Plan Your Event Your Way...

We've put together two articles for you. The first is Wedding and Event Ideas followed by The 7 Top Ways to Plan Your Event Your Way.


Wedding and Event Ideas

Whether you're planning the Big Day, your anniversary, or shopping for the happy couple, finding great wedding and event products can be lots of fun. Use these tips and sites to help you make it personal..



Make it Fun and Flirty...

Your event is about your personality. Let it shine! Choose fun products that will bring out your special style - and show them off at your event. The pillows shown also make great gifts for the bride and groom or a couple celebrating their anniversary. Shown are Mr. and Mrs. Pillows sold at Etsy, DH Gate, Ebay and Triple 7 Deals.



Make it a Surprise...

Have a really, really big announcement? Let the world know with custom designed postcards (shown above). Shop with Vista Print, Staples or where you can use 25% off coupons and get FREE graphic design.


Make it Big...

A great gift idea is a mural, plaque or picture that celebrates the happy couple. Shop for great signs, stencils and posters at Etsy, Ebay, Pinterest, Wanelo, and Said Your Way Signs.



Make it Bold...

A celebratory and fun way to celebrate your union is to let the world know, "This seat's taken!" Shown above are simple name tags designating seats for the bride and groom.


Save the Date Image Front.jpg

Make it Your Own...

Invitations don't have to be formal. They can be fun, flirty and fun - especially if you plan on bringing your Labrador retriever to the wedding! For a casual approach to your invite, God-Driven-Designs is offering 25% off and FREE graphic design. Let us help you personalize it your way...

However you say it, say it your way and with love! Next we turn our attention to 7 Top Ways to Plan Your Event Your Way...


The 7 Top Ways to Plan Your Event Your Way

GDD Event Planning.jpg

1. Make it meaningful.

Your goal with your event is your commitment to each other. That being said, make it count for you and your significant other - not just the people you are inviting. Set your favorite music, use your favorite colors and pick the theme that you want. Don't make the mistake of trying to please family members just to make them happy. You want to be happy and that's what counts.


2. Establish your budget.

Setting a budget doesn't have to be tough. Find a caterer who will work with you and look for sites with 5-star caterers where they can bid on your catering job. It gives you more discretion and you can include those special touches you want - like the shrimp cocktail AND coconut shrimp.

Next, set a budget and turn to sites like Dave Ramsey for help in how to stick to an event budget. An average wedding costs about $30,000, but think of all the fun you can have by saving that money and keeping it small and quaint or simple and pot-luck. To help you, go to sites like and read about how others put together their budgets. Also factor in the area where you live - would it be cheaper to have your event out of town? Always factor in timing, the holidays and these can help you find the best hotel rates and catering fees.


3. Details, details, details...

Remember the details. You should always be thinking who, what, where and how. Plan ahead, write out what you need for  every aspect of your event and ask for help - lots of it. If you feel overwhelmed, it's a great time to get others on board to pitch in. Delegate jobs to friends and family who can help with various aspects like checking in with the caterers, supervising the DJ and their staff, ensuring all guests have arrived and no one is driving around lost.

Each of these aspects need careful attention, so plan carefully with checklists and read up on mistakes and mishaps so you know what to avoid. One young bride changed her wedding date from Sunday to Saturday but forgot to tell the limo driver. Guess what she went to her wedding in? A Jeep!

Pay attention to your details now so you can have tons of fun at your event...


4. Discussions, not discord.

Event planning can be stressful. To avoid this, plan to walk away - meaning, if you don't feel good about something, take a breather. Because tensions can be high with setting budgets and unexpected charges, be patient with all parties involved and more importantly, give yourself a break. It's about having a fun event, not a stressful nightmare.

Another factor that can help is deciding who to include and exclude from your guest list. If you find there are people that rub you the wrong way that you have to invite, have a close friend keep tabs on them so you can focus on spending time with friends and family. A young bride who was so nervous about making everyone happy was attacked verbally by her mother in the rest room - and what was it over? The choice of caterers. The bride was in tears.To avoid this, delegate, ask for help and go for a massage, mani or pedi to break up tense moments, but leave the grumpy folks behind.


5. Get inspired.

Have that beach event. Take that retreat hotel in the mountains. Decorate in all orange and go-green. Have that gluten-free menu. Whatever you do, make it fun and get inspired. You can find great tips and ideas at The Knot, Etsy, Pinterest and other online sites. Shop around for inspiration and don't be afraid to say, "But, I want..." It's your event. Make it happen.



6. Get organized.

Make a checklist and then make a checklist of the checklist. You need to get organized. Planning ahead of time can save you tons of money and headaches. Depending on your event type, go online and do a search for event tips and checklists and you'll find lots of informative tips that can help you to plan months in advance.These can be lifesaving tips, so be sure to check through the various lists you find.


7. Enjoy your wedding or event, your way.

This is your time to shine! Because you've put in all that hard work, delegated, took those massage breaks, stayed calm and saved tons of money, now you can celebrate!

Enjoy your event!