The Devil Can't Touch Us...


Are you aware that the Body of Christ is growing? Did you know that the rallies/marches and people getting on one accord are significant signs? This isn't just in black communities but all God's people are uniting as God expands our territories and puts the enemy under our feet. Here's why an important message from God, "The devil can't touch us" is for every believer. Have faith. Demons have to flee!


There was an interesting incident that we went through a while ago. It might surprise people  - like it did us - as it has to do with the racism and rallies we're seeing now. Before I go into that, I think one of the God's messages several months ago had to do with this spring and summer and the George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery rallies. But I didn't make the connection with the Holy Spirit's message until the rallies started.

The Holy Spirit said in one of His messages, "They're going to be saying 'Not fair, not fair' when they see what God does". Around the same time He gave the same message but said at the end, "What God does for His people". I thought Father God was referring to the favor that's coming to God's people. It's possible that He also meant people would say "Not fair, not fair" at all the injustices we're seeing. It now makes sense if you look at how people of ALL colors are standing up for blacks and other minorities. But, let me shift away from that and get into the incident.


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The Incident...

We were on vacation a while back and I was really hesitant about going - not out of fear but great concern. We were traveling at a time when racism was increasing and there were more attacks against blacks and other minorities. It was very troubling because anytime Father God assigns me to take my mom on a trip I know I have to watch out for her. However, because Father God told me to take her away, I KNEW we had His covering. As I prayed before the trip I asked Father God to use us for His glory and let us be a light to those in need. We'd traveled before and prayed with housekeeping, front desk staff, TSA workers and people God asked us to pray for. But, nothing prepared me for what Father God had in mind!

We were taking a cruise and while I researched the groups online that might be onboard through Cruise Critic, I didn't know that the boat had about 1,500 Spanish people who worked for one business. It wasn't a factor until we went upstairs to the buffet. Right away we knew something was wrong. People weren't casually walking around. They were all packed in like sardines and it was extremely crowded. There were hundreds of Spanish people talking loudly and I thought, "Is this a convention?" We were pushed to the left and pushed to the right all with people trying to get to the buffet. They were laughing and reaching over us for the serving tongs and I mean, we were shoulder-to-shoulder. I remember thinking "Whoa! This is crazy?" My mom and I decided to leave and come back later. But, a strange thing dawned on me as we walked around.

While the Spanish people WERE everywhere and they WERE a little pushy, they were SO happy. They were walking around talking loudly, dancing and laughing. The kids were running and playing. I realized, here I was worried that we would encounter racism but just the opposite had occurred. The Spanish people dominated the boat! And, they weren't afraid or trying to strike fear. They weren't calling security, "Someone black is near the pool" or making fake threats, "I'm worried he'll steal the tongs from the salad bar". The Spanish people we saw were treating blacks like they were anyone else.

I had to laugh when my mom and I talked to a few other people onboard who noticed the friendliness and joy expressed by all the Spanish people. It was a relief because we were thinking there would be a lot of tension if there were any racists onboard. That can happen when you have thousands of people together packed into a boat. But not here. The Spanish people were even pushing the white people around at the buffet! And, you could see where there were a small handful of racists onboard. I knew this because they were highly-offended and in one small group complaining, "You can't go anywhere." I let out a sigh of relief as I thought about the Spanish people, "Thank you, Jesus. There are more of them (friendly people) than there are of the enemy (racists with bad attitudes)". But, that's not the focal point to this story - because it's SO MUCH MORE.

As we settled into our trip, I started hearing Father God speak. A black family with maybe 20-30 people having their reunion walked by. We could see the family name on their t-shirts and they all had the same colors on. When I made eye contact with one woman in particular, the Holy Spirit said, "Tell her the devil can't touch her". I walked over to her and said it and she paused for a second and said, "Thank you" as she nodded her head. She leaned in and grabbing my hand she said, "That's confirmation. I needed to hear that because they've been giving me a hard time on my job." We stopped and prayed with her. And, then it happened again.

A black couple walked by and the same thing, the Holy Spirit said, "Tell them the devil can't touch you." And, then it happened again and again. The Holy Spirit had me say that same message to all kinds of people. There was a man and his wife from North Carolina. The man was clearly in severe pain and struggling to walk due to a bad knee problem from an old surgery so we prayed for him. A woman who worked onboard had a son in need of an organ transplant and her daughter needed prayer. We lifted them up to Father God, too. In God having us say, "The devil can't touch you", there were so many people we encountered, black women, white women, black families, white families, black and white police officers in the terminal, black and white TSA agents, singles, groups, cruise ship employees, some of the Spanish families onboard and so many others. I think the Holy Spirit had me say, "The devil can't touch you" a few hundred times if not more! 

As I'm writing this, the Holy Spirit is saying, "Remember, God has a hedge of protection around you" and "I want you in bed by 10 o'clock so you can get up early to pray and I can reveal things to you". 


We're in a new season where we have to USE our faith actively. Watch this POWERFUL message from Dr. Bill Winston, Faith for the Impossible. We wanted to share the video Faith for the Last Days but couldn't find the link. There are also slides you can review. Believe for what you need and don't doubt. Jesus, before performing a miracle, only took Peter, James and John with Him. He put people out who were unbelievers and doubtful. Likewise, we need to do the same. Block out all doubting thoughts...and people who will make you doubt God's miracle-working abilities. 


What God is Saying...

Now, what does the Holy Spirit having us say, "The devil can't touch you" on a cruise ship have to do with the times we're in now? First, please don't misinterpret this. I DO think 'supporting black causes' now is vital as changes DO need to be made. We've posted about that several times. Changes DO need to be made to increase wages for blacks, abolishing racism and respecting  blacks. In addition to that, we must understand the shift/season we're in as the Body of Christ and all believers - regardless of race.

You see, if you look at all the messages we've posted under Messages From God, count how many are in bold and say, "Stay encouraged and keep reading your Bible", "The devil can't touch you" or "God will not fail you. Have faith". Count how many are about praying for police officers. We try to always list in bold what the Holy Spirit says to pray about. The point is EVERY TIME we included those messages it was because the Holy Spirit or Father God said to add them. If I forgot, the Holy Spirit would quickly remind me to add the messages in. So, this shift and shaking that God said "would feel like an earthquake" (a great shaking was also noted by Prophet Tracey Cook) is NOT specifically for all black people. I believe it's for all God's People.

Yes, Support Black Lives as They Do Matter and Specifically - Support All God's People Regardless of Race

While we support and pray for blacks and black businesses, we also support and pray for minorities and minority-owned businesses and whites and white-owned businesses, too. We pray for all races and businesses - that are Christian, faith-based and God-fearing. We pray for blacks and other minorities to be treated equally AND we pray for God's people to be treated fairly. We pray for EVERYONE regardless of race (because God is no respecter of persons). And, I can hear Father God saying, "Tell that devil to leave God's people alone". He's said this before in Messages from God. Now, this next part is BIG.

Please keep in mind that the Body of Christ is uniting now more than ever. I believe this is a strategic move by God. You see, on the back burner, behind all the rallies and news about the pandemic, we have the mark of the beast that is coming. This is not meant to strike fear but to educate God's people, i.e., "My people perish for lack of knowledge". Again, read the Messages from God in the link above where Father God says repeatedly to prepare for this. He SAYS the mark of the beast and the antichrist are coming. Incidentally, I reread some of Father God's messages where He kept saying "They're not ready for what I'm about to do" and "They need to move much faster". We posted EVERYTHING He said but who knew BUT God that He was talking about Covid-19 and the pandemic? Look at the posts and the timelines. That's not to strike fear but to say, let's be MORE attentive to Father God. And, here's why.

Change is Coming...

If Father God had us saying a few hundred times, "The devil can't touch you" that's a sign we're going into something where it will look like the opposite. This is Old Testament teaching and the example is when God told Jacob, "Be brave and courageous". God would say what to do because it usually meant what was coming would look like the opposite of what He said and you had to hold onto His word to get through. As another illustration, when God says "Never will I leave you nor forsake you" it's because there are times when we FEEL like or it LOOKS like He's not there. Hence we have to hold onto His Words and repeat them back to Him. And, it was Father God who said to make this title, 'The devil can't touch us'. So, what's ahead?

Regardless of what happens next or who is making veil threats or who is in office, let's make it a focus to really get into our Bibles and study the scriptures because we KNOW the devil is defeated. Just like those Spanish people on board, they weren't afraid. They loved everyone and were laughing and having a good old time! Let's be mindful to still walk in love and speak and see victory in our lives. There are more FOR us than there are against us. Remember that.

Let's get up early and pray and spend time with Father God because we KNOW He made us to praise and worship Him. This is SO important. Think about David. He came under HUGE attacks from Saul - and David was anointed to be king! God is such a loving Father who WANTS intimacy with us. He wants to SHARE His plans with us. And, we know He has plans of good and not of evil, to give us an expected end. And, that end includes God restoring us (Joel 2:25), prosperity and dominion as we reign on this earth with Jesus Christ. Let he that hath an ear...

We've included a special message from Dr. Winston above about faith in these last days and a separate one from Sid Roth on working with your angels. This is an important time for believers. We MUST use our faith during this time. We also need to cultivate a closer relationship with Father God. Hence, while we promote change to stop injustices, we should also work to become better believers. We should draw closer to Father God in prayer, pray in tongues and read our Bibles daily and have a stronger walk with God. As, Ephesians 6:18 teaches us, "Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints"

Jesus is coming back soon for His Bride and the Bride/Body of Christ is rich and on one accord... Almost there...Almost time... To God be the glory. 

"I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living" (Psalm 27:13). I'm hearing God say, "Tell them be not afraid when you see what God does". I'm also hearing "Watch your pocketbooks". Make sure you sow seeds at church - even if it's only a small $1 or $2 offering. You want the devil to keep his hands off your money. Keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged. The devil can't touch YOU!

Stay encouraged! And, continue to rebuke their personalities so you don't let the spirit of offense block your blessings or prayers from being answered. God's got this! And, God will not fail us! I hear Him saying, "Keep being obedient to me". He also said, "There are going to be reunions for some, long-lost people from your past coming to Christ". Hallelu-Yahweh!

Happy are those whose God is the Lord..."Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance", (Psalm 33:12).


We shared this Todd Galberth video in another article, Come to the Tabernacle. Pastor Ron Carpenter has a significant message about Ephesians 4:30-32, "And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption. Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice".  Hence, we're to put away all bitterness (and offenses) so we can come into God's presence and not grieve the Holy Spirit.


There's a passage in Exodus 23 where the Angel dealt with a stiff-necked people, "Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared. Beware of him, and obey his voice, provoke him not; for he will not pardon your transgressions: for my name is in him. But if thou shalt indeed obey his voice, and do all that I speak; then I will be an enemy unto thine enemies, and an adversary unto thine adversaries"We're seeing that now. Father God said He's removing stubborn pride and putting our enemies under our feet. Let's stay humble before God, keep our defenses up (Whole armor of God, Ephes. 6:10-18) and walk in love. God's got us! Glory to Your name, Lord!


Scriptures: Galatians 5-6, James 4 and 5.