The New Era That's Coming...

Now I know WHY the enemy has been trying SO HARD to come against us...It's an illusion. We need to see past the intimidation. God is about to flip the script. He's raising His church in boldness to walk in power and authority. What the enemy has been to YOU, God is about to make YOU to your enemy.

This devil has been busy. He's tried to... intimidate us, distract us, undermine us, apply pressure, steal from us, hurt us, harm us, cause fear, threaten us, try to destroy us, distract us, isolate us, make us feel less than and try to cause us to give up. But God's about to flip the script!

You know those light bulb moments when you hear or read something and jump up excited? Had one! And, this is MASSIVE. Father God said to share it. I wrote the other day about my downstairs neighbor and this INTENSE warfare that was coming against me. Only, I didn't realize it was warfare. I KNEW it was the devil trying to distract me but I didn't know WHY.

I'd walk around my apartment and he'd start yelling. I'd walk in the kitchen and he'd start laughing loudly out the window in an intimidating way. It was strategic as I'd wait a second or two and then walk into the kitchen and he'd suddenly start yelling like he was on the phone. I'd walk away and go in my bedroom and I could hear him come in and start yelling and fussing again. It wasn't until the other day that Father God said to say, "You will leave God's people alone!" I yelled that from every room in my apartment hoping that he heard me. Now, here's what was really going on. 

I was watching Lana Vawser's video just now about the Second Wind. We posted this ALREADY. However, I didn't HEAR what God said through her in the interview she gave to Encounter Today.  So, I didn't know WHAT this had to do with my neighbor until just now. This video actually just came out today...God's timing is ALWAYS RIGHT ON TIME. Glory to Your name, Lord! 


Lana's Second Wind Video

In the video (above), Lana walks through her Second Wind message (which is below). Got that. She then starts talking about her new book, I Hear the Lord Say "New Era." But, at about 8-minutes and 12-seconds in, she starts describing how the devil has been causing all this INTENSE and UNRELENTING warfare. And, she said EXACTLY what I saw with my neighbor. She says:

"The Lord really spoke to me about this intimidation. 'Lana, it's an illusion of intimidation. The enemy was coming against God's people in this hour and he was sounding loud and the enemy was trying to push God's people back into a corner and really steal their voice and really steal that place of authority that had been given to them to build with God and to extend the Kingdom to tear down the plans of the enemy.' And, the Lord began to really speak to me about positioning ourselves in this new era by taking the Lord at His Word to really be in that secret place with Him and to be hearing His heart and waiting on the Word of the Lord and moving forward from a place of radical faith."

She goes on to say, "Look at the enemy coming against so many of God's people and he's coming against the church with such intimidation and such fear. We have to remember that it's just an illusion. It is to stop us from taking our place and standing in that which God is calling us to stand in." And, we can confirm this. Father God said the other day to "Keep our defenses up." 

Lana mentions how the Lord says to cry out for His eyes so we can see how God sees. And, here's why this is so important. We need to see past the intimidation because right now, God is about to flip the script. He's raising His Church in boldness to walk in power and authority. It's NOT a NEW SEASON we're going into. It's a NEW ERA. And, in this era, we turn the tables on the devil and WE come against satan! As Pastor Didio the host describes it, "Your warfare has just shifted. You're about to go from route to rally. What the enemy has been to you, God is about to make you to your enemy."

Voices Like Thunder

At 2-minutes in, Lana says, "It was like the greatest empowerment of the Spirit of God upon the prophets in this era to proclaim the Word of the Lord with purity, with boldness, without compromise. But, to actually empower them to break off the weariness to break off the battle and the struggle and the opposition that has been coming against them because the reason the battle was so strong is because of the thundering prophetic voice that the Lord is releasing through them and will release through them in this new era. And, I think because of the shift and the reformation that is beginning to take place in the prophetic movement, the enemy is coming against many of the prophets to steal clarity and cause confusion." In the coming days, we're going to equip the saints like never before with this new strength God is giving us.

Please stay encouraged and pray. Try to get in bed by 9:30 pm so you can get up early and pray. God's got this and He's got us, too! Hallelu-Yahweh!