Our Father's Day Special...



To celebrate dads, grandpas, uncles, brothers, cousins, and those that are just like a dad, we've come up with a list of the Best Father's Day gifts and ideas - from the heart. Enjoy!


Have a Fun Family Photo Shoot...

What makes this an enjoyable treat is that everyone can dress up or down and have fun taking pictures together:

  • Take photos indoors and outside. Dad with his lawnmower. Dad and his new grill (hmm!).
  • Have a casual look and a look with matching t-shirts on matching ball caps.
  • Take turns deciding on the layout. Take a few fun pics in SnapChat and have a few just for the picture frames.
  • For double the awesomeness, make a video, too!


Be sure to put your pictures up on the fridge, send to grandma, and turn them into a card to mail to everyone at Christmas!



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Make it a Fun Homemade Gift and Take Pictures...

Have a lot of kids and grand kids? Have a fun time taking pictures for dad or grandpa:

  • Find a washable marker and spell out fun words on the bottom of everyone's feet. Take different pictures and put them in a frame, on a coffee mug, or a cool t-shirt.
  • This is a favorite gift especially for dads in the military who are away.
  • Put the images on a custom Father's Day card for dad or grandpa. It's a special gift they'll cherish because it's from the heart!


    The fun is in the time spent with family!


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    Give Dad the Day Off...

    Want a fun way to relax together on Father's Day? Here are a few ideas:

    • Schedule a grooming day for dad. Groupon and Living Social have all kinds of discounts on men's facials, a new hair cut, a beard trim, shave, and pedicure.
    • Order up a few Omaha Steaks while you're at it so dad has something special for his grilling and barbecue nights.
    • Take dad or grandpa to play golf or tennis, head to the driving range or hit the batting cage.
    • Treat dad to bowling, Dave and Busters video games or a comedy club, and take him out for pizza, or get him an oil change and take him for all you can eat hot wings.
    • Grab the fishing reels and let dad reel in the big one, or head out overnight and go camping or "glamping" if you do it in the backyard with the convenient comforts of home (like wifi).

    Take plenty of pictures!



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    Make it Charitable...

    An awesome way to spend time with family is to share your gifts with others:

    • If your dad or grandpa is big on grooming consider volunteering lessons at a homeless shelter.
    • Share your story or tell your testimony to those you encounter. Your wisdom and how God helped you get through a tough time can be very inspiring.
    • Listen to others that might need a word of encouragement.


    It's a great way to spend time helping others and sharing your gifts!



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     Make it a Surprise...

    This idea inspires fun, fun, fun:

    • Start out by putting the grill on and prep a few great dishes. Try a sea boil which is tons of seafood. Grill dad's favorites and don't forget your summer barbecue and pool safety tips.
    • And, then make yummy brownies for dessert.
    • Invite friends and family over to celebrate dad.
    • Put on his favorite music or YouTube video mixes. YouTube has American Bandstand, Soul Train, the best salsa, the best country, and more! 


    Get to dancing to burn that dessert off!

    However you spend Father's Day, make it fun and make it memorable. Praise God for the time we have with family and friends, to laugh, enjoy each other, and share our gifts!

    We pray for all dads, pops, fathers, paw-paws, daddy-o's, popis, babas, peres and padres. May the Lord make the way for you so you can always provide for your family. Don't let your past hinder your future. Rebuke false pride - old things are passed away. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty about past mistakes (that's the devil trying to get you to live in regret).
    Our wish for all dads is that you get negative words your ex, a peer or a parent said about you out of your head.
    Do the following:
    1. Write down every negative word that anyone ever said about you on one side of a sheet of paper.
    2. On the other side, write down your hopes and what you always wanted to become. Write down what God says about you: You are strong, courageous and a mighty man of valor, blessed and a son of the Most High God.
    3. Tear the sheet of paper in half separating the negative from the good/positive half.
    4. Tear up the negative side and throw it away. Only keep the good and only see the good. That's how God sees you. NEVER look back or see yourself negatively again.
    God's taking you on a new level. Do what you CAN and let God do what you CAN'T. He will always make the way for you so be proud of where you are right now - list your accomplishments. It doesn't matter if you dropped out of school, have a criminal past or had to take that job for less money. You are VALUABLE to God and He has a purpose for you. Praise the Lord! Believe the possibilities!
    Pray, "Lord, help me see me as you see me. Help me get over my doubts and fears. And, Lord, please provide the way, remove the hindrances, every barrier and stumbling blocks and send people that can help me UP to the next level in Jesus' name, Amen."