Sing a New Song

Old things are passed away. Sing unto the Lord a new song. Enter into praise and worship with this awesome music selection below to help you usher in God's spirit. I heard the Holy Spirit say, God is opening up new windows, so be sure to look for them.


You've probably heard, Redeemed, but have you heard this version? What a great reminder that we are free. Shake off the chains and stop thinking about your past or letting people make you feel guilty over what you used to do or who you once were. By Jesus's stripes, we are healed and you are victorious! 

 Ever feel like you're in this all by yourself? Don't worry. You're not alone. Wait for the day when all God's children get together and start singing and rejoicing. There won't be judgment, fear, heartache, or pain. Sing unto the Lord a new song! The battle is not ours. It's the Lord's and Jesus already overcame this world! 


Awesome song about God's love for us. He's such a loving Father that sent His son, Jesus to be with us and to die for us. Praise God for the resurrection power of Jesus and God's unfailing love!


 Bet you haven't seen this quick clip of your favorite gospel songs played live. Check it out! 


 I have no reason to fear. Remember when you are on the job, at school, or traveling. God is with us always and we have the Holy Spirit to help. Shake those grave clothes off and put on the garment of praise. Loose those shackles for you are free indeed! 

 Cast your cares on the Lord and He shall sustain you. Lean on the cross and trust in God in Jesus's name to fix every situation - Won't He do it! 

Anytime you need God, just call on Him. There's a secret place in the shadow of the Most High God and we can rest in God to cover and keep us. When the enemy comes in like a flood, God raises a standard. Remember, the battle is not ours, it's the Lord's.


 You know it's gonna' get better, right? See our Free Monthly Newsletter about the Holy Spirit's messages. He keeps saying, "It will get better" and to "look for the window" God provides. He is restoring us. Stay encouraged and get your praise on!  


It's not over. You're not finished. While the devil thought he crushed you, you were a seed being planted. Check out this amazing video as a reminder that your comeback is coming. Stay humble before God and He shall lift you up!