The Lord Will Provide...



We wanted to do a special Q&A on how to call on God, trust Him and rest in Him especially during trying times. The coronavirus pandemic has a lot of people in a position they've never been in before and so many are overwhelmed. But, this is such an important time that by shifting your perspective from "I can't" to "God will", we can see God move on levels we've never seen before. 

How do I deal with feeling overwhelmed by bills and the shock like I can't do anything? How do I help my family when I feel like God isn't helping me or He doesn't see? 

This is a big one because it LOOKS like God isn't watching or that He isn't helping. But, this is a time when we have to turn to Father God and say, "Whoa! Wait, I'm in contract with you, so to speak". We're in covenant with God so He wants us to call Him on His Word. But, let's back up and look at an example. Let's say you go into a fast-food restaurant. They promise to have your order ready in 5-minutes. Now let's say you wait 15-minutes. You're upset, right? But, you get your food, pay for it, get your receipt and leave. Now, let's say back in your car you check your bag because you're starving right now. However, when you open the bag, the order's all wrong. Let's say you wanted your burger well-done and your eggs scrambled. The cheese was missing, the burger's burnt, etc. You get the idea. You wouldn't then leave and say, "Oh, well." Of course not. You've got a receipt and you've paid for a product that's incorrect. So, you have a right to complain. And, you can guess what comes next. You go back inside waiving your receipt in the air and ask to speak to a manager. But, what makes you put a demand on the manager? Because you know they've promised a service they didn't deliver. Maybe it's written on the receipt "Orders correct or we'll make it again". Or, maybe it's on their website. The point is, you have rights. And, just like you recognize that you can air a complaint and argue about the service you didn't receive, God wants us to come to Him - respectfully of course and remind Him that we're in contract. So, what does that mean?

Bring to My Remembrance...

God does things in funny ways - and Jesus did, too. It's not to say that they hide from us, but they want us to grow and stretch our wings. The more we stand and air our voices - always respectfully - the more we can see God move. Take Jesus on the boat, for example. Let's face it. The storm hit and Jesus was asleep. Knocked out and probably snoring. But God NEVER sleeps. He's all-knowing and all-powerful. It was a set-up. Jesus WANTED the disciples to call on Him. Jesus KNEW they would be frightened by the storm. That's why He sighed and said, "Oh ye of little faith". You see, every test is so we can call on God and do like Jesus did so we will build that confidence in knowing God will NEVER fail us. But, what does that have to do with you and your circumstances? Good question. Now, here's the kicker. Similarly to how you would take that receipt back inside the store - because you know your rights - you have to call God on His Words. "Oh, yeah, Lord, but you promised to never leave me nor forsake me! So where are you!". No, not like that. What we want to do is always be respectful to Father God. So we might say, "Father God, in Your Word, You promise to never leave me nor forsake me. You also said to call on You in the day of trouble and You would deliver me." That's bringing God's Words back to remembrance. Because God can't lie, He HAS TO honor His Words. Like in the fast food store. "I didn't get my order in 5-minutes and it wasn't correct." When we go to God, we can bring up the scriptures that we need to stand on to argue our case. Maybe you're dealing with a sickness, "Lord, You said in Your Word, 'By Jesus's stripes I am healed'." Maybe it's a financial drought, "Father, You said 'Ask and we shall receive and everyone that asketh receiveth'. I know You can't lie, but where is my help?" These are ways to stir God into moving. Dr. Bill Winston once said, God isn't going to do a thing just because we have a need. We have to call on Him. Like that fast food restaurant. If you're sitting there in the parking lot fuming do you think the manager will walk over with your refund? No, not unless you complain.  

Funny story. I never shared this with my mom but a while back, she bought me a beautiful present from an expensive store. While I loved it, I'm SUPER frugal so in the back of my mind I kept thinking "But did she use a coupon?" I checked the store's site and saw that the items were on sale so I was quite relieved. However, a few weeks later, I saw one of the newscasters mentioning how holiday deals were extended until the end of January. That meant the sale price plus the holiday discount. I secretly called the store and asked if they would please bill the extra money back to my mom's account. The operator said, "Oh, she got the sale price and the extra discount." I was so proud. I feel like that's how proud God is of us when we stand firm and call on His name. As Dr. Bill Winston says it, "We speak what we need and God brings it to pass". We just have to believe God for it and don't doubt.  

. Bind every negativity away....We write so much about trusting in God and having faith but there are a lot of people that 

HS said mention Uncle Bill 

Jesus is our receipt - we can only go through him can't go back if you don't have receipt

Benita Jones "He's looking for us to worship Him"... ie we have benefits in God we worship Him because He is here for us and can help