Messages From God January 2023


1/31/23 "Tell Them Calm Down When They See What God Does" and "Keep Singing"

Praise God, Saints. I heard at 11:54 am "Tell them calm down when they see what God does." I also heard that we will have another letter soon.

In a dream I saw two volleyball teams, one lost, one won. I saw at 3:54 am a BEFORE and AFTER vision. There was a BEFORE area very frustrating. Everything we tried to do, it was like you couldn't even breathe out. Everything we tried to do right, it wouldn't work. Picture turning a door knob and you couldn't get in. Nothing would happen.

Then, in the AFTER, it was completely different. Everything was like FULL ACCESS and I could hear God saying in so many words that we have Him now. It's different. We have His presence. He's here. He's here now to help us and as He moves and as He helps us, keep President Trump in prayer. As God moves to make things easier and we have access to what we couldn't do before, know that He is here and He is helping. Don't give up in frustration and say 'Oh, it didn't work before' because it's a different time. What I saw BEFORE was very frustrating. Everything we did, everything we put our hands on, it wouldn't work. But now we're going to see the difference because God is with us." All glory to God who causes us to triumph!



About the President Trump video in the opening...

MOCK ON...NO WEAPONS formed against you shall prosper! I hear "and God will help with every detail."

Keep moving forward in God regardless of what they say. NO WEAPONS formed against you shall prosper. Pray for our troops. Pray for our nation. Pray for our police officers. Pray for President Trump. Watch and see what God does. I heard something like "expect a move from our military."

I also hear "Don't walk away and tell them don't be afraid. We touch in agreement for your needs. Watch and see what God does." And "God is in charge. New money is coming. Watch and see what God does."



1/30/23 Wait and See What God Does...He Will Be RIGHT ON TIME and Those Stubborn Pride Demons Will Be Removed Soon. Wait for it...

Praise God, Saints. At 12:29 pm I heard "Tell them I want them to read their Bible more." Please remember also to cheer up as new income is coming. God is working behind the scenes and what He does will be suddenly. One commenter that we saw online said she didn't SEE God moving or doing anything but that was so the wicked would fall into their own trap. God has a strategic plan in play and He's waiting for the exact moment to move. When God does, like He said in Diana Larkin's recent messages, it will be shock and awe, so please stay encouraged and don't walk away. Cheer up because our BEST DAYS ARE AHEAD! 


Recently, I heard the Lord say, “WE ARE GOING ON A RE-FORMATION JOURNEY.”
When He spoke these words there was such an emphasis in the separation of the word “reformation.” It was “RE-FORMATION.”
I knew there was a deep work of the Holy Spirit to bring change, to bring realignment, renewal, transformation, transition, shift, remodel, correction, repairing and much more.
There was a “rebuilding” that the Lord was bringing. There was a deep healing the Lord was bringing.
There was a divine overhaul that the Lord was bringing forth.
The Lord was dealing with areas where the enemy had come hard against many of God’s people to bring things into disarray. The Lord was dealing with areas of misalignment.
The Lord was dealing with areas and effects of previous seasons the enemy was using to try and “take people out,” areas where the soul was burnt out, areas where there have been strong winds that have attempted to “knock many out” of their God given position of authority. I saw the Lord also specifically moving in the area of identity.
The numerous hardships and attacks of the enemy they had endured and have been enduring had caused them to feel like they were living in a swirl, and there was almost a “spiritual amnesia” that they felt had come over them around who they are in Christ — specifically around the revelation of them being a “new creation in Christ” and “being raised to life in Him.” They felt like this revelation had been drowned out in the noise of the season, the attacks they had endured and the deep weariness that had filled their souls.
I watched the powerful move of His Spirit upon them in this hour that was bringing DEEP RE-FORMATION.
The depth of change, re-alignment by His hand, deliverance and transformation that was taking place was, for them, unprecedented. Not only was the Lord bringing a re-alignment and re-formation and re-positioning, there was a great “adding to” taking place in the RE-FORMATION.
In such unprecedented change and transformation taking place by His hand, there was a major multiplication and incredible increase falling upon their lives.
The Lord spoke, “This ‘re-formation’ is a deeper alignment into WHO YOU ALREADY ARE: A NEW CREATION.
This ‘re-formation’ will change everything. There will be life all around. There is ease in My presence and ease in the TRANSFORMATION.
There is no striving, it is ease and overflow coming upon you in the ‘RE-FORMATION’ by My hand in your life.”
The Lord’s voice then thundered:
There was such a deep reset, such a deep restoration, such a deep realignment. It was a time of radical change, transition, birthing and transformation.
The shift that was taking place upon the lives of these ones, this “RE-FORMATION,” was bringing forth the “BEGINNING AGAIN” in areas where they have almost been knocked out, taken out, or burnt out.
The breath of God was bringing a RESTART, a REFRESH, a REVIVAL; but this “BEGIN AGAIN” was with greater increase, change and transformation.
The Lord’s voice then spoke again, “I AM RESETTING ALL.” I knew that this deep moment of going on a “RE-FORMATION” journey with Him was a deeper place of co-labouring with Him than they had walked in before. He was making all things right, all things into proper divine alignment — to now walk in a place even more deeply fortified in their identity in Him, but also into the new realms of increase and assignment before them.
His voice surrounded me again, “You are entering a NEW REALM OF RESTORATION.”
Great and accelerated change is happening right now. Restoration from every direction by the power of His hand. It’s upon us, Church!
I also saw Jesus placing His hands over the eyes and ears of many of God’s people and I heard Him say, “No longer will you be traumatised by what you hear or see.”
There was a deep healing of VISION and HEARING that the Lord was bringing. I knew in that moment that many have been living in grief and trauma in almost ‘cycles’ for the last while, where they have been traumatised not only by what they have seen and heard in the natural, but for many, by the warfare and constant barrage of the enemy upon their vision and their hearing. I knew the Lord was speaking of the HEALING that is taking place upon their eyes and ears right now in a powerful way. He was lifting off the trauma and the grief and moving them into profound realms of healing.
Then the Lord spoke, “Today, receive your healing. Receive My vision. Receive My heart and strategy with great increase.”
Not only was there a powerful healing taking place upon their perspective, perception, discernment, sight and hearing, but there was an increase of divine sight, strategy and hearing that the Lord was releasing upon them; where clarity was being released upon them for the season they are in, and the future.
The depth of wisdom, revelation and understanding He was releasing upon them was so weighty, so sacred, so deep — such an invitation to lean in and receive His vision, His heart and strategy with greater increase in the place of communion with Him — where trauma and grief no longer resided.



Prophetic Word from Charlie Shamp...
Today I was caught up into heaven where the Lord showed me a room in his heart. The room was very simple, nothing beautiful by my eyes could be seen from the entrance of the door. To enter the room you had to kneel and go low to the ground. Once I entered, there was only a worn chair with a set of garments neatly folded upon it. The garments although neatly folded looked very plain with nothing special about them, in fact they looked a bit ugly as I glanced my eyes upon them. I heard the Lord say, “There are those that long to be seen as Apostles of Christ in the sight of men, but I am seeking for those that will be seen as fools before all for my name sake. You have found the way into my heart and when you leave go tell others how you came to this place. Does my word not say, ‘Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you.’ Yes have this seat and go low. Will you take the yoke I give you. Put it on your shoulders and learn from me. I am gentle and humble, and you will find rest. Yes this is a decade of rest for those that fully trust in me. Great exploits will be done by those that trust fully in my Son. For those that clothe themselves with these garments, and the Lord handed each one to me; compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. They will bear my image before many in the earth and do great exploits for my Kingdom. I will take them on Kingdom journeys into the darkest places in the earth and these garments will shine for all to see.” The room suddenly became very dark, but the garments began to glow with the glory of the Lord. The Lord again spoke, “Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool; what is the house that you would build for me, and what is the place of my rest? All these things my hand has made, and so all these things came to be, but these are the ones to whom I will look for to rest in: those who are humble and contrite in spirit and tremble at my word. All who seek to do my will in this hour will go low. All of those who seek to walk with me will clothe themselves with light. All of those who will be great in my Kingdom will look as fools before those that judge by the natural eye. Hear me this day there is nothing that can be hid from me; everything in all creation is exposed and lies open before my eyes. I see what is true and what is false. I know who has been with me and those who have not. All will stand before me and give an account of themselves in the end. But as I have told you beforehand do not give dogs what is holy; do not throw your pearls before swine. If you do, they will trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces. Rather seek and you will find me here, knock and the door will be opened to you. Go back and tell others what you have seen. They will bear witness to your words and turn away from that which is profane and seek to come to this place.”
-Prophet Charlie Shamp






1/29/23 I Hear "Special Explosion on the News"

Praise God, Saints. At 10:29 pm last night I heard "It's going to be pandemonium when they see what I do" and at 9:04 am "I want you to think about God's tornado." I will stay in prayer with this and reference the scriptures about God's tornado. He said in the past to "cancel the devil's plans and put the witches and demons in God's tornado," and we have reference scriptures about God's winds and tornado coming. As He removes power from the wicked, THEY will repent. A reminder that God's wrath and sudden judgment are coming. I also hear again "Rebuke demons of strokes, heart attacks, sickness, and all disease."


Sharing a Word from MaryEllen McCloud through American Christian Prophetic in FB...

Daily Prophetic Word
January 28, 2023
By MaryEllen McCloud, Replenished Hope Ministries
The Lord says, “Their eyes were closed for a time for I allowed the deception they allowed, to be their undoing. Many think they are wise in their own minds while ignoring and rejecting the ones I sent to free them. Arrogance and Pride are their fathers. You cannot have two masters. What I have not joined let no man do so in My Name. You cannot say you are Mine while you are living a compromised life against what My Spirit has told you to abandon.
You will watch the eyes of the blind begin to see in this season. Those that opposed My faithful voices will find that they indeed carried My Voice before them. I will humble those in error. You have weathered the storms that came against you and before you now, is peace and tranquility. You have waited faithfully with your petition in hand. You have wished them well despite their arrows shooting at you. Continue to keep your hands clean and your mind set on My ways. I will set the record straight.”
~Blessings MaryEllen McCloud Replenished Hope
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Shared a comment on 1776 Nation where someone mentioned a quote about God speaking quietly...

that's I Kings 19:11-12 "And he said, Go forth, and stand upon the mount before the Lord. And, behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the Lord; but the Lord was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the Lord was not in the earthquake: 12 And after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice." But God said through Diana Larkin (here on FB) to listen for His LOUD ROAR. God took His time lining up the domino pieces which are already falling as the swamp is being drained (Laire Lightner FB), and EVERYONE will know when God's wrath and sudden judgment comes. While it's good news for God's people, i.e., CICDT and our nation restored, there will be rumblings/quaking and storms against the wicked. But God said for His people to keep saying "God is covering me. God is covering my family." It will be pandemonium when we see what God does as those witches and demons panic, run and flee, and THEY will say not fair when we see what God does. But for US, God wants us resting confidently in Him and reading our Bibles. Everything God's doing is so God can be closer to us, rightfully restore PT, answer our prayers, and remove all the illegitimates illegally occupying (Charlies, is that the right word?). But as God said through DL, there's a HIDDEN BODY in DC that THEY swapped out but he's not working out. We will see our nation restored ONE NATION under GOD as our Founding Fathers intended so don't walk away. We praise God for President Trump. Wait on God, He will not fail. I hear "Tell them not to be afraid" and I hear God saying, "Tell them keep coming to Me." Keep calling on God for what you need. He KNOWS what THEY'RE doing trying to disable this country to sell it to the highest bidder but God WON'T allow it so wait for Him. We ask for God's mercy.



1/28/23 Nothing is Impossible...President Trump Speaks Today (10am New Hampshire, 4pm South Carolina)

Trump News: Trump Rally in South Carolina Today, McDaniel Wins by 111, Trump Says "Now we have to stop the democrats from cheating in elections." 

Praise God, Saints. We pray may God surround you with favor in every area where you need it. At 12:41 am I heard "I Am going to ruin the devil's plans when he sees what I/God does." At 3:47 am I heard "Pray faster." At 9:22 am I heard "Tell them stop complaining. I know what they're up against. Keep calling on Me." We did a video message "THEM Demons" that explores these topics for today.

Please believe for a miracle and know that the devil and all those who came against President Trump and you (God's people), THEY will be sorry because God's about to cancel the devil's plans. Read Diana Larkin's message from today (above) and the past few messages. God's Army of Light, stand strong, rebuke those demons (Ephes. 6:12) and do not walk away from God.


Trump Speech – Salem, NH

Chairman Stephen Stepanek stated: “We are excited to welcome President Trump back to the Granite State to be the keynote speaker at our 2023 Annual Meeting. President Trump has long been a strong defender of New Hampshire’s First in the Nation Primary Status and we are excited that he will join us to deliver remarks to our Members."

Trump Keynote Address to the New Hampshire GOP
Saturday, January 28, 2023
Time: 10 am ET
Where: Salem High School in Salem, NH
Live Stream: Watch below

President Trump speaks in New Hampshire at 10am. He also speaks today, January 28, 2023, at 4pm in Columbia, South Carolina. Please note that was down which might affect RSBN replays:

  • Trump Speech in New Hampshire:
  • Trump Rally in South Carolina:

As alternatives, watch President Trump's speech through Newsmax:

The other option is the site:

The President speaks later today in South Carolina at what some are calling his first 2024 campaign rally.

President Trump is delivering his remarks from the Columbia State House in an event hosted by Governor Henry McMaster and Senator Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who is expected to make his endorsement for President Trump today.

Trump Rally – Columbia, SC

Trump Rally in Columbia, South Carolina
Saturday, January 28, 2023
Time: 4 pm ET
Where: The State House in Columbia, South Carolina (Directions)
Live Stream:, (site is currently down), Newsmax TV Live. We will share the links as they become available.



1/27/23 President Trump News is Coming

Praise God, Saints. I hear "Rebuke every sabotaging attack." 

At 6:00 am I heard "There's going to be laughter and joy in the streets when they see what I do. Keep on the music and keep Pastor Joel Osteen on."  


Sharing a Post from 1776 Nation... (God bless Derek, thank you for sharing).

New Decode:
You have to listen carefully… the focus is about crime in D.C.
He doesn’t talk about anywhere else. He’s talking about the Swamp.
Even though, this is a Military Operation and a COG has been in operation since November 8, 2016, and January 20, 2017.
Meaning 👉🏻 all planned. 💯
Exposing and destroying the RINOS from within. ✅
“We have it all.” 👉🏻 Military Intelligence
“We’ve caught them all.” 👉🏻 Military Intelligence
“Our gravest threats aren’t abroad, they’re from within.” 👉🏻 CIC DJT, November 15, 2022.
“We are going to clean out the festering rot of D.C.” 👉🏻 CIC DJT, November 15, 2022.
Notice how all of these are pre-recorded? 👉🏻 Isolated.
If you don’t read History, you won’t know when it’s repeating.
The U.S. Government helped the Philippines President stay safe and secure during WWII in EXILE, while placing a puppet as President for surface, while the ACTUAL President had full control of his Military and Government for safety of his people.




1/26/23 O Say It Isn't So...

Praise God, Saints. At 6:29 am I heard "I want you to say why are you worrying when God's already...made the way." At 7:49 am I heard "Let them know they're going to receive My help soon."




1/25/23 God Has Not Abandoned You

About the first video message above...

Father God gave this POWERFUL WORD today to encourage us and remind us that He's restoring us and to keep coming out from among THEM...because it's going to feel like SANTA CLAUS with what God does for US! Don't walk away! 


This is the second excerpt from a POWERFUL WORD Father God gave today and reminder to come out from among him, her...those that represent Jezebel. God also reminds us that He has NOT abandoned us but that we MUST invite Him in and put Him in the middle to receive help as some are calling on witchcraft demons or turning their backs on God because they think He's abandoned them. But we MUST rebuke those witchcraft demons and "Don't walk away" from God.


This is the third excerpt from a POWERFUL WORD Father God gave today. Listen as He says He wants you to stay encouraged and keep calling on Him. Keep rebuking those demons and calling on God and inviting Him in. Know that relief is coming. God said to save these messages so you can hear Him when you need Him. Keep rebuking those stubborn pride demons and putting on Pastor Joel Osteen so you can stay encouraged until we SEE God make them run and flee.




1/24/23 "I Have Not Abandoned You," God

Praise God, Saints. Father God gave a Message/Letter earlier that we are editing and will share. I hear Him saying "Cheer up" and "why are you worrying? I have not abandoned you." God is moving behind the scenes so let's continue to trust Him. The message He gave is a bit longer (covered us, plans with President Trump, reminder to not walk away). We'll post it late tonight. 

We also keep Houston in our prayers as there's tornado activity in that area.



1/23/23 Why are You Worrying? 

Praise God, Saints. I hear God saying as a reminder "Why are you worrying? Keep singing to Me." Be confident in God and let Him work behind the scenes. Think about David. He was NEVER captured by Saul because God WOULD NOT ALLOW IT...God has angels surrounding and covering you and God loves you so much so have faith and don't worry.




1/22/23 Keep Speaking Over Yourself: God Will Show You Proof. The Evidence is Coming. Keep Rebuking the Devil.

Praise God, Saints. I heard at 8:21 am "I want you to pray for the President and you can pray for his family." At 5:42 pm I heard God say as a reminder, "Remember, they are playing in a new ballgame" and "Praise God for President Trump." 

We'll air the video message a bit later. At the time when I heard that I was reading Habakkuk 2:2 about "write the vision" and 2:3 about "though it tarry wait for it." What a reminder especially on 1/22.

Separately, as I was looking at the news headlines I saw where Alec Baldwin is being charged. We keep him in our prayers and pray that he repents. Recall that he used to make fun of President Trump so harshly but like so many others, he miscategorized and judged President Trump. What it must be like for him now to be on the same side, to come under scrutiny especially because we know our Christian President Trump is innocent and these are witchcraft attacks coming against him.

President Trump is also being obedient to God in draining the swamp and think about Jesus doing that in John 7:7! Hence, the reason I say we pray Alec repents. Like so many others, they are seeing that you cannot come against God or our Christian President. He holds God's mantle and it is written "Touch NOT Mine anointed nor do My prophets harm."

On another note, I heard "No one listens to me," and I don't know who this is for or what it's regarding but we keep the person in prayer.

As a side note, Dr. Alveda King gave a touching reminder that they're having a farewell celebration for “DIAMOND” Hardaway from 'Diamond and Silk.' Dr. King wrote "Keep shining Sweet Sister!" and we keep Silk and their family uplifted in prayer.

 Prophetic Word from Laire Lightner...

To you puppets in the pulpit I know of you secret deals.
I know what you have done behind the scenes.
The money you have taken to push certain agendas.
You sold a gospel I never gave, your recompense shall be your own blood.
You thought your strings would be invisible yet I see all things.
There is so much confusion and discord during this time but if you stay your eyes on ME, you will not be led astray. I gave you the Spirit of TRUTH to guide you into all truth. Rely on Him more than you ever have before. Do not set up for yourselves false idols for comforting words. I see right through the motives of your heart. Due to fear and uncertainty you have set up idols of comfort during this time. Your idols must be torn down. You either willingly give them to me, or I will discipline you and take them in my lovingkindness.
Take the words from my prophets and examine them through Holy Spirit discernment. My words will bring you both a holy fear and a comfort that I can be trusted. They are meant to act as a boomerang to bring you right back to me lest you turn those prophets to golden calfs.



1/21/23 Miracles, Signs, and Wonders

Praise God, Saints. At 2:56 am I heard "Everything that I'm doing is so we can be together more." Let's continue to hold onto God and trust His timing. He's a faithful and loving God who is here for us and we ALREADY have the victory. God is here for us!


Prophetic Word from Jenny Li Groves about Elon Musk...

I asked the Lord for a word concerning my dream this morning, and He said, "Hezekiah."
When asking for clarification, and deeper understanding, He blew my socks off, and is still speaking as I write.
"Did I not promise you supernatural provision? Solomon understood that wisdom was greater than gold, and because he asked for wisdom first, I gave him ALL in spades. The time has come for that Solomon gift to be released on my people again.
I have set Elon as a Hezekiah in your midst to shake my body from their slumber, and to set some things to right. Though his father was wicked, Hezekiah acknowledged me in his ways. Through him, my house was cleaned, my people flourished, revival came to the land, and by just my command, 85,000 of his enemies perished in their war camp.
Your enemy believes they have you surrounded. They openly mock me, persecute my people, and fill my land with their idols. Didn't I tell you I would raze those idols to the ground? Stand back and watch them begin to fall! Get ready to watch your enemies, the ones who would subjugate my people, fall by the thousands, and tens of thousands.
Didn't I tell you eyes would be opened to the lies you've been fed your whole life? Watch as their spiritual scales fall off because the demonic strongholds that put them there begin to break.
Delight when you see my people recieve wisdom SUDDENLY, and run from the system that has been oppressing them back into my fold.
Prepare for more truths to be revealed; ones that will vindicate, empower, and enlighten my people, and increase my kingdom.
I know that many of you have not known how to feel about Elon, and some will STILL not know how to feel about him. That's okay. Love him, as I have loved you, and pray for him as he, too, has a target in his back. He is making provisions for you that you cant even begin to understand. Watch."
Here I opened my Word, and it went straight to Proverbs, where surprise, surprise...wisdom is the subject.
Proverbs 8:1-11
1Wisdom is calling!
Understanding is raising her voice!
2 On the heights along the road,
where the paths meet, she is standing;
3 by the gates leading into the city,
at the entrances, she cries aloud:
4 “People, I am calling you,
raising my voice to all mankind.
5 You who don’t direct your lives,
understand caution;
as for you, you fools,
get some common sense!
6 “Listen! I will say worthwhile things;
when I speak, my words are right.
7 My mouth says what is true,
because my lips detest evil.
8 All the words from my mouth are righteous;
nothing false or crooked is in them.
9 They are all clear to those who understand
and straightforward to those who gain knowledge.
10 Receive my instruction, rather than silver;
knowledge, rather than the finest gold.
I love you all, I am praying for and WITH you, and...Remember: get in prayer, get in the Word, be blessed, and allow yourselves to be used as vessels to bless others!
Jenny Li Groves Prophecy on Telegram 👉




1/20/23 Don't Walk Away

Praise God, Saints. Powerful reminders that God is saying repeatedly "Don't walk away." Keep rebuking THEIR personalities and attacks. 

God spoke through Diana Larkin yesterday about watching for the "Royals." Recall that God said through Charlie Shamp it WON'T be Charles but William who reigns as God is going to use him to bring salvation to the UK, and his mom wanted him to have so much. 

This is from Veronika West...

This morning as I was sitting before the Lord,..I suddenly heard these words,…”WATCH!..A CORONATION,..A KING IN WAITING WILL BE FOUND WANTING”…
…Then I saw Scales come up before me,…and I could see what looked like a Royal Crown spinning violently above the scales,…But then,..suddenly I saw a LARGE AND VERY HEAVY STONE FALL UPON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE SCALES,…
…As I heard those words, old and strange song was quickened to me;..
..Well, the bible tells us about a man
Who ruled Babylon and all its land.
Around the city, he built a wall
And declared that Babylon would never fall.
He had concubines and wives,
He called his Babylon "Paradise."
On his throne he drank and ate,
but for Belshazar it was gettin' late.
For he was weighed in the balance and found wanting,
His kingdom was divided, couldn't stand.
He was weighed in the balance and found wanting,
His houses were built upon the sand.
Well, the people feasted and drank their wine
And praised the false gods of his time.
All holy things they scorned and mocked,
But suddenly all their mocking stopped.
For on the wall, there appeared a hand,
Nothin' else, there was no man.
In blood the hand began to write,
And Belshazar couldn't hide his fright.
For he was weighed in the balance and found wanting,
His kingdom was divided, couldn't stand.
He was weighed in the balance and found wanting,
His houses were built upon the sand.
Well, no one around could understand
What was written by the mystic hand.
Belshazar tried, but couldn't find
A man who could give him peace of mind.
But Daniel, the prophet, a man of God,
He saw the writing on the wall in blood.
Belshazar asked him what it said,
And Daniel turned to the wall and read:
"My friend, you're weighed in the balance and found wanting,
Your kingdom is divided, it can't stand.
You're weighed in the balance and found wanting,
Your houses are built upon the sand."
Written by; Johnny Cash;



From Prophet Lana Vawser...

There is a fresh wind blowing. It is the fresh wind of His Spirit. It is not only a fresh wind to bring refreshment, healing, empowering and strengthening, this fresh wind of His Spirit is bringing a DEEP REST, a DEEP CLARITY and a DEEP stirring of what HE IS BREATHING UPON!
I had a vision recently and I saw many who were in their different seasons but what I noticed was the pressure of the season had been pushing on them on every side for a long time, but the sense in the vision was that the “pressure” has still remained for many. What I noticed in this vision was there was SO much pressure around people’s ribs and their chests.
I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Many pressures in the season many of My people have walked have left them feeling like they have lost their breath, they feel like they have lost their peace, they feel like they have lost their REST. They are living at a high level of intense pressure and I am releasing a fresh wind of My Spirit that is breaking the pressure and they shall BREATHE DEEPLY again.”
“There is a deep rest that I am bringing to these ones in this hour, where the pressure is coming off and they are moving into a time of deep time of being at rest in Me. There is a deep rest of CLARITY I am bringing to them. The confusion of the season has almost taken them out, My fresh wind is blowing away. The depth of CLARITY that My fresh wind is bringing will bring about a CONTENTMENT and PEACE of My heart and My blueprint for their season. There is a JOY and a SETTLEDNESS I am releasing into their hearts in the CLARITY of their season, that is silencing the wrestling and bringing a stillness.”
“My mighty fresh rushing wind is blowing and ushering these ones into depths of worship and encounter in Me that they have not known before. There are DEEP TREASURES that are going to be found in the secret place and the place of soaking. There is such a depth of oneness with Me that is found in the lingering. It is such a deep place of healing, restoration and resting that is found in the lingering place with Me. As you linger and soak in My presence, you will be SATURATED in My Glory and My peace. You will be SATURATED in My Shekinah Glory in a way you have never known before. The waterfall of My oil is flowing and bringing such deep healing and restoration.”
I saw His oil flowing upon eyes and I saw “DOUBLE VISION” being healed. As I was watching it take place, the Lord said, “SINGLE FOCUS.” Where the effects of being in such a pressured season have caused double vision, doubt and double-mindedness, the tangible presence of God and His oil was bringing deep healing and realignment. I could hear the sound of REPENTANCE and REALIGNMENT resounding loudly.
There was a single focus that the Lord is bringing, a single focus upon Jesus and a single focus upon what He is speaking and what He is revealing. There will no longer be the questions, “Am I hearing right?” “Am I seeing right?” “Have I discerned my season correctly?” — Many that have been in that deep place of torment from confusion and lingering effects of a very long, pressured season, the Lord is removing it all and He is bringing a FRESH PERSPECTIVE.
This mighty fresh wind that’s blowing is revealing things He is not breathing upon in this hour and it is increasing those things that He IS breathing upon.
I saw the fresh wind blowing upon PERSPECTIVE. As you linger with Him, He is increasing CLARITY and revelation in HIS PERSPECTIVE.
You are moving into the clearing, but He is also extending your vision supernaturally to see further than you have ever seen.
Recently I had a vision and I saw the hand of the Lord come down upon many and His hand was HUGE. The magnitude of His hand spoke so loudly to Me in this vision of His power and He said, “IN ONE FELL SWOOP I AM DEALING WITH IT ALL.”
I watched as His hand swooped across the lives of those who feel stuck, who feel like they have been almost taken out by the pressure of seasons past and even pressures of the current season. They feel like they are living so deeply stuck in burnout, in grief, or pain, all the negative effects of what they have walked, and as His hand moved FEROCIOUSLY over their lives it was ALL cleared away in a moment. It was ALL healed in a moment. It was MIRACULOUS DELIVERANCE.
The POWER of God that was demonstrated and manifested in that one swoop of His hand, lifted them up out of the negative effects of what they have walked through and positioned them in a higher place. I knew so many had been asking for so long and feeling like they would never come out from all the effects of such a long, hard season, but in one move of His hand, there was miraculous restoration, healing and repositioning. It was happening quickly and suddenly. There is a BREAKTHROUGH and a BEGINNING AGAIN actioned ONLY by HIS hand.
I also saw the hand of the Lord reaching into many people’s past, as things that they had endured and walked through in their past they felt were still majorly hindering them, with one swoop of His hand, it was dealt with. The weight of miraculous deliverance in this hour, sudden miraculous deliverance is weightier than I’ve ever felt it.
“You’ve gone into my future to prepare the way, and in kindness, you follow behind me to spare me from the harm of my past. You have laid your hand on me!” (Psalm 139:5 TPT)
I saw many who have been in this place of heavy pressure, feeling like they have been winded, lost their breath — not only was this mighty rushing wind bringing them into a place of breathing again, restoration, empowerment, a fresh second wind and DEEP encounter — I saw Jesus releasing FRESH ANOINTINGS upon them.
There are FRESH ANOINTINGS that the Lord is releasing right now — so not only will you breathe again in such deep encounter, such deep life found in Christ, such restoration, peace, clarity and healing — there are FRESH ANOINTINGS that He is releasing to see you walk with Him in new ways. New and fresh ways of partnering and co-labouring with Him.
There is such freedom and encounter found in the secret place in this hour. He is calling us deeper into KNOWING HIM, to beholding His beauty. NOTHING is more important than seeking Him and knowing Him. Intimacy with Him.
I saw the mighty rushing wind in the secret place and I heard the words thundering, “YOU MUST PRIORITISE THE SECRET PLACE.”
I knew that meant there was a letting go of things happening in this hour to make greater room and priority for the secret place. There was a changing of pace for MANY. They were pulling back and doing less because the WOO of His heart to encounter and soak in His presence was stronger than ever.
As they obeyed the Lord and changed pace and priorities were realigned and re-established they caught the mighty rushing wind that was blowing in the secret place and I saw them taken up into heavenly encounters. They were carried up on the call of the Lord, “COME UP HERE.” The level of encounters with Jesus and the revelation He was releasing to them in this hour reminded me of the encounters that John had on the Island of Patmos.
“After this, I looked, and there in heaven was an open door. The first voice that I had heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.” (Revelation 4:1)
The heavenly encounters and throne room encounters in this hour that we are entering into where we shall behold His beauty and Majesty are like nothing we have ever experienced. We must linger. We must wait upon Him. We must follow His pace. We must prioritise the secret place.
There is a mighty fresh wind blowing, let’s lean in. This year is a year to be saturated in His Glory and to be caught up in the deeper revelation of the beauty of Jesus and the revelation and realities of heaven and being IN HIM. MAJESTY revealed!!
Kay Nash just shared...
"If a wise man contend with a foolish man, whether he be angry or laugh, there is no rest."Proverbs 29:9 Stop wasting your time contending with foolish people. Let yourself rest and focus on what God wants you to focus on!





1/19/23 I Have NEVER Seen the Righteous Forsaken nor His Seed Begging Bread... God's Army of Light: Keep Coming Out from Among Them and Don't Worry. God's About to Do Something Power. THEY'RE Going to be Saying "Not Fair." Don't Walk Away.

Praise God, Saints. We pray this finds you well. I hear right now "Keep reading your Bible. Wait and see. We will have help soon. Praise God for President Trump. Tell them they don't have to worry." I also hear "They keep thinking negative but believe on Me. Keep that light on." 

At 12:54 am I heard "I can't believe they caused the freedom of this lie or to die." It might have also been "I can't believe they called the leader of the freedom of this world a lie." I will stay in prayer over this and ask God for more clarity. Backward, the 45:21 is Isaiah 45:21 "Tell ye, and bring them near; yea, let them take counsel together: who hath declared this from ancient time? who hath told it from that time? have not I the Lord? and there is no God else beside me; a just God and a Saviour; there is none beside me." Keeping the numbers as is, we get Luke12:54, "And He said also to the people, When ye see a cloud rise out of the west, straightway ye say, There cometh a shower; and so it is." Adding the rest, i.e., verses 55 and 56 we have "And when ye see the south wind blow, ye say, There will be heat; and it cometh to pass. Ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky and of the earth; but how is it that ye do not discern this time?"

I also heard "Pray for Pittsburgh. Keep coming out from among them" and "Rebuke the spiritual wickedness coming against God's people."  

Separately, and not sure who needs to hear this, but God said the other day to let you know that "He hears our thoughts." I don't know who needs to hear that but even when you're in a situation where you can't pray out loud, God can hear you, so please stay encouraged. Now, the flip side is also true. God can hear what the wicked are doing AND THINKING and every plan of attack they have is already defeated (just see our military intel from Derek/1776 below...).

And think about it.

1776 Nation is amazing. God bless our military for cheering us up! 

Sharing a Word from Replenished Hope Ministries

Daily Prophetic Word January 19, 2023
By MaryEllen McCloud, Replenished Hope Ministries
The Lord says, “Be mindful in this Hour. I Am Pruning and Purging within My People. Many will resist and walk away to the deceptions because they cannot fathom that I AM not who they have perceived, all of their life. Human Perception contains bias thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. If you really desire to know Me completely, you will have to drop all of that at the doorway. A mind unwilling to yield will waiver in and out of the truth.
Your transition season is ending and NOW, you will be handed the Keys to so many doors of opportunities. The long wait will be met with My Grace that wipes away the memories of hardships and sorrow. Let it all wash off of you and refuse to pick up ‘what was’ and make it still be ‘what is.’ I have better and more. Can you say, ‘better and more?’ Do not let the troubles define who you are, for your true identity rests in Me alone.”
~Blessings MaryEllen McCloud Replenished Hope
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Jack Posobiec mentioned how Bed Bath and Bankrupt is NOT doing well. As a reminder, and we're talking about ANYONE that does this...THEY can't slander God, President Trump, or Trump supporters, or Christians...THEY think they can but what they're doing is cursing the roots of their own trees. I hear "Philadelphia will be next" as breaking news comes out there. God's been saying to rebuke them and pray against that area where they have a statue they pray to. Notice it's obiden's favorite place to go to... Nothing is hidden from God. We tear these strongholds down in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. I hear God saying "Tell them you don't have to worry. I have you. Every detail has been set, all the chess board pieces, and My move is in play." We praise God for President Trump. May God richly add favor to his life and all that he needs, may his work be blessed, every yoke of the enemy defeated and scattered in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority.


1/18/23 A Reminder: Hold onto God Regardless of What You See.

Praise God, Saints. Almost like I hear "They will have evidence soon. The devil is at the door but keep holding onto Me." We ask for God's mercy and rest confidently in Him. Situations have to change soon. They will change suddenly. The devil thinks this is his ballgame or playground but keep believing on God. Watch and see what God does SUDDENLY. Don't lose hope. Instead get excited.



Prophetic Word from Veronika West...

and a reminder, keep reading your Bible MORE, waiting expectantly on God, and doing things that add value. I hear "You have a purpose in Me and God is setting a table for you. Some are going to be very surprised by what God does, how I restore you, restore things from here, so don't walk away." 

…The Alabaster Box...
…The tipping point of the Nations, the tears of His Bride are turned to the oil of Revival...His Glory is being poured out”..!
…I see a broken alabaster box....and I hear these words, “This is a sacred box....where beauty comes out of brokenness...where a fragrance is released that only the hand of the Great Creator and Inventor of heaven can manufacture, a sweet and sacred fragrance that is carried to the Nations...a fragrance that brings the Kingdom of Heaven to the earth...a fragrance that goes forth as gentle as a fresh Spring breeze....and yet in its essence its potency is like strong smelling salts that has the power to Ignite the sleeping senses and revive the dry bones..
…I hear these words...”Many are called but few are chosen to carry and steward such a divine fragrance that has the power to change and transform the spiritual atmosphere from darkness into light, for this heavenly fragrance has no price tag..silver and gold cannot attain it as its both timeless and priceless”..
…as those words echo loudly in my Spirit,..I see many broken alabaster boxes lying at the beautiful feet of the Father...and I see Angels standing amongst the broken pieces,..
…And I hear these words, “Take off your shoes for this is Holy ground”...
…I see a stream of tears that runs through the fragments of the broken boxes and...I hear these words, “Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy”...
…Then I see the loving hands of the Father come down upon the broken pieces of the alabaster boxes,..and a river of golden oil runs forth from His hands and I watch as the broken fragments begin to come together....
…and suddenly I see a beautiful golden bowl being brought forth from the broken and shattered pieces...a bowl filled with the tears of His Bride...
…I see the golden bowl now being lifted high into the air,..where the hands of a multitude of Angels take hold of the golden bowl,..and I watch as the bowl is taken higher and higher,…
…I see the Nations of the earth come up before me,…and I hear these words, “For the tears of My Bride shall be turned to the oil of Revival”...
…and suddenly a powerful and intoxicating fragrance fills the atmosphere....and I watch as the hands of the Angels begin to tip out the golden bowl....
…I hear these words, “Watch!..For this is a tipping point of mass Revival in the Nations”...
…And I see golden oil being poured out upon the Nations of the earth...and then I hear these words, “The golden oil of my Glory shall be poured out upon the Nations”…
…On hearing those words, suddenly I see and feel a powerful Wind begin to blow...and I see the Father breathe upon the Nations of the Earth,…and as the breath of God goes forth...I see fires, raging fires,…being ignited across the Nations,…
…And I hear these words, “Watch!…For the unquenchable fires of Revival shall sweep across the Nations of the earth, for the time of Kingdom Reformation and Divine Transformation has come”...!

Sharing a Word from Replenished Hope...

Daily Prophetic Word
January 18, 2023
By MaryEllen McCloud, Replenished Hope Ministries
The Lord says, “The world wants to turn you around with ‘good is evil and evil is good’ in the open parts of life and the hidden just the same. You must stand strong against the attacks challenging My Word. Do not let the world warm you to the idea that sin is no longer sin today. What I spoke is very much still truth today. Cleanse your mind of what man and even religion has taught you. I have deeper revelation to press upon you.
I desire to bring freshness to My people where they fully understand what I have said in My Word and how My people can walk a fully abundant life. Even in the best of intentions, wrong doctrines and ideas have entered the hearts of My People. This year is a year like none other where I will reveal those who have been in seasons of hiddenness with Me. They will step forward to teach My Bride a New Song, as well as, be a Beacon of My Plumbline over the Earth. Even My elect may be tempted to call them False, but I Am their Lord and will answer all those that rise up against them.”
~Blessings MaryEllen McCloud Replenished Hope
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1/17/23 Let Them Know They Will Receive My Help Soon

Praise God, Saints. Almost like I heard "It's morning..." Remember, we're ONLY waiting on God's timing. His plan is in play and He's exposing the wicked and demonic hidden agendas. But here's a key point to remember. As God said to KEEP DOING THINGS that add value, God doesn't want us focused on THEM or their attacks. Don't look at those demons laughing and trying to show a good poker face and think that they've won. They have not. 

I heard at 6:54 am "Let them know that I am not playing. Say 'why are you worrying.' They're going to be saying not fair when they see what I do. Let them know they will see help soon. Say 'you are not ready... this help / or His help is coming.' Tell them they don't have to worry when they see what I do but I want them to move faster. I know it's like a tightrope that you are on, that some are seeing but God has you. It's going to be not fair with what I do. It's going to be a hard time for some when they see what I do." I also hear "Tell them they don't have to worry." 

What I believe God is saying here is to focus more on confidence in Him to deliver what He said He's going to do. God doesn't want us focusing on THEM or their attacks. Like in the battle with Goliath, Saul and his armies stood in fear for 40-days because the giant taunted them. It's like we keep looking on the battlefield and seeing what LOOKS LIKE the enemy still standing, still making threats, still being a threatening menace...but what we're missing is Goliath was still full of pride trying to make himself look BIGGER than God. So, when God sent David with a tiny rock, it was like saying "I can send a boy with no armor and nothing but the wind and a pebble to slay that thing terrorizing you." But we also have to do our parts and don't walk away.

Use psychological warfare and say, "I see victory. I see every giant slain and the enemy that I see today I will see no more. The battle is yours, Lord, and I confidently wait on you because I am confident in YOU and in covenant with you. I KNOW you will deliver me because You said You would, and You cannot lie." Now because you're saying THAT, see how it matches up with what God said? NOW you can position yourself to move faster and get in alignment for the next move of God. I did that on my old job. I started taking classes and studying independently.

One day a trader couldn't answer his manager about a particular stock and I quickly texted it to him. He told the manager that it was my answer and they looked over in shock that I knew it. But how can we fail with God on our side?

Another time when everyone else (because God says come out from among them) was gossiping and sitting around one summer day at work, I dressed up because I recognized when all my managers were dressed up. Sure enough, someone was needed to urgently take a message into a meeting. I had on a suit dress so they sent me because the other girls had on shorts. I don't say this to brag in any way but God is training us for where we're going.

The devil can only keep you in that pit, Egypt, Lodebar, same position, or stinkin thinkin if you LET HIM. So start seeing WHERE you want to be with God and move toward it. Ask God for insight over WHAT you might be missing that you can do now. I asked Him and was shocked when He suddenly pointed out that I wasn't praying a specific way that I used to. I realized I'd forgotten about that tiny, extra step but God remembered.

By taking the emphasis off the enemy and them boasting and bragging, you can see that when God moves SUDDENLY, you will be ready. SUDDENY you are promoted because someone is fired. SUDDENLY that job is available at your church and you can step right in. SUDDENLY a home becomes available and God says its time to move. See your situation without the enemy there trying to block it and keep calling on God. Write down what you need in your vision and ask for His help and input. Then, keep your plans quiet so you AND God can work.

Recall that David was the one who slayed the giant and became king. Esther was the one who replaced Vashti, saved the Jews, and became queen. Joseph forgave and saved his family and restored them. Jesus died and rose back up again to save us all. And God is doing a mighty work in you so trust His timing and be ready when He calls. Position yourself before Him so you are ready for what He's about to do next. When He removes that person coming against you or makes them retire or step down, have your light shining and be's coming VERY SOON....and I hear "They will apologize for what they did" and "It's going to feel like Santa Claus." He always promotes! ;o) 


Amazing confirmation from Charlie Shamp...

I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, “You are in the midst of a re-definition of the church. Watch for my hand upon fresh movements emphasizing new battle plains for the ecclesia. My church is entering an age of militancy and spiritual confrontation. A new global prayer movement is about to emerge.”
I then saw angels with swords drawn released on assignments to different regions. Written on the swords were the words; spiritual warfare. In their other hand was a bottle of oil containing the warrior anointing mingled with the bridal revelation. I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, “These will be days of ‘blood and fire’ so my church must be prepared to war in prayer through intercession. I am sending my winds and ministers of fire to co-labor with the saints as they declare my word into the earth. For those that do not know me it will be a time of great turmoil, a time of blood and fire. For my Bride it will be at time of great triumph, a time of my blood and my fire.”
I was then shown a white War Horse and heard the Spirit of the Lord say, “Prepare for the manifestation of ‘wars’ in the natural reaching greater heights in the coming days as well as an increase of warfare in the realm of the Spirit. My bride must stay in a humble position upon her knees to gain ground in the air. Greater clashes of light and darkness are about to come, but I will cause my bride to ride upon the white horse and she will leap over these dark days to the place of victory.”
We have entered into a time of increased judgments and the glory of the Lord in the earth. I could see great clashes of light and darkness unlike what we have experienced in the past. The greater glory of the Lord, with His manifested presence, will shine forth. Many will be saved through the outpouring that will come. The seeds have been planted and now prayer will produce the rain to bring a great harvest. Great outbreaks of regional revival will touch across the land. Many will experience God’s manifest hand. Signs and wonders will follow them that believe. The presence of the Lord will cause salvation in the streets. At the same time great natural disasters are about to come in the earth; mudslides, plagues, increase of hurricanes, sizable earthquakes, fires, droughts, and volcanic activity will be felt in various regions like earth has not experienced in the past. I saw America and I heard these words, ‘Mayday,’ ‘May-Day.’
I then heard the Spirit of the Lord say, “For those that call upon my name I will be the Prince of Peace in the eye of the storm.”
-Prophet Charlie Shamp


*I want to add a reminder that God said on 1/14 in His message/letter to rebuke disasters and natural disasters. Also recall that Kay Nash said yesterday "The witchcraft attacks are real intense right now. I want to encourage you not to get discouraged by what the witches and what "Christians" controlled by a spirit of witchcraft are saying! You follow The Holy Ghost!"

Remember to say "God is covering me. God is covering my family" and COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM, HIM, HER. Also, recollect that God doesn't want us staying up until 2:30 am when the devil is active. He wants us in bed early 9:30 pm to 1:00 am so we can be up early, hearing from Him and ready. Lastly I'm hearing "I made a target out of you." Think about what happens to those in the spotlight, i.e., David, Joseph, Jesus...They are promoted, so don't walk away. Strengthen your spirit, keep your defenses up, put on the FULL ARMOR OF GOD, and read your Bible more. We ALREADY have the victory...but we must stay encouraged and speak over ourselves in the coming days. 



1/16/23 THEY Lied to You...

Praise God, Saints. We have a special MLK message that we're sharing. Long story short: The person calling himself Biden is lying. These are demons telling the Black Church to "choose democracy" but God is saying what's really there is witchcraft. God said DON'T CHOOSE BIDEN'S WITCHCRAFT, choose God. 

It wasn't until we started reading through Biden's speeches and what Rabbi Jonathan Cahn said in rebuking Biden that we came across something powerful:

Biden's MLK speech is CLEARLY MISLEADING, i.e., written by black people in the black church to SOUND CONVINCING. BUT...THEY messed up. It's not the same language or narrative when Biden gave his transgender speech so don't walk away.

Now, this is nothing against Biden (or this actor pretending to be Biden). We pray he repents.

In Biden's MLK speech yesterday, note from the excerpts below how the writers inject common phrases that churchgoers identify with (and there's NO MENTION of the LGBTQ community), i.e., he targeted their community:

"I’m God-fearing. I’ve tried to walk my faith. This is the time of choosing. We have to choose a community over chaos. We’re all created equal in the image of God. As the Bible teaches us, we must be doers of the Word. We hear and heed the injunctions of the Lord and the whispers of the angels. However dark the night, joy cometh in the morning. Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, all thy mind, and all thy soul.  And love thy neighbor as thy self. [but it's okay to call Christians and republicans who are white Trump supporters' enemies of the state and communists, right?] We the People. As I sit at my desk and look at the fireplace, just to the left is the bust of Dr. King. Because he was my inspiration as a kid. And not far from him, if you look about 40, 50 degrees to the right, there is another statue, another bust — of Rosa Parks. When we choose democracy over autocracy, a beloved community over chaos; when we choose believers and the dreams, to be doers, to be unafraid, always keeping the faith. And the gospel song that Dr. King loved, “We’ve come too far from where we started. Nobody told me that the road would be easy.  I don’t believe He brought me this far to leave me.”  I don’t think the Lord brought us this far to leave us. God bless Dr. Martin Luther King and his family.  And based on his — one of his favorite hymns, Precious Lord, take my hand through the storm, through the night, [and] lead me on to the light. May God bless you all. And let’s go find the light.  We can do this. We made it."

So, he says We’re all created equal in the image of God. Recall that Lucifer was a fallen angel trying to make himself equal to God. Genesis 1:26a actually states "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness."

Harry S. Truman once said about the verse "We believe that all men are created equal because they are created in the image of God." We also know that the Declaration of Independence states "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Hence, men are created equal among each other, not equal to God which was Lucifer's mistake. That ties in with Ezekiel 28:18 where because of Lucifer's sin (pride), God judged him and he was thrown to the earth and cast out of heaven because he wanted to be like God, i.e., having God's powers and abilities.

I hear God saying “And think about it…

In Biden’s speech on what is being called the Transgender Day of Visibility 2022 in this excerpt he says, “To everyone celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility, I want you to know that your president sees you, this administration sees you...for who you are, made in the image of God. And we have your back. God bless you all, be brave.”

Hence, like the serpent in the Garden, God's words are being twisted as God clearly made man and woman in His image. God NEVER said that He makes transgender people in His image. What God does want is what Jesus taught us, to love others and love our neighbors as ourselves. However, that is CLEARLY being taken out of context because the devil is slandering God's people, trying to force sexual sin, and change laws to alter body types contrary to how God created us. Hence, we can ask for God's mercy and truth and for Him to step in. And God HAS responded. He's said multiple times that His wrath and sudden judgment are coming against the wicked and proud. 

When God spoke on 1/14/23, God spoke about Biden and repeatedly said for God's people to come out from among him. Here is an excerpt: 

1/14/23 Message Excerpt 

"The end of a thing is the beginning of God. I Am telling you they’re going to be so excited about what God about what I Am about to do. Keep coming out from among her, from among him, coming out from under them, coming out from under and among Joe Biden. Many are going to be saying not fair when they see what I do. I don’t want God’s people living in fear. I don’t want them living in fear. Keep calling on Me and keep calling down My fire to reign. My fire and My justice are coming soon. My help is coming. Evacuation orders are in store. I hear restore. As I restore My people, as I restore God’s people. Keep coming out from among them, from among him from among and under Joe Biden. Many don’t see it yet but they will see soon how My storm comes in how it brings relief. Many are not sure what I’m doing but keep your plans to Me / or release your plans to Me. Let them know they will receive soon, My relief plan soon. Praise God for President Trump more. Remember, I said to keep coming out from among him, from among her, those Jezebel, Python and Leviathan spirits. Keep doing things that add value. Watch and see what I do. You’re going to see the consequence of what I do for/with those who do not have love for Me. You’re going to see as My sudden judgment comes. Keep rebuking those witchcraft demons. Watch and see what I say come to pass. Let them know as a reminder that I Am your judge and your jury. You will see help soon. You will see how I vindicate you soon. But many are still saying they keep judging me, they keep judging him, talking about President Trump but don’t worry about that. Keep calling on Me as they see My relief soon. Keep calling on Me. I will be your eyes and ears. As My sudden judgment comes, you will hear, you will know that it’s Me. You will know that it’s God moving soon when you see what I do. Don’t worry about him. As My sudden judgment comes, the name of God will prevail as I move before you and before him. They will see it’s My nation. It’s My hand upon this nation and they will say ‘It’s the hand of My God and He’s covering me.’ Many of those in that wicked army are going to be blindsided by what they see, by what they think they’re doing because it’s not working. They keep calling on him, calling on Joe Biden thinking that it’s about him but rebuke those demons. Rebuke that demon of lucifer. Their time is up or that time is up. Keep reading your Bible before Me. Keep getting before Me praising God before Me. Praise God more. I want you praising God for President Trump more."

God knows the plans He has for us so do not worry or be afraid. Our God is all-knowing and all-powerful. Pray that THEY repent because if their goal is to advance a wicked agenda, they are fooling NO ONE. God's Army of Light, remain standing, keep binding/releasing, and remember Pharoah's chariot wheels all got the sand God created. Keep coming out from among THEM, from among man, and from among Joe Biden. We choose God and as Rabbi Jonathan Cahn said "We will NOT bow down to baal. We will NOT bow down to baal. We will NOT bow down to baal." 


Sharing a Word from Kay Nash and a CONFIRMATION as we are seeing Christians controlled by witchcraft...

The witchcraft attacks are real intense right now. I want to encourage you not to get discouraged by what the witches and what "Christians" controlled by a spirit of witchcraft are saying! You follow The Holy Ghost!  

My reply: anointing oil slabbed on like bacon grease! But a reminder God said to say "Jezebel your number is up" and for God's people to say over themselves "God is covering me. God is covering my family." 

On a separate note, I hear "Pray for Philadelphia" and "Don't walk away." God also wants us singing to Him more (I felt His presence powerfully here).







1/15/23 I'm About to Make an Announcement Soon" That's What I Heard

Praise God, Saints. As a reminder, ONLY our God is on the Throne. Keep trusting confidently in Him and don't go by what it LOOKS LIKE. Please stay alert and vigilant. The devil has been trying to blindside people with SUDDEN attacks to get them to war in the flesh. Rebuke them and keep saying "God is covering me. God is covering my family." We pray for Nepal and those affected by the plane crash. 


Get the popcorn ready... So, noticing a lot of chatter about WHY on earth the Biden attorneys would SUDDENLY come forward with classified docs. And one commenter pointed out that you would NEVER see Trump attorneys suddenly saying they found his documents in with Melania's dresses or shoes.

Regardless, OUR GOD is on the Throne and God said through Diana Larkin that He's letting their plan play OUT up to a certain point. THEY have something BIG they're trying to bring against us to cause the most destruction, as God said through Diana Larkin but God is ONLY going to let it go up to the point where the MOST PEOPLE can see that they are on the WRONG SIDE...before God steps in and puts a stop to it. So, confidently trust in God's timing and ability to deliver us.

The other part of this is WHY did the airlines go down? Was that a CCP or to let them know here's a vulnerability? Again, God sits high and looks low...and He who sits in the Heavens laughs. As God said through DL, as He exposes them, they're becoming more desperate. Also, God said through us to keep saying "God is covering me. God is covering my family." Let's remember to REST and let God handle it. Remember, God's already SEEN THE OUTCOME AND WE WIN BIGLY!!! Stay at the Cross and keep reading your Bible more. We ask for God's mercy, and we praise God for President Trump... don't believe the fake news...but DO keep rebuking all their evil and demonic.

WE'VE got the victory! Hold onto God! Get ready for Trump news. 


God wants us to rest confidently in Him REGARDLESS of what THEY say or do. Father God keeps saying "Call on Me for what you need. Let them know I will help with the bills. It's NO PROBLEM for God." God also tells us to say "It doesn't matter," to encourage you because THEY can't do whatever they want...ONLY God has the final say. God is our Judge and Jury.
Believe for a miracle today. Keep saying "God is covering me. God is covering my family" REGARDLESS of what you SEE on the news or what THEY SAY. God knows THEIR EVIL PLANS but God's SUDDEN JUDGMENT IS COMING. ONLY God has the final say and ONLY God has the last word.

Prophetic Word from Spirit Move Ministry...

PROPHETIC WORD 1/14/23 🔥🔥🔥
The Lord said the Reckoning is upon my people, a "Reckoning" is a righting what was done wrong and recovery of what was lost, but not just what was lost but what you never had, my people finally receiving what they never had in the first place, there are blessings coming your way you never knew you wanted or needed, they are heavenly blessings, heavenly gifts and heavenly joys, the Reckoning brings a "recompense" a recompense against the enemy and not just a replacement of what my people have lost in the fierce storms they have previously walked through but a sevenfold replacement, sevenfold return of heavenly blessings to recompense on the enemy's head what he has brought against you for evil, what he has brought against you to destroy you and to break you, my true Reckoning is at hand, the enemy will watch my people flourish and become more fruitful than ever before, more souls will be saved than ever before, not just a double portion but sevenfold, seven times the amount of souls coming into my kingdom and seven times the amount of Miracles, Signs and Wonders are going to be released and produced through the Reckoning, seven times the financial blessing and provision, the enemy will be the only one looking back with regret, he will regret the suffering and the pain he's brought upon my people and the hindrances and the blocks that he is insisted on putting in their way to slow them down and push them back, the Reckoning is here, embrace what heaven is bringing my people and trust that I know exactly what you need, you will be receiving what you never knew you wanted or needed. You will receive what you've never had, embrace all this with joy and run without looking back.
Not that I have already obtained it [this goal of being Christlike] or have already been made perfect, but I actively press on so that I may take hold of that [perfection] for which Christ Jesus took hold of me and made me His own. Brothers and sisters, I do not consider that I have made it my own yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the [heavenly] prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 3:12-14 AMP
Embrace and press into what's ahead without fear, as the Reckoning is upon you and recompense is coming to the enemy, run with joy forgetting what's behind and trusting all that I'm doing ahead of you, sevenfold blessing is upon you, embrace it and press on in true victory.




1/14/22 Message / Letter From God Today: 

Praise God, Saints. We pray this finds you well. Sharing a Word from earlier today in the video link below, also GOOD NEWS about President Trump...


Let. God. Work...and a reminder, we praise God for Kevin McCarthy. No wonder God said, "THEY are going to be in a bad mood when they see what God does."

We pray MORE favor, covering, grace, support, and mercy for President Trump, our Trump supporters, nation, military, and police officers. God is covering us, protecting, and keeping us...and that reminder that God said, "Don't walk away."


We started this and were planning on 10-minutes of praise and worship, 10-minutes of Bible reading and 10-minutes of praying in tongues. However, God started speaking and gave a POWERFUL WORD so the timeline is now:

  • Opening Word: 0:00 to 6:54 minutes
  • Singing, P&W: 6:57 to 24:42 minutes
  • Bible Reading: 25:52 to 37:20 minutes
  • Psalm 54, Ruth 1, Psalm 103, 104 (extra reading, finish the book of Ruth and read the Gospel of Luke)
  • Praying in Tongues: 37:35 to 1:26:53
  • Closing Word: 1:27:00 to 1:35:12


Note: Apologies in the video as the camera gets blurry or moves. At times my phone was readjusting, but in a few clips, like the underwater scene and the surfing area, the live cam operators were controlling the camera. 


Sharing a Word from Replenished Hope Ministries...

Daily Prophetic Word January 14, 2023
By MaryEllen McCloud, Replenished Hope Ministries
The Lord says, “You must learn the elementary lessons to become Master one day of the advanced lessons. Do not forsake the process. This is not to your detriment but for your benefit. You are safe in My Arms even when the storms are raging. Do not look at what has come against you as anything more than I AM getting ready to launch you and bless you! Look up My Child.
Be of Good Cheer. You have been given the tests because you are ready for the next level in Me. Do not think that I will leave you unprotected. No My Child. You are in My Hands and as you trust Me to take you where you need to go, you will obtain the understanding of why certain things had to be in your life. Sometimes to get to the top, you have to be brought low first. Let Me have My way with you instead of fighting the process. You will never regret the end destination that I have written for your days. Keep moving forward and you will reach all that I have stored up for your blessings and favor.”
~Blessings MaryEllen McCloud Replenished Hope
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1/13/23 Praise God for President Trump

Special Note: Sharing the link for Family Church. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn was the guest speaker last night. Please use the link above for the messages each night 1/11-1/15/23 as they were having problems uploading to YouTube (we rebuke satan's games trying to block God). 

Praise God, Saints. We're sharing the two video messages that we posted yesterday. At 6am I heard "Pray for Pennsylvania." I also heard "Write, I will help with the bills." Keep calling on God and trusting in Him. Great is HIS faithfulness!

About the video message above...

We shared a separate video about praying for Kevin McCarthy during the voting but here's what God was saying behind the scenes and why that 15 (number of votes) is so important.


About the video message above...

ALL the enemies' plans will fail because ONLY God has the final say!

Side Note: Please understand we're NOT saying there's anything wrong with saying "love" for the Bills player or that it was his family that chose to change the shirts, was just making an observation about how the signage suddenly shifted from "Pray for..." to "Love for..." This is sometimes a way that certain groups try to secretly remove God and Jesus from the dialog, e.g., Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.




1/12/23 The Atmosphere is About to Change Soon, SWIFTLY

Special Note: Sharing the link for Family Church. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn speaks at 7:00 pm. Please use that link as they were having problems uploading to YouTube on 1/11 (and we rebuke satan's games trying to block God). 


Praise God, Saints. I was reading through Derek's comment section on 1776 Nation. God bless our military for all their intel. I can't understand half of it as I was reading, but something about THIS Friday and Saturday being big days possibly and someone else said the 19th or 20th? But remember God doesn't want us holding onto specific dates.
We pray over our military, our police officers, and law enforcement, and we pray, bring Paul Whelan home. Recall that God has BEEN SAYING through the prophets that the dominoes are falling, swamp being cleared, victory is ours, all roads lead to victory, CheckMate, Boom, the Shot heard around the World, WWG1WGA, etc. God keeps saying "Don't walk away" and He said yesterday "Declare an emergency" so let God work and we praise God for President Trump! Again. Do. not. walk. away. We know the pressure is up/on.
God said He will move when there's the most witchcraft/demonic. Let God work. He IS restoring us. All we need to do is keep reading our Bibles MORE and keep getting to bed early. WHATEVER you need, let God handle it. Remember, situations are about to change soon/suddenly. And THERE MIGHT BE A LOT WE'RE NOT SEEING...reason I say that is in the spirit realm, I'm seeing ALL KINDS OF SUDDEN WARFARE for no reason. Remain standing, cover your head, keep rebuking THEM and coming out from among THEM, and say "God is covering me. God is covering my family." I hear SUDDEN. [felt God's presence here]. Sudden victory. Sudden explosion on the news. Keep reading your Bible MORE and praying. We will see God's help soon.
Also that reminder last week God said "Tell Jezebel her number is up."
BEST conversation we will all be saying soon... "So last week we were all sitting around eating a celebratory slice of cake with God, Jesus, President Trump. Oh, all the Christians were there, and all the prophets (but you know they got to the cake first). So, everybody was there singing and dancing and celebrating with God. It was a big party. President Trump was dancing and celebrating, too. Did you get some cake? I didn't see you in line but boy it was long. They were giving out presents, promotions, and so much favor."
Remember to NOT be offended, which is what THEY want. God taught us in Isaiah 54:17 that "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD." PeculiarLady1 (YouTube, pro-Trump) once said that we must do as God says and condemn their words. She said this one day about God's enemies and those coming against President Trump when she said about the wicked things THEY were saying "Be condemned, be silent, be mute." I thought "Lord, can we SAY that? Is that right? God explained that it's NOT condemning the person but canceling out their words from taking root. Pastor Mike Thompson (Nevada) also said this last January before the "Be Ready to Launch in February series". He said to rebuke their words as these are character assassination attempts, false accusations, and lies against President Trump. But as THEY slander President Trump and Trump supporters who are God's people/Christians, don't take offense. Forgive. THEY are INTENTIONALLY trying to offend to block our prayers (Mark 11:22-26) but Jesus says forgive them so your prayers are heard, and He also said that on the Cross! So stay at the Cross and recognize that WHEN THEY CALL US COCKROACHES, ENEMIES OF THE STATE, AND COMMUNISTS, it's because THEY don't want our prayers answered....and what are our prayers? For President Trump to be reinstated, our nation restored, and the wealth transfer so we can prepare for the Great Harvest and global revival. Remain standing. Keep praying. Forgive THEM. And praise God for President Trump! THEY are so angry because THEY cannot stop us from receiving ALL THAT GOD HAS FOR US!!! God bless Mike Lester and the staff at Patriot Post US for standing with us on the front lines. The gates of hell SHALL NOT PREVAIL SO DON'T WALK AWAY. Watch and see what God does!  



1/11/23 Wait and See What God Does!

Special Note: We're sharing the YT video above for Family Church from tonight's event. It's about 2.5 hours and includes Pastor Ben Smith as the guest speaker. Please note that Father God said "don't walk away." Tomorrow night's speaker is Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. MESSAGE FROM FAMILY CHURCH: If you saw the message with Ben Smith, our live stream cut out early! We apologize. But we have the full service. It's currently on our website at

and it is currently processing here on YouTube.




Praise God, Saints. I read a message earlier that the voices causing us to doubt are "outside our minds" but not always.

WE are just as guilty of replaying tapes from false messages we heard. That's the devil trying to block people from achieving greatness. But if you ONLY believe what you hear, you can only become what you receive and take in. But we have to remember that the devil doesn't name us, God does.

Rebuke/reject this stinkin' thinkin' by doing like Jesus taught us in Mark 11:22-26:

  1. Believe what you want,
  2. Receive it in the spirit realm FIRST,
  3. Forgive anyone that's offended you so your blessings are not blocked.
  4. Give God time but understand that some things take time or we're not ready for them. God also does things in seed form so don't reject the acorn He sends that might grow into an oak tree, i.e., don't despise the days of small beginnings.


Every day remind yourself that you ARE good enough and not a mistake and don't beat yourself up. The past 2-3 years has been a SEVERE attack against so many innocent people to cause them to give up. But instead, rebuke those demons and GET UP. Keep getting back in the game REGARDLESS of what the haters, naysayers, and mockers say. Importantly, say "My mistakes when I didn't know better are not my fault. That was the devil trying to stop me. But NOW that I know better, I can do better. I will do all the things I can and allow God to do all the things that I can't." And forgive yourself and others.

Now the last part is big...because it's something that Jesus did, too. Walk away from anyone that doesn't see your vision or share your dream. There are some people who ONLY want you there because they LIKE seeing you as less than. These are usually jealous people who haven't been healed and they carry a lot of baggage and unforgiveness. THEY won't believe what YOU see for yourself because God's plan for you is for YOU, not them.

When Jesus went to heal a man's daughter (Mark 5:40), the child's parents laughed at him because she was dead but Jesus KNEW she was alive because He knew the power of God was in Him to heal and resurrect her. So what did He do? He put them out, and that might be a lesson for some. You might have to evict some people from your life, too if they don't line up with God's vision for you or always want to pull you down like crabs in a pot. Don't fall for that mindset. Reject it. Understand that it's probably why the devil tried to attack you and stop you so early in life...because satan knew that if YOU found out who you were, you just might stand up and realize that through God and Christ, you have MORE authority over him and he is powerless because God is in YOU.

So, ultimately, have you figured out who else I'm talking about here? Think about President Trump and David. Factor in that the Mark 5:40 verse is 54 or 45 backwards. Can you SEE how people are laughing at us because they can't SEE what God is revealing to us? That doesn't mean that we should stop or give up. On the contrary, keep writing the vision and remain standing. Keep singing to God as we have the victory. At just the right time God will reveal His plans and we will have the Trump News that we know is coming.

In the meantime, keep THEM out of your head, i.e., cover your head (Ephesians 6:11-18) and continue to ONLY SEE as God sees. THAT is what will come to pass in our own lives and with President Trump. Praise God! 



1/10/23 We Ask for God's Mercy...He's an EVER-Present Help

Praise God, Saints. We're starting with the details for Family Church's upcoming events starting tomorrow. While Rabbi Jonathan Cahn speaks on the 12th, please don't miss Pastor Ben Smith tomorrow night. I believe he's based out of the Bahamas and when he spoke at the Feast of Tabernacles event, he included a lot of information about numbers, 5783, the wealth transfer, and other important topics. As we prepped the ad to place it online here I heard Father God say "don't walk away."

Family Church posted the FOT event in YouTube so if they post the videos live, we will share them here tomorrow as they are in Bradenton, FL. If not, please use the link for their website and consider making a donation directly to their various outreach ministries. As they honor Israel and also welcome in other churches, these are power-packed sessions for the whole family, and you don't want to miss them!  

Separately, at 12:51 pm I heard "Let them know they will see help soon." And hear me clearly when I say this: DON'T EVEN FOCUS on the devil's games. THEY'RE trying to come out with some nonsense about Biden's papers and how THEY reported it the right way (now that the House GOP has the majority). THEY also shared that Biden will be speaking at Ebeneezer Church on MLK Day 1/15/23....really? So, Biden is speaking at Warnock's all-black church and Warnock is a pro-abortion pastor. I'm not trying to judge or slander anyone but here we have Rabbi Cahn WHO JUST REBUKED BIDEN A SECOND TIME and said you can't have the US pro-transgender which is anti-Christ...but I hear God saying "Remember, God's sudden judgment is coming." A reminder that we have to move faster to be in alignment with God.


As we pray, continue to say "Lord God, remove me from the hands of my enemies" (Psalm 31:8, 15). I hear God saying "Let them know they will see good news soon" but also that reminder to not fight with THEM in the flesh which is what I'm seeing. It's like they try to pick a fight, nothing happens. They go back to a corner and try to approach from another angle. We must do as God commanded us through Diana Larkin and 1. Take authority, 2. Rebuke those demons, cancel their assignments, bind/release, 3. Send their demonic attacks back into the enemy's camps so that their plans implode on them ONLY.

As Father God mentioned, THEY will be fighting among themselves when they see what God does. Keep separating yourselves from them and coming out from among them. Keep using the action items in each of Diana Larkin's messages. We share these each day and redline what God has said or you can go to her Facebook page: Remember, we don't have to worry. God is our judge and jury and I hear Him saying as that reminder "I will help with the bills. Keep calling on Me for what you need and asking for My help and mercy."


Over the past several months God has said 3 simple words that sum it up best: "It doesn't matter." Regardless of what THEY say, do, or deny, God sees and knows EVERYTHING...and He who vindicates us is near. God's wrath and sudden judgment are coming regardless of them offending and pretending they didn't, the passive/aggressive games, narcissistic gaslighting of President Trump, money laundering, censoring of God's prophets and slandering God, President Trump, and God's people which include Trump supporters.

Praise God for President Trump 

God said months ago that "Because they came against you and they came against President Trump, My wrath will come against them." We pray THEY repent because right now...regardless of whether they see it or not or want to admit it or not...THEY ARE ALL KNEE DEEP IN THEIR OWN TRAP...that God set for them...and ALL THE DOMINO PIECES ARE FALLING! God also said separately that "They will regret every word that they said." 




1/9/23 Praise God for What He's Done, and What He's Doing

Praise God, Saints. A reminder to keep going and let God work. I'm hearing something like "I Have So Much Good News Coming to You and Your Family...Hold On." At 1:55 am I heard "Tempers are going to flare when they see what God..." I also heard "It's a tightrope that some are on, many. Keep calling on Me, believing for what you need." As a reminder, pray to the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost who can help with every detail.


What Charlie Shamp said about the 1,000 fold sounds like CONFIRMATION as Mary Ellen McCloud shared this on January 7, 2023
By MaryEllen McCloud, Replenished Hope Ministries
The Lord says, “Dance in the streets. Dance throughout the lands. The Rain is falling. Your lands are being replenished and will flourish once more. The evil in the land is being pushed back for My people have cried out to Me. Righteousness is being restored even unto the highest of leadership. Eyes are opening and minds are awakening. I will continue to do as I have promised for those that walk uprightly.
I control the king’s heart, and I will restore the lost years. I will establish My Glory upon your houses once more. What was in lack will be made up for 1000 fold. If I Am your Lord then you have nothing to worry about. Cast your cares upon Me. I have greater for you to accomplish in these years. Do not step backwards into years of complacency once more. You are called to be an active participant within My Kingdom. There is no room for lazy servants. What was not, has become what is. See your favor before you!”
~Blessings MaryEllen McCloud Replenished Hope
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1/8/22 Be Prepared/Ready for Me and What I'm About to Do

Praise God, Saints. Please keep getting ready for God's sudden judgment. Remember, God wants us repentant before Him so He can use us to minister to THEM. Think about Esther when she became queen because Vashti refused to come when the king called her. It's like God is looking for Esthers who want to humbly do HIS WILL and give HIM all the glory so let's continue to trust in God and prepare for Him. Our Comforter is coming!!! Yes, He is!!! 

1/8/23 at 9:50 pm I hear "Explosion on the news."

Prophetic Word from Laire Lightner (Father God said she would have a message out soon, not sure if this is it)...

I prophesied a cleansing coming to both the prophetic office and the church. It has begun. 😭
With much fear and trembling I release this word.
Prophetic word I received from the Lord.
I either spoke or I didn’t. Stop trying to excuse false prophecy. Didn’t I say I was cleaning out the prophetic office? Those who claim they hear me and proclaim thus says the Lord yet their hearts are far from me. The church has become a business, a den of thieves. The prophetic office a mockery of my true voice. The divide has begun. The wheat from the tares separated. My remnant will receive greater discernment. For too long you accumulated for yourselves pastors, teachers, evangelists and prophets who didn’t fear me and instead told you what you wanted to hear. Others, only told you what the enemy’s plans were and fear gripped your heart. My true voices, my generals are slow and steady. Moving slowly to gain territory back from Lucifer. They are resolute. They will not compromise. My word will not return to me void. I’m ready to cleanse the prophetic once and for all. You will not claim you speak for me any longer. A great fall is coming to many who claimed they spoke on my behalf. Every lie you’ve spoken will be known. Every fallacy exposed. You will no longer take my glory because it doesn’t belong to you. It never did. My prophets are known for their humility before my throne. They tremble in my presence. Charlatans walk before me in arrogance as they claim their gift is irrevocable. I laugh at your calamity says the Lord. Your darkness will cover your noonday so it may never be found. Your lamp stand removed.
On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.
Matthew 7:22-23


Laire said yesterday "I just heard the Lord say the swamp is being exposed. Pay attention. The dominoes are falling."


Another word from Laire Lightner below...
You may not understand what’s happening but you have to trust the generals and 45. This is beyond our comprehension at the moment. There are moves and countermoves being made. Remember the Lord told us we won’t know who’s actually working for Him until this is over because He infiltrated the camp of the enemy and He has players who look like enemy but they aren’t. They are playing their part. Peace, be still. We’ve already won!


Our response on FB "Amen, Amen. Hold onto God and let Him reveal it in His timing..."




1/7/23 Cheer Up and Watch and See What God Does...

Praise God, Saints. We are praying for you. Keep staying at the Cross and let God work. Congrats to Kevin McCarthy as the new House Speaker! 15 means rest...and we are confidently resting in God so don't walk away.


Daily Prophetic Word
January 7, 2023
By MaryEllen McCloud, Replenished Hope Ministries
The Lord says, “Dance in the streets. Dance throughout the lands. The Rain is falling. Your lands are being replenished and will flourish once more. The evil in the land is being pushed back for My people have cried out to Me. Righteousness is being restored even unto the highest of leadership. Eyes are opening and minds are awakening. I will continue to do as I have promised for those that walk uprightly.
I control the king’s heart, and I will restore the lost years. I will establish My Glory upon your houses once more. What was in lack will be made up for 1000 fold. If I Am your Lord then you have nothing to worry about. Cast your cares upon Me. I have greater for you to accomplish in these years. Do not step backwards into years of complacency once more. You are called to be an active participant within My Kingdom. There is no room for lazy servants. What was not, has become what is. See your favor before you!”
~Blessings MaryEllen McCloud Replenished Hope
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1/6/23 Proof: God Will Show You Proof So Don't Walk Away. It's God's Timing. I Hear Repeatedly "DON'T WALK AWAY."

Event: The Gathering with Julie Green, Timothy Dixon, Robin Bullock, Amanda Grace, and MORE!

Praise God, Saints. Please stay in prayer. THIS is an exciting day in the Lord!!!

God spoke through Diana Larkin yesterday about the hidden body (see the video above). I hear God saying it's going to mean federal prison for some. As a CONFIRMATION, I saw I think 3 or 4 deer last night run by and then they ran BACK across the street (in time for me to get my phone so they're also in the video message above! no coincidences with God!).

One of the commenters shared that:

  • Today is the same day the Brunson case goes to SCOTUS conference.
  • It's also the anniversary of what THEY'RE calling an "insurrection."
  • Some are saying President Trump intends to accept the nomination tomorrow.

I can't speak on these events, but know that surprises are in store. God said repeatedly don't walk away and God said in the Kevin McCarthy message we gave on 1/4 and 1/5 (as a recap): 

"It's going to feel like Santa Claus when we see what God does." At 2:29 pm yesterday I heard "Let her know your number is up. [Jezebel]." At 12:50 am I heard "Let them know God is not playing." I heard at around 4:47 am "The enemy's camp has been infiltrated. Remain standing." I heard on 1/4/23 at 11:34 "Don't believe a word that they're saying. God will send proof. Believe the possibilities. We are ONE BODY in this nation, covered in Jesus's blood and they can't attack us if we hide in God. Keep your guard up. They're going to be saying 'not fair' when they see what I do. Don't walk away." I heard "God's sudden judgment is coming, powerful quakings in the earth. His truth is coming. Don't walk away. We focus on receiving a favorable outcome. We cut the ROOT of the enemy off. We loose blessings into the atmosphere." "So much provision and covering is coming. Let them know they will see My help soon. Keep calling on God for what you need and trusting in Him for it regardless of their negative report, only believe God believe God only regardless of what they're saying, regardless of what you're seeing. Praise God for President Trump more." Remember "you are soldiers in God's army. Those witches and demons have to flee. Situations will change soon. Situations will change suddenly. You're going to watch and see how that report changes about Kevin McCarthy how that voting changes but keep calling on Me for whatever you need. The enemy has to flee. Watch and see what that government does, how I turn it around in My favor." 

Lord God, we ask for Your mercy and know You will help with EVERY step!!! Again, I hear "explosion on the news." 


Prophetic Word from Barry Wunsch...

Things as you have known
them are being shaken.
They are being shaken hard.
It is about to look very different.
It is time to behold His Kingdom!
Things are never going to be the same!
Barry Wunsch
The Canadian Hammer


I want to add to what Barry said here...
As a reminder God continues to say "Situations will change soon. Situations will change suddenly." He has also been saying that God is covering us and that we should say "God is covering me. God is covering my family" when we see what He does. Trust confidently and rest in God to deliver us. Continue to stay at the Cross, keep reading your Bible more and keep singing to God.


In the Julie Green prophetic word above, God confirmed several things but one that stands out is how He mentioned through Julie Green about the wilderness. God gave us the verse Hebrews 3:17 a few days ago and a word of caution to not be like them because they were rebellious, not open to God, complaining and stuck in their ways.


We MUST be open to receiving the new things that God is doing. Hence, in this new era, chapter, ballgame, and other references, focus on God's good news to restore us, NOT JUST news about President Trump. There are people that want to hear President Trump is back and then that means they can go back and settle in their old ways. That's not what God wants.


God's positioning us for the Great Harvest so we can have the global revival before Jesus's return. God also wants to remove the wicked, satanic, witches, demonic, and all their evil. Hence, EVERYONE'S plans will change. All those hidden agenda's and corruption will all be exposed. Prodigals coming home, people repenting and coming into churches for healing, a time for our nation to repent and recover after the shock of this great unveiling.


God said in one portion of the message through Julie Green, "Lord but what about Trump and his return? My children, he never left his position no matter what this crooked and fraudulent government says, no matter what things look like do not be moved My children. I Am restoring your president back where you can see him. He has been restored even when you couldn't see it. A reinstatement had taken place where you don't understand it. Prophecy is being fulfilled. I Am not saying this to you today to only focus on this. This prophecy is not the only one that matters or the only one that is changing what you see. Stop just focusing on this or you will miss what I am doing right in front of you now. Call your rightful president back now to be seen in his rightful seat. Call his reinstatement also to be seen in front of the world. Call your enemies to fail. Call your enemies to be removed. Shout it. Declare it. This is the year of great fulfillment. Something big is coming to destroy your enemies once and for all Their distractions will become greater in this time to discourage you. Stand like never before. I told you to war like never before. Your enemies you see today soon and very soon you will see no more so start declaring this daily." 

Let's read our Bibles MORE, break from the flesh and false pride, and be in alignment with God's will. Move when He says to move, stand when He says to stand, say what He says to say. His sudden judgment is coming and He doesn't want us to be a stiff-necked people...He already dealt with THAT in the wilderness!


Comment we shared on IG:
Commenter: Exposed but nothing ever gets done.. The man is corrupt beyond friggen belief and they attack the innocent but yet nothing gets done..
Response: THAT'S what the devil wants...for us to get frustrated and give up. Let God work behind the scenes. God NEVER FAILS. He's NEVER lost a battle. Remember Trump news is coming so hold onto God and keep reading your Bible more. Recall that David ran from Saul for 13 years, right? But David didn't stop building or defending. He got married, grew his family and his army, and let God develop his character. By the time he had that confrontation with Saul face-to-face, David was READY for the Throne and ready for the blessings God had for him. So what happened? Saul fell on his own sword because of his stubborn pride. Let's continue to fast, pray, praise, and repent before God. EVERY prophet that I hear is in synch and saying God is about to move SUDDENLY so be ready. THEIR NWO witchcraft and demonic schemes are defeated, and we rebuke every demonic attack and cancel EVERY plan of the enemy. Watch and see what God does (and don't look at what THEY'RE doing in the natural with your natural eyes! That's smokescreens and mirrors to cause God's people to fail and think they're seeing giants in the land when WE'RE THE GIANTS because we have Almighty God. He's NEVER, EVER, EVER lost a battle and great is His faithfulness. Hold onto God, don't walk away, and we will be praying for you. God said "You will see help soon," just remember keep singing to God and don't doubt...WE HAVE THE VICTORY AND GOD IS COVERING US. What He said He's going to do will be all at once so wait for Him and cheer up. THEY couldn't stop Jesus and they don't have more authority or power than God. THEY'RE only trying to do that to make God's people feel defeated but WE'VE got to stand up and remain standing and put that devil UNDER our feet. Watch and see what God does...



1/5/23 Remember, God is Covering Us

Praise God, Saints. I heard "It's going to feel like Santa Claus when we see what God does." More evidence, and proof is coming. As they call good evil and evil good, note that as soldiers in God's army, they're trying to cause the spirit of offense (to distract), so don't fall for their games. At 2:29 pm yesterday I heard "Let her know your number is up. [Jezebel]." At 12:50 am I heard "Let them know God is not playing."

I heard at around 4:47 am "The enemy's camp has been infiltrated. Remain standing." 

I heard on 1/4/23 at 11:34 "Don't believe a word that they're saying. God will send proof. Believe the possibilities. We are ONE BODY in this nation, covered in Jesus's blood and they can't attack us if we hide in God. Keep your guard up. They're going to be saying 'not fair' when they see what I do. Don't walk away." 

About the Kevin McCarthy Video Message Above...

Praise God for President Trump... I heard "God's sudden judgment is coming, powerful quakings in the earth. His truth is coming. Don't walk away. We focus on receiving a favorable outcome. We cut the ROOT of the enemy off. We loose blessings into the atmosphere." Those that are listening, those that are in need. Those that need help know that it's no problem for God. "So much provision and covering is coming. Let them know they will see My help soon. Keep calling on God for what you need and trusting in Him for it regardless of their negative report, only believe God believe God only regardless of what they're saying, regardless of what you're seeing. Praise God for President Trump more." Remember "you are soldiers in God's army. Those witches and demons have to flee. Situations will change soon. Situations will change suddenly. You're going to watch and see how that report changes about Kevin McCarthy how that voting changes but keep calling on Me for whatever you need. The enemy has to flee. Watch and see what that government does, how I turn it around in My favor." All glory to God!


Prophetic Word from Veronika West...

On reading this beautiful poem it struck me powerfully and Holy Spirit quickened to me as a confirmation the vision I had of President Trump: SEE LINK;
****The Stump of Trump Shall Sprout Again…
…America! America! I see you standing as a mighty Oak Tree in the midst of the trees of the great forest of Nations. Ha! You are the tallest and strongest among the trees of The Nations.
But suddenly I hear the piercing sound of deep cracking in the midst of a loud sound of the hacking of axes, and I hear The Spirit say, ”Beloved, listen! Do you hear it?”
As I heard those Words, suddenly I hear another sound, a deep rumbling coming from deep beneath the ground. I look, and my eyes are drawn to the roots of the giant mighty Oak Tree.
Then suddenly, I hear another sound, like a gentle breeze rustling through the leaves of The Forest of Nations, and I hear the sound of footsteps, and then I see, behold, it’s the mighty Lion of Judah walking among the trees of the great forest of Nations.
I see His Eyes upon the hordes of hell, with axes in their hands. His Eyes fixed upon the great and mighty Oak Tree.
His Eyes, now upon the roots of the mighty Oak, His piercing Eyes looking upon the foundations of the Nation, the power of His Covenant Promises, with The Nation of America has drawn Him in!
Then suddenly, I feel the ground beneath my feet beginning to shake and tremble, and I see the branches of the great Oak Tree beginning to sway violently, and I see the hordes of hell are unrelenting in their pursuit to tear down, uproot, and utterly destroy the “Planting of The LORD.”
But then suddenly, I hear the sound of loud Thunder, and The Heavens and all the Trees in the great Forest of Nations begin to shake, and the ground begins to quake.
Then I hear these Words, ”For I laugh in The Heavens at the folly of my foe, that think they can uproot what I have planted, or tear down what I have built!
Watch! For in the midst of the great shaking in The Forest of The Nations there is a sound now rising from deep within the ground, it’s the sound of My Resurrection Power and Glory that shall suddenly bring forth new and greater Life and Liberty, for out of the deep darkness, a piercing Light shall suddenly break forth to expose the works of darkness.
For the veil and the scales shall be removed and peeled back from the blind eyes of the people, and surely, they will declare with a loud voice, “A great awakening is now come upon a Nation that has been slumbering and stumbling in the dark!”
Watch! For I say to you, The Stump of Trump will sprout again, but you say, “How can an Oak Tree that is cut down, ever grow back?”
But I say, the roots! The roots! Look to the roots, for now the breath of My Resurrection Power shall blow forth upon the roots of The Stump of Trump.
I say again, My Truth, Righteousness, Unity, Mercy and Peace shall triumph over the works of wickedness in high places, for that which looked dead, shall surely live again!
Watch! As new and greater life shall suddenly and swiftly spring forth from that which was cut down and destroyed by the hands of the devourer.
Listen! For the sound of The Roar of The Lion of Judah now goes forth upon this Land, to shake, shake, shake the very foundations of The Nations.
Yes! The roar of My Resurrection Power shall now deeply penetrate the root system of The Oak Tree, to Revive, to Restore and to Reform!
Watch! For that which was cut down to the ground shall surely bud again and become greater and mightier than before!”
The Stump Dream in sequence
1. People running towards the fallen Oak Tree wailing, crying, praying the tree would be revived.
2. A death has taken place, fear that the destiny of a nation has been stolen.
People began to cut large chunks of the fallen Tree….Many began to carve images of President Trump: a warning of idol worship.
3. I first hear the footsteps of The Lion of Judah in The Forest of Nations.
The Lion of Judah jumps up upon The Stump and lets out a mighty Roar, and a Rainbow comes forth from His Mouth.
4. He roars into the roots of the fallen Oak Tree.
I see a Rainbow River come forth from His Mouth.
5. The Rainbow Roar, which is the manifest Power of The Seven Spirits going forth into the roots/ foundations to awaken a Nation that is asleep, to its true Kingdom Identity and Destiny.
….God remembers His Covenant Promises with The Nation of America.
6. The mighty Rainbow Roar (manifest Power of The Seven Spirits) deeply penetrates the root system.
Twice He roars over the roots.
Then The Lion of Judah lifts His Head, and roars for a third time….
7. I see The Third Heavens open, where I see a Rainbow Whirlwind come out of The Heavens (Whirlwind of Elijah), the manifest Power of The Seven Spirits of God in The Whirlwind.
8. I hear these Words, ”The Whirlwind of Elijah — The Sword and The Sickle, its Judgement and Harvest time within The Nations!”
I see Heaven and earth being shaken and awakened.
A divine convergence begins to take place — a synergy of the ages.
9. Then a piercing cry of the Great Eagle.
At the sound at The Roar of The Lion of Judah, the Great Eagle will soar!
10. The Great Eagle is soaring now, circling over the massive Oak Stump.
11. The Eagle comes down towards to Tree Stump.
12. The Great Eagle is soaring within the manifest Power of The Seven Spirits of God over The Nation. I see a mighty Rainbow Whirlwind (The Whirlwind of Elijah) beginning to form over The Stump.
13. Just before I see the feet of the Great Eagle touch The Tree Stump, The Lion of Judah leaves The Stump and moves forth again into The Forest of Nations.
14. The Great Eagle’s feet lands upon The Tree Stump, and the Eagle sits upon The Stump.
Suddenly I see green shoots bursting forth from the dead Tree Stump.
…I hear these Words, ”My Resurrection Power goes forth to Redeem Time, to reverse the curse of death and destruction.
My Resurrection Power goes forth to raise a Nation from the grave”
I see and feel the power coming forth from The Whirlwind of Elijah, over The Nation.
God’s Resurrection Rower is now being released into The Tree Stump.
The Destiny of The Nation is being realigned and redeemed. The curse bring reversed!
The Great Eagle is suddenly seen flying once again, into the eye of The Whirlwind.
A sudden stillness comes over The Forest of Nations.
Suddenly, I looked and looked again, and a fully grown Oak Tree comes forth from in the midst of The Whirlwind of Elijah.
A new and mighty Oak Tree was totally transformed.
I hear these Words, ”Watch — for The Stump shall sprout again, and that which was dead, shall be raised up to new and greater life!”




1/4/23 We Pray for the Kevin McCarthy Vote, and a Reminder God is Saying "Rebuke Joe Biden" 

Praise God, Saints. We're sharing a short video prayer for Kevin McCarthy as President Trump is endorsing him for house speaker. With 3 votes yesterday and 3 today, we know that 3 is the Trinity. 6 is the number of imperfection and man's sin so we're asking God to step in and give President Trump favor and we believe in advance and we RECEIVE (Mark 11:22-26). Praise God for President Trump! 

Sharing a post from Rabbi Cahn and this is his second rebuke against Biden. If you note from 1/2 in the Message/Letter God gave, He said again to come out from among Biden, "Keep coming out from among them, from under that witchcraft of Joe Biden. They keep saying "never mind" but make up your mind about Me."

Please take this seriously. It's nothing against Biden or to judge him but THEY NEED TO REPENT. GOD'S SUDDEN JUDGMENT IS COMING. He and all those working with him with their hidden, wicked agendas can't keep angering God with witchcraft, demonic, immoral activity, and supporting sexual sin. These are obamanations stirring up God's wrath and God has been saying repeatedly that His wrath and sudden judgment are coming. Don't walk away. 

1/4/23 11:07 pm "I'm going to have you in stitches with what I do."


Message from Rabbi Cahn...

Watchman Report: Prophecy and News to Watch>>> Rabbi Cahn speaks on behalf of Ohioans calling Joe Biden leader of the ‘American apostasy’ (VIDEO)
By Admin
NORTH CENTRAL OHIO — As one of the leading voices for revival, the ministry of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has been a force for good across the world, including in the Buckeye State. On Tuesday, Rabbi Cahn publicly released a powerful prophetic word to Joe Biden, saying that he has fallen away from the stance he once held and calling Biden the embodiment of America’s apostasy.
Rabbi Cahn went on to say, “Mr. President, how can you place your left hand on the Bible, the Word of GOD, and then with your right hand sign laws into existence that war against the Word of GOD? Our first President warned that if we (the nation) ever disregard the eternal rules of GOD, His blessings will be removed from the land. And now you have done it,” said Cahn.
Jonathan Cahn’s Prophetic Message to Joe Biden II: The White House Apostasy - The prophet Isaiah and Joe Biden, the ancient warning and its fulfilment on the White House lawn
Jonathan Cahn’s Prophetic Message to Joe Biden II: The White House Apostasy - The prophet Isaiah and Joe Biden, the ancient warning and its fulfilment on the White House lawn
Jonathan Cahn’s Prophetic Message to Joe Biden II: The White House Apostasy - The prophet Isaiah and Joe Biden, the ancient warning and its fulfilment on the White House lawn
“In December 2022, you stood on the White House lawn and officiated over a ceremony in which you signed an act that altered federal law…The Respect for Marriage Act, a law that is the very opposite of its name, the disrespecting and obliteration of what marriage has always been since the beginning of human history. You did something that no President has ever done. You enshrined the alteration of marriage into federal law. You even commemorated the event with a great festival, inviting thousands of activists and drag queens to the White House lawn to celebrate it.
Rabbi Cahn continued, “Now listen to the words of an American leader spoken in modern times not long ago years after 9-11. He declared an absolute moral reality. ‘Marriage is between a man and a woman.’ Who said that? His name was Joe Biden. You said that- and you repeated it for emphasis: ‘Marriage is between a man and a woman and states must respect that.’ And yet now, on the White House lawn, you signed a law that declared marriage is not between a man and a woman.
“Further, you boasted that you voted for the Defense of Marriage Act because it was morally right. You assured America that there was no danger to that law…and yet now on the White House lawn, it was your own hand that struck down that very law and destroyed it.
“How does a man turn away from his own morality and actually celebrate the act of turning away? Was there any scientific discovery that changed everything? Was there a new set of tablets handed down from Mount Sinai? Do the words of Scripture magically disappear? You have set American federal law at war against the Word of GOD and against everyone who upholds it.
“You merged together and equated racism and anti-Semitism, with what you called homophobia and transphobia. Meaning that all those that do not condone same-sex marriage and all those who believe to hormonally and surgically alter a child is morally and egregiously wrong, and all who believe in the Word of GOD are now the equivalent of racists and anti-Semites. So was the President under whom you served, Barak Obama, who first ran for office stating marriage was between a man and a woman, was he the equivalent of a racist and anti-Semite? So was Abraham Lincoln, who believed the same thing, now the equivalent of a racist and anti-Semite?…..Were you a racist and an anti-Semite?
Rabbi Cahn continued, “So does this mean you are setting the American government against Christians and those who uphold the Word of GOD?….How can you in reality call yourself a Christian when you war against the ways and Word of GOD. Your actions are not that of Peter and Paul, but rather of those who persecuted them and put them to death.
“The only hope America has is to turn and repent and come under the mercy of GOD. Mr. President, the hour is now late and eternity is soon coming. Repent and turn to GOD.”




1/3/23 Let God Handle It... Remember, God's in Charge, Not THEM. God is Our Source and God is Covering Us.

Trump News: Left Caught in Own $140 Bil Trap Gaslighting Trump

Praise God, Saints. I heard at 2:57 am "Laughter on the streets and so much joy when they see what I do. Pray for Italy."  When we were putting up the original Message/Letter from God I heard Psalm 1 versus 5-6 The ungodly can't stand in the judgment seat nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous. 

I also heard "I told you they would be in a bad mood." Keep coming out from among them and rebuking heart attacks, strokes, sickness, and all disease.



1/2/23 Praise God for President Trump: A Decision is Coming Soon... and Message/Letter From God

Trump News: Biased Free Speech: Facebook Talks Letting Christian President Trump Back on Platform in Coming Weeks but Here's Why "It Doesn't Matter."

Praise God, Saints. Sharing the message that Father God gave yesterday. Please stay encouraged and trust God's timing. I keep hearing "Cheer up. They're about to see God move. Keep holding onto Me and come out from among them more. Praise God for President Trump news. You're going to hear My rumblings in the earth, and they will be saying not fair when they see what God does."

Message From God 

1/1/23 am After reading Diana Larkin's message about the hammer from 12/30/22, I heard "But I hear God saying, 'Why are you worrying?' Trust God's timing and listen as He rumbles the earth and shakes things up. Let them know they will receive My help soon. Believe on Me. Let them know soon, soon. Keep getting in the bed early. I want you in the bed at 9:30 pm more. Many of you are not calling on Me when you should. But you're about to see My power move. Keep your hand on the clock and say "If it's 1 o'clock I need to be in the bed." Get in the bed earlier more and get up before Me. Watch and see what I do. Watch and see how I move. Keep praying before Me and praying for President Trump more. Keep praying for your President more. Pray for the President and believe My truth. I am about to reveal TRUTH. There's going to be shouting in the streets when they see what I do. Stay at the cross. Keep getting before Me. Pray for Philadelphia. Pray for your nation/country. They're/you're going to have a fabulous time when you see what I do. Tell them don't walk away. I will bring My truth. It's coming. Many will see as I remove their veil and the masks come off. Tell them cheer up about the income. New income is coming and it's going to feel like Santa Claus. Keep calling on Me, believing on Me. I will not fail. Let them know. Put God in the middle of everything. The table I'm setting is for you. Pray for Philadelphia more that God exposes that thing that's there, that statue they keep praying to. God's army rebuke sickness and disease, strokes and sudden illnesses. Keep your antennae and defenses up. In a little while you will see My help and My goodness. Many will see. Tell them have an attitude of gratitude and keep coming to Me. Keep coming out from among them, from under that witchcraft of Joe Biden. They keep saying "never mind" but make up your mind about Me. They will hear My rumblings in the earth and regardless of what THEY say, think on these things. Keep rebuking those stroke and heart attack demons. Keep rebuking that landlord trying to evict you and evict others. They cannot stand and I am causing that enemy to flee. Rebuke the demons of strokes, HAs, sickness and all disease. Keep coming to Me and sitting before Me. I Am making you the head, lender and above. They are lying to you and to many. Keep calling on Me and keep your defenses up. tell them to come out from among joe biden. They're in the enemy's camp and don't see it. Keep that music on that p+w music. Keep being obedient to Me. Keep standing before Me. Think about David. Stay at the cross. Laughter and joy in My streets, soon, soon. Tell them they don't have to worry. I will not fail. [Felt His presence here]. Cancel the enemy's assignments in every battle."





1/1/23 You Can't Begin to Imagine...

1 Corinthians 2:9 "But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him."

Happy New Year, Saints! May your souls PROSPER IN GOD!!! I've been praying over us that God remove what's coming against us, so tonight right before the countdown I heard "it's no problem." Whatever you need, confidently trust God, put a demand on Him for it, and don't doubt. We're in a new level, all glory to God! We will have another letter soon but in the interim I heard "Praise God for President Trump," "Believe for God's miracle-working power," "Watch and see what God does," and "Get ready for what God does." As a reminder, at 9:06 am I heard "Remember what David said when he was talking to Saul." At 11:12 am I heard "You're wasting time if you only focus on offenses and this is a new ballgame. Focus on Us, what God does." 

And I hear, keep reading your Bible MORE. At 11:28 am I heard "Buckle up your seatbelts." 


Did the devil try to INTENTIONALLY cause people to gripe, murmur, and complain as so many were inconvenienced. Was he trying to get them upset and in the flesh, so they were distracted and wouldn't focus on Jesus and the Christmas holiday? However, here's another thought...

Were they temporarily inconvenienced, and everything shut down because people are NOT calling on God, seeking Him first, and coming out from among THEM? We keep everyone in prayer but a reminder to please listen to what GOD SAYS through His pastors and prophets, i.e., the fake news media is NOT GOD.

I say this humbly as we can take no credit for it but God spoke through my mom about this in October and to sum it up, she said "A big storm is coming, and they are going to be unprepared. Everything will be shut down and it's going to catch a lot of people off-guard. One minute everything is fine, and they are not going to see this coming."

Thank You, Lord, for shining a light on this and we will make sure that we listen for You and Your forecast for us!!! 

 A Prophetic Word from Veronika West...

…The Beginnings of Sorrows for Nations
September 18, 2022 Veronika West;
“It’s only just The Beginnings of Sorrows for Nations who have remained stiff-necked and who have rebelled against My Word!”
“Powerful Earthquake Hits Southeast Taiwan, Tsunami Warning Issued.
A 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit the sparsely populated southeastern part of Taiwan on Sunday, the island’s weather bureau said, derailing train carriages and causing a convenience store to collapse.
The weather bureau said the epicenter was in Taitung county and followed a 6.4 magnitude temblor on Saturday evening in the same area, which caused no casualties.
The U.S. Geological Survey measured the quake at a magnitude 7.2 and at a depth of 10 km.”
When I saw this headline, it was a poignant confirmation of the recent Word I shared.
As I began to pray, I heard The Spirit say, ”It’s only just The Beginnings of Sorrows for Nations who have remained stiff-necked and who have rebelled against My Word!
For when The Gavel of My Justice falls, The Nations of the earth will bow their knees.
I say, look and look again, for nations are now moving through The Narrow Way.
Two Altars will rise in the midst of The Valley of Decision. Watch, as The Whirlwind of My Sword and My Sickle move to scatter abroad and gather up a great Harvest.
Watch and Pray! I say again, call The Watchmen to The Walls and The Guardians of The Gateways of the cities to take their place!
See! For The Nations shall yet be shaken in a greater way in the days ahead, and for those who think they are infallible and untouchable, shall suddenly fall and never recover!
I say, look to what will take place in Rome [Italy] in the days ahead!
Yes Rome! For the head of the serpent spirit shall be cut off, and all its demonic tentacles shall be fully exposed for the eyes of the world to see.
For when My Stone of Retribution flies, giants will fall, and when My Sword of Justice falls, heads will roll, for great will be their fall, in the fall that is to come!”


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The Prayer of Salvation

If you haven't said the Prayer of Salvation, now's the best time. Please say: Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord, I ask forgiveness of my sins. Please come into my heart, Lord. I turn my back on sin and I make you my Lord and Savior. I want to follow you for the rest of my life. Please give me eternal life through you in Jesus name, Amen.    

If you're already saved, but turned your back on God. Now's the perfect time to make things right. Don't let the devil make you feel bad about your past mistakes any longer. In Christ, you're a new creation and you have a Father God who loves you. Old things are passed away and God remembers the sin no more. Won't you please come back home to Him? 

Rededicate Your Life to Christ Prayer

If you need to rededicate your life to Christ because you feel like you've been sinning or haven't been living right, pray: Father God in the name of Jesus, I ask forgiveness of my sins and I turn my back on sin. Please help me to overcome ---- and I want to lead a better life through you. I decree and declare this day I have overcome ---- and I have the victory in Jesus name, Amen. 

Stay in God's shadow, stay away from sin and temptation, keep reading your Bible and keep seeking God first.


Be ye doers of the Word... We pray this message blesses you today!

If you need prayer, please call the Bill Winston Prayer Center at (877) 543-9443. You can also check online for Joyce Meyer's prayer request form and other sites that can pray for and with you. You are more than a conqueror!