October Newsletter: In Jesus' Name...

Our October Newsletter

Happy October. Our October Newsletter is shortened so we can focus on getting November's message out to you ASAP.

A special note: We're keeping track of the confirmed words the Holy Spirit has given. You can find the confirmations in the October Prayer section.


In This Month's Issue We Cover:

Our October Message: In Jesus' Name, By God's Authority: Mountain-Moving Faith, and Our October Prayer

Music Spotlight: Joy: King & Country; Say the Name of Jesus: Martha Munizzi

Need a Powerful Word? Bishop TD Jakes: Why Many Enemies Have Been Chasing You

News: Painting of Jesus Survives 7-Alarm-Fire

LOL: Had Followers Before...

Let's do this...


In Jesus' Name

There have been satanic attacks recently and more people practicing witchcraft. They're even coming out with children's shows so they can practice it. For insight on this, see our blog article below Is It Entertainment or Addiction?

In this season, remember to rebuke the demons of witchcraft and satanic attacks. The devil has been trying to delay God's people and "slow them down", but God is greater. The Holy Spirit keeps saying "Let them know it doesn't matter what "they" say or do." God is in control and He is on the throne and the Holy Spirit also said to remind you, "It will get better." Keep giving glory to God.

Regardless of what comes against us, we stand on God's Word and plead the blood of Jesus over our lives. Satan is defeated and no weapons formed against us shall be able to prosper (ever). How do I know? Jesus gave us special privileges.

The Royal Class

I remember taking my mom on a 5-star cruise. It wasn’t that we’d paid more money, but we had reached a “star” or “royal” status, or something to that effect. One of the attendants looked at the number of points we had and whispered, “You don’t have to stand in line. You’re a star class member.” As Christians, because we had always been taught to be humble, it didn’t mean that we suddenly put on our sunglasses and waved to the paparazzi, but we had fun seeing what the “privileged” status meant.

We were standing in line about to board the ship and there were a few thousand people in front of us also waiting to board. My mom said in a hushed whisper, “Maybe we should ask if it applies to this kind of line?” I got up nervously, feeling unsure of myself and made my way down the long corridor as hundreds of people were watching me navigate through the crowded waiting area. Everyone apparently had arrived early to board the ship.

I whispered to the attendant, “Are we allowed to board early if we’re star class?” The attendant whispered back to me, “Yes, you can. You shouldn’t be in this line.” By the time I turned around to relay the news to my mom, she was already making her way down the aisle. Upon reaching me, she locked arms with me and said in a hushed voice as she smiled, “Come on, girl. That’s favor.” We were able to board the ship early!

Once we were onboard, I remembered reading about people dropping their bags off in their rooms – even while they were still being cleaned. I knew it was taking a chance, but I opened the heavy set of double doors and made my way down to our room. The room steward was standing in the hallway and ushered me back out the door. I asked him, “Can I drop off the bags - - if we’re star class?” He frowned and shook his head no, explaining that he wasn’t responsible for the bags, and then let me leave the bags in our room. I tucked the 2 bags in the closet area and thanked him profusely - What a treat!

Heirs to the Throne

Sometimes in life, we forget who we have “star” status with God. Yes, we’re Christians, and yes, we pray, fast, praise, and wait on God, but we too often forget who we are and whose we are (membership has its privileges).

As sons and daughters of God, we have Jesus who is the High Priest. He is the propitiation for our sins. Now, that doesn’t mean that we can get high-minded or boast, or get filled with false pride either. God frowns on that as the Word states that “No flesh can stand before God.” But, what our royal family line means is that we receive certain privileges, if you will, i.e., in Jesus’ name.

By Jesus’ Stripes, I am Healed: That’s a big one. We can pray and ask Father God for healing in Jesus’ name. Sometimes we’ll get healed right away, sometimes it takes longer, like when my mom was going through cancer treatments. And, sometimes a healing won’t come in the way we want it, like when God told Paul in so many words to serve him as he was when Paul requested God remove the thing that was plaguing him.

Whatsoever you desire when you pray, believe you have it and it shall be yours: This is a big one, too. It’s what Jesus told the disciples. I kind of picture church folks testing it out, “Lord, I want a million dollars,” or “Lord, I want a mansion and all my dreams to come true.”

While those prayers are great, sometimes God won’t answer them the way we want - - or we’d get high-minded, put those sunglasses on and start sipping drinks off the back of the yacht. Sometimes, God sends the answer to the prayers in seed form, you know, like an acorn that then grows into a tall oak tree. And, that takes time, but as long as you believe the possibilities, nothing is impossible with God!

Lift that mountain and move it into the sea: This is one that Jesus mentioned when he cursed the fig tree that wasn’t producing fruit. He told the disciples that all you had to do was believe and you only needed a little bit of faith, which is what I saw firsthand.

By God's Authority: Mountain-Moving Faith

Recently, a few messages from some of the pastors have all had the same theme and that’s using your faith to trust in God for what you need. When we used “In Jesus’ Name” as the message for October, one of the teachings was about how Jesus put a demand on the disciples.

In Matthew 14:16, Jesus says to the disciples about the crowds that need to be fed “They need not depart.; give ye them to eat.” And, then he showed them how to take the little that they had and lift it up in His name so it would multiply. Part of growing our faith is trusting in what Jesus has taught us and what we know in God to make manifest what we need. That’s why we trust what we know, not what we see. This is proven over and over in the New Testament:

  • Jesus put the family and naysayers out when he healed the little girl. They went by what they saw. He knew He could resurrect her.
  • Jesus healed Lazarus. Mary and the crowds were weeping, but Jesus knew He had the authority.
  • Jesus told the disciples where to find the fish. They had already fished all night, but His Word caused the nets to break and they had to call others to help them haul in their loads.


In this season where it looks like it’s getting worse and it looks like the enemy is winning, the Holy Spirit keeps stressing, “It will get better” and we are reminded to “not lean on our own understanding.”

Putting a Demand on God

One area where we as Christians need to improve is with our faith-walk. We sometimes stay in a comfort zone. We tithe exactly 10 percent. We only go to church on Sundays. We take the same path to work every day. We don’t always extend ourselves in areas beyond our reach or what we perceive as achievable.

When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, I can remember the Holy Spirit telling me, “Start a petition.” I immediately thought, “Me? What can I do?” I knew it was my flesh so I said, “Forgive me, Lord. If you put it in my spirit, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” We then started a petition.

As you grow in your faith, expect that God might pull the rug out from under you some of the time to get you to exercise your faith. It’s like a baby bird that is thrown from the nest. He has wings but doesn’t know he can fly until he tries. We serve a faithful and loving Father God who is with us.

We Have the Authority in Jesus' Name

Bishop Bronner recently spoke about the authority we have in God as sons and daughters. Bishop Bronner's message on this is SA061678 True Talk. The world can’t see that we are heirs to God’s throne, meaning, our words speak life, bring healing, cast out demons, rebuke storms, and so forth.

As the Body of Christ grows and comes together this will be an important time for Christians to walk in our callings. Bishop Bronner asked, “Why are you afraid of the devil you have authority over?” Remember, we have the same “star” status that Jesus had and Jesus said we’ll “do greater works than these.” Jesus also said, “nothing shall hurt you.”

Rebuking Snakes, Scorpions, Demons, and Witchcraft

Have you felt a sense of heaviness recently? Or have you felt like while you were doing your “best” the enemy has been coming like a serpent trying to slow down your computer, slow down your work, and stall your growth? It might be the demonic and witchcraft.

Another pastor spoke on a similar topic about the season we’re in where witchcraft and voodoo are prevalent. Prophet Jonathan Cahn mentioned how Netflix is airing new witchcraft shows geared towards children like Sabrina: The Teenage Witch which is now darker and teaches kids how to cast spells.

While we tend to back away from the words “witchcraft” or “voodoo”, don’t back away in fear. We have authority over everything in this world. We have to rebuke/renounce every door that the devil has opened in the name of Jesus. Rebuke the Jezebel spirit. We have the authority over tormenting spirits. We renounce all witchcraft, voodoo, the occult, drugs and alcohol, and anything that would try to ensnare and trap God’s people.

Believe the Possibilities

A few of the boldest Bible verses aside from “By Jesus’ stripes we are healed” are “Who the Son sets free is free indeed”, “Without faith, it is impossible to please God” and “The just shall live by faith.” There is nothing that can hold you back, but you must believe that you have Jesus’ authority and can walk by faith using His name.

Because we went through the testing phase and grew our faith, God will put us on the spot and make us use it. This can come with a lack of money, a sickness, or a threat of some kind. These scenarios are not meant to defeat us but to help us to call on God. It is written, “Call on Me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you and you shall glorify me.” Just trust God and believe. He will always make the way:

  • Trust God when you see trouble up ahead. He has hidden paths.
  • Trust God when you don’t see a way. We walk by faith. A window or door is always there.
  • Trust God when the doctor gives a bad report. Decree it is well with your soul and let God bring it to pass.
  • Trust God when it looks like your finances are dwindling. Call on God to open the supply house and loose blessings into your atmosphere.


It’s okay to spread your wings in Jesus’ name. Even when you feel unsure, you can turn to God and know that He is with you. God’s got you and He’s right there beside you giving you what you need and showing you who He is – The Great I AM!


Music Moment

Have you heard Martha Munizzi's Say the Name of Jesus? Jesus is the name above all names. No matter what it looks like, God is in control. You can rest in God and cast your cares on Him.



Confirmations, Prayers, and Reminders...



  • The Holy Spirit said to pray for Pittsburgh. A shooting took place 10/27/18 at a Jewish synagogue.
  • The Holy Spirit said pray for Florida, then we had Hurricane Michael.
  • The Holy Spirit said the market would drop. The market dropped 800 basis points.
  • The Holy Spirit said to pray for officers, then we had 2 separate police officer shootings, one in South Carolina and one in Mississippi. I asked in prayer if we should include EMTs, fire, and rescue, but this was specific for all police officers.


Prayers: The Holy Spirit said to pray for Pittsburgh, pray for Florida, and pray for the President. The Holy Spirit said to pray because an earthquake is coming.


Reminders: The Holy Spirit said, "It doesn't matter what they do or say." God's in control and He is on the throne. "Never give up." "It will get better." "Make sure to look for your window." "Have faith." The Holy Spirit said, "No matter what it 'looks like', be strong in the storm."


 Our October Prayer...

Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord we come to you and we give you all the glory, honor, and praise due your name. We keep our hearts and minds stayed on Thee. Not our ways and our will, but Your will for us, Lord. We pray over our friends, family, homes, communities, our nation, and our planet. We don't fear man or the wrath of man. We know forever Your Word is established and no harm shall come near our dwelling place and no evil shall befall us.

Father God, we pray over all those that are suffering under some kind of attack. Please close every back door and access area where witchcraft, voodoo, and satanic attacks try to get in. We rebuke and renounce satan. We rebuke every demonic snake away from us. Cut the head of that thing off in Jesus' name. We call on Michael the Archangel and warring angels to defend us in battle. No weapons formed against us shall prosper. We plead the blood of Jesus over our lives and we cancel every assignment of the devil in Jesus' name. Father, we thank you that we have a hedge of protection around us, that you hedge us in and that our families and friends are protected. We thank you that we have Your Word to stand on. We thank You for Your mercy and we ask for Your mercy and grace to daily cover us.

We pray for Puerto Rico. We pray for Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. We pray for Pittsburgh, Lord. We pray for Mexico. We pray for the migrants trying to get to the U.S. We pray for all those suffering under severe attacks. There are some saying "They will not help us." Please send angels to them to help them. We plead the blood of Jesus over their lives.

We rebuke the demons of cancers, all sickness, and disease. By Jesus' stripes, we are healed. We pray for the poor and those that can't pay their rent. Please give them assistance and resources, Lord. We pray for all those in hospitals and those in the military that they can be with their families this holiday season. We thank you that we have a loving Father God and we give all the glory to You, Lord. Please help us with our purpose and to know Your will for our lives.

I hear you saying, "They're not ready". Is it that people aren't ready to move forward with You or are they unsure what will come? Lord, please remove any anxieties or fears from them. You are a loving God of favor and we praise You because you're opening doors. If it's not being ready because we're not on one accord, we also pray that the church gets on one accord as You asked us to back in September. We know one day we will march around the Capital in prayer as one Body praying for all our brothers and sisters. If it's that they're not ready for what you are about to do, we pray for all those that need to get into position for the blessings You are about to pour out on us. We pray they get in alignment now and don't miss the blessing You have for us. Thank You for all You provide for us. We ask for Your mercy and we also ask for forgiveness of any sins we've committed against You or our fellow man so our prayers will be heard. Forgive us, Lord, for stubborn and foolish pride, for high-minded ways, and any idol that we clung to that separated us from You. We ask for your forgiveness and Your mercy. We want to be ready, Lord. We want to be in position and to fulfill our callings. We want to help those in need and the less fortunate. Thank You for fulfilling Your promises to us. We praise You and love you, Lord, in Jesus' name, Amen.

Aside from titles, anything in bold above is something the Holy Spirit mentioned to pray about.

The Prayer of Salvation

If you haven't said the Prayer of Salvation, now's the best time: Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord, I ask forgiveness of my sins. Please come into my heart. I turn my back on sin and I make you my Lord and Savior. I want to follow you for the rest of my life. Please give me eternal life through you in Jesus name, Amen.     

Re-dedication to Christ Prayer

If you need to rededicate your life to Christ because you feel like you've been sinning or haven't been living right, pray: Father God in the name of Jesus, I ask forgiveness of my sins and I turn my back on sin. Please help me to overcome ---- and I want to lead a better life through you. I decree and declare this day I have overcome ---- and I have the victory in Jesus name, Amen. 

Stay in God's shadow, stay away from sin and temptation, keep reading your Bible and keep seeking God first. 

Be ye doers of the Word... We pray this message blesses you today!

If you need prayer, please call the Bill Winston Prayer Center at (877) 543-9443. You can also check online for Joyce Meyer's prayer request form and other sites that can pray for and with you. You are more than a conqueror!


Music Moment

Have you heard Joy by King & Country?' It's foot-stompin' music. Love the lyrics, "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of night, with you by my sight I'm walking in light." Joy is what we have because we know who we are and whose we are.


Is It Entertainment or Addiction?

I was researching content for an article on why married men develop gaming addictions. I also wanted to understand why God's people when oppressed turn to TV for entertainment and comfort instead of reading their Bibles. And, then I came across this NY Times article: "We thought we could control it. This is going to the pleasure centers of the developing brain." "On the scale between candy and crack cocaine, this is closer to crack cocaine." "I am convinced the devil lives in our phones and is wreaking havoc on our children."

The Simple Request

It started out with a simple article request. A client wanted me to write an article about how addiction starts in a Christian marriage. I included details on drug addictions, porn, TV, shopping, sex, and alcohol. The client came back to me and said, "You forgot gaming." I shook my head in disbelief and asked if I'd heard correctly. "Did you say gaming, as in video games?" My client said yes.

As therapists, they were seeing more couples coming in for counseling where the husband had "checked out" mentally. I was shocked until I read their content about a growing trend in men escaping into virtual realities to avoid their marital problems. Gaming lets you create a virtual world where you become the person in the game. Whether it's shooting the enemy in Call of Duty or some other game, it was absorbing men's lives. They were detaching from their marriages and their wives were taking them to therapy for video game addictions.

See the full article here.


Back to Basics

In our September message, the Holy Spirit wanted us to focus on how God is preparing a table for us, the steps it takes in the process, and how not to go by what you see.

Have you ever gone to a football game where it looked like the other team was winning? They had their game faces on and made taunts on the field. Even the cheerleaders were likely yelling, "Get back on the bus! We've already won!"

The problem is if you're not prepared mentally for the challenge, you can give up because of the enemy's psychological game. Which brings us to an important point about basic training and getting back to basics so you can get back in the game, get ahead, and win.

Have you ever attended a training camp in the spring for football? Or maybe attended a training camp in the winter for baseball? The goal is to help teach you new moves and work on drills to increase your speed, agility, and help you work with others on your team.

See the Full Message Here...



Need a Powerful Word?

Have you wondered why it feels like the devil is chasing you and God is allowing it? The answer will surprise you. God is up to something BIG! Not only is He restoring His people, but greater is coming...

Watch this powerful clip from Bishop TD Jakes on why "it looks like" the enemy is coming in like a flood. And, why you are equipped and well-able to handle it! God's got you, Beloved! And, you have the victory!

Stay encouraged. Keep reading your Bible, and keep speaking over yourself. God has the final say. And, you can rest in Him. It will get better. http://shop.pe/SVfjT

"So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him." Isaiah 59:15

For the Need a Powerful Word page, please click here...


Pittsburgh, We are Praying for You...

We pray for Pittsburgh. We pray for the Jews attacked there and we pray for their families and for the first responders.

We pray for all Jews, for their covering, and for their safety. We pray for all synagogues to be safe. And, we stand with Israel.

“Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;” Psalm 91:5 We will not live in fear. Perfect love casts out all fear.




News: Painting of Jesus Survives 7-Alarm-Fire

News shared via Yahoo News: A seven-alarm fire that tore through a 150-year-old church in Massachusetts miraculously spared a painting of Jesus Christ, WFXT reports. 

The piece of artwork, which hung near the front doors of First Baptist Church in Wakefield, Mass., somehow survived the massive blaze — which was likely caused by a lightning strike — completely unscathed.

Shocking footage of the fire shared on social media shows the church engulfed in heavy smoke and flames. As firefighters battle the growing inferno, part of the church's 180-foot spire can be seen toppling over.

Although members of the congregation say they are deeply saddened by the loss of the historic building, some have been able to find comfort in the painting's survival. 

"It’s a beautiful sign of hope," Maria Kakolowski, one of the church members, told WFXT. "I am personally just taking it as a sign and a reminder that the Jesus, the Christ that we serve, is still alive and even though our church building is gone, our church is here. The God that we serve is still here."

"Our kids are sad," said Heather McCarthy, a parent whose kids attended the church's affiliated nursery school, added. "My middle son was in tears."

"The kids do a Halloween parade every year that they were getting ready for. To think of it not being in this church is tough, but you know, we'll figure something out," she added.



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LOL: Had Followers Before...

We hope you enjoyed our October Newsletter. Stay encouraged and know it will get better. Keep looking for signs from Father God and look for the windows God provides. As a reminder, the Holy Spirit has been stressing, "It doesn't matter" what the enemy says or does. God is on the throne!

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