The Fresh Wind of God...


I wrote a logistics article for a client recently. It had to do with tractor trailer trucks and Amazon deliveries. The concern is with severe weather in some parts of the country, an empty or half-filled tractor trailer can flip over suddenly because their frames are so tall. This is what happened in Utah this past September.

About 45 semis flipped over during severe weather conditions on Utah's various roadways. The winds had reached up to 77-mph. The reason the trucks can easily turn over is they have a wide sail area (the sides of the truck). These are so big that the same gust of wind that only shakes a car can actually flip an empty truck. We keep our truckers in prayer especially over the busy holiday season. We still have an active hurricane season occurring in the midst of all those deliveries and stay-at-home orders.

But, what does a truck flipping over from high winds have to do with us? How does it relate to God's children, His workers and His prophets?


What the Devil Meant for Harm - God is Shifting It Into OUR FAVOR

Lana Vawser and a few other prophets including Bishop T.D. Jakes have mentioned the fresh wind God is sending to His people. But, let's back up for a second before we get into that. There's an old saying, "What the devil meant for harm, God works into my favor". So, all year long, witchcraft and the demonic have been coming against God's people. And, it's been fierce - like those hurricane or gale-force winds. So, here are the saints, holding onto God's Word and holding tightly - like Job - when everything around you is blowing away like a house in a tornado. That was the devil's plan - To tire and exhaust God's people. But, here's the thing, in Lana's message and the other messages, God speaks about a wind that's coming. He said to me "the tornado.". What this represents is God shifting the wind IN THE OTHER DIRECTION. Meaning, the devil's plans for God's people backfire and come against the enemy instead. This happened in the Bible.

Saul was trying to attack David and thought he had David cornered. Then, suddenly, one of Saul's men said, "Saul, come quick! You're being attacked at home." I saw this, too.

We've Got the Devil on the Run - He Doesn't Have Us On the Run

Please don't take this as a boast or in false pride but it's important in times like these to know that WE have the devil on the run - not the other way around. Sometimes the battle is so BIG or it takes so long we think we're losing. But, we're not. Picture Hell Week for the Marines. Hell Week is only one week, right? Similarly, our testing is only for one season.

The problem is sometimes we feel so uprooted by the test or we can't SEE God. Then, if the testing takes long, we can grow battle weary. That's where the devil tries to get into our minds to try to cause US to abort the test or give up. But, don't EVER give up because IT'S ALREADY DONE. Meaning, God already knows our end from our beginning and if you've never heard me say this, it's very important: God ONLY sends the test if He KNOWS that we will pass it. That means He won't put more on us than we can bear. And, we win in the end when Jesus returns and we win now because we can call on Father God who is Elohim and Yahweh. He's the Most High God and we have His supernatural power working through us.  

In this season, keep standing on God's revelatory and Rhema Word. Keep calling on Him. If you see yourself like a woman trying to give birth, maybe you're exhausted. You've been in labor all year and you're ready to give up. But don't give up. Instead, GET UP in your spirit. You've got the victory so keep pushing in the Spirit realm. Here's how.

Remember, these important steps:

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Shift your thinking and know WHEN to defend yourself

Instead of "I can't go on" or "I can't take anymore," say, "I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me." Now, I KNOW you are tired and exhausted. BUT don't SPEAK from that place of exhaustion (that's what the devil wants. He wants you to say, "I give up."). Let your SPIRIT speak OVER your flesh so you encourage yourself. 

With defending yourself, sometimes the devil challenges you to wear you down or make you defensive. However, there are times when you need to stand up for yourself. I remember when I started writing for a new client, whew! They slandered everything I did. I turned an article in on Friday by the deadline. They blamed me because THEY couldn't get it out until the following week. They added TONS of mistakes to my work and I could SEE they were sabotaging me. For example, they posted my 10 step article with only 8 steps. Hmm. They put my sentences in past tense and added or removed periods and commas and the other editors thought I did it. All kinds of nonsense (the devil's distractions). I purposely used 3 editing sites and one gave my article a 97% score. But the client told my manager "I don't know basic grammar." The devil is a liar and it's important to remember, the devil is the accuser of the brethren.

Instead of arguing with THEM, I petitioned Father God in prayer. I prayed because what if this happened to some mom who was on her last leg? Father God told me that He SAW what they were doing and He would bring correction. He also let me complain to a manager. I told the manager simply, "Hey, I've written successfully for several years and I've NEVER had any client complain LIKE THIS. It's not ME. There's something wrong with THEM. And, I deserve better treatment." Regardless of whether I write for them again or not, God let me stand up for myself and defend myself in battle. And, besides, God supplies ALL my needs, not man. 

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Get out of your apartment or home

Go for a walk to break up the monotony. Take a drive or visit a new town. Consider a move if it's been in the back of your mind. God said in Messages from God that He's moving some people into better communities. He's also given us activities to work on in Kick Into High Gear.

Try a few of the stretching exercises, kickboxing and self-defense classes. Remember, we're NOT STUCK. This is only a temporary phase as God positions His people for greater. And, greater is coming! Father God also gave us the self-defense videos as a way to empower people so they won't live in fear.

There are other activities God wants us involved in so we're not complacent or only on computers or watching TV. Take a class online, read books to learn a new language or take lessons and learn to play a musical instrument. As Father God said, He wants us to "Do things that add value." 

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Get back in your bedroom or wherever you have your prayer closet

The devil has tried "uprooting" God's people. Maybe in your home you're no longer praying in tongues or in your prayer closet. Get back in prayer and that deep place of God. The devil WANTS you to think that EVERY TIME you open your mouth he's going to come against you stronger. NO. That's a lie! And, the devil is the father of lies so don't believe that.

EVERY TIME you open your mouth and pray to and praise God, God comes. He hears us and help is on the way. Like the one lost sheep that cries out - cry out for Father God. Remember that WE HAVE TO CALL ON GOD AND INVITE HIM IN...God won't show up just because we have a need. He can't violate our free will. We HAVE TO call on Him. So, invite Him in and ask for help. 

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Hold fast to God's Unchanging Word and Jesus's garment

All year long, God has been saying that people feel like they're "hanging on by a thread" or "walking a tightrope." Even when I heard it, I said, "No, I'm not on a tightrope. I'm holding onto a lifeline to God." But, I  want you to get a visual in your head that expands on that. Yes, see yourself as holding onto a lifeline/connection to God. But also see yourself as touching Jesus's garment. You ARE strong in the Lord and what YOU believe shall come to pass (so rebuke EVERYTHING the devil is telling you). One singer said, "Everything the devil says to me, I just say the opposite." Keep reaching for Jesus and calling on God. This is the birthing place where we DON'T give up. We PRESS IN and God meets us there. He HAS TO because He can't lie and His Word NEVER leaves void. Keep pressing in to Him and holding onto Him. Heaven and earth shall pass away but God's Word...IT NEVER FAILS!

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Offer up the sacrifice of praise

Another step is getting up early to pray to God and praise Him. The other day I woke up with an excruciating headache but I knew in God's presence that pain and those demons sending that headache have to flee. Take everything to the Cross - all your burdens, all that pain, hurt and heartache and leave it at the feet of Jesus. I read the other day about the 525 migrant children missing parents. In one article it described a mother so desperate for her child to have glasses, her prayer was, "I just want my baby to be able to see." There are other mothers crying out to God to correct the injustices and to restore God's people.

Please know that God LOVES us and He loves YOU so much. He sees the injustices. He knows how unfairly you've been treated. He knows about the racist incidents and the taunting. He knows about the games they played. He knows how the devil tries to steal your money. But God also knows that you're trying. He sees your tears. He hears you crying for Him. He sees your faith. Watch the messages from Lana and read the Messages from God. God is bringing restoration in such a mighty way - this wind from God is BIGGER than we can imagine. How do I know? Deuteronomy 28:1- 11 or 12 includes the blessings God has for us. In one verse God says that when our enemy comes out against us one way he will flee 7 different ways.

Remember, this year has been a time when God called us away from the crowds and God removed our enemies. God is also removing stubborn pride so don't give up. Keep getting up at 5:30 am and 6 am and getting before God. Keep putting your oil on because God SEES everything that we're doing and He's increasing our anointing and strength. How do I know? One morning I was up early praying. I was rebuking the devil because I was under SEVERE attack.

Father God said, "Keep rebuking the devil." What He's doing for some in this season is He's training us to call on Him. He's training us to Work the Word and He's teaching us how to be obedient to Him. Keep singing to God and praising Him so you can draw Him closer. Don't walk away and say, "But, He's not doing anything." Remember, we have to believe ONLY and DON'T DOUBT. We ask for God's mercy. If you have time, watch the movie, Faith Like Potatoes. A farmer doubts God will help him until God shows up and shows out! Very inspiring.

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Get comfortable

This is another area where God wants us to turn our attention. He wants us to rest in Him. So many of God's people have been through psychological warfare with the enemy. But God doesn't want us suffering PTSD. When you have time, start practicing self-love. Kay Nash has a video on this in our Need a Word section. What it means is doing things that fill you up or lift your spirit back up.

A few ideas:

  • Reading your Bible, taking a relaxing bath, going for a long walk.
  • Watching a good movie (or a couple of good movies!).
  • Enjoying good food, playing NEW music so you can have Time Alone with God (to refresh your spirit). 
  • Turning your phone and email off and coming away from people who mean you harm (it's not them per se, but demons trying to work through an open portal). Remember with people to rebuke their personalities and pray for them - walk in love, healing and forgiveness ONLY as Jesus taught us. 
  • Father God said, "Think about what you need from the supermarket." If the coronavirus shuts things down over the winter, now's the time to shop before stores run out of stock and shelves are bare. Because I work as a writer, I'm seeing where stores like Walmart are offering DEEP discounts and some deals are better than your local stores. They're doing this to keep up with Amazon and other competitors. I think Walmart's now offering free shipping for the year with their subscription plan and you can get $40 cash back if you go through Swagbucks. Or, maybe use Amazon Fresh delivery or Peapod but do price comparisons so you can restock what you need and have enough. Pray and ask God to lead you. Remember, we serve the God of MORE THAN ENOUGH.


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    Keep rebuking the devil and rebuke stubborn pride (pray for them to change) 

    One area that Lana focuses on in today's video is that we have 100% authority. And, this was big for me. It was the lightbulb moment I needed when dealing with my neighbor. Here it is: God gave Jesus 100% authority over this world and Jesus gave US His 100% authority. Meaning, we have FULL/100% authority over the devil and his demons. Again, that's not 97% or 63%. It's 100%.

    Now, Jesus told the disciples in so many words to not get excited about having this power but get excited because our names are written in the Book of Life. But, here's the thing. When you rebuke the devil - keep rebuking him. Keep denouncing him and keep resisting him. Remember the verse about afflictions? It says, "MANY are the afflictions of the righteous but God delivers us FROM THEM ALL."

    So, stay encouraged:

    1. Submit to God.
    2. Resist the devil.
    3. The devil has to flee.
    4. There is no step 4. The devil has to flee in step 3. If he doesn't? Go to God because God is just and we have 100% authority. 


    Next, pray for your haters, racists and naysayers. I say this with all humility. They have NO IDEA what's going to come against them because in THEIR minds they think they're doing the right thing. Pray for their hearts to change. Pray for their healing. Pray that they find God while there's time.

    I saw a sign recently from a demonstration that was recorded online. The woman's sign said something like "You can't HATE people and LOVE God, too. God is ONLY love." Your racists, haters and naysayers don't realize the sins they're committing. They don't know these are abominations before God (Proverbs 16-17, Galatians 5-6). Pray for them to come under conviction so they can get right with God before Jesus's return. Remember, God sometimes ALLOWS the enemy to come against us so we can grow in Christ, God can position us for greater and God's will can be done. But, remember, you have angels there to help you.

    Examples include:

    • Judas coming against Jesus.
    • Saul coming against David.
    • Joseph's brothers coming against him.
    • Hannah coming against Peninnah.


      Expect a Rushing Wind and Fresh Anointing from Father God

      We want that EVERYONE can go to Heaven but sadly that won't be the case as men are lovers of themselves (false pride).   

      Father God also said to, "Let the devil know, 'They will leave God's people alone.'" He also said, "Tell them I want them to move faster for what God does." Father God has mentioned this before. He wants us in alignment with Him and walking in our callings. Please continue to come away from the crowds. If there's anything God has asked you to do, make a list and complete those things RIGHT AWAY. Keep your EAR tuned into God so you can hear from Him. Keep anointing yourself, your home and your family with oil. And, look for the REFRESHING WIND from Father God and the revelations He reveals. HEAR HIS VOICE - HE WILL NOT FAIL. Help will come soon. Father God said, "I want you to believe God for His supernatural blessings." We cancel the devil's/enemy's plans. Regardless of what the devil or his demons do, it doesn't matter. God has ALREADY made the way and Father God said, "It will get better!" We will be shouting victory soon! To God be the glory. Hallelu-Yahweh!

      P.S. For someone that needs it, Father God said, "They will be coming out of the hospital soon." He also said, "I will help with that landlord." He also said for someone, "Don't be ashamed of me."