Sing... Sing Unto the Lord a New Song!



Pastor Joel Osteen recently said, "God said in Isaiah 42:9-10, “The former things have come to pass and new things I now declare. Sing a new song unto the Lord.” God is saying the things you’ve been struggling with are coming to an end. The depression, the disappointment, the hurt, the loneliness, the bad habits, He’s about to put a stop to it. He’s going to do a new thing. But there’s one requirement. The last part of this verse is the whole key. If you’re going to see the negative come to an end and God do a new thing, then you have to sing a new song."

Check out our selection below. With featured live music from artists like Jaye Thomas, Hillsong United, Leon Timbo, Isabel Davis, Kevin Jones, and other gifted artists, it's praise and worship that will help you usher in the Holy Spirit on a whole new level



We're sharing a few videos from Charity Gayle and others. God bless our youth. To hear these children sing unto the Lord! Glory to your name, Lord! It's such a refreshing moment and we pray for them and for their covering in Jesus's name.


Phil Thompson's, Here's My Worship starts out so softly, you almost don't realize how powerful this song is until you get to the middle and end as you lift up the name of Jesus. Lift His name up. O ye gates. Lift them up, ye everlasting doors that the King of Glory may come in!


The Call by Isabel Davis is a Spirit-filled blessing. Let us fall at the feet of Jesus in praise and worship to our King. It doesn't matter your finances, your background, or your situation. Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord!


Thank you, Lord for your mercy. Thank you that you daily load us with benefits. We cast our cares on you and we know you will sustain us. Sing unto the Lord a new song. Sing children, unto God our King! 


Awesomest praise and worship song: How we love your name, Jesus. You are the Beautiful One! No other can be called Redeemer, Healer, King of Kings, and Friend...


What a Beautiful Name by Hillsong Worship is a reminder that we can call on the name of Jesus. Remember to honor God with praise and worship. God sent Jesus and His love for us was shown in that Christ died and was resurrected for our sins. Give all the glory to God! 


For an upbeat praise and worship moment, kick your shoes off and dance with the Wall Group's fun song, My Life. Awesomest way to praise the Lord! 


Hear the anointed words of Pastor William Murphy and get them in your spirit. In Christ there is no more condemnation. We have been touched, healed, changed, totally free from sin. There is no more condemnation. Sing unto the Lord, children. Sing unto our Saviour and our King!


Let Revival Come is an awesome praise and worship song. How blessed are we that we can go to the Lord just as we are! Thank you Lord Jesus for your saving grace!


Tamela Mann's Change Me is a reminder to ask forgiveness of all sins and ask God to take away anything in our lives that doesn't reflect Him or is not for His purpose. We have to go humbly to the altar.


William McDowell's Song of Intercession has 2 versions and we found this extended one. Way to praise our King! 


Thank you Father God for your love for us. Thank you for Jesus and the gift of salvation. We praise you. We love you and we say thank you. Hallelu-Yahweh! 


My World is a live performance featuring Kirk Franklin and Tamela Mann. It's a reminder that all that we went through this year was to bring us to the cross where we can lay our burdens down. Cast your cares upon the Lord and He will sustain you. We need you, Lord! 


As Dustin Smith sings, it's a reminder that we rest in God and our hope is in Him. We pray for God to heal our land. For your glory, Lord, make us holy! Bring an awakening! 


Such a catchy song, you'll be humming it all day. God is the Way Maker. The Miracle Worker. He's our Battle Ax, the Rose of Sharon, the Great I AM! Enjoy Maranda Curtis Willis. 



Enjoy this amazing live song featuring Travis Greene, Israel Houghton, Jonathan Butler and Jonathan McReynolds.


Lord, we love you more than anything. You reign on the throne. For you are God and God alone. Enjoy this blessed song by Anita Wilson, More Than Anything.


Lauren Daigle has an amazing live version of Peace Be Still. Father God, thank you for giving us the peace of Jesus. Thank you for Jesus and the Holy Spirit in our lives.



Hear Jaye Thomas sing the live version of For Your Glory and Send the Winds. Thank you Father God for the best praise and worship songs to usher in Your Spirit. Thank you for Your Presence in our lives.