Please Pray for Puerto Rico



Update 1/18/18: Seeing God's Light Shining in on Puerto Rico...

While prayers are still needed for the island, a sign of hope. We posted a while back that the Holy Spirit said "Don't worry," recently. Bishop Hezekiah Walker was singing at the Dove Awards recently and Jonathan McReynolds said in the middle of the song "Don't worry about Puerto Rico," meaning God's got it. Then on January 12th, the lights went on at Academia Bautista de Puerto Nuevo, a school that had been without power 112-days. Praise God for answering our prayers! We continue to pray for the 35% still without power...

Please stay in prayer for Puerto Rico. While there's more grant money coming, the government is holding up $2 billion in relief aid that they said would come to the island. We pray that a light shines on areas where government may be lacking and that more news is focused on why homes and roads have yet to be repaired while millions of dollars are coming in...

 Hear the children shouting and running in joy to have power back on at their school! Thank you, Father God for supplying their needs!


Prayer for Puerto Rico

The Holy Spirit asked us to include a special prayer for Puerto Rico. We pray, 

Father God in the name of Jesus, thank you for protecting and covering the island of Puerto Rico. I can still hear so many saying "It's not fair," but Lord, please heal their hearts so they don't have any bitterness or take on the spirit of offense. It was horrible how they were ignored by the government and how long they've had to wait on aid and help, but we know that you know all and see all and we have an advocate in you. We praise you, Father God, because when men turned their backs, you made the way. Father, there are still so many without, but we know to speak in advance of what they need, so we pray and stand in the gap for Puerto Rico. Change their situation, Lord. Give them a reason to rejoice. Give them victory. Let it be in their voices, Lord. Let the money be loosed into their atmosphere. Open the supply house. The news is saying $2 billion is being held up. The devil is a liar. We don't receive that. Puerto Rico has their money and every resident can apply for grant money. We also pray for accountability, Lord. There are demons in government that are purposely holding back their money. I know one story on Facebook was a man that said his family received a tarp and a $200 loan and nothing else. Lord, let the news media do special coverage to spotlight where the money has gone. Let people open their homes for Puerto Ricans while they make repairs as the money comes in, and please protect the island, protect the family members, and reduce crime so that people can go back to their daily living with safe streets. We praise you for the victory and we have an advocate in you and angels are around Puerto Rico. Lord, have mercy. Lord, we praise you for the victory. Lord, we give you glory and we lift the island of Puerto Rico up to you. We don't say, "It's not fair." We say, "It's God that supplies our needs." We love you and praise you and thank you for covering and restoring Puerto Rico, Lord, please renew their minds, protect their vision (not sure if this is physical eye vision for the elderly or focus vision), and bless the military there that have helped out so much and we cancel every demonic attack against Puerto Rico in Jesus's name, amen. What they sowed in tears, may they reap a harvest and bountiful blessings in joy! Wipe every tear, Lord. Wipe every tear! It's already done!


Update 1/11/18: Continued Prayers for PR...

David Begnaud was the one to share it on 1/9/18 and hundreds of people started writing in on his Facebook page. Post after post about murders, robberies and an increase in violence and suicides in Puerto Rico. The news ran it today 1/11/18.

Here's the urgent prayer request we posted to the churches:

Please pray over Puerto Rico. On Facebook, reporter David Begnaud has been sharing updates. The police are quitting, there's been a lot of suicides, killings, and stabbings have increased, and people are in dire and desperate need of prayer. If you have ANY available prayer warriors, please see the reporter's page and pray. They need parts of Puerto Rico evacuated right away. People are begging for help and need the President to send in the National Guard, make mandatory evacuations in the worst areas, get the power grid back up, and roads repaired. There's also confusion about $18 million in donation money that hasn't gone to the people yet. Please pray that Puerto Rico is restored. We know God is covering them, but they need emergency relief from FEMA and corporate prayers right now. Thank you 

Please stay in prayer for Puerto Rico. While there's more grant money, it appears that it's not reaching the people fast enough. We pray that a light shines on areas where government may be lacking and that more news is focused on why homes and roads have yet to be repaired while millions of dollars are coming in...

Update 1/2/18: Good news for Puerto Rico...

From David Begnaud's Facebook page:

A proposal by the first lady of Puerto Rico to use millions of dollars in donated money to rebuild parks around the island was never brought to the attention of the board of “United for Puerto Rico” because it was still under evaluation by the staff of the First Lady, according to a released tonight by United for Puerto Rico Executive Director, Mariely Rivera.

The organization has roughly $18 million in donated money to distribute around the island. They’ve already distributed more than $10 million dollars through grants. The organization is currently accepting applications for new grants.

Apparently, money that was coming in as donations was being held to be used for either a potential upgrade to parks and recreational areas to promote tourism or to go to the people. The park proposal was rescinded and $6 million that was being held will now go to those in need along with the other money that was held. This means it’s not just $6 million, but $18 million in total that will now go to those that need it the most.

We pray the tarps are replaced and all power restored before the temperatures climb back into the triple digits. We pray for Puerto Rico to be fully restored and for the Puerto Rican people to be respected and treated with dignity. Thank you Father God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for opening the door for more grant money to go to the people that need it most, all those affected by Hurricane Maria. 

We pray the monies reach those most in need sooner rather than later.

Update 1/1/18: Praise God for this confirmed Word...

One of the reporters that is tracking all the events in Puerto Rico, David Begnaud, posted the following statement:

BREAKING: Amid blistering criticism, the First Lady of Puerto Rico, Beatriz Rossello, just announced she is withdrawing her proposal, suggesting that 6.2 million dollars in donations to United for Puerto Rico be use to rebuild parks and sports fields, and to help with tourism projects. The first lady first tweeted her proposal on December 30th. Her husband’s spokeswoman announced the withdrawl of the proposal, 48 hours later. Here are the full details.

Statement from the First Lady:
"Today, on the first day of the year, my wish for everyone is that 2018 is full of blessings.

After the devastation caused by hurricanes Irma and Maria, United for Puerto Rico emerged from the genuine desire to help Puerto Ricans in one of the most difficult moments of our history. It became the vehicle through which we were able to establish the largest Distribution Center and distribute more than 3 million pounds of food and supplies in all corners of Puerto Rico.

Additionally, due to the absence of electric service, we opened 37 Stop & Go centers around the Island, and to this day some are still open and continue to offer: hot food, water, pet food, medical services, Internet, assistance to complete the FEMA request for aid, and educational workshops for children throughout the Island, among other services. We established laundry services for the communities that, due to the lack of energy and water, could not wash their clothes adequately.

We also developed the Project Love: Adopt a Nursing Home (Proyecto Amor por los nuestros: adopta una égida, in Spanish), through which 79 nursing homes received donations of hot food, non-perishable food, and medical services. At the same time, at the most critical stage after the passage of the hurricane, United for Puerto Rico donated electric generators to people with certified medical needs.

The support for United for Puerto Rico grew to such a level that, in order to give transparency to the use of monetary contributions sent in Puerto Rico and abroad, an independent board took the direction of the operation of the organization.

As first lady, I will continue to be vigilant so that the donations to United for Puerto Rico are used in the best way, serving the most vulnerable after the passage of both hurricanes.

However, as I mentioned in the telethon on December 10, I have no say in the use and handling of donations because the entity is managed by an independent board composed of members of the private sector.

As any other citizen would do, I submitted two proposals for evaluation by the Board of Directors of United for Puerto Rico with the clarity and transparency that they deserve.

The first was one that aspired to fix recreational and tourist areas for the communities, in such a way that the nonprofit organizations of each region could be empowered and rebuild the damaged areas and in turn develop our economy.

The second proposed the creation of Building of Hope, a building full of materials for reconstruction, so that each citizen in need could go there and search for building materials for their home and request volunteers to help them rebuild.

Due to the confusion caused by the presentation of these proposals, I will be communicating to the Board of Directors of United for Puerto Rico that they will be withdrawn to focus the Office of the First Lady on helping anyone who has a pressing need.

The Office of the First Lady will remain alert so that where there is a home or a community that could not receive the help of FEMA, it could be under the consideration of the donations that will be distributed by United for Puerto Rico. Likewise, we will be watchful of the infrastructure spaces important to the communities, as was the case of Punta Santiago, and non-profit organizations such as PECES.

It is imperative that the spirit of solidarity that gave way to the creation of United for Puerto Rico continues, and that the donated resources reach the most vulnerable. I invite the public, non-profit organizations, and the private sector to present their proposals to the Board of Directors of United for Puerto Rico through its cybernetic portal ".

Yesterday's Word from the Holy Spirit was Him telling them "It's about to get better," and that "he would send proof." That's $6 million that will now go to those in need. Thank you, Lord for your mercy. Praise God for this! 

Update 12/31/17

Was reading the posts on FB re Puerto Rico that David Begnaud shared and the Holy Spirit said, "It's about to get better." We posted: "It's about to get better." No Word of God ever fails. We pray for God's mercy over Puerto Rico and we know God will make the way. There are so many that are in the dark literally and figuratively, but we have an advocate in God who is going to shine a light on this situation. Praying for all in Puerto Rico. Please don't give up. Please stay encouraged. God will make the way. Your debts will be paid. You will be restored. You will see your situation change for the better. You will be respected and treated with dignity. We pray this for you in Jesus's name and I pray God sends you proof. (The Holy Spirit said to include that God is going to send proof) He will always make the way. He is restoring you!

Update 12/25/17

We are praying for Puerto Rico. DTE is enroute to help restore power to the remaining 50% of the island that is still in the dark. There are so many that don't have power this Christmas, but we know God is with Puerto Rico and we pray for them and their hearts to heal and be restored. Please keep in mind as you pray the time frame because even if power is restored fully, the island still needs tarps to be replaced before the temperatures climb back up into the triple-digits. As people work on rebuilding, we pray for better, storm-proof housing. There's a resiliency in Puerto Rico and we know they will be better than before. 

While the tax bill indicates that Puerto Rico may have to pay higher taxes, we serve a loving and faithful Father God that will make the way. The NY Times reported that the death toll is not 64, but closer to 500 or 1,000.  We pray for sweeping changes in Puerto Rico and for the people to be respected. Their land is so valuable that there are investors waiting for people to live so they can buy up the land and rebuild. Father God, please restore Puerto Rico. Please let people hold onto their birthright and please send encouragement to each and everyone. We pray for full restoration, in Jesus's name, amen. Please sign our Petition for Puerto Rico here...

Puerto Rico, hold on. Change is coming and it will get better. The Holy Spirit said, "Tell them don't worry."

Update 11/29/17

It's up! We started our Petition for Puerto Rico. Please sign it and share it with everyone you know so we can get Puerto Rico the help they need right away. Here are the details:

Petition for Puerto Rico

To be delivered to The United States House of Representatives

Puerto Rico is in a dire state of emergency after Hurricane Maria and we're running against time. With over half the island in a disastrous state and still without clean water and electricity, or their basic needs being met, people are dying. We're also running against time because we only have a few months before the temperature climbs back into the 90s and people are being humiliated, forced to sit in damaged homes with no roof, no water, no electricity, and no food. Rations have been boxes of candy with no meals to sustain and no rebuilidng efforts. There are elderly people, sick and disabled people, and children who need our help and the mercy of our government now. 

We make an urgent and dire request to Congress to immediately act today to: 

1. Demand FEMA immediately send the manpower and resources to rebuild the island, i.e., electricity and better power grids, technology that's not exposed to the elements, repair the roads, better telephone and cable lines, storm proof housing, rebuilt homes - - not just temporary tarps, businesses up and running, and water back on. We're asking that you allow for business grants so that legitimate companies that want to help can send workers and supplies to immediately rebuild and show proof of their work. Please allow for cruise lines that want to house people temporarily or transport people to the island to help with relief efforts. 
2. Immediate cancellation of Puerto Rico’s $73 billion debt with no negative repercussions. An immediate end of the Whitefish, LLC, electricity restoration project in which they are saying they are now owed $83 million. We want this account balance to reflect $0 due to the island and its people. 
3. Pass a significant relief and recovery package that will allow for grants (that do not have to be repaid) for all residents and citizens on the island to help them with their rebuilding efforts whether they own homes or rent them, and to those in temporary shelters and those that have been forced to evacuate the island. To allow for the temporary act that people who had jobs can request to receive back pay from the time of the storm to the present date even if they have been unable to go back to work, i.e., if the company or business is still closed due to damage. 
4. To immediately end to the Jones Act to help Puerto Rico receive the relief aid it needs from cargo ships as this is an immediate crisis and a sense of urgency is needed in the rebuilding process now. 
5. An apology from the U.S. government to the island of Puerto Rico for not assisting sooner and for not acting faster. Please respect the people of Puerto Rico. These are our family members, our friends, retired veterans, and these are fellow Americans. 
6. For FEMA to work with local businesses and churches to help with the rebuilding efforts, i.e., Hand of Hope, Samaritan's Purse, Habitat for Humanity, and the many military members, and volunteers that want to visit the island and help rebuild and repair it. Let the volunteers be allowed free flights to/from the island for rebuilding efforts and temporary shelters to allow for schools and businesses that want to help. 
7. For massive relief resources to arrive from businesses like Lowe's, Home Depot, and other companies that can provide temporary shelters immediately, i.e., temporary trailers with running water, electricity, and air conditioning while the homes, churches, schools, and businesses are being rebuilt. 

We are one nation under God. Government officials, please show humanity now when it's needed most. Please soften your hearts and do it not just for the people of Puerto Rico, but the elderly and the children. We're asking for your mercy in this petition. We're asking for you to please act right now and please help us rebuild and fully restore Puerto Rico. Here is the link to sign the Petition for Puerto Rico. Thank you! 


Update 11/21/17

We keep Puerto Rico in prayer. The Whitefish power company has canceled their contract ahead of the 11/30 commitment. The $300 million contract was canceled by Puerto Rico after the news reported that the company didn't have the capacity or experience to help the damaged island. The company is arguing that $83 million is due. We pray that as more news comes out about this, Lord, let it shine a light where the damage is on the island so that the right power companies can come forward and help the island with restoration.

Additionally, there's no accurate tally on the death toll as some towns were burning bodies and not reporting the deaths. Families are also being asked to identify loved ones. We pray for them as they go through this heart-wrenching task.  

The island is still dealing with a high shortage of drinking water, and we've recently learned through one news source that the food rations that are arriving are not right. Care packages have included full boxes of candy bars, cookies, and snack cakes and this cannot help to feed families. We pray that as people prep their packaging they include bread, items like canned tuna and chicken for protein, protein bars (that have more vitamins), and vitamin water. Check with your local shelters for a full list of items that are needed and factor in if a family is diabetic, what items can you send that don't have sugar, i.e., nuts, seeds, grains, canned veggies, etc. 

Image: NBC Latino

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Rita Moreno, and thousands of others marched in the Capital to help shine a light on the urgent need for more FEMA assistance for Puerto. Please pray that the Jones Act is stopped so that ships can bring relief aid to the island.


Update 11/10/17

As the New York Con Edison workers head to Puerto Rico to help restore power, we keep them in prayer. Thank you Lord for providing an answer. Please continue to help this devastated island with total restoration. We've seen how FEMA is now offering to pay for flights from the island, but these are people that want to stay in their homes. We pray, Lord, give Puerto Rico a fighting chance. Give them strength and angels to help them rebuild, get the power back on and for full restoration, in Jesus's name, we pray, amen!

Prayer for Puerto Rico

Father God, we come to you in prayer and we stand in the gap for Puerto Rico. We ask for your mercy and we call on Wisdom. Lord, we need wisdom in Puerto Rico where they are now starting to receive relief aid. Please help them with recovery efforts, with resource assistance, rebuilding supervision, restoration, and repairs. As the governor and mayor haven't dealt with a disaster of this magnitude, please send more FEMA help. Please send mayors and governors from other states. Please send industrial engineers, architects, building planners, and all those with knowledge that can help them to not just restore Puerto Rico, but make it storm proof.

Please soften the hearts of large construction companies that might have time over the winter. Please send them to Puerto Rico. Please send those from Lowe's and Home Depot and all mechanics, carpenters, plumbers, and home builders that can take on various projects to make Puerto Rico stronger. We know you are no respector of persons and you said in your Word all we have to do is ask. Please also send gifts to the children, the elderly, and the families in Puerto Rico as they are going into the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons and 70% are still without power. Please let us come together in our schools, churches, offices, and firms to gather donations and supplies to share what we have and be a blessing at this time when there are over 3 million people that are in so much need.

Where there is need, please show us proof. Where there are the hardest hit and those that need the most help, let some of these businesses be able to fly over, use drone footage, and even satellites to help disperse the recovery aid where it is needed most. We praise you and we love you, and we declare the victory for Puerto Rico, in Jesus's name, amen.


How We Can Help

As we see relief aid coming in to Puerto Rico, know that more is needed. If you are interested in helping out, please see a few tips below. How to help:

  • Businesses and schools can collect donations and send gifts for Thanksgiving and Christmas to Puerto Rico
  • Share our Prayer for restoration, relief, and resource assistance and send it to churches so they can continue to pray
  • Check with your church or the links below on how you can help if you want to donate time, clothing, or other items 


Please note: We are not collecting donations here, but are providing links from the top, reputable charity organizations. Make sure to confirm any link you receive or any text that says to "Donate".  


Pray for Relief Aid and Clean Water

The news estimated that at one point the number dead in Puerto Rico was not 50, but was 911. 911 is a call for help and we are taking it seriously. Parts of Florida were back up and running after 2-days. In Puerto Rico, after 5-weeks, there is still 70% of the island without power. It's hardest for senior citizens, mothers with babies, and those with disabilities.

While bottled water is a necessity in the short-run, in the long-run, Puerto Ricans need clean drinking water that's sustainable. We pray that the current water is tested and treated, that water filters are sent, and that people are not further exposed to contaminated drinking water. We pray that the plumbing is restored in areas where they need it. We pray that there are volunteer plumbers, that - like the utility workers, are able to sign-up to donate time to help bring clean water back to Puerto Rico and help with repairs.



Helping Puerto Rico Rebuild and Utilize Their Resources
We thank God that He answered prayers and we've seen Governor Cuomo, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Jennifer Lopez, and several celebrities and government officials who are helping out. We pray that the government officials work together to organize relief efforts and aid. We pray for companies like Home Depot and Lowe's to come together and donate lumbar, steel, and other supplies to help with rebuilding efforts and that they can come together with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and other rebuilding programs.


Business Donations
As you turn on the news, more relief aid is coming in to battered Puerto Rico. Here are a few ways to help now:
  • Ask your school or business to collect donations or clothing and items like diapers to ship to Puerto Rico
  • Organize donations on your job by department. For example, let one department prep donations for children, i.e., all diapers, clothing, and toys, as we are entering the Christmas holidays and children would love to receive a present or two. Another department can work on first aid kits, while another preps sanitary/hygiene products for mothers and young women.
  • Set up a donation to give to the Red Cross or Samaritan's Purse, or another charity.
  • Find an organization in your community that is organizing donations or preparing a trip to Puerto Rico and find out what is most needed for a specific area.

Update 10/19/17: With celebrity stars like Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and Alex Rodriguez, the benefit concert they put on raised $35 million for Puerto Rico, but we still need to pray for the island. Based on recent Time news data:
  • Only 15% of the island has cell phone service as 75% of antennas are still down,
  • only 25% of the hospitals have electricity from the power supply grid,
  • about 1 million people (33% of Puerto Rico) are still without running water,
  • while FEMA delivered 23.6 million bottles of water and have 1,700 staff onsite in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands with 20,000 troops and federal staff, there's no clean drinking water solution as they are only satisfying 9% of the island's water requirement, and
  • less than 20% of the power has been restored and 3 million are still without power.
Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord, we pray and ask for mercy. We ask for more resources to help Puerto Rico. We ask for "proof" where the government is saying they've done everything and they want to stop aid, we ask for accountability in all areas especially those most impacted by Hurricane Maria. It has been one month and we are praying for more relief efforts especially to those hardest hit. We are also praying for strength for the people of Puerto Rico, for neighbors, relatives, friends and loved ones. Don't let them give up. Send resources into the areas hardest hit that should have been evacuated. We pray give them clean drinking water so they can stop drinking contaminated water. Lord, windows are still blown out, roofs are still off the tops of houses and the government is saying they've done "everything". We cancel the devil's assignment and ask for your mercy, your help, and your covering for everyone on the island, Lord. Let the people of Puerto Rico be the topic of every conversation and let every heart and household give to fully restore them, in Jesus's name, amen.
As Jesus said, "What you do to the least of these, you do to me." The Bible states, "He who lends to the poor lends to the Lord."
In your donating, be sure to check out Walmart's website as they are matching donations and will give 2x the amount donated.
We need urgent prayers for Puerto Rico. Not only have people started abandoning their homes because not enough is being done to restore power and replenish dwindling resources, but there's been chatter that FEMA took down the stats on things like when the power is coming back on. Are we to be left in the dark, too? It's also been mentioned in the news that relief efforts may be rescinded. Some on Facebook suggest that this is a cover up to intentionally allow for a mass exodus so that huge business conglomerates can quickly buy up the land and replace it with new vacation homes, hotels, new golf courses, and other businesses.


Image: Money 1055


Please pray now that Puerto Ricans don't lose their birthright as they are being pushed out of and coerced to leave and evacuate. Please reach out to your churches and elected officials. Please tweet, email, and share on Facebook the need for a Rally to Rebuild to help Puerto Rico retain what's theirs. If Florida and Texas can receive aid and assistance the next day or within 2-days, why is Puerto Rico now 2-weeks without power. Elon Musk, CEO at Tesla has a plan to allow for temporary electricity in small increments to the island, and Google is considering setting up temporary cell phone towers that can hang from huge balloons. Please pray over these areas as they may be viable options.


Image: Associated Press

Also, please pray that all those with private airplanes like the celebrities and those in ministry like Jesse Duplantis, Bill Winston, and Creflo Dollar if they are not using their planes, can allow use of their planes to fly supplies to the island and fly at no expense, all the volunteers and students that want to help Puerto Rico to rebuild. Puerto Ricans have a right to their land. There's a huge urgency to pray for them now because a lot of what's being done in the dark is to take their land from them and let them starve to death if they stay. God will expose it. Nothing hidden stays in the dark as God is just and whatever is happening there on the island now, the Holy Spirit keeps stressing an urgency for prayer, so please pray. 

If you wish to offer assistance, below are organizations that you can contact:  


Image: CaliRican

Hidden Hatred and Ulterior Motives

There are those with hatred and ulterior motives. If you look at Puerto Rico, from a business standpoint, Puerto Rico is rich because they have a beautiful island thriving with greenery, natural resources, scenic mountain views, and plenty of land for new golf courses and new housing. This was the mindset that went into Florida. It's also how areas like North Korea and China see the U.S. - rich in land that their people need. There are many who might intentionally try to block relief efforts  in Puerto Rico because they want the people to leave through a mass exodus so they can buy up their properties, rebuild, and set up new golf course villas, vacation properties, hotels, and commercial businesses.

Remember, Florida is starting to show sink holes and Puerto Rico has always been a popular area for tourists. We pray Puerto Ricans don't leave and don't forfeit their birthright. We pray God shines a light on this in how the poor are being exploited here for their land and we will include this in our prayer section. 



Image: Stuarte Co


Prayer for Puerto Rico

Please keep Puerto Rico in prayer. There's a big sense of urgency...

Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord, we pray for Puerto Rico. Please fill their void, Lord. Please give them the flood of resources they need. You are saying "resources" so we are praying for that. While their first inclination might be to leave and you've said there would be a "mass exodus", we also pray that they stay and rebuild so they can keep the land that they are on and their birthright. Like the poor woman who didn't know what resources she had in her house, in the case of Puerto Rico, it's the land that is their most valued resource. We pray shine a light on the true motives of those that don't want to help and please send relief aid in the form of youth ministry groups like Houses for Humanity and other non-profits and churches that can go and help the people rebuild so they can retain their land.

We pray for storm proof housing and equipment so they never have to go through a storm like this again. Please let Puerto Rico receive the assistance in the same way Florida and Texas have received help, but more importantly, let them have durable housing that's flood-proof, not flood-prone. We also pray for those that migrate to Florida and New York. Let them be embraced and be able to get their children back into schools. Give them safe and affordable housing and shelter, in Jesus's name. For those that stay, please give them strength to get through. We also thank you for answering our prayers as you saved so many lives and you sent the cruise ships to help the people. We know more relief aid is coming. We praise you and love you, in Jesus's name, amen.