Need a Powerful Word?

We're listing a few of the recent ministry messages. Please stay encouraged and know that God is with us and He will not fail us. Look for the windows He provides. For every door that closes, another one opens and you might be in for a sweet surprise!


When Life Hit's You Hard: Here's How to Handle It, Rebuke the Attacks, and Come Back Stronger



Elevation Church: Triggered - Taking Your Mind Back When Facing Anxiety

Frustrated because God won't let you have that old job back or let you do things in a way that worked before? Do you feel like God's not helping you get back up on the horse again? Let it die. Any confidence that's in "your" abilities is flesh and will fail. God intentionally lets us fail in a thing so we can have confidence in Him. Remember, new wine can't go in old bottles.


Your mind is crucial to your success. Here's how to reset it to move forward. Please remember to keep reading your Bible for encouragement and strength.


Are you exhausted? Why you shouldn't stop when you're tired.

Feel like you're failing? Like nothing you're trying is working? Here's what to do when it looks like nothing is working out as you had planned.


When it feels like the storm is out of your control.



When Everything Falls Apart: It's Okay to Be Upset, but It's Where You Go That Counts. The Holy Spirit said, "Stay encouraged. Don't give up. You have an angel with you."


Why Many Enemies Have Been Chasing You (A Powerful Prayer)


God has given us divine protection. We have to ensure we use the angels that are here to help us.