President Trump's Hail Mary Play


REPOST: 9/12/21 Several of the messages Father God spoke through us in the timeline below especially on 11/9 (911) are occurring now. Hence, we're reposting this page. From the fake news being exposed to evidence coming, these are reminders that God IS INDEED in control and His plan is in play.

It's rumored that the first Hail Mary pass occurred in the 1920s. The football play is a long forward pass that's usually made in desperation with a limited chance at succeeding. But, what does that have to do with President Trump this late in the game?

The First Hail Mary Play

The Four Horsemen is a name a sports reporter gave to Notre Dame football players, Don Miller, Harry Stuhldreher, Jim Crowley and Elmer Layden. Under coach Knute Rockne, it was at a football game in 1922 when the Hail Mary pass started. A lineman, Noble Kizer, suggested that they say a Hail Mary prayer to help secure a touchdown against Georgia Tech. And, it worked but it would be a few years before the pass would become well-known. 

In 1935, Notre Dame’s players used their Hail Mary play to beat Ohio State with a 19-yard touchdown. Elmer later mentioned their Hail Mary play and the name began to stick with other players. The play became so popular that by the 1960s and 1970s, it wasn't seen strictly as a play out of desperation or a play only at Catholic schools. The Hail Mary became widely used to describe a long pass attempt to secure a touchdown in the final seconds of a game. It's reported that Roger Staubach even used the play in the Cowboys 1975 playoff game. Scoring his winning touchdown pass, he stated, “I closed my eyes and said a Hail Mary.”

Were There Biblical Hail Mary's? 

The Hail Mary play is a strategic maneuver that requires great faith. And, while there are Bible verses that describe competing and training as an athlete, a few specific examples clearly showed that focused faith brings results.

These include: 

  • When David slayed Goliath. David used a tiny rock and a slingshot, so maybe that was the first Hail Mary pass. David prayed and it was God who interceded and helped that tiny stone bring down the giant. In 1 Samuel 17:45, “Then said David to the Philistine, ‘Thou comest to me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a shield: but I come to thee in the name of the LORD of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied.’” 
  • Then there's the woman with the issue of blood. In Luke 8:43-48, it describes how she pressed through the crowd to get to Jesus. So, was that a Hail Mary example? The woman touched the hem of His garment and was healed. Jesus said to her in verse 48, "Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace."
  • And, what about Joseph's dad? In the Old Testament, Jacob created a coat of many colors for Joseph. Did he see something in the supernatural about Joseph that he didn't see in his other sons? How could he know that Joseph would be a savior for their family years later when a famine occurred? No one knew but God that Joseph would go to Egypt and work with Pharaoh. No one knew but God that Joseph would show kindness to his cruel brothers and not return evil for evil despite the fact that they had imprisoned him years ago. Talk about a long shot.
  • Remember Moses? Was Moses an example of a Hail Mary? Not only did he have to speak to Pharaoh several times but Moses had to use his staff to part the Red Seas. How much faith did that require? How concerned was he knowing the enemy was right behind the Children of Israel? What an amazing example of great faith!  
  • Another possible Hail Mary is the poor widow with the 2 mites. The Bible says she "threw" them into the offering, (Mark 12:41-44). She didn't second-guess and hesitate. We ask Father God for confirmation if He says to add an extra zero!
  • Moses is another example of a Hail Mary. What it must have been like speaking before Pharaoh. What about when he stood with the rod and helped the Children of Israel cross the Red Sea with the Egyptians closely behind them?
  • There's also the woman who only had little food and was about to die. She took the last of what she had and gave it to Elijah so he could eat a small cake, (I Kings 17:12-13). Surely that was a Hail Mary, right? She took direction from him and didn't know that the instructions he gave - for her to collect the old and empty oil jars - would be enough for her and her family to live on. What a mighty miracle and it was behind closed doors!
  • And, speaking of giving instructions and miracles, what about Jesus? Remember when He told Simon (Peter) to lower the nets here? It required great faith especially because Peter had already gone fishing. That was probably a Hail Mary, right? But what about when Peter didn't hear Jesus clearly. (Luke 5:3-8). Jesus said, "let down your nets" but Peter said, "I will let down the net." And, what happened? The net broke and Peter had to call other fishermen to help haul in such a huge catch (he needed more nets)! 


In each of these stories, there’s a Hail Mary moment. It’s a single act done in desperation, out of obedience, or as a last ditch effort. And, each story has a significant point to it. They all required faith and focus to achieve the impossible. And, that brings me to the Hail Mary play with President Trump.


President Trump 

If you've been following the news, then you know that President Trump is not conceding the election, he's contesting it. Traditional news media outlets aren't reporting this accurately or giving the true facts about President Trump's lawsuit. Instead, they are rushing to get Joe Biden into office and bashing President Trump and his legal team, for that matter. We’ve never seen this level of disrespect, slander or finger-poking for an elected official. Didn’t Father God say that we should respect those who govern over us? I guess if the news media says it’s okay... 

What's more, Trump is facing an implausible scenario. He might try to subvert the normal electoral college process and sidestep popular votes by sending his electors to the Electoral College. Electors are scheduled to meet on December 14th to cast their votes. The Trump campaign has to prevent legislators in key states from certifying their results for Joe Biden. Trump’s team would need to convince them to bypass the popular-election votes (votes of the American people) they already have before the Electoral College meets.  

Different prayer groups are having prayer services online and on YouTube before the Electoral College meets on December 14th. Congress then meets to count the votes on January 6th. Incidentally, another important date is December 8th. This is the safe harbor deadline for states to make a final determination of their college electors. 

The other area that’s a big concern is the lawsuit. The Trump campaign filed to stop certifications but this failed in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Trump's legal team wants time to provide evidence that Dominion voting machines changed votes in key swing states. But, these have been denied by a judge in Michigan. With Dominion, there are allegations that the company has ties to Cuba and Venezuela (not Denver) and there are algorithm concerns. While it looks like every attempt is being shot down, that’s not the case because God is saying otherwise.


What's Done In the Dark: Why God Keeps Saying Pray for Philadelphia?

Here’s a question. Why is the news media so happy and excited? The concern here is the sudden rush to get President Trump out and get Biden in. But, why? Regardless, we don't have to worry. The Bible teaches us in Mark 4:22, “For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad.”

Now, there are some things that we do know about that are very concerning. I don’t want to recap all of this because we covered this topic pretty much in, Can You Believe the Election Results?

These include:

  • Joe Biden said he would wait until votes were certified and told people to be patient. But, the next day he declared victory. He hasn't made a statement about confirming the Dominion votes.
  • The Democratic religious groups are not saying anything about Joe Biden being pro-abortion or his plans to pass a pro-LGBTQ Equality Act his first 100 days in office. Even the American bishops have expressed their disapproval that Biden’s pro-abortion.   
  • Then there's how Biden got into office. In a Charisma News excerpt, an African pastor Francis Myles, saw an innocent goat (Trump as a scapegoat) covered in blood (innocent blood that was shed). The pastor saw a demonic attack against President Trump. Are the innocent deaths from Covid-19? Was part of the attack the spirit of offense, (demons working through some police officers and turning them against innocent people to incite violence)? Demons caused violent and racist attacks to shed innocent blood and blame the President. They then created groups and organizations to combat racism and defund the police. However, these are not God- or Christ-first organizations.  
  • Another aspect to how Biden got elected is that witches were casting spells to bind President Trump. Several prophets mentioned this on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural. Further, Father God mentioned in one of His messages that they were planning to release more demons on Halloween. Around this time we had 2 rare blue moons. Further, this year Father God said He was removing stubborn pride and our enemies. I can remember in my own testing that when my finances were low the devil kept tempting me with “Why don’t you pray to your dead relatives?” I rebuked him until he fled. So part of the test this year was WHO people called on when God removed everything. Clearly, some chose witchcraft and OLD ways. They also chose animal sacrifices. This was on the news but Father God also revealed it. The Lord said, Stop submitting animals in witchcraft. They need to leave that witchcraft alone. It's a mistake they are making. They're praying but don't see whose side they are on. I know they need help. They will have money soon. Keep seeking Me, seeking My face. They will see. I will not share my glory with another. He's cutting the head of every enemy off. They will see. I'm about to part the Red Seas soon.” Remember, sowing to the flesh means reaping in the flesh. Evil for evil means evil never leaves a person’s house. 
  • Here’s a question. And, this is not meant to judge, but why are Christians standing on the same side as witchcraft and abortionists? Are Christians who support Biden aware of this? Are they under the influence of witchcraft and don’t see it yet? We're not to follow the crowds, right? We know about wheat and chaff but Father God said, people should REALLY question if they're on the right side. Yes, there are some who are offended by Trump’s demeanor. It’s understandable as racist hate groups support him. But is that the spirit of offense? Isn't it possible that the demons and witches that African pastor spoke of or other groups might have started all those police altercations intentionally to blind people from seeing clearly? Father God said in the Doubt message He gave us that the mark of the beast is here and people don't recognize it. I am NOT saying I believe Trump is right or the Republicans are right. I believe God is doing something that we can't see yet and I believe we should support whoever Father God puts in office to govern over us, not man. God can change anyone at any time and Father God said He’s changing Trump’s heart. See more below. Honestly, we need a political party that isn't pro Dems or pro Reps but specifically pro Jesus. Talk about getting on one accord!
  • The other aspect of this is that the witchcraft used in this election could have included trying to prove the prophets wrong. Prophet Kim Clement said Trump would run for 2 terms and so did several other prophets. But look at the mocking on social media. They’re mocking God’s prophets. They’re mocking ministry leaders and laughing at them (as if God’s prophets are wrong). But God said, “Touch NOT mine anointed nor do my prophets harm.”


What Father God is Saying

What I want to do next is turn our attention to what Father God has been saying prophetically. Then, let’s take a look at what the Bible says before we close with how Christians should stand on God’s Word and pray for President Trump and our great nation to be under God ONLY. 

Let’s start with what Father God’s been saying recently: 

  • Father God says repeatedly to me in the spirit, “Pray for Philadelphia.” One of the pastors said that Jesus talks to the Church in Philadelphia about the Key of David, "I open the door that no one can shut." His authority determined that Solomon would become King, not Adonijah. Father God also said, “Pray for proof and more evidence.”
  • Father God gave several important messages. Late night on 11/19, He said "Pray for Philadelphia. They don't know the tragedy or the pain that I am about to bring down about the election." On 11/20 He said, "I want you to pray for the President. Pray for President Trump that he has what he needs." He said as a message to President Trump, "There is a lot of evidence coming to you. You will have what you need." I heard, if I got the spelling and wording correctly, "I want you to pray for Newton Fellowship or Township [and He either said "up in" or "and for"] Wayne County." Newtown Township is in PA. Wayne County is in Michigan. Father God said, "The enemy will be saying, ‘Not fair, not fair’ when they see what God does for His people."
  • Father God said "They will have the evidence soon." Father God keeps saying, "Pray for Philadelphia." He also said "Pray for Vice President Biden" and "They're going to be saying 'Not fair, not fair' when they see what God does." 11/18 Father God said to "Pray for Pennsylvania about the election chaos that's about to come to pass." 
  • 11/11 3:36am Father God said, "I say expose. I shall expose the root of man. Many shall see and know. There will be evidence." He said again "Pray for Philadelphia." "You can't believe that fake media. That fake news coverage."
  • 11/10 6:01 pm Father God said, "I want you  to tell them it doesn't matter. I have already made the way." He said, "I make a way where there is no way." Re the evidence, Father God said, "They will have evidence. They will have growing evidence." "God is in control, not man." Father God said, "He's setting a table for us" and "Tell them they have to move faster." 
  • 11/10 Father God said REPEATEDLY "Pray for Philadelphia." He also said to "Pray for Cuomo."  Cuomo made threats against the President saying he would hit him if he wasn’t president.
  • 11/9 I was listening to a Robert Clancy video and heard Father God say, "We're going to take Wisconsin." 
  • 11/9 Father God said to "Pray for Philadelphia." He also said, "They're going to say 'Not fair' when they see what God does about the election." The Lord also said to "Pray for the President's strength" in relation to President Trump. The Lord said, "So many people will regret what they said. So many are living in regret. They will regret what they said about the President. They will regret that they voted for Joe Biden. They will regret what they said. I am about to bring them to shame. I am about to reveal hidden motives. It should have been a landslide victory for the President." He said, "Tell them are you sure you're on the right side?" "They will be afraid when they see what God does. They will regret what they said about him." I also heard, "Touch not mine anointed" about President Trump. 
  • Separately, “Calm down when you see what God does." 
  • 11/8 Father God said as a reminder, "It doesn't matter." I'm hearing "They will have the evidence they need soon."
  • 11/8 I was watching news clips and during one excerpt where they were making fun of President Trump, Father God said, "They're going to be crying when they see what God does." 
  • I heard in the spirit realm, "The defense will change their strategy."
  • Father God said, "It doesn't matter."
  • Father God said, "They will be saying 'Not fair, not fair." 
  • Other prophets have spoken that Trump needs an encounter with the Holy Spirit to make him a "new man." We mentioned this before that Father God said, "He's putting a 'new man' in office." He also said a few days ago (See Messages From God) that "Trump needs to see God." 
  • Father God said through Lana Vawser, “My Voice Wins."
  • Father God said, "A great shaking is coming." He said on 11/6, "The shaking is starting." 
  • On 11/8 I heard, "Touch not mine anointed." 
  • After Sid Roth's prayer with Chris Reed, Father God said, "I will give you confirmation."   
  • For more Messages From God, click the link.


Philadelphia and The Revelation Correlation

What's concerning about how many times Father God has said "Pray for Philadelphia" and "Pray for Pennsylvania" is the Revelation correlation. Revelation 3:7-13 states:

"And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth; 8I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name. 9Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. 10Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth. 11Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown. 12Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name. 13He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches."


When Prophet Chris Reed addressed this, he compares it to King David and the story of Adonijah. Regardless of what Adonijah said, David is king and because he has the power to rule, David declared Solomon king. Because Father God is stressing to "Pray for Philadelphia," the concern is that demons working through people are trying to change the election. They can't change what God has ordained. That's the equivalent of Uzzah touching the Ark and dying.

Let's pray...

Father God, in Jesus's name, Lord we give You all the glory. Lord, have Thine own way. Lord, You said "Expose" and that You would expose the corruption in this election. Father, we pray expose every area of corruption and voter fraud in the U.S. We pray that the fake news media outlets are exposed for changing the news and presenting biased news. We pray that the news media which represents false prophets are exposed. We also stand on God's Word. God will not be mocked. We pray that the veil of deception is removed from the eyes of those blinded in the U.S., in the church, with politics, and in tech and the media. We stand on Your Word. "God will not be mocked." We pray that the veil of deception is removed from the eyes of those blinded in the U.S., in the church, in politics, tech and the media. Whatever kind of witchcraft was at work here, we pray, expose it, Lord. They tried to make God's prophets look false and the news media look honest. The devil is a liar! We pray and stand firmly on Your Word which NEVER leaves void. We stand with President Trump and lift his arms up like Moses. We ask  Lord, for You to give him strength for his second term. We ask for more proof and more evidence. We ask for access on the HIGHEST level to every plot and plan of the enemy. Lord, we pray and rebuke the strongman in the United States. We ask Father God in Jesus's name and by the blood of Jesus Christ that all satanic pacts and every alliance that's done against the United States be removed, taken down, dismantled and destroyed by FIRE in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. We come in the name of Jesus Christ and Lord, You gave us Your power. We stand on Your Word, Lord. We plead the blood of Jesus and ask for Your mercy, Lord. We stand united as One Body and ask You to remove the scales from our eyes and the plugs from our ears so we can discern this enemy Lord. We praise You for the victory in Jesus's mighty name, Amen. 

Because we want to always try the Word, let's stay in prayer, fast and pray and pray in tongues. Let God reveal His plans in tongues to expose the corruption. We're anticipating a MIGHTY move of God and God will NOT fail us. To God be the glory! 


It Doesn't Matter: God is On the Throne, NOT Man

With all that Trump’s team has done, it LOOKS LIKE it’s not working as Michigan certified their results. However, Father God said, "It doesn't matter." Remember, God let Jesus hang on the cross. It LOOKED LIKE Jesus was dead, dead. You know the way Lazarus was dead, dead? And, stinking in the grave? But God has a sense of humor. He'll let something die completely so HE CAN RESURRECT IT. That way the world can see that it was God and ONLY God moving on our behalf.

1/4 Father God said, "I want you to tell them judgment is coming." Pastor Kent Christmas has a MIGHTY Word about what God's about to do. It lines up with several recent prophecies. Listen as he says, "On the 6th day, take DOMINION." It lines up with Prophet Emma Stark's Word about how God is coming against churches who gave false doctrines. We pray for Vice President Pence. We pray for President Trump and we pray to have one nation under God ONLY. This is a time to repent, repent like never before and pray for our enemies. Pray for Philadelphia. Pray for all those who sold their birthright for a bowl of soup. Pray for the revival that's coming and eyes that are opening. 

1/3 Father God said, "I want you to tell them 'You don't have to worry.'" The Lord said "A great shaking is coming. Keep rebuking those demons." Keep reading your Bible and pray. Something big is going on in the spirit realm and I can only describe it based on what happened today and the Lord said to tell you about this.

1/2 Sharing a significant Word from Johnny Enlows. He reminds us to continue to pray for President Trump. And, he reminds us that prophets are extensions of God with a "government-shaking" call.

It reminds me of Dr. Francis Myles' message (My Final Word, just below) after the election. MANY came to him and said in so many words, "So, you still believe what you heard about President Trump's second term NOW?" [Almost like Job's friends - so where is God now? You must have done/said something wrong. Dr. Myles got back in prayer with his team and they fasted and prayed like never before and he came back and said in so many words, "Yes, I stand by what God said about Trump's second term."]

Continue to press in - GOD'S VOICE WINS! As a side note, when all is said and done and this election stuff is over, man, this is going to be a mighty long altar call when people start coming BACK to God! Hallelu-Yahweh! Hold the line! ;o)

12/31 As we were adding the prophetic messages for 2021, Father God said to include the African pastor and I knew He meant Dr. Francis Myles. Sharing two of his messages here.



12/4 "My faithfulness will TRUMP ALL OPPOSING CIRCUMSTANCES." God.


(When you see Lana's video in the Fearless Refreshing link below, note the use of caps specifically in the Trump wording above, very insightful).


Do NOT miss this Mighty & Confirming Word from God. It's a short 3-minute video where God spoke through prophet Lana Vawser on 12/4. It's a VERY confirming Word. Lord, we praise and thank You for your faithfulness and we ask for Your mercy. Thank You for speaking to us! Hallelu-Yahweh! 


12/1 Adding text from our Messages From God blog: Was watching Robin Bullock's message on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural and a funny thing happened. Robin spoke in the prophetic where God said He would overturn the election by Christmas. Father God said in so many words, all we have to do is "sing" unto God and declare "Victory!" This is like a missing puzzle piece. You see, all year long, Father God kept saying "It's going to feel like Santa Claus" but that was it. He'd say separately, "We'll be shouting victory!" and that "They would be saying 'Not fair, not fair' when they see what God does." Then, today when we put up our Sing message, Father God wanted us to use the Sing a New Song banner, not the other one. So, let's sing unto God and praise Him for the victory. Remember, ONLY God has the final say and like Robin said, God will be laughing (Psalm 3) because He has something up His sleeve man doesn't know about and so will we (because He gives us victory over our enemies!). Hallelu-Yahweh! Our God reigns!   



11/28 Adding this text from our Messages From God blog: Okay, so this is just my opinion. But, when Father God said again yesterday "Tell them they have to move faster," it reminded me of the time He said this in the past. It was right before coronavirus. I'd have to review the Messages From God below on this and go back to what we posted separately from January to March. My point is, God is now saying again that we have to move faster. And, after watching Marcus Rogers' video today, I think I understand what this MIGHT BE. I can't say for certain because we know NOT. Only God knows. But, here goes. For starters, Marcus's video is 100% accurate and backs up everything God and other prophets and ministers have been saying. Watch Marcus's video because a lot of black churches aren't ready for the election to be overturned. Some HEAR the prophets and pastors saying Trump is reelected but they're rejecting this because it goes AGAINST their doctrine and the message they want for their churches. It also goes AGAINST the crowd. This is why some in the prophetic are saying these mega churches are going to be exposed because they're not giving God's Word but a watered down version. God said through the prophetic that those who were STANDING before the election when God said to SIT AND PRAY must now sit and pray. Those how were obedient and sat and prayed will now stand. Hear Prophet Emma Stark describe how the fake prophets deceiving people will be exposed "You have brought people into ungodly altar calls because you called people to an impartation from your own hand and you called them forward at conferences and they met YOU rather than meeting ME." She also describes how the true prophets who gave God's Word unaltered will stand.


A few pastors have been saying that a move of God is coming that's going to uproot the black church and it might have to do with Trump. People in the black church may only see Biden/Dems as being right. They don't see God using Trump. Note: I am NOT a Trump fan but I KNOW what Father God has been saying. We've also experienced this personally.

Several times we posted EXACTLY what Father God said in messages and on social media. Sometimes people were so offended they'd immediately unlike us and leave or send us DM's and say, "This is how to get more likes." But it's not about "likes" with God. It's about obedience. I wanted to write several times that we CANNOT water down what God says or alter God's Word. Like Dr. Stanley has said, "Obey God and leave the consequences with Him."

That same spirit of offense is blinding people from seeing the devil's agenda with Biden's side. Look at all the groups forming that promote their agendas but not God's. Now, this is the kicker. With God saying we as the Body have to move faster, what if God is saying this now because He's about to flip the election results?

If this happens here's what might occur:

  1. The black churches go into a panic, fear and state of confusion because they thought Biden WAS the answer. I can confirm this because Father God said in His recent message about not looking to Kamala Harris for help.
  2. The devil's agenda and all those groups on Biden's side will cause more hate, witchcraft and the mark of the beast/antichrist spirit. I'm not saying all Dems are bad but there are groups that want to remove Christian organizations. And, Marcus points this out, too. We had 4 years of rest. I can confirm this because around the time of the election, I wrote this where I heard in the spirit realm someone saying, "But we need more time."
  3. The move to overturn the election can put President Trump in harm's way, (witches tried to bind him before the election). Hence we REALLY need to pray for him. Marcus points out someone in London saying that he's glad Trump lost because it was tough for Muslims under his administration. People don't see God changing Trump's heart but Trump prophesied about vaccinations in November. He prophesied that the coronavirus would leave quickly - and it did in New York before the resurgence. Another reason we need to pray is as God changes Trump's heart, Trump will promote more Christian agendas and have a heart for God's people. So, please keep the President in prayer. Prophet Tracy Cooke mentioned an attack coming in his second term. And, God spoke about this in His recent message.


IF these are the reasons why God is saying to move faster, then we really, really must prepare for the spiritual battle that will come with an election turnover. We pray that EVERY Christian, black/white, Dem/Rep, sees and hears clearly to support God and Jesus not these groups and their own agendas. We must humble ourselves, fast and pray and pray in tongues to clearly hear God's will for us. It's not a matter of IF Trump is elected for a second term.

God said Trump is ALREADY in his second term but the world doesn't know it yet. Yes, we must move faster. That quaking/shaking won't be pretty. The good news is God has a fresh wind for His people and His prophets. Take rest but also stay alert and in prayer. Lord, Thy will be done and we ask for Your mercy. Show us the way and what we need to do to get in alignment, Lord, To God be the glory!  As I ended this, I heard, "Tell them they don't have to worry." And, a reminder that God said through Lana Vawser, "My voice wins." Hallelu-Yahweh! Prepare yourselves as God exposes corruption and the quaking begins! But, remember, it doesn't matter. Jesus ALREADY overcame the world (insert praise dance here!). Keep reading your Bible! Note: If you're unsure of any of this, pray to the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost for confirmation. Pray in tongues and ask God to confirm His Word.

 [The Marcus White video was taken down]

Note: Sharing Marcus Rogers' video on Paula White. It's very prophetic. The concern here is the witchcraft and demonic attack that's come against black churches (to push Biden support through the spirit of offense), is causing black churches to come against Christian ministries like Paula White's.

I started questioning why prophets outside of the U.S. were praying for Trump and knew about the election (see Robert Clancy's video on this same page near the end). I thought, "How can they know what we're going through here in the U.S.?" But then I saw Marcus's video describing how Paula White is praying for warring angels to come from Africa and South America to help the U.S.

It's so important that we pray and ask for God's angels to help us because the spirit of offense has blinded people. Pastor Jamal Bryant and other black ministers are saying bad things about Paula White. They don't SEE the spirit of offense or the witchcraft and demonic working for Biden's side. How could they stand on the same side as witchcraft and abortion? It's very confusing and we ask Father God for clarity and God's wisdom.   



Trump's Hail Mary Play That Secures His Second Term

We know that Hail Mary the President needs is something so farfetched and unexpected. But, God specializes in the supernatural and NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD. Prophet Kim Clement said Trump would run for 2 terms and so did several other prophets. President Trump MUST humble himself before God so Father God can use him in this second term.

Incidentally, Father God told me to "Create a bucket list for the President." Sounds strange, right? This is not a typical bucket list (before someone dies). This is so he can SECURE his reelection.

My bucket list for the President:

  1. Confess all sins before God. Rededicate your life to God and Christ. Renew your vows and commitment to God to do better and keep God first.
  2. Invite the Holy Spirit in and ask for an encounter with Him. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you lead in the Spirit and not the flesh, i.e., ego and pride (because no flesh can stand before God). Ask Father God to renew your mind. 
  3. Believe God at His Word. Whatsoever we say shall come to pass if we doubt not. 
  4. Watch what you SAY. What you THINK and BELIEVE is what comes to pass. With all due respect, remember 2016? You were saying that the election was rigged - and what happened? The enemy used your words against you. Learn from this. That Roger Stone tactic doesn't work with God. If you speak it, with God, it SHALL COME TO PASS. A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways and doesn't receive anything from God.
  5. Help God's people and the Church so we can stand strongly against the antichrist and the mark of the beast. As an example, Trump didn't acknowledge  minorities and now it LOOKS LIKE they gave their votes to Joe Biden. Trump didn't treat minorities fairly and people are questioning his accountability during Covid. President Trump has to understand that God is no respecter of persons and expects governing officials to treat everyone fairly, too, i.e., love thy neighbor. Jesus gave us this example, too. As one couple described it on a sign they were holding during a rally, "Christ & Racism DO NOT mix. You can't love GOD & hat His creation."
  6. Watch your mouth (what you speak comes to pass, life and death is in the power of the tongue). And, denounce the hate and violence. It goes against Jesus's love.


Only God knows what will happen next and like that Hail Mary pass, it's a long shot, right? But like Roger Staubach, all we have to do is close our eyes and pray. God is still on the Throne and there is NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE WITH OUR GOD! Hallelu-Yahweh!