Messages From God May 2022

5/31 Believe for God's Miracle-Working Power. "I Will Help with Your Bills," God

Praise God, Saints. I am hearing "You will see God's help soon." Keep trusting in God for what you need.

There was a story about a woman who stayed at a hotel that offered free breakfast. Guests watched as she literally took everything in sight. She took all the eggs, pancakes, and bacon. She then walked over to the oatmeal section and took the entire bowlful of walnuts and other sides. She took all the milk, bottled water, and other items. As she continued to pile the ingredients into a bag, people stood by in shock - and some prayed. One man said she must have had a great need, and maybe even small children to feed. But God is here so you don't have to worry.

Father God gave the reminder yesterday that He is covering us and He has a hedge of protection around us. All we need to do is call on Him. However, in our minds we think WE have to do it all. We think WE have to find a way or come up with a plan. But God! Our God is so loving and kind, He will SEND provision to us. He will help with our bills, prayer requests, and the other things we need. 


Recently, we were traveling and all I could think of was if the hotel had a grill because I wanted to "serve up something spicy!" One day while working on ministry messages, a few fishermen I had met sat down next to me. They were carrying bags filled with food and started opening all of these foiled items before they prayed.

The man who I shared a Git-R-Done joke with earlier (Larry the Cable Guy reference) turned to me and said "Here, you'll like this and I just opened it." He handed me a fork with a piece of the juiciest and tastiest steak I'd ever had! He explained that while they didn't catch any fish, they lit the grill and make steaks, corn, asparagus, and other items. Later the fishermen spent time talking to my mom and I about brisket, ribs, lamb chops, deer, goose, mac and cheese, and all kinds of other yummy ingredients. What a delight to find fellow connosoirs!

I bring that up to say that God KNOWS the desires of our hearts but He also wants us to tell Him what we need and want. To see my mom standing there talking about grains of meat was so cool, and God was the one who made it possible.

Don't Walk Away 

Now that it's May 31st, I honestly believe that God is about to move suddenly, and this is not meant to shock or put fear into anyone.

God reminded me just now that He said "There's going to panic and an explosion on the news." He also repeatedly has been saying "Don't walk away from Me when you see what I do." He's been saying this, so we MUST trust God to defend us and help restore our great nation.

I want to give one scenario so we don't live in fear but we prepare for what MIGHT come.

They Were Marrying and Giving Into Marriage

Now, this is graphic and we've mentioned it in our video blog but God mentioned a plague coming to His enemies. What if monkeypox is the plague? While we lean NOT on our own understanding, I could see God sending a plague in the month of June as His wrath comes against witches, warlocks, sorcerers, and those practicing abominations and promoting sexual sin against Him. You see, it's like a Tower of Babel mindset where THEY think they've won. THEY think God is inexistent or NOT going to move. THEY think their witchcraft worked and is working. THEY are ready to party, celebrate, and continue trying to crush the seeds God's planted but THEY don't know our God!

God has been saying to me repeatedly to say to you that His wrath and judgment are coming suddenly. But it might not be pretty when we see what God does. Remember, God sent plagues against Egypt to release His people, the Children of Israel, but Pharaoh refused. What did God do? He killed the entire Egyptian army and even had their chariot wheels stuck in the bottom of the Red Sea so they COULD NOT ESCAPE the flood of water coming against them. What a powerful sign that God sent a rainbow to remind us He would never cover the earth again with a flood but He NEVER said He wouldn't flood out our enemies. But there's more.

Because God gave me that "Ring around the Rosie" song lyric reference, we did our "All Fall Down" message a few months ago. There is a plague coming to God's enemies for which they are not prepared. I even remember hearing how it will eat them from the inside out. We're going to see MASSIVE deaths and one prophet said he saw hundreds of bodies stacked outside of funeral homes because they had no room. THIS is God's sudden judgment. But that's not all. God spoke through Pastor Kent Christmas about this, and mentioned how THEY would repent. Those that are coming to the Lord will repent before God and come into the churches for healing. Hence, God WANTS His churches ready to receive them.

God WANTS us quiet before Him and not poking fingers with false pride saying "Told you so." God wants us to bring them to Jesus as we get ready for global revival and then Jesus's eventual return. But remember, with this sudden judgment comes sudden victory for God's people. God spoke through Pastors Timothy Dixon, Donna Rigney, and others about this.

Additionally, when I was praying once and said "They will repent when they see what you do, Lord," He said "Yes, they WILL repent." And God keeps saying to include the reminder that "God is not playing." The other aspect is the sudden earthquakes and hearing God's voice. Because I saw the vision of a HUGE cloud with significantly powerful storms coming out of the sky, people were running and trying to flee. When THEY HEARD that President Trump would be reinstated they tried to run and flee at the airports. I saw people running in so many directions but THEY can't run from God! 

What I LOVE about this time is that God's people are confidently and consistently praying. Everyone that I've asked has said they are praying and waiting on God. Some have said God's anger is coming. Other's have mentioned they're waiting because they know people are going to see God's wrath shortly. So let's continue to hold onto God and trust HIS timing, because what God has for US is also powerful.


We are NOT Abandoned, Dead Dogs. We are Legitimate and Have a Father Who Loves Us

"And he bowed himself, and said, What is thy servant, that thou shouldest look upon such a dead dog as I am?" 2 Samuel 9:8.

When David decided to bless Mephibosheth, he was honoring the covenant he made with Jonathan. God also has a covenant that He made with Abraham and one with David and separately Isaac. God is asking us to fast, pray, sing to Him and keep reading our Bibles while we wait on Him to move. I believe God's judgment is going to come VERY SOON because while THEY are trying to roll the stone over the grave, God is saying "Don't worry. My sudden judgment is coming." 

Mephibosheth thought that because David was on the throne that he would be killed, so he was terrified to go to King David. However, in our case, God is on the Throne and God is going to restore President Trump back to office. THEY think President Trump is coming to bring harm but God intends it for our good.


God is Restoring Us

God wants to remove their witchcraft and demonic and help restore our great nation, so let's let God work. I hear God saying "Don't worry about the money. I will help with your bills." Trust God and know that the month of June will be a great time of transition, upheavals, shock-and-awe, and signs from God. WHEN His sudden judgment comes against His enemies, His glory will come to help us. Surprises are in store for God's enemies because they THOUGHT God would tolerate their wickedness and abominations but we have separated from THEM.

Because we are set apart, God can now bring His wrath and judgment against them and remove those who refuse God and represent His enemies. But for God's children, i.e., His sons and daughters, me, and you, our families, our nation, President Trump, our police officers, and so forth, expect GREAT sudden changes. Sudden, great surprises are in store for God's people so hold onto Him. He is restoring us and GREAT is His faithfulness. All glory to Yah!     



5/30/22 Take Shelter Under God: We are Covered by Him

Praise the Lord, Saints. As we honor those who served today, it's a reminder about sacrifice. Jesus laid down His life for us that we might have life more abundantly. But how can we serve God freely in spirit and in truth when the devil is wreaking havoc? Satan and his workers are trying to cause fear and all kinds of distractions but God said "Don't worry about the witches. I have a hedge of protection around you."

What we're about to see in the coming days is how God moves to help us. Jesus ALREADY paid the cost and made the ultimate sacrifice so let's rest in God and let Him move. Keep calling on God for what you need, and know that NO WEAPONS formed against you shall prosper. God is our covering. To God be the highest praise and great is His faithfulness! 



5/29/22 Wait for God to Move

Praise God, Saints. We're covering a few things Father God and the Holy Spirit said in prayer. "Let them know...let that devil know God is not playing. Remember, the end of a thing is the beginning of God, and I will not fail. The enemy is defeated. I will help with your bills. Tell them not to be afraid when they see what God does. Tell them not to be afraid. Tell them not to be afraid when they see what God does. Let them know My judgment is coming soon. Keep reading your Bible."  

What I want to emphasize is how many times over the past several messages that God is telling us to not be afraid. Because HE'S moving to help us, we can trust confidently in Him. However, what if it's an earthquake or meteors or something SO BIG? Let's remember that God HAS US. Psalm 91:1 states "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty." And that abide word is BIG.

The definition of abide is to accept or act in accordance with (a rule, recommendation, or decision). Synonyms are to comply with, obey, hold to, observe, and remain. So, let's confidently remain in God. What we see God do MIGHT LOOK terrible (plagues, fire, brimstone, sudden upheavals) but God is so loving to us that He's saying "I heard your prayers. My wrath is coming and I will reset things and put them back in order so you can worship Me." Another reminder He gives us is Isaiah 43:2,

"When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee." Hence, we can trust God to bring correction.

God said in yesterday's message that we will be laughing and celebrating when we see what He does, so hold onto Him. When the earthquakes start shaking things, remember, it's not for US, it's for THEM. Let's continue to fast, pray, and repent, and pray that they repent and turn to God because His sudden judgment is coming very soon, and the devil CANNOT touch us.

All glory to God who causes us to triumph!



5/28/22 It's Trump Victory, Not Man's

Praise God, Saints. Sharing part of the message/letter from God with the Trump excerpt from this message FIRST. It is VERY GOOD NEWS for God's people, but God's judgment IS coming soon so we must repent and prepare! 

Before we start this, please let's remember that God has TRULY blessed us with President Trump. He's a Christian. He loves God and Jesus. He's anti-abortion, pro-Israel, and loves draining swamps! Let's remember that President Trump once prayed and asked God what he could do to get into Heaven and LOOK at how God is using him!!! Hence, don't go by the fake news media (mark of the beast). THEY are an establishment controlled on puppet strings to try to bring down the man of God. However, THEY cannot stop God or how God is going to use President Trump. What a powerful leader we have with President Trump who can see through all the lies and corruption, glory to God. He's slicing through the nonsense like he's on the back-nine. Let's continue to pray for President Trump and let God use him BIGLY!


Message From God About President Donald J. Trump (Excerpt) 

Father God said "Keep saying they will see good news soon. Let them know they will see good news soon. There will be cheering and laughter in the streets when they see what I do. Keep singing to Me. Keep being obedient to Me. Praise God for My good report. Let them know they will see help with Donald Trump soon. Donald J. Trump. Let them know surprises are in store. Surprise victories that they might not be aware of. They will see so much in June. Tell them it's before Me. Tell them I am the God who will not fail. I will not fail. I am the God of My promises. Keep calling on Me and trusting in Me for what you need. I want you to get excited. Tell them so many surprises are in store. Make up your mind about Him. Let them know they will see My judgment soon. They will see victory soon. They will see help soon. They might have to declare martial law when they see what I do. Keep calling on Me. My sudden judgment is coming soon. Keep singing to Me about Donald Trump. Keep being obedient to Me about Him. Many surprises are in store. Keep singing to Me. Keep calling on Me for him. Many don't see it yet but in trying to come against him and in trying to come against you, they're going to receive My wrath. They're going to receive a bad report. Let them know I am not playing. Let them know I am the God who is not playing. Keep telling them to prepare for Me because My sudden judgment is coming. Wait and see how I use Donald J. Trump. Wait and see how I restore him, how they have what they need."



5/27/22 Say "Something Good is About to Happen to Me." (Because the Devil CAN'T STOP GOD). Let the FIRE of God fall.

THIS devil here! Why does it LOOK LIKE EVERY TIME God's people do something good, the devil distracts with something bad? Look at the past 3 days.

Good news started coming in about Roe v. Wade. Trump-backed GOP candidates like Herschel Walker won their primary races, and the fake news WON'T tell you Trump's record is winning BIGLY. Hmm. So here are all these Christians celebrating these milestone victories and there's the devil like an evil stepchild. He tries to put out "our fire" by setting a fire with the elementary school shooting to distract, cause fear and panic, and dig a little deeper, use it to continue the argument that guns kill and we should remove guns because the devil THINKS we didn't know and aren't aware that terrorists are coming through the border (the open back door). Another distraction is the supposed "leak" that blames Israel for an Iranian colonel's death. So, the devil is trying to set fires EVERYWHERE. But WE have a fire of our own and that's what the devil needs to be VERY afraid of.

Earlier this morning I heard "Let them know I change not. Stay at the Cross. Stay in My shadow. The end of a thing is the beginning of God. Keep shining a light for Me. THEY are going to be saying not fair when they see what I do. Keep saying it's no problem for Me. Let THEM know THAT number is up. Remove "the animals" from here. Rebuke the demons of heart attacks. Wait and see what I Am about to do. Let them know I Am not playing. Rebuke heart attacks, strokes, sickness, and all disease. Keep praying in tongues before Me. Keep praying to Me. Keep praying to Me in tongues. THEY will be saying not fair when they see. Keep calling on Me. Make those stubborn pride demons flee. Read Psalms 103 to 130. Tell them God is not playing. I will show you proof/evidence. Pray for Philadelphia. Remember Pentecost. You have to fast and pray." Then I went back to sleep but at 6:45 am I woke up and heard "Keep coming before Me, singing before Me. Get the popcorn. Watch and see what our God does."

What's interesting about what God said is that last part came at 6:45 am. I ALREADY love the 45 part and see it as confirmation. But here's what Strong's Greek provides. 

STRONGS NT 645: ἀποσπάωἀποσπῶ; 1 aorist ἀπέσπασα; 1 aorist passive ἀπεσπασθηνto draw off, tear awayτήν μάχαιραν, to draw one's sword, Matthew 26:51 (ἐκσπαν τήν μάχαιραν (or ῤομφαίαν), 1 Samuel 17:51 (Alex., etc.); σπαν1 Chronicles 11:11Mark 14:47); ἀποσπᾶν τούς μαθητάς ὀπίσω ἑαυτῶν to draw away the disciples to their own party, Acts 20:30 (very similarly, Aelian v. h. 13, 32). 

Additional verses:

  • John 6:45 "It is written in the prophets, And they shall be all taught of God. Every man therefore that hath heard, and hath learned of the Father, cometh unto Me." 
  • Luke 6:45 "A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh."

If you notice, 645 means to draw off, tear away, to draw one's sword. It gives the example of the disciples being drawn away to their own party. Hmm. So, God SAID get the popcorn and He SAID watch and see what He does. Yup, this devil ain't ready. He ain't ready for THIS move of God! 

Let's humbly let God move to help us (i.e., quietly with no finger-pointing, false pride). God has a plan in mind for this devil and satan and all his workers will fall into THEIR OWN TRAPS. God's show is about to start! To God be the highest praise! We ALREADY have the victory!

I also hear "Let them know that enemy is in for a sweet surprise." 



5/26/22 Pray for Our Children. Save Our Children.

Praise God, Saints. As this is a sensitive time for so many, we are sharing messages today on how to pray for and over your children. We are also including Kirk Cameron's video about resources parents need on home schooling your kids and other options. We pray God gives you the wisdom you need based on your circumstances as not everyone can afford to stay home. As I wrote this, it was like I was hearing God or the Holy Spirit say, "Tell them it doesn't matter." 

Remember, the devil is full of shock and awe. He's trying to scare parents into being afraid to send their kids to school. He's trying to scare children into not feeling confident or safe. But God DOES NOT give us the spirit of fear but of power, and of love and a sound mind.

Keep saying "Remove me from the hands of my enemies," (Psalm 31:8, 15). Keep doing everything in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. Keep reading your Bible and calling on God and trusting Him MORE. What the enemy is underestimating is God's power, and the power of prayer. Keep decreeing and declaring what you need. Keep binding and releasing and letting God and the angels work. Keep giving God glory and standing firm on God's word and saying "Devil, you will leave God's people alone. You will leave our Children alone. We are God's property and in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority, you WILL leave us alone." It is written Touch NOT mine anointed nor do my prophets harm. (I felt God's presence when I mentioned this verse, so keep decreeing and declaring).

We ARE praying over our nation and for the safety of all children and babies to be safe. The attacks from these demons (Ephes. 6:12) trying to cause fear and panic and trying to make us back down WILL NOT WORK. We stand firm on God's Word and God will defend us in battle. God IS coming to help us, and the gates of hell shall NOT prevail.

As a reminder, we have resources available through prayer partners like TBN. Please use (714) 731-1000 to reach a TBN Prayer Partner. Keep ministry messages on like Joel Osteen and turn the mainstream TV off. This is a time to feed on the word and get ready for Jesus and Pentecost. As I heard the other day, "I want you to get ready for Messiah, the true and living God." 




5/25/22 Focus on God

Saints, Let God into those hurting areas today. So many are hurting and grieving from Covid, bills, setbacks, and yesterday's tragic news about the Texas elementary school. We need to sit at Jesus' feet and rest.

Focus on God and take everything to Him in prayer. Like Elijah, let God bring His refreshing. Like Joseph, let God bring you out of that pit. Like Abraham and Sarah, let God show you He is faithful. Like Noah, let God show You His Word never leaves void. Like David, let God deliver you from your enemies. Like Hannah, let God fill that womb and make YOU laugh with joy. Like the widow, let God restore what is lacking, missing or broken.

I hear for someone "God knows you need the money. Focus on Me. I will give you what you need." Trust God and let Him work.

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5/24/22 It's God's Will: Stay in God's Perfect Will and Trust His Timing. Those Stubborn Pride Demons WILL Flee Soon. But You Have to Keep Your Defenses Up.

"For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men," 1 Peter 2:15

Praise God, Saints. We pray this finds you well. This morning I heard "Tell them they don't have to worry when they see what I do." I also heard "Not fair, not fair when they see what I do," [I heard that twice]. "Tell them it doesn't matter when they see what I do." [As a reminder we should pray Psalm 31:8, 15] "Remove me from my enemies' hands." I also heard "Keep reading your Bible more. My earthquake is coming. Sudden judgment. They might not see it yet, but they will."

We keep everyone in prayer today and we also pray over the Primaries. Back in November, Father God had us do a message on Herschel Walker. We included the verse "No weapons formed against you shall prosper." Interesting how the news media SUDDENLY started coming against Herschel and discrediting his charity AFTER he took a stand against abortion. We rebuke the left-sided fake news media but please note something interesting. The MORE the fake news suddenly comes out with stories against President Trump, Trump supporters, and Christians, the MORE their hidden motives and agendas are being revealed. So, let's let God work to expose them.

THEY cannot stop our God. THEY cannot stop our prayers. Keep reading your Bible MORE to hear God clearly. ONLY God's will shall be done so we keep saying "On earth as it is in Heaven." Come, Lord! Let Your glory come and help us!    

Rebuke THEM: We Live Under God with No Fear

5:01 pm Saints, We keep Texas in our prayers after the heinous and senseless shooting at an elementary school.

What's interesting is when we posted today's message, Father God said to add "Rebuke terrorism" because this devil is trying to cause fear, and just before we put this post up He said "Remind them to stay vigilant." We pray for the families, staff, and all those affected in Texas. Lord, please bring comfort and healing to these families. We also pray against terrorist attacks and rebuke the devil trying to fill God's people with fear. We cancel the devil's assignment and ask for God's mercy. Keep reading your Bible MORE. The gates of hell SHALL NOT prevail.

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5/23/22 Let God Handle It

Praise God, Saints. Sending a reminder to hold onto God and turn EVERYTHING over to Him. Remember, we don't lean on our own understanding because God's ways are HIGHER. Like that song "Even when I can't see it, You're working," let's trust God and let Him work! He's got us and great is His faithfulness. Our Comforter is coming!

I heard this morning in prayer "Tell them don't look back when they see what God does. Stay in God's shadow. They're going to be saying not fair when they see what God does. I have a hedge of protection around you." He gave that reminder for us to confidently say "You are mine and I am His." I also heard "Keep on singing to Me. Write the vision. They will have help soon. Those stubborn pride demons will flee from here soon. Keep cutting the head of that enemy off and reading your Bible more. Keep calling on Me and singing to Me.  Keep rebuking them in the name and blood of Jesus and by God's authority. Keep singing. You will have help soon. [An/My] earthquake is coming. Pray for Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh.  Tell them don't look back. You will see help soon."



5/22/22 He is God Alone. Don't Worry. Keep Trusting in Our Comforter.

Praise the Lord, Saints. Please as a reminder, "Keep singing to God." The devil will send all kinds of distractions and attacks, right? His goal is to cause us to complain, doubt, and give up. WRONG! God is ALWAYS working behind the scenes, but we have to do our part and stay positive. Keep speaking what you need and seeing God working it out. And He will!!! 



5/21/22 Don't Wait Until You SEE It To Believe, Hear God and Have Faith

Praise the Lord, Saints. A really quick word to have faith and not go by what you SEE. There are all kinds of demons working to try to cause God's people to give up but rebuke them. They've ALREADY lost the battle. Remember, Jesus went to Calvary for us, and we are redeemed. Also, interesting point. So, God has mentioned through Pastors Kent Christmas, Timothy Dixon, me and others about this "plague" that's coming. I watch what I say here because "we know not" but please let God work. Not sure if this monkeypox is what I was hearing when we did our All Fall Down message but continue to humbly repent and let God work. As Father God or the Holy Spirit said once, by the time the enemy sees what God is doing it will be too late. Keep coming out from among them and pray they repent. 



5/20/22 Remember, ONLY God is in Control...and Censoring on Twitter and YouTube. THEY Can't Censor God.

Praise God, Saints. Sending a quick reminder to keep rebuking those witchcraft demons. Don't let what it LOOKS LIKE convince you that God is NOT working. That's a trick of the devil. WE have the authority because God works IN and THROUGH us so call on God and trust Him. 

Years ago, I dated a truck driver who drove sound equipment for Josh Groban. He wanted to visit and asked where to park. I said "Oh, there's plenty of parking out front." It didn't occur to me that he was driving a Mack truck and could not simply double park on the street. He had to park so far away, he needed to take a cab to get to me because the walk was too long!

What I'm saying is sometimes when we THINK it's a simple thing, God is actually moving mountains behind the scenes to get our blessings to us. But in our minds, we might give up and think God DIDN'T hear our prayers because we don't SEE anything happening. But God IS faithful. Not only are the blessings BIGGER than we could ever imagine, but they might take longer as God puts everything in place, i.e., delayed is NOT denied. So, hold onto God and keep believing in Him! Great is His faithfulness!

As a side note, we keep everyone in prayer as some areas might experience heat wave-like temperatures this weekend. Please check on the elderly, the disabled, and those with pets. We keep everyone in prayer and let's remember, tempers get hotter when the temperature goes up. But I hear God saying "Keep singing to Me," so focus on God.

Last point: I don't have the time to write about Elon Musk tonight as it's already late but it's AMAZING to see God move. Our Father is SO powerful He will answer our prayers and remove Jack Dorsey and reinstate President Trump BACK on Twitter. It's eye-opening to see Elon Musk addressing Hilary Clinton tweets. God is bringing EVERY hidden thing to light.

An additional point: An archbishop doesn't want to give Pelosi communion because of her "grave sin" in being pro-choice. It is a reminder to pray that THEY repent. They don't SEE the harm or how it grieves God but the Church is taking a stand.

Another point is when I posted a live message yesterday (with the landmines image above), YouTube took it down and intentionally marked it private. Apparently you STILL CANNOT SAY THE TRUTH THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP WILL BE REINSTATED!!! But I will try to figure out how to put it up here. I guess there IS NO free speech or truth with the left!!!! But, similar to how God can remove a CEO and replace THEM, we can pray and ask God to make changes at YouTube, too. THEY will NOT censor God.

They don't see that WE are trying to help them hear God and Jesus but what a reminder that EVERY knee bows to Christ. Censoring Christians is NOT going to stop God. He who sits in the heavens laughs. THEY CANNOT STOP OUR GOD or what God's about to do with US, this nation, or President Trump. To God be all the praise and glory!  



5/19/22 Rebuke Those Witchcraft Demons

Remember the game Hot and Cold? One person had their eyes closed and tried to find out where another person was hiding. You'd hear "Warm, warm. Warmer. Hot, hotter," as you got closer to the person. Maybe we were too young to point out that all we had to do was follow the other person's voice. As their voice got louder, it meant we were getting closer to them. And we are GETTING CLOSER, too.

In life, as we get close to the blessings God has for us, man, it can go from warm to hot. That's because God prepares a table for us so AT FIRST, it LOOKS LIKE the enemy is winning. I saw this on my old job. There were ALL KINDS of demonic setups and eye-winking that went on. It was tiring and frustrating because I didn't know WHERE the landmines were located. But I didn't have to. God KNEW ahead of time what the devil had planned. One day He told me to stay home, and the enemy's carefully orchestrated plan FAILED. Another time my boss sent me on a 5-6 hour errand. And as you can guess, there was another FAILED stamp because God had interceded. All the work they planned to dump on me, they had to do themselves instead. 

If you look at our nation right now, and planet, for that matter, there are landmines EVERYWHERE. Fights are starting over race, over Roe v. Wade, over gas, over baby formula, over money, over inflation, over the election, over going maskless. It's chaotic, right? But here's the thing. God KNEW this would happen. I revert back to what an Uber driver said weeks ago. We were talking about President Trump's visit when he said "I'm glad Biden is president" and I swallowed hard thinking "Uh, oh." But then he said "Now, people can see their real motives and hidden agendas." And, it's true. The seas ARE parting!

When I think about the messages God gave in January's Be Ready to Launch in February, He said repeatedly (maybe a hundred times or more), "They might not see it yet but they will see soon." While I didn't know specifically what God was referring to, we are seeing now where the devil and his demonic workers are promoting their own agendas. People were told monthly stimulus checks, a better economy, and student debt cancellation. They got 1 stimulus, record high inflation, food shortages, a "so-called war" that we're giving millions to instead of starving and hungry people in the US (this is NOT against Ukraine, but the call is coming from inside the house of sand), additional covid variants, pronouns, and NO student debt cancellation (unless you were in a few specific categories which the news is trying to inflate as if it applies to everyone).

Then there's the Buffalo shooting like other questionable racially charged incidents that might be highly orchestrated to help PROVOKE racial tensions (Dr. Francis Myles 2019 Jim Bakker interview about the Cabal). "You're getting hotter!" Maybeeeeeeeee they know that President Trump's 2nd impeachment charge might be overturned. Because THEY'RE still trying to say President Trump and all our police officers are racists. Getting hotter and the devil is a liar!!! THEY loved Trump until he refused to go along with the Cabal's plans. That's when THEY suddenly started blasting negative press about him (similar to how they came against Jesus who was also innocent. Just saying, judge not, it's getting hot!!!). Maybeeeeeeee they are concerned about the GOP election changes and they're trying to enact laws NOW to block President Trump later.  But THEY cannot stop God. All THEY succeeded in doing is exposing their own hidden agendas which people needed to SEE. And THEY are losing record profits with inflation because people are not spending...Hot, hotter. You're on fire!

What I'm saying is simple. It's NOT your responsibility or mine to try to convince people what God said. That's a trick and trap of the enemy to cause distractions and cause petty arguments. What I heard God say was something very brief. "Be quiet. Watch and see what God does." He also said as a reminder "Don't walk away when you see what God says." As my mom said several months ago, people are going to be devastated WHEN the masks come off (hidden motives, I mean). They're going to be so upset WHEN God speaks and reinstates President Trump. They're going to be so repentant WHEN they realize the devil was using them to come against us. Wait until they SEE that some of these organizations were backed by witches, warlocks, and sorcerers. Wait until they see the ties to child sex trafficking and baby sacrifices on the highest levels. Wait until they SEE. But, like Jesus, let's ONLY show love, humility, compassion, and forgiveness.

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Be quiet when you see what God does. His justice, judgment, truth, wrath, fear, fire, and glory are coming. And God will help unite us so we can once again be ONE nation/body under God. To God be the HIGHEST praise! Victory is ours because God and Jesus already saw it. Keep establishing your prayer mandates. Keep consecrating yourselves and coming before God. Keep being obedient to Him. And keep rebuking distractions, witchcraft, and demonic attacks. That devil is ALREADY defeated. It's just a matter of time before God moves.

Stay focused on God. Remember, God is ALREADY on the way. He's ALREADY heard our prayers and is sending help. He's ALREADY shifting things in our favor. In the meantime, though, we must do our parts and continue to SHIFT with God. Fast, pray, and sing to God. Get to bed early and get up to worship, praise, and sing to Him! Oh, how I love Jesus. Oh, how I love Jesus. Oh, how I love Jesus because He first loved me! God loves US and He loves THEM. THEY might not see it yet but they will see.

All God wants is for them to repent so we can all glorify our Father God together. When I said "They will repent" weeks ago, I heard God or the Holy Spirit say abruptly "Yes, they WILL repent." But we must repent too so we can stay humble before our Father. Watch and see what He does. He does NOT change. I hear "Turn that music on." Keep praising God in spite of them and regardless of what they SAY or DO. While it LOOKS LIKE it's getting warm, no hot, no hotter, it doesn't matter. Situations are about to change soon and NO ONE can stop our God!!!!! xoxo

4:17 pm I heard a few times today and yesterday "Pray for every police officer" and "Pray for all police officers." Lord God, Creator of all things, we glorify You and thank You that You alone are all-knowing and all-powerful. Please be with each and every police officer and we ask for Your grace, covering, mercy, favor, wisdom, and discernment for our brave men and women in blue. Cover every officer and please give them support and respect in their communities again, we pray, in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority, Amen. I also hear "Let them know they will see help soon." 



5/18/22 Control Belongs to God, i.e., God is in Control

Smoke and mirrors. It's a funny thing how the MSM can show one thing but their plans are falling apart behind the scenes. But like Pastor Hank Kunneman singing "Something is about to happen," we know God WON'T fail. So, there's Pastor Gene Bailey and Pastor Lance Wallnau talking about how Elon Musk is exposing the 5-20% bots on Twitter. Then there's Sky News Australia with commenters sharing the downloadable contents of Hunter Biden's laptops from the website Bidenlaptopemails. Interesting. When God said "It's in the emails" I didn't know if he meant Hunter or Hillary. But have faith because God knows. God said "Evidence is coming" and it is. God said "They will run and flee" and they're probably packing now and leaving for the airport. God continues to say "Explosion on the news" so we ain't seen ANYTHING yet.

Look at how Roe v. Wade is on track to be overturned, as Gene Bailey points out. Like in Wanda Alger's message about the Trojan Horse Exposed, look at how the secret societies and bloodline families are being exposed and broken down by God's holy fire as God's light shines and God's people STAND without fear. All of these points are reminders to let God work and DON'T GIVE UP because you don't SEE it working yet. As God says through Donna Rigney, He's exposing what's hidden and done in secret to harm others, and "When this wave hits, things will turn topsy turvy." 

A huge storm/tsunami is coming with that exposure but remember, THEY are showing smoke and mirrors (and UFOs). THEY are trying to get us to focus on illusions and not their con games. THEY are trying to keep up a good poker face. But THEY are running out of time and THEY are exposed because our God is on the Throne and the Spirit of Truth is coming. Look at the Trump GOP wins. Like that avalanche, it's full speed at the bottom, so get out of God's way and be ready.

Remember, God said "Tell them to move faster." Get in position. Pray, fast, repent, and read your Bible more. Sing to God and be ready for the next move from Him. Write down what you need and let your requests be made known unto God. THEY are upset because God is working to help restore us but THEY don't have a choice. ONLY our God is on the Throne and ONLY our God prevails.

Keep your praise and worship music on and keep singing to God. Great is HIS faithfulness. I also hear Him saying as a reminder, "Be quiet when you see what God does" and "930." Keep turning off the television and keep getting to bed early so you can get up and praise God and we can get on one accord. God is waiting for US, and we will have and see help soon. Like Lana Vawser's message above "Joy, joy, joy" is coming!

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5/17/22 Remember, God is in Control. Pray and Loose Blessings into Your Atmosphere

So, the MSM is focusing on UFOs? Sounds like more gaslighting to cover up President Trump being reinstated on Twitter, and the Pennsylvania primary win that's coming. HUGE!!! Then there's "Mr. Biden's" Buffalo photo opp (NYT reference) about how "White supremacy will not have the last word."  Because THEY want blacks against whites (to promote black pride, fear, segregation, groups that do not include God/Jesus so WHEN President Trump is reinstated, they can come against US). [Stay at the Cross, Saints.] This is yet another false narrative when the call is clearly coming from inside the house (that WILL FALL because its foundation is witchcraft, not God and Jesus Christ, i.e., our God DOES NOT back, condone, or support abortions and sexual sin). Incidentally, about that UFO topic BTW, the only "UFO" we need to focus on is our Unwavering Faith Opportunities, i.e., read your Bible MORE. God's truth, justice, and judgment are coming to help us remove the witches, demons, evil, and all demonic (Ephes. 6:12). Watch and see what God does.

There's an old gospel song that was sung live. I can't remember if it was Bishop William Murphy or another pastor, but the father was singing at one point in the song about how God took over in his life. He sang out "Something got a hold of me!" What a wonderful reminder that the anointing is HERE helping us and working for our good. So, please remember to not go by what it LOOKS LIKE.

What we speak is what comes to pass. Look at the mountain of bills, those unruly kids, that angry coworker or boss, the medical report or that sickness, and take it to God. The devil wants us crying, afraid and running in 20 directions saying "Not fair! I lost everything." No.

Recognize that THIS might be a HUGE TEST (especially when God gets quiet like this). So, speak out, decree, and declare what you need. Recall that God didn't ask "Can these dry bones live" because He didn't know the answer. God wants us to know we have power in HIS WORD when we line up with Him. What you speak is what will come to pass, so try it. 

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Here's my version to get you started (add or remove what you want to it but say it out loud and confidently trust God for it)...

Decree and Declare to Take Our Nation Back

"I decree and declare, I am blessed in the city and field, blessed when I come and go (Deut. 28:1-14). Wealth and riches are in My house (Ps. 112:3), and I am blessed. My family, business, home, finances, and health are all blessed. I invite God in and I receive ALL THAT GOD HAS FOR ME and the gates of hell shall NOT prevail (Matt. 16:18). I rebuke all witchcraft, evil, and demonic. I rebuke covid, all cancers, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and all other sicknesses and disease. By Jesus' stripes we are healed (Is. 53:3). Satan is defeated and I have the victory. I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living (Ps. 27:13). I will see my prayers answered. I am victorious. I see favor everywhere I step and everywhere I step I am blessed. I renew my vows to God and submit to Him. I repent of all my sins and ask God to forgive me for lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, and the pride of life (1 John 2:15-17, Matt. 4:3-11). I decree and declare supernatural blessings coming to me and God's miracle working power working on my behalf to restore me and my family. I decree and declare angels removing stubborn pride demons and all witchcraft from me and my family, our homes, finances, businesses, health, wallets, and everything associated with us. We are blessed. We receive financial miracles, blessings, and breakthroughs. All that God has for us is ours and the devil cannot steal it. Satan remove your hands from us (Ps. 31:8, 15). Father God we pray make the devil remove his hands from us. He will take his hands off God's property and we ask God to restore our homes, businesses, health, finances, property, families, and all that we have belongs to God. We ask You, Lord, to give us the heathen for our inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for our possession (Psalm 2:8) because we choose You, Lord God. We are Yours and You are ours. Let your rain fall fresh over us and reign over us, Lord. Let Your glory come so we can worship You. We choose ONLY You, Lord God. We WILL SEE laughter and joy on the streets soon. We WILL SEE reunions soon. We WILL SEE covid and cancers defeated. We WILL SEE witchcraft and all evil and the demonic defeated. THEY will run and flee when God moves. We WILL SEE all of our bills paid and we are debt-free. We WILL SEE our nation restored. We WILL SEE President Trump reinstated and restored. We WILL SEE our police officers and military honored and respected for their work and sacrifices. We WILL SEE our children coming home whole and restored. We will see the lives of innocent babies protected and not treated discarded or used as sacrifices. We WILL SEE nothing missing, nothing lacking, and nothing broken. We WILL SEE our nation healed. We WILL SEE God back in the White House and EVERY house, school, home, heart, church, and business. We WILL SEE God's truth, justice, and judgment come. We WILL SEE God's fear, fire, glory, and wrath come to help us restore this great nation. We WILL SEE God get ALL THE GLORY as we prepare for Pentecost and the Global Revival that's coming. We WILL SEE our covenant with God reestablished and global repentance as we openly and unashamed honor and revere God, not man, witchcraft, evil, or the demonic. We WILL SEE God move as He removes Jezebel and Baal and Hamans fall into their own traps. We pray THEY repent and turn from their wicked ways so they can find Jesus while there's time, in Jesus name, we pray, Amen."    

We pray for President Trump. Whoever needs this, God is saying "I will help with the bills." Write what you need and take it to God in prayer. He will help.

Remember, God has a hedge of protection around you, and you have your guardian angel and the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost guiding you No devil, demon, or witch in hell can stop God's plans!!! To God be the HIGHEST praise! 

And THEY will be saying Not fair, not fair when they see what God does. Please remember 12 o'clock. I heard that earlier as I was typing this. Get to bed early so you can get up early to worship, pray, and praise God. He WILL do the supernatural but we must be in alignment and obedient to Him to receive all we need.

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5/16/22 Get Ready for God to Move

Praise God, Saints. I love hearing Pastor John Hagee's booming voice as he shouts to prepare for Jesus' return and pray for Israel. I also love hearing Bishop TD Jakes say in a low, throaty voice, "Get ready, get ready, get ready!" It's a reminder that NOTHING is impossible with God, so EXPECT a move of God. And, here's something interesting.

While the devil wants to distract us with offenses and arguments, these are reminders to stand firm and continue to rebuke the witches and demons.

In an SUV commercial, a man uses his truck to clear plastic bottles and other debris off a beach so sea turtle hatchlings can safely reach the water without becoming entangled. Hence, we too, must "clear the debris."

Make the Way for God, God's People, and President Trump

The devil is trying to use character assassination attempts, fake news, and false accusations against God, President Trump, and the body of Christ. No. Speak God's Word to remove the seeds the devil is trying to plant. Like the plastic debris that could prohibit the hatchlings, we must speak God's Word to remove the snares of the enemy.

Remember, NO WORD OF GOD EVER FAILS. I hear "Suddenly" so let's keep reading our Bibles MORE. Suddenly, God speaks and shuts down the enemy. Suddenly, President Trump is restored. Suddenly, we receive the wealth transfer. Suddenly, our greatest days are HERE. Suddenly, reunions, prodigals home, marriages restored, moves into better areas. Suddenly, we receive healings and cancers and covid are a thing of the past. Suddenly, we are singing and dancing in the streets worshiping God for the victory because GREAT is HIS faithfulness!!!

Get up early, sing to God, fast and pray to Him, and keep rebuking the demonic. THEY, as in the witches, warlocks, sorcerers, and demons DO NOT WIN. WE already won with Jesus over 2,000 years ago, so hold onto God and let Him work. THEY will flee soon when God moves. Whatever it is you need, believe for the SUPERNATURAL. Get it down in your spirit that SUDDENLY is coming!!! And God will! He will not fail. And do not worry. God has a hedge of protection around you. To God be the HIGHEST praise!




5/15/22 Tag Jesus In...and Let God Handle It

Praise the Lord, Saints. I pray this finds you well. I had the strangest dream last night. A relative who is NOT a Trump supporter said "I was going to say...about President Trump. He is going to save us." I woke up thinking "Hallelujah! Bring on the coffee!" What an amazing prophetic vision! It's a reminder that people are starting to WAKE UP and realize they cannot go by what they see on the fake news and social media.

We pray for Buffalo, and we pray for California, so please stay alert and vigilant this week. Remember, people are upset over the supposed Roe v. Wade leak. And, ANYONE (working in the demonic) can create a fake attack to make it LOOK LIKE it's coming from Trump supporters. There are people who are very upset because Trump-backed candidates are winning BIGLY, so please be alert to the devil's games. While this nation is SO ONE-SIDED (good/light v. evil/darkness, not left v. right), GOD IS ON OUR SIDE. Hold onto Him.

An Uber driver from L.A. said that he used to work with a lot of producers in Hollywood and they KNOW how to steer an audience's opinion. Hence, people can see a distorted view of the truth on the news and don't even realize it. Meaning, THEY (like flying monkeys sent by narcissists) can try to come against God's people and against Trump supporters because they're taking their information based on what they SEE on TV and in the news instead of asking God. 

It's God who vindicates us and the TRUTH will come out. With audits, election results, Roe v. Wade, 2,000 Mules, Pentecost around the corner, and the Blood Red Moons this weekend...there's an AWFUL LOT of witchcraft, demonic, gas lighting, and attacks against innocent people. Keep putting on the full armor of God, keep your defenses UP, and keep inviting God in. You can even say "Lord, I invite You in. Please help God and Jesus." Remember, God wants us to REST and stay seated with Him. It's HIS battle. So, tag Jesus in!!!! Drop the mike and let God handle it and keep your peace!!!! God's got THIS! Over and out! 



5/14/22 Hear the Trumpet Sound 🙌🏻✝❤️‍🔥️‍🎊🥳

Praise God, Saints. I hear God saying, "It will get better." Please stay encouraged and keep standing on God's Word. I also hear "Don't look back when you see what God does."

Sharing Pastor Mike Thompson's message, which is CONFIRMATION. I was reading Isaiah 45:7 "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things." The reference for this verse is Amos 3:6 "Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? shall there be evil in a city, and the Lord hath not done it?" Verse 7 states "Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but He revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets.

God said through Pastor Mike "The Trumpet sounds. Do you hear the trumpet? I am restoring the sound of the trumpet. I will use the trumpet for My purposes."  

We pray (including what Pastor Mike Thompson said to pray) "Father God in Jesus' name, we give You the highest praise. We ask for Your mercy, truth, and grace. Let the trumpet of God come. We pray for the restoration of the sound for President Trump. [When I spoke this, I felt the Holy Spirit so powerfully]. Give him your visions and dreams. Bless him and his family and Mike Pence and his family and give them protection. We also pray for all our police officers and military. We come against the false witness against Trump and come against hatred, Jezebel, and character assassinations against President Trump. Let HIS VOICE become louder and that WE SHOUT THE VICTORY and that WE PRAISE YOU as we give you the glory and TAKE BACK AMERICA and RESTORE our covenant with you, in Jesus' name, we pray, Amen.


5/13/22 Leave It to God

Praise God, Saints. Yesterday at 11:56 am I heard You're going to hear "Explosion on the news" and you might not know what to do. I also heard "Don't panic when you see what God does." It might not be on the news yet but it's coming.

Not sure if or how that 11:56 am time slot relates to this. However, according to Study Light, 1156 בְּעָא means to ask, pray, seek, desire, request, make petition.

We pray, Father God, we glorify You because ONLY You are in control and on the Throne. Please guide and lead us. Give us your Truth with whatever we might hear on the news. And Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost, please help us with every detail in Jesus' name, Amen. 

Narrow Your Vision to God

As a reminder, God said "THEY will be in a bad mood when they see what God does" and "THEY will be saying not fair, not fair when they see what God does." You see what's happening with Roe v. Wade. Trump will change laws back and help and it will get better. But God wants US to fix it with his help. He's been saying this through several prophets, our ministry, Pastor Mike Thompson. "We will remove the enemy together," i.e., God's truth, judgment and justice. But we have to do our part.

We must prepare for God's glory coming closer (ref. Donna Rigney) by reading our Bibles more and singing to God to draw Him closer (ref. Jehoshaphat, when surrounded by the enemy). Don't let THEM distract you from praying for Trump (2,000 Mules, election). Trump IS our president and God IS our God over this nation and our founding fathers GAVE it to God. God doesn't change and neither do we. Continue to stand with God and Trump for America. Don't make their evil bigger than God. He is bigger than the evil (Isaiah 45:7, Donna Rigney).

Cancel the enemy's plans by putting the witches and demons in God's tornado. Bind the demonic and all Ephes. 6:12 demons into eternal darkness.  Release warring angels and God's authority. We hold the keys of David (Isaiah 22:22, Nate Johnston). What we speak comes to pass. Get that oil out, anoint yourselves, fast and pray as we go into Pentecost. That devil, all evil, witchcraft and demonic are ALREADY DEFEATED. We ALREADY WON. We glorify God for the victory.

Prepare for the Battle

Call on God for what you need. God said He will help with the bills. We pray for every family. We pray for Trump, Pence and their families and our police officers and military. Remember...they were marrying and giving into marriage (Noah, Lot's time) when God sent the flood and fire and brimstone. God TOLD His prophets what He would do and then He did it. God is doing the same thing now so please move faster and prepare. God's judgment, justice, truth, wrath, fear, fire and glory are coming.

Read your Bibles more and keep coming away from THEM. Pray THEY repent. It doesn't matter if they believe US but God has a 100% accurate proven track record for doing what He says He will do (ref. Allen Jackson). Angels show proof. Al glory to Yah! And do not worry. ONLY GOD is on the Theone and THEY WILL SUBMIT TO GOD. Every knee bows. Wait on God and be quiet when you see what He does.

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5/12/22 God Will Not Fail: The Great MAGA King

"And now, behold, I know well that thou shalt surely be king, and that the kingdom of Israel shall be established in thine hand," 1 Samuel 24:20

Praise God, Saints. Father God said earlier to call this "He is the God who faileth not."  I was listening to a message from Pastor Allen Jackson (see the video above). He had a great reminder about something. In Noah and Lot's time, THEY went about their business and were ignoring God when God moved. God told His prophets what He would do, and God did it. God didn't say "Next Thursday I will reign down fire." Nope. He simply spoke to His prophets about His plans. Then it got quiet where it LOOKED LIKE nothing would happen, and then God moved.

Obviously, we know from Noah's time it was a flood, but God said He wouldn't do that again. Hence, we have the rainbow as a sign. With Lot's time it was fire and brimstone. But, what's interesting about these stories is the waiting period. So God spoke first about what He was going to do because He reveals it to His prophets. And then comes the time before God moves/acts. You see, Noah and his family and Abraham and Lot's family KNEW God would move and they had faith and took God at His word. What I'm getting at is this.

THEY might not think God is going to do anything BUT GOD HAS ALREADY SPOKEN. So, we're waiting on God. THEY can change all the TV shows and movies. THEY can create all the fake news and new rules they want. THEY can stand in the street and sing and dance like an Old Navy commercial and think that THEY'VE won. THEY can even try to speak against God, His prophets, President Trump, and the Body of Christ. The problem is THEY don't realize that THEY are now going to have to deal with God. You see, ONLY God has the final say. So, let's let God move. And I mean no disrespect with this next section.

Isn't it strange? Biden called Trump "The Great MAGA King." Didn't Pontius Pilot call Jesus King? He called Him the King of the Jews. Didn't Saul call David king before Saul eventually fell on his own sword. I say that respectfully because we should pray that Biden's heart changes and that he repents. It was only a few weeks ago when PeculiarLady1 had an alarming prophetic word in YouTube to pray for him. Let's continue to pray for all unbelievers to repent for that matter. And please use this time as a reminder to keep coming out from among THEM. Read your Bible more, draw closer to God MORE and keep seeking God and singing to Him. What an amazing comparison of God moving.

On one hand there's going to be running and fleeing because THEY did NOT believe God existed or would move or speak. On the other, God's people will be on the streets singing, dancing, and rejoicing BECAUSE God showed a mighty move to break the enemy's curses and strongholds. God said He would, and He never lies or fails. Situations HAVE TO change soon and they will change suddenly.

Don't walk away from God or what He does. EVERYTHING God said WILL come to pass. And, remember, God is going to use US to minister to THEM, so please let's remember, be quiet when we see what God does. He wants us to humbly let Him work. No false pride, ego, arrogance, or finger-pointing. God is helping us and is so loving He sees us as His family, i.e., sons and daughers, but we MUST remain humble before Him and not reflect THEM (so continue to come out from among them and consecrate ourselves). To God be the highest praise! Remember, God is saying "I will help with those bills." Believe the possibilities!   





5/11/22 Tell Them They Don't Have to Worry When They See What God Does

Praise God, Saints. We serve the Most High God who is coming to help us, so please stay encouraged and don't go by what you see or what THEY say. ONLY God is on the Throne. Trust God to move in His timing, and keep rebuking the witchcraft, evil, and demonic. 

The other day I saw a sexually explicit ad that showed families celebrating their vacations and it closed with children (young girls) kissing. The devil is trying all kinds of SHOCK and AWE but God is going to move SUDDENLY. He said the witches and demons will flee when God moves. Pray they repent. Pray they find Jesus while there's time. And, don't walk away when you see what God does. 

Action item: WHEN you see intentionally offensive or blasphemous content that goes against God, turn it off/walk away and rebuke it. We must SPEAK OUT against it to cancel the devil's assignment. Say out loud, "Lord, we rebuke the spirit of offense and sexual sin trying to cause us to sin. We issue Divine Restraining Orders and we cancel that devil's assignment and the spirit of offense." 

Note: This is NOT to come against people but the demonic realm that is working behind the scenes. Remember, Jesus wants us to show Godly love so they can repent and come to God while there's time. 

Rebuke the Spirit of Offense Against President Trump

On a separate note, please keep President Trump, Mike Pence, and their families in prayer. The devil has been trying to make all kinds of false accusations especially against President Trump to accuse him of things he has not done.

Action item: WHEN you see fake news and ads on social media against President Trump, don't just say to yourself "That's not true." Instead, say out loud "Lord, I rebuke the spirit of offense against President Trump. We issue Divine Restraining Orders and petition the Courts of Heaven to protect President Trump's name (Reference: Pastor Mike Thompson, Nevada). We cancel that devil's assignment and the spirit of offense. We rebuke the spirit of false accusations and character assassination attempts." 



5/10/22 "Tell Them It Doesn't Matter. ONLY God is on the Throne," God

A very upset elderly woman was at a department store fussing at the salesclerk about a sale. Her purchases reflected the regular price instead of the discount, but the clerk refused to make the price adjustment. Amused by how upset the elderly woman was, the clerk was secretly toying with her because she resented seniors. After several people overheard the woman saying repeatedly "The sale ends today so I should still have the sale price," they, too, voiced their opinions to give the woman the discount. And yet, the clerk refused. The disruptive commotion caught the attention of a manager who walked over. The salesclerk thought "Good. Now this old lady will get what's coming to her." But instead, the manager, after letting the elderly woman state her side, said "I'll ring you up at the sales price. I have the override key."  And God has the override key, too, and the final say.

The devil, his workers, and those that serve witchcraft, evil, and the demonic must really have short term memory. They seem to forget that God made both the good and the evil (Isaiah 54:7), i.e., THEY cannot stop God. And what a loving God who is here for us REGARDLESS of what THEY say or do. Take what you need help with to God today and let Him help you. God is restoring us because we have called on Him, and it doesn't matter what the devil SAYS or DOES. Remember, God is coming to REMOVE their stubborn pride from here.

The attorney. The hospital bills. The debts. The devil's game playing. The warring person coming against you. Whoever THEY are, know that THEY don't have more authority or power than God. THEY mistakenly think THEIR witchcraft and spells will help them but God's winds are going to blow soon and they will get out of God's way. I hear "Situations have to change soon." Keep reading your Bible and trusting in God. They WILL NOT stand in God's way or stop our God from working on our behalf. To God be the HIGHEST praise. Amen! 

I hear "Surprises are in store" and "Some will see help soon." Keep taking it to God and don't let the devil's games frustrate you. That's a trick of the enemy. Instead, sing to God and rejoice in Him for the victory that's coming! And WATCH and SEE what our God does!


5/9/22 God, Give Us THIS Day...Remember, It's Only a TEMPORARY Affliction. So, Keep Reading Your Bible and Have Faith in God.

"For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds," 2 Corinthians 10:4

Recently, a sheriff's office along the Gulf Coast of Florida alerted residents to numerous shark citings. The aerial image was sent with a message about the dangers under the water, not just above (harmful UV rays). 

Spiritual Shark Alerts

In our own lives, it can feel like there are dangers around every corner. Sometimes the threats can come from angry coworkers or family members we don't get along with. Like ducking dodge balls or trying to avoid stepping on landmines, it can be exhausting to keep the peace.

Emotionally and spiritually drained, you might question if God sees and is help. The answer on both parts is a resounding yes!

Don't Be Attacked. Defend Yourself with the Word (Sword)

Please take a few minutes to go through today's ministry links below as Father God has been speaking repeatedly through His prophets about the blessings that are coming.

God KNOWS it was a tough wilderness season and the enemy is trying to get you to ring out. God KNOWS about the situational attacks and sabotaging attacks when you did NOTHING WRONG. But keep trusting in God and calling on Him.

Under Severe Attack? It's a Sign SERIOUS Blessings are Coming

Pick. Pick. Pick. Pick. Poke. Poke. Poke. I can see this devil pushing buttons, trying to get a reaction. I can see him trying to corner God's people with passive/aggressive games and demonic attacks looking for a way in. (Keep reading your Bible). I can see him waiting for times when we are hungry, tired, and battle-weary so he can pounce and THEN when we try to defend ourselves, he's ready to blame US and say WE came after THEM. But don't worry. That's Jezebel but God is in control.   

Like asking an employer or parent to help with a problem, invite God in instead of retaliating in your own strength. Issue Divine Restraining Orders and call on God for help. Be confident and KNOW that God is restoring, repairing, and coming through for us. Blessing after blessing is coming and God IS covering us. Keep believing in God for the miracle you need. Keep taking communion. Keep fasting and praying in tongues. Keep asking God for His mercy. Similar to other times of great testing, this too shall pass so hold on, Saints! God's got US and God will not fail. Don't give up!

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The Battle is NOT Yours

As a reminder, I've been hearing over the past few days, "Explosion on the news." I didn't even realize until a short time ago that a pro-abortion group threw a molotov cocktail into the Wisconsin office of a pro-life group.

We cancel this devil's assignment in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. We also pray for the safety of our pro-life demonstrators. It's like the devil is trying to provoke attacks against innocent Christians. Maybe THIS is what I was seeing prophetically with the demonic attacks.

We pray, "Father God in Jesus name, we glorify You. Please give us Your wisdom, help, mercy, and peace. You said You would raise a standard when the enemy comes in like a flood. We rebuke the devourer, all witchcraft, and all demonic attacks. Please keep all God's people safe and surround us with Your truth, justice, judgment, and angels. And "Keep us safe in crowds." In Jesus name we pray, Amen."

Please keep reading your Bible more. We are covered in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority.




5/8/22 Leave It with God So He Can Handle It

Praise God, Saints. We want to wish all the moms (and those like Mom) a Happy Mother's Day. We're sharing this POWERFUL message above from Pastor Jonathan Evans, who is Pastor Tony Evans' son. Listen as he describes Moses' mother letting go of baby Moses so God can handle it. Below is a short word and CONFIRMATION about Jesus' mother having to let go so God can take over and work. We serve a LIMITLESS God who WANTS to help us.


Let God of the Old and Let God Bring in the New

Why were the assassination attempts so relentless? So your cocoon would look like a tomb. But God is workout on us from the inside out. God is doing a new work and purging out the old. It might FEEL LIKE things are out of sync but trust God to bring healing. Your second wind IS coming. Let God breathe fresh on you today. 

Let God Do a New Thing in HIS Direction and His Way

I heard earlier "Put on TD Jakes" and this message is CONFIRMATION to what Nate and Christy have above. The beginning is important but please don't miss the Q&A that he does, especially with the young girl at the end. It is such a powerful teaching moment. So many of us are getting a second chance from God but He wants to help us see how to get it right this time. That way we are deeply rooted in God and have His firm foundation, not mans.  



About the Video Message Above

Sharing a short word as God is saying to call on Him for what you need. God said, "I will help with the bills." He doesn't want US carrying the burden. That's why the Word says, "God supplies all our needs." Give it to God and let Him handle it. Give it to God and rest so He can work. To God be all the glory and the highest praise!


5/8/22 11:40 pm I heard a few times today "Explosion on the news." Remember, this can also mean explosive news. Not sure what this is but we take it to God in prayer.




5/7/22 This is Really HUGE. Bigly even.

Sharing a funny story. So, I bought my mom this HUGE balloon at the store. It had a Happy Mother's Day message on both sides and is in the shape of a big heart. My goal was to SNEAK it home and surprise her. Well, that didn't work! Apparently, I was the ONLY one in the store buying HUGE balloons that day and I stood out to EVERYONE! No kidding. People were making comment after comment as I went up and down the aisles. "Guess somebody loves their Mom." "Happy Mother's Day." "She's going to love it." "I don't have my Mom but we're all still getting together." By the time I got it home to my Mom, I was blushing and so embarrassed because I was trying to SNEAK it in. My mom's reaction? She cried. So, here's the point.

My Uber driver who fortunately had an SUV (for that ginormous balloon to safely fit into the oversized trunk) said something shocking. We were talking about Trump's upcoming rally and all the so called "leaked news" and angry rioters the fake news media is provoking when he said, "I'm glad Biden's president." My mouth flew open as I thought "Uh, oh, Houston, we have a problem." I could hear my balloon slowly deflating until he finished his sentence.

"He's messing up so much and they're doing so much that it's obvious that EVERYONE can see." I realized, similar to that oversized balloon, EVERYONE could see. It's like God was making what LOOKED LIKE it was being done in the dark OUT IN THE  OPEN AND BIG AS DAY. And God has that kind of sense of humor. He can turn the light on, so we see EVERYTHING the enemy is doing in advance, which is what is happening. But there's more.

(Message continues below video)

Praise God, Saints. God is doing what He said He would do. He's sending signs in advance to SHOW US what THEY are doing. Glory to God! He is giving us news through the prophets before it becomes news. Hallelu-Yahweh. It is starting! THEY think THEY are changing things but we serve the TURNAROUND GOD. Watch and see what God does. Situations are about to change suddenly. What a glorious and exciting time!

THEY'RE Not the Giants, WE ARE

Similar to how the balloon made people LOOK UP and think about their moms, people are starting to remember God's promises. They're looking to God and remembering that He NEVER fails, and His word NEVER leaves void. Comparable to how some people were reflecting on their moms who passed away, think about the dreams and goals that you haven't accomplished yet. Think about Jesus' resurrecting power. What we don't want to do is make the mistake of looking at the fake news and thinking "There be giants in dem hills!"

The enemy WANTS us to think God is NOT going to move. The devil WANTS us to give up because we're not SEEING signs. But it's faith. So, we're not going to see it UNTIL God reveals it in His timing. Despite the GIANTS in the land, we MUST not see the evil as bigger than God (God speaking through Donna Rigney). We MUST see God bigger than the evil. Keep calling on God for what you need and know that He is covering us. And He said yesterday when we posted our video message something about "We're turning a new page/starting a new chapter." Let's let God lead us and don't worry about THEM. The Bible says, "The enemy that you see you won't see anymore." The only giants who get to occupy are US with Father God on the Throne! All glory to Yah!

I hear God saying, "Make sure you don't walk away when you see what God does." Don't doubt God. Don't leave Jesus. Don't abandon your dreams because THEY are trying to make it LOOK LIKE they've won (not!). THEY will repent, and bow on their faces when they see God move.    



5/6/22 "I Will Help with Your Bills," God 

Praise God, Saints. We wanted to share a special word Father God gave on 5/5 at 6:21 pm that coincides with the message from Bishop Jakes above. Call on God for what you need and don't try to handle it yourself. God WANTS to help us. But people don't realize that God DOES help when you call on Him. Pray and ask God for His mercy. We're not meant to carry the amount of stress that people are under. Lay it down at the cross and let God help. Invite Him in today.

Where to Watch the Trump Rally: Schedule of Events

With a week and a half until the primaries in the keystone state, President Trump is speaking tonight at the Westmoreland County Fairgrounds in Pennsylvania. Please pray for President Trump and every police officer.

  • Trump Pennsylvania Rally 5/6/22 LIVE All Day Coverage:
  • Trump Pennsylvania Rally 5/6/22 LIVE at 8:00 pm EDT:

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    5/5/22 I Heard, I Want You to Write, "Why are You Worrying. Wait Until You See What God Does."

    For the past few days Father God has been saying to post on social media but when I logged in, I didn't know what to say. I waited and He gave that word just now, I want you to write, "Why are you worrying. wait until you see what God does." And here's why it's so significant.

    Message continues below the It's Supernatural video.

    Please see this powerful message from Sarah James-Biggart, author of Seeing Beyond, to help you draw closer to God. She also explores how to remove hindrances with the Holy Spirit's help. What's CONFIRMATION about this is as I was writing about sitting with Jesus, my mom told me this Sid Roth message was on and she was talking about sitting with Jesus. All glory to God who helps us draw closer to Him!

    A while back someone came against me but before they did, God told me what would happen, so I'd be prepared. Hence, I could spot the fake attack in advance, but God didn't want me to say anything. I say this humbly, but I pictured myself sitting with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and angels in Heaven, sitting in peace while the person tried to come against me, and their attack failed. I felt such a peace because I knew God HAD IT. He had it all in control. And, even as I'm writing this now, I feel His presence. 

    THIS devil and all his demons, witches, and those practicing evil, witchcraft, and the demonic THINK God doesn't see. They THINK they have the upper hand, but God sees and hears EVERY secret word, plot, handshake, sacrifice, ALL OF IT. Because God has been saying to "Wait and see what God does," we can confidently rest. The battle is the Lord's so let's trust God who said in our Be Ready to Launch in February messages that "Situations are about to change suddenly." 

    Earlier today I had on Pastor David Jeremiah who spoke about Elijah. God gave Elijah time to rest BEFORE the next step. God gave Moses 80 years to rest BEFORE his 40 years with the Children of Israel. Think about it. God gave Joseph time to rest in the pit and jail BEFORE he became king. God gave David time to rest BEFORE he became king. Many of us are in a preparation and resting place so we can (I feel God's presence again) be ready for what God's about to do next. Hence, don't get distracted. This devil is trying what looks like gaslighting to cause God's people to not focus on Jesus. But we must continue to pray, fast, repent, pray in tongues and get before God.

    Remember, the devil is trying to distract us from:

    • Praying for President Trump and his family and Mike Pence and his family
    • Praying for all the police officers, military, and those who defend our great nation
    • Praying for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to receive strength and the help they need
    • Praying during our National Day of Prayer (and every day thereafter) for God's truth, justice, and judgment to come
    • Praying to dethrone Jezebel, Haman, Baal and all the witchcraft, evil, and demonic (Ephes. 6:12)
    • Praying for our nation to be restored and for us to be one nation under God, not man, not evil, witchcraft or the demonic
    • Praying for Ukraine, praying for innocent babies and the unborn, praying for our nation to be repaired
    • Praying for seniors to not be attacked and for women, children, and the disabled to be safe on our streets
    • Praying for Jews and for Israel to be safe and fully restored (Sid Roth's It's Supernatural Jerusalem message today and Pastor Hagee's message)
    • Praying for children to be safe and that incidents like the 200 Pittsburgh kids invited to a "strange party" where they were randomly shot at and two kids died, never happen again


    Let's not let THEIR gaslighting distract us. Let's not let THEIR record inflation, high gas costs, and food shortages make us afraid. Let's not let THEIR legalized marijuana, recreational drugs and alcohol usage, and TV and movies filled with witchcraft, violence, the demonic, and sexual sin lull us to sleep. Remain standing on God's Word and be ready for God to move. Be confident in God to defend us in battle. God will NOT fail! 



    5/4/22 In the Secret Place There's Proof, and They Will Have Evidence

    Praise God, Saints. I've been hearing "Pray for every police officer" recently and please keep remembering 9:30. Separately, I have those song lyrics in my head this morning "I raise a Hallelujah in the presence of my enemies. I raise a Hallelujah and Heaven comes to fight for me." What a mighty reminder about David. I used to think David was RUNNING FROM Saul, right? No. David was defending himself with God by singing to God and staying in the spirit. Remember, when the enemy tries to come against us it's to get us in the flesh, on their level but our victory comes from inviting God in and staying in the spirit. Meaning David couldn't fight with Saul's armor (flesh). He knew he could stay in the spirit by calling on HIS God. All glory to Yah!

    Sharing a message from Pastor Song at Lighthouse Global and one of the amazing comments as some can identify with this type of spiritual warfare. Remember, the battle is NOT ours so: 1. Stay in the secret place of God. 2. Invite God in and put Him in the middle. 3. Keep singing to God and seeking Him first so He can expose the enemy's plans. That way you have God's counsel. God will actually TELL you what the enemy is doing and how to overcome him. Stay confident in God! He will not fail!

    On a separate note, I saw a comment about this Roe v. Wade issue where Amanda Grace also said something's not right. The news media NEVER just suddenly states the news accurately, so let's continue to ask for God's truth to expose the enemy's plans. Keep singing to God and don't get distracted. Remember, this devil can try to pull the rug out from under God's people with distractions and the spirit of offense. Don't walk away from God but draw closer to Him with praise and worship. God will reveal their intentions and foil their plans. Believe for a miracle today.

    Lighthouse Global Message from Pastor Song 5/3

    < "Out of the witches' grip" >

    Tonight's word is powerful. In the past 10 mins or so, I kept seeing a wicked hand, loosening the grip and letting go. The hand looked like a witch's hand or fingers. The grip was strong, but tonight, the witch is letting go of the grip, and you are coming out! This is what I am hearing.

    1. Something shifted in the spirit realm in your favor, and the witch is letting go of the control it had over you. What appeared to be a witch's hand grip was loosening. The enemy is letting go of his control because he lost the battle. Rejoice! You are being freed right now in Jesus' name! The devil is letting go because it knows that time has come, and it must let loose! Your time of entering into the fullness of your freedom is here!

    2. The origin is exposed, and you will know where it all started. As I saw this vision of the witch's grip being loosened, I suddenly remembered something that someone had said when they first met me. I had a revelation that the witchcraft and control from the enemy started this one particular person who spoke those words when this person met me. I am now discerning that this person was not sent by God, but by the devil. Wow. Basically, in my first encounter, I knew that this person had an agenda towards me. It made my spirit feel uneasy and uncomfortable, but I played along because it was a "socially kind" thing to do for a pastor when I was a pastor in Korea.

    I did not realize that my "socially kind" thing to do was allowing this wicked grip to come into my life and bring about these demonic havoc in my life. Wow. God is exposing the very moment of when the enemy came against you. God is exposing the "exactly who" it came from, and what mindset brought this control and witchcraft against you. The devil tried to replace God's best with what seemed to be "good" in man's eyes. Tonight, there will be a revelation that comes to you to shine light upon the white witchcraft that was against you.

    3. "In the next three days, I will release clarity." God told me that in the next three days, there will be a clarity for many. Many have been under the spirit of witchcraft that was actually from those who were close to you. Christians came against you due to lack of knowledge ; unknowingly, Christians and even "intercessors" casted white witchcraft against you. This delayed your assignment. This delayed your vision. This delayed your fullness and fruitfulness. This white witchcraft delayed every good promise of God in your life. I break them off in Jesus' name! Expect the fog to lift. The vision to become clear. Your mind to be healed. The witch has lost his/ her grip over your life, and now you are free!

    Shared by Casa de Sabbath

    Wow amazing! On point Pastor! 🔥This is why the enemy is throwing so much garbage(distractions) at us! I've literally had everything happen to me and my family in the last three day. Computer broke, lost my daughter's document (someone at a public facility actually kept it!), Our allergies are at an extreme (which makes doing anything so hard), attacks in dreams (to bring strife within my family and fear instead of trust in God!), Migraines, and so on. If you're going through this KNOW THAT YOUR BREAKTHROUGH IS HERE! The enemy cannot stop it so he's distracting you so you do not REJOICE, SO THAT YOU DO NOT MAKE THE BEST OUT OF IT! Praise God! Worship! Pray the word over ya! Best weapons to fight the enemy! Isaiah 54:17 & Psalms 27:11-14 🔥❤🙏🏾

    ---As we close out here, those song lyrics are still playing in my head. "I'm going to sing in the middle of the storm. Louder and louder, you're going to hear my praises roar" and that is so significant because you HAVE authority over the devil.

    Don't Rock the Boat

    Years ago, God showed me this cool illustration.

    I saw this cruise ship that was so big and going so slow. Alongside it was this tiny speed boat. Speed boats go faster, right? But they're also very buoyant as the waves can rock them. A cruise ship goes slower but it carries more people and is less buoyant because it has stabilizers and won't sway as much in a storm.

    When the enemy comes in with attacks, offenses, and distractions, don't get off the cruise ship. The enemy wants to uproot us and put us in that tiny boat where we can't hold on, we're feeling seasick, and there's all kinds of water getting in as the waves crash up against the sides. Man overboard! That's like the disciples frantic in the storm at sea worried they will capsize. No, instead, see that cruise ship with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost, your angels, and Heavenly hosts. Sing to God and take EVERYTHING to Him (Our Captain) in prayer.

    Every time the devil tries to offend or distract, say "God, I invite you in. I don't receive this." And believe God for His help. Stay there with God and call on Him for what you need "Lord Jesus, give me your peace." "Jesus, I need energy to get through this shift." "Father, what is Your will in this situation." While the cruise ship LOOKS LIKE it's going slower, it's still going to get you to your destination. God is steering so trust confidently in Him. Don't see your limitations (in the natural/flesh). But see God's abilities to do ALL THINGS. NOTHING is impossible with Our God!

    We pray that helps someone today. Keep calling on God for what you need and believing for your miracle. Great is God's faithfulness and His help is coming. Like Noah's ark, God's calling His children to come unto Him and come out from among THEM, i.e., the crowds.

    And, like the Love Boat lyrics with a twist, "The Lord's boat, soon will be making another run. The Lord's boat, something exciting for everyone. Set a course for adventure, sing praises to our King. Trust in Father God. Let Him handle everything."

    Keep reading your Bible! 

    PS: I felt Father God say to mention that 9:30 pm time slot again. We know a lot of people can't get to bed earlier but please try to get INTO bed by 9:30 pm or 1:00 am at the latest. Sometimes God will have me read my Bible a little more or sing to Him. But it's about relationship and obedience. He WANTS us to want to obey Him and let Him lead (steer the ship). Such an amazing God! 

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    Steve Shultz interviews Mel K who will be discussing the New World Order Reset into 2030, global surveillance and how we must awaken and resist, and much more! 

    5/4/22 We Serve a NOW God Who Will Restore US

    Note: We're sharing the Mel K video above but please do not fear the NWO. We serve the Turnaround God SOOOOOOO turn the letters around and call down God's truth, justice, judgment, wrath, fear, fire, and glory NOW. Turn the letters around and stand firm on God's word because we OWN this world with our Father God. We are sons and daughters of the King and ONLY God is in control so don't make the evil bigger than our God. Make God BIGGER than the evil. Lastly, turn it around again and remember, we've already WON! I hear "Pray for Pennsylvania." Watch and see what God does and keep reading your Bible MORE.


    5/3/22 Believe for a Miracle Today

    Praise God, Saints. We pray this finds you well. Please keep trusting in God and resting in His promises. Great is His faithfulness! 

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    5/2/22 Wait and See What God Does

     "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end," Jeremiah 29:11

    Praise God, Saints. It's pretty late, about 11:11 pm as I'm posting this but wanted to share something interesting. Over the past few days, I've been hearing and am still hearing "Explosion on the news." So, just now a Haystack News video mentioned there might be enough votes to overturn Roe v. Wade. But it's curious that the MSM is sharing this FIRST or why it's listed as a "leaked draft." One prophet mentioned months ago that the MSM would try sending out fake news to ensnare churches, hence we must take everything to Father God in prayer and test every word we hear. Only God knows if that is the "Explosion" or if it's other news, and God will not fail. However, it's a reminder that God spoke through different prophets last year about the snowball effect. It starts slow and gains momentum. Hence, NEVER go by what you see. It might LOOK LIKE the enemy is winning, but they clearly are NOT.

    God is working behind the scenes, and everything hidden will come to light. All glory to Yah! Keep calling on God for what you need and resting confidently in Him. We MUST have Mary's faith. Remember she turned to the workers at the wedding and said "Do whatever He says" in so many words. God will not fail but we have to do our parts and confidently trust Him at His word.

    Keep going. Keep praying. Keep fasting. Keep singing. Keep calling on God and know that regardless of whether you SEE it or not with your visual eyes, God is a Covenant God of His word. The more we rely on Him and don't lean on our own understanding, the more God can work. To God be the highest praise! Remember, He is covenant. 

    I also hear about whatever you are facing "Remember to rebuke those demons."


    5/1/22 Cancel the Devil's Plans and Make NO Mistake: EVERY Knee Bows

    Declaration: "Every firey dart of the enemy is falling to dead ground. I declare a fresh fire over you now." Tyler Medina, The Warfare is Breaking (see links below)

    "Only IF we hear and obey God..." That's what I shared on a post someone wrote about Deuteronomy 28:2. People sometimes mistakenly ONLY hear "And all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee." But we MUST remember to not take that verse out of context.

    God comes first, we must seek Him FIRST, repent, stay humble and let Him lead, and then all these things. No flesh can stand before Him. He wants our worship. God has been saying "THEY (I believe this represents our/His enemies) are going to be in n a terrible mood when they see what God does." Their houses are built on sand (false pride, witchcraft, evil and the demonic) but we are to "Cancel the enemies plans." Bind/release and "Put the witches and demons in God's tornado."

    Ask for God's mercy. He will not fail. He said earlier today "I will help with the bills" so call on Him for what you need, i.e., invite Him in, put Him in the middle. Also, as I wrote this I heard something like "He's bringing someone out of the hospital." Praise God for His help.

    I know it looks tight, like a tight place or tight rope but God promises to never leave us nor forsake us. Worship God Saints, regardless of what you see on the news. EVERY knee bows and God is coming to restore us. We ALREADY have the victory.

    Separately, if you see it's 1 o'clock, please get to bed. God wants us up early singing to Him and worshiping Him. He doesn't want us up at 2:30 am when Jezebel, witchcraft and the demonic are active. Keep coming out from among them and calling on God for what you need. Our God is an ever-present help and He will not fail!

    As a reminder, this Thursday is the National Day of Prayer. Sharing the link here.

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    The Prayer of Salvation

    If you haven't said the Prayer of Salvation, now's the best time. Please say: Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord, I ask forgiveness of my sins. Please come into my heart, Lord. I turn my back on sin and I make you my Lord and Savior. I want to follow you for the rest of my life. Please give me eternal life through you in Jesus name, Amen.    

    If you're already saved, but turned your back on God. Now's the perfect time to make things right. Don't let the devil make you feel bad about your past mistakes any longer. In Christ, you're a new creation and you have a Father God who loves you. Old things are passed away and God remembers the sin no more. Won't you please come back home to Him? 

    Rededicate Your Life to Christ Prayer

    If you need to rededicate your life to Christ because you feel like you've been sinning or haven't been living right, pray: Father God in the name of Jesus, I ask forgiveness of my sins and I turn my back on sin. Please help me to overcome ---- and I want to lead a better life through you. I decree and declare this day I have overcome ---- and I have the victory in Jesus name, Amen. 

    Stay in God's shadow, stay away from sin and temptation, keep reading your Bible and keep seeking God first.


    Be ye doers of the Word... We pray this message blesses you today!

    If you need prayer, please call the Bill Winston Prayer Center at (877) 543-9443. You can also check online for Joyce Meyer's prayer request form and other sites that can pray for and with you. You are more than a conqueror!