The Devil Can't Touch You...

As I write this, someone is trying to destroy my credibility online as a writer. I have a client who is intentionally trying to dismantle my stellar 4-star and 5-star feedback. Why? It's the devil. It's Pentecost. It's Friday. I serve Jesus. My favorite color is orange -- Who knows why? The fact is this client is asking for work, I'm completing the projects and she's undermining me by leaving the worst feedback possible. So while she's making her attempts, I'm focusing on the end result which might be a promotion, a better paying job, her job, or whatever God has in store for me. How can I think this in the middle of a mess? I am reminded of the words, "The devil can't touch you."


Okay, I know. It doesn't make sense. I'm writing to you here from the trenches in the middle of an attack and saying the devil can't do anything despite the flood of online bullets and the barrage of negative feedback and insults I'm receiving because I just wrote about the devil's "attempts," which is all they are. It doesn't make sense, right? How can I be happy about what I'm going through? Here's the thing...When you serve God, it never matters what the devil tries to do. God has the final say, can turn every situation around and will make you victorious. How do I know? It's already happened several times...


Promoted and yet sent back to feed the sheep...

I wrote about this before. At my old job, I got a promotion from the big boss, but the office manager was upset because I got the raise despite her attempts to get her best friend in. I didn't do it. God did. So, in the new office with my office manager, she refused to help me, with anything. I had never encountered this, but to whom much is given, much is required, right? Okay, so I Googled everything I needed help with and tried to remember things from past jobs that might help.


One day my big boss called me in and asked why I was working on a project for the office manager. I explained exactly what she said - verbatim, "I can do it myself." He proceeded to storm into her office and I think he literally stood on her as he reamed her out. After he left, she cowered, I shook my head, and then I went home. The battle is not ours and not for us to say "Ha, ha." Besides, I was exhausted enough...Enough to remember that David went through worse and so did Joseph - and Jesus!  So what's the point?

God wasn't finished with her. She suddenly couldn't sell her old apartment, went into tons of debt and I had to field the calls from debt collectors which came in every few hours. Every day. For months. By the time she got back on track, well, let's just say, she didn't mind me praying for her, or with her. Point: Trust God's timing. It's not what you see.



He prepares a table for us in the presence of our enemies...

Another time, same thing. Enemies tried to set me up to do all the work - so I would look bad. It didn't work. I got promoted. I got an iPod. I got a platter of free food and snacks. I got tons of holiday gifts. I got cash and a big bonus. Bigger than my enemies' bonuses. The Point? Trust God, ask for mercy, brace yourself and don't see it as it is in their eyes. See the VICTORY. See the OUTCOME you want. You will have it. It's in you and no matter what the devil does, YOU are going to come through.

So here's my cheerleader speech for you: See the end result. The end result is always good and working for you. Here's how:

God's Word can't and won't leave void

That means He cannot lie, right? Yup, sure does. So stand on the scriptures you need. How about "Touch not mine anointed, nor do my prophets harm." That's really big. It means don't touch God's stuff, i.e., us, His children, chosen and anointed. So God has to fix the mess because He's covenant.

Here's another, "No harm shall come near your dwelling place and no evil shall befall you." Now I'm not saying you should say to God, "Here's another fine mess we've gotten into," or "But you said..." Nope. What you should say is -- and this is especially important, "I know the enemy is defeated because, It is written, No harm shall come near my dwelling place and no evil shall befall me and no weapons formed against me shall prosper." I know you though of that one first, right? Just testing you.

Though He slay me, yet shall I trust Him...

That means don't give up. While you are waiting for God to correct things and work them in your favor, read your Bible, stay prayed-up, put on Joel Osteen, TD Jakes or Joyce Meyer. Whatever you do, don't give up or look down in defeat, like Peter did when he was standing on the water. And this is where a lot of Christians give up or lose sight of what God is doing because it will look like the enemy is winning. Remember Jesus on the cross on Friday? David in the lion's den? Joseph in the pit? It's only a set-up for your blessing, your victory and your breakthrough! Jesus said, "First you must believe..."

Whatever you desire when you pray, believe you have it and it's yours...

Don't believe what the devil is showing you. Don't believe fear or cower in fear. God's got you. Believe for what you need. You won't see it but your faith and what you speak will make it manifest. God's got you and He's preparing a table for you. Just like my client leaving 1-star feedback 20 times in a row, ignore it. Who knows? My boss might give me a promotion because I'm still giving the best customer service despite how I'm being treated.

Our work is as unto the Lord, so because God knows all and sees all, that's all that matters. It's God who promotes. It's God who gives favor. God is the judge and brings correction. If God allows it, then it means God is using the enemy to send a blessing to you! And that's great news so you better praise God! The end result is good and better days are ahead! Trust God's timing!

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