' has become drier and drier." We're to put our hope in God and let Him turn around these dry places. This will become the "harvest of MUCH." Sounds of joy are coming so we can't and shouldn't doubt. To God be the glory! 


      1/4/21 His Gory is Upon Us

      1/4 Father God said, "His Glory is upon us. Something good is happening" and "The devil will shrink back when he sees what God does." In Tim Sheet's video at the end, the prayer includes, "This battle is the Lord's." That's what Father God told us to put up as today's header, that "The battle is the Lord's." 


      1/4 Father God said, "I want you to tell them judgment is coming." Pastor Kent Christmas has a MIGHTY Word about what God's about to do. It lines up with several recent prophecies. Listen as he says, "On the 6th day, take DOMINION." It lines up with Prophet Emma Stark's Word about how God is coming against churches who gave false doctrines. We pray for Vice President Pence. We pray for President Trump and we pray to have one nation under God ONLY. This is a time to repent, repent like never before and pray for our enemies. Pray for Philadelphia. Pray for all those who sold their birthright for a bowl of soup. Pray for the revival that's coming and eyes that are opening. 


      1/3 You Don't Have to Worry

      1/3 Father God said, "I want you to tell them 'You don't have to worry.'" The Lord said "A great shaking is coming. Keep rebuking those demons." Keep reading your Bible and pray. Something big is going on in the spirit realm and I can only describe it based on what happened today and the Lord said to tell you about this.

      These are STUBBORN demons that God is removing. I know because this morning a strange thing happened. I went to my kitchen to get coffee and my downstairs neighbor (the one I've been having a problem with), suddenly blasted the bass in his speakers SUPER LOUD. I was so startled and it was so suddenly I almost ran out of the kitchen. When I realized that he was trying to scare me and intimidate me, I said, "No, devil. Not today. I rebuke you in the name and blood of Jesus Christ. It's YOU who has flee from ME, not the other way around." Stand firm on God's Word this week as Father God said, "My Voice Wins."

      This week, whatever you're facing and with whatever intimidation game the devil tries to play, "Calm down" because we ALREADY have the victory. "Calm down" because we've ALREADY won. "Calm down" because we have Michael the archangel covering us, legions of warring angels and a hedge of protection. Father God is saying, "Calm down and ignore the devil's games." We ask for God's mercy and put on the WHOLE armor of God. And, importantly, stand firm, be patient and watch God work it in our favor.

      God is enlarging our territory and we're going to see an UNPRECEDENTED move of God and a GREAT QUAKING. Remember, God has HIS FINGER ON THE PULSE, not man. Stay confident in God. It doesn't matter what they SAY or DO or TRY TO DO. God's already made the way for us and those snakes and serpents have to flee. Put your anointing oil on and if you don't have any, use a little olive oil. Please, no Crisco. Wouldn't want you looking slathered up like a piece of bacon! God's got us. Praise and worship music on, bed by 930pm and up early to pray. And, lastly, please pray for President Trump.

      The electoral college meeting is this Wednesday, January 6th - and we stand strongly and confidently with President Trump. We've ALREADY won and GOD'S VOICE WINS!!!! Those agitated demons KNOW what's coming! And those demons and that devil are defeated. Glory to God!!!!! Hallelu-Yahweh!!!!! (anyone try to say otherwise to you, like those stubborn demons, just walk away, and rebuke their personalities). We've got the victory! 

      Sharing Lana Vawser's message from yesterday. Father God wants us to remember not to be afraid. Our help comes from Him!



      1/2 A Few Things

      1/2 Father God wanted me to share as reminders, "We're about to write another letter" and "Keep reading your Bible." I know there are some who may only have time in the mornings or evenings. However, another option is your workout time. I KNOW I'm going to exercise daily so I definitely have time to read my Bible. Whether I'm on my bike, using free weights or walking in place, I can get in that Bible reading daily. Make reading God's Word a priority every day. But don't contact me if you can't read Psalms while practicing your golf swing or throwing a ball around. Help, Lord! 

      1/2 Sharing a significant Word from Pastor Johnny Enlow. He reminds us to continue to pray for President Trump. And, he wants us to remember that as prophets, we are extensions of God with a "government-shaking" call.

      It reminds me of Dr. Francis Myles' message after the election. [Under Can You Believe the Election Results, Final Word for 2020 Election YouTube video, Note: I think with the censorship, they removed his Trump videos, stay in prayer]. MANY came to him and said in so many words, "So, you still believe what you heard about President Trump's second term NOW?" [Almost like Job's friends - so where is God now? You must have done/said something wrong. Dr. Myles got back in prayer with his team and they fasted and prayed like never before and he came back and said in so many words, "Yes, I stand by what God said about Trump's second term."]

      Continue to press in - GOD'S VOICE WINS! As a side note, when all is said and done and this election stuff is over, man, this is going to be a mighty long altar call when people start coming BACK to God! Hallelu-Yahweh! Hold the line! ;o)


      1/2 My mom gave a very prophetic Word for 2021. The Lord said through my Mom, "More energy, more finances, restoration because the Children have been obedient. He said by the end of the summer, out of the masks, beginning of the fall. Be very careful with airlines as a lot of people will want to rush. Wait until the following year. This year everybody will try to travel. He said, 'Don't rely on the vaccine. Depend on Me. Stand on My Word. Don't depend on man. They might be in for a fight on Capital Hill but we're getting another stimulus check. [3rd one] I have the Last Word.' A lot of changes, positive changes, you think it and it's already done." Hallelu-Yahweh!


      1/2 Praise God, we pray this finds you well. We have a couple of messages that we're posting over the next 2 or 3 days. We're creating a page of refreshing messages for men, police officers and the military (similar to our Fearless page). And, starting today we're posting a message for prophets and those in ministry who need a refreshing Word (so get the popcorn ready! It's already done!).Father God is speaking and it's very, very good news.

      Separately, for those waiting on a Word about the elections, the Lord spoke early this morning and said, "He's about to drop the bomb - the other shoe that remains, the evidence. Pray for Philadelphia." Remember, in one of the prophetic Words that God gave, Father God said something about how what He's about to wouldn't be something physical but it would be the Holy Spirit that intervenes. I think that's how He phrased it. Additionally, Lana Vawser said in her 1/1/21 message that she heard bells ringing. Is this the Liberty Bell? Just a thought.

      Father God also said to "Read your Bible." I'm noticing that when I come under attack sometimes, my Bible reading calms my spirit. I'm also hearing God speak as I'm reading through the Bible. Listen for God as you read the scriptures to tune your inner ear into Him. If you play Christian music as you read, turn it down so you can listen for the Holy Spirit. 

      Confirmation: Sharing a MAJOR confirmation. The Lord said, "He will help pay hospital bills" and "He will pay that hospital bill" a few times. An oncologist wrote off $650,000 in payments for his patients. He literally paid their bills and said he wants them focusing on healing in the new year. God bless this man MIGHTILY. And, we pray for more charitable acts like this.   


      1/1 Happy New Year

      1/1 Hoping everyone is enjoying their new year and resting in Father God. We praise God for carrying us through and into 2021. One of my mom's friends said she already received her stimulus check and this is confirmation because Father God said it was coming and that help and relief was coming soon. Thank You, Lord for making the way for us! We give You ALL the glory and offer up the highest praise! Father God said, "It doesn't matter" and "Pray for Philadelphia." 

      12/31 Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! We added a post with a few New Year's Eve messages. We tried to include recent prophetic Words and ministry messages. Some of the videos are live but you can always catch the replay.

      In Robert Clancy's prophetic Word (link above), God is asking for us to walk in faith. It's a deeper faith walk for 2021 and will include testing. He also said it's the edge of a new frontier. Lana Vawser confirms this as a "New Era with God." Hallelu-Yahweh! Through Robert Clancy, Father God said don't let weariness change your mind or stop you in this new season, what a loving God we serve who stands with us! God rewards our faithfulness as we trust in Him.

      At about 5-minutes and 25-seconds into Prophetic Word to Crossover into 2021 (same video, link above), God says, "It is I who appoint kings and rulers and I will have my way in the nations so get ready for the biggest upset in the enemy's agenda to come. Yes there will be rumors of war. Yes, there will be pestilence but know that I have told you that I am still in control."  Father God is unmasking those that are in darkness and bringing all deeds into God's light. God says, "For this time, the enemy has bitten off more than he can chew and I will expose the evil hearts of man."

      Kay Nash's message was very prophetic as both she and Robert Clancy see "rumors of wars" in 2021. Father God gave a great Word through her to remind us to save as many souls as we can. Father God also warned to stay out of other people's conflicts.

      One of our favorite Words for 2021 is Lana Vawser's from Pastor Didio's video about the Second Wind. You can find this under the New Era That's Coming/Illusion message. She said, "God's voice wins. Nothing TRUMPS His Word" and that's enough for us! 

      Separately, we're waiting for a Word/letter from Father God and will share it as soon as it's available. Father God said, "It's about to get better" and "Great surprises are in store." Praise God from whom all blessings flow!



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