Remove Me From the Hand of My Enemies


Matthew 6:26 gives us such powerful insight into God's love for us. "Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?" 

What a loving Father that would care for us so tenderly. It reminds me of a bird show I watched recently. The ornithologist started out by stating that every bird lover likely has a story about birds that led to an early curiosity with them. For me it was finding baby starlings and a crow under our dishwasher.

We heard all this chirping and the building manager said "Open the patio door because when I remove the grate, no telling what's going to come out." Sure enough, the crow flew straight out the patio door. But then there was this chirping sound that remained. He reached his hands in and carefully retrieved two baby starlings. I remember caring for them for as long as I could but without their mom feeding them, the bread and milk that I fed them through a tiny syringe wasn't enough. And, I surely wasn't going to regurgitate any worms for them!

What was touching about having that moment with nature was how tiny these creatures were and the reminder that just like God cares for them, He cares for us. He knows when we need food, shelter, and water. He knows when we are singing to Him or when we are in danger and need comfort and Him to step in with His angels. David felt the Father's love, too, in Psalm 31:15.

In exploring Psalm 31, David felt various dangers but he stayed in God's shadow. He was entirely dependent on Father God for mercy (vs.1-2). He confidently knows the Father will save him and bring him victory over his enemies who rely on other gods (vs. 3-8). However, David's faith was still tested because of attacks from Saul, as an example, leading him to feel helpless as others plotted against him (vs. 9-13). But David had a tenacity to speak over himself and trust God's timing to faithfully deliver him (vs. 14-22). And, it's why he encouraged others to patiently wait on God to deliver them from all their troubles and increase their internal strength in the midst of opposition (vs. 22-24).

As Albert Barnes' commentary notes, when friends forsake us and the enemy comes in with threats, God is always in control. Only God has the ability to give life, preserve it or remove it. Hence, we can rest in and build confidence in God to sustain us.

Further, because God has full power over our lives, He will rescue us from all danger. Like those tiny birds, God hears our cry and is attentive to us. But what happens when the enemy comes in like a flood and the attacks include witchcraft and the demonic? What happens when you can't see God or you're calling on Him for help with your bills or that job and things get worse?

When You're Facing Giants (Witchcraft, the Demonic)

Several months ago, I was watching a message Pastor Kent Christmas gave. The prolific speaker described how his father died. People in the area who worked in the demonic would stand outside his childhood home trying to bring witchcraft against his family as they didn't want his father preaching there. Was that incident a catalyst for spearheading Pastor Kent's powerful ministry similar to how Jesus's ministry took off after the death of John the Baptist? Pastor Kent has a pure love for God and his ministry is on fire and such a blessing.

As a side note: Please be sure to look for their New Year's Eve service with Prophet Robin Bullock and Pastor Timothy Dixon. Let's pray they put it in YouTube. It's going to be powerful!

There's another story about overcoming witchcraft, the demonic and the devil's schemes that we want to share.

Bishop Michael Frith wrote a book Armed and Extremely Dangerous about facing giants and overcoming the demonic. In his book, Frith mentions a time when his wife jumped up out of bed startled one night and told him to start praying because she could sense there was a menacing presence in their home. They began praying, binding/releasing and rebuking that devil until it left.

In another section of his book, he describes how witches would come to his church services and sit at the front of the church and stare at him. They were using witchcraft to cause distractions and remove him from their town/territory. At one point, however, he recants how they contacted him and the witch who came to his service was eventually won over to the Lord. She mentioned how she was sent there with witchcraft attacks to try to kill him but his presence (and the Lord God Almighty, hallelujah!), made it so their witchcraft wouldn't work. It was a similar theme I noticed several months ago.

Salvation is the Good News

On Instagram once, Pastor Ryan Lestrange's parishioners were celebrating that the witches had no authority over them. But, in that particular instance, Father God said it was okay to politely remind them that Jesus doesn't want us to boast because we have authority over them.

God wants us thankful that we have the gift of salvation. Even in my own life after rebuking demonic spirits, I heard God say in so many words, "Be thankful for salvation."

SHIFTING Into High Gear

In our current era, the devil has shifted how he attacks us and we, too, must shift how we defend ourselves. It's no longer a neighbor fussing at another neighbor whose dog pooped on their lawn. "I'll show ya'. I'm not raking my leaves this year OR trimming my hedges." No, we're in a time when people are retaliating by calling on witchcraft and the demonic to defend them. Really. Don't believe me?

Here are a few examples:

    • In the movie, You Get Me, the girl obsesses about a young man. She lights witchcraft candles as she calls on his name several times. This movie is in Netflix and available for teenagers.
    • A movie about drug gangs in L.A., Tax Collector includes graphic witchcraft and similar acts are shown in the Bad Boys sequel. The goal? To help promote the drug dealers and stop the police. Hence, TV and movies have become A Witchcraft Manual.
    • It's now almost a month after Halloween and they're still showing witchcraft and demonic movies. It's like there's a PUSH to get the demonic out there. Several movies with witchcraft references and sorcery are shown alongside Christmas movies. 


We Must Increase Our Bible Knowledge

The devil is increasing witchcraft knowledge and making it easy for anyone to call on the devil. Hence, we have to increase our Bible knowledge and understand that we have authority over them. We need to know which scriptures to stand on and what to say to overcome the demonic and all witchcraft. And yet, this might be hard for some believers and Christians because when you think "witchcraft" immediately you might run the other way and say "No, thank you. I'm not opening THAT can of worms." However, because the devil is coming against us so aggressively, we indeed MUST learn what to stand on.

God doesn't give us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and a sound mind. Furthermore, because God lets certain pastors and prophets overcome these attacks, we can then tell you what scriptures to use and how to use your Bible so you, too, can stand strong and you won't be afraid.

What Chris Yoon Said...

In one of his messages, Chris Yoon mentioned that we need to grow more in Christ and build up our Bible reading. He explained that with witchcraft, there are all kinds of fasts that they do to the devil.

Hence, this is a real battle. However, the good news is we've already overcome them in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. 

When the Demon Came into My Home

A few years ago, I applied for a job working for a realtor. I can remember interviewing with a sweet Italian lady who looked like she would make a great boss. That is until we started chatting and she asked me if I had ever been read. Tarot cards? I explained to her that I serve God and Jesus, so no, that was out of the question. We ended the conversation and she said she would follow-up with me in the next few days.

Later that night I was in my bedroom when I felt a presence standing at my bedroom door. It was like every hair on my head was standing up and I could tell it was something demonic. I'm used to angels flying in the atmosphere. I sometimes feel their wings touching me at church or feel them flying through my home. No, this was the opposite. I immediately stood firm and rebuked that devil and commanded it to leave. Needless to say, I didn't get the job. But, by then, I didn't want it!

"But I'm a Good Witch..." Wait, Wha?

The point that I'm getting at is that people that don't call on God or serve God might call on the demonic in different ways. They might ask for help with that new job or a love interest. They might request a spell to stop an ex from stalking them or to get help with a court case. We even had a witch reach out to us once on social media.

I put up a post that sent the witches in a tizzy and one reached out. "No, I'm a good witch. I only do good spells." Really? The devil had her believing that such a thing existed.

What they don't realize is these are opening doors to hell and giving satan access to their lives. They don't SEE the harm or danger but these are abominations to God. Jesus said you either have God as your father or the devil. Hence, they might not know that what LOOKS harmless is actually opening a door that is going to lead to eternal damnation.

Because God gave His authority to Jesus and Jesus gave it to us, we can speak God's Words and rebuke these demons and witches. We can also break their curses, hexes, incantations and spells, which we'll explore.


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the devil come against me?

The devil may not be coming against you per se. He's trying to stop God from working in and through you. If he thinks you represent a future threat to him, he will try to stop you.

I can remember years ago I went to see my dad in New York. But I had a few jealous cousins who didn't want me there so they decided to "drop me off" in a bad neighborhood which was the equivalent of the Bronx or Chicago right now with all the crime. My dad found out and was furious!

My entire family went out searching for me. My dad had a knife, my grandfather who was a retired longshoremen started drinking and there was all kinds of panic because I was missing. Where was I? Lost outside of some bodega where they abandoned me, so I sat on a bench and waited. I don't know if God said to sit there but that's what I felt like I heard. Sometime later my dad comes running up and grabs me and hugs me tightly. He whispered something that I would carry with me the rest of my life. "We can't let anything happen to you. You have something special in your future."

Looking back in retrospect, I realized, hmmm, this devil started early! Must mean I need to keep studying my Bible so we can rebuke and cast out those devils!!!! To God be all the glory!

Why are the attacks against me so strong?

It can depend. Stop and think HOW did you let that devil in:

    • Are you involved in sexual sin, jealousy, envy or other types of sin?
    • Do you have items in your home that belong to the devil? Did you buy or were you given statues, stones, or special artifacts from the Caribbean or other islands that might be false gods?
    • Are you doing yoga poses that conjure up other gods and serve them?
    • Did you serve other gods or witchcraft and still have their items in your home? Jenny Weaver and Robert Clancy have videos on how to clean your home.


What if I'm called by God?

Strong attacks can also mean that you have a BIG calling on your life. Remember, you are not ordinary, i.e., in this world and of this world. You are extraordinary because you are called by the Most High God. If He chose you, then like David, you are MORE than a conqueror (and it's why the devil is so afraid of you and trying to stop you!). This happened to me.

I would be under severe attack day and night but those around me felt nothing. Some pastors describe this as "The devil looks into your future and KNOWS that you are coming for him so he's trying to do everything NOW to stop you." Look at David.

David did NOTHING wrong but because God was going to use him in a mighty way, the attacks to break pride out of his spirit were great. If you have a big call on your life for ministry, for example, God might allow the attacks so you can build up the anointing. Some pastors, prophets and praise and worship leaders face severe hardship but their testimonies can bring about powerful healings and deliverance. Examples include L'Andria Johnston, Wes Morgan and Jason Crabb. 

But what if I've done nothing wrong?

Sometimes the devil attacks out of fear, envy, jealousy, anger, animosity, revenge or bitterness. A person might try to come against you because they don't like you. They might want to steal your job or your relationship. They might be jealous of the home you have or the car you drive.

Pray for God to deliver you and know that God will help. You are covered in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. Also, don't take it personally. Remember, MANY are the afflictions of the righteous. There are all kinds of attacks but God promises to deliver us from them ALL! Glory to God!

How do I release/rebuke the devil's strongholds?

    • Fast and pray. Read your Bible daily and keep coming before God. People use Bible reading for what, 10-20 minutes a day? What about when the devil is attacking you on your job non-stop, in traffic, at the dinner table, at the store and even when you sleep? Hence, you NEED time in the Word with God to consecrate/sanctify yourself like you would around the New Year or Pentecost. That fasting and praying is also going to give you more spiritual strength to overcome all the devil's attacks. Like that old time gospel song, "We are soldiers in the army of the Lord!" 
    • Read the scriptures and increase your Bible study time. Pastor Leroy Thompson studies the Bible for 6-hours daily. While you might not read for that long, your 5-minute Daily Bread reading may not be enough. You need your roots planted DEEPER in God to overcome ALL adversity.
    • Rebuke the devil and put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:11-18). And, pray more OUT LOUD. The devil doesn't want you to use your voice but we hold the Keys of David in our mouths (Isaiah 22:2). Meaning we can bind satan away from us and release God's authority to work on our behalf.


Remove Me from the Hand of My Enemies

When I first heard Psalm 31:15, I didn't know it was a scripture. The Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost simply told me to say "Remove me from the hand of my enemies" in prayer when someone was coming against me. I spoke what God said to say and later looked for the scripture. But, to fully grasp it, we have to understand where it originated.

David wrote some of the Psalms and at the time he was under attack from Saul. He was running and hiding so Saul wouldn't capture him because God sent an evil spirit to Saul. Hence, David would play the harp for Saul and cause that thing to flee.

While we don't want to go into the topic of David so much, it's helpful to understand that he was anointed to be king. With the anointing comes testing and that goes for anyone, not just David. When God calls you, it might LOOK LIKE the opposite, but don't go by what you SEE. Like one pastor said online, "When the devil cuts up or starts accusing me of stuff, I look at the opposite of what he's doing."

As an example, if the devil attacks your finances, income and prosperity might be coming in. If he tries to make you feel "less than" it might mean promotion is coming. And, this is important. Because God is drawing closer to us and His glory is coming to help us remove our enemies, we're actually mirroring God more.

Father God might have sent Saul's attacks to David to remove false/stubborn pride so when he was eventually anointed, God could use him. Remember, God inhabits the praises of His people. God can live in us as long as we reflect His light. Even as I write that, I feel His presence. He wants to see more of Him in us, meaning, reading our Bibles more, getting up early to pray and praise God and getting to bed early.

God has been saying he wants us in bed by 9:30 pm, or 1:00 am at the latest. He doesn't want us up with Jezebel at 2:30 am. There are all kinds of witchcraft and demonic that's active late at night, and God wants us in alignment with and obedient to Him. 

God Changes NOT 

One of the reasons this devil is in such a bad mood is because they can't MAKE us change.

Here are a few examples:

They're putting MORE blatant sexual sin, witchcraft and violence in movies:

Instead of keeping these subscriptions and continuing to watch their demonic content, we're unsubscribing. We're complaining to the FCC and the streaming channels. We're turning off regular TV entirely. We're complaining about all the graphic content and refusing to pay for it.

We're petitioning Heaven and asking Jesus to help us change the content for our children and grandchildren. We're also looking for ways to have clean entertainment. We're turning to more channels like the Dove Channel and Up Faith and Family for clean entertainment.

They're trying to force people to take the vaccination that some sites suggest (see they may have spoken witchcraft over:

The vacs might also have not been thoroughly tested. Jab or job, right? not only are they threatening to take jobs away but they're threatening to remove unemployment rights, really? Dr. Bill Winston mentioned this in his November partner letter.

It's not to say that the vacs are bad but some are saying "No, thanks" and choosing to resign. Some are waiting for President Trump to be reinstated. Many want transparency about what's in the vaccines and the effectiveness rate. Notice how when the new administration took over, they took all the data down. Hence, people are turning to and trusting in God. They know that God will sustain them and that God said "Help is coming soon." 

They can't stop us from singing to God or force us to turn to evil, witchcraft or the demonic:

The devil's plans for total global annihilation can only work if God doesn't show up. Uhh, never gonna' happen!

God's people are singing and crying out to God for help and we KNOW we have the victory. (I feel God's presence so strongly here). Because we're standing on God's Word, we know God will come in and help very soon. God doesn't change. Meaning, He's the same God yesterday, today and forever.

Because God DETESTS the abominations they are committing, we are praying fervently for God's fear, fire, wrath, glory and justice to come. And, God's about to show up and deliver us!

They can't make us stop standing on God's Word and praying:

Remember, when they said BEFORE the election that there were talks for a monthly stimulus? What about the student loan debt cancellation? What about all that help for small businesses? This devil is trying to cause people to ring out but instead, we're ringing loudly that Liberty Bell and reminding God in prayer that our Founding Fathers dedicated this nation to God and it belongs to God. We are ALL are one nation under God, not man, not witchcraft and not the demonic.

Side note: When we put up our Reindeer Games message, the video is 24:16 in length. See Leviticus 24:16, Proverbs 24:16 and Isaiah 24:16. ONLY God! As Dr. Francis Myles said in his book, we can issue divine restraining orders and petition the courts of Heaven. Well, hear ye! Hear ye! Jesus's court is in session and we've ALREADY won! And, President Trump has ALREADY won! (I feel Father God's presence strongly with that last part).

They realize the games they are playing are not working against us but them instead. They're falling into their own trap:

This devil has tried different types of evil attacks, game playing, name calling and silent treatment. It's like playing dodge ball where you literally have to duck and run for cover at every turn. However, in learning how to avoid the enemy's tricks, traps and plans, we're also learning how to humbly come before God.

We're more alert and trusting in God to deliver us. As Father God has been asking "Are you sure?" it's reminding us to repent before God, renew our vows to Him and seek ONLY God for what we need. We're also understanding how underhanded the devil is and how demonic his games are because God is letting us SEE the devil's plans in advance so we can get out. 

Funny story. I was watching a Jaws-like horror movie called Great White and while I didn't have the subtitles running on the TV, I had my headphones in for the special effects and extra bass. Not giving anything away in the movie, at one point on the screen I saw the words "Splashing/Screaming". I thought, what? That doesn't make any...And all of a sudden the shark jumped out of the water, so yes, there was the splashing, and I was the one screaming!

What I'm saying is God, as our Father is helping us to see what He's doing, to hear His plans and to be in alignment with him. We're able to see the devil's trap and avoid it so THEY can fall into it instead.

They know we won't put our hands on it and war in the flesh:

This devil keeps trying to provoke fights. It's like he's pushing at us and saying "Come on, fight back! Come on, fight me!" It's strategic because IF we put our hands on it, God can't and won't step in. Nope, not falling for it. We're NOT changing because Our God doesn't change.

We're turning to God and Jesus and saying "Lord, please step in and help." Meaning, we're putting God in the middle because the battle belongs to Him, not us...and that's exactly what the devil doesn't want. God showed me this powerful example.

God in the Middle Test

One day Father God said to me, "I'm going to make you uncomfortable." And He said something like "I'm going to put you in the middle." I didn't know what He meant but I said, "Okay, Lord." Maybe a few hours later, I started getting hit with all kinds of whispering threats to give up and just die. I didn't realize THAT was what God was referring to. What God did in essence was change positions with me in the spirit realm. Meaning He put me head-on with the enemy and it was brutal. The closest example I have to this is the Jesus stage play that Sight and Sound Theater put on. It's in Amazon and you can watch it with a free trial of the Broadway HD channel. Specifically, watch when Jesus is tempted during the 40-day fast. THAT'S what it sounded like in my head. It got to the point where I kept calling on God and Jesus to step in. I kept rebuking the devil and praying. And, suddenly I heard God say in so many words "The devil thought he had you. He thought you'd give up. Now put Me in the middle" and, then it stopped. See, this devil wants to go toe-to-toe with us because he THINKS he can push us around but he CAN'T defeat God. All we have to do is like David with Goliath. Use the Sword of the Lord (quoting the Bible, calling on scriptures) against the enemy, rebuke the devil and put God in the middle. Hence, those demonic panic attacks, that anxiety, that heart racing out of control FOR NO REASON, might be a witchcraft attack.

In this example:

  1. Rebuke the devil, rebuke the devourer, rebuke panic, anxiety, fear and any symptoms you are feeling (heart attack, headaches). If you have anointing oil use it. If not, set aside some extra virgin olive oil and only use it for prayer. Put a little bit in the palm of your hands, rub them together and lift them up to God. Ask Him to anoint the oil in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. Then make the sign of the Cross with the oil right over your forehead, the top of your head, the back of your neck and you can rub it down your arms and legs and under your feet (but not enough where you're going to go slipping and sliding). You can also take a little oil and anoint every window by putting the sign of the cross in each window and in every corner of your home and over every doorpost.   
  2. Bind that devil and all witchcraft away from you. Say something like "In the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority, all powers, principalities, rulers of the darkness of this world, spiritual wickedness in high places, all witches, warlocks and sorcerers, I bind you away from me and my family. Come out from us RIGHT NOW. You will stand at the attention of Jesus Christ. We cast you into eternal darkness. You shall obey. You shall not transfer your powers or retaliate. You cannot communicate any longer. Be condemned, be silent, be mute, in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority you shall obey."
  3. You can also start quoting scripture and say "It is written tempt and test not the Lord thy God." "It is written there shall NO evil befall me." "It is written NO weapons formed against me shall prosper." "It is written get thee behind me satan. The Lord rebuke you." It is written "I submit to God. I resist the devil and the devil must flee."  
  4. Put God in the middle and ask for God's mercy. And don't forget, it's not our battle so don't worry. Let God handle it. Be confident in Him that He will help. You have your Guardian Angel, warring and ministering angels and the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost and Jesus with you! Now, THAT'S a winning team! 


The Devil's Only Angry His Plan Isn't Working... And, We've ALREADY Won BIGLY!

This devil and all his demons and those working witchcraft and the demonic are upset. They're angry because their plans failed. They're angry because we won't change.

  • We're not backing down. We're not walking away.
  • We're not giving up. Instead, we're getting up and standing firm on Yah EVERY single day.
  • We're getting to bed early, sometimes at 8 or 9pm at night so we can get up early and keep ushering in God's presence.
  • We're singing to God joyously and jubilantly despite the job losses, jab threats and attacks. We know though He slay me, yet shall I trust Him.
  • We're waiting on God's light.
  • We're waiting on that "Then suddenly" moment when we hear His voice and He steps in.
  • We're waiting for God to move because we've worked the Word and we know the Word works.
  • We're NOT afraid of their witchcraft. We're not afraid of these witches, warlocks and sorcerers.


Then Suddenly

If anything, we're praying God's mercy for those who will come to know Jesus Christ. God said in so many words that His fire will come to His enemies. He told me in one video message we did to not pray for mercy for God's enemies.

As God's judgment and wrath are coming, He will deal with them. When He spoke through Amanda Grace or Donna Rigney with Steve Schultz once, they mentioned how when God moves His glory is also coming and He will help us remove our enemies. Get excited for what God's about to do. He said we will be laughing soon when we see what He does. Pop the popcorn and pop that cake in the oven! God's going to move and it's going to be fast! 

Hold onto God and keep waiting for Him suddenly like Santa stomping around up on that roof with his reindeer. We are NOT afraid of the devil, his minions and all his "mini-me's" or their games. THEY need to be afraid of God because Our God will NOT fail! To God be the highest praise!   

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