Messages From God November 2023


11/30/23 He's Coming/It's Coming...

Praise God, Saints. At 5:54 am I heard "Praise God for President Trump. Here he comes. We pray God's mercy for the Body (Like Body of Christ)." 6:06 am "God is not playing." 6:40 am "Stay under God's umbrella. Your words [have power, or can work] and can take root."



11/29/23 Tell Everyone, "Praise God for President Trump."

Praise God, Saints. Keep glorifying God and don't walk away. We're sharing that Biden's approval rating is plummeting with black voters, and a BLM co-founder is supporting President Trump.

At 5:08 pm I heard "The problem with the fearnots is they."





11/28/23 "I Will Help with the Bills."

Praise God, Saints. At 5:35 am I heard "Explosion on the news."



11/27/23 God Has You and All You Need

Praise God, Saints. I heard "Something good is happening to Me."



11/26/23 Message TBD

Praise God, Saints. At 10:51 pm I heard "Rebuke the death angel." 11:08 pm "Tell them quit complaining."

Message From God

"Not fair. Let them know God is not playing. Remind them the end of a thing is the beginning of God. Keep coming out from among them. Keep reminding them I'm coming to remove that enemy. Keep praising God for Me and know that you have My help. My relief efforts are coming."




11/25/23 Situations are About to Change Soon 

Praise God, Saints. I heard twice "We pray for every police officer." At 12:43 pm I heard "Remember there’s going to be an explosion on the news and they might not know what to do." 



11/24/23 Let Them Know That It's About to Get Better 

Praise God, Saints.  At 5:40 am I heard "Tell them I want you to move faster." 10:57 am God is not playing with the devil." 2:08 pm "Let them know that it's about to get better and they will have proof soon."



11/23/23 As for Me and My House, We Will Serve the Lord 

Praise God, Saints. We wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving! At 12:59 pm I heard "I’m about to do something that's going to lift their spirits up." I also heard "Tell them move faster," and "Tell them cheer up when they see what God does."

Earlier tonight I heard something like "Remind them don't walk away even if THEY'RE being inconsiderate. Don't let their attitude change your mood. They keep trying to change your mood with these attitudes to try to make you doubt. But every time they do that, remember, it should put you in a good mood because you know that God is coming to move that devil out."




11/22/23 Explosion 

Praise God, Saints. At 10:43 pm I heard "I want you to believe for the impossible. I heard something like "Don't regard the hate when you see what I do." I also heard the word "despise." At 10:49 pm "Make sure you tell them 'don't worry' when you go online." 2:45 am "What's bound in Heaven." 2:52 am "I have earth-shattering news what I'm about to do." 12:56 pm "It doesn't matter. God's about to move soon."

Message from God

He's about to make it better. A reminder that number's up. Don't worry. "He's about to capture THEM...and capture them He will...OFF-GUARD. Remember I want you in the bed at 9:30 more." 7:00 pm "I tell you they're going to be in a bad mood when they see what I do."




11/21/23 We Don't Have to Fear or be Afraid 

Praise God, Saints. At 9:40 am I heard "We pray for every police officer." Separately, I heard at 9:59 am "I want you to rebuke their personalities.

And a heads up, we received another strike from YouTube and can't post there for a week. Boo, hoo. Not fair, right? Apparently... THEY ONLY CENSOR CHRISTIANS who are PRO TRUMP, PRO POLICE, PRO LIFE, PRO ISRAEL, PRO MILITARY, AND PRO JESUS CHRIST. They are criminals and wait until they see what God does because THEY WILL NOT SILENCE GOD'S ARMY OF LIGHT. So, we decree, let every plan and hidden agenda of every lying leviathan trying to silence God's people explode in their own camps instead. We decree YouTube will be pro Jesus Christ and filled with all Christian content, and it's coming soon. We decree exposures, exposures, exposures. Let God's light shine and flood and overwhelm the darkness.

Incidentally, it's amazing that Temu can show videos of what looks like a half naked teenager selling body suits but we get penalized for asking for prayers for President Trump, this nation, our military, and police...and apparently saying "rebuke those demons" is considered violent rhetoric. Hilarious!

To clean it up, we will change it to "rebuke those criminals" and "rebuke those joebiden demons." Everything hidden will come into the light. We bind every lying leviathan and release God's truth. It's NO PROBLEM FOR GOD so we let our requests be made known unto Him: YouTube will remove all their censoring and allow all President Trump and pro military, pro police, pro Israel, pro-life content, and have Christian and clean content for families or be shutdown. We ask for God's mercy and help.




11/20/23 It's Coming

Praise God, Saints. 5:10 am "My God is not playing." 11:48 am "I want you to praise God for America, for saving you and your family, for Jesus Christ."



11/19/23 The Truth

TRUMP NEWS: President Trump Visits the Border and Operation Lone Star Service Members 12:00 pm ET 

Praise God, Saints. At 3:47 pm I heard "There's going to be an explosion on the news when they see what I do." 4:07 pm "There's going to be so much fighting on the news when they see."






11/18/23 Praise God for President Trump 

Praise God, Saints. I heard "Pray for the President." 



11/17/23 There Will be Singing Soon 

Praise God, Saints. I heard "Let them know they will receive help soon." "There will be laughter on the streets when they see what I do."


11/16/23 There's Going to be Panic on the Streets When They See What I Do 

Praise God, Saints. At 4:42 am I heard "Explosion on the news. The rightful heir is coming to the throne. Watch and see what God does. Its good news for us." 3:08 am "I tell you that Trump news is coming and so many people are going to be excited about him, about what God does." 8:00 pm "My martial law is coming soon."




11/15/23 Wait and See... We Will Have Reunions Soon.

Praise God, Saints. At 12:00 pm I heard “Let them know there’s going to be fighting soon when they see what I do.” At 3:16 am “They WILL have evidence. Tell them stop complaining.” At 2:45 am “Rebuke the demons of accidents.” I heard something like “satan’s wrath is defeated. God is not playing with him.” 2:35 am remember, that number’s up and God is not playing. 2:17 am I want you to believe for a miracle today. I thought I heard “I know it’s not Sunday” or “between now and Sunday.” At 2:08 am I want you to believe the possibilities. 2:05 am Make sure you let them know there’s going to be fighting on the streets when they see what I do. And I want you to read your Bible more.



11/14/23 Tell Them It's Ladies and Gentlemen Time. It's GOOD NEWS. Rebuke All Their Heart Attacks. 

Praise God, Saints. At 5:44 am I heard "Prepare yourself for God's news." Keep reading your Bible.




11/13/23 It's Coming but Until the Time, ONLY Believe God's Good Report 

Praise God, Saints. At 10:33 am I heard "Say 'believe for a miracle.'" 10:40 am "I want you to tell them stop playing games." I heard at 11:44 am "Powerful explosion on the news."






11/12/23 Hold Onto God and Keep Singing to Him

Praise God, Saints. I heard "I tell you they're going to be in a bad mood." 



11/11/23 God Bless Our Veterans and Military. I Hear "Help is Coming Soon."

TRUMP NEWS: President Trump Speech in Hileah, Florida 11/8/23; President Trump Will Speak in Claremont, New Hampshire today. Use this RSBN link: 

Praise God, Saints. At 5:27 am I heard "Let them know they will receive God's help soon." 9:45 am "A new revival is coming. An open door before you. A wave that's going to remove every mountain." 9:55 am "Tell them it's about to get better. I'm setting a table. You're about to see my miracle come through." 10:15 am "I'm going to expose all those demons." Separately I heard at 10:38 am "I want you to pray for the police department."


In the President Trump speech excerpt, I heard "Tell them cheer up. That help is coming soon. Praise God for our veterans. And continue to rebuke those demons. Cheer up. Keep reading your Bible more and don't stay up past 1am. Don't walk away when you see what God does and don't turn away from the path that He has you on."

In our Veterans Day message I heard "Pray for all of our police officers" and "it doesnt matter." "Help is coming soon. Significant changes that we're going to see. So many are not prepared but they're going to take their hands off of him. They keep playing games with My David. Watch and see what I do. They're going to be singing songs of deliverance soon, how they got over, how he got over, how...we won the battle and we got the victory. So many are going to be saying not fair and they're going to be so repentant to Me. So many Sauls. Saul, Saul. Why did you fall on My people? Keep singing to Me. Keep coming out from among them. Brave men and women, the military and our troops. Look at what they're doing. Look at the attacks that they are under, what they're about to do to deliver you FROM him to restore this nation. Be brave for Me, My soldiers, stay at the Cross. Know that you will see help and signs of My hope/help soon and a speedy recovery. Stay at My Cross. Send out a prayer for the military and the veterans. Rebuke strokes." I heard brain hemorrhaging. Keep coming out from among those joebiden demons. Keep coming out from among them. Stay at the Cross. Martial law is coming soon. Let our military and all our veterans know that they will have all the help that they need. That devil cannot touch you. We bind every hindrance and demonic threat. 451 I hear tell them calm down when they sew what God does. Remember there's going to be a shout out on the street when they see what I do, when they see what God does. That reminder to calm down. Situations are about to change soon so don't walk away. For God's people, cheer up. That Trump news is going to come soon. It's going to be a glorious time in the Lord."




11/10/23 THEY'RE Going to be in a Bad Mood 

TRUMP NEWS: The Details are in EVERYTHING:Topless Trump Judge, Trial Resumes Monday 

Praise God, Saints. At 6:00 am I heard "We carry God's weight and we need answers." I also heard "His help is coming soon" and separately at 8:53pm, "It doesn't matter."

I was reading William Alteneder's message below and heard "Tell them it's about to get better."

Sharing the text from yesterday's video message: 

I heard "Praise God for Donald Trump. We’re about to see a miracle soon and there’s going to be fighting on the streets when they see what I do. Calm down when you see what God does. It's GOOD NEWS for God's people. Rebuke their sudden wrath. It doesn't matter what they say or do. I hear explosion on the news. We’re about to see a miracle soon and there will be fighting on the streets when they see what I do. Tell them don’t walk away. Tell them calm down when you see what God does. Tell them it doesn’t matter what they’re seeing. I’m about to move through. This land belongs to God and they’re going to be shocked by what I do. Keep on believing on Me. They’re going to be shocked by what I do. They’re going to be screaming not fair when they see what I do by how My wrath and sudden judgment comes. Don’t worry, God’s people, as I surround you with My grace. But make the announcement soon. Shout it from the rooftops. My sudden judgment is coming. THEY are going to be saying 'not fair' when they see what God does. I’m coming to remove their foolish pride. I’m coming to remove every high-minded thing that tries to exalt itself. Only My finger is on the pulse, and I told them touch not mine anointed. They WILL LEAVE GOD’S PEOPLE ALONE because this is a losing battle for anything that tries to come against Me. God's Sudden Judgment is coming, and God’s muscle is coming in. Make sure they know that He heard every word." Praise God for President Trump!



11/9/23 It's About to Come Out and Message From God

TRUMP NEWS: Calm Down When You See What God Does. PS: He Heard EVERY Word

Praise God, Saints. At 12:44 pm I heard "Let them know they are in for bad news when President Trump reveals himself." As I listened to a word from Rabbi Cahn about Ashtaroth, at 1:04 pm I heard, "Tell them I am not afraid of you and you don't need to afraid of her (Ashtaroth)."




11/8/23 It's Time

The Show is About to Start. Pray for our President (the Right one).

At 4:14 am I heard "The 'Ladies and Gentlemen...', 'Come Aboard...We're expecting you...', and other metaphors will come into place now. Let them know "Evacuations are coming soon."

At 4:38 pm "Rebuke those demons of armed terrorists."




11/7/23 Praise God for President Trump 

TRUMP NEWS: Get Ready for Civil Unrest and Protests When They See What I Do

Praise God, Saints. At 8:20 am I heard "It's going to be pandemonium when they see what I do."





11/6/23 It Doesn't Matter What THEY Say or Do 

Praise God, Saints. I heard "Praise God for President Trump." At 2:17 am "Rebuke terrorist demons" and "Remember you have to rebuke their personalities."


Keep God on your team. He knows EVERY secret play.





11/5/23 Something Good is About to Happen 

Praise God, Saints. I heard "Explosion on the news."



11/4/23 Don't Say "Told You So."

Praise God, Saints. Powerful CONFIRMATION through Diana Larkin above. A reminder that God loves you so much, and He loves them, too.

At 2:07 am I heard "Tell them God's not playing." 11:47 am I heard "I tell you they're going to be in a bad mood when they see what I do." Separately, I heard "We pray for all police officers."



11/3/23 Wait and See: God Will Move Soon MESSAGE FROM GOD

Praise God, Saints. At 1:18 am I heard "I want you to make food. It's done." At 4:44 am something like "They are like demons or overlords that move into an area."




11/2/23 Rebuke Every Tumor Trying to Latch Onto You

 Praise God, Saints. I heard "The plans of the enemy are ALREADY DEFEATED. I'm a TURNAROUND God." "You have God's support." "Don't walk away from Me." "Rebuke their personalities." "I believe God for a miracle." "Whose report do you believe? I only believe God." "Our God WILL NOT FAIL."



11/1/23 You Should See What Derek Said 

Praise God, Saints. "Relief efforts are coming. Believe in God. Support President Trump MORE, and the military and police officers." "Surprise! Surprises are in store for all those that need, and come unto Me." "You're starting a new chapter in Him." "God's landlord support and His relief efforts are coming." I also heard "final battle before the breakthrough."

Today I heard "Tell them to move faster" and "you should see what Derek said."



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The Prayer of Salvation

If you haven't said the Prayer of Salvation, now's the best time. Please say: Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord, I ask forgiveness of my sins. Please come into my heart, Lord. I turn my back on sin and I make you my Lord and Savior. I want to follow you for the rest of my life. Please give me eternal life through you in Jesus' name, Amen.    

If you're already saved but turned your back on God. Now's the perfect time to make things right. Don't let the devil make you feel bad about your past mistakes any longer. In Christ, you're a new creation and you have a Father God who loves you. Old things are passed away and God remembers the sin no more. Won't you please come back home to Him? 

Rededicate Your Life to Christ Prayer

If you need to rededicate your life to Christ because you feel like you've been sinning or haven't been living right, pray: Father God in the name of Jesus, I ask forgiveness of my sins and I turn my back on sin. Please help me to overcome ---- and I want to lead a better life through you. I decree and declare this day I have overcome ---- and I have the victory in Jesus' name, Amen. 

Stay in God's shadow, stay away from sin and temptation, keep reading your Bible and keep seeking God first.


Be ye doers of the Word... We pray this message blesses you today!

If you need prayer, please call the Bill Winston Prayer Center at (877) 543-9443. You can also check online for Joyce Meyer's prayer request form and other sites that can pray for and with you. You are more than a conqueror!