Please Pray for Puerto Rico

Update 10/19/17: With celebrity stars like Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and Alex Rodriguez, the benefit concert they put on raised $35 million for Puerto Rico, but we still need to pray for the island. Based on recent Time news data:
  • Only 15% of the island has cell phone service as 75% of antennas are still down,
  • only 25% of the hospitals have electricity from the power supply grid,
  • about 1 million people (33% of Puerto Rico) are still without running water,
  • while FEMA delivered 23.6 million bottles of water and have 1,700 staff onsite in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands with 20,000 troops and federal staff, there's no clean drinking water solution as they are only satisfying 9% of the island's water requirement, and
  • less than 20% of the power has been restored and 3 million are still without power.
Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord, we pray and ask for mercy. We ask for more resources to help Puerto Rico. We ask for "proof" where the government is saying they've done everything and they want to stop aid, we ask for accountability in all areas especially those most impacted by Hurricane Maria. It has been one month and we are praying for more relief efforts especially to those hardest hit. We are also praying for strength for the people of Puerto Rico, for neighbors, relatives, friends and loved ones. Don't let them give up. Send resources into the areas hardest hit that should have been evacuated. We pray give them clean drinking water so they can stop drinking contaminated water. Lord, windows are still blown out, roofs are still off the tops of houses and the government is saying they've done "everything". We cancel the devil's assignment and ask for your mercy, your help, and your covering for everyone on the island, Lord. Let the people of Puerto Rico be the topic of every conversation and let every heart and household give to fully restore them, in Jesus's name, amen.
As Jesus said, "What you do to the least of these, you do to me." The Bible states, "He who lends to the poor lends to the Lord."
In your donating, be sure to check out Walmart's website as they are matching donations and will give 2x the amount donated.
We need urgent prayers for Puerto Rico. Not only have people started abandoning their homes because not enough is being done to restore power and replenish dwindling resources, but there's been chatter that FEMA took down the stats on things like when the power is coming back on. Are we to be left in the dark, too? It's also been mentioned in the news that relief efforts may be rescinded. Some on Facebook suggest that this is a cover up to intentionally allow for a mass exodus so that huge business conglomerates can quickly buy up the land and replace it with new vacation homes, hotels, new golf courses, and other businesses.


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Please pray now that Puerto Ricans don't lose their birthright as they are being pushed out of and coerced to leave and evacuate. Please reach out to your churches and elected officials. Please tweet, email, and share on Facebook the need for a Rally to Rebuild to help Puerto Rico retain what's theirs. If Florida and Texas can receive aid and assistance the next day or within 2-days, why is Puerto Rico now 2-weeks without power. Elon Musk, CEO at Tesla has a plan to allow for temporary electricity in small increments to the island, and Google is considering setting up temporary cell phone towers that can hang from huge balloons. Please pray over these areas as they may be viable options.


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Also, please pray that all those with private airplanes like the celebrities and those in ministry like Jesse Duplantis, Bill Winston, and Creflo Dollar if they are not using their planes, can allow use of their planes to fly supplies to the island and fly at no expense, all the volunteers and students that want to help Puerto Rico to rebuild. Puerto Ricans have a right to their land. There's a huge urgency to pray for them now because a lot of what's being done in the dark is to take their land from them and let them starve to death if they stay. God will expose it. Nothing hidden stays in the dark as God is just and whatever is happening there on the island now, the Holy Spirit keeps stressing an urgency for prayer, so please pray. 

If you wish to offer assistance, below are organizations that you can contact:  


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Hidden Hatred and Ulterior Motives

There are those with hatred and ulterior motives. If you look at Puerto Rico, from a business standpoint, Puerto Rico is rich because they have a beautiful island thriving with greenery, natural resources, scenic mountain views, and plenty of land for new golf courses and new housing. This was the mindset that went into Florida. It's also how areas like North Korea and China see the U.S. - rich in land that their people need. There are many who might intentionally try to block relief efforts  in Puerto Rico because they want the people to leave through a mass exodus so they can buy up their properties, rebuild, and set up new golf course villas, vacation properties, hotels, and commercial businesses.

Remember, Florida is starting to show sink holes and Puerto Rico has always been a popular area for tourists. We pray Puerto Ricans don't leave and don't forfeit their birthright. We pray God shines a light on this in how the poor are being exploited here for their land and we will include this in our prayer section. 



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Prayer for Puerto Rico

Please keep Puerto Rico in prayer. There's a big sense of urgency...

Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord, we pray for Puerto Rico. Please fill their void, Lord. Please give them the flood of resources they need. You are saying "resources" so we are praying for that. While their first inclination might be to leave and you've said there would be a "mass exodus", we also pray that they stay and rebuild so they can keep the land that they are on and their birthright. Like the poor woman who didn't know what resources she had in her house, in the case of Puerto Rico, it's the land that is their most valued resource. We pray shine a light on the true motives of those that don't want to help and please send relief aid in the form of youth ministry groups like Houses for Humanity and other non-profits and churches that can go and help the people rebuild so they can retain their land.

We pray for storm proof housing and equipment so they never have to go through a storm like this again. Please let Puerto Rico receive the assistance in the same way Florida and Texas have received help, but more importantly, let them have durable housing that's flood-proof, not flood-prone. We also pray for those that migrate to Florida and New York. Let them be embraced and be able to get their children back into schools. Give them safe and affordable housing and shelter, in Jesus's name. For those that stay, please give them strength to get through. We also thank you for answering our prayers as you saved so many lives and you sent the cruise ships to help the people. We know more relief aid is coming. We praise you and love you, in Jesus's name, amen.