The Lion of Judah Says: Hear Me Roar

REPOST: 9/12/21 Because several of the messages Father God spoke through Pastors Kent Christmas and Robin Bullock are occurring now, we're reposting this page. From the plague God is sending to His enemies to how the Church will come together, it's a reminder that NO word of God ever fails.

Father God gave several SIGNIFICANT messages with instructions for this New Era. We're opening with a few of Pastor Kent Christmas's recent messages. Please note: Items in bold are what the Lord said. 



Note: God is speaking throughout almost every section. The only time that we could find when it was clearly Pastor Kent, we separated the text and used quotes. 

The Lord says that the enemy has prowled this nation like a lion for decades. But God says now the Lion of Judah has risen for this hour. And, I the Lord thy God sayeth unto thee that I am walking the streets of this House and I am walking the streets of your nation says the Lord and I am standing in the midst of the White House and the darkness that has settled upon this nation, the light of God's glory is now rising upon this nation, sayeth the Lord. I will not be intimidated, says God and I bind the spirit of intimidation tonight off of this House and off of this nation. Next week, sayeth the Lord, you shall see the glory of God begin to be released upon this country. For I the Lord thy God have said unto thee that I would lead thee in the times of peace but I will also lead thee in the times, sayeth the Lord, of war. And, though thou hath never seen the muscle of my arm, you're getting ready to see that stone that the builders rejected, sayeth God, that rolled me out of this nation, I say unto thee that there is a stone that the Lion of Judah, the Rock of Ages, is rolling out of the heavens, sayeth God. For a season, says the Lord, evil has ruled this nation but I say unto thee that the evil is temporary and I have saved my best for last, sayeth God. And oh, know this, saith the Lord, that the demon spirits that have ruled over this country I am now binding for a season just as I will bind satan for a thousand years. I now bind the intent of the enemy, that wickedness that has risen up in this country, sayeth the Lord. And, though the evil say "We have won" I say unto thee, the battle has not yet begun. For that you have declared war on me sayeth God, I am now raising up an army of men and women, sayeth the Lord, that are getting ready to go to battle. This is not like the army that the devil is used to that could be bought by money, that could be used by sex, that was moved by ego and pride. The Lord says that I have raised up men and women in this hour that for years, they have been in training. They are a no-name generation that nobody's ever heard of. I even hid them from hell but I pull the cover off of them, sayeth God, in this hour. And, there is an army of the Lord. It may look impossible. They may have declared, "We lost," but I thy God sayeth unto thee, eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard, neither has entered into the heart of man those things that God hath prepared for the saints. The hand of the Lord will now be released over this nation and for 4 years I am going to loose signs, wonders, miracles and the demonstration of My Spirit. And, every house that has not been built on the Rock of Ages, every house that banned Me from their sanctuary, I now say unto them, I am closing your doors and you will be silent. I am now raising up churches that have struggled and wondered, "God, where are you?" And, just like a gully washer, just like Moses smote the rock, there is a river, sayeth the Lord, of the anointing of God. For so long, evil has ruled this country until you have become used to sin and you have wondered, "Lord, is there any hope?" But, I say to thee, what you're getting ready to see, I will break the spirit of homosexuality over this nation. I am going to break the spirit of depression and suicide, says the Lord. I am now getting ready to invade the untouchable areas that satan calls strongholds. I am not going to deal with the symptoms, sayeth God, but I am going to the heart of it. I am invading hell. I am invading the heavenlies. I am reversing everything that the enemy has said unto thee. To this generation that has not known me, has not sat in my churches, has not been in Sunday school, has not known my name, I am going to visit a generation sayeth the Lord, under the age of 30-years-old. There's going to be a revival. God says, I'm getting ready to enter into colleges. I'm getting ready to enter into school systems and children in secular school systems, sayeth God, in the middle of their classrooms, I am going to release the baptism of the Holy Ghost. There is a wing of the Dove, sayeth the Lord, that is spreading. As I settle down, these young men and women are going to speak in tongues as the Spirit of God gives the utterance. For those who have said, "The Holy Ghost is not for us," there is going to be a release of the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I created you for this hour, sayeth the Lord. 

There has been silence in my house and even the worship, sayeth the Lord, has not had a sound of victory. My people come with heavy hearts and then they leave, sayeth the Lord, carrying the same burdens.* Oh, know this, there is a shout, Hallelujah, (speaking in tongues), God said I am building a shout and I have waited until this hour when it looked like that it was over. Do you not know, says God, that I do my best work in darkness. Hallelujah. That I can declare in a moment, let there be light and there will be light. This move that is coming in to this nation, sayeth God, no man will ever be known for it. It will not be known for great books that are written. It will not be known for great worship songs that are put together. But, it will be known for one thing, the abiding presence of the Lord. And, the mixture that's been in my house sayeth God, the mixture of sin, I am no longer going to tolerate in the House of God. There is a spirit of death, even sayeth the Lord, that's going to hit the Ananias' and Sapphiras' in my house, that told me that I could do it my way, that we'll have God but we'll hold back part. No longer, sayeth the Lord, will I bless those that only give Me a piece. I tell you this day that the army that I'm raising up will serve Me with all their heart, all their soul, all their mind, and with all their strength.

Pastor Kent: "There will come the days, God, that the church service will continue and it won't shut down. You'll be surprised when you walk out the door. It will be two in the morning or three in the morning and you'll say, 'But my. I thought we were just in the first hour of what God was doing.' Hallelujah. May the Spirit of God, I loose the anointing, yokes that are being broken in this house in the name of Jesus."

Right now, sayeth God, whatever you need from Me, begin to declare it sayeth the Lord. I am loosening the answer. I am loosening the answer. I am loosening the answer, sayeth God, for I have longed for this hour sayeth the Lord. Hallelujah. Now I loose a Spirit of peace. Oh, I loose a Spirit of peace, sayeth the Lord, rest in Me. For the battle is not thine but this is My hour, sayeth God. This is My hour to reveal Myself. For all the years that you have labored without there seemingly being any fruit, now, there is so much fruit coming, sayeth the Lord, in this nation, that you will have to call your brother as Caleb and Joshua did to carry the fruit on a staff. I break the spirit of debt, God said, for the tithers, Hallelujah, oh, I'm going to bless you. Hallelujah, (speaking in tongues). I see, I see loans and debts dissipating in the atmosphere. (Speaking in tongues). Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Now, God says, I am coming quickly. Why have you doubted Me, says the Lord? Did you not know that you're the apple of my eye. Did you not know that you are more important to Me than My own life? [Jesus speaking] Have I not demonstrated to you, says the Lord, that there is nothing that can separate you from Me? Would I really, sayeth God, as the lover of your soul, walk away in your hour of greatest need?** No, says God, so I remind thee, sayeth the Lord, that I cannot lie and I am not a harling but I am the Great Shepherd, sayeth the Lord, who is tired of His sheep being scattered, so I am removing the harlings from this nation. Some of them will be of great renown that many men thought, "Surely, this could not be so." But, I know the hearts where you only look on the outward appearance. There's going to be great embarrassment, sayeth God, on some men and women in this nation who have shrouded themselves with robes of righteousness but underneath, God says, they were unholy, unclean. They stopped My presence from flowing* and now, sayeth God, I release a holiness movement, not of the outward, sayeth the Lord, but a holiness inside of you. For without holiness, no man shall see the Lord and the way that you will know that I am beginning to move on you, God said, even now, many of you will say "Yes" but I am changing what you like. I am changing, sayeth God, what moves you. The things that used to excite thee, the things that you used to look for, in entertainment, sayeth God, they no longer seem to have any effect on you. You watch for a moment and you're bored and you say, "God, there's got to be something else." And, that's why, the Lord says, I am removing the idols from your life that have replaced me. That's why I went after sports, sayeth God. That's why I went after theatres. God says there is a curse on Hollywood and though they think they're going to come back and rule this nation, not so, sayeth the Lord. For I hear a sound, sayeth God, of the abundance of rain. And, right now, sayeth the Lord, even as the prophet said, "I hear a sound of the abundance of rain" but there was no sign in the heavens. God said, the prophet has declared, "There is a sound of the abundance of rain." Put yourself in a position of intercessory prayer because God said in the midst of intercessory prayer, you're going to cause a cloud to form in the Spirit. And, though for a moment it will look small, but all of a sudden overnight, sayeth God, it will fill the sky and the lightning of My Glory shall crash, sayeth the Lord, and the thunder shall roar. I'm going to reign upon your country, not on this country only, sayeth the Lord, but God said, I'm going to reign on Russia. I'm going to reign on China. I'm going to reign on India. I'm going to reign on Pakistan. I'm going to reign on Mexico and Guatemala and Ecuador. I'm going to reign on London, England, sayeth God and yes, know this. That there is a revival that's going to hit New York City and the Glory of God for the enemy, sayeth the Lord, tried to shut the church down but those days are over. No longer will my church be shut down, sayeth the Lord, for I am going to remove the restrictions, sayeth the Lord. So, shout unto the Lord, for this is a new day. This is a new hour, sayeth God, for the power and the glory and the majesty of God is getting ready to be released. For your shout, sayeth the Lord, is going to bring down the walls of Jericho that hell raised up. They said they couldn't do it, but know this, if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray, there is nothing, nothing, nothing, sayeth God, that the Church cannot accomplish by the power of the Lord.   

I also say that I am removing the gray not only in politics but I am removing the gray in the House of the Lord. For it has been the mixture and not the sinner that's made my Church weak. And, there are many that I have already pulled My Spirit from because for 2-3 years, I have wooed them and they said no because they did not believe that I was serious. And, so now, I am no longer turning to the lukewarm. And, they will think they are alright because I will no longer convict them. And, because there will be no conviction, they will think, "Then God's favor is upon me." But, I have called and they did not answer. So, the Lord says, I am taking their candle*** and I am giving it to another group of people who want the presence of the Lord. To every denomination who has said, "We will control God and will will only take part," I will move away from you. I am also going to release a presence of the release of the Holy Ghost to the Baptists and also sayeth the Lord, there is a great revival coming to the Catholics in the United States. And, God said, I am going to glean from every movement. And, though they have not been raised like you have been raised, their hearts are pure, says the Lord. And, so this final Body that I am raising up will not look like the Church of old. On one side you will see a girl with piercings and tattoos. On another side, says the Lord, you will see an individual with a Rosary in their hands but they will not be looking at the Rosary, says God. But, their hands will be raised embracing the presence of the Lord God. As hell has taken my voices for a generation, and put them in secular music and bought their soul, now I am going to take the greatest talents and greatest voices of the world's kingdom and God says, I am going to save them and fill them with the baptism of the Holy Ghost. The Lord says, you're going to see men and women that are of great renown and great success in the secular realm that are going to give it up in a moment because they are going to have a divine encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ**** And, you will watch them stand on your platforms and sing Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. And, as they sing, sayeth God, there will be a stream of healing come out of the Throne Room, says the Lord. And, you will not remember who sang the song but you will remember the glorious presence of the Almighty God. Oh, you have not seen what I'm getting ready to reveal. Now, sayeth the Lord, it's not months away. It is even days away, sayeth the Lord, that My Glory is coming back to the Kingdom of the Lord. Tonight, sayeth God, I put in you, a permanent shout of the Lord. I anoint thy eyes in the spirit that you may see***** what the Holy Ghost is saying in this hour. For I am God and when My Church leaves the world, they are leaving in glory and not in defeat. For what, sayeth God, for I am going to perform My Word, says the Lord.                                                                    


*When God spoke through Prophet Emma Stark, He said he's coming against churches that don't have God first. People are coming for the altar call and not seeing God at the altar.     

**I believe it was one of Lana Vawser's messages where she mentioned the intimacy of God and how God was about to speak and move in an unprecedented way. It would be so powerful that we'd have a "deeper level" of commitment with God. Because He waited and didn't say anything, many thought God abandoned them. God also said this through us in older Messages From God. Father God would ask, "Why are you down?" or "Why are you not singing to Me?" 

***The candle reference is confirmed through a revelation God gave us the other day. Reading about the virgins with the oil, we mentioned that the oil isn't necessarily physical oil for physical lamps. The oil can represent fasting, praying and praise, i.e., time before God. God asks us to post almost daily now to read your Bible each day. He also has us include frequently to get in bed by 9:30 pm. Father God wants us up early to pray, not stay on the devil's timeline and watch violent and sexually explicit movies late at night. People that ignore God's promptings might not understand that these are direct commands from God. Obeying them lets us access the Deuteronomy 28:1-14 blessings. Disobeying them brings all kinds of curses from verse 15 on.       

****Father God said through us to "Tell them get ready for revival." Pastor David Kolenda (Reinhard Bonnke's replacement pastor) spoke about 150 million souls saved when he talked with Sid Roth on It's Supernatural.   

*****We've mentioned in earlier messages with the witchcraft used against black churches and against Christian democrats to pray that scales were removed. The concern was that the enemy blinded many before the election. Why? So they wouldn't focus on the dems sacrificing animals and babies and using witchcraft to get into office. God confirmed this when He said in a recent Messages From God letter to "Stop sacrificing animals."                                 


1/17 Please see Pastor Hank Kunneman's video below and the prophetic Word God he gives at about 14-minutes in. This is the "shock and awe" and signs of what's to come. Remember, don't go by 1/20 or 1/21. Don't say, "But they impeached Trump already" or "But they had the inauguration for Biden."

Here's an excerpt. "And I hear the Spirit of God say, Do you hear the sound of the wind? Look in the days that are going to come. There will be an unusual sign that I will bring in various places across the nation - this nation, the United States. For there shall be tremors. Yes, the ground and the soil shall shake. And, I will do this, that it will be the sound of My feet. But listen closely, for My hands are moving and My fists shall smack down, as I have said before, over that which the enemy has sought - that he thinks he can gain the upper hand. But, with it, and the cracking down of My fist shall be the wind. For I am holding the wind in My fists. And you chall see it in the natural - there shall be a wind that shall begin to blow in various places. And it shall be an unusual thing and it shall even be reported, says the Lord. But in this wind is the wind of change. Do you see the weather vane pointing in a new direction for this nation? Know, says the Spirit of the Lord, it is not in the direction of going backwards. It is a direction of a NEW ERA. [Lana Vawser confirmed this, wrote a book on it] And with this new era, listen carefully, I am about to bring what you have declared tonight. It shall be known as a shock and an awe. Yes, that's what I said, says the Lord. I will shock you and you will be in awe. For did I not say in the days of Pharaoh's pursuit, "I will get My honor concerning Pharaoh, his horsemen, his chariots?' And so I shall once again get My honor, My glory in that which shall take place in this time. So look closely. There shall come a great betrayal and it will not just be one betrayal, but there shall come many betrayals, because My hand is extending toward this nation in great grace, great power, but great fear shall come upon this nation in the coming days. Therefore, says the Spirit of Grace, the Spirit who carries power, and the Spirit who shall bring forth great fear and conviction, do not pay attention to the news, to the headlines, to the reports, to the movements even of those who have said, "we have won." Do not pay attention even to the electoral calendar, the certification dates, or even to the inauguration date, for I am not paying attention to the dates of man's calendar. I am choosing My event. I have chosen My act, and you will see it, says the Lord, and it will be in My perfect timing. Therefore, stay firm, stay strong, and fear not. You will see My hand and My wind and My fists and you will hear the movement of My feet as I shake, shake, shake and expose and bring to justice those and that which must be held accountable in this time, says the Lord." 


1/5 It's TIME TO GET EXCITED!!! Today's message is a bit longer and includes 5 videos. Father God spoke in the Prophetic to us and through other ministries. What He said is highlighted in bold. It's related to us good things in our future, the election and the new thing God's doing. And, it's SOOOO GOOOOOD!!!! Remember, "It doesn't matter" what the enemy SAYS or DOES. God's ALREADY made the way for us. Hallelu-Yahweh!!!!

Note: We're waiting for a letter from the Lord and will put it up as soon as it's available. He wanted us to post the text below as it includes A LOT of instructions for God's people for 2021 and what's to come. 

Father God said, "An earthquake is coming and stubborn pride has to flee." "Fires are coming to many who did not believe, who did not repent."


Yesterday the Lord said, "I'm going to remove your identity and replace it with a new one." This ties in with a wonderful message the Lord gave through Lana Vawser (above). And, it mirrors a lot God said through Pastor Robert Clancy. Let's look at an example. And, please excuse me if my "football lingo" isn't correct. 

In high school, I remember there was a BIG commotion. A rival team was so upset that our team was winning, they did something underhanded. They started showing up at our practices and recording the practice plays. I was either cheerleading at the time or working as an assistant with the players, but man, I could hear how furious the coaches and players were! No one wants to give away their secret plays, right? Especially when you're giving it your BEST legally. So, here's my point.

The devil did all he could in 2020 to try to crush God's people (witchcraft, occult, animal and baby sacrifices, rigging the election manually). He tried to steal from us and used people on ALL LEVELS to help. He used fear, manipulation, intimidation and distractions. However, God's people didn't just stand by and do nothing. We STOOD on the blood of Jesus and read our Bibles. And, we held onto God in the toughest times (Robert Clancy video #1 below "My Love," 6:08 minutes in). We prayed like never before and - importantly, we didn't war in the flesh. So, because we didn't put our hands on it, God can now work.

God said through Robert Clancy that, "We grew in the storm." As my mom described it, God is now going to bless us. Father God told her, "Because the Children obeyed." And Robert Clancy confirms this when he says God is now going to bless us (video #1 below). We're going to levels we never thought we'd ever reach. Clancy says, we were so close to God in praying and fasting that we were seeing the "fire of God's eyes" in a new way. Lana Vawser also confirms the new things in her Word further below from January 2, 2021 about the NEW ERA we're in with God. And, that's important.

That fire that's in us is now going to be unleashed on the devil. (why the attacks were so brutal). Through Robert Clancy God says, "Get ready for a great year. Get ready for I am about to pour out My Spirit on all flesh and everything that I have said through My prophets, shall it not come to pass? Shall it not come forth? Have I not said that My Word it shall not return back to me void but it shall accomplish everything that it sets out to achieve? Get ready for the promises that I have made for I am a Covenant Keeping God...Have an expectation. Keep your eyes on Jesus Christ...It is time to come back to me...Start the new year in new repentance...Renew your relationship with Me. Understand who you are and how I see you. That is all that matters in this hour..." (This is partial text from video #2, please see the video for the full text 24-minutes long). This is confirmation for so many! And, the good news is it also lines up with what God said the other day about "great surprises are in store."


In 2020, the devil hit us with his BEST shot. This year in 2021, God is letting us strike back with our spiritual authority. That's why these attacks were so brutal against God's people, the saints, prayer warriors and prophets.

Remember how we were all praying to expose the corruption? Robert Clancy gave an important message about the election (Robert Clancy, video #2, Transformed from Glory to Glory, about 13-minutes 37-seconds in). While he's in Australia, God has let him see prophetically here in the U.S. He said, "Get ready for the light to be switched on in the USA to those in corrupt alignments within politics, within media, within Hollywood, within the corporate world. You will start to see this being exposed and then you'll start to see a domino effect that will start also within other nations, obviously connections also to that. And, things that are going to be happening in nations. It's going to be a year of complete exposure and also things brought to judgment. Also, there will be a swift judgment in certain areas so allow God to bring the truth out within this hour that maybe you have not seen before because it's been very well hidden." He goes on to say how there will be pedophile rings exposed and people in high positions (more so than last year). There is extreme exposure taking place this year. Regarding the election, I heard "Pray for Philadelphia."

I don't want to get too far into what's going on in the prophetic because we're doing a separate write-up on it. But, I hear God saying "I want you to prepare yourself for the new season we're in." We'll come back to that point in the coming days about building yourself up in the prophetic in our other write-up. I just want you to "stay together" and stay encouraged. I've been hearing "stay together" so please if you have to go out, don't go alone. Stay in groups. This is not to make anyone afraid but there's more strength in numbers. You have someone to pray with and for you and you have a witness! I'm also hearing God say to tell the enemy, "You will leave God's people alone!" So, please stay on guard.

Remember, whatever God does with this election, it disrupts all the wicked plans of the enemy and breaks/shatters his witchcraft and animal sacrifices. We don't have to worry. Remember, Father God said yesterday that the devil will "shrink back when he sees what God does." What if they are all blinded and receive 666 on their foreheads and we have obvious flames of fire on ours like the Holy Spirit/Upper Room? Time will tell...have Thine own way, Lord!

Going forward, even if you see the devil acting aggressively or trying to manipulate, distract or intimidate, remember, it's a NEW ERA. What worked last year for the devil isn't going to work this year because God is turning the tables. We are walking in God's authority. And, God will help with those bills, too. He said, "I know you need money. It's coming." Keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged. Glory to the Most High God!


Robin Bullock's January 5th video highlights what's happening in the demonic (shedding innocent blood, animal sacrifices) and how the enemy's trying to bring in the mark of the beast. As examples, Prophet Jonathan Cahn noted how Nancy Pelosi is banning gender-specific terms like "mother, father, daughter, son" in the House Rules. What's more, the recent 117th Congress Opening Prayer included "Amen" and "Awomen." Different gods and deities were also mentioned in the prayer.  

Robin also discusses the devil's agenda BUT the devil's agenda for 2021 is foiled. He quotes how President Trump said, "They're after you.[Christians] I'm just in the way." That's why God is saying not to worry because God KNOWS and KNEW the enemy's plans. It's also why God kept having us say repeatedly in 2020, "It doesn't matter." God is NOT GOING TO LET THE ENEMY WIN. WE WIN AND IMPORTANTLY WE'VE ALREADY WON. WE HAVE AUTHORITY OVER ALL DEVILS AND DEMONS. He who sits in the Heavens laughs!

The Lord said through Robin, "The enemy is afraid of revival...The enemy can't control it...It will take men into the deepest darkest jungles...This is what happens when the fire of revival burns...The enemy knows that his time is short...You will find that Trump won, thus sayeth the Lord, and won big...Make no mistake that revival is what the enemy is afraid of and he will do what he can to stop it." But, we KNOW revival is coming because Father God said in earlier messages here "Prepare for revival." God says through Robin Bullock that Joe Biden already sold out but Kamala still has a chance. Unfortunately the Word cuts off at the end but we'll look for the full version.

Lastly, Lana Vawser has another message up about coming out of dry places. This matches what Robert Clancy said in one of his videos about the "desert" we were in. Father God is saying we'll become "suddenly fruitful" and "overflowing with fruit." There are also areas in our hearts that are dry and God is making these fruitful. The Lord saw where the enemy tried to bring "death" to these places but God is going to make them suddenly fruitful. This confirms the opening message about the intense battle we're in and how God saw us faithfully hold onto Him. "The heart of the Lord has been so moved by these faithful ones who have continued to keep their eyes on Jesus and faith in what He said He would do even when it seems the 'land' has become drier and drier." We're to put our hope in God and let Him turn around these dry places. This will become the "harvest of MUCH." Sounds of joy are coming so we can't and shouldn't doubt. To God be the glory!