Don't Walk Away From What Father God Does...


The Holy Spirit said, "Tell them 'Don't walk away from what God does.'"

When I called my mom today she was cooking and singing along to praise and worship music which I could hear in the background. She said, "No, I turned the TV off. Too much sex and violence," she said frankly. "I'm here singing praise and worship. God is so good," she said. "Lord, I worship you." She reminded me to put on Pandora and set it to Lauren Daigle and sing to our Father God. I actually had Yolanda DeBerry on before I called her.

One of the pastors said in this season, we should be on one accord giving our praise and worship up to God. We're about 10-days from the Jewish New Year so let's send a sweet sound up to Father God. Don't look to the right or the left. The enemy is making false accusations and trying to distract and detract us from our purpose BUT the devil is a liar. Keep praising. Keep singing. Keep lifting God's name up and rest in Him. As my mom said, "And, pray in tongues. Don't forget to pray in tongues." Rest in God. Wait for Him. And importantly obey what He says.

l hear God saying, "Be obedient to me."

I also hear Him saying something about a "fluid transition" from one step to the other. Like the Red Sea, God has paths, doors and windows the enemy doesn't know about. God is about to bring His people out of bondage and slavery. Don't look back. A new level is coming. Promotion, favor, no more crying babies. We wait for you, Lord. He said something about the "city's or cities shut down" and the" oceans will open up". Not sure what that means, but don't walk away from what Father God does. Have faith and keep giving glory to Father God. Keep on the praise and worship. Keep lifting Him up! Glory to Your name, Lord! Thy will be done.

Lift your arms up in praise to Our Father God. He is worthy of our praise! Glory to Your name, Lord. Thank You for all You do for us! Check out this awesome praise and worship music from Yolanda DeBerry and Chris Degen. Sweet worship up to Our Father God! 


Our Father God is NOT Dead. He is Still Reigning On the Throne. HE HEARS US.

Ask God for what you need. Ask for help with that son 
or daughter. Ask for a raise. Ask for a new job. Ask for time off. Ask for healing. Ask for a new ministry. Ask for God's mercy. Ask for help for your family. All you have to do is ask. And, God will not fail...

Though there might be giants in the land, be not afraid. It's God that goes before us and tears down the enemy and shames them. Remember, you have angels and your guardian angel guiding you. Sharing a prayer by Todd Bentley,

"God, today we ask for a breakthrough in the heavenly realm in the area of prophetic destiny. Father, I'm asking in the name of Jesus for a tearing down of the demonic strongholds and mindsets that are in opposition to Your promises. We want to expose and then break the demonic opposition, stronghold, and mindset of the enemy to keep us from inheriting the land of promise. So I am asking You to come, Holy Spirit. Anoint us with revelation and the power of God so that we can destroy every scheme and tactic of the devil that wants to keep us from what You promised in Your Word and what You promised us out of the mouths of the prophets. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen."

Keep reading your Bible each day. In that day their burden will be lifted from your shoulders, their yoke from your neck; the yoke will be broken because you have grown so fat, Isaiah 10:27