Prayer and Disclosure Statements

Prayer: Father God in Jesus's name, Lord, we plead the blood of Jesus over every word. No weapons formed against us shall prosper. Send forth your angels to destroy every weapon the enemy tries to bring against us. We ask that there's no interference or hindrance from Your Words reaching where they need to go. In the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority, we break and bind every attack of satan, the kingdom of darkness, his workers, witches, warlocks, strongmen, and all demonic workers and we cast them into eternal darkness never to return. We release, Lord, Your covering, favor and divine authority in Jesus's name and by God's authority to work on our behalf, in Jesus's Mighty Name, Amen. Let them SEE and HEAR You ONLY, Lord.

Disclosure #1: Please test every word, message, and teaching and take it to God for confirmation (I John 4:1-6). God will reveal it to you in tongues. We all see in part and prophecy in part. We cannot add or take away from God's Word. The role of prophets is NOT to change your mind but to repeat what God says. Hence, DO NOT make an idol out of anyone. Believe ONLY in the one true God. Aside from titles and subtitles, anything in bold below is what God said. 

#2: Recent messages LOOK pro-Trump or pro-Republican. But, that's not true. We're in a battle of good/light versus evil/darkness, not Dems versus Republicans. God has spoken through several prophets and confirmed BIG insights this year. The focus is NOT President Trump, political parties, or our nation. It's about the Ecclesia/Body of Christ/Bride rising up against the mark of the beast and antichrist. In this NEW ERA, Jesus has drawn a line and is asking "Whose side are you on?" Please see Pastor Kent Christmas's videos in Lion of Judah to hear what God is saying. God IS using President Trump and He has said this repeatedly through us and other ministries. Pray in tongues as Father God said, "He will reveal it in tongues."

#3: We DO NOT condone or promote violence. The Bible teaches us to STAND in God's authority, not war in the flesh. Our battle is, "not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places," (Ephesians 6:14). We "Overcome by the Blood of the Lamb," (Revelations 12:11) and "not by power or by might but by God's spirit," (Zechariah 4:6).