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In these trying times, it's especially important to draw closer to Father God. But, what do you do when you're distracted? Know that the devil will intentionally try to steer you off-course. He does this if he thinks you're drawing closer to God or waiting to hear from Father God. It's like temptation when you're heading to the gym but you smell the donuts from the store down the street (they know your name and your mouth is watering!).

As we grow in Christ, we have to be intentional about our purpose and press on towards God.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Ask the Holy Spirit / Holy Ghost and the angels to help you
  2. Rebuke the distractions and if people offend you, rebuke their personalities
  3. Tell the devil to stop playing games with you and God's people
  4. Walk in love, healing and forgiveness ONLY
  5. Stay on guard, stay humble and stay strong in the Lord
  6. Ask for Father God's mercy and the Holy Spirit's council and direction
  7. Read your Bible and stay in peace

Below are a few important messages to help you draw closer to God in this season. And, we've included a couple of prophetic messages about these coming days. Remember, take everything to Father God in prayer, walk in love, healing and forgiveness ONLY, stay in God's shadow and pray in tongues so God can reveal His plans to you!

Buckle up, we're going in!