Messages From God June 2021

6/30/21 It's Coming. The Truth is Coming. And, God's About to Reign/Rain Down Blessings, Covering, Mercy, and Grace On Us. Believe the Possibilities!

Praise the Lord, Saints! Do you remember the old Polaroid cameras? You took a picture and then had to wait for the light to hit it to see the image. Well, God's light is coming to EXPOSE all the wickedness and games this devil is playing. However, a quick word first.

Please "Pray for all police officers" and "Pray for Philadelphia." I was watching a news clip about riots in NY's Washington Square Park and was shocked to see someone with a horrible t-shirt on that read 'Abolish the Police.' This devil is so shady and so cunning like a serpent that he's trying to convince people that this is right. We spoke about this before how this devil's trying to push the spirit of offense and get behind blacks to promote THEIR agenda.

Satan's trying to start a race/civil war and remove police officers and guns. However, the groups BEHIND all this and controlling the puppet strings are anti-Christ, anti-God, anti-Jesus, anti-Jew/Israel, antigovernment, anti-guns, and some are pro-abortion and support the demonic and witchcraft. Hence, we pray for all police officers, for their covering, protection, and support. The devil's trying to convince them to come against our officers, but there's a remnant that's standing in the gap. We rebuke the devil's attacks against our officers and say, "Devil, you will leave our police officers alone. You will leave these brave men and women in blue alone. You will take your hands off our police departments. You SHALL OBEY GOD." And, here's why we KNOW we can stand firm in our prayers and what WE SPEAK shall come to pass.

God's a South Paw, Too, and That Means...So are WE

YouTube has this video of all Mike Tyson's knockouts, and it's interesting. In each clip, it LOOKS LIKE Mike Tyson is right-handed but he's a south paw, meaning he's actually a left-handed boxer. However, in almost every fight, it LOOKS LIKE his right is the dominant hand, but he swings hard with BOTH hands. Hence, when he swings with that hard left, it often comes out of nowhere. And, he's out-boxing opponents who have longer arm spans and are taller than him in almost every match (but Mike could fight them because his upper chest area and thighs were solid muscle and so strong that he met the weight class).

It's a reminder that while this devil is trying to hit hard, God's ALREADY on the inside and has abilities (plans) satan doesn't know about. God gave grace to His sons and daughters. God also gave us power, wisdom, discernment, and favor. And, importantly, God gave us the SAME GIFTS He gave Jesus. Hence, life and death is in the power of the tongue. Meaning, what we speak SHALL COME TO PASS.

What the devil doesn't SEE is that God ALREADY made the way for us. Let's continue to stand on God's Word and trust that what He says and what WE speak shall come to pass. The winds have shifted and what WE say and do is like a powerful punch backed by God. Please see our prayer from yesterday. Pastor Hank Kunneman started that but we added to it and shared insights from Prophets Kay Nash, Robert Clancy, and others. It's an EXPLOSIVE prayer that WILL UPROOT all the enemy's plans. Praise God, NO WORD FROM GOD WILL EVER FAIL. EVER. EVER. So, stay encouraged and please keep praying for our officers, our military, President Trump, and for our nation to be restored...and so shall it be.    

Separately, I'm seeing more prophets posting about food shortages and stocking up on food and water. Father God also had us share this the other day when He said through one prophet to stock up NOW for winter. We did two articles on this last year, Look at the Supermarkets and The Holy Spirit Said to Look at the Supermarkets Part 2. I think the concern here is that the mainstream FAKE news is NOT reporting on these shortages, similar to how they're NOT reporting on the increase in Covid cases. For more on that, please see Pastor Wanda Alger's important link and message from 6/25 below. Hence, now is the time to prepare, not panic. 

I hear God saying "Stay in God's shadow when you see what God does." He also said  at 921 pm last night, "I want you to tell them it doesn't matter." He then said "THEY will be saying not fair" [when they see what God does for His people]. He also said, "They're [God's enemies] going to regret when they see what God does." This devil THINKS he can manipulate people and change God's laws. He THINKS he's won. He THINKS his plan is working. But God is shining His light and glory and EXPOSING all their evil plans and removing ALL THEIR WICKEDNESS.

Remember, God said through us "We're all going to laugh together when you see what I've done." Remember, He who sits in the heavens laughs. He also said through one of our commenters, "I'm letting them think they've won for a little while." When God's plan, His LIGHT, and His glory come, the wicked will run and flee and have no place to hide. When God turns that light on and EXPOSES them, there will be several arrests. As God said "We will remove the enemy together," God is coming to help us remove all witchcraft and the demonic. Who knows? It might be VERY, VERY SOON, like within 3 days: July 4, 5, and 6 (according to how God spoke through Pastor Timothy Dixon). Stay in prayer, Saints. ONLY God has the final say, not man.

Father God said as we were posting this, "I want you to tell them about the explosion on the news." I'm also hearing Him ask again, "Are you sure?" Meaning, are you sure you're seeing God clearly and on the right side? A concern is that some don't see the devil/evil/darkness in this new administration. As Father God said just now, "I want you to release the word that you've got about explosion," we'll share it here:

Many are not aware of what circulated in the news and online before social media sites removed all the videos from the prophets, pastors, and other sources. However, it's BIG. To sum it up, different prophets, pastors, and other sources were saying that they saw that the voting machines were rigged and that the Vatican controlled them or had them in their possession. There was also mention that the Vatican was involved and the Pope was arrested a few months ago. Other videos circulated that there were more arrests coming and saw a huge child sex trafficking ring that people in high positions of power were trying to cover up. We shared a bunch of these videos back in January (links below) but they might have been removed by now. Pastor Wanda Alger shared a link with SEVERAL sources (see 6/25 below) and YouTube IMMEDIATELY removed the message. There were also videos and different pastors and prophets mentioned that there are pedophiles in high positions of authority that include celebrities, sports stars, and some in government (I think Chris Yoon was the first to mention this). The concern is that this is going to ROCK the Catholic church AND Hollywood when it comes out (Pastor Kent Christmas mentioned how there wouldn't be individual religious groups and we would see Catholics and Christians side-by-side with people with tattoos all worshiping God together in the future). Hence, this would mean a MAJOR SHIFT for the Catholic church. To substantiate this, in Pastor Timothy Dixon's recent video below, God says He's about to send hell fire to the Vatican. So, if the Vatican was working behind the scenes with whatever Democrats were possibly involved in an election cover up, it's BIG. When the videos first aired, Prophet Chris Yoon saw it, Wanda Alger did, too, and some of God's other prophets have seen it or God shared it with them directly. I think we shared a few of the videos where Prophet Robin Bullock and Pastors Kent Christmas and Hank Kunneman referenced how God SAW all that they did and was going to expose them. But, God was giving them time to repent. Those behind all this corruption, sexual sin, pedophilia, and child sex trafficking, tried so hard to hide it, it's why there's so much censoring on social media sites because the government, big tech, social media, AND the news outlets tried all they could to hide it and squash these stories. It was months ago when God had us say that He was going after social media, big tech, and the news outlets. I didn't know what God was referring to but we obeyed and put it up. And, that's when they started censoring Trump and the pastors and prophets. And, a lot of the videos were removed/taken down. But God's wrath is coming and God is EXPOSING THEM ALL. What's more, in one of Pastor Dixon's videos, God was saying that He could hear the voices of the children and babies crying out and Pastor Timothy cried and cried and wailed as he spoke that part. I remember when we prayed for the children and babies, I just wept and wept because they're being exploited and God has had enough. It's almost like a next step was to try to make pedophilia legal. On another note, remember when Prophet Jonathan Cahn told Biden to repent in January? Biden changed the laws to make US pay for abortions with tax dollars. The prophets have revealed that they're using aborted fetuses for sacrifices and practicing all kinds of demonic acts. There were rumors and theories that they're using aborted fetuses in some of the vaccines and casting witchcraft spells over them (See Pastor Wanda Alger's 6/25 link below). Hence, we MUST pray that they repent as other pastors and prophets have said the same thing - repent. We MUST pray that they repent NOW. While I can't say whether ALL that we heard online is true, we do know that what God says is true. And, God has seen them working all kinds of deals in the dark, shedding innocent blood, shedding their own blood in sacrifices, and trying to make the US vulnerable to our enemies. Prophet Tracy Cooke SAW Covid being made in a lab in Wuhan and that's how President Trump found out, (or directly from God). What was China's role? To kill off the elderly AND the black church? Why? So they could buy MORE land here? Is that why they raised the child rate to 3 children per household? Were they preparing for a move? When God spoke through Pastor Kent Christmas, Robin Bullock, and Hank Kunneman, God said that He was going to deal with China and send the virus to them. And, that they would repent of their sins and eventually have global revival there. The problem is this witchcraft and demonic attacks the enemy orchestrated has blinded so many. The dialog/narrative that THEY'RE promoting in these groups is the Mark of the Beast to help secretly push the devil's agenda. Again, see Wanda Alger's link from 6/25/21. It's a reminder that NOTHING is hidden that won't be brought to light. Pastor Wanda Alger mentioned months ago in one of her videos (see our links below from January, I believe) that when all of this comes out, our nation will go through a HUGE time of grieving because many didn't SEE it. But God's prophets all over the world started testifying (God's word won't leave void). And, it's why social media removed A LOT of  prophetic videos and is trying to silence different ministries and take them to court. Hence we pray for these prophets and pastors. We also pray for the babies, the unborn, and for all those children that they sexually trafficked. It's also a reminder to pray for all police officers because WHEN this comes out and President Trump IS restored back to office, we have to remember that the left and all these GROUPS have TRIED TO CONVINCE blacks that Trump, the KKK, and the police are working together AGAINST blacks...because the devil WANTS people rioting thinking they're doing the right thing and taking their rights back. No, that's the devil's dialog/narrative to promote their hidden agenda. Don't believe me? Answer this: Why on the left is there not a single reference to God and Jesus in ANY of these groups? Where is the monthly stimulus for all families that was promised? Where is the student loan debt cancellation? You see, the narrative is to push the blame on Trump and Dr. Francis Myles saw this in the supernatural where they would make Trump the scapegoat for all that innocent bloodshed (videos below in the links). Look how it worked on January 6th, and how QUICKLY the news media and social media (Mark of the Beast, false prophets) changed the narrative/dialog and turned it into "Trump has caused a riot." The devil is a liar! They removed ALL THOSE VIDEOS where people SAW the police ushering the protestors inside. God sent His prophets there for a reason. Hence, we must pray that ALL EYES ARE OPENED, the veil comes off, and the masks are removed to see what the terrible evil this devil did and is continuing to do behind the scenes. I hear "Penitentiary for so many." It's why some mega pastors will be replaced because they're not being honest about what they SEE. Some in churches don't have God-filled altar calls and only want to promote themselves, and God is coming to remove/replace them. Some in government, tech, social media, the news media, other industries, and even on the Supreme Court only want a big pay day and are part of masking this corruption. Listen as Pastor Hank speaks above about God coming to expose them. Listen as Pastor Wanda discusses a dream about a hidden house of secrets that includes Disney. Along with several other pastors and prophets, and even through us, we know that GOD IS NOT PLAYING. God's wrath is coming to judge them. God's wrath is coming to remove them and they are running out of time to repent. No, this is not the Rapture, it's God's fear, fire, glory, and wrath coming, and it will be soon. I KNOW this is a controversial topic but take it to God in prayer and let God reveal it in tongues. And, as a side note, is that why Jeffrey Epstein was killed in prison, so he couldn't expose these celebs, athletes, and high ranking officials involved in his child/teen sex trafficking ring? Who knows BUT God. We leave it with God and pray God's mercy for them and that they repent. Lastly, remember God said when He exposes them it will be chaos on the streets, so here's a scenario. Let's say Trump KNEW all along that they rigged the election, right? But, let's say Trump let them continue for these few months to EXPOSE THEM and have even MORE EVIDENCE against them. Then that means he's restored back to office/power, there are MASSIVE arrests, treason charges, and indictments, etc. Don't believe me? Watch Prophet Chris Yoon's video from the other day below where he mentions the sealed indictments. It might also mean that THEY, i.e., the devil, all his workers, and those in the demonic and practicing witchcraft will be LIVID, i.e., ready to retaliate, or run in fear. Pastor Dixon SAID some will try to kill themselves when this starts coming out. But, remember, God's fear, fire, wrath, and glory are coming to help us and angels are ALREADY on assignment. Remember, we prayed and dispatched them. We prayed and called on Michael the Archangel. We also know there's evidence of this because God said He's going to expose, overturn, and remove them, and that it might be overnight, and suddenly. Ultimately, remember that God is in control. But for more on this, see Pastor Johnny Enlow's Facebook page as the devil has been trying to come down HARD against him because he's been exposing them. Also be mindful that in Pastor Dixon's video about the Vatican, God said an attack of some kind is coming, something like meteors, or severe storms, thunder, and lightning July 4-6. Is that what Pastor Hank was reconfirming in the video above? Hence, we MUST pray over this next week and in the coming days. God's wrath IS coming. It's not IF but WHEN. Is that why He wanted us to discuss the exposure TODAY because it's the last day of the month, i.e., the last part of the first half of the year? Tomorrow starts a new month and a new beginning. Glory to God.  



6/29/21 Ask For God's Mercy...Hallelujah, It's ALREADY Done. What's Bound in Earth is Bound in Heaven, Loosed...

Praise the Lord, Saints. Just sending a sweet reminder to keep pressing in with your prayers and don't back down. Remember, this is the 29th. We're about to start the second half of the year so please stay on guard through June 30th and don't go by what you SEE. And, don't let the devil set you off in an angry tirade to block your blessings. This is a pre-promotion season. Hence, the enemy might try last ditch efforts to disrupt God's plans but alas, he's failed.

I saw a vision briefly this morning where it's almost like there are people with their arms folded, standing firm, and the devil is trying to tempt them in every direction or set them off. However, it's almost like they've shut their eyes and said stubbornly, "Nope, I rebuke you devil. I'm not sinning. I'm not falling for your games. I'm not giving up. I'm waiting on God." They were standing so boldly with their arms crossed and it wasn't stubborn pride. It was defiance. The enemy COULD NOT defeat them. Keep telling THEM in the spirit realm, "You WILL leave God's people alone." Remember, there are more of US - -  meaning Saints, Christians, prophets, ministers, Catholics, non-denominational worshipers, and so many coming to the Lord soon - - than there are of them. Keep standing on God's Word and wait for God. He's coming soon, soon, and we WILL see signs in the heavenlies of what God's about to do. Legions of angel armies are coming to defend us so keep standing and let them work.

6/28 I heard "rebuke terrorism." 916pm "I want you to tell them you don't have to worry when you see what God does." Separately, in the spirit realm I heard "J B is dead." And, God didn't say his initials. He said his name, and we're not talking about Jim Beam. It's a reminder to please pray for him and for them to repent, for that matter. I remember one prophet said he thought B would confess to their election crimes publicly which might be what they're trying to avoid by carefully screening what he says. But, can you picture him saying, "It was a sham. Come on, man. Let's come clean and get this over with. Trump is the rightful President. I didn't win. They rigged the whole thing."  Maybe because the guilt is too much and God is pressing on his heart to come clean? Don't know. However, other prophets like Robin Bullock have mentioned that they WOULD turn on each other. What's more, Robin saw someone in power dying in the morning and the SAME DAY someone died in the evening. We don't know what that was about specifically but pray for them to repent. Pray for their souls. People sometimes blindly get caught up in their own greed, lust, and love for money. They blindly sell their souls for a few shekels (Robin Bullock mentioned this) but like Judas, they realize that it was a HUGE mistake. Pray for them to repent and call on Jesus and repent while there's time. Don't wish them harm. Don't pray for their demise. Don't gloat or laugh when God moves. Remember, while we call on God's fire, fear, wrath, and glory to come, we MUST show mercy and forgiveness, and pray for them to repent. ONLY then are we truly walking like Christ, who wants that all should be saved and that none should perish. And, I think this is what differentiated Jesus from David:

    • David said he would laugh at his enemies when they were defeated. Jesus told the disciples not to celebrate that they have authority over demons but that they have salvation/eternal life. 
    • David shed innocent blood (Uriah, the philistines, others in battle). But Jesus shed HIS innocent blood. 
    • David recognized his need for God's mercy but didn't always mention extending mercy to his enemies (Psalm 5, 109). But, Jesus, even in His death on the cross forgave them. He recognized it was part of God's plan/will. And, by extending mercy, we receive mercy. By not judging, we are not judged. It's also why Jesus embraced Judas but rebuked Peter. God's will and His plan MUST come first. Even if it means carrying a cross and facing afflictions for a season.


I'm also hearing "Make God a priority." Take time out and make God FIRST. Pray to Him in the morning and throughout the day. Read your Bible daily, ask God for help, wisdom, and direction. Ask for His plans for you. Ask to SEE as He sees and to HEAR what He's doing. Separately, at 6:20 am I heard "Tell them don't be afraid. It is God who works for us. It is God who rises for us." May God arise and our enemies be scattered!




6/28/21 Pray for More Peace

Everywhere you look, the devil is trying to promote HIS agenda. Turn on the TV, news, or internet and all you see is violence, sexual sin, and everything that goes AGAINST God, and promotes THEM (the devil, witchcraft, mark of the beast, anti-Christ). It reminds me of my downstairs neighbor and all the times when I would walk into my kitchen to start my morning prayers, and suddenly he would blow heavy marijuana smoke out his window to intentionally fill my home (knowing my windows were open). I'd laugh to myself knowing that I wasn't going to return evil for evil. I was going to petition the Courts of Heaven with a Divine Restraining Order because I had NOT sinned nor was I coming against my neighbor. I'd then think about God's words to me. "Every evil word he spoke against you [and your family] it will not come to you. It will go to him instead" and "The trap he's trying to set for you, he will fall into it instead." And, that's EXACTLY what's happening.


Intentional, demonic attacks are the devil trying to snare and entrap God's people. It's the devil trying to wear God's people down. It's the devil trying to make us think it will always be this way, he is in control, and that he is not going anywhere (leviathan, jezebel, python spirits). It's the devil trying to make it LOOK LIKE he's won. But, THE DEVIL WAS AND IS ALWAYS A LIAR!!! It's all an illusion, i.e., smoke and mirrors. A bluff. A con. He is ALREADY defeated and was defeated over 2,000 years ago. Glory to God. God is about to move very soon, suddenly, and overnight to will disrupt the enemy's plans. They are filled with so much pride, hate, and evil they DON'T SEE how they grieve God and their sin is a stench before Him, or how God is about to come against THEM:

"They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all," Luke 17:27

"And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may know them. But the men [angels that went to retrieve Lot's family] put forth their hand, and pulled Lot into the house to them, and shut to the door. And they smote the men [outside] that were at the door of the house with blindness, both small and great: so that they wearied themselves to find the door. And the men said unto Lot, Hast thou here any besides? son in law, and thy sons, and thy daughters, and whatsoever thou hast in the city, bring them out of this place: For we will destroy this place, because the cry of them is waxen great before the face of the LORD; and the LORD hath sent us to destroy it. The sun was risen upon the earth when Lot entered into Zoar. Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven; And he looked toward Sodom and Gomorrah, and toward all the land of the plain, and beheld, and, lo, the smoke of the country went up as the smoke of a furnace," Genesis 19:5, 10-13, 23-24, 28

"The highway of the upright is to depart from evil: he that keepeth his way preserveth his soul. 18Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall," Proverbs 16:17-18

Hence, we must pray for them to repent and pray for God's mercy because His wrath is coming. I heard in the spirit realm overnight, "An unidentified reported object is flying in the news." I then heard God say "They will see that was the devil coming against God's property. He's about to remove the hedge that was around them. Tell them not to be afraid." Father God also said, "Don't quit when you see what God does. He is the God who changes not. So many [of God's people] are in line for promotion."

To clarify part of this message, I don't know what the unidentified object is - an angel? Michael coming to exact God's wrath? Then, there's the part about "they will see." Is this the innocent people (including some innocent Dems and blacks in the Body of Christ) on the left who can't SEE the witchcraft/demonic attacks from the Mark of the Beast that's blinding them?

With the hedge being removed, remember, God is no respecter of persons, i.e., that verse about how He's even kind to the evil. That's from Luke 6:35b, "But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for He is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil." However, God mentioned (through Pastor Kent Christmas and/or Prophet Robin Bullock) that He's removing His hedge from THEM. Hence, it's a reminder to pray for them to repent. There is a way which seemeth right to a man but the end thereof is destruction.

That part about promotion is also BIGLY. We wrote about how this is a pre-promotion time and promotions are coming in the fall with the Jewish New Year. Keep pressing in, Saints. And, keep walking in love and forgiveness ONLY. Don't return evil for evil (which is what the devil wants). Don't take on the spirit of offense. Don't give place to the devil. In a short time, we will see God exact His wrath on His enemies. But, here's a question. What if it does rain down fire and brimstone again? One of Pastor Dixon's message indicated this. But, what if it's more than that? What if Michael comes through like on the day of Passover? Hence, we must pray for them to repent. Forgive them, Father, for they KNOW NOT what they do.

Again, as a reminder, what God's about to do, we haven't SEEN God move like this before. We haven't SEEN Michael the Archangel move on this level but it's coming. God is defending us in battle so please pray, keep reading your Bible, and getting to bed early (9:30 pm). Let's get the Body on one accord and await God's instructions. And, keep working on completing the things God told you to do. He's ushering in a new era and removing God's enemies. We will see help soon. Glory to Yah! 

God is saying "The devil's days are numbered and we will see help soon." We pray and ask for God's mercy. As Pastor Hank says in the opening video, don't throw in the towel. It's OUR TIME to pounce on the enemy. Hell is afraid and shaking at this moment. A global awakening is occurring. God is about to make an unprecedented move. Stand together as the supernatural people God created us to be. We must stand strong and decree boldly His Word and promises:

Decree Over My Life, Family, Nation, and the Body of Christ:

"Now it came to pass in the thirtieth year, in the fourth month, in the fifth day of the month, as I was among the captives by the river of Chebar, that the heavens were opened, and I saw visions of God." Ezekiel 1:1

" Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you." James 4:7

"Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time: Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you." 1 Peter 5:6-7

"In the name of God and Jesus Christ, I offer up to God the sacrifice of praise. I decree and declare THIS DAY, my heart is humble, repentant, and submitted to the Lord. I repent of all sins including rebellion against spiritual authority, and I submit my heart fully to the Lord, and His ways, and will. In doing this, the works of darkness can no longer stand and I have authority over witchcraft. We have an open heaven and I am a supernatural believer. Everything in my life that the enemy stole from me (spiritually, emotionally, financially, physically, mentally) is returned. Everything that's mine that the enemy tried to destroy is restored. Everything that the enemy tried to kill in my life will live. I AM restored. I receive change of status, divine favor, provision, progression, total victory, total recovery, total recompense, and total restoration. I receive my wealth transfer. God gave 100% authority to Jesus and He gave it to His disciples, us. Hence, life and death is in the power of the tongue. I have the supernatural ability to speak and manifest miracles and what I say shall come to pass. I forgive EVERY enemy so that my prayers and blessings are not hindered. I stand firm in faith that all my personal needs and that of my family are ALREADY met. It's NO PROBLEM FOR GOD. He supplies ALL of our needs. My family is covered in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. Right now, I decree and declare, we receive supernatural healing, covering, mercy, deliverance, provision, peace, joy, restoration, and overflow. We cancel EVERY devil's assignment and every attack and plan of the enemy is made null, void, and powerless. No weapons formed against me or my family or other believers shall prosper. I decree and declare that God's plan shall be established over my family and the Body and NONE of the enemy's plans shall succeed against us. As we stand united in one Body under God and in Jesus's name and blood, we stand in our supernatural authority for our nation in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. We prophecy that God's plans shall be fulfilled in the land and every work of the enemy shall be plundered and destroyed in Jesus's name and by God's authority. We decree and declare that God's plans and purposes for the United States and the nations will be fulfilled. We command the Heavenly hosts to go forth and completely destroy all the plans of the enemy that seek to hinder the great work of God in America. We are one nation, under God, and President Trump is restored and in his second term, and we are celebrating God's victory and the coming revival. The Kingdom of Heaven SHALL NOT be shaken. The gates of hell SHALL NOT prevail. We will have EVERYTHING we need, and EVERY devil, demon, principality, demons of the darkness of this world, spiritual wickedness in high places, satanic worker, witch, warlock, sorcerer, strongman, demonic workers, and whatever other names they go by are ALREADY defeated and cast into the lake of fire. And, so shall it be. To God be ALL the glory."


6/27/21 Believe For a Miracle Today

Praise the Lord Saints. We pray this finds you well. I hear God saying "Believe for a miracle today." Know that the way is ALREADY made as you call on God. Whatever your need is, don't look to the right or the left, just keep saying, "I believe for what I need. It's no problem for God." He will help as God is an ever-present help in times of trouble.

God is also asking "Are you sure you're on the right side?" With whatever God is going to do soon (between now and July 4, 5, and 6 based on Pastor Dixon's prophetic videos below) please pray and ask God if you are hearing Him clearly. If you haven't said the Repentance Prayer, please pray it now. And, here's why.

Yesterday at 6:34 pm I heard in the spirit realm "We interrupt this regularly scheduled program." Hence, we know something big is coming on the news. We were dictating a video and I heard, "Explosion on the news" again. At 1:33 am I heard "Rebuke those demons for an athlete concerned about coming to the Lord." We did a video that we'll post on this separately. At 3:23 am I wrote "I see fires burning out of control" twice. I thought I also heard after that, "set by God's people." I have to watch what I say because I need more insight on this However, is this God's glory coming and shining on us as we call down fire from Heaven, God's glory, fear, and wrath? God also said to "Tell them don't look back" and "It doesn't matter." Remember, God's plan is already in play regardless of what THEY SAY. Father God also said at 343pm today "Tell them calm down when they see what God does." We hold onto God and trust Him to make the way. Glory to God!



6/26/21 They WILL See New Evidence...

"Lead me, O LORD, in Thy righteousness because of mine enemies; make Thy way straight before my face. For there is no faithfulness in their mouth; their inward part is very wickedness; their throat is an open sepulchre; they flatter with their tongue. But let all those that put their trust in Thee rejoice: let them ever shout for joy, because Thou defendest them: let them also that love Thy name be joyful in Thee. For thou, Lord, wilt bless the righteous; with favour wilt thou compass him as with a shield." Psalm 5:8-9, 11-12

Praise the Lord, Saints! I want to start with a message that Father God gave overnight but also want to mention, please see Pastor Timothy Dixon's videos from yesterday below. It's CONFIRMATION about when God said to read the book of Joel. I was asking Father God if the Day of the Lord is what's coming and in Pastor Dixon's message about July 4, 5, and 6, at about 7-minutes in, God says, "This is the hour of the Joel revival." 


Here's the message God gave between last night and this morning. 
311 am "I want you to make a positive confession about what you need God to do in your life. Keep the news media off. It's CNN. It's sin. Start putting on Christian news instead and local weather. Its in the movies too. Why are all movies filled with sexual sin and hatred and lust? Stop watching these and you'll stop sinning so much and having lustful thoughts. That's pride. Its trying to/coming to ensnare you. Why all the revenge flicks filled with violence? To fill you with hate .That's retaliation demons. Remember no weapons formed against you shall prosper but they're trying to cause you to hate and come against your neighbor. Why all the rioting movies and retaliation? These are demons trying to cause you to rise up. Think about it. Loose God in the atmosphere and these demons have to flee but without God they think its the devil's playground and can run amuck. Keep on believing in Me for what you need. Refrigerator example whatever you fill it with. [For me: I want you to validate the info that God gave you.] Pray for your president." 901am "Tell them I'm not playing." 


Now, let's break this into sections as Father God wants us to validate what He said. Remember we MUST test every Word so that we know it's from God and is real/valid.


At 3:11 am, "I want you to make a positive confession about what you need God to do in your life."


We're in a time of an Open Heaven. We know this because God is saying that His glory, fear, fire, and wrath are coming to help us. He repeatedly says, "Tell them I will help with those bills. Tell them to call on Me for what they need. I can help with that rent. I can help with those hospital bills." Hence, God is saying, "Call on Me, not man." 


What is the evidence of this? Before the Biden administration started, there were promises of monthly stimulus checks and student loan debt cancellation. After the Biden administration started there was one stimulus ($1,400). For those with children, a stimulus of $250-300/month comes in July. However, for many families with older children or adults with no dependents, this isn't enough. What is this leading to? Mental frustration and anguish as people cannot pay their bills. About 45% of adults polled last year said they felt negative effects to their mental health because of stress. However, the impact on students (millennials) is higher.


A survey of 195 students found that 71% felt anxiety and stress during the pandemic. It's also concerning because millennials are in a delicate balance. Meaning, they don't want to repeat the mistakes of their parents by carrying high amounts of stress. Hence, they want to pay in full for their purchases and not carry credit card and loan debts. And, without the debt cancellation for college, it's as if they're repeating the cycle of their parents. It explains why we're seeing more students rallying and crying out for help/change. 


Millennials are frustrated because they are the generation that wants to bring change but then the pandemic shut everything down. While 96% of students report experiencing burnout, 81% worry about their financial obligations. To combat stress, 83% treat themselves to something, 62% change jobs, and 44% move home with their parents. The former two are temporary and students can find themselves back in the same boat. What's more, in moving back home, millennials may feel depressed or as if they're repeating a cycle, not breaking one. And, it's not just millennials.  


In urban environments, blacks are also seeing higher stress levels. As they didn't have access to top paying jobs and available jobs didn't pay what their white counterparts made, black neighborhood are experiencing more violence (robberies, shootings, gangs, drugs).  


"Keep the news media off. It's CNN. It's sin. Start putting on Christian news instead and local weather."


We know that the biased news media has been airing fake news and distorting the news. Father God said about the Mark of the Beast last year when we did our Doubt article that many don't believe God, the Mark of the Beast is here, and they don't see it. In C.S. Lewis's book, The Screwtape Letters, the book depicts what conversations the devil has with his demonic workers might be like.


As an example of how this might occur, look at how the news suddenly shifted their reporting after the Biden administration started. Before the Biden administration started, there were all kinds of feel-good stories about cops helping the public and donating time to help kids and those in need. After, the Biden administration started, the news showed more violence against blacks. Furthermore, they showed how "innocent" blacks were arrested and/or attacked, even if the person had a criminal past and attacked officers or resisted arrest.


What was the underlying cause-and-effect? To promote groups and demonstrators that said they would support black causes, and to promote dismantling the police and removing guns. However, the agendas with these groups share similar themes. They're anti-Christ, antigovernment, anti-God, anti-Israel and Jew, and anti-guns. The concern? A communistic, socialist, pro-Muslim agenda backed by the Obama administration that's coming out with Biden. What is the evidence?


When Obama was in office, he promoted Muslim equality and started removing God and Christ as he said he did it so it wouldn't offend Muslims. In a separate example, when Biden started, he immediately signed a pro-LGBTQ equality law and has signed a pro-transgender law. The mainstream news outlets are also pro-LGBTQ and promoting their agenda. And, this is nothing against their community as they should be allowed to have free speech like everyone else.


Remember God is no respecter of persons. Hence, we're to love everyone as Jesus commanded us to. However, a concern is when a news out distorts the news or changes it to promote THEIR agenda. This can mislead the public, especially when we're talking about families that want to strictly promote Christian values. Side Note: Prophet Jonathan Cahn discussed this in his Op-Ed to Biden. He told Biden to pray and repent and used the example of how his administration was going to use our tax dollars to promote abortions. It's ungodly and God's wrath is coming to deal with this devil and his tactics, not just with Biden's administration and THEIR agenda but in other areas. Take CNN for example.


CNN is pro-LGBTQ. And, that's okay if they want to openly have LGBTQ news. We're not judging them as we're not to judge anyone. That's their business, brand, and agenda. We know a lot in the LGBTQ community feel rejected. But, that's not God. They don't understand that Jesus is love and that He's here for them, too. Hence, we pray for the LGBTQ community to receive Jesus in their hearts because God's love is unconditional and He truly wants what's best for all of us. However, a concern with the news is the content. Christian and non-mainstream news outlets (Fox, Newsmax, Victory Channel, 700 Club) have noted how mainstream news outlets openly bashed President Trump and not reported the real news about Trump. Furthermore, all the mainstream news outlets promote LGBTQ news and share the same dialog/narrative. As an example, immediately after the January 6th Capital riots that Father God had us do a write-up on, they each immediately had the same message that "President Trump started the riots because he condones violence." To counter that, the Trump administration came out with a scathing video that showed several Democrats repeatedly bashing Republicans and threatening violence. But the mainstream news media won't admit to this bias.


A few Fox news and Newsmax reports state how mainstream news outlets are paid to report the news and sway it in THEIR own direction and for THEIR own agendas. The point? If THEY'RE pro-LGBTQ AND promoting the left's/Biden's agenda, why are Christians watching them? Let me phrase it another way. You can't have God AND man in your ear, right? We know that. So, why are Christians still tuned into the news when they aren't sharing ALL the news or only filtering in what THEY WANT?


As another example, on the day of the Surfside building explosion near Miami, the news reported and focused heavily on that and on the Chauvin verdict. But NONE of the mainstream news reported on the Trump election victory. See the difference in how the news reports their findings? Hence, God is saying, "Start putting on Christian news instead, and local weather."


"Its in the movies too. Why are all movies filled with sexual sin and hatred and lust? Stop watching these and you'll stop sinning so much and having lustful thoughts. That's pride. Its trying to/coming to ensnare you. Why all the revenge flicks filled with violence? To fill you with hate .That's retaliation demons. Remember no weapons formed against you shall prosper but they're trying to cause you to hate and come against your neighbor. Why all the rioting movies and retaliation? These are demons trying to cause you to rise up. Think about it."


Now, this next section is big and as it relates to movies, we grouped these together. I want to use a few examples of movies where there's so much sexual sin, lust, hatred, and violence to help you understand how the devil works in the fourth realm/dimension. I don't want to shift off topic but it's also important to understand that the devil works in the fourth dimension/realm and can send demons through the airwaves, TV, movies, and other content. I didn't even realize this but years ago I was watching an episode of the Real Housewives when one of the ladies was yelling loudly at another. I turned the TV off and called someone and we suddenly got into an argument and I felt that same anger. I realized it wasn't me but a demonic influence. We have seen evidence of this in public.
Remember the man who shot the audience members in the theater at the airing of Batman? As another example, think about the witchcraft movies and witch TV shows that teach teens and children how to unleash their powers and get what they want. In Pastor Timothy Dixon's video from a few days ago, God speaks about this. He mentions how some good people were overlooked for positions of power because witchcraft was working behind the scenes. God also mentions a senator who was poisoned and killed but they called it cancer. That's another topic but we must remember that God knows all and sees all.


People don't realize that by working in the demonic, practicing spells, incantations, and other practices that they're unleashing demons. Then, there are the video games like Call of Duty that teach people how to shoot and kill others. It's mind control that's causing them to do demonic acts. How do we know? Look at what are we seeing now? People randomly attacking others in public and some reports state that the shooters were growling during the attacks. Demon possession is real but people don't see it. They can't imagine a group so diabolic as to twist the public's perception and distort young minds. God said through Pastor Dixon that Hollywood is going to rattle when God's wrath comes and it may never recover. What will be interesting is when God reveals all the witches, warlocks, sorcerers, and pedophiles in Hollywood, sports, and other sectors. People can't fathom their favorite celebrities making human or animal sacrifices or selling their souls to the devil to ensnare innocent people and children but it's happening.  


A few recent demonic/witchcraft/sin-filled/hidden agenda movies include:
  • Movies about parents killing their kids or vice versa: Mom and Dad, Stoker; Killing of the Sacred Deer.
  • Movies about revenge attacks: The Hunt, Ready or Not, The Purge Series, Prevenge, Anna, Cold Pursuit, Beneath Us, Bloodline, Joker, Birds of Prey, You're Next; Greta.  
  • Sponge Bob Square Pants: Original movie showed someone brainwashing all the population into serving him. In the latest movie, Sponge On the Run, actor Keanu Reeves comes in a tumbleweed of sage (witchcraft) and says his name is sage and that he's all-knowing. There's a scene when they face El Diablo to free lost souls, and another scene where they discuss how they have to go into the fourth dimension. 
  • Misleading movies with hidden scenes not included in the title or trailer: Moonlight: When the movie aired in theaters, some parents cautioned in the online comments that they didn't know it was LGBTQ; Shape of Water: A woman sleeps with an alien/scaled creature; Jumanji 2: A guy becomes a girl; Soul: The lead male character takes on a female voice; Jo Jo Rabbit: Nazi children are taught how to hate and kill Jews; Sausage Party: Grocery store products have R-rated dialogs; Sweet Tooth: This Netflix beastiality movie shows a baby that's half human/half deer but refers to them as "hybrids". 
  • Movies about children with "secret powers" who must keep it to themselves and unite/work together: New Mutants, Luca, The Craft: Legacy, X-Men series, The Nevers.
  • Movies about magic, children practicing magic, and serving other gods: Goosebumps, Harry Potter series, House of Clocks; The Craft, Maleficent, Earwig and the Witch; Moana, Raya, Finding 'Ohana, Wish Dragon.
  • Movies about gender/transgender: Jumanji 2 and 3, Soul, 
  •  A Monster Calls: A boy confides in an ancient tree to find courage. Some voodoo religions give sacrifices to trees; another concern is the boy is looking up to a stranger for advice, comfort. Similar movies: Where the Wild Things Are 
  • Movies about being possessed: Ma, Suspira, Spell, Soul Collector, Insidious, The Turning, The Widow, The Devil's Child, Prodigy, Get Out.
  • Cruella: Disney movie that uses the witchcraft symbol in the "A" in spelling Cruella. 
  • Queen Bees: Actress Ellen Burstyn in an interview for the movie, has Indian idols on the shelf behind her. 
  • Movies that promote the demonic, witchcraft, and violent attacks: The Evil Next Door, The Wretched, Us, The Unholy, Gaia, Babysitter Must Die, The Darkness, Baphomet, The Queen of Black Magic, No Knock List, The Retreat, Zebra Girl, Shall We Play? Séance.  


"Loose God in the atmosphere and these demons have to flee but without God they think its the devil's playground and can run amuck."


Right now, the devil thinks it's his playground and he can distort the world's view all he wants. He thinks Biden won. He thinks the demonic is in control and that they can make all kinds of changes to make evil greater and more mainstream. However, the devil and his workers aren't smart. God created this world and ONLY God is all-powerful and all-knowing. My mom often reminds me about this key point. God did all this over 2,000 years ago. Meaning, when God established the Bible, He started with Revelation so we know the end from the beginning. What's more, God intentionally let the devil think he won. I remember God saying, "I have a surprise in store" and "We'll all be laughing when they see what I've done." God also said through one of our commenters a few months back that He's letting them "think they've won." Make no mistake about it. The shock-and-awe that's coming will be Biblical as Pastor Johnny Enlow said What's more, God's glory, fear, fire, and wrath coming is going to cause EVERY enemy to flee. And, God will not fail.


Whenever I need that encouraging reminder, I picture Him like a supportive relative that's coming but they're on a long train ride. It's like we're calling and saying, "And, now they're doing this!" But He's saying, "Mmm, hmm. I can see it from here. They're doing that because they think I'm not coming. Don't worry. I'll be there soon. I want to surprise them." Hence, we don't have to be afraid or give up hope. Our help, God the Father is coming. And, what a powerful, wonderful, and amazing thought. He's on the way! 


Side note: That was another reminder God gave about David calling on the angel who was delayed 21-days. But God is NOT delayed. His plan and His will and His timing will be RIGHT ON TIME. Maybe it's July 4, 5, and 6? God said through Pastor Dixon (videos below) that the shaking (judgment) is coming. Let's wait and see! 


"Keep on believing in Me for what you need. Refrigerator example whatever you fill it with." 9:01 am "Tell them I'm not playing."


This was such a great example from Father God. Picture that refrigerator as what YOU fill it with. Hence, we don't have to put on THEIR content, THEIR sexually explicit or violent and graphic movies. We don't have to listen to THEIR fake news reports. We have a loving God who is coming to help. He's coming to save us and remove the witchcraft and demonic. And, He's coming so we can put God back in schools and businesses and back in the White House. And, I hear Him saying, "He's coming soon." Remember, this is going to LOOK LIKE the Rapture, but it's not.


God said there will be chaos on the streets and all kinds of reports on the news. But, we're not to fear. God has to shake up our nation, and planet for that matter to show them that we are God's property and He is here to defend us. Hence, He truly is NOT PLAYING. This will be the last big move we see before the Rapture occurs. Pastor Shaneika Byars video a few days ago about Hawaii gave some insight. As did the video from Pastor Dixon about Italy.


We might see what looks like massive meteors falling from the sky, volcanoes going off, fires everywhere, earthquake all at once and overnight, but to justify it, they will try to call it global warming. Ha! These are all powerful moves of God that His vengeance and wrath are coming. So, please pray that THEY repent. This message is not meant to cause fear but I believe God wants to remind us to shift away from them and focus ONLY and exclusively on Him. He's coming to help us and He's going to help us kick-start the global revival that we need all over the world. There are sons and daughters not just here in the US crying out to Father God but they're in Canada, Australia, and other locations all over the world crying out. They're under severe oppression and some are going through worse than what we have here but God's glory is coming to help them, too. So, stay encouraged, Saints, and hold onto God's unchanging Word. Hold onto His hand.


God's wrath is coming because THEY see the US and Americans like lambs scheduled for the slaughter but WE will not be put up on the chopping block. No. The enemy is falling into their own traps because our Christian Founding Fathers like George Washington, helped secure our future by dedicating the US to God in 1776, glory to God! So, the US was and is always God's and man can't steal it, not even the illegitmates who want to sell the US to China for a profit. Hence, we ask for and receive God's mercy.


When God comes 2 things will happen. They WILL repent or He will destroy and remove them (His enemies). So, please, be mindful of this sensitive time. Father God corrected me on this, too. It may mean that many peoples' lives are lost because they refuse to accept God and Jesus and want to cling to witchcraft and the demonic. We shared this several days ago about the second Covid wave that's coming for our enemies. The prophet saw funeral homes filled to the brink and bodies stacked  on top of bodies. Pastor Dixon and I believe Pastor Kent Christmas saw China suffering terribly from their OWN Covid until they repent and then they, too, will have a record revival as people come to the Lord. Hence, let's continue to pray that they change and repent, but again, please remember that it's free will.


Pastor Wanda Alger mentioned this several months ago about how it will be a great time of grieving when God removes all the hidden masks and we see the demons as they are and they're removed. But, then we're going into the fall and Jewish New Year with joy and praises and promotions as we start afresh with revival. Hold onto that because its coming soon! 


"Pray for your President."


We mentioned this section several times before to pray for President Trump. When he's reinstated, the threats against him will be that much greater. Remember, he's holding one of the highest positions in authority and will change all the laws BACK so they are pro-Christian, pro-life, pro-Israel and Jews, and pro-God. Those working in the demonic and with hidden agendas will not be happy because they don't want global revival. But, here's the key. Keep pressing in. Because God said IT'S ALREADY OCCURRED, we know it's already done and man, demons and witchcraft cannot change what God does or what's coming. However, we posted how God said they would try an attack against him and Prophet Tracy Cooke heard this, too.


We pray, Father God in Jesus's name, Lord, we give You the highest praise. You are our Abba Father and there is none higher. Thank You, Lord, for revealing these things to us. Thank You for Your insight, direction, guidance, and help. With You, we KNOW we will not fail. Glory to Your name, Lord. We pray for every family in the Body of Christ and those that are going to receive Jesus, too. Life and death is in the power of the tongue. Lord, we pray, give us help, encouragement, and courage to press into You. Give us warring angels to defend us and ministering angels to strengthen us. Protect our loved ones and keep our children and babies safe. We pray for every Saint all over the world and we cast our cares on You. We believe for a miracle today. I hear You saying that what You do "Will feel like Santa Claus" and "I will help with your bills." We know this is a new era and new journey that You have us on. Lord, let us see what You see and hear what You are doing. Help us to be in complete and total alignment with Your will for our lives. Use us for Your will and Your glory. I also hear You saying, "Tell them not to be afraid" and we won't. We will stand firm together because there are MORE of us in the Body/Bride/Ecclesia/Remnant than there are of them. We don't fear because You haven't give us the spirit of fear but of power, and of love and a sound mind. Thus, we stand firm on Your word, Yeshua and we are NOT afraid. We don't walk in fear. We walk by faith, Lord. We also pray for President Trump as You restore Him. I know You mentioned a revote and we don't know all that this entails. However, we pray for President Trump's protection and covering. We pray give him wisdom for his second term starting and thank You for removing those that were NOT with him and had secret agendas. Thank You for revealing the true motives of men who as You said through the prophets could be bought off. Thank You for revealing who has hidden motives in the Supreme Court. Thank You for revealing all those in government with hidden agendas and those who practiced witchcraft and the demonic. Thank You for exposing all corruption Thank You for canceling out EVERY demonic and witchcraft attack against us. Thank You for canceling the enemies' plans. Remove us from the hands of our enemies. Thank You that we are covered in the blood of Jesus and we will see Your help soon. Thank You for restoring us, Lord, and coming to our aid and rescue. Thank You for global revival and the outpouring of Your spirit. Thank You for Your precious love for us and sending Jesus. Thank You that You heard our prayers and will help us, our families, neighborhoods, and communities. Thank You that You will help us remove all sin so we can serve You freely in spirit and in truth. We pray that they repent, Lord. We pray that they turn from their wicked ways and find Jesus while there's time. We give You all the glory, honor, and praise, in Jesus's name, Amen.     






6/25/21 "Keep On Believing On Me." God. Let Them Know They Will See Help Soon. Believe For What You Need. Also, I hear "EXPLOSIVE." See the Wanda Alger Link Father God Said To Share.

Praise the Lord, Saints. Father God said overnight as a reminder that if you have any needs, say, "Its no problem for God." He also said, "They are going to be surprised when they see what God does."

Separately, the Lord wanted me to share the vaccination link that Wanda Alger referenced the other day, Pastor Wanda posted this video about the vaccines the other day and referenced their demonic influences but YouTube removed it RIGHT AWAY. The Lord reminded me again just now to share it, CONFIRMATION, so this is important.

When you click that link and scroll down the page, it's not just a vaccination link but TONS OF INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE that the news media and mark of the beast are trying to hide. I can see why Father God said to post this right away and keeps saying "Explosion on the news." THIS is filled with factual information that the news media is hiding, but again, it's also clear why God is saying "Tell the devil I'm not playing games" and "Repent. Judgment is coming." 

These are the links she referenced:

  • Pastor Wanda Alger's site:
  • Clay Clark's Thrivetime Conference:
  • Wanda's notes from her vaccinationo message that YouTube removed:
  • The Reopen America Tours:


Sharing her message on this topic to bring you up to speed. Her video is below from the other day or use that first link above for the 6/21/21 vac video:

I’ve had numerous people ask me what I think about the vaccination for COVID. I didn’t have a peace about responding until this past weekend. My husband and I attended a Health and Freedom Conference in Tampa, Florida, hosted by Clay Clark of Thrivetime Shows. He’s a business entrepreneur who’s been called by God to expose the demonic agenda behind the plandemic (and election fraud). He’s been bringing together doctors, scientists, activists, and regular folks who are standing up for truth and making a difference in their fields of influence. These REOPEN AMERICA TOURS are scheduled to take place all around the nation in the coming months (check them out and consider attending one!) It was a power-packed weekend of information based on facts, evidence, and first-hand testimonies. We left encouraged, inspired, and empowered to share what we can with others.

Upon our return, I posted the video below on my YouTube channel, but within 24 hours it was removed for violating its Community Standards. 10,000 people had already viewed it, but it obviously posed a big threat to the dark powers of YouTopia:-). I’ve now posted it here along with the specific LINK I recommend for further research (listed below the video). You can also see a copy of my outline HERE.

Please watch and share this with others. This is not meant to bring any condemnation to those who have already taken the shot for various reasons. It is meant to bring more truth to the spiritual ramifications behind this issue and help everyone understand the END GAME that the devil is playing with us. We MUST be aware of his schemes, and determine to RISE UP IN FAITH. God is our source of healing and He, alone, is the source of all truth. May we have the courage to see and hear what needs to be understood and may we have the boldness to pass it on.

UPDATE! I just created a new CHANNEL ON RUMBLE. Many folks have requested this, so you can VIEW and SHARE this video from my RUMBLE CHANNEL HERE.

***End of Pastor Wanda Alger's message***







6/24/21 There is a Balm in Gilead (And God's Mercy Endureth Forever)

"Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered?" Jeremiah 8:22 KJV

"Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there? Why then is there no healing for the wound of my people?" Jeremiah 8:22 NIV

"Keep not thou silence, O God: hold not Thy peace, and be not still, O God. For, lo, Thine enemies make a tumult: and they that hate Thee have lifted up the head. They have taken crafty counsel against Thy people, and consulted against Thy hidden ones. They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance. For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against TheeThe tabernacles of Edom, and the Ishmaelites; of Moab, and the Hagarenes; Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; the Philistines with the inhabitants of Tyre; Assur also is joined with them: they have holpen the children of Lot. Selah. Do unto them as unto the Midianites; as to Sisera, as to Jabin, at the brook of Kison: 10 Which perished at Endor: they became as dung for the earth. 11 Make their nobles like Oreb, and like Zeeb: yea, all their princes as Zebah, and as Zalmunna: 12 Who said, Let us take to ourselves the houses of God in possession. 13 O my God, make them like a wheel; as the stubble before the wind. 14 As the fire burneth a wood, and as the flame setteth the mountains on fire; 15 So persecute them with Thy tempest, and make them afraid with Thy storm. 16 Fill their faces with shame; that they may seek Thy name, O Lord17 Let them be confounded and troubled for ever; yea, let them be put to shame, and perish: 18 That men may know that Thou, whose name alone is Jehovah, art the Most High over all the earth," Psalm 83

Father God told me to turn on the news this morning. I put on the headline news and didn't see anything but then I turned on Greg Kelly on Newsmax. And, there I saw it. No, it wasn't the part about Kamala going to the border, as the REAL news is President Trump going to the southern border. But, I believe what Father God wanted me to see was what Newsmax aired next. I watched as they described more attacks on our streets and more violence. I listened as Biden tried to say yet again that guns need to come off the streets (since their plan to dismantle the police is being foiled, praise God).

It saddened my heart to see black men fighting across the nation, lashing out because the left is telling them to fight back. It saddened me to see a gym teacher fired because he won't use new pronouns to describe students. It saddened me to see that in Loudon County, people can't speak because the government is trying to control them. And, then I saw something interesting. The news shifted from a recent Biden comment to one just prior to the election. And, something that God said days ago stood out.

Father God mentioned several days ago to look at the vice presidential election. I remember looking it up briefly and saw reminders of where people were saying that no one voted her in. What immediately came to my mind was Kamala Harris cutting off Mike Pence and saying, "Excuse me. I'm speaking." Another point that Newsmax pointed out is how she's constantly laughing hysterically on the news. But I don't think that was specifically what Father God was referring to. In Kamala's first speech when she was running, the National Review said she lied repeatedly. There's something else that's shocking. In several of Biden's recent press conferences, he looks and sounds like a feeble 90-year-old. With this particular Newsmax story, he looks so frail and as if he's suffering from dementia. But then they panned to just prior to the election and he looked completely different. I realized what God said through the prophets was coming true.

Prophet/Pastor Robin Bullock said months ago that THEY would not be able to carry God's mantle illegally and it would cause them to go mad, you know, laughing like lunatics. I think it was Pastor Hank Kunneman who said to look at how Obama aged after getting into office because shortly after he won his first term, he started taking God out of everything. It was like he aged overnight. I bring all of this up to say that their plans to rule this nation without God are failing. God LET THEM try to carry out their plans so He could expose their TRUE MOTIVES. God is letting the MASKS COME OFF so we can see them as they are - working in the demonic and trying to promote the devil's agenda. I don't say this to come against Biden or Harris. No. On the contrary, I'm directing this at the demonic influencers working through them. What I'm saying is that the devil THOUGHT he could keep America on puppet strings and secretly sell us to China and promote witchcraft, sexual sin, and the demonic throughout the world. Instead, God is exposing EVERYTHING satan had planned...and the puppet strings are being cut. God is exposing every plan, plot, and corruptive act.

God is about to move suddenly and He keeps saying "Explosion on the news" and He mentioned recently that it would happen "overnight." What we need to do during this time is pray. Pray for the Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and the left to repent. Pray for those in high positions of power who contributed to this corruption to repent. I hear "treason" and "insurrection." I hear "prison" and it's going to ROCK this nation when they see what God does. Pray for them to repent, Saints. And, here's why. The Bible teaches us that to those that are merciful God shows mercy. Despite their crimes and attempts to overthrow the government and make it anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-government, anti-Israel, anti-Christian, anti-police, and anti-guns, the ONLY thing they're succeeding in doing is giving us just cause to make this nation (and planet, for that matter) anti-sin, anti-witchcraft, and anti-demonic...because when God's glory comes, He's going to help us remove EVERY single demonic worker and cancel EVERY demonic assignment.

    • Envision Biden, Harris, and Pelosi and others in the left and these GROUPS repenting before God and turning their lives over to Him. 
    • Envision our nation honoring, uplifting, and supporting our brave men and women in blue instead of trying to create a dialog/narrative that curses and slanders them.
    • Envision altar calls and people laid out prostrate in the streets repenting before God (instead of violence on the streets), confessing sins, and asking for salvation. 
    • Envision people turning to and listening to God, instead of online searches and the mainstream news for information, help, and guidance.
    • Envision children praying in schools again and people praying on their jobs for each other. 
    • Envision pastors that honor God and don't just sell their books, or showcase their new look.
    • Envision altar calls and tent revivals again where people can go and hear from God's heart.
    • Envision burning ALL witchcraft and satanic items, toppling satanic statues, and removing all witchcraft, sexual sin, and the demonic from EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE. 
    • Envision Covid eradicated and cancers cured by the blood of Jesus Christ. 
    • Envision drug companies, fast food businesses, tech and social media giants repenting for their distortions and sins. 
    • Envision sexual sin eradicated.
    • Envision no more Alzheimer's, dementia, or Parkinson's.
    • Envision autism instantly cured. 
    • Envision people waking up one morning and receiving sudden, instant healings from God. 
    • Envision the Bible as a #1 Best Seller.
    • Envision turning on the TV and seeing Godly news where you don't have to turn away or quickly cover your eyes.
    • Envision all these GROUPS dismantling as they turn their lives over to Christ and we truly become ONE nation under God. 
    • Envision them praying to Jesus for forgiveness and praying over our nation with President Trump. 
    • Envision the massive prayers as our nation repents on ONE ACCORD to God. 
    • Envision sweet alms going up to God as He's so happy that we're worshiping Him and not worrying, that we're humble and not haughty, double-focused (God and Jesus) and not double-minded, and that we're walking in faith and not fear.
    • Envision the Liberty Bell ringing out, for where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. 
    • Envision the world seeing this and repenting, too.


But don't just picture all of the aforementioned in your head. Decree and declare it and it will become manifest. This. This is what the devil is REALLY scared of - Our repentant hearts on ONE ACCORD filled with Jesus, and God's glory shining, meaning the devil has no place to hide. So, let's do THIS! 

Fast. Pray. Sanctify ourselves. Call on God. Write the vision. Let our requests be made known unto God. And, get the anointing oil, prayer cloths, tissues, towels, and holy water ready. This is going to be the biggest outpouring of God's spirit. And, it's going to be the biggest global revival the world has seen. God will help us restore America and reset the planet for God and Jesus soon, soon. Hint: It's ALREADY done. To God be the glory! 

Last night at 834 pm Father God said "Tell them I know they think God has failed but I'm about to move suddenly." At 631 am after I watched Greg Kelly's video and was praying He said, "So many are going to jail when they see what God does." [Some prophets are saying "treason charges" are coming for some. Does this mean there's more evidence that they illegally rigged the election? Does this have to do with Italy?] The Lord also said, "They think God won't show up but He's going to be right on time." He also told me to think about my dream.

Last night I dreamt that someone came over and said they needed to use what I had (there were 2 things like 2 big books or manuals full of information side by side). They said they  would give them back to me when they were done. I didn't believe them because I knew they had a history of being careless and disregarding other people's things, so instead, I stood by and let them use the 2 things. And, I waited for them to finish, instead of listening to them and walking away. I knew that I had worked too hard to let them disregard what I worked so hard on. It's a reminder that whatever you're birthing, don't give others free reign and just walk away because they say they'll "keep it safe." Protect what's yours.

I then heard Father God say 2x, "I want you to tell them cheer up. New income will come." He also said "Keep being obedient to Me. Let them know they will see help soon. It will be soon, soon. Keep on believing on Me." Praise God who causes us to triumph!

CONFIRMATION and a Question

Noise. disruption. truth. drought/great heat. Winds in the gulf and the east. Judgments in the earth. In Pastor Hank Kunneman's video (see above), God confirms several things as he speaks. God mentions His light and the shift coming. They will turn on one another and point fingers, run and hide, and attack each other, and themselves. More significant confirmations. Another that's interesting is the locust reference in saying that "The sound of your locust will increase across the land." Remember, a few weeks ago Father God said to read Joel, so we knew the locusts were coming. What's more, Pastor Timothy Dixon references this (see May's messages, links below). But God is saying that He also raised up a David (President Trump) against this Goliath and there's a great reversal and reset coming. Why and how do we know this?

President Trump is David, NOT Saul

God said through a few prophets and when He spoke through us once that President Trump "isn't even aware" that God is going to use him in this manner. I didn't even see this a few years ago, and I can remember thinking President Trump was Saul chasing David and went to write this but God stopped me. He told me "Don't call him Saul." It wasn't until recently that a few prophets, myself included, started hearing God say "a David is coming/rising up." For those who balk in disbelief at the idea of using President Trump, remember, God can use ANYONE and at ANYTIME. Man looks at the outer appearance but God looks at the heart. Many didn't see Trump's heart when he bombed Syria's Douma after a chemical attack against their own people. They didn't see how he came to the aid of Christians and Jews during his administration. They don't see it because the biased news media (anti-Christ mark of the beast) ONLY push THEIR agenda and narrative to make Trump LOOK LIKE he's pro KKK, pro-hate, and pro-racism. Hence, another reason why God is asking "Are you sure?" Meaning are you sure you're on the right side? Not Dems versus Republicans, per se, but good/light versus evil/darkness. President Trump is prolife, pro-Israel and Jews, pro-God, and pro-Jesus Christ. 

God also confirms it's a new era (confirmation Prophet Lana Vawser). "There is another army of locusts that is arising. There is another army that is arising upon the land, so that their voice will be heard. Their vote will matter and be counted." My question is, is God referring to the revote that He mentioned? Let's stay in prayer and as the Lord instructs us to, let's "Stop saying when is it going to come. Say 'It's here.'" To God be the glory!   

1:53 pm Father God said "Pray for every police officer." We also pray for all those affected by that building collapse in Surfside, Florida.




6/23/21 Hear What Thus Sayeth the Lord

Praise the Lord, Saints! Sharing a MIGHTY Word of God as He speaks through Pastor Kent Christmas (see above). GOD CONFIRMS EVERY WORD that He's been saying. Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty. Watch and see what God does. Glory to God! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

1:46 pm I hear Father God saying, "Keep leaning on Me. Remember, focus on forward, on Us. I have a hedge of protection around you. I will protect you. Call on Me for what you need."  



6/22/21 We Serve Jehovah Jireh (God Our Provider). And, He's Also Defending Us.

"And Abraham lifted up his eyes, and looked, and behold behind him a ram caught in a thicket by his horns: and Abraham went and took the ram, and offered him up for a burnt offering in the stead of his son. “And Abraham called the name of that place Jehovahjireh: as it is said to this day, In the mount of the LORD it shall be seen. And the angel of the LORD called unto Abraham out of heaven the second time, And said, By myself have I sworn, saith the LORD, for because thou hast done this thing, and hast not withheld thy son, thine only son: That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the Heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore; and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies;" Genesis 22:13-16

Praise the Lord, Saints! I have a really quick word. I was listening to Bishop Paul S. Morton singing this morning. He has a CD with maybe 18-20 bishops singing on it and one song is Bow Down and Worship Him (see below). Here's the point. They were singing so passionately to God and God inhabits the praises of His people. We don't always realize it but while God is sovereign and all-powerful, He's also tender and loving. Meaning, He will do the things we ask Him to and help where we need it. These demons think they can get away with all kinds of witchcraft attacks and trying to INTENTIONALLY make God's people sin. Hence, we must continue to rebuke their personalities. God's people are crying out about these injustices. And, God is coming to help. They're misleading with the news reports. They're trying to create a dialog/narrative that's racist to target our police officers. They're showing seductive content to FORCE God's people into sexual sin EVEN IN THE COMMERCIALS. Hence, God is grieved. Father God wants His people praising Him and walking through the Garden of Eden but they're trying to turn it into Sodom and Gomorrah, and well, you know the rest of that story.

When Abraham obeyed God and attempted to sacrifice Isaac, it was supernatural. We were seeing how God spared Abraham's son and would use His own son Jesus as the propitiation for our sins. What's more, God blessed Abraham's bloodline and that includes us as our ancestors were the Children of Israel. And, that key section of v. 16 is BIG. "Thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies."

In Bible Hub's commentary under Gill's Exposition, they break it down like this, "Gate" for "gates", where courts of judicature were held, and which are the security of cities and put for them, and which also include the whole country round about: so that this phrase is expressive of an entire jurisdiction and dominion over them. Remember, Dr. Francis Myles has the Divine Restraining Orders book and Father God said to mention this. Further, God said He was using Divine Restraining Orders against the enemy as God's people have NOT SINNED and we have NOT returned evil for evil.

When God Restores Us

What's more, Gill's Exposition goes on to state that this jurisdiction "was literally fulfilled in the times of Joshua, David, and Solomon; and spiritually in Christ, Abraham's principal seed, [Jesus] when He destroyed Satan and his principalities and powers; overcame the world; made an end of sin and abolished death; and delivered His people out the hands of all their enemies; and in all Abraham's spiritual seed, who are made more than conquerors over them, through Christ that has loved them. It's a reminder that Jesus ALREADY overcame the world. Jesus was in Abraham's bloodline and so are we! What a marvelous thought to know that the devil and all his demons are ALREADY defeated! Glory to God! However, we MUST pray for the people the devil is using. Pray they repent while there's time. Pray for the global revival that's coming. Pray as President Trump is restored as he is pivotal to blocking the enemies' plans. President Trump is a crucial part because he can overturn THEIR laws and put God and Christianity front and center, which is exactly what the devil is afraid of and fears.

When God restores us and President Trump, let's remember:

    • We're to shine a light to humbly deliver others to Christ, not gloat over or laugh at our defeated enemies.
    • We're to honor God and keep Him first, not put self on the Throne. ONLY God gets the glory.
    • We're to reach the world with global revival, remove demons, heal the sick, restore wealth especially to the less fortunate and those in need, and prepare for Jesus's return.


Let's stay encouraged as we watch God move. We ALREADY know the end of this story.

I would hear sometimes in the spirit realm, "The devil thinks its his playground" but it's not. God created this earth for HIS sons and daughters so what we see God do to defend us in battle might look TERRIBLE and we might not understand it but let God move and keep reading your Bible. Remember, He's going to do something SO BIG that it FORCES the wicked to bow down and recognize it can only be God. Some will repent and some will refuse. Hence, we pray that they turn from their wicked ways. These demons CANNOT stop God from coming to defend us. It's already done! They CANNOT stop God from reinstating President Trump. It's already done! They CANNOT stop God from removing all witchcraft, demonic, and evil either. It's already done! God will NOT fail, so let's continue to worship God like NEVER BEFORE.

Next Sunday is July 4th, OUR Independence Day and I remember God saying "We will all be laughing together when we see what God does." God WILL work in our favor, so don't doubt God but keep pressing in. Read your Bible, pray, and let God work. Have Thine own way Lord. Get 'err done!       

Father God said just now, "Tell them not to be afraid when they see what God does" and "Pray for Philadelphia." I'm hearing "Look for a tornado to come." Remember, a tornado can be physical but it can also be spiritual where it uproots and repositions everything. The definition of a tornado is destructive, violently rotating winds in a funnel-shaped cloud. However, to look at it supernaturally, it can be God's turnaround where He comes like a cloud and "suddenly" uproots everything (those pesky demons who don't want to flee, moving you into a new position/calling) and shifts everything (that new job, home, promotion, favor) unexpectedly.

Separately I am also hearing "Keep getting to bed at 9:30 pm" and remember to rebuke the flesh and that devil. He's upset because you're being resistant to him. For some I hear, "Look for ways to reduce your anxiety." The devil has been using witchcraft and trying to make God's people anxious. But, don't LOOK at them. Look to the hills. Our help comes from the Lord. I hear God saying, "Try to get some sleep if you can. We know it might be hard to adapt to an earlier sleep cycle but do the bulk of your activities early so when you start to unwind, everything's already done.


Father God gave several significant messages overnight. Last night and this morning I heard, "At the mention of Your name demons have to flee. Hell trembles when they say/mention the name of Jesus. Tell them they will see help soon. God loves you." As I had also watched Pastor Wanda Alger's video below about the vac from yesterday, I heard, "With those scientists they believe in something but its not God." I then heard a reminder again about "9:30".


The Lord also said about God's enemies, "He will expose them. They think they know but I am about to destroy them. There's going to be an explosion on the news. Wake up and see what God does. For His people and for police officers." He also said "Judgment is coming. They [God's enemies] will feel God's wrath but we will see the Heavenlies." I heard "Four wall jail cell for some." I then heard in the spirit realm, "I hear they actually have been sending me the wrong news to report."


I hear God saying "Remember you have your guardian angels." and He said, "I will help with your bills." I heard "Tell them they have to move fast because God is about to move. They may not understand everything God does at first but He's working on our behalf." 


9:30 pm We're closing out with Ezekiel 37, Saints. As Father God said earlier, the Lord is working on our behalf. Let's confidently (100%) trust in Him. Glory to You, Father God. Thank You for working to help us. Thank You that we are in covenant with You, and thank You that You first loved us and gave us Jesus. Have Thine own way, Lord, and we will support Your decisions and will for our lives. We take courage and know that You are making the way for us. Thank You for victory in every area of our lives. Thy will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven, in Jesus's mighty name we pray, Amen.


Psalm 37 

The hand of the Lord was upon me, and carried me out in the spirit of the Lord, and set me down in the midst of the valley which was full of bones, And caused me to pass by them round about: and, behold, there were very many in the open valley; and, lo, they were very dry. And he said unto me, Son of man, can these bones live? And I answered, O Lord God, thou knowest. Again he said unto me, Prophesy upon these bones, and say unto them, O ye dry bones, hear the word of the LordThus saith the Lord God unto these bones; Behold, I will cause breath to enter into you, and ye shall live: And I will lay sinews upon you, and will bring up flesh upon you, and cover you with skin, and put breath in you, and ye shall live; and ye shall know that I am the LordSo I prophesied as I was commanded: and as I prophesied, there was a noise, and behold a shaking, and the bones came together, bone to his bone. And when I beheld, lo, the sinews and the flesh came up upon them, and the skin covered them above: but there was no breath in them. Then said he unto me, Prophesy unto the wind, prophesy, son of man, and say to the wind, Thus saith the Lord God; Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe upon these slain, that they may live. 10 So I prophesied as he commanded me, and the breath came into them, and they lived, and stood up upon their feet, an exceeding great army. 11 Then he said unto me, Son of man, these bones are the whole house of Israel: behold, they say, Our bones are dried, and our hope is lost: we are cut off for our parts. 12 Therefore prophesy and say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God; Behold, O my people, I will open your graves, and cause you to come up out of your graves, and bring you into the land of Israel. 13 And ye shall know that I am the Lord, when I have opened your graves, O my people, and brought you up out of your graves, 14 And shall put my spirit in you, and ye shall live, and I shall place you in your own land: then shall ye know that I the Lord have spoken it, and performed it, saith the Lord15 The word of the Lord came again unto me, saying, 16 Moreover, thou son of man, take thee one stick, and write upon it, For Judah, and for the children of Israel his companions: then take another stick, and write upon it, For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim and for all the house of Israel his companions: 17 And join them one to another into one stick; and they shall become one in thine hand. 18 And when the children of thy people shall speak unto thee, saying, Wilt thou not shew us what thou meanest by these? 19 Say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I will take the stick of Joseph, which is in the hand of Ephraim, and the tribes of Israel his fellows, and will put them with him, even with the stick of Judah, and make them one stick, and they shall be one in mine hand. 20 And the sticks whereon thou writest shall be in thine hand before their eyes. 21 And say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I will take the children of Israel from among the heathen, whither they be gone, and will gather them on every side, and bring them into their own land: 22 And I will make them one nation in the land upon the mountains of Israel; and one king shall be king to them all: and they shall be no more two nations, neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all. 23 Neither shall they defile themselves any more with their idols, nor with their detestable things, nor with any of their transgressions: but I will save them out of all their dwelling places, wherein they have sinned, and will cleanse them: so shall they be my people, and I will be their God. 24 And David my servant shall be king over them; and they all shall have one shepherd: they shall also walk in my judgments, and observe my statutes, and do them. 25 And they shall dwell in the land that I have given unto Jacob my servant, wherein your fathers have dwelt; and they shall dwell therein, even they, and their children, and their children's children for ever: and my servant David shall be their prince for ever. 26 Moreover I will make a covenant of peace with them; it shall be an everlasting covenant with them: and I will place them, and multiply them, and will set my sanctuary in the midst of them for evermore. 27 My tabernacle also shall be with them: yea, I will be their God, and they shall be my people. 28 And the heathen shall know that I the Lord do sanctify Israel, when my sanctuary shall be in the midst of them for evermore.





6/21/21 Relief is Here, God's Promises Fulfilled, and Your Prayers are Working

I hear God saying, "Explosion on the news." I hear it again, "Explosion on the news." Again I hear "Explosion on the news. Tell them to have faith. It's coming." "The market is about to rock when they see what I do." Yesterday I heard "We interrupt this regularly scheduled program" and "Ladies and Gentlemen..." I also heard God say as a reminder, "Move faster" and "It's going to feel like Santa Claus."

God has so many blessings coming to His sons and daughters. Be ready to receive. Complete the assignments God has asked you to do and be ready for Him. Donna Rigney's video from yesterday is SO POWERFUL. God's glory, wrath, fire, and fear are coming soon, and NOTHING and NO ONE can stand in Our God's way! Glory to God! Ask God for evidence or proof in prayer in tongues and let Him reveal it to you. He's about to move suddenly and swiftly. Pray, Saints, pray.

Recently, I came under a severe demonic/witchcraft attack. People hear that and go running in the other direction. No one wants to hear about a curse let alone receive one. However, Jesus gave us authority over ALL demons, and I have proof THEIR WITCHCRAFT ATTACKS DON'T WORK ON GOD'S ANOINTED WHO ARE COVERED IN THE NAME AND BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. THEIR ATTACKS COME TO THEM INSTEAD.

I was in bed one night tossing and turning. My heart was pounding in my chest so loudly I couldn't sleep. My heart was pulsating so strongly, my upper body was jerking in tune with my heart beat. I KNEW it was demonic as I don't suffer from panic attacks or have anxiety. The cause or culprit? My downstairs neighbor who practices witchcraft was trying to "silence me" because I was walking through my apartment praying earlier. He'd tried these attacks against me before AND HAS FAILED EVERY TIME. But, something different happened this time. Jesus stepped in.

As I lay in bed unable to sleep, I started praying. I'd experienced this night after night and was exhausted. I didn't want to take a sleep aid because that's another trick of the enemy. If he can't snare us in on direction, he'll try to cause us to have a dependency in another. In prayer, I said, "Lord Jesus, please help me. What should I do?" And, I heard God say, "Continue to rebuke the attack and plead the blood of Jesus" and I obeyed what God said and eventually went off to sleep.

The following morning I was concerned because I'd had a terrible time resting the night before, it might mean that I'd be exhausted during the day and unable to function. Was that the devil's goal? Instead of me being on assignment and doing my work, I'd be in bed sleeping during the day, and then up all night again. It was a trick of the enemy, and I'd experienced it before. How could I obey God and go to bed at 9:30 pm if the devil was now trying to keep me up? Was my neighbor reading my blog and knowing how to attack? Or, were there monitoring spirits, familiar spirits, and watchers trying to plan an effective attack? As I contemplated all this, a strange thing happened. I shuffled into the kitchen quite lethargic and downright exhausted. My feet were heavy like lead or like I was walking through mud. And all I could think was to put some coffee on and maybe have two cups. I was determined to stay up, press through, and get my work done REGARDLESS of the witchcraft/demonic attack. And, suddenly I heard Jesus say, "I'm going to give you new energy." And, He did it right away! Before I had even poured the coffee into the cup, I felt a youthful vigor and it was as if I had just experienced a full night's sleep AND had 2 cups of coffee. I was able to accomplish all my work and praised God for His help.

What I'm sharing in this message is two-fold, and it's very powerful. The first is a reminder that NO weapons formed against us shall prosper. Even when the enemy comes in like a flood, call on God and Jesus for help, and rebuke the devil and all his workers. Rebuke the attacks. Rebuke the symptoms. The name and blood of Jesus Christ covers us and it's covering you right now. But, there's more. The second part is also essential. We MUST forgive them and pray they repent. When Jesus was on the cross at Calvary, He said, "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do." And, they don't KNOW.

My neighbor apparently didn't KNOW that Jesus's blood makes us fire proof. He didn't KNOW that as a prophet of God, Michael the archangel defends us in battle. He also didn't and apparently doesn't know about Deuteronomy 28:7 which is a crucial and key verse. With every attack against us (when we hear AND obey God), God causes our enemies to flee in 7 different directions. Meaning, the attack GOES TO THEM INSTEAD X7. So, I pray for my neighbor. I pray he repents because God has ALREADY said in so many words that "Every evil word he's spoken against me and my mother and our family, it will not come to us, but it will go to him instead." God has already said he's moving, won't be there much longer, and to "Say goodbye". God has already said confusion will come to my neighbor instead. God has already said the attacks he sent against me and my mother and our family to try and divide us will come against HIS marriage instead. I've already seen in dreams all of his belongings scattered and his marriage shattered. And, I don't say this to gossip, slander my neighbor OR come against him. Nooooo. We don't return evil for evil. We walk in love and forgiveness as Jesus taught us. What I'm saying is, we MUST pray for our enemies to repent. It's not THEM, i.e., the people, per se. It's the devil trying to work THROUGH them. We pray for our enemies to repent and their hearts to change while there's time. We pray they get on their knees and apologize to Jesus for grieving Him and coming against God's people. The Bible states TOUCH NOT mine anointed. The Bible says EVERY knee shall bow. It doesn't say only a few. It says EVERY. 

To sum this message up, please don't fear THEM or their words. Hear God carefully. "It doesn't matter." Their attacks and attempts to come against God's people, i.e., His property and chosen ones are futile. They CANNOT stop God's chosen. So please stay encouraged. God and Jesus are there to strengthen you and see you through to victory. We're not just bullet proof and fire proof. We're den of lions proof. We're witchcraft and demonic attack proof. We're fiery furnace proof, too. What they DON'T SEE is that EVERY time they come against God's people who are doing NOTHING against them, they're breaking VITAL laws in Heaven. They're crossing a line that legally gives God the right to come against THEM. Look at it like this. They're trying to intentionally cause God's people to sin. They're trying to intentionally sicken and hurt God's children. And, it's a battle THEY'VE ALREADY LOST.

Hear me clearly. The wrath of God is coming and if they don't repent, God will destroy them because they represent God's enemies. His wrath is coming VERY SOON. This devil has lost. His demon workers have lost. The witches, warlocks, sorcerers and all demonic and occult workers have lost. They tried to make a target out of you and me Saints, but they failed. They made a target out of themselves instead and every arrow and bullet that they sent our way is coming back to them instead. Jesus's blood covers us and keeps us and God is restoring us. We pray they repent because God is about to move shortly and it will be powerful. God is saying "Rebuke those demons and cancel the devil's assignment in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority."

In Pastor Timothy Dixon's video below from 2 days ago (image with the vultures), he saw an angel with a sickle in his hands. I believe this was Michael the Archangel. And, Michael doesn't play. So for God's enemies, hear me clearly as thus sayeth the Lord, "God is NOT playing. Stop playing games with God's people. You WILL leave God's people alone." We pray they repent.






6/20/21 Are You Sure You're On the Right Side?

"Save me, O God, by Thy name, and judge me by Thy strength. Hear my prayer, O God; give ear to the words of my mouth. For strangers are risen up against me, and oppressors seek after my soul: they have not set God before them. Selah. Behold, God is mine helper: the Lord is with them that uphold my soul. He shall reward evil unto mine enemies: cut them off in Thy truth. I will freely sacrifice unto Thee: I will praise Thy name, O Lord; for it is good. For He hath delivered me out of all trouble: and mine eye hath seen His desire upon mine enemies," Psalm 54

"And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you," Joel 2:25

Good Morning, Saints! And, Happy Father's Day to all the dads and those like dad. Please see our Father's Day message when you have time, Something Big is Coming. Father God is about to move soon and it will be significant. I heard at 4:39 am this morning, "He will show them that good things are coming." He said at 12:11pm yesterday, "Tell them not to be afraid when they see what God does." At 11:01pm last night I heard, "Rebuke the demons of terrorists attacks."

We included Chris Yoon's video above. I'm still hearing in the spirit realm, "Ladies and Gentlemen..." as if an announcement is about to be made about President Trump. Chris confirms this in his video above. He saw a news feed about President Trump being reinstated and this matches how I'm hearing in the spirit periodically, "We interrupt this regularly scheduled program" and "This is an emergency broadcast."  

Don't Give Up, Get UP and STAY UP: God's GOT US!
Don't give up or back down, but keep pressing in and STAND FIRM. Remember, there are more of us in the Body of Christ than there are of them (and our dad's the Most High God!). That devil has ZERO authority over God's anointed. Cancel the devil's assignment in Jesus's name and by God's authority. Jesus gave us FULL, as in 100% authority that He got from God, over all demons to cast them out, and nothing shall by any means harm you:
    • It is written... "No weapons formed against you shall prosper," Isaiah 54:17.
    • It is written... "For He shall give His angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways," Psalm 91:10.
    • It is written... "Remove me from the hands of my enemies," Psalm 31:15.
    • It is written... "The LORD shall cause thine enemies that rise up against thee to be smitten before thy face: they shall come out against thee one way, and flee before thee seven ways," Deut. 28:7.
    • It is written... "Touch not mine anointed nor do my prophets harm," 1 Chronicles 16:22.
    • It is written... "Tempt and test not the Lord Thy God," Luke 4:12.
The devil and his demons are running scared because WE have God's authority in Jesus's name and blood. Every demon in hell, thus sayeth the Lord, "YOU WILL LEAVE GOD'S PEOPLE ALONE AND YOU WILL STOP PLAYING GAMES WITH GOD'S PEOPLE." For anyone in a battle, please know, those demons WILL flee. Take authority over them. And, pray God's mercy and that they repent while there's time.


Repentance Prayer: Lord Jesus, I ask forgiveness of all sins. I know you died on the cross for me. Come into my heart. I make you my Lord and Savior. I turn my back on sin. Please give me Your Holy Spirit and eternal life through You, in Jesus's name, Amen.


God's coming wrath, fear, fire, and glory (which will look like the Rapture but its not), will remove His enemies, and they're scared because they KNOW their time is up and their witchcraft doesn't work on God's property, i.e., His prophets, children, chosen ones. Remember, that at the name of Jesus, EVERY knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth, and EVERY tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord,  to the glory of God the Father," Phil. 2:10-11. And God is NOT playing.


Michael and warring angels defend us in battle so DO NOT fear the enemy or his workers. God chose each and every one of you to stand in your calling in ministry. I hear God saying "Move faster." Finish the things God asked you all to do, i.e., get organized, get ready to move, look for that new job. Also, keep your defenses up as the devil is playing games and trying to block blessings. Pray to the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit for help and He will guide you and help with every detail. God will give you wisdom. Don't let these demons intimidate or distract you. They have NO authority. And, we've got the devil on the run, not the other way around. Pray in tongues and ask God to show you proof.


God is also saying, "I will help with those bills," "Call on Me for what you need," and say, "It's no problem for God." I know it looks like a tight rope but it's a life line so hold onto God and call on Him. Ask to see what He sees and hear what He's doing. Ask for His will in your life. Some will see reunions, there will be miracles and healings, some are going into marriage, some have family coming out of prison early, some are moving. Read your Bible daily, stay encouraged,  and try to get to bed by 930pm (God's pouring out His Spirit on us, sharing visions and dreams, and wants the Body on one accord). God is also saying, "Tell them calm down, don't walk away, and don't be scared when they see what God does." Trust God's timing. Wait and see what God does. Revival is coming. All glory to Yah. He will not fail.



6/19/21 For I Know the Plans...(Don't Fear Man. God Has ALREADY Made the Way.

Praise the Lord, Saints! I hear "Explosion on the news." I want to briefly highlight a dream I had the other night. I saw a bus like a Greyhound bus. On it, a young man was seated. He was foolishly flashing around money in front of everyone. In the dream I sat next to him and explained to him that what he was doing was wrong. I told him to tuck his shirt in his pants, put his money away, and stop making himself look like he wanted to be robbed. He listened intently to everything I said. It was as if no one had ever told him how to mirror a man instead of mirroring the drug dealer rappers he saw on TV and Instagram.

Separately, in another part of the dream, I saw a drug dog outside of the bus. The dog was sniffing all the people and the luggage. I could see that dog in the spirit realm and it's like there were all these red bubbles floating in the air like particles, and the dog could decipher every scent that he was picking up. 

What I believe the Lord was showing me was not that it was about the young man on the bus or the luggage for that matter. I believe what the Lord was revealing to me is that God knows EVERYWHERE the enemy is hidden. He knows every area where the devil has worked the demonic or used witchcraft.

Similar to how I could see the particles CLEARLY that the dog was smelling, God knows when we sin. He knows when people try to hide sin or come against God's Sons and Daughters. It reminded me of when Cain slew Able and God called Cain and said in so many words, "Why are you hiding? Your brother's blood is crying out to Me." Meaning, the devil and all these witches, warlocks, and sorcerers THINK they can hide their sin. They THINK they can outsmart God but He sees EVERYTHING and will defend us in battle. God knows this devil planned MASSIVE attacks against His children. He sent pestilence, oppression, and all kinds of witchcraft attacks. God sees how the enemy tried to cause God's sons and daughters to fail. Many suffered economic losses, some faced severe legal hurdles. God even sees how they sent Covid to try to take out God's people and disable the United States, so they could do what? Sell it to China or other countries? Their plan is foiled and God is going to restore His people AND expose EVERY plan and plot of the enemy.  

What I hear God saying is:

1. God is the Great Healer and He is passing through. 

2. God is coming like fire and His wrath is exposing our enemies, the devil and things demonic. 

As one prophet pointed out in his video The Bones are Rattling, "We pray for unity of faith to begin to manifest" for God's Sons and Daughters. And, as Nate Johnston mentioned in his Reckoning video from the other day, "Let's stop trying to figure out this moment." God is saying "Let Me refresh and restore you." It's a POWERFUL word about how God sees EVERY injustice and He and His angels are working to bring correction, favor, restoration, and blessings to God's children and His chosen ones.


Cruise Travel Note: Are you vaccinated or traveling without the vaccine? Father God had us do an article on recent changes and these rule changes will come as a shock to some. Please take note of the rule changes with your cruise line. Royal Caribbean, for example, is charging $136 for unvaccinated travelers to have a Covid test. They're also, for the time being, seating unvaccinated guests separately from the vaccinated in the main dining room. Guests should also expect to see designated vaccinated guests only events. For more see our full Travel Tips Post Covid article. And, download your cruise line's alerts on your phone app for updates. 


6/18/21 A Miracle is About to Happen...Believe For It, But Also Keep Your Defenses Up

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance," Psalm 33:12

"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony," Revelations 12:11a

"No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord," Isaiah 54:17

Praise the Lord, Saints! We pray this finds you well. A few things for today. I feel like God is going to do something significant very shortly but there's a lot going on at the same time. I've been hearing Father God say several times a day, "Pray for all police officers." At 1:02 am I heard regarding Biden "I see total victory. This enemy keeps applying the same tactics, but we apply the blood of Our Healer and Sustainer. No weapons formed against you shall prosper. Every area where you need it, keep applying the blood." I heard "God will help with your bills" and I also heard, "I want you to prepare for an emergency." We'll explore this topic below to help you prepare, not panic. But, a key consideration and what I'm hearing is "If an emergency [blackout, riots, internet and power outage] happens shortly, are you prepared?" Separately, I also hear God saying "Let them know they are in for a sweet surprise." He also said, "Let them know I will pay that rent." Hence, it's another reminder to rest in God. So, let's dive in.

There's a lot going on right now. On the one hand, I'm hearing tons of birds outside my windows super loudly and flying around which we normally don't have. It's a true blessing from God. A few prophets have mentioned Heaven coming down to earth so we know to expect this. It's a beautiful sign from the Heavenlies. However, we must also proceed with caution.

I'm feeling more witchcraft attacks, a sign the devil is scared.

DO NOT WORRY: With EVERY Witchcraft Attack, THEY Will Suffer Instead x7

As we mentioned yesterday, if you had any trouble sleeping, headaches, restlessness, mystery pains, etc., (I sound like an infomercial, right?) don't worry, but pray and put your anointing oil on. Fast today and tomorrow if you can. Fast from food or an activity like cable TV and press into God. Remember, we have 100% authority over the demonic because God gave Jesus His FULL authority and Jesus gave it to us. But that doesn't mean the devil won't play games. For example, you can put on bug spray and still see bugs when you go outside but with your spray on, they can't and won't touch you. When you call on God and plead the blood of Jesus, God is covering you so do not fear and do not worry.

Sometimes people hear "witchcraft" and go running in the other direction and say, "No thanks" but KNOW that NO weapons formed against you shall prosper. We MUST stand firm against the forces of darkness because they have NO authority over us. The devil, his witches, warlocks, sorcerers, and whatever other names they go by will try to play games but they're ALREADY defeated. What THEY don't realize is EVERY SINGLE TIME they try to come against us and we plead the blood of Jesus Christ, it SENDS their attacks BACK TO THEM x7. That's Deuteronomy 28:7, so stand firm, have NO fear, and plead the blood of Jesus Christ.

Internet and Power Outages, Food Shortages

Another thing I want to point out is there have been A LOT of cyber attacks recently and Luke Harding gave a special word on this below from a few days ago. Please be mindful of this. Reset your passwords, reset your routers, and make sure you have the latest security updates and internet virus protection updates.

We also pray for your computers, internet, and finances especially as you go online. I do want to also mention internet outages because Prophet Shanika Byars brought up this topic a few days ago (see video below). We don't know if the power grid will go down in any particular area and we pray against this, but please have a plan in place, and include how you will check on the disabled, elderly relatives/neighbors, etc.

Keep any supplies you need, and extra groceries. That's not to cause fear but on the one hand, we're seeing signs of inflation, on the other, we're going into the summer and fall season soon and there was mention of a food shortage.

I can remember one prophet saying to stock up NOW before summer when people usually stock up for the fall. Hence, check your stores and stock up based on what's on sale NOW, (canned tuna, rice, bread, peanut butter, water). Ask the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost to guide you. Again, this is NOT out of fear or panic but so you can prepare. And, here's why.

President Trump Restored, Praying for All Officers, and the Masks/Veil to Come Off

President Trump will be restored shortly. We KNOW this because God spoke through the prophets that they are seeing Trump coming back soon (Robin Bullock, Hank Kunneman, Timothy Dixon, PeculiarLady1, Raji, Chris Yoon, Kim Clement, Me), and God said through us that it would be near July 4th. Pastor Timothy Dixon's video below today also confirms that he's seeing President Trump restored or back in the White House around the 4th of July. Praise God for this confirming message.  I remember asking Father God if there was anything we needed to do (to pray for Trump's covering/protection) and Father God said "Pray." Pastor Dixon also confirmed what Father God has been saying about how there will be chaos when they see what God does. Not sure what this is exactly but we know Father God has said many, many times, "Tell them calm down and don't be afraid when they see what I do." 

A reelection and new vote (however that comes) might cause all kinds of chaos on the streets and possibly riots on the streets, too. It's another reason Father God says repeatedly several times a day to "Pray for all police officers." So, please, please pray for our officers. If the devil's narrative is to try to make Biden look pro-black and make Trump look pro-KKK, imagine the chaos and riots with the initial shockwave that's coming.

We must pray for peace on our streets, pray for the veil/masks and confusion to come off, and pray for all witchcraft and demonic attacks to be removed so people can SEE the Mark of the Beast and antichrist working behind the scenes. We also pray for Democrats that don't SEE what God's doing and about to do. Imagine the number of Catholics and Christians on the Left that will repent and come to Christ after God reveals what the left was really doing. Take off your sandals, Moses. This is holy ground. All glory to God!

The Revote Coming and the Liberty Bell

Father God said through another prophet about a revote and He said this to us too in the comments below. What's more, Prophet Peculiar Lady (who Father God said we could listen to), saw President Trump on the White House dressed in royal attire. He was getting ready to start his second term and "finish what God had him start." What's more...and this is BIG. They moved the Liberty Bell yesterday. On the news we mentioned a fire at a progressive/LGBTQ church back in December, I believe. They're in the West Village and the church housed the Liberty Bell. It became progressive over the years but a sudden fire damaged the church. Now, the Bell has been removed. Hence, we are seeing the separation that's starting to occur as God brings President Trump back. Let's be mindful to stay in prayer and press into God, and don't fear man.

Note: I watched Pastor Timothy Dixon's recent video (see below) that confirms this. He saw in a vision the Liberty Bell ringing in Philadelphia. Glory to God!

Brace Yourselves for Impact: Trump Will Spearhead Global Revival Through the Nations

It was Pastor Hank or Robin Bullock who God spoke through about why God is using Trump and how Trump will bring nations to Christ. All this talk about Biden and the G7 is showing how much the media is biased and people are the Mark of the Beast is working. However, God is STILL COMING and THEY can't stop God. No, it's not the Rapture. God is bringing His presence, His angels, His fire, His wrath, and His glory to remove all things demonic and all witchcraft. Confusion is coming to the enemy and as Prophet Charlie Shamp said yesterday, blindness is coming to the enemies' camps. They tried to blind God's people to mask what they were doing but now God is unmasking their motives. It's why God keeps having us say to repent NOW and get right with God NOW.  Read your Bible, pray and repent. The Hour of the Lord is at hand and we will see signs of this soon. 

Stay encouraged, read your Bible, and keep pressing in. The name of the Lord is a strong tower and we are safe in Our Father's arms! All glory to the Most High God! He WILL make the way for His people! Watch the waters part so we can pass through. 







6/17/21 God's Moving On Our Behalf and He Will Not Fail You

"When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee," Isaiah 43:2

"He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters," Psalm 23:2

Praise the Lord Saints! Apologies as I had a computer bug earlier and had to reset a bunch of times (the devil is defeated). NO word of God EVER fails. This is just a word of encouragement to remind you that God is for you and we are going to see changes soon. I also want to take the time to say that if anyone need assistance in coming to Christ and needs prayer or if there is anything we can do, please let us know. Father God pours into us so we can pour into others and they can pour into others, too. So, please take some extra time to rest in God. And, please know that some of the attacks coming against you, i.e., any headaches, confusion, anxious thoughts, depression, sudden mystery pains, etc, might be the demonic and witchcraft coming against you.


Plead the blood of Jesus and rebuke the devil. Say out loud, "I rebuke you satan. Flee from me. NO weapons formed against me shall prosper." Then if you have any anointing oil, put it on. Or, take olive oil if you have it in the kitchen and hold it up to God and ask Him to anoint it. You can apply a little on your forehead, top of your head, back of your neck, up and down your arms and legs and feet. Now, don't go slathering yourself up like a rotisserie bird, but you get the idea. God's got you and that devil IS defeated! THE DEVIL CANNOT TOUCH YOU. HE CANNOT TOUCH GOD'S PROPERTY!!!


Keep speaking over yourself. (We have the devil on the run, not the other way around). Keep speaking in tongues and rebuking the devil. Satan HAS TO FLEE. That's God's law. And, I say to that devil FOR YOU, "In the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority we dismantle your attacks and YOU WILL leave God's people alone." For God's people I hear, "God is going to shock you by what He does for you." Remember, we have a loving God who is here for us. Get excited for what God's about to do. We're going to see SUDDEN and DRAMATIC changes.


UNBELIEVABLE. THEY'RE [the enemy] scared because they know God's coming. Glory to God! Keep resting in God, playing your guitar, practicing your recipes, building new shelves, working on that garden...and resting in God. Read your Bible and bed by 930. Don't worry. Give 100% over to God and 100% worship on God and watch and see what He does! Remember, it might look like it's a setback but whatever it is that you're lacking is sometimes an indication of a set up and what's about to come in. Example: Devil trying to block your finances? New income is coming. Family and friends acting fickle? That new tribe is going to receive you. Devil trying to set you up on the job? Promotion is coming. Hang in there and remember it's only the devil trying to distract you! Keep that praise music on and put on the garment of praise, two-step or four-step, foot-stompin' style, please! God WILL get the blessing to you! 


Father God said this morning at 5:44 am, "Tell them not to be afraid when they see what God does." At 6:09 am I heard, "It's not the rapture, but its going to feel like it when they see what God does. Tell them they don't have to worry. And please calm down." At 6:11 am I heard, "There's going to be panic on the streets when they see what God does. Tell THEM, i.e., that enemy, I AM NOT PLAYING." At 6:26 am I heard "Let them know they will see help soon."




6/16/21 The Lord Will Deliver Us

"For they intended evil against thee: they imagined a mischievous device, which they are not able to perform. Therefore shalt thou make them turn their back, when thou shalt make ready thine arrows upon thy strings against the face of them. Be thou exalted, Lord, in thine own strength: so will we sing and praise thy power," Psalm 22:11-13

Good Morning Saints! I won't be long today as yesterday's message was powerful from Father God! I heard the Lord say at 1:26 "Tell them don't walk away." Then at 3:11 He said, "Pray for Italy, God's mercy for them before the fall." Please refer to Pastor Timothy Dixon's video on what God is referring to by "the fall." At 5:14 am Father God said "Tell them they are going to see help soon." I heard again, "They're going to see help soon." The Lord also said to say "May you live in prosperity Israel" and "Believe for a miracle." 

Help Is Coming Soon

Recently, Prophet Kay Nash said some will move between now and the Jewish New Year. Hence, this is a time to clean up, get organized, and get in sync with the moves of God. Remember to prepare for the Jewish New Year on September 6th, this is 5782, Rosh Hashanah. Many are relocating, being stretched, and starting new things. For more on this, please see Donna Rigney's video below from today about God's glory and Dr. Candice Smithyman's video below from today. Promotions are coming this August as we take on our new mantle assignments. 

I'm not sure what God is going to do in the coming days but please stay focused ONLY on God, His will, and what He's asking you to do. We MUST obey God, walk away from the old way, and press into what God is doing in the new. We MUST shift with God as we are in the latter months of the spring rains. Hence, rebuke any false pride or ego that wants to cling to the old. We're new wine skins and preparing for God to pour into our new vessels. We're also getting a small taste now before the big promotions come this fall.

Pray for Italy, God's Mercy for Them Before the Fall

Father God mentioned to pray for Italy. Pastor Dixon gave insight on this in his video from 6/14 below. We pray God's mercy for Italy. God is exposing ALL THINGS demonic, ALL THINGS witchcraft, and ALL corruption even on the highest level. We pray they and anyone unsaved, unsure, or backslidden repent now and get on the RIGHT side with God so that you are not one of His enemies. We pray they repent while there's time. 

God is asking "Are you sure?" Are you sure about your future? With all kinds of pestilence in the world, violence in the streets, and rumors of wars, tomorrow is not guaranteed. These are the end times and we're waiting for Jesus's return. Hence, it's important to pray the repentance prayer right away so you are covered by the blood/name of Jesus Christ and not under the devil/mark of the beast. Even if you're not sure or committed all kinds of sin, witchcraft and demonic worship, Jesus can wash you clean. Walk away from all that and come straight to Jesus.

Repentance Prayer

Repentance Prayer

“Lord Jesus, I confess all my sins. I know you died on the cross for me. Please forgive me and cleanse me of all unrighteousness. I turn my back on sin and I want to live a better life through You. Come into my heart. I make You my Lord and Savior. Please give me eternal life through You, in Jesus's name, Amen.”

Find a good church that offers Bible study classes and can help you receive the Spirit of Tongues.

Rededicate Your Life to Christ Prayer

If you are saved but messed up, now is the time to get right with God. Pray this prayer and please note as a reminder that God is saying, "Tell them don't walk away from Me again." He also said "They will regret their path if they walk away from Me again." So, please take this seriously as God is NOT playing. This devil is causing all kinds of snares to entrap people and we are in the end times with the Rapture coming soon. We don't want you to miss this opportunity to get your heart right with God. He will not fail you.

Pray "Father God in Jesus name, I ask forgiveness of all my sins and I turn my back on sin. Please cleanse me of all unrighteousness. I will not walk away from You again and I will stay at the Cross. Please help me to overcome ---- and I want to lead a better life through you, in Jesus's name, Amen." 

Other helpful steps include to get baptized and read your Bible daily. Download helpful apps like Our Daily Bread which is and King James Bible (for daily devotionals). Order a print version of the Bible (King James Version). That way you don't always have to go online and you can write notes God wants you to add to it. You can also add an online Bible from sites like or to help you understand the scriptures. Read through Luke to hear Jesus's teachings. Other great books to start with include Matthew, Mark, and John. Chapters that can help with your daily walk include Psalm 1-3, 18, 27, 34, 55, and 91. Also read Deuteronomy 28:1-13.

Lastly, stay away from sin and temptation (your old sin triggers), and keep seeking God first. He will help you. You are redeemed (saved/spared) by Jesus's blood and more than a conqueror. God doesn't see your sin any longer. So, don't let anyone condemn you because of your past sins that God forgave. That's the devil trying to make you feel guilty. But, you're a new creation in Christ. Old things are passed away (so don't go jumping back in that mud)! And, have faith. God WILL help you overcome your enemies and have a better life.






6/15/21 "I Know You're Walking a Tight Rope," God

Praise the Lord, Saints! Father God has a special topic He wants me to cover today about tightropes. Before we get started, I hear God saying "Tell them to calm down when they see what God does" and "Tell them they will have evidence." Remember, God is working and moving on our behalf. Whether it's a sudden earthquake or storm, or a breaking news event, let's trust God, let Him work, and rest in Him.

Delayed is Not Denied, But You Have to Pass the Test Which is Sometimes About Exercising Divine Restraint

Ahh, David. One second he's feeding sheep. The next he's proving himself and slaying a giant. And, then he's running from Saul. An anointed life is a complex call, really. God has to groom His Sons and Daughters in how to face all kinds of adversities AND build confidence in God. He also has to teach us how He wants us to walk, i.e., royal priesthood, chosen generation. But what's interesting is that Saul forgot who David was. Do you remember that passage? David had just slayed Goliath and Saul asked someone, "Whose son is this?" How could Saul not know who David was? David was sent to play the harp for Saul to cast out his demons. And, Saul was the one who told his staff that he wanted David to stay with him. Was it short-term memory loss? Or, was David hidden for a season? 

The concern with David was after he slayed the giant, he was now in the spotlight. The crowds were cheering for him and Saul became jealous. You know, "Saul can chase his thousands. David his TENS of thousands." That must have really set Saul off. I mean, how can you go from defeating one giant problem in front of you to running from another. But, alas, that's part of growing into the call. And, we must remember that Jesus ran, too, so to speak. He hid from the crowds who wanted to make him king. And, this is also a reminder that because we're in the same bloodline as David and Jesus that we face some of the same obstacles our ancestors did. But, what a great reminder that Jesus ALREADY overcame the world! Glory to God. The problem with David though was the tightrope he was walking with Saul.

We have to remember that David grew up isolated from his family. He was their errand boy and tended to the sheep. Last time I checked, sheep weren't directly outside the front door. They were usually a great distance away. They'd have to be for the lion and bear to have access to them, right? So, there's David growing up in isolation, singing to God, and slaying the occasional giant predator. And, God loved him for his pure heart. And, his brothers hated him for his pure heart. And, Saul hated for his pure heart. You get where I'm going with this. But this ties in with a distinct passage in Job that I want to refer to briefly.

Holding Onto God for Hope, and During the Test

I was reading the end of Job earlier and God's answer to Job. What's interesting is that God loved Job, too, like David. When God's proud of His kids, it's not some kind of sadistic love that says "Okay, let me put you through the fire now." No. On the contrary, it's the opposite. The devil comes along and  says, "Whoa, that one's going to come after me one day. Let me do what I can to try to stop him now." It happened with David as Saul tried to kill him because Saul was jealous of David. But, what's interesting in that passage at the end of Job is that after the test, God blessed Job with double for what he lost during the test.

Job held fast to God and His beliefs that he didn't do anything wrong to cause the adversity he was experiencing. Job held that faith even when his wife said to curse God and die. He held that faith even when his friends said he must have done something wrong. And, I need to read that book again to see what was the third test as they usually come in threes. Maybe it was the devil, the wife, and the friends. But, let's get back to David and why we need to repent and hold onto God, i.e., that lifeline, which feels like a tightrope.  

In all the times that David was under attack by Saul, he never fought back, that is until he tore Saul's garment in the cave. David cut off a piece of Saul's garment and later said to him in so many words, "See, I could have killed you if I wanted to." But, we know that David didn't want to nor could he. That moment when David was in front of Saul was the game changer. It was almost as if David himself were saying "Though He slay me yet shall I trust Him." Those were Job's words but David might as well have said them. What he actually said was something along the lines of "I have not come against God's prophet, nor will I. The Lord judge between me and thee."

What's interesting is the divine restraint David had and this is baffling because remember, David slayed Goliath, the lion and the bear. He also killed I think 200 Philistines and cut their foreskins off. We wrote about this topic before but what I want to highlight is the significance of the glory of God. Our God is SO powerful that He can demonstrate His power while also showing restraint. And, what He's teaching us to do is to develop the same restraint so we can call on Him and exercise the power He gives and commands, and this restraint of God is BIG. Here's why.

After I read Job, I hopped over to Luke and reread the passage about how God is no respecter of persons and even blesses the evil. So, we know God is gracious, patient, and kind-hearted. God is so loving that He sent Jesus so we could have access to God and become official sons and daughters. But, similar to David, God wants us groomed in His image. Hence, we have tests so we can learn how to think like God and Jesus. As an example, remember the crowds? Jesus told the disciples, "You feed them." God and Jesus are teaching us that as heirs apparent, we have access to the same powers and authority that God and Jesus do. Hence we can call on God and trust in Him to work on our behalf. Now, the feeding 5,000 and breaking the net with the fish might take more faith but you get the idea.

Lord, Increase Our Understanding

Ultimately, what I want you to understand is that the tightrope is not really a tightrope, per se. The devil wants people to look at it as an actual tightrope that you're walking on so he can say, "Just jump and die already" because he doesn't want us passing the tests and defeating him. Incidentally, that phrase was similar to what the devil said to Jesus during his 40-days of testing when he said to Jesus, "Throw yourself down from here." So you see, that same shady devil is still trying to come against God's property, i.e., His children and chosen ones.

Instead of seeing that tightrope as the devil wants, envision it as God sees it. You're in a quiet place where you're learning to lean on God MORE. Say, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Say, "Lord, I know this is a narrow place. I can do nothing without You so I invite You in and ask for You to make the way." What that does is it releases any reliance you had on self (ego, false pride, your own way, stinkin' thinkin'). You're also inviting God in to assist you. And, you're asking for His help to pass the test. And, you will. Here's how I know.

Even in my most difficult testing seasons I would hear "You know you're walking on a tightrope" and I'd say, "No, I rebuke that. I'm holding onto a lifeline to God and He won't let my foot slip." I said it that way because to hear "You KNOW you're on a tightrope is to try to strike fear." DO NOT RECEIVE THAT. Speak back and say, "No. God doesn't give us the spirit of fear but of power, and of love, and a sound mind." Remove the fear and ONLY see passing the test and giving glory to God because you're growing even in overcoming this obstacle.

There is NO test that God sends that you will fail. Zero. Hear me clearly. God ONLY sends the test when He knows that you will pass it. How do we know this? He made the end from the beginning over 2,000 years ago. He knew what you'd do before He formed you in the womb and preordained you. He knows every hair on your head, every tear you shed, and every attack and person trying to come against you. But, maybe, just maybe you're questioning "How is this going to help me with my bills?"

Be Stronger in Your Tongue

The more Saul chased David, the more David confided in God, and the more David sang to God in Psalms. As God's sons and daughters, the devil is trying to come against us because we are his biggest enemies. Like Saul, the devil is threatened because we're God's chosen, and we have authority over the devil and can make him flee. That's why praying in tongues and worship are so important.

I wrote about this before. One day I had SO MANY bills, I mean a ton of debts, right? No coincidences with God. I think He intentionally let my well run dry and set up this test to help me see HIS PERSPECTIVE as His daughter, and through HIS EYES. I was crying over bills and God said, "Why aren't you singing to me?" I have to admit maybe it was the Afrin up my stuffy nose but I thought, "What?" I was so confused and I just couldn't understand. [You know like Peter in Matthew 17:4 and using fleshly thoughts "Let's build an altar for them, Lord."] I didn't want to be disrespectful but the tears started flowing like a river. It was....It was like the woman with the little oil and Elijah saying, "Can you make me a cake?" She must have thought "What?" But that, beloved, is the test, and importantly how we have to STEP UP to think more like God and not limit His abilities with our flesh.


God wants us to see like He sees. He wants us to think like He thinks. When He asked me why I wasn't singing, He knew why. I was doubting and being limited in my own abilities. However, we serve a LIMITLESS God. So, there's God walking in the Garden and saying to me in so many words, "Daughter, why is thy countenance fallen? Why aren't you singing and resting confidently in Me?" It's like He was waiting for me to SEE that I was doubting. Once I realized that I wasn't mirroring God but the flesh I could trust confidently in God because NOTHING is impossible for Him. Had I thought that initially, I would never have gotten frustrated in the first place. I would have been too busy praising God because He was ABOUT TO show up!

But, it doesn't stop there. God wants us to use our worship. He wants us to use or voices to glorify Him and call on Him. That tightrope or tight place is a time when you build your confidence and shift from SELF and doing it MY WAY to GOD and HIS WAY as the only way. Like that woman with a little oil. By the time she obeyed the prophet, she had MORE THAN ENOUGH. So, that lack is no coincidence. That enemy coming in like a flood is no coincidence either. It's God positioning you and setting you up for a blessings that are coming. It's God showing up to help and also why He says, "The end of a thing is the beginning of God." It doesn't make sense, at first, I get it. It didn't to me either, and guess what? It didn't make sense to David.

Remember when David started Psalm 22 with "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? Why art thou so far from helping me, and from the words of my roaring?" By the end of the chapter he was singing to God KNOWING that God would show up. David even reminded himself (i,.e., spoke over and encouraged himself in the Lord) that the same God who delivered before would do it again. "Our fathers trusted in thee: they trusted, and thou didst deliver them. They cried unto thee, and were delivered: they trusted in thee, and were not confounded," Psalm 22:4-5.

Saints, God is setting the table for you. Hear me clearly. HE sets it. But it doesn't LOOK LIKE it's yours. That's the trick of the enemy because the devil wants you to think the table is his. He wants you to give up. He literally wants you to GET UP from the table God set for YOU and walk away. Noooo. Instead, see that all things are working for our good. See that you are rightfully seated with God YOUR Father and Jesus. See the favorable outcome you want and speak it out.

Pray, speak in tongues, fast, sing, dance, and glorify God. You were anointed for this and just like David, you will have EVERYTHING God says you will have. Hint: We're in David's bloodline AND Abraham's and God SWORE He would bless us and all our future generations. Remember, your worship is your weapon. See the favorable outcome you want, and then confidently decree it and declare it. We have a loving God who is here to help us. But this last thing is important.

Invite God In, He's Covenant and Can't Do It Without Your Permission (It's Free Will)

God is not presumptive. Meaning, He won't just move and help because you are singing to Him. You've got to call on Him and ASK HIM TO HELP. It's free will so He has to be invited in, or as my mom says, God is a gentleman. Invite Him in and like the Bible says, "Let your requests be made known unto God." The reason this is SO BIG and why the devil fights us SO HARD is that we have 100% access to God through Jesus. God also said that "He supplies all our needs." So, we have to politely remind God about His promises (Deuteronomy 28:1-13). Bring to His remembrance what He said He will do because when you hear, "You're walking a tightrope" it might be that God wants you to politely challenge Him and remind Him that He said He would supply ALL you need.

God WILL help with the bills, that marriage, that illness, those kids, that loss, that new job, those computer problems. God is here for His children. Be thirsty for God and seek Him out. Like Jacob who wrestled with God, remind Father God politely that you have bills, or a particular need. Go to God and wait on Him, not Aunt Bam, not your cousin, but God. If He sends them to help great, but remember, He said to "Seek Me first, then all these things shall be added unto you." He also said "Call on Me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you and you shall glorify Me." Call Him okay. And, politely remind Him that He has to deliver you because He said He would. I think He already knows to expect your call! I mean He IS all-knowing! ;o) 

We pray, Lord, we give You the highest praise. Thank You for teaching us and helping us grow stronger in You. Lord, please help me with [name what you need help with]. I invite You in and ask for You to make the way. Please also remove me from the hands of my enemies. No weapons formed against me shall prosper. Please show me the windows of opportunity You have for me, and I give You all the glory, honor, and praise, in Jesus's mighty name, Amen."   

Give God Control and Then Confidently Rest in Him (He Knows the Way, He's Got the Map)

NEVER live in fear or doubt God again. He is here for you. And, like He told David in so many words, "All you have to do is ask" and then wait for Him. I heard the Lord say earlier, "Answer Me when I call to you." God wants relationship with His children. He doesn't want us anxious, fretting, or carrying bitterness because we THINK He's not there. Hence, we must rebuke any stubborn pride and see the test differently. God has not abandoned you. He is not playing games with you. That's the devil trying to play tricks with your mind. God is there to help so call on Him.

I heard in the spirit realm earlier, "His love is so rich toward us. He cannot fail. He is a loving God who changes not. He is here for His people. He is also a covenant God and will honor His covenant with us. Keep singing to Me. Keep glorifying Me. Many are in spiritual denial about what they see because they want to hold onto what they knew." It's a reminder to LET THAT GO. Old things are passed away. Let God take control of the wheel. Give EVERYTHING over to Him, i.e., "Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you. He will never permit the righteous to fall, (Psalm 55:22). To God be the glory! 



6/14/21 "Are You Sure You're in Alignment with God?" God

Happy Birthday, President Trump! May you enjoy French fries, cake, ice cream, total restoration and vindication, unlimited rounds of golf, and 8-10 more years in office (or longer). And, may you always be covered and protected by the Most High God and receive His covering, mercy, grace, and favor on your life! May God exonerate and vindicate you. God said He WILL honor you for what you did for Israel

Father God said to "Pray for every police officer." He said "I want you to keep your confidence up." Last night He said, "Don't panic."

I can't speak on WHAT God is about to do specifically or WHEN but I do know we can rest confidently in God.

Imagine a bank robbery but one where the tellers know in advance that the thieves are on the way. They pretend to go along with the heist confidently knowing that help is coming soon. However, to the general public, i.e., the people in the bank, they're panicked and running and screaming when the robbers come in. What the public doesn't realize is that it's staged. Meaning the tellers know help is coming and the Bank is ALREADY prepared.

Now, visualize a different scenario, one where you're the thieves trying to gain access to the vault. Your boss said that something was stolen that's very valuable and convinces you to go and take it back. Maybe you sense that something's off and that the plan doesn't make sense but this is a person in a position of authority and why would they lie? What God is asking is "Are you on the right side?" Do you know which side is God's? Can you tell if you're being deceived and lied to? 

Ultimately, we're to test EVERY spirit and word to see if it lines up with God's will. Ask God if what you're hearing is right. Ask if what your pastors and leaders are saying to you is right. Don't go by popular opinions online or the news media, or social media for that matter. [Prophet Chris Yoon covers this in his message below today.] Fast and pray in tongues and ask God if you're in the RIGHT position that He has for you. Ask if He needs you to change anything. And, then do what He says.

President Trump Being Restored

We pray for President Trump. So many don't SEE the good that he's done for America especially when he provided jobs for so many. Then there was the time when he closed the borders to protect us from terrorism. People don't even see how President Trump helped during Covid and fought for the US, especially when Dr. Fauci was giving him incorrect and misleading news. They tried to make Trump (who rightfully holds God's mantle) a scapegoat but God will come soon and rectify this. All those fake news media outlets, tech giants, and social media outlets that fanned the flames and lied on who God ordained and put into office will be held accountable when God reveals their true plans, plots, and motives. Remember, it is written, "TOUCH NOT mine anointed nor do my prophets harm." See Pastor Timothy Dixon's video from today below entitled They Will Reap What They Have Sown.

Additionally, Pastor Dixon mentions something about the 4th of July and President Trump at 20-minutes into that video. God said through us that President Trump would be restored and I think He said around the 4th of July and to pray about this. I hear God saying, "Tell them they have to stop following a false doctrine that is not Me. They think it's Me but it's not. I'm about to show them who I am."

What's more, Pastor Dixon confirms at 22-minutes in that we are the Children of Israel and we must continue to stand. Wait and see what God does. At 23-minutes in, he confirms the flies in D.C. and what God spoke that would come. "This was the sign that President Trump is on his way back into office," sayeth the Lord. As Pastor Dixon says, "The change is right around the corner" we must remove that stubborn pride, get right with God, and repent. 

I hear God saying "President Trump is being restored. He hears from Me. Tell them they will see help soon. Tell them they don't have to worry. I will send help soon. They will see. Get ready for rumblings in the earth and tremors. These are signs of the birth pangs for what I'm about to do. They will see help soon. Promotions are in store for so many." For more on this, please see Pastor Timothy Dixon's video today (below).

We press into God and wait for Him. We set a mandate and will not walk away from God. Keep reading your Bibles, stay encouraged, bed early (930pm), and look for God's window. Look for what He does for His people, His chosen ones. It will come. I also hear Father God saying, "Tell that devil God is not playing." 



12:10 pm Father God said, "Let them know I know you are walking a tight rope. But you have to shift your mind set." I understand what He means. We must go from "I can't do this" to "I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me." In our own power we can't, but God can. It's why He keeps saying, "I will help" and "Call on Me for what you need." Every area where you need help, turn it over to God. And, here's how I know it works.

We wrote about this before. Years ago when my mom was going through cancer treatments (she's healed now, praise God), she was growing very frustrated. She was very sick, weighed about 100-lbs., had an IV port, feeding tube, sores in her mouth and on her neck from radiation, and everything tasted like metal. She was so tired and one day she started crying out about how frustrated she was. I remember telling her, "Mom, let's put a list together of EVERYTHING you want God to do" and the list was everything mentioned above, plus she said that she wanted to taste food again. While it took a few months, we checked EVERYTHING off that list including her getting her taste back. Glory to God! NOTHING is impossible for God. I remember my mom crying the first time she could taste food again. She just stood there and cried and cried, glorifying God.

What I'm saying to you is the same thing. Write it all down and give it to God. Write the vision and make it plain. Let God KNOW what you need so He can go to work on that list and give it over to Him. Remember, God is NOT PRESUMPTIVE. Meaning He won't just move because you have a need. It's free will. We MUST call on Him so He can go to work for us. So, ask Him, okay? There's NOTHING too hard for our God! Glory to Yah!

Side note: When my mom started eating regularly again, we took her to Macy's one day and stopped at Chick-fil-A. My mom was still learning how to swallow meat again which was still quite a struggle because certain foods represented a choking hazard, but she was doing better. She was in the middle of eating a piece of chicken when that big Chick-fil-A cow mascot (which stands about 6-feet tall) walks over unannounced and hugs my mother (no coincidences with God, he went right to her). Know what was on his shirt? "Eat more chicken." It pleases God to bless us and answer our prayers. God wants to help so call on Him, okay? You will see. Write that list. Great things are in store. To God be the glory!

1:39 pm Father God said, "I want you to tell them I want you to move faster. Would you do that for Me?" There are some in the Body where God has given you things to do but you might not have completed them. God wants to bless His children but those that are obedient risk losing out. There are some that are showing stubborn pride by not making God a priority and He's delaying because He wants you to get onboard, so please move NOW.

Here's how:

  • Pray and ask God to forgive you for any stubborn pride and not moving when God said to move. That's disobedience and it's a sin. There are  about 56 verses that cover curses in Deuteronomy chapter 28 that you DON'T want. So get back on track ASAP to receive all the blessings God promises in those first 13 verses.
  • Think of everything God has asked you to do and write the list. 
  • Ask the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit if there's anything missing.
  • Do what you can and let God do what you can't.
  • Don't delay obeying God. Do what He says first so you can stay in His will and alignment with Him. 
  • Rebuke that stubborn pride and keep putting God first.


8:07pm Hey Saints! Father God said to put up this POWER-packed word from Pastor Hank Kunneman above. It's another reminder why God is asking some, "Are you sure you're on the right side?" Get ready for a show! God is not playing and He said that the other day. We ask for His mercy as He fights for us! Glory to the Most High God! 



6/13/21 No Message Today

We rested and didn't post any messages for today.



6/12/21 Ladies and Gentlemen...

Praise the Lord, Saints. This is a short message today but a few things...At 9:08 pm last night Father God said "Chaos. It will be chaos on the streets when they see what God does." At 11:03 pm He said "I want you to tell them the blessings are coming. Big changes are in store. A move or significant move for many." At 4:54 am I heard "He's going to give you a sign of the good things to come. Tell them move faster."


Note: Re the Prophet Shaneika Byars video yesterday, she received confirmation that a power outage occurred for 900,000 in Puerto Rico on 6/10/21. She had 900,000 but NPR reported 800,000. It's a reminder that our confidence and safety ONLY comes from God. Also, stock up on batteries, have a radio, candles/flashlight, and emergency supplies if you need them. Keep reading your Bible, praying, and getting to bed early. These stubborn demons WILL flee. It's just a matter of God's timing.


Stay encouraged, do things that add value, bed by 9:30 pm. I hear "Watch and see what God does." PS: He's GOT you, and you don't have to worry. Call on Him and Jesus! ;o) [you do know they're on speed dial right?] Watch and see what God does. I hear "rejuvenation." Let's rest in Yah! God is also saying "Keep coming to Me. I am the shelter in the storm." Bye for now!




6/11/21 Don't Be Vashti when God is Looking For Esther

"There is a way which seemeth right unto a man but the end thereof is destruction," Proverbs 14:12

"Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall," Proverbs 16:18

Praise the Lord Saints! We pray this finds you well. We're going to upload our video after we finish editing it.

A few things. At 10:23 pm, Father God said "Good news is coming. WE hold the key." Then at 1:54 am He said "God is going to reveal to them their sin." That way they can see it, repent, and be delivered while there's time. At 2:15 am I heard, "Move faster. Pray salvation for your whole family." A few minutes ago I also heard, "Let them know help is coming soon." He also said as a reminder, "Tell them keep their defenses up and move faster." I hear, "It's going to feel like Santa Claus what God does for us." He's saying "Keep on believing Me. Remember God is preparing a table for us." "Another letter is coming soon."

Separately, President Trump's birthday is this Monday, June 14th. When I looked up 6/14/21, Strong's Hebrew states that 614 means ingathering, harvest while Strong's Greek states that 614 means hidden, hidden away, secret stored up. It's amazing what God can do and a reminder that we must trust God's timing and His will.   






6/10/21 The Revote

"Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and He shall sustain thee: He shall NEVER suffer the righteous to be moved," Psalm 55:22

Praise the Lord Saints. Please stay in prayer as these coming events unfold. Please keep calling on God, praying to Him and I heard Him say last night, "Keep reading your Bibles." And, He said just now, "Let them know the enemy failed." Always remember ONLY God has the final say especially in this hour.

Yesterday I watched the news and saw the cicada (locust) land on Biden. And, I read about how the locusts grounded his plane, and how he and Harris both had plane issues. CONFIRMATION as God said through Pastor Timothy Dixon that the locusts were coming. Father God has also had us referencing the book of Joel about God's Army. I also read how both Biden and Harris were delayed and unable to take off (significant).

I then read Prophet/Pastor Johnny Enlow's message about how the news media are trying to come against him for his beliefs, so we keep him in our prayers. But it wasn't until I got to Prophet Raji that things got interesting. Remember, prophets only receive in part. Hence, when you fit the puzzle pieces together sometimes you can see exactly WHERE the confirmation is and gain more insight into what God is saying. Now this next part I can't comment on. I'll repeat what she said but I don't want to add to it.

Raji said towards the end of her video that she saw 3 people in positions of power who "had their heads cut off". Meaning they were no longer in power (but we're going to leave that topic alone/walk away). She then said she saw a revote and President Trump back in office. However, that's NOT the revelation. The revelation came at about 6:11 am this morning when Father God woke me up to pray and the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit reminded me of something Father God said months ago. He said in so many words that we're going to have a revote, but that this time GOD WOULD BE VOTING WITH US.

Side note: 611 is the Lord God of Hosts, Torah.

Ephesians 6:11 11Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes.

Matthew 6:11 11Give us today our daily bread.

Is God saying that He's going to tie their hands so they cannot change the votes this time? Does it mean that President Trump is about to announce that they FOUND the voter corruption evidence and indeed those that are currently occupying are there illegally and being uprooted, i.e., beheaded from their positions? We don't know. What we DO KNOW and what we MUST DO is press in with prayer and seek God's face. Seek out God and Jesus our Comforters because this would match up with yesterday's message about a GREAT transition. This would mean that the potential for sudden race riots especially against our police officers is greater. I know that all day yesterday Father God has been pressing on me to "Pray for all police officers" and we've been praying. While it's another reminder that God never fails and His Word never leaves void, there's something else. We must PRAY FERVENTLY for President Trump's protection. Father God said an attempt against him would come in August and Prophet Tracy Cooke said the same thing.

Incidentally, of all things, the Simpsons TV show aired in one of their episodes him in a coffin with the date 8/27/21 on it. Hence, we MUST PRAY against this devil trying to retaliate. It's also a reminder that as God's prophets, pastors, and leaders, we MUST be ready to stand in prayer against rioting and declare peace. We MUST speak openly in EVERY area and explain that this WAS NOT Republicans versus Dems but light/good/God/Jesus conquering and overcoming darkness/bad/evil/witchcraft/demonic/fear. This devil WANTS to convince honest Christians and innocent people, a lot of which are in black communities, that a Trump WIN and return would mean the KKK won and that blacks now need to defend themselves and run in fear from the cops. Oh, that's a shady devil. And, that is clearly not true or God's will but it's the dialog and narrative the wicked are promoting. I can remember also being terrified briefly when I heard that Trump won back in 2016.

As I've mentioned before I wasn't a Trump fan. I read one of his books and admired him but I wasn't supporting him. My family is black and Spanish. When I heard that Trump won, I thought we'd have to move to Canada but the Holy Spirit immediately said, "You don't have to go anywhere." It wasn't until God started revealing things and said within the past few years that "President Trump is already in his second term" "Pray for President Trump" "Pray for his second term starting" and other things about President Trump, that I started seeing it from God's Eyes and not man's distortions.

We'll wrap up here for now and circle back later if Father God has anything else. I just wanted to share that revelation about the revote and I'll check back in our earlier messages as I want to repost it here exactly as Father God said it. Wow! Glory to God who causes us to triumph! He said the evidence is coming. Indeed it is. 



God's Move is Coming

In Donna's video, Get Ready for a Mighty Move of God, (see yesterday's messages below), Father God gives a very specific message. In part of it, He says, "I cannot tolerate wickedness any longer. Everything I told you will come to pass...I am faithful...You will see your President inaugurated by my Hand and restored to his rightful position....I have spoken. My prophets have declared My Word...The fear of the Lord will restore My Church." 

So, we know that God IS still going to move and reinstate President Trump. But, what I want to focus on is President Trump winning and his administration. At one point a few days ago, Father God mentioned another vote and I don't know if He means that when this corruption is suddenly overturned that we will have another election and revote for President Trump? Either way, it's important that we continue to pray over President Trump and specifically for the outcome that he needs to have. 


Out of curiosity, I have a question. Are we going to have a re-election? Not many prophets have mentioned this but Pastor Timothy Dixon mentioned a re-election yesterday (video below). And, Father God said something about another vote the other day through us. On 3/9 we wrote, "I'm seeing a vote and God is going to help the vote. They're using natural means to vote but God is adding His supernatural touch." I'm not sure what this means or if this is the vote Father God was referring to. I know the prophets are saying there were over 80+ million votes for President Trump. While we KNOW President Trump WILL be reinstated, only God knows if it will be through a re-election. God's got US. 


3/9/21 Rest in God..."Good News is Coming," God

This is a cautionary Word and I can't give a meaning/interpretation because I don't know what God means so I can't add to it or steer it in the wrong direction. We stay in prayer. This is what I wrote last night about the vision I saw, "I'm seeing a vote and God is going to help the vote. They're using natural means to vote but God is adding His supernatural touch." And, if I interpreted that incorrectly, Father God please correct me...Whatever this is, the devil tried to steal it as soon as I woke up so I pray God reveals more. 

Separately, I heard Father God say, "Pray for President Trump. They will try to kill him." But I also heard God say, "Tell them not to be afraid." Remember, when God reveals something, it's for us to pray against it. Hence, we have to stay in prayer for President Trump's protection. I wrote previously about hearing God say an attack would come (we rebuke this) and Prophet Tracy Cooke mentioned this, too. I think it was for this year? I can't remember and there have been signs of this in the news. Prophet Raji also mentioned this (see February messages, link below) and that we should pray as there was an alarming cartoon with Kamala standing over Trump with a trident. In another cartoon, the Simpsons showed Trump in a casket with 8-27-21 as the date. So, we must rebuke this witchcraft and demonic and plead the blood of Jesus Christ over President Trump.

Remember, it's not just dems vs. republicans but good/light vs. evil/darkness. People saw President Trump as the only thing protecting Christians. And, he mentioned this in an interview once, "I'm the only thing standing in their way." However, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost and all of Heaven are here helping us. Yes, President Trump is being used by God. Yes, we KNOW Trump WILL be restored to the White House as God said "President Trump is already in his second term." What's important is that we pray for President Trump's "term starting," "his administration" and also his safety, covering and protection.

Lastly, keep reading your Bible each day. We're seeing SIGNIFICANT signs in the weather and all the earthquakes. God is also speaking through His Prophets (see Johnny Enlow and Lana Vawser from yesterday) so continue to rest in God and let Him move in His timing. It's His timing and it's significant. 

Pastor Timothy Dixon's Dream and Vision

This was dreamed on 2021-03-06. The Lord passes through the land. When Jesus sees the blood, he will pass over you. The Whirlwind / Spirit of Elijah / Silver Fox has landed in Phoenix City, AZ Huddled people in the capitol saying Samson's not coming. We've put his eyes out. Silver Fox / Samson came with a little boy leading him Black SUVs arrived, they arrested people in Arizona God's going to reveal what you've done and some of you will face serious time Whirlwind / Silver Fox will bounce to middle of Atlanta GA Then pick up and move to North Georgia: Williamson Heights Subdivision Lawrenceville / Monroe GA Fraud will be uncovered 3 physical, real tornadoes all at once coming to Atlanta area some destruction, no loss of life Stone mountain, Lawrenceville, Monroe Coast of California / West: Swarm of flies Swarm will be concentrated in only certain areas, Washington DC God will hold them back on this side of the river crossing into Virginia, staying in Washington DC South Alabama Prophet will begin to prophesy and his word will come to pass instantly All the prophets and the men of God will begin to prophecy God will spare his people 3 leaders will harden their heart in Georgia but when the tornadoes (3) come you will know God is talking to you. Let My People Go, stop lying

End of the REVOTE messages

9:18 pm Father God as a reminder "Tell them not to be afraid when they see what God does." Stay encouraged, keep reading your Bible and let Father God handle EVERYTHING. No problem is TOO BIG for our God! Have a safe night and be blessed!




6/9/21 One of the Reasons for God's Delay? It's HIS Timing, Not Ours

"And you hath He quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins; Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience: Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others. But God, who is rich in mercy, for His great love wherewith He loved us, Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved;) And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus: That in the ages to come He might shew the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness toward us through Christ Jesus," Ephesians 2:1-7

Overnight I heard several different messages. In the spirit realm I heard, "Let him fast" and the song "These are the days of Elijah" was playing in the background. At 11:34 pm I heard the Lord say, "Don't you want to see manifestations in your dreams? God says many are frustrated. Keep coming to me, getting to bed early. I can help with the bills. Every detail." At  2:52 am I heard, "He's shaking the trees" and we know this means to make the fruit come out. I also heard in so many words, "Ask for God's mercy. He's giving THEM, i.e., Gods enemies, time to choose God and repent before He comes." Pray that they repent, i.e., to the merciful He shows Himself merciful. We must also mirror Jesus who said, "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do." We MUST remember to be anxious for nothing. The same grace we wanted we must give to others - including those who stole their positions or took them by the demonic or witchcraft. But, why does this matter?


Mirroring YOUR Father 
There was a movie years ago about a military coup. The officials were planning on bombing a town but wanted to make sure there were no residents remaining there. Hence, they used drones and satellites to search for women and children before they decimated the area. Similarly, God told Abraham that He would destroy Sodom and Gomorrah but God said He would spare the area if there were 10 believers there. However, the only believers were Lot and his family and they were able to flee the region before God destroyed it. But, think about what that meant? It meant innocent lives would be taken because of their sin. And, it's not for us to judge people or point the blame. Here's how I know.


I had a dream once about a makeup bag. I went to use a restroom in a public area and left my makeup bag behind. When I went to retrieve it, it was gone. Some children had taken it and they were literally "dancing around" because they stole something of value. I looked in horror as the father and his children were now wearing my makeup and with bright green eyeshadow on were happily heading home. When I tracked them down, I believe I chastised the father or he'd left, and then took my things back. When I turned to the children, I realized these were only innocent babies who were mirroring what they were taught. They didn't know not to steal because their only example was their father. As the coming days unfold, it's a similar concept.


We as the body of Christ must mirror our Father God who is loving, gracious, kind, and merciful. He's also a vengeful God that can destroy all wickedness with one word. However, God is full of mercy because He KNOWS the hearts of men. Meaning, He knows who will repent and who will refuse to turn to God. Hence, God is giving people time to repent and come to Him. There are people in positions of authority right now who are coming under conviction because God is pressing on THEIR hearts. They know they've done wrong and they are repentant. They also understand that what they did and are doing is going to come to light. Therefore, we must pray for them to repent and come to God and avoid trying to rush judgment like Jonah - when God KNOWS that they will repent.

11:52 am A quick warning and Word that I forgot to post yesterday. Father God said, "Tell them I am not playing" and "Tell them move faster." And, He brought this to my remembrance today when I saw a news headline about Haiti not having Covid vaccines. Again, this isn't meant to alarm anyone but to remind us to pray fervently for people to repent and not look away/walk away from God.
There are countries and continents where witchcraft and other forms of idol worship and the demonic are practiced. It's in Haiti, some parts of Jamaica, India, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, parts of Asia, and other areas.


The problem is in areas where those in leadership REFUSE to acknowledge the one true living Yeshua God, I'm wondering if we're ALREADY seeing the 2nd wave of Covid that's coming against God's enemies. It's just a thought, but listen as God speaks in Prophet Shaneika Byars' video yesterday about Hawaii. God is saying that He's given THEM multiple chances to repent but some areas are CHOOSING their own gods instead. And, this was the test last year with Covid. I remember because it happened to me.


I was tempted with the enemy saying things like "Call on your dead relatives" but I would rebuke it and call on God. It happened several times and at one point I said exasperated, "Why would I turn to a dead thing when I serve the Living God?" I felt my body fill with the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost. What I'm saying is IF these areas do not repent and turn from their idols, the Covid cases may increase against God's enemies because God is calling people to come away from false gods, and people in these high positions are TRYING TO BLOCK THEM FROM SERVING YESHUAH GOD. Again, this goes back to Pastor Kent Christmas's message from January about Covid and how the second wave would come. God said in that message that the only way they would remove it would be to come to the churches because God was giving divine favor and mercy to His true churches to cast out these diseases. And, this time, the Covid that's coming against God's enemies will be fierce.


I have to go back into the messages but another prophet said, and I don't mean to be graphic with this next part, but that the funeral homes would have bodies stacked one on top of another beyond capacity. Again, this is NOT coming to believers but those who represent God's enemies. We pray that they repent and not harden their hearts. We pray they turn from their wicked ways as we must all get on our faces before Father God and Jesus and ask for mercy. Yes, global revival is coming but God is also going to remove EVERYTHING that isn't God. I know this because when I initially started writing "Let the fear, fire, wrath, and glory of God fall" He reminded me that He is merciful and to pray for them to repent because it would mean many deaths for those working in the demonic realm. We pray they take this seriously because God is going to move soon. Please repent of ALL SINS and ALL IDOL WORSHIP now.   




Sinners Prayer / Repentance Prayer

“Lord Jesus, I confess all my sins. I know you died on the cross for me. Please forgive me and cleanse me of all unrighteousness. I turn my back on sin and I want to live a better life through You. Come into my heart. I make You my Lord and Savior. Please give me eternal life through You, in Jesus's name, Amen.”

If you are saved but messed up, now is the time to get right with God. "Father God in Jesus name, I ask forgiveness of all my sins and I turn my back on sin. Please cleanse me of all unrighteousness. I will not walk away from You again and I will stay at the Cross. Please help me to overcome ---- and I want to lead a better life through you, in Jesus's name, Amen." 





6/8/21 It's ALREADY Done

"Then the angel of the LORD went forth, and smote in the camp of the Assyrians a hundred and fourscore and five thousand: and when they arose early in the morning, behold, they were all dead corpses," Isaiah 37:36

"Your God is about to do a short work in the earth."  That's from Jo Ellen Stevens' message above. It chimes in with what God said last night when He said, "He's going to move fast for us." Satan and his armies know that God's people, i.e., His Remnant are standing firm and we're standing strong. Hence, he's tried foolish attacks but these too have failed. Continue to press in Saints and let your voices be heard in the Heavenly and earth realm. What WE speak is what is becoming manifest so it doesn't matter what the devil says or does. Keep speaking victory over the enemy. Keep calling down God's fear, fire, wrath, and glory. Make no mistake, it's working. And, regardless of those demons and their stubborn wrath, THEY. HAVE. TO. FLEE.

Last night I went to bed right after posting our last message and at 9:50 pm I woke up and heard, "There's an explosion coming on the news." Then at around 11:30 pm I woke up again and heard "He went up and smote the enemies' camp." I wasn't sure who "He" was because the Bible states that Gideon smote an army in Judges 8:11, while Michael also smote an army in Isaiah 37:36. However, near midnight I heard God say, "I want you to say it was the angel army." And, at 4:02 am thins morning and a few times thereafter I heard "Pray for the police department." I think the concern here is that God speaks in part. Hence, even when the pieces don't fit together, we must press in and pray, and have faith.

When God spoke through Pastor Kent Christmas back in January, I remember Him saying that Covid would come back in a second wave but it would ONLY come to God's enemies. Is that the "Smote the enemies' camp" that God is referring to? Another prophet mentioned that God's enemies would be struck down the way Michael the Archangel struck down hundreds of thousands in that Biblical attack in Isaiah. And, Pastor Johnny Enlows said "It will be Biblical." Is that what God meant?

With President Trump restored, and I don't write this to sound racist, but will the left try to turn Trump's return to office into a race war with riots and an insurrection? As we previously mentioned, Biden put ALL these black officials in office, but why? If an illegitimate is in office who doesn't hold God's mantle, won't it LOOK LIKE the KKK and racist cops are trying to take over when Trump's win is official? Is that why Pastor Lance Wallnau said "Trump's enemies are trying to set him up"? Is that why God keeps saying to "Pray for all police officers" because the devil wants to use black youth on puppet strings to come against our officers and military, for that matter? Regardless of what the devil does, it won't work. His plans have ALREAEDY failed because our God knows ALL and SEES all and EVERYTHING done in the dark is brought to light.

We can't speculate and I can't say what God might do. What we MUST do is exactly what God says and that's to pray. No, the puzzle pieces don't fit yet, but they're starting to line up. We're also drawing closer to July 4th and what God said about President Trump being reinstated. That means with Jo Ellen's word about a "short work", and God saying "He's going to move fast", God's winds are going to sweep through shortly and it will be mighty powerful and come with significant and sweeping changes. God's glory and His presence will remove and help us to remove EVERY stubborn demon, EVERY wicked thing, ALL sexual sin, and ALL witchcraft and demonic, even the ones that think they're so deeply rooted. Glory to Yah!

In the interim, let's continue to press in and pray. Continue to rebuke the distractions. Continue to read your Bible and ONLY focus on God. Continue praise and worship to draw God's presence in. Continue to pray down all Heaven into the earth realm. As Pastor Robert Clancy CONFIRMED in his message today, "The open Heaven is coming." Continue to pray for global revival. Continue to speak God's words that will reaffirm our future blessings, not mans curses as he tries to sabotage and block what God has for us. Our Father God needs us united for our sons and daughters, for unborn babies, for innocent children, for vulnerable seniors, for the oppressed, for Israel and all Jews, and for all believers who want to serve God in spirit and in truth unashamed. And, that's exactly what we are doing.

We cancel every demonic attack and all witchcraft in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. The blood of Jesus Christ covers us and NOTHING can stop God's plans to come and help us. It's ALREADY done. 

Joel 2:4-11 (We're repeating this hear as Jo Ellen said to reference this. It's CONFIRMATION as God said to reference Joel the other day).

The appearance of them [army of locusts] is as the appearance of horses; and as horsemen, so shall they run. 5Like the noise of chariots on the tops of mountains shall they leap, like the noise of a flame of fire that devoureth the stubble, as a strong people set in battle array. 6Before their face the people shall be much pained: all faces shall gather blackness. 7They shall run like mighty men; they shall climb the wall like men of war; and they shall march every one on his ways, and they shall not break their ranks: 8Neither shall one thrust another; they shall walk every one in his path: and when they fall upon the sword, they shall not be wounded. 9They shall run to and fro in the city; they shall run upon the wall, they shall climb up upon the houses; they shall enter in at the windows like a thief. 10The earth shall quake before them; the heavens shall tremble: the sun and the moon shall be dark, and the stars shall withdraw their shining: 11And the LORD shall utter His voice before His army: for His camp is very great: for He is strong that executeth His word: for the day of the LORD is great and very terrible; and who can abide it?

Hey Folks, as a side note, Father God said to put this message up from Prophet Shaneika Byars above. God showed her a tsunami-like wave and shaking coming to Hawaii because they serve other gods. Again, we're not sharing these for you to be afraid, but to pray. God wants revival in all the earth and He's removing all witchcraft and idols. However, Hawaii serves all kinds of water gods so we must pray for them to repent and not perish. Wow! 


3:45pm Wanted to bring this to your attention. Nate Johnston's video above CONFIRMS the "Army of God" reference Father God's been using recently. He also references the Children of Israel as the Holy Spirit / Holy Ghost has mentioned that we are the included.

What's more, Nate references the 4 winds that are blowing and breathing new life into the weary bones of the Children of Israel/the Body of Christ. It's a very powerful message and another reminder that God's speaking through His prophets on one accord as each prophet is sharing a bit of similar information that they received from Father God. Hallelu-Yahweh!

We're to rest in God and let Him refill and refresh us as He repairs all the damage the enemy tried to inflict. The breakdowns from the relentless assaults in 2018 - on: the mind warfare, the criticisms, verbal assaults, phantom physical signs, and assassination attempts have left God's people feeling depleted. However, a fresh wind, rains, new download from God (another confirmation God said the other day), new vision, and restoration are coming.

God is breathing into the slain and helping us to find the flow of the spirit again. Another confirmation as a different prophet mentioned spirit and truth earlier. Listen as Nate says, "May the breath of life flow over and through you in Jesus's name. It's time to be refreshed, restored, and stand to your feet again, Army of God." 

4:10 pm I hear "Tornado." We keep everyone in prayer.



6/7/21 The God Who Vindicates and Overcomes in EVERY Battle

"And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto Me," Jesus from John 12:32

"Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in Heaven," Luke 10:20

Praise the Lord Saints! If you haven't had a chance, please read the reaffirming Message From God at the end of yesterday's messages. I'm going to keep this morning's section short but want to remind you that we're praying for families. This devil has been attacking families HARD. I can remember when we did a Message From God maybe two months ago and Father God said a man was being delivered from an abusive relationship but that he might have to move out or take out a restraining order against his wife or girlfriend.

Additionally, I noted this with some of my neighbors but we're seeing God deliver them one by one. They're being delivered from substance abuse, from witchcraft, from aggression spirits, from Jezebel demons, and so much more. Remember when I posted about the demon in my neighbor next door? He's been delivered! To see them as a loving couple now taking care of their children, it's such a blessing. And, God is going to deliver my downstairs neighbor, too. God's glory and anointing are so strong and powerful that demons HAVE TO FLEE. "Pack up your luggage and go...BYE devil!" We're sharing a few videos from Pastor/Prophet Robert Clancy as he's very helpful with prayers of protection.

Also, please note that what you SEE in your own family may not be them per se trying to come against you. These are likely familiar spirits, monitoring demons, and watchers, so please don't get alarmed. As we rebuke them, clean our homes spiritually, pray for one another, and plead the blood of Jesus Christ, those demons have to leave. Jesus gave us authority over them. God wants us confident in Him and as He reveals to us as prophets and ministers what the devil is doing, He also wants us to help you protect your homes and families so they can come to the Lord.

I remember praying one of these prayers once and IMMEDIATELY as I was praying I heard, "I don't know why you are praying that. It's a waste of time." That was the devil and indeed, the prayers DID and DO work. Remember, there is power in the Word to break EVERY chain.


We also added prayers against removing Jezebel spirits. These are blockages (blocking spirits) that can come against your marriage or try to stop you in other ways. Jezebel spirits sometimes exist in families where one person thinks they're better than another. And, it's not the person, per se. It's a demon who gained access through an opening (jealousy, envy, anger).

Jezebel can try to cause a divorce or if you are thinking about getting married they might try to attack you with spirits of intimidation in nightmares because they don't want you to have a Godly union. Jezebel can come in the form of your jealous ex and cause people to lash out like an episode of Jerry Springer. Some might even say, "Why are they mirroring me?" These are demons and just a few examples. Mirroring demons are mentioned in that first video above about removing Pisgah (demon of delays). Some people think "Oh, I can't pray these prayers. I'm scared." Or, "That's for my pastor to do. I don't know what these mean." However, THAT'S what the devil wants. He doesn't want you empowered or standing firm on God's Word. Satan wants you running away and afraid. But do not be afraid. Jesus already overcame the world. 

Pastor/Prophet Robert Clancy has about 4K videos up on different prayers to remove these demons. Pastor/Prophet Kay Nash has videos up, too. They're just ways to help you bring God's light into that situation so Jesus can help you remove whatever's there or trying to block your relationship or marriage. 

Separately, for today, I hear Father God saying, "Watch and see what I do." At 7:35 am He said, "Let them know they will see a move of God soon." I also hear "Rebuke the demons of terrorists" and "Pray for Philadelphia." We pray for Israel. We pray for families. We pray for President Trump. We pray for all police officers. Keep reading your Bible. It doesn't matter what the devil does. God's plans are ALREADY in plan and we ALREADY have the victory. Keep getting to bed at 930 pm as we get the Body of Christ/Bride/Ecclesia on one accord. God has been speaking to His Sons and Daughters and more children are starting to prophecy, too! To God be all the glory! Great is His name.

Side note: I hear "Plan that vacation" but see the tips Father God helped us put together in Mask Mandate so you're prepared for the CDC/vaccination changes, real ID, etc. Some people aren't aware that to take a cruise you might need vaccination proof or proof of a negative Covid test. However, the CDC may change these guidelines in the coming days. Either way, get excited. God is going to do great things! And, great is His faithfulness. Have a marvelous day in the Lord!

7:28 pm I hear the Lord saying "I will help with your bills." Then I heard "He's coming. They're in for a surprise but they might not see it yet." Remember, God's glory is coming to help us remove all witchcraft and evil. He's also saying to please make sure you're in alignment with God and Christ Jesus.

One of the prophets earlier that I was listening to said that we want to repent of sins now so we're in right standing with God and Jesus when His glory fills the earth. See Nathan French's message above, too. For additional insight on this, see the messages from the past month or two about how God's presence is coming to help remove all demonic attacks and witchcraft. This is NOT the Rapture but God said He's coming to help His Sons and Daughters. It's why He keeps saying to calm down when we see what He does.

Pray this prayer and please share it with your family and friends. God's glory is coming and we want everyone to repent and be covered by Jesus's name/blood: 

Sinners Prayer / Repentance Prayer

“Lord Jesus, I confess all my sins. I know you died on the cross for me. Please forgive me and cleanse me of all unrighteousness. I turn my back on sin and I want to live a better life through You. Come into my heart. I make You my Lord and Savior. Please give me eternal life through You, in Jesus's name, Amen.”

If you are saved but messed up, now is the time to get right with God. "Father God in Jesus name, I ask forgiveness of all my sins and I turn my back on sin. Please cleanse me of all unrighteousness. I will not walk away from You again and I will stay at the Cross. Please help me to overcome ---- and I want to lead a better life through you, in Jesus's name, Amen." 

At 7:41 pm I heard "Tell them be not afraid when they see what God does." I also heard, "Pray for every police officer." Remember to never give up. The name of the Lord is a STRONG TOWER. Call on Him for what you need. He will help with EVERY request. Our help is coming from the Lord. He's a loving Father who is here for us and He will make the way! Keep reading your Bible and get some sleep. God's got US! He's going to move fast for us.



6/6/21 We are Soldiers in the Army of the Lord. Keep Your Defenses UP, Be Prepared, and Keep Pressing In. Victory is Ours! How Do We KNOW? We've ALREADY Won!

"Though the vision tarry, wait for it" Habakkuk 2:3 

"But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia," Daniel 10:13 (The Angel explaining to Daniel that he was sent immediately when Daniel prayed but delayed by a demon until Michael the Archangel came to help him)

"And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them. And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one's bands were loosed," Acts 16:24-25

"That enemy you see you won't see anymore."

"And he [David] said, The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer;  The God of my rock; in Him will I trust: He is my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my saviour; Thou savest me from violence, 2 Samuel 22:2-4

"It is God that avengeth me, and that bringeth down the people under me. And that bringeth me forth from mine enemies: Thou also hast lifted me up on high above them that rose up against me: Thou hast delivered me from the violent man. Therefore I will give thanks unto Thee, O Lord, among the heathen, and I will sing praises unto Thy name. He is the tower of salvation for his king: and sheweth mercy to His anointed, unto David, and to his seed for evermore," 2 Samuel 22:48-51

I hear the Lord saying, "Keep your defenses up." "I know it's intense. I know you are battle-weary but don't give up. Don't worry. Help is coming soon" and "It's about to get better." He's said that so many times over the course of the past few weeks and months, it can be hard to tell if it's "soon" like right away or "soon" like later on. But, here's the thing. God spoke it so that means IT IS coming.  

Years ago I watched one of those terrific war movies. The battle was intense and our men were under heavy fire. They radioed for support and made their way to the landing zone. However, the enemy was also heading to the landing zone. What an amazing reminder of the Children of Israel traveling to the Red Sea to escape their enemies, the Egyptian armies!

Once in the landing zone though, the fighting for our military REALLY got intense. The enemy didn't want anyone escaping and they were planning to fire upon any military helicopters that tried to land. But someone let off a smoke gun and the orange haze made it difficult to see where the chopper was landing but the battle weary troops barely made it onboard. Similarly, when the Children of Israel began crossing the Red Sea, God's angels sent a cloud behind them so their enemies couldn't find their exact location. But, up before them, the area was clear and filled with light illuminating the path. This was especially noteworthy because the Children of Israel were crossing the Red Sea at night, and God had a surprise in store. He wanted all of Pharaoh's army deep in the Red Sea before sunrise so as the sun came up, they would see the coup attack God had against them.

Back in the movie, the military also had an attack planned for the enemy. Our troops knew there would be bazookas and all kinds of other heavy weapons they would fire against the brave men who fought that day. To counter this, they sent in heavy fire power from high-powered rifles on all sides and bombed everything in sight. The enemy mistakenly thought there would be only one helicopter at the LZ. They didn't realize an army of carriers stationed off a nearby battle ship had come to their rescue. And, similarly, we may not realize the fighting power God has to defend us.

As millions of angels descend from an open Heaven, they are warring against our foes in the spirit realm. The enemy is being pushed back further and further. Every time you say "I rebuke you satan, flee from me," it's working. Every time you say "No weapons formed against me shall prosper," the devil's plans fail. Every time you say, "Devil, you will leave God's people alone," demons have to flee. Every time you say, "Touch NOT mine anointed nor do my prophets harm" and "We rebuke the devourer", satan loses. 

Consider Paul and Silas who were beaten and then jailed. They sang unto God which released angels from Heaven. An earthquake rattled the jail, the prison doors opened, and the chains fell off. Remember David who sang unto God in the day of trouble after being on an intense battlefield with Saul. But God heard David's pleas for mercy and grace and Saul eventually fell on his own sword.

In this season and at this moment, God has raised up an army and what we're speaking is like those high-powered rifles filled with ammunition, but better. Your words and your worship are weapons and they pack MORE POWER than you can visually see with the eye. You were anointed for this battle, for such a time as this, so don't back down, don't walk away, and don't give up. Yes, the battle weary are tired but keep pressing in. Keep standing on God's Word that "It will get better."

Physically you can't see with your natural eye that the devil is defeated and retreating but look at the sudden, severe weather being felt around the globe. It's God stomping His feet against our enemies and it's coming out in hundreds of earthquakes, tremors, and volcanic activity. If there's even a hint of doubt that's causing you to say, "But, what can I do? I'm just one person." Remember this important thing. One can chase a thousand and two ten thousand. We estimated a few months ago that there are billions of God's people globally. How many can they chase?

The Bible says there are more of us than there are of them. As the Body of Christ gets on one accord, we're seeing the Bride/Ecclesia rise, so let not your heart be troubled. It LOOKS LIKE God is intentionally delaying, and He is. He's giving His children time to get onto this spiritual battlefield and fight. He's giving them time to take up courage and stand on God's Word. See the rise of the Ecclesia off in the distance? That Remnant is not standing alone. God, Jesus, the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit, and all of Heaven and Heaven's armies are standing with us.

Rise, sons and daughters. Rise and see your King is coming. Rise and take your stand as soldiers in the army of the Lord. Rise and NEVER back down against these spiritual foes and demons. And, carry this one important thing. We ALREADY have the victory. Meaning, we've ALREADY WON. Keep pressing in. Hold the line. And, NEVER retreat or surrender. We stand on one accord and God is an ever-present help. He's here to help us. Lay your burdens down and come to Him, and don't walk away from anything God SAYS or DOES in the coming days. For the Lord is on our side and He fights for us. Keep singing to Him and hold onto the mighty words as our General confidently speaks through His prophets, "Tell them to say, 'It's no problem for God.' They will see help soon." And, so shall it be.     

I also hear as a reminder, "Tell them move faster." Please accomplish the things Father God has asked you to do. If you're unsure ask yourself: Did He ask you to sow a seed? Clean out that closet? Organize those bills and write out a list? Pick out a new home and get ready to move? Even if you can't do everything, start NOW. Show God that you are obeying Him. It's like a relay race. Blessings are coming to those who are already on the ground running and READY to catch the baton from Father God. Don't be like the lame man who SAT by the pool. SAT isn't motion. It's an existence because he gave up and stopped trying. Inch your way over to the pool EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Keep being obedient to God so you can receive the Deuteronomy 28:1-13 blessings and so you can confidently stand. We are winning despite the intense warfare. And, remember, we've ALREADY WON EVERY BATTLE. Get up, soldier and get back in there! To God be the glory! 

7:29 pm Message/Letter From God

"God will not fail. The end of a thing is the beginning of God. Tell them keep pressing in, seeking Me, seeking My face, not his, not mans. Elevation in worship. Take out the prayer cloths and cover yourselves. Get on your face before Me. Tell them not to worry. They will have help soon. Keep speaking over yourselves. Cut the head of that enemy off. I am God all by Myself. I change not. Promotion is coming for so many. Keep trusting in Me and calling on Me. Get quiet before Me. Keep speaking over yourselves. Yo will see help soon. Tell them keep giving glory to God.

Pray for Philadelphia. Tell them I don't care what the devil does. Wait and see what God's about to do. They will see. It will be exciting for some, frightening for others who have never seen God move. Tell them I am available. Call on Me. I want you in bed at 930. Around the clock, call on Me for what you need. Another episode for some.

Stay in God’s shadow. Tell them keep their defenses up. They will see evidence soon. Taste and see. Give glory to God. Pray for Philadelphia. Stubborn pride demons have to flee. I'm going to remove every cancerous demon like a needle and thread. Remember 9:30. rebuke that devil. Tell that devil I am not playing. I am using God's miracle working power. Rebuke sickness, disease, and death. Keep saying 9:30. They may not see it yet but they will come around. Say, ‘Are you sure you're calling on me and not man?’ Keep speaking over yourself. They will have more evidence soon. Something good is coming. Joy is coming. Just keep speaking over yourself.

Tell them I am available. Pray for the President. Every attack against Trump will be exposed. They will see. They will have help soon. Tell them cheer up. Help will come. You will see help, proof soon. Tell that for some. Hear my voice. I don't want you in bed at 1 o’clock. Read your Bible. They will see. Keep speaking over yourselves. Ego has to flee. Tell them calm down and 9:30. Stay in God's shadow. Anointing breaks the yokes. Pray for Philadelphia. You will see signs and wonders. Stay at God's table. They will see, help soon for so many."

Glory to God for this reconfirming word. Please remember to test every word and ask God to confirm if it's for you. 



6/5/21 God is Saying as a Reminder, "Don't Walk Away"

"The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: He leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever," Psalm 23

Praise the Lord Saints, Father God said "Tell them don't worry" and "They Will Have Evidence." What's more, at 1:49 pm yesterday He said, "Let them know the devil failed." Glory to God! At 3:58 am, He said "YOU [the devil, his workers, those working in the demonic and witchcraft] SHALL NOT prevail. The gates of hell shall not prevail." 

I heard in the supernatural realm, "We interrupt this regularly scheduled program..." I also hear Father God saying, "Keep reading your Bible daily and getting to bed by 9:30." God has so many surprises and plans in store for us but we must show obedience to Him and get on one accord. Not our will/ways, but yours, Lord! Use us for Your glory!

Remember, "Don't walk away." God will make the way and it's only a test but you've got to stand firm. Stay at the cross, put blinders on and only see Jesus and God in front of you.

  • THEY might try with an attack out of left field...ONLY see God/Jesus.
  • THEY might try the same offenses that worked last time or something new...ONLY see God/Jesus.
  • THEY might say, "Those Christians are lying to you." Rebuke them and ONLY see God/Jesus.
  • THEY might try to anger you SO MUCH hoping that you GO OFF but rebuke them, forgive, tape your mouth shut, and ONLY see God/Jesus.
  • THEY might try to get you to come into an ungodly covenant agreement. Don't agree to ANYTHING ONLY seek out and see God/Jesus who are our shelter.

Stay in line and stand on Ephesians 6:11-18. Read Deuteronomy 28:1-13. Do not give up. We are praying for and with you and we are standing firmly with you. Glory to God...We've ALREADY WON! And, God will NOT fail! Believe for your miracle!

11:45 am I hear God saying, "Keep singing to Me." Separately, He said, "I want you to say 'Are you sure you've got God on your side and the devil under your feet?'" We go about our day praying periodically, reading the Daily Bread, and sometimes attending church. However, that alone can be a mistake. As an example, someone that sexually sins might believe in God and go to church. But, that do not have the devil under their feet. A person that resents others, judges, or slanders might be full of false pride and deep-rooted bitterness (spirit of offense). Hence, they also don't have the devil under their feet. And, this is a topic that's so sensitive to people because they assume their religious beliefs are right. A person might say, "I go to church," but then go back on Instagram or in the clubs and live a promiscuous life.

Pastor Wanda Alger and Prophet Chris Yoon spoke about this (videos in the links below). Having the devil under your feet means NO sin rules over you. Zero. And, it means if you're tempted, you quickly repent and get back on track. It also means you're cleansed and consecrated before God, reading your Bible more, fasting, praying, and doing everything you can to have a clean and repentant heart before God. But, it takes time and it's a daily process. Paul said in 1 Corinthians 9:27 in so many words, "I daily buffet my flesh." He actually said, "But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway." Meaning, he knew there were things he shouldn't do that were taking him away from God's will so he tried to discipline his own flesh. But, it's different for everyone. One person might be sexually promiscuous while another might have an anger problem. Someone else might have a drug or alcohol addiction, or a person might be filled with self, ego, and false pride. 

If you're unsure and want to do a spiritual check, pray this simple prayer,

"Lord God, in Jesus's name, I come to You and give You all the glory, honor, and praise. I pray like David prayed in Psalm 51, 'Create in me a clean/pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Please don't take Your Holy Spirit from me.' Lord, if there's anything in me that grieves You, tell me what it is and help me acknowledge it and remove it. I want to live a better life with You first. I ask for Your mercy and for You to help me overcome anything in my life causing stumbling blocks and sin. I decree and declare, I am set free from the power of sin. I rebuke satan and cancel the devil's assignments in my life. The devil can't touch me and he is under my feet. I praise You Lord for the victory, in Jesus's mighty name, Amen." 

I wrote about this before. I prayed one year on December 31st and asked God if there was anything I needed to remove or anything blocking my blessings. The Holy Spirit IMMEDIATELY gave me two names. I thought, "Huh?" I then stopped and thought about it. I WAS carrying bitterness deep in my heart because I never forgave those two people for offending me. I immediately prayed and said, "Lord, I forgive them." 

To help you remove sin, please check out Pastor Robert Clancy's videos. Based out of Australia, he has about 4,000 prayer videos that can help you repent and remove demons and distractions. Grace For Purpose is another good channel with lots of informative prayers and tips. Remember, there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. We ALL fall short and fail sometimes. But, it's about getting back up and repenting and saying, "Lord, I will do better." And, you will! Keep glorifying God. 

It's An Emergency

2:46 pm I heard the Lord say, "I want you to say it's an emergency." Please  remember, Father God is going to do something but we must remember that whatever kind of "shaking" it is, it's not meant to come against God's people but shake up the enemy/devil and all the demons. 

He also said, "Tell them they will have evidence. They will have what they need. They will see soon." I also hear, "Tell them not to worry. You have the Archangel guiding you." 


6/4/21 Stand On His Word

"Refuse to meditate on worst case scenarios. Rather, keep rehearsing My Word for I know the plans that I have for you plans to bless you and not harm you. They are to give you a hope and a future. Keep your eyes on Me, not on the storm. I am in your boat. We are crossing over to the other side. I am well-pleased with you. You are advancing, even through the warfare." God speaking through Prophet Angie Stolba (video below)

"Touch not Mine anointed, and do My prophets no harm," 1 Chronicles 16:22

Praise the Lord, Saints! Father God said a few things overnight and this morning so let's get right to it. "Watch for an an explosion on the news." I heard that at 1:58 am. He said twice to "Pray for Philadelphia" and He also said "Remind them not to worry. They will have evidence and God won't fail." I also heard, "They will leave my people alone" and "Touch not Mine anointed." He then said, "Remember, I will help with your bills." Father God also said, "Keep getting to bed early. I want you in bed by 9:30 pm." 

Because Father God said to start with "explosion on the news," let's touch on that first.

I haven't been following all the recent news about Dr. Fauci but saw the Fox news headline that there were emails with China and that they're saying Fauci lied. Was this the "explosion on the news" Father God mentioned would come? We do know that when Dr. Fauci was first talking about Covid with President Trump last year, the Holy Spirit said, "He's lying." That's in the comments from whatever date that was when he made the first announcement. I KNOW God said this because I wrote "One of the doctors said..."

Additionally, a few weeks ago, the Holy Spirit said, "It's in the emails" and that's below in the comments, too. Was Father God referring to Fauci's emails? Wow. If so, this goes back to:

  • A word Prophet Robin Bullock gave I think back in January. It was regarding the writing on the walls or the hand that withers. It's in our posts from January. He mentioned how God's angels SEE EVERYTHING and everything done in the dark will come to light.
  • A word Pastor Hank said yesterday (video below) about how news outlets and other giants (mark of the beast) will go bankrupt. Other pastors, prophets, and Newsmax have been saying they're switching the narrative to line up with their agenda and NOT promote the actual news. Some even suggest they are being paid. 
  • A word Pastor Francis Myles gave on the Jim Bakker show about how they would use witchcraft and the demonic to make President Trump a scapegoat.  

I Decree and Declare Victory Over God's People

With the Fauci news, is this the first domino to fall? Several prophets (Nate Johnston for one) have mentioned that it will be a domino effect. Hence, we will see momentum build in the coming days. Others have referred to it as the avalanche that's coming.

As I write this, I hear Father God saying again, "Tell them not to worry. They will have more evidence soon." It's a reminder to let God work and let Him do it in His timing. This devil THOUGHT he could uproot God. He thought he could uproot President Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu. He thought he could uproot us. God is unmasking every wicked deed...and THEY will be uprooted instead. I hear God saying, "Keep singing to Me." 

Pleas Pray for All Police Officers

As a side note, please continue to pray for all police officers. We also pray that the narrative changes and that our officers receive respect and are restored. Newsmax shared how Amazon is selling hats that read "Blue Lives Murder."

This is another example of how this wicked enemy is trying to twist the narrative and make it look like white/kkk/police/republicans versus black/dems.

"Take Heart. I have ALREADY overcome the world," Jesus

In the coming days as God continues to unmask the demons and the puppet show, let's pray people can see clearly how it's really a battle of good/light/God/Jesus versus bad/darkness/mark of the beast/antichrist. Jesus is drawing a line in the sand and saying "Choose a side?" We MUST STAND FOR GOD/JESUS, and continue to stand for and support President Trump, our nation, our brave men and women in blue, and our military. But...WAIT! What am I saying? Because God wrote the end from the beginning, it's a reminder that God's plan is ALREADY in play and we ALREADY have the victory!

Let God's plan play out! As Father God keeps reminding us, "We will have help - and evidence soon!" I hear "Believe for a miracle." And so shall it be. 

Why We Must Shift Our Prayers with President Trump, Lay Hands on Him, and Issue Divine Restraining Orders Over Him

We added Dr. Francis Myles video below from his interview on the Jim Bakker show back in 2019. In the interview, Dr. Myles described how he saw the wicked (progressive left and republicans who didn't want Trump in because they were being bribed/paid with perks by the left)  would try to make President Trump a scapegoat. Hence, God brings ALL THINGS to light. The scriptures Dr. Myles referenced are Leviticus 16:10, 21. And, what's important is God told Dr. Myles "Challenge the Body of Christ to issue new divine restraining orders every time there's a new story about President Trump to put guilt on him." Meaning, as the evidence comes to light and President Trump is exonerated, we must continue to stand in prayer and issue divine restraining orders on his behalf. 


"It's coming from the underworld and the political establishment. A sacrifice has been made in the demonic world and the new strategy is going to be to make Donald Trump bloody. They are going to make him the scapegoat for every bloodshed that happens in America. Look at the goat. He's bloody. It's not his blood. It has been put on him by those who want to make the goat look guilty for things that God did not do. But they know he has refused to play by their rules. Do you know if Donald Trump tomorrow became an open border president...ascribed to abortion, this Cabot (SIC) is so powerful, they would dog whistle. They are guiding the news media and tomorrow they would daily report about the New Donald Trump." Dr. Francis Myles interview in 2019 about how they made President Trump a scapegoat.

10:59 am Note: Two 5.9m earthquakes struck off the coasts of California and Oregon today. The first struck at 12:52 am and the second at 1:17 am. I do remember Father God saying to "Pray for San Francisco" the other day but not sure if it's related to this.

11:10 am I hear God saying, "Tell them calm down when they see what God does." Father God also said later in the day, "I want you to think about the vice-presidential election." 



6/3/21 Demons Have to Flee

Praise the Lord, Saints! It's about 3:27 am and Father God has been speaking to Me. There's so much that He said in the past few hours so let's get to it. I tried to leave the times in as sometimes there are Biblical meanings when He wakes me up at an exact time with something, but not always. I can't be sure. Pray and test the Word. These are all reminders why we need to get to bed at 9:30 pm as God is downloading information to His People and sharing His thoughts and plans. I hear Him saying "He will help with every detail." I also hear Him saying "The anointing is on you so get to bed early so you can hear from Him."

"Help is coming to you right away." Then at 1039 pm I heard "Pray for the President." This is for President Trump. Side note: I had a dream 6/2 that a man tried to delete entries in a ledger of how a business tried to defraud blacks years ago. He ripped a page out but I saw him. I think the significance was that he thought he deleted everything but Heaven/the angels witnessed him trying to cover up a crime. 


Back to earlier tonight...I heard around 2:38 am, "I'm providing help for families in need. Expect to see great help coming to you. There is great defiance but they have to flee." At 3:03 am I heard, "I want you to say goodbye to ---- [my menacing neighbor]. He won't be there much longer. God is delivering you." Still at around 3:03 am I heard, "I want you to think about [VicePres KH]." Then I heard, "Like Bonnie and Clyde, demons have to flee." I heard, "Don't fear those principalities. You will see breakthrough today. Legions of enemies, the devil's workers have to flee." I saw her smiling/laughing and heard "Madness". Note: We don't condone violence against anyone. We're only repeating what God said to say. This is not about the person or people but the demonic influences in them. We MUST forgive and pray for the person and/or people to repent. 
I then heard, "Write that up and then walk away. They're scared. But He's [God is ] coming. They will see. Demons have to flee."

12:09 pm I heard, "The devil is under our feet. It's so exciting.  Its exciting what Gods about to do. Tell them put their seatbelts on. They will see. Tell everyone God's about to change it. He's about to change everything. They will see soon." He also said for someone, "Make sure that's the devil you're rejecting under your feet and that it's not God." I don't want to add to this but whoever this is for, please pray in tongues and ask God to confirm if you have the devil under your feet. I hear Him saying, "I want the devil under your feet." Or, if what you're hearing is not from God. Hence, we must ALWAYS test EVERY word and God will confirm it.

As a quick example, someone can read this and hear about President Trump being restored but then turn and walk away because they're a Democrat. However, this is NOT about Trump or Biden. God said He would use President Trump and that He is restoring him. For more on this, please see our article Can You Believe the Election Results. I also hear Him saying, "Tell them I don't want you to walk away from Me because I'm restoring him." Hence, this is a sensitive matter to pray about and let God lead you. People assume Trump is KKK but that's the media's fake narrative (mark of the beast) which is part of what God is exposing. It's not Dems/blacks versus Republicans/whites. This is the battle of good/light versus evil/darkness. God is pulling His people from ALL WALKS, ALL RELIGIONS, ALL NATIONALITIES, ALL POLITICAL AFFILIATIONS. He said through Pastor Kent Christmas that Christians will be praying alongside Catholics, people with tattoos praying alongside those with rosaries. [That link is for our Lion of Judah article, see the text after the first few videos. That's Pastor Kent's full sermon.] God is breaking down individual groups because what we have in common and our love for God and Jesus in our hearts. The problem with other groups is THEY support THEIR agendas and leave Jesus out.

2:52 pm Praise the Lord, Saints. I want to bring to your attention this next message which is BIG. Before I do, I hear Father God saying, "Tell them make sure they don't look back." In this next message (above) from Pastors/Prophets Brenda and Hank Kunneman, there are SEVERAL CONFIRMATIONS. SEVERAL! I'm not sure on which date Father God said it to us but at one point He mentioned, "The end of a thing is the beginning of God." Pastor Hank says this, too! Glory to God. However, Pastor Hank also includes several prophetic words about this summer, President Trump, things being overturned, the vaccines, Tech, Social Media and Big Pharma bankruptcies, and the enemy being exposed. Glory to God who will NOT FAIL.

Remember, we're not to fear man because God is FOR US so we must let God handle it. Here's one area where God is saying to "Walk away and see what God does." Walk away from any fear or worry and leave it with God. He's working it out in our favor. BUTTTTTTT don't walk away from God WHEN WE DO SEE what He does. And, last time I checked, He hasn't asked us to build an ark or start organizing all the, keep praising God and worshiping Him. He IS moving so significantly. But, what if it's something so powerful like splitting the earth open literally? Like if Yellowstone erupts or all the volcanoes erupt at once? Who knows? I was on YouTube watching prophetic messages and yesterday there was news about China's Three Gorges Dam. Indonesia had recent flooding, hail, and tornadoes. And, another Asian area had extreme weather. I'm not bringing this up to say that we should worry. No. On the contrary, these are all signs that Father God is moving.

The Lord said through Pastor Hank and Prophets Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock months ago that there would be signs in the Heavenlies and severe weather. We saved the videos which are in the links at the end of this page. However, when Father God spoke through Pastor Timothy Dixon, He also mentioned that He is coming against His enemies. He said it like the weather FIRST and then our enemies. I don't mention this to cause fear but so you know that God's FINGER and HIS SPIRIT are on the pulse, not man. Man is trying to say it's global warming. Uh, no. It's a global warning that our Daddy is coming!

God is coming with his fear, fire, wrath, and glory because THEY thought they could continue with abortions, sexual sin, and trying to cause God's people to sin. They thought they could mock God. But, here's the thing. We have such a loving Father God who is here to help. God is so gracious to us and when we hear Him say how He is coming to defend us, IT'S BIG. Listen as Father God said at 303 am this morning (message above) about how He's coming to help families.

In the same token, God is going after all the demonic, witchcraft, and corruption trying to steal America FROM it's rightful heirs, God's people. So, for our enemies who thought they played their Trump card and sold their souls for a few silver coins, "Surprise!" God has the final say. In the interim, let's see what God does and trust Him. He is moving to defend us and as Pastor Johnny Enlows said on Elijah Streams, it will be Biblical. Father God has said a few times to continue to "Pray for President Trump." Hence, we keep him uplifted in prayer. Also, I'm not sure what this means but I'm hearing, "Try to get some sleep." I don't know if there are some who have been on edge about this but trust God. He's got us! And, God's timing? Impeccable!  

Psalm 46:10 KJV: Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth! 

PS Any last minute things you need to do for Father God, like if He asked you to do something, I hear Him saying, "Please move faster." We all as one Body/Bride/Ecclesia need to be in position for Him. Promotions, raises, and blessings are coming! Hallelu-Yahweh! He's coming! His glory and presence are going to fill up the earth at His exact timing! 

6:13 pm Hey Folks. As a side note, Father God wanted us to update our travel checklists page. You can click the image above or go to the home page and click on it in the scrolling banner ads. We updated it with info on safety protocols at airports and cruise ships. Incidentally, as Pastor Hank mentioned (video above) that God is going to unmask the enemy, maybe that means that globally we might be maskless sooner than we think! Glory to God!

6:21 pm I heard, "The market's about to crash when they see what God does." Note: This is not stock advice or a tip as there's no timeline.

6:30 pm Father God said, "I want you to let them know Michael is on." Remember we have the Archangel defending us. Hence, we don't have to worry. Instead, worship. God's got US!


6/2/21 "It's An Emergency." "It's God." 

"In my distress I called upon the Lord, and cried unto my God: He heard my voice out of His temple, and my cry came before Him, even into His ears. He delivered me from my strong enemy, and from them which hated me: for they were too strong for me. They prevented me in the day of my calamity: but the Lord was my stay. He brought me forth also into a large place; He delivered me, because He delighted in me. For I have kept the ways of the Lord, and have not wickedly departed from my GodIt is God that avengeth me, and subdueth the people under me. He delivereth me from mine enemies: yea, Thou liftest me up above those that rise up against me: Thou hast delivered me from the violent manTherefore will I give thanks unto Thee, O Lord, among the heathen, and sing praises unto Thy name. Great deliverance giveth He to His king; and sheweth mercy to His anointed, to David, and to his seed for evermore." Psalm 18: 6, 17-19, 21, 47-50

Many don't realize what they're seeing is God working. The media has tried to put blinders on the public but God is speaking through His prophets to not go by what it looks like. The Heavenlies are about to open and God will not fail. Keep confiding in God and trusting in Him. Keep calling on Him for what you need. Keep getting to bed at 930 so God can download His plans to you and share what's on His heart. He is a loving God who will not fail.

The Lord also said as a reminder, "I will help with your bills." Believe on God for what you need and don't doubt. He will ALWAYS come through but we have to do our part and increase our faith and reliance on Him. Nothing is impossible with God. Believe the possibilities!

For someone that needs it, I hear, "Write out that letter that you need for support. I will help you with it." Not sure if this is housing related, but God is with you and you have the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit and wisdom to help. Ask God to help you with this and then listen for Him. He may send someone to you with all the wisdom and insight you need or send you to the right website with helpful information. Glory to God! 

As a side note, please be careful that you "Don't speak the wrong words and give your blessings away." I also hear God saying, "Don't turn away from Me." Remember, satan is a serpent and the snake likes to sneak in attacks. If he can't steal one way, he'll try another. Guard your mouth so you don't speak negatively or suddenly yell at someone. Listen to every word people are saying to you before you come into agreement with them. And, never make decisions or sign contracts when you are tired or exhausted, in a hurry, or don't have all the information and details. You don't want to mistakenly give up your birthright for a bowl of soup. Test every word and ask God for wisdom. He daily loads us with blessings.

8:25 am Father God said, "Let them know they will see help soon." 10:36 am Father God said, "Tell them calm down when they see what God does." 10:41 am "There's shocking news that's going to change everything." 

We're starting to add in June messages as they become available. Please also see the message from yesterday that Father God gave us for June.

10:01 pm Hey Saints! God is about to do something mighty so please stay encouraged and don't go by what you see. This devil is trying to make it LOOK LIKE they're winning and WON but WE have the victory. Remember, what they're showing is a bluff/smoke and mirrors. I hear God saying, "Be strong when you see what God does. It's about to get better." 





6/1/21 God is Doing a New Thing. Do You Perceive It Not?

Happy June, Saints! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! I heard Father God say in so many words, "Make sure you tell them keep pressing in, and don't back down. Do not quit." Pastor Lance Wallnau confirmed this in the FlashPoint video from 6/4. Elizabeth Verver (video below 3:45 minutes in) confirms, "This is the time when you must dig your heels into His truth and not be swayed from any outside influence...LIve from the inside out." Listen as Prophet Lorilei Cooley speaks above about how "God is going to do what He said He would do." These are all CONFIRMATIONS. Refreshing is coming and suddenly things will burst through and manifest like the babies we are birthing. Get ready for your water to break. Get ready for the abundance of rain. You will soon forget the sorrow of the delays and leave that behind you.

When Father God spoke through Prophet Lana Vawser yesterday (yesterday's videos below), He mentioned that He knows this season was rough. He sees how we're holding tightly to the Word of God. And, that's exactly what we're supposed to do. Hence, I just want to send a word of encouragement to keep pressing in. Elizabeth also confirms this when she says in her video below at 5:22-min in, "Get in the secret place and hide in the shelter of the Most High." Father God said this for May when He said, "Stay in My Shadow."

Buckle Up, Buttercup: You're Having Multiple Babies

One of the pastors recently mentioned how the labor pains are strong for many. We're holding on and waiting on God, but it seems like this baby doesn't want to budge, right? Wrong. We are giving birth to multiple babies at once! Hence, the delay! I have to go back through the messages to give you which prophets and pastors shared this in recent days but it's a helpful reminder to not go by what you see. These demons are terrified because we're threatening THEIR kingdom. The devil is so scared because God's people are praying so stay confident in God. The effective, fervent prayers of the righteous availeth much.

So, when you start your day and all throughout the day, don't let thoughts of defeat get in, regardless of what you're facing. Don't even let anyone speak defeat around you. Fix your face on God ONLY and ONLY see the victory. ONLY see a favorable outcome, and know that help is coming to you. God has NOT abandoned you. You don't have a breach birth. What you have is so BIG and for so many people that it will come at the EXACT time, so get in that birthing position and wait for it. For the men, get in that huddle and get your game face on! You Mighty Men of Valor are birthing something new, too! So, don't speak defeat REGARDLESS of what you see.

The Same God Who Delivered His People Before Will Do It Again (He Changes NOT)

To help you stay encouraged, read your Bible daily and pray. If you don't have a lot of time, read Our Daily Bread. However, it's also important to get DEEP into the Word so you can hear God and see Him move through His prophets.

Recently, I opened my Bible and it opened right on the story of Athaliah's destruction (no coincidences with God). The Bible is like the Bold and the Beloved of soap operas and this story doesn't disappoint. Athaliah was the daughter of Queen Jezebel and King Ahab. But her son Ahaziah died.

As an act of violent retaliation, Athaliah had all the male heirs killed (seed royal). However, Jehoida the priest and Jehosheba hid Joash, one of the king's sons. Similar to how we're hidden from the enemy for the appointed time, right? It's also how those multiple babies we're giving birth to are hidden so the enemy can't abort them. Glory to Yah!

Hidden For Such A Time As This

The funny thing was, they hid Joash and his wet nurse right in the palace (similar to how Moses was hidden right in Egypt). God has SUCH a sense of humor, and He never fails. So, after 6 years, they planned a coup. They stationed guards everywhere. This is 2 Kings 11:11 incidentally, which reads,

"And the guard stood, every man with his weapons in his hand, round about the king, from the right corner of the temple to the left corner of the temple, along by the altar and the temple." 

Talk about the violent taking by force! Joash became king, but Athaliah was FURIOUS because they weren't cheering for HER (shade). Verses 12-14 state,

"And he brought forth the king's son, and put the crown upon him, and gave him the testimony; and they made him king, and anointed him; and they clapped their hands, and said, God save the king. And when Athaliah heard the noise of the guard and of the people, she came to the people into the temple of the Lord. And when she looked, behold, the king stood by a pillar, as the manner was, and the princes and the trumpeters by the king, and all the people of the land rejoiced, and blew with trumpets: and Athaliah rent her clothes, and cried, Treason, Treason."

However, Jehoiada the priest anticipated this. God speaks to His prophets, right? He told the officers, "Have her forth without the ranges: and him that followeth her kill with the sword." Meaning, slay her and her evil workers outside. He didn't want them killed in the house of the Lord. The officers seized Athaliah right where the horses came into the king's house. But, the story doesn't stop there. Wait for it... 

Jehoiada made a covenant with God, the people, and the king that they would all be the Lord's people. Next, they all went into the house of Baal and tore down e'erything!  They broke all the idols, altars, and graven images into tiny pieces. They also slayed the priest of Baal. Hence, it's a mighty reminder that God always delivers His people. Incidentally, as I wrote this out, I heard, "There are angels on the Capital." To God be the glory!

Keep Pushing and Pressing In

Keep reading your Bible, Saints. The Word of God is nourishment. It's food for our souls, it cleanses us, heals us, and removes demonic thoughts (toxins). It's also a living testimony. The same God who delivered us before will do it again. I hear them saying, "He's coming!"   

We'll circle back later with messages for June and anything Father God wants to say. Have a blessed and victorious day! Keep pressing in! P.U.S.H. Pray Until Something Happens. Note: In Pastor/Prophet Robert Clancy's message below, he says, "An open heaven is coming." This is CONFIRMATION as Prophet Chantel said in God is Giving Us Rest From the Battle that "The heavens are open," multiple times in her message while in the prophetic. Glory to God!

11:03 am Hey Folks, just a heads-up. My mom was saying to read Matthew 24 but said to also remember that we don't have to worry about the pestilence and other things coming because we are covered in Jesus's blood.

11:57 am Father God said, "Tell them, 'They will see. I'm about to make it better.'" Thank You, Lord for always making the way for us. 12:09 pm He said, "Tell them they don't have to worry when they see what God does." He said, "You keep worrying about Me and what I'm about to do but you will see it soon." 

5:06 pm, Father God said, "It doesn't matter." Regardless of what the devil SAYS or DOES, only God's plan will prevail. Keep on believing on Me and coming to Me for what you need. You will see evidence soon in what I do. Wait and see. THEY [the enemy/devil] will be mad but say what I'm doing is for you. Keep on believing on Me. Congratulations are in order for some. Some are starting new jobs and new businesses." Glory to God for this Mighty Word.





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The Prayer of Salvation

If you haven't said the Prayer of Salvation, now's the best time. Please say: Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord, I ask forgiveness of my sins. Please come into my heart, Lord. I turn my back on sin and I make you my Lord and Savior. I want to follow you for the rest of my life. Please give me eternal life through you in Jesus name, Amen.    

If you're already saved, but turned your back on God. Now's the perfect time to make things right. Don't let the devil make you feel bad about your past mistakes any longer. In Christ, you're a new creation and you have a Father God who loves you. Old things are passed away and God remembers the sin no more. Won't you please come back home to Him? 

Rededicate Your Life to Christ Prayer

If you need to rededicate your life to Christ because you feel like you've been sinning or haven't been living right, pray: Father God in the name of Jesus, I ask forgiveness of my sins and I turn my back on sin. Please help me to overcome ---- and I want to lead a better life through you. I decree and declare this day I have overcome ---- and I have the victory in Jesus name, Amen. 

Stay in God's shadow, stay away from sin and temptation, keep reading your Bible and keep seeking God first.


Be ye doers of the Word... We pray this message blesses you today!

If you need prayer, please call the Bill Winston Prayer Center at (877) 543-9443. You can also check online for Joyce Meyer's prayer request form and other sites that can pray for and with you. You are more than a conqueror!