Our Biggest Shopping Guide


It's out! Our Biggest Holiday Shopping Guide is out. Enjoy our fun holiday cards and gifts for any budget and we wish you and your family the Happiest and Merriest Christmas!



Mid Range: 

Check online for top travel rewards credit cards. If you have one, check your points. You may find that you can now combine your points with other travel rewards cards. For example, your Capital One Travel Rewards Mileage Card might get you a free or upgraded ticket, while your American Express will give you access to international lounges...

Low Budget: Shop for deals on flights over the holidays and shop for packaged deals with a hotel or with a rental car for added savings.

No Budget: Look for 2-for-1 airline deals over the holidays. If you don't fly, look for added savings on monthly train and bus passes and ask for discounted pricing. Some states offer deals to students, seniors, etc.


Outer Wear

Sky's the Limit: Buy a Comfy Cashmere Scarf

Loro Piana 100% cashmere scarves run about $795 to $1,195 at Neiman Marcus. With matching hats, sweaters, and mittens, you'll be toasty warm for your ski vacation in the Swiss Alps. Cocoa, anyone?

Mid-Range: Discounted Cashmere Scarves

Shop at Macy's, Dillards, The Rack, and other stores and you might find the cost is under $100. Use a coupon code for added savings that might give you an extra $20 off.

Low-Budget: Shop Online or in thrift stores

A great way to find a deal on cashmere is on sites like Ebay or at your local thrift store. Just be cautious. If you find one moth hole, there will likely be others. Even if a scarf has been repaired, it's only a matter of time.

No Budget: Head to NYC for a Pashmina

Pashminas are usually a polyester or cotton version of a luxury scarf. In Manhattan they might run $5 each or you can find them online for $10. If you have a scarf that you've never used and want to regift it, just soak it in Woolite to brighten up the fabric and let it air dry. If it's new, you can gently rub laundry dryer sheets over it to give it a fresh scent before wrapping.


Deals: Repost

Best Deal Sites to Help You Shop and Save for the Holidays

With the holidays upon us, here are the best deal sites and bargain shopping pages: 

  • Deal Oz: This is a great site if you're pricing electronics and school books. It uses Amazon, Ebay, and other top sites. Why use it? It's great for students who need the "best" deal on books. We've used this site for textbooks and they usually find the cheapest deals. 
  • Deal News: This site has been featured on different news sites. They have a Black Friday section set up, so be sure to hit the "home" button to see their full site and look for updates.
  • Deal Catcher: For more retail stores like Kohl's, Macy's, Kate Spade, Pier 1, and Banana Republic, check out Deal Catcher's home page. For example, Kohl's has a special: Get 20% off, plus $10 off when you spend $50 through November 7th, Macy's has New Balance for $24, and HP Laptops are $189 at NewEgg!
  • Retail Me Not: An old favorite, Retail Me Not is a great way to find deals with coupons that others may have used. You can get all kinds of deals to save on shipping and maybe 10 to 20% off. We've used this site to save on ProFlowers, cookie deliveries, and Macy's.
  • Coupons.com: Similar to Retail Me Not, this is a fast way to find a coupon code if you're already on a site and want to save a little extra money. They have coupon codes, cash back offers, and discount codes you can add right to your store discount card. What we don't like? They need more products and an easy search tool to avoid unnecessary scrolling.
  • God-Driven-Designs: We're running a special for December with gift sets, personalized gifts, wall plaques, mirrored gifts, custom gift bags, t-shirts, and more!
  • Gotta Deal: Love, love, love this site. Not only does it give some of the best prices, but it compares Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Kohl's, Home Depot, Best Buy, and more. Whose it for? Anyone that wants to find a bargain right away without having to open multiple windows. We tried it for High Sierra book bags and found them priced at $49 while other stores had the cheapest as $79.
  • Slick Deals: Okay, this is one of the best for a little bit of everything. You can find all kinds of deals on categories like groceries, games, TVs, finance - i.e., credit card offers, cable offers, food delivery deals, computers, entertainment, etc. While we're not a fan of redirects, it's still a great way to find out where the best deals are and then you can just open your own window to confirm you're on the official site.

Disclaimer: As with any site you try out for the first time, these are just recommendations. Please check the reviews first on the sites, run a virus scanner, and don't click on links they send in emails to avoid phishing scams. If you do make purchases, only use a credit card and not a debit card so if you ever need to dispute a charge, you can get your money back right away.