Messages From God September 2023




9/30/23 Believe for a Miracle and Rebuke the Demons of Sickness, Disease, and Death

REMINDER: Sukkot (Festival of Booths, Feast of Tabernacles) continues 9/30-10/6. 

Praise God, Saints. At 9:05 am I heard "I want you to make sure you remind them I will help with the hospital bills." 9:16 am "I tell you it's going to be a roller coaster with what I do." 1146am "I tell you they're [wicked] going to be in a very bad mood." 12:16 pm "Reminder: Don't worry."



9/29/23 Don't Worry. Just Keep Remembering THEY are Going to be in a Really Bad Mood When They See What I Do.

REMINDER: Sukkot (Festival of Booths, Feast of Tabernacles) starts today 9/29-10/6. We included Family Church's link below.

Praise God, Saints. At 10:04 am I heard "Remember God's tornado is coming."







9/28/23 It Doesn't Matter (What THEY Say or Do). God's Help is Coming. 

Praise God, Saints. I hear "And God will send you signs/proof." Keep saying "Remove me from the hands of my enemies (Psalm 31:8,15)." Remember God is preparing a table for us. Don't walk away when you see what God does. Let Him deliver US! It will happen soon so get excited.




9/27/23 Tell That Devil Quit Playing Games 

REMINDER: Sukkot (Festival of Booths) starts on 9/29-10/6.

Praise God, Saints. At 7:39 pm I heard "I want you to tell them 'Ladies and Gentlemen...' it's coming. At 11:57 pm "Now you're going to see why I told you to never give up."


President Trump will address former and current United Auto Workers about the UAW strike in Detroit.

Coverage starts at 6:00 p.m. ET. Use the Rumble link here:

And speaking of ET, expect the fake news to show more alien autopsies. But as a reminder, THEY are going to be in a really bad mood when they see what God does, so don't walk away. But DO keep rebuking those demons and trusting God's timing. Well beam us up, Scotty.





9/26/23 Tell the Truth

Praise God, Saints. At 9:54 am I heard "Let them know about the wicked that number's up." At 7:39 pm I heard "I want you to tell them "Ladies and Gentlemen," it's coming.

Post We Shared Earlier on Robin Bullock Prophetic Page and a Reminder God Said "Don't Walk Away"

"William, Should we tell people to unplug TVs and put foil around phones and leave them in unplugged microwave? We heard the 2hr test is Oct 4 at 2pm for 2 hours byFEMA and one site mentioned that it can release nanoparticlesinthose withjabstocauseclots. Not sure if that right. Someone said Johnny Enlow covered it yesterday on Elijah Streams. Regardless, I know God said don't be afraid and don't walk away. However it was alarming when He spoke through Laire Lightner and said there will bemassdeathsbecausesomechosetoalterdna. Not sure if that 10/4 event is what He was referring to. Incidentally, notice they chose 10/4, we use to use that as a CB call sign as kids, as in ten-four, I read you loud and clear.. I don't mean to bring all this up to startle anyone but we know about HAARPandDEWweapons. Like Nate Johnston said cover door posts in blood of the lamb and God told us say God is covering me. God is covering my family. NO WEAPONS FORMED AGAINST THEE SHALL PROSPER. No wonder God keeps saying don't panic when THEY panic. Lord, help us prepare and be ready. My heart goes out to those who defiantlytookjabsand thenslanderedUSforlisteningto Godandstandingby45/CIC. How do we tell them "I'm unplugging theTVfor your own good. No wonder Gid keeps saying don't walk away and THEY'RE going to be in a bad mood. Let every Babyloniansystem fall and everydscabalattackexplodein their owncamps. Pray for and God bless 45/CIC, our military, and police officers, and about the wicked I hear "Rebuke those demons."




9/25/23 Stay Out of God's Way and Rebuke That Evil Regime. God's Help is Coming and He WILL NOT FAIL. 

Praise God, Saints. At 10:31 am I heard "Let THEM [wicked] know 'You're really going to be in a bad mood when you see what I do.'" At 5:09 pm "Prepare for God's tornado." At 11:38 pm "Tell them not to be afraid by what God does."

Family, Prophet Barry Wunsch is asking for prayer for his family and those traveling with them as they are on assignment. Please lift them up to the Lord as we know our God will not fail. We also pray for Canadians, like the US, and other countries to be freed from the Babylonian regime. For example, Father God asked us to do a writeup about Burning Man and when we referenced Lance Wallnau's Facebook page he included a USA Today link about the debaucheries at the event. However, several commenters in Canada could NOT open the link as Canada now has certain restrictions in place. Hence, we pray God is covering Barry Wunsch and his family and staff and God is covering Canada. We decree victory for Canada and every demonic presence threatening them removed in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. We stand firm and are not afraid for it is written NO WEAPONS FORMED AGAINST THEE SHALL PROSPER. "Tell Barry surprises are in store as God moves through and thy will receive SUDDEN VICTORY SOON." That devil will leave God's people alone and THEY'RE [wicked] going to be in a bad mood soon when they see what God does. God will not fail.







9/24/23 It's Yom Kippur and "Keep Fasting and Praying."

Praise God, Saints. At 6:04 am I heard "The enemy is defeated." At 10:29 am "Rebuke that devil." At 11:33 am "Rebuke disasters," "Continue to get ready for God's tornado," and "Rebuke their personalities." At 3:16 pm I want you to get ready for "Ladies and Gentlemen." At 6:55 pm I was watching Barry Wunsch on Elijah Streams when I heard "This is an epic battle you're about to see unfold before your eyes." At 7:33 pm "I tell you there's going to be an explosion, a powerful explosion on the news."

I hear God say often "It doesn't matter," and when He says it, He's referring to all the games, evil, hidden, witchcraft, and demonic attacks that the wicked are trying to bring against innocent lives.

THEY are trying to come for our nation, land, freedoms, right to protect ourselves and our families but God is on our side. So while THEY stupidly say it doesn't matter and THINK their plan is working, God said THEY ARE GOING TO BE IN A BAD MOOD WHEN THEY SEE WHAT GOD DOES AND THEY WILL SAY NOT FAIR WHEN THEY SEE WHAT GOD DOES.

Please pray for our military, police officers, and nation. THEY (wicked, evil, and demonic) are trying to make a target out of you/us but THEY are all caught in their own trap. Let's pray for our military MORE. Don't walk away. 

From American Christian Prophetic: "BREAKING: Arizona Senate has laid out RICO indictments against Katie Hobbs and others in violation of RICO ACT-13-2301, including bribery, racketeering, money laundering, drug trafficking, human trafficking, aiding and abetting the Sinaloa Cartel, andelec-tionfraud."

Reminder don't walk away.





About the message above I heard "This is why I said it doesn't matter and they will be in a bad mood. We pray perfect peace for every family. We will see God's help soon."


9/23/23 Reminder: Don't Walk Away 

Praise God, Saints. At 1:39 am I heard "He will show you proof what He's about to do."

Sharing a comment we posted on William's page...

Thank you for COMMFIRMATIONS! Albert Milton said 9/23 would have something good (Rmurdoch steppeddown, too). Luke Harding said 9/24 might be significant (and it's Yom Kippur). Laire Lightner mentioned hearing God say all our federaltax money would be returned, but she was not sure how or when. Donna Rigney told Steve Schultz once on Elijah Streams (in so many words) that when it's restored/returned back (like when David had to leave then return) all THEIR laws are null/void. No wonder God keeps saying that THEY'RE going to be in a really bad mood, don't be afraid, and to rebuke their personalities. What God gave us yesterday "9/22/23 Rebuke Those Demons: Praise God, Saints. At 1057pm I heard "Make sure you tell them it doesn't matter. Remind them that they are under political attack. They [political group] might be saying your numbers up. Rebuke those demons. There might be an assassinationattempt on one of our own. Their family is going to be in a bad mood when they see what I do. We are political refugees in his camp but they might not see it yet. [Think red dawn foreign invasion in US,]. I tell you they're going to be in a bad mood." At 146am "You have a political group who is trying to make them complain." ....adding here that NO WEAPONS FORMED AGAINST THEE SHALL PROSPER but we've got to keep rebuking their personalities, reading our Bibles more, and singing to God. THEY will say not fair when they see what God does but God's people don't take on THEIR bitterness, anger, or complaining. Just keep singing and building that wall (Nehemiah) and defending because it's the Jewish New Year 5784 Year of the Open Doors, David restored, and prisoners freed. And have food, vitamins, medicine, etc. in case you need to shelter in place (storms coming suddenly). I hear again "They're going to be in a bad mood but we don't have to worry. Just rebuke their personalities. God's going to do something to lift your spirits up." Have that cake ready. Our nation's got the victory!

Albert Milton 9/23:
Luke Harding 9/24:



9/22/23 Rebuke Those Demons

Praise God, Saints. At 1057pm I heard "Make sure you tell them it doesn't matter. Remind them that they are under political attack. They [political group] might be saying your numbers up. Rebuke those demons. There might be an assassinationattempt on one of our own. Their family is going to be in a bad mood when they see what I do. We are political refugees in his camp but they might not see it yet. [Think red dawn foreign invasion in US,]. I tell you they're going to be in a bad mood." At 146am "You have a political group who is trying to make them complain."





9/21/23 Situations are About to Change 

Praise God, Saints. I heard "Don't worry about the money. Keep your defenses up. Rebuke their personalities."




9/20/23 Tell Them Quit Complaining. Guard Instruments in Your Mouth. 

Praise God, Saints. At 7:46 am I heard about Laire Lightner's son Franky Alvarez, "He's not brain dead. He's about to wake up."

At 2:09 am I heard "Tell them I want them to move faster when they see what I do." At 8:37 am "Keep saying that no weapons formed against you shall prosper. Our God is going to move soon. Rebuke terrorists." At 9:21 am "Don't you worry. Don't worry. Watch and see what God does. Tell them buckle up your seat belt."



We are the salt of the earth but what happens when the salt gets, well, salty? So Laire Lightner is fighting for her son's life but in the comments we saw two ladies griping about "Well you know why..." which is so horrible especially in the Body of Christ as it sows discord amkng brethren which God can't stand.

Seven things are an obamanation and we know seven is significant. There are seven mountains and seven feasts, and seven represents completeness. President Trump who was 70 years old, 7 and 7 when he was inaugurated. Charisma News also stated that Vladimir Putin was 770 months old when he first met with President Trump. And as we're now celebrating 5784 the Jewish New Year, Shana Tovah to our Jewish friends and to Israel.

5784 means the year of the open doors, David restored, and the prisoners freed. But what does seven and the commenters slandering Laire have to do with anything? We know God is saying to read our Bibles more but what does all this have to with seven and why God said to tell you more about that Joe Biden news?

Proverbs 6:16-20 states "These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, SEVEN are an abomination unto Him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that sp eaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren. My son, keep thy father's commandment, and forsake not the law of thy mother."

Now, while most cite verses 16-19, we added in verse 20 and I'll come back to that. Two women sat on a ministry site complaining because the site chose to honor Laire's pleas and ask for prayer. But complaining is a sin and the servant of the Lord Must not strive, so we pray they repent. I mean, they could have been like the two lepers and said "Why sit we here lest we die?" I mean in this case it could have been more like "Why sit we here complaining when we could pray and ask for God's mercy. We don't WANT her child to die."

Stop for a second and think about the sacrificial virgin Mary who laid her life down to honor God and raise Jesus. There's that v.20 coming in "My son, keep thy father's commandment, and forsake not the law of thy mother."

So a child, in this case, a child of God, should NOT forsake the laws and requests of its parents, i.e., God.e In this case, the pastors and prophets God is calling, because REALLY if you think about it, Laire wasn't just asking for a simple prayer for her son. She was asking the Body of Christ for help with OUR DAVID because the devil got mad and came after her son. And this ties back to the carefully worded script from the movie Fast and the Furious X.

The dialog includes "A father will protect his son." So which is it? Are the Joebidendemons trying to protect Hunter so he won't turn on them and reveal everything? So no jail time for Hunter but what about all these innocent men in jail serving hard time who did lesser offenses? With the movie dialog, could it also be that the devil is trying to protect his son lucifer because that's what God called jobiden, the son of Lucifer. And I have a quick story about this and why we need to keep rebuking these demons and pray that the people repent.

Yesterday I was told that a woman with several demons who had been terrorizing some friends had something to say about me. She said I was half white which I smiled about because apparently that was the demons who know I stand up for and pray for President Trump, so the comment didn’t offend me. I grew up in white schools, dated white boys sweethomealabama and at one point I attest to having a mullet, a CB handle, a love for dirt bikes, Hee Haw, Gomer Pyle, Andy Griffith, Ms. Crystal Gayle, and the Dukes of Hazard. Now, it's more like basketball, golf, Christian rock, and gospel.

The thing that offended me, or I should say the thing I rebuked so I wouldn't take offense was when I jokingly said "Oh, I'm half white and not half Spanish? Who' my deddy?" in my best David Mann/ The Browns impersonation. That's when someone shot back with "Your daddy's Joebiden" and I recognized the setup to start an argument. While I rebuked the person, I smiled defiantly and remembered MY Daddy, just like YOUR Daddy, if you have Jesus in your heart, IS  GOD. So with all these attacks meant to distract...(like the alien autopsy news to turn attention from AG Garland's testimony, can't make this up), let's keep our focus on God and the MAIN EVENT.

God is exposing that Joebidendemon who is an actor. The fake news is trying to poke fun by adding in a fake Fetterman minus the tats and huge neck growth (we keep the real Joe Fetterman in our prayers). So why pretend?

Charlie Shamp already confirmed what God said through Diana Larkin that THEY are going to fake another shutdown to cause a master reset. However, God's plan is already in play and God will cause THE GREAT RESET which will also restore our nation. So bad news for the devil who thought no one knew about their elaborate plans as our God is all-knowing and all-powerful, and even the darkness is light to him.

Bad news for the demons who thought they could rob mama Laire Lightner of her son. Like a mama bear protecting her cub, she's coming out guns blazing, or in this case wielding the sword of the Lord and she's armed and equipped ready to take down these demons WWE style. And here's why hell needs to back up and those demons are very afraid.

When Laire, like other daughters of God who are sacrificial virgins, or lambs, saying yes to God's will, stood up, it's making millions of other bold sons and daughters of God stand. And here's where I need to make a correction.

I compared Laire, those rising up, and you and me to bears but that's wrong because the bears we will see will be that bear market crashing down. So, keep rebuking those demons and praying for our country and rightful leader 45/CIC because NO WEAPONS formed against us shall prosper. But we're NOT bears. We are lions because our Dad is the Lion of Judah and we're a pact/family that pray for each other.

Just like we wouldn't leave Paul Whelan behind, we're not leaving Laire's son. Just like we're praying for the safety of the children of truth tellers like Elon Musk and Benny Johnson and the whistleblowers, we're praying for your children and babies, too.

This nation will NOT be divided by demons hiding behind fake masks. It will be united when the democrats and Republicans come together and realize that we are fighting the same devil trying to mask itself and steal this nation.

The Holocaust happened because a few naive people convinced one group that another was evil. So tell sonny from the view that Trump supporters are Christians not cockroaches. Tell cornflop that Christians are NOT communists or enemies of the state. Tell the haters leaving comments about Laire Lightner that GOD HEARD EVERY WORD and to please use their instruments to pray or get out of God's way. And tell the fake obidendemons nothing they can do will stop our nation from being restored and families from choosing faith instead of fear and victory instead of victimization mindsets.

God gave us His authority through His Son Jesus and we're putting hell on notice. We recover all. All that was stolen God will restore, and when God moves suddenly and the earthquakes start, everything that can be shaken will, so those obden demons and witches need to repent now to Jesus because they all failed. Besides, Derek Johnson from 1776 Nation said the real one had a three cannon salute during the fakeinauguration, i.e., they are all caught in their own trap, and THEY CAN'T STOP WHAT GOD'S ABOUT TO DO.

God's people have the victory and we declare every chain of oppression be broken.

We praise God for President Trump and we pray for our nation, military, all police officers, and fellow believers. We also pray for your children and babies. We pray for Laire Lightner's son, and for those that have suffered TBIs or concussions, and we keep the daughter of Demario Davis in our prayers and decree her seizure FREE!!!

...because who the Son sets free is FREE INDEED!!!

Like taking the jab might be a precursor to the chip under the skin. I hear "don't walk away."


9/19/23 They're in God's Territory

Praise God, Saints. At 9:23 am I heard "I tell you they're going to be in a bad mood when they see what I do."

An Update...

A quick update and thank you so much for everyone praying for Laire Lightner's son Franky Alvarez. She spoke with the hospital administration and they ARE keeping him on the vent and might transfer him to Jackson Memorial for care and a neurosurgeon consultation. You can find updates through Laire Lightner on Facebook as she welcomes prayers. All glory to God as He reminded me that yesterday He said "Believe for a miracle." But I don't want to stop there.

We touch in agreement for your needs so keep saying "It's no problem for God." Father God said relief efforts are coming soon and landlord support is coming. God's help is coming soon so keep singing and reading your Bible more. And be confident in God.

I hear "Surprises are in store." Remember, don't walk away from what God says or does. EVERY KNEE BOWS. I hear "That devil is going to be in a bad mood when they [the wicked] see what I do." God bless you all and thank you so much for your time and prayers for the Lightners. All glory to God. He will not fail!




9/18/23 It Doesn't Matter (What Those Witches and Demons Do) God is About to Move and Remove Those Stubborn Pride Demons 

Praise God, Saints. At 4:07 am I heard "Laire Lightner's son is about to be fixed." Prophet Laire Lightner's son was in a motorcycle accident yesterday so we keep him in prayer for his healing and full recovery. At 1:17 am I heard "Rebuke the demons of sickness and strokes, heart attacks and all disease. Rebuke the demons of sickness when you go online and watch and see what I do." So, we rebuke the demons of sickness and plead the name and blood of Jesus Christ by God's authority. By Jesus's stripes we are healed, and no weapons formed against thee shall prosper.



9/17/23 Happy Constitution Day!

Praise God, Saints. ONLY our God is on the Throne and His help is coming soon. Sharing the Benny J video above. What a POWERFUL CONFIRMATION as we were praying they acknowledge President Trump as the Greatest of all Time (GOAT). And it's a reminder "Don't walk away." 

At 4:11 pm I heard "They're going to be saying not fair when they see what God does." At 4:15 pm "Tell them don't look back when you see what God does. Remind them the end of a thing is the beginning of God."



9/16/23 God Will Not Fail

Praise God, Saints. I heard "It's going to be all their fault," but remember God said they will try blame you. "Watch and see the market go up. Hang onto every detail. See how I am helping you. Praise God for President Trump." At 2:53 pm I heard "Pray for Indiana."


For anyone else under attack, on the front lines with battle fatigue, remember we've ALREADY WON the battle so don't let them make you bitter or try to destroy your spirit. Speak from a place of victory, not defeat, and rebuke those demons. God has the final say and you don't have to prove anything, so stay focused. One Nation under God, and we've got the victory, so get excited and quit complaining. You think they'd catch on by now that if we've got God, Jesus, AND OUR David/CIC...that means GAME OVER FOR THEM. No weapons formed against you or me or President Trump, out military, police officers, and this great nation will prosper. Rebuke those demons. I hear "That demon/they are going to be in such a BAD MOOD when they see what I do. Can't you hear the rumblings in the earth? They better get out of God's way." ONLY God has the final say. A reminder again "pray for every police officer." And we pray our officers and military have all the support they need. God's about to topple the whole house of cards those obidendemons rely on.

About the Timing...

Wait on God, trust His timing, and please don't complain or get frustrated. God is exposing wickedness so those on the left and undecideds can wake up and see the truth. In the meantime, pray for 45/CIC, our military, and police officers. Stock up on groceries before prices go up and go and put the cake on. God has NEVER LOST A BATTLE. PRAISE GOD FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! This is gonna be HUGE cause God does nothing small. Be prepared and then read your Bible more, sing to Him, do things that add value. And keep the fake news/obamanations off. God's got US and all that they stole, He will restore QUICKLY!!!

9/15/23 Happy New Year - 5784! I Heard "Get Ready for a Quake." Rosh Hashanah Starts at Sundown...

Praise God, Saints. At 4:28 am I heard "I want you to pray for Philadelphia. Watch how they clear the area."






9/14/23 Watch and See What I Do 

Praise God, Saints. I hear "Victory is ours." Separately, I had a dream a baby bear was born and they injected him with something. Bears symbolize the market is down. Will stay in prayer over this.

Response to Derek Johnson 1776 Nation After TikTok Suspended His Account with 30K Followers...

D, don't let it bother you and rebuke those demons and rebuke their personalities. This devil is trying to make people feel like they're losing progress. Don't worry about that. Isn't Tik Tok owned by Chy-nah? So of course THEY are going to censor the one telling the truth. They ONLY shoot down those locked and loaded that carry the truth. If this was the air force, you'd hop in another plane and get back out there plain and simple. They just want you seeing it like you lost all those fans but you didn't lose anything. Get back out there and carry on with the mission...dropping those truth bombs!!!! If they can come out with a fake fetterman, surely you can add a second TT account but lay low and post images so the text doesn't get flagged....PS Rosh Hashanah starts tomorrow, i.e., the Jewish New Year 5784 which is significant and means David is exonerated, wealth transfer is coming, year of open doors and prisoners (US) released. So NEWS FLASH...we're winning BIGLY and God's got US. Get back out there and keep it light on TT so they don't try to target you again. Besides, we KNOW THEY LOST AND OUR DAVID WON. NOTHING THEY DO WILL STOP THIS TRAIN FROM COMING.






9/13/23 Wait and See What God Does...It's Supernatural 

Praise God, Saints. At 6:20 am I heard "I want you to pray for Los Angeles." At 4:09 pm I heard "Explosion on the news." Let them know they are going to hear bad news.

WARNING: I heard "The devil thinks he's won and they're out of control." One of today's images below from Devin Gibson includes a graphic subject.

Nate Johnston said this is where the rubber meets the road and we need crazy faith to break through. Picture birthing something bigger than you've ever encountered. Your water breaks but it LOOKS LIKE nothing is happening. You're exhausted. Thoughts (the devil/demons) cause you to doubt, so PUT THEM OUT AND PUSH. THEY offended us, attacked our jobs, health, home, and finances, went after our President, freedoms, and kids. THEY are trying to make us say "Not fair" in bitterness, anger, pain, rejection, and fear. But THAT IS NOT WHAT GOD SAID. So no pitty parties or complaining about what THEY did or said. Put them out like Jesus did with the haters, naysayers, and mockers. Get on the floor and moan. Yell "Brace! Brace!" Throw your hands UP and decree "Exposures, Exposures, Exposures," until we have FULL EVIDENCE and an abundance of rain. Because God empowered US in the delivery room, it's NOT over. Our faith, declarations, prayers, and decrees are breaking THEIR strongholds, breaking that water, and bringing victory in our ministries, families, health, finances, Nation, and world, and THEY (the wicked, evil, and demonic) failed. THEY will run and flee and say not fair when they see what God does. Rebuke terrorists manipulating the weather and causing violence, man-made natural disasters, and fires. Stand like Elijah and boldly say "I see our nation restored and our David reinstated. I see an abundance of military planes coming in and daily drop-offs at GITMO. I see us celebrating and dancing in the streets as the Babylonian System comes crashing down. I see victory in every state and across the globe. I see light flooding into every hidden place exposing and removing the devil. I see dominoes crashing down. I see Dominionin the news. I see God and His people laughing victoriously as demons of hate, sexual sin, violence, and pride are removed. And NOTHING THEY DO WILL STOP GOD'S PLANS.





9/12/23 They THINK They are in Control. Rebuke Those Demons and Watch and See What God Does.

Praise God, Saints. At 8:13 am I heard I'm going to do something that's going to increase your confidence.

About the Video Above: God's Judgment is Coming Burning Man and the 3 Days of Rain...

We rebuke THEIR personalities. This video is 23-minutes, 38-seconds and Matthew 23:38 states "Behold, your house is left unto you desolate." Study Light added, Behold, your house — Ο οικος, the temple: - It was once the Lord's temple, God's OWN house; but now He says, YOUR temple or house - to imply that God had abandoned it. Matthew 23:21; see also Clarke on Luke 13:35.

I heard "God's SUDDEN JUDGMENT IS COMING and to get out of His way, but for God's people to cheer up. His help is coming. Rebuke THEIR wrath, and pray they repent. Don't walk away."





9/11/23 We Honor Those Lost on 9/11 and Pray for Our Military 


Praise God, Saints. As we prepared today's message I heard "I tell you, there's going to be fighting on the streets when they see what I do. Rebuke their anger, bitterness, and wrath." As we posted Diana Larkin's message "EVERY knee shall bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord." I also heard "I choose YOU Lord God. I choose YOU Jesus. I choose YOU President Trump."

As we reflect back on those who lost their lives on 9/11, I had the strangest dream last night.

I saw a black soldier sitting near me and one further away. They were in the area and sitting on these dirt mounds as if they were waiting to receive orders. So, the one next to me says something like "You know what's coming," and I pulled out this huge, long, and heavy shotgun that was by my side. It was like the length of my entire leg! It shocked me that in the dream it was just right there next to me and that they didn't move. The soldier next to me didn't flinch, neither did the other one, like they knew I should be carrying and ready for battle/what's ahead.

I woke up and kept hearing martial law is coming. I don't know what the shotgun represented as I know the Sword of the Lord is our strength, but maybe to get more deeply rooted in God with the full armor of God on (Ephesians 6:11-18). Just sending a reminder to have groceries ready in case this is an intense battle ahead. We keep all of our military in prayer as they fight to keep us free.

Prophetic Word from Barry Wunsch...
September 11, 2023
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch
The Father is about to collapse the Babylonian slavery systems we are living in.
There is no getting around it.
He is bringing us into His Kingdom ways.
It is much bigger than just the evil regimes we struggle under.
There is a biblical sized event that is coming to do so.
There has been much leading up to it, and yet many do not see what is happening or what is coming.
Things as we have known them are about to be collapsed, and God is looking for His ecclesia to step up and step into the full authority He has given us.
There is a wealth transfer that is upon us and literally happening right now.
The Babylonian system banks and markets are crashing down,
Those who have positioned themselves rightly are about to be entrusted with wealth beyond measure to rebuild our Nation and others in a Godly Kingdom way.
Let it be known that the Babylonian Government systems and structures are coming down. Exposers, corruption, treason, abortion, embezzlement, unrighteous power and control and every evil thing dealt with by the hand of God.
His Ecclesiastical Government shall arise and fill the vacuum that is left. True Kingdom government.
He promised never to send another flood to bring a reset, however He never said He would not bring on the perfect storm that we are in and what is coming.
A time in history to bring freedom to the captives.
All because He loves us.
Incredibly great days are ahead of us.
He wins.
Let he who has ears hear.
Psalm 97 :: NIV.
The LORD reigns, let the earth be glad; let the distant shores rejoice. Clouds and thick darkness surround him; righteousness and justice are the foundation of his throne. Fire goes before him and consumes his foes on every side.
God Bless and Protect you and your families!
God Bless and Protect Israel!
God Bless the United States of America the Beautiful!
God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!
Barry Wunsch
PO Box 25069 Deer Park
Red Deer, AlbertaT4R 2M2




9/10/23 While They WILL be Saying "It's Your Fault," Don't Walk Away. Look and See What God Has Done. 

Praise God, Saints. At 1:46 am I heard "God's sudden judgment is coming."

Sharing a Response to the Message Above...

But you could have used a Chihuahua, too, for the image. They (the wicked) THINK they have strength, are stronger than us, and can outsmart/outwit God with their witchcraft, evil, and demonic. However, God gave US authority over them and they can do nothing without God. He said through Diana Larkin that these are just people (and I think they're drinking too much of their own Kool-Aid). Besides, we don't fear man or the wrath of man because God made light and darkness (Is. 45:7). God also said through Donna Rigney, "Don't make the evil bigger than God. God is bigger than the evil." Remember, ALL SAULS FALL (on their own swords) and THEY will all hang in their own gallows, or GITMO. WE ARE NOT AFRAID. I hear keep praying in tongues, and as God said through Diana Larkin, declaring "Exposures, exposures, exposures." I hear "Watch and see what the market does." And I hear God saying "Keep singing to Me." All glory to Yah! Keep singing!



9/9/23 It Doesn't Matter 

TRUMP NEWS: President Trump Attends the Iowa V. Iowa State Football Game

Praise God, Saints. At 10:41 am I heard "Tell them it doesn't matter."

Sharing a video below on the write-up we did about Alan Dershowitz and what God said through Prophet Nate Johnston, because God said the Kings OVERPLAYED their hand.



9/8/23 God's GOT You and What’s Coming is Blessings

Praise God, Saints. At 5:16 am I heard,  "I want you to get excited." At 10:21 am "Tell them I have not abandoned you." I heard about the wicked, "They're going to be terrified but they're going to be angry, too." On 9/7 at 1:11am I heard "The rampant red glare."

ˈramp(ə)nt] ADJECTIVE (especially of something unwelcome or unpleasant) flourishing or spreading unchecked: "political violence was rampant": "rampant inflation"




9/7/23 Watch President Trump's Return Suddenly

Praise God, Saints. Now that we're in the BIGGEST part of this battle, hold on tightly to God. We're seeing all kinds of intense warfare, but our God is on the Throne, so focus ONLY on God, rebuke those demons, and keep singing!

Rebuke THEIR personalities, read your Bible MORE, and stay in constant prayer. We pray for President Trump, our military, and all of our police officers. Keep standing and know that we already have the victory!

To help you overcome in every area, avoid these games the devil plays:

  • Be quick to forgive and don't hold onto THEIR offenses. Like the game of HOT POTATO, don't hold onto the potato and you won't get burned!
  • Don't TAG BACK. In the game of Tag the idea is to hit another person so they can become "It." However, with this game, the devil uses people to tag us with offenses so we'll tag them back and say something offensive. No! Forgive them, repent, and walk away. Game. Over.
  • Get in bed at 9:30 pm so you don't play HIDE AND SEEK. Satan likes tiring God's people out especially when you're tired, so you'll overreact. Instead get to bed EARLY like 9:30 pm - 1:00 am. Get up early and praise God, pray, and be rested so when the games start, you won't react with your emotions...and you can rebuke those demons!
  • Avoid getting hit. Like in DODGE BALL, THEY can try to gang up on you at once. Be aware, alert, and avoid distractions, agitating demons, and intimidation demons. Rebuke THEIR spirits and walk away...even Jesus ducked/hid in the crowds!
  • Don't FREEZE over the FAKE NEWS or when you see what God does (He doesn't give us the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind). God's help is coming, and He said the witches and demons will run and flee, so get ready to celebrate the victory! THEY think their intimidation games and fear tactics are working. NOT!


At just the right time, God will move and that TRUMP NEWS is coming so stay in the spirit. Be an eagle like our Daddy God...and avoid the chickens and turkeys! We'll have plenty of time to GOBBLE UP the blessings when God moves HIS POWERFUL RIGHT HAND and wipes out ALL THEIR EVIL PLANS FOR US!!!! 'Cause that devil and all those demons are defeated! Keep singing to God. 


Remember when the Presidential Seal fell during Obama's term and bounced seven times? Seven is President Trump's number. God bless President Trump for bringing down their whole house of cards. GAME OVER!





9/6/23 It's Unbelievable. It's Going to Feel Like Santa Claus.

Praise God, Saints. I heard "They will cheer up when they see what God does." 

At 12:20 am as I was reading Barry Wunsch's message below, I heard "Remember you have angels guiding you."





9/5/23 Get Ready and Keep Offering the Sacrifice of Praise 

Praise God, Saints. A reminder, "Don't walk away" "keep your defenses up," and "keep rebuking those demons."

Put God in the Middle. This is Intense Spiritual Warfare...

At 6:16 pm I heard  "The end of a thing is the beginning of God. Keep telling them I said it's going to be not fair when they see what God does. Keep cutting the head of that thing off. The end of a thing is the beginning of God. Lean not on your own understanding. They're coming for me and they're coming my country. They're going to be saying not fair when they see what God does. Keep cutting the head of that thing off. Keep telling them to come out from among them and from among her. Rebuke the spirit of pride. Tell them not to be afraid when they see what God does. God does not give us the spirit of fear. They're going to be saying not fair when they see what God does. The end of a thing is the beginning of God. They're really going to be saying not fair. They're going to be in a bad mood. Soon. Soon. I cut the head of that wickedness off. Lean not on your own understanding. You are mine and I am His. Tell them you don't have to be afraid of the enemy. Take us to a land I've never seen before. You are My child. I want you to cheer up. New income is coming. Get ready for what God does. A sudden earthquake. Keep telling them you are, some are about to cross the ocean soon. Keep giving glory to God. Prepare for a revolution, God's revolution is coming soon. Remind them the end of a thing is the beginning of God. Tell them quit complaining. Keep saying not fair, they're going to be saying not fair. Keep reminding them the end of a thing is the beginning of God. Keep reminding them the end of a thing is the beginning of God and I will show you proof. Keep saying they're going to be saying not fair. I AM surrounding you with My angels and My wisdom. That devil is defeated. Tell them calm down when they see what God does. 707pm It's going to be great news about President Trump. It's President Trump. Tell them not to be afraid over how they're coming for him. They want you afraid and in fear. That's the devil. About God...He loves us so much. Make it personal when you worship Him. It's going to be not fair when they see what God does.  Not fair. Not fair. I hear it. It will be on the news. Tell them about President Trump it will be very good news."

In the link, that's David in the Gaelic tongue. Emma Stark praying in tongues:

Separately, sharing a post from earlier today, and I hear  "Let them know they will see God's help soon. It doesn't matter what THEY do or try. [Talking about the wicked]. God's sudden judgment is coming soon."

Hey Jordan, this is Kassandra from God-Driven-Designs. That's such a great word and reminder to rebuke religious spirits, repent, rebuke their personalities, and don't judge so God can use us. I heard "Remind them God's sudden judgment is coming soon and please don't quit or walk away when you see what God does. Tell them they don't have to worry or be afraid." On a personal note, I can remember hearing God say "Now you see why I made a target out of you." These haters, naysayers, and mockers coming against OUR DAVID/45 need to get out of God's way. The Remnant, and all who are praying for him and standing for Godly values HAVE ALREADY WON and THEY CAN'T STOP GOD'S PLANS. OUR DAVID is a prophet of God, called by God, and he holds God's mantle. The witches and demons will run and flee when they see what God does. For God's people though, NOW is the time to have preparations in place because martiallaw is starting soon and God wants His people prepared, not panicked. THEY, i.e., the wicked, evil, and demonic are going to be in a bad mood and saying not fair when they see what God does, so please be prepared if we have to be temporarily shut in. We don't have to live in fear. God's wrath and sudden judgment are coming soon, and God will show proof. SUDDENLY!








9/4/23 First Day of Fall, i.e., Fall in the Fall. "Watch and See What I/They Do."

Praise God, Saints. At 12:01 pm I heard "I want you to rebuke their personalities."






9/3/23 Keep Believing On Me 

Praise God, Saints. At 247am, and not sure if this was meant for us to say like a declaration or decree so we're not double-minded, "I am determined that as we go over, there's no turning back." At 2:36 am I heard 'I want you to behave yourself when you see what God does."

At 11:25 am I heard "You know I AM protecting you. Don't walk away. Give glory to God."


Making more sense now... So God sent the rain to disrupt Burning Man...

I hear "THEY are going to lose their minds when they see what God does" and "THEY are going to be in a bad mood when they see what God does." As we were posting this video earlier, I heard something like "Remember I mentioned to you before about evacuations coming."

From Laire Lightner: The Lord said tonight "I brought the rain. They will no longer make a mockery of My name. I will disrupt their evil plans one by one. Watch Me." Concerning the rain at Burning Man.

#trump #elonmusk #twitter




9/2/23 God Won't Fail

Praise God, Saints. At 12:47 am I heard "I tell you you're going to be singing and dancing on the streets when they see what I do."

About the opening video above Are You Sure?

Note: This word was originally from May 16, 2023, but Father God wanted me to add a few sections in, so apologies as it has some volume issues. Additionally, I didn't have time to edit this further but wanted to get it out as some information is time sensitive.

All glory to God. I pray this helps some to see as it is not meant to offend anyone. Praying we all repent so we can see God and Jesus more clearly and be ready for the next move of God. As a reminder, don't walk away when you see what God does. God is no respecter of persons, but He wants His people ready for what He does next, so keep believing in God and watch and see what He does. Remember, ONLY God is in charge.


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9/1/23 I Will Not Fail. Failure is Not an Option. 

Praise God, Saints. At 10:37 pm I heard "Wait until you see how they make the news, that Trump announcement." 12:44 am "Watch and see what He/he does." I heard the Facts of Life song lyrics "You take some good, you take one bad." 12:56 am "Trust me. We are not in the same boat as these people." 4:37 am "Rebuke their personalities. Situations are about to change soon."

Side Note: Oprah and The Rock were giving an interview about a foundation to help Maui, and I heard "Don't believe a word she says" and then I saw this: 

Oprah and the Rock asking for Maui Donations:



Comment on 1776 Nation about 54% of people being illiterate...

It doesn't matter the age, race, salary, or education people have - to me, because God doesn't want His people embarrassed, ashamed, or afraid. I could care less if you only have 2 teeth and had to borrow one from your neighbor... Jesus said come as you are. We MUST continue to stand and pray for and with those who love God, Jesus, and President Trump. Also, understand that innocent Christians who are our brothers and sisters DON'T SEE IT YET. God said they will see it soon and they are going to be so repentant and afraid because they got it wrong, so let's show compassion like the father to the prodigal son. God doesn't want us angry and bitter like the brother in the house. That's a mistake as NO FLESH can stand before God. He wants us to show love and forgiveness, i.e., He uses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise. So, block, delete, and rebuke those demons in folks AND GET EXCITED...THEY CAN'T STOP THIS TRUMP TRAIN FROM COMING!!! We praise God for President Trump and we pray for him, our military and vets, and all police officers. I also hear pray for Philadelphia. God's also been saying THEY'RE (the wicked, evil, and demonic we're seeing everywhere) going to be saying not fair when they see what God does. God is saying "Tell them don't worry." They're only attacking you, Derek, because like David, you're next in line for promotion so don't get distracted by those pesky spotted lantern spies...Prophetic Word from 8/31/23 "I KNOW IT'S A TIGHTROPE... KEEP SINGING TO ME. HELP AND RELIEF EFFORTS ARE COMING SOON."

Praise God, Saints. I heard at 8:52 am, "I know they are walking a tightrope but don't worry. God has you." Whatever you need, say "It's no problem for God."  "THEY, talking about the wicked are going to be/feel sorry when they see what God does."

At 3:14 pm while praying in tongues. "The end of a thing... The devil cannot touch you. The devil cannot touch us. Keep singing and glorifying God. It's time. Keep preparing them for what I'm about to do. Let them know they will have help with that rent. Raise the praise. Remember the end of a thing is the beginning of God. Let it rain hearing that like the song. Didn't I tell you that I would come through, that I would provide. I am not a man. I will not fail. Promotions are coming. Tremble o earth...Remind them to read your Bible more."





8/31/23 "I Know it's a Tightrope."

Praise God, Saints. I heard at 8:52 am, "I know they are walking a tightrope but don't worry. God has you." Whatever you need, say "It's no problem for God."  "THEY, talking about the wicked are going to be/feel sorry when they see what God does."

At 3:14 pm while praying in tongues. "The end of a thing... The devil cannot touch you. The devil cannot touch us. Keep singing and glorifying God. It's time. Keep preparing them for what I'm about to do. Let them know they will have help with that rent. Raise the praise. Remember the end of a thing is the beginning of God. Let it rain hearing that like the song. Didn't I tell you that I would come through, that I would provide. I am not a man. I will not fail. Promotions are coming. Tremble o earth...Remind them to read your Bible more."