The Enemy/Demons Will Fall Into Their Own Trap Instead...



There's been something that's bothering me - and this is not about the President. It's about demons working through people because they have a back door open that the devil is using. What I'm feeling is a weird feeling or sense in the spirit about 2 points and racists and those that hate other people need to be careful because they're going to fall into their own trap/pit. So, here are the two points:

1. The government is rushing to reopen so they don't have to give a second stimulus. The problem with this is people are already hurting and so many are still out of work. There are also immigrants and undocumented workers that are struggling. Father God said through my mom that a second stimulus WILL come but "they're trying to hold it up". We know Congress is back in session around July 20th, so pray about that date.  

2. It LOOKS like there are people INTENTIONALLY not wearing masks because they want to INTENTIONALLY spread the coronavirus. Not sure, but it's how it LOOKS. The concern here is why. On one hand you might have people hoping to build immunity. Okay, I get that. On the other, you have people with a "twisted" mindset that think if they can spread the coronavirus to blacks and other minorities, they can decrease the black populations. The HUGE problem with this is regardless of whether the coronavirus is affecting minorities more or not, God WON'T allow this. It goes against God's laws. These people are like "rattlesnakes" exposing themselves in the open so they can strike at once and attack.

I'll give you a few examples of how this will blow up in the enemies' faces: 

  • I had coworkers ALL call out sick the same day hoping I would get so overwhelmed with work I would fail, panic and eventually get fired. It didn't work that way. I prayed to God for help and strength and God helped me SO MUCH I got promoted instead.
  • I had someone at work PURPOSELY turn the heat up and then blast the air conditioning trying to get me to complain. They were also trying to get me sick. It didn't work. When I realized what they were doing I prayed to Father God for help. What happened? They got sick instead. 
  • I had coworkers with hives and poison ivy try to cause me to get skin rashes by using my office phone and keyboard. It didn't work. The Holy Spirit told me in advance to wipe down my work station before every shift and when I returned from breaks. What happened? My coworker's hives broke out so badly on her face that she was embarrassed to come into work. I even caught my coworkers INTENTIONALLY letting people use MY phone hoping I would get sick. They also wanted to get a reaction out of me. What happened? I prayed and God eventually moved me out of that toxic environment. 


The Devil Better Stop Playing Games with God's People

The point is, the enemy (demons, those that hate Christ and Christians, those that hate blacks and other minorities) can't win. God is just and hear me clearly....God HATES injustice. He hates when people (working through the demonic, envying others, hating others)  try to set up innocent people for NO reason. Here are scriptures that substantiate this: