Precious Prayers From Little Kids...

But Jesus said, "Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven, Matthew 19:14." Here are a few touching, poignant and hilarious moments when kids pray...  


Adorable Tot Prays the Lord's Prayer: Watch as this cutie recites the Lord's Prayer!

Adorable: Love these little twins trying to focus on prayer while waiting for mom.

This Child is Anointed: Bedtime takes longer when this little one prays - but hear what she says - Powerful anointing!

Love These Little Kids Praying: Hear this little boy pray and check out the little girl's reaction to what he says.

Caught (Spaghetti-Handed): That moment you say grace and realize "All heads bowed and eyes closed" apparently doesn't apply to everyone. 

Jesus, Please Help: Hear this precious little girl's prayer to Jesus after she gets a code orange for bad behavior at school and is about to be spanked.

And Don't Forget the Dinosaurs: Love this prayer from a little boy who wants God to bring the dinosaurs back.

Precious Prayer Before Bedtime: Love this little boy saying prayers before bed.

Prayers from Little Kids: Hear this little girl's prayer before she starts school each day.

Significant Anointing: Out of the mouths of babes...This little girl prophecies and prays over classmates and adults, too!

Mighty Prayers: Hear this little boy's amazing prayer and praise.

Touching Grace Prayer: Listen to this adorable little girl's prayer before snack time.

We hope you enjoyed these Precious Prayers From Little Kids. Remember, keep reading your Bible everyday and keep giving God glory! He's great and greatly to be praised!