Simple Ways to Stay Encouraged During a Test or Trial...

Simple Ways to Stay Encouraged During a Test or Trial...
The devil will try to play games to get under your skin. But don't let him steal your peace AND get you upset OR make you feel defeated.
Try these:
1. Walk away. Change your environment. It stops the devil from getting in your head and frustrating you.
Ex.: Saul couldn't defeat Goliath because Saul LET Goliath taunt him 40-days. I Samuel 17:1-11,16.
2. Put on worship music. The devil WANTS you to feel defeated. Instead, praise God FOR victory and deliverance.
Ex.: David sang to God, God drew closer to David and delivered him. 2 Samuel 22:1.
3. Don't lose your head. Keep your thoughts on love, healing and forgiveness NOT revenge.
Ex.: Penninah prayed when Hannah taunted her and God heard Penninah's prayers. 1 Samuel 1:1-10.
4. KEEP reading your Bible. It doesn't matter WHAT the devil says or does. We are victorious. Speak God's Word to take the power from satan.
Ex.: During testing, Jesus ONLY spoke the Word to defeat satan. Matthew 4:1-11.
5. Take authority. Tell the devil stop playing games with you. WE have authority over satan.
Ex.: Jesus told the disciples that we have authority to drive out demons in Luke 9:1.
6. Rebuke their personalities. Satan comes THROUGH people to offend you. Don't get offended. That's sin. Instead, walk in love.
Ex.: Jesus said "Forgive them Father. They know not what they do." Luke 23:34.
7. Remember the devil has a SHORT time. And, this is valuable. Every test has an expiration date. Stay strong in the storm and stay encouraged.
Ex.: Jesus during testing ONLY quoted scripture. He taught us to submit to God, resist the devil and the devil HAS TO FLEE/LEAVE. Luke 4:1-13.
And the GOOD NEWS is? We have the victory! God will not fail you!