Stay at the Altar


Get quiet before God...

Father God said, "Keep singing to Me." As we prepare for a move of God, it's important to press into God, and tune out all the distractions. Let's use this time to worship God and seek His Face.

Holy Spirit, Let Your fire fall and the Spirit of Tongues. We need an outpouring of Your Spirit. We cry out, "Lord God, we repent of all our sins, and for this nation. Forgive us, Lord for tolerating Jezebel, witchcraft, religious spirits, and all things that grieve you. We need Your mercy. We can't do this without You. Please remember Your Covenant with Abraham, hear our prayers, heal our land, intercede for us, bring repentance revival, restore President Trump, and restore us. We give you the Highest Praise in Jesus's mighty name, Amen."

Please pray in tongues and worship God. We press in and will not rest until we hear from God and He moves to heal our nation and bring us back to Him. We pray our nation repents and turns back to God. Glory to God!

Note: This first video is our Christmas playlist. It's compilations from Maverick Music, Michael C. Smith, CeCe Winans, Shane & Shane, Chris Tomlin and more. 


Hold On and Don't Quit

Quick story. I closed out the internet to obey Father God and go read my Bible. Now, because my downstairs neighbor will randomly yell, scream, or curse, I keep my earplugs (no sound) in when I know he's home. It helps me stay in the spirit and I know I'm ALREADY delivered from him. That devil is defeated. So, I keep praise and worship music on low in my home so I'm always filtering IN God and staying at the cross.

A few weeks ago, I heard this Le'Andria Johnson song (last video above) that is so powerful about holding onto God because He's on our side. I must have played it 30 times in a row! However, for some reason I couldn't find the song again because I was looking up "new" Le'Andria Johnson songs. So, today, as I was finishing out my Bible reading, and with my earplugs in, I heard this familiar bridge playing softly in the background. It was the song but it's not hers. It's the Mississippi Mass Choir. Sharing it here in the original and live version. I praise God for filling us up with Him! He is truly an ever-present don't quit!