Prepare the World for Jesus is Coming Back...



I was praying and asking Father God what He wanted me to tell everyone next. I prayed and when I woke up, I heard, "Prepare the world for Jesus is coming back". While we hear that Jesus is coming back all the time, we might not KNOW what to do next. Another concern is hearing that good news but then seeing nothing happen, it doesn't resonate. This is similar to what happened when Peter was fishing. The Bible states that he toiled all night and caught nothing. It mirrors the virgins who had to trim their wicks for their lamps but we'll get to that story in a second. 

Peter's response to Jesus was significant. Peter could have said, "Well, I didn't SEE anything so I'm going home". Instead, he first gave Jesus a recap of what he did (forgetting that God is all-knowing, right?). Then, he said an important word, "Nevertheless". This is like saying "Okay, regardless of the fact that I have empty nets (my way), I will go out again, (God's way). Furthermore, Peter was open to receiving direction from Jesus who said to fish from the "right" side of the boat. How many times are we on the wrong side? The wrong side of God's plans and trying to do it our own way? The wrong side of God's will thinking WE can work it out? As I was typing this, I heard Father God say, "Let them know it doesn't matter. God has you and God will not fail." And, that is both encouraging and of upmost importance. 


America MUST return to God or the calamity can't be undone. Here's Prophet Jonathan Cahn's message about the Harbinger 2. The details line up perfectly with Covid-19, 9/11, New York's abortion lawns and other significant dates. America must go before God in repentance now more than ever. 


You see, God knows that people might first try things "their way". This is normal because we're human. We're also programmed to solve problems as we mature and grow as adults. However, when we serve God, it's a time to turn the reigns over to Him. This doesn't start right away. As an illustration, no one is going to keep their foot on the gas in a car and say, "Okay, Jesus, you steer now!" We do that eventually as we grow our faith.

What we tend to do early in our Christian walks is come up with lists and all kinds of ways that we can "solve" our problems. But God sometimes creates or allows a problem to be created that we cannot solve on our own. Why? It's so we can start seeing God as the Way Maker - not Aunt June or our boss or a cousin. That's why Peter was so frustrated on the boat. He knew the fish SHOULD be there. Hence, he was out all night. But, the lack of fish was a set-up. It was intentional so Jesus could SHOW him the way, "Lower your nets HERE". That's the same as, "Come unto ME and I will give you rest". Think about it. Look at all the people who had little to savings before coronavirus. They struggled and fell behind. Maybe someone gave them a loan and eventually the stimulus came in. I remember my mom saying that God wants people to see that He is the stimulus. He is giving us stimulus checks and providing - not man. It's God.

Sometimes God lets us get to the END of us or the end of a thing so we can then see God work. It's also so we can see His deliverance and know that the ONLY way we made it is because of God. So what does this have to do with Peter, the virgins and preparing for Jesus's return? Good question and so glad you asked!     

Live As If Jesus Died Yesterday, Rose Today and is Coming Tomorrow...

"God doesn't work in time." That's one of the first lessons my mom taught me about serving God.



What the devil means for harm God works in our favor. We've all heard that quoted, right? Watch this powerful message from Bishop TD Jakes. While all the churches are shut down during Covid-19, God's people are being molded and put through the fire to become something better - What God had in mind all along!