Prophetic Word: It Will Get Better

Praise the Lord, Saints. We hope this finds you well. We have a letter from God but we actually did this as a video below. It's a very powerful word from the Lord. I was hearing God starting to speak and I quickly grabbed my phone. 

Please note that in this word God has specific messages for people, some with issues with their landlords, some concerned about the timing, someone who gave up on God, some waiting on financial help, reunions for some, help for families in need, someone in an apartment that needs help, those tempted to rely on the old way, and those that are under severe attack. Remember, God is here to help us and VICTORY IS OURS!!!!


God is saying "Call on Me for what you need. Tell them it will get better. Keep reading your Bible" and "Ask that landlord for a second (or third) chance." Separately He's saying about the time we're in, "Those stubborn pride demons have to flee. God's judgment is coming."

Separately, early this morning I heard "Typhoon," "Pray for Philadelphia," and "Pray for all police officers."