Pray to Rebuke Violence (The Election, Halloween)


Father God said to "Rebuke violence". He also mentioned in His recent message/letter that the devil is planning on unleashing demons during Halloween. Hence, as we get closer to Halloween and the election, please stay EXTREMELY vigilant. Pray in the Spirit at all times and stay alert. There are targets on Christians' backs and blacks, and Jews, and other religions and minorities. We are NOT afraid, of course, because God doesn't give us the spirit of fear - but He does give us sound minds, wisdom and discernment. We pray against violence and we ask you to take extreme cautions in the coming days.

A few tips:

At Home

  • Plead the blood of Jesus over your home and family. Ask Father God for more wisdom and discernment. Call on your guardian angel, Michael the archangel and warring angels to be with you and your family wherever you go. Scripture, Psalm 91:10, "There shall NO EVIL befall us. Neither shall ANY PLAGUE come nigh my dwelling place."
  • Anoint your doors and windows (and lock them). On low floors or near fire escapes, remove window air conditioner units and screens that leave your window partially open. Anoint yourself and your family members. 
  • Take caution with neighbors making excessive amounts of noise to provoke an argument.
  • If possible, avoid delivery services in the coming weeks with unknown carriers. You might know your UPS, FedEx and UPSPS carriers. But, you can get random people with other sites. Newer sites include DoorDash, Instacart and UberRides. If you have to order online, use contactless delivery where items are left outside your door. Give instructions to the driver to leave the items and once they leave, bring them inside.
  • Keep speaking over yourself and encouraging yourself in the Lord. 
  • Turn off the news and avoid social media sites if the dialog becomes violent in the comments or too negative.

When making purchases online

  • ONLY use a credit card for online purchases, not a debit card. It's easier to dispute charges and get your money back. If you HAVE TO use a debit card, run your virus scanner, confirm the site you're on and check your bank account. Report any suspicious transactions ASAP to get any lost money back right away.
  • Take caution with packages and deliveries NOW and going into the holidays. Amazon Prime Day is October 13 and 14. Target Deals Days are the same time. Walmart's sales are October 11 to 15. Then Amazon has 3 weeks of sales after October 26. This can lead to mail backlogs with voting ballots. Pray about WHEN to order holiday gifts. Remember, a lot of people ARE NOT WORKING and porch thieves might try to steal packages. Some even follow delivery trucks.
  • Inspect all items you buy online and at the store - EXTRA CAREFULLY. A Maine man was arrested for putting razor blades in pizza dough recently. A person was injured removing a Trump voting sign because someone taped razor blades to it. Halloween is a time when cruel people working in the demonic might put razors and pins in candy bars, apples and other treats. Hateful people (full of demons) are also more inclined to randomly attack others on Halloween as everyone is wearing masks. People are also upset because the parades have been canceled, there have been stimulus delays and people aren't working. People are VERY desperate for money.

  • If you have to venture out, avoid parking space altercations with impatient drivers. You also want to avoid "bump" incidents. These are where people bump you by surprise and don't apologize but immediately start arguments and make threats.
  • Check on seniors in the coming days. Ask if you can drop them off or pick them for their grocery store run. Having someone to travel with makes them less of a target on public bus stops and at train stations.
  • Avoid talking about politics and race relations especially in unfamiliar settings (Uber or Lyft rides, public transportation, public settings).

When you vote
  • Pray against violence when you vote. Some cities have mentioned taking precautions against militia groups who plan to station themselves outside of voting centers.
  • Pray there are no conflicts with poll watchers. These are people from both parties who plan on "watching" voters to prevent voter interference.  
  • Anticipate MASSIVELY long lines so expect delays. 
    When making purchases in stores
    • If you have a camera on your phone, consider turning it on when you're out in public. The wife of Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor, was verbally assaulted at a grocery store and called the n-word because she's Spanish.
    • Father God also said, "Watch your pocketbook when you go into stores". People - especially seniors and busy moms, make the mistake of putting their purses in the child seat. It only takes seconds for someone to snatch a wallet or phone. For more tips, view our Holiday Shopping Guide. It's not updated for this year but has several helpful tips.