The Battle with Slumber: Why the Devil WANTS You Sleeping Through this Season

If you ask me how well I've slept recently, I'll admit it, horribly. The devil's been trying to attack my sleep on so many levels, it's unfathomable. I tried earplugs, headphones, white noise, sleeping pills, stretching and exercise before bed, warm milk, cold milk, lavender, melatonin, a hot bath, a warm bath, sleeping with extra pillows, fewer pillows, sleeping in the living room on the comfy part of the sofa, sleeping in the bathroom on the floor, sleeping in my kitchen propped up with chairs. It didn't matter. I was under attack. But why?

I write a lot of papers and articles and some are about sleep patterns. Our bodies require a good 8-9 hours of sleep each night so the body can repair itself. Without that consistent, uninterrupted sleep, we wake up sluggish, irritable and it's hard to make decisions. Furthermore, we're more prone to illnesses because the cells use that time when we're asleep to make repairs to the body. But again, why does this happen and what does it have to do with God and the devil? 

Making Room for and Embracing God's Divine Interruptions

We're going into a season where God is doing NEW THINGS. And, He wants us alert and listening for Him. The concern is with disrupted sleep patterns we're not attentive and downright not in position to hear God. We're like the disciples who kept falling asleep when Jesus said, "You can't pray for ONE HOUR? Now, here's an example of what I mean. And, maybe this has happened to you because this is one of the BIGGEST ATTACKS the devil uses in the home. 

"It starts out simple - and early. I start the day out up early praising God. Right after that my neighbor starts yelling from downstairs. Now, I'm distracted. So I rebuke his personality, right? I walk in love healing and forgiveness and try to go about the rest of my day. But, in the back of my mind I'm still thinking about those words of offense he used. Or, let's say it's not a neighbor and I get on the phone with someone and something they say is offensive. So, it's a distraction because I'm no longer centered on God, you know, looking at Jesus so I can walk on water. I'm now looking down at the sharks and fish and my thoughts aren't in alignment. Then, later on, to soothe myself, I say, "Okay, I'll put on a good show. That will make me feel good." So, I start watching TV and I do feel better. Later I read my Bible and make dinner, etc., etc. When it's time to go to bed, let's say another neighbor makes noise or there's another incident on the phone or with a friend. I'm back in that same disrupted mood. Now, it's time to go to sleep. But, I can't. And, you can guess what I'm going to say. I turn the TV back on and put on something soothing. What's more, now I'm wide awake and hungry so I get a snack. I know it's late but since I'm SO ALERT and SO AWAKE, I might as well put a movie on, right? Now, it's about 3 o'clock in the morning and I'm JUST STARTING TO feel sleepy despite taking a sleeping pill hours ago. I switch the channels, get a little milk and try to fall asleep. Then I hear a loud noise that startles me or I have a bad dream that causes me to jump up. Now, I'm awake all over again - despite God saying "Go to sleep". Next thing I know, it's nearly 6 o'clock in the morning and NOW I'm starting to get sleepy. But, I've got to get up for work shortly so I say, "Okay, I'll sleep for a couple of hours and then get up and I'll feel refreshed." Only, I didn't know they were going to start construction at 7 am. Now, I'm exhausted, disoriented and moody. And, the construction goes on past 6 o'clock that night. During that time I think I heard God but I can't be sure of what He said. I've got the radio so loud to drown out the distractions. And, I'm irritable. I apologize to the Holy Spirit because I'm so exhausted and now as I lie down on the floor to try to sleep AGAIN, my upstairs neighbor lets the kids RUN through the apartment for hours." 

This is a true story. And, the point is that it's an attack from the devil. In every area, the goal of the enemy is to disrupt your sleep with distractions so you can't hear God. So, what do you to combat and overcome these demons. Here's what you need to know.       

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Why Do Slumber Attacks Come to God's Prophets and His People?

The devil wants God's people inactive, disoriented, grumpy and not in alignment with God. And, one of the best ways to do this is to attack our sleep and times of rest. God sometimes wakes us up at certain times early in the morning to speak to us. He might reveal part of His plan or He wants us to get up early and pray. Remember, the Bible says, "Early will I seek thee". But, if we're exhausted, how can we get up and how can we get in tune with what God is saying?

Here are a few tips:

Fight to Stay Awake In This Season and When God Wakes You Up

This is a Spiritual battle where we must be awake (at the right times) and alert in the Spirit. God is sending divine interruptions. Meaning He might wake us up early with a specific message. He might ask us to do something different than last time. Remember, He's a cloud by day, fire by night so we must embrace whatever God says to do and learn the new things He has for us. It's also important to remember that God and the Holy Spirit are gentlemen. Meaning, they might send an angel to poke or prod you to get up early and pray but if you ignore them, they won't keep pressing you to get up.

I can remember asking the angels to please make sure I was up early to pray - even if I didn't hear the alarm. One time they dropped a picture I had hanging on a wall. Another time my neighbor started moving furniture promptly at 5:30 am. I was sleepy but I got up to pray. To God be the glory!  

Another point is to have an attitude that embraces God's grace and His interruptions in this season. We WANT to hear from God. We WANT to minister to Him. We WANT to be on one accord. And, importantly, we WANT to obey God and know what's on His mind. This is a time when satan is gathering his armies. But God is also gathering God's armies (He mentioned this in His recent message ----- ). Hence, we must be alert and in alignment with Father God. He's preparing us for these end times and Jesus's return.

Go to Bed at the Right Time and Rebuke the Devil's Slumber Attacks

God has mentioned in Messages from God that He wants us obedient to Him and in bed by 9:30 pm nightly. Not everyone can do that with their work or school schedule so He said in bed by 12:00 am or 1:00 am. God said, "I do not want them going to bed at 2:30 am" or after that. The devil works in the demonic at that time.

Going to bed consistently early also puts the Body of Christ on one accord. Corporate prayer usually occurs at 5:30 am so a lot of the Saints are up early praying and praising God. And, this is what the devil is fighting us over. Satan doesn't want us on one accord because the more we come into alignment together and hear God, the more authority we have over the demonic. So, your goal is to get to bed early so you can wake up refreshed and in tune/alignment with what God is speaking or has for you.  

To achieve this:

  • Get to bed at 9:30 pm. Turn off the phones and TV and take a warm bath or shower before bed.
  • Pray before you go to sleep. Ask the angels to guard your sleep and let you have a peaceful rest and to let you wake up refreshed.
  • If you take a natural sleep aid early it's fine. But, don't then take one later. You might oversleep when God is calling you to pray or when He wants to talk with you.
  • Don't have caffeine late (coffee, soda) or other stimulants.
  • Plan to get up at 5:30 or 6:30 am to pray but know that God might wake you up with a Word or message.
  • Keep a notepad or microcassette recorder by your bed. Or, use your phone or tablet's recorder to save what God says to you.
  • Use headphones, earbuds, white noise or a fan to drown out background noises.



Take Authority Over These Demons

The devil's demons, distractions and slumber will come at incorrect times. Hence, we must pray for better hearing and vision with God. We must also say, "Satan, you will leave me and my family alone and leave all God's people alone". And, we must rebuke the distractions away from us in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. By rebuking the devil and his demonic workers, we can get the sufficient rest we need so we're ready to hear from God.

Don't ignore the divine interruptions God is sending (which is what the devil wants). Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you. And, remember, don't complain about what you need. That pushes God away. Praise God in advance for the victory and His promises to always supply ALL our needs. That draws Him closer to us so He can work on our behalves. Don't you worry. God has us and He will ALWAYS make the way. Jesus is coming back soon. Let's continue to prepare. To God be the glory!   

Separately, for some, God is saying again that "You will see reunions soon". This might include family members coming back home. For someone else, declare, "That house bill is paid". Rejoice in the Lord and the power of His might. And, keep speaking over yourselves, read your Bible and get to bed EARLY. Glory to God!