The Railroad and the Train Tracks...What God is Saying


Father God wanted us to touch on two different topics. He said "Look at the train tracks" and He said "Look at the railroad." His judgment and wrath are coming against His enemies very soon. However, God is about to bless His Children with promotions, favor and blessings. The concern is keeping your train on the tracks so it won't derail AND removing people who don't have a ticket or rode with you in this last season but aren't really there for you. The other topic we want to cover is the railroad and what happens to all the trains in and out of the station.

All Aboard!

The Railroad: A Central Hub of Activity

If you've ever seen a railroad, then you know it's a busy place. Some trains are stationed there, in repair or taken out of service. Others are traveling to different destinations. They're loading passengers and their bags or unloading them. The workers are checking the tracks, changing tracks and checking the brakes. They're refueling and restocking supplies and equipment. Hence, it's a very busy place.

In our own lives, we have God who is running the station. He's watching out for who is feeling overwhelmed from the heavy spiritual attacks we went through last season. He's checking to see who needs time to rest or make repairs so they can get back on track. He's also monitoring who is traveling with us and might try to cause us to derail. There are some people who were with you last season that don't have a ticket this time. Hence, God is checking tickets and making sure there are no stowaways on board which we'll get into later on.

In this railroad station, God has to ensure that all the tracks are working properly, so to speak. Because we're in a NEW ERA, God is doing a Great Reset. Meaning trains are pulling in and preparing to head back out.

We're going into a Harvest season and many souls/lives will come to the Lord with the revival that's ahead. Hence, they need to move forward one track at a time and in the right direction with God ONLY as their conductor. Meaning, there are people who are about to receive promotions, move, get married, start new businesses and reunite with family. However, some are also separating from family and friends. Maybe they didn't have the person's best interest at heart and God is sending new people into their lives.

God wants to help us prepare to take in the new catch/harvest that's coming to the Kingdom. With this new harvest season, we will need partners to help us secure the catch (so our nets won't break) which we'll also explore.   



Feeling Derailed? Off-Track?  

Recall that a train travels on one track at a time, one after the next. All the tracks are set equally apart and in the same direction in order for the train to move forward. But what happens when the devil is trying to derail YOU? 

The attacks have been so overwhelming for so many in this past season. Some might feel lost or overwhelmed by the stress. They're praying to God and asking for His mercy and waiting on signs from Him. Hence, it's a reminder to read your Bible every day and keep drawing close to God. 

Father God is saying even right now, "Don't worry. Help IS coming." But, like that train, we must keep moving forward one track at a time. Remember, our help comes from the Lord so trust God and His timing.

A few things to help keep your train on its tracks:

  • Keep getting to bed early (930pm, no later than 1am). God doesn't want us up at 2:30 am when Jezebel spirits have demonic activity on TV. God wants us coming away from them, from her, from the crowds. Keep drawing closer to God and getting up early and praising God and praying to Him as this keeps the Body/Bride on one accord (corporate prayer).
  • Keep reading your Bible daily. Reading your Bible is like eating healthy food and drinking water. We need that nourishment daily to maintain a healthy life, albeit in this case it's spiritually. Daily Bible reading removes the devil's toxins and helps you hear clearly from Father God. That's why the Word says "the entrance of Thy Words giveth light" and that the Bible and God's Words are a "lamp unto our feet."
  • Keep doing your daily living habits. That includes washing your face, brushing your teeth, putting clean clothes on. Some might say why are you reminding me of this? However, some of the demonic attacks against God's people were so intense, it's left them feeling shell-shocked or like they can't go on. In that area please know that God IS there with you. You CAN get back up. Remember, He won't put more on you than you can bear. That devil hit with his BIGGEST attack and he lost. Now it's time to receive God's BIGGEST blessing so don't stop or give up. That enemy you won't see any more! All glory to Yah! Pray and ask for God's mercy. Ask Him to renew your mind and restore you (Joel 2:25) and He will. It's coming.
  • Keep being responsible. This is another BIG area where the devil tried to wipe people out. God is coming to help us restore all the enemy stole from us so please make a list of what you lost so God can help you replace it. In the meantime, keep paying your bills even if you can only send a small payment at a time. Even if you can't right now, communicate with your creditors and let them know if you were impacted by the pandemic or recent flooding/severe weather. Know that help IS coming. 
  • Keep doing things that add value/build up your mental health. Work on new projects and activities. Take an art class. Audit a free online class. Go back to school. Finish your degree requirements. Take up piano or guitar. Learn a new language. Do things that add value and aren't limited to you sitting in front of the TV for hours at a time.
  • Keep calling on God for what you need. The Bible says to "be anxious for nothing" and that "God supplies all our needs." However, to get God to help us we must invite Him in because it's free will. When you pray you can say something like, "Lord, please help me with..." or "Holy Spirit, I have all these bills and don't know where to start. Please help me" and He will help with every detail.   
  • Keep doing things that build your spiritual growth. Study how to pray fervent prayers. Learn tips on how to fast effectively. Pray in tongues daily. Sing more to God each day. Look for new praise and worship songs. Read your Bible each day and study God's Word. Take time to rest confidently at Jesus's feet instead of watching the news which can cause fear, or TV which is filled with sexual sin and violence. 
  • Keep seeing the victory. While this devil tried to derail us, he failed because God wouldn't allow it. All glory to Yah! Hence, God doesn't want us looking back or walking away from Him. That season is over. Let's rest, praise God and worship Him. Cut the cake, bake the cookies. Put on a clean AND free Dove Channel or UP Faith and Family movie or Sight and Sound Theater version of Moses, Noah, Jesus or Jonah. Speak out loud (decree, declare) what you need and write it down (write the vision). Give God time to work and know that your Dad, i.e., the conductor, is working behind the scenes and even when we can't see it, He's working so stand firm on His Word. We will see Him move in MIGHTY WAYS! Wait and see what God has for you. Full speed ahead!




Your Train's About the Leave the Station But Not Everyone is Coming with You This Time...

Picture it. You're got your ticket. You're on the train and ready to leave the station. The train starts moving but then it stops suddenly. The conductor comes on board and starts checking tickets again! Turns out there was someone hiding out in the bathroom....a stowaway. I saw this happen once and the police took a man off the train in handcuffs. He was hiding in the bathroom! It's a reminder that what God has for you is yours and no one can take it, i.e., NO weapons formed against you shall prosper. And, God will remove those from your life who want to sabotage your future and His plans for you.

We included THIS powerful video above and the message below about what you need for this next journey to help ensure the enemy can't steal from you anymore AND what to do so your nets won't break THIS TIME. But again: Not everyone is coming with you on this new trip.

Your Nets Won't Break THIS TIME

We're taking this excerpt from Pastor Samuel Rodriguez at Dr. Bill Winston's 2021 IFC Conference. The Amos 9:13 blessing is coming and God's Word never fails. He's about to show up and show out. What you've been praying for, fasting for, forging for, it's already done. Remember Luke 1:37, nothing is impossible with God. He never failed Moses, Abraham, Joshua, Moses, Hannah or us. Our debts will end. Covid will end but God won't fail. However, to receive from God, don't grant everyone access to your net. In John 21:8, the disciples dragged their catch. They worked together. Hence, our season of broken nets is over. Let it go so you can receive ALL God has for you.

Things that used to break will NEVER break again but this time you need help. Again, remember John 21:8, the catch was so great they couldn't carry it themselves. Don't leave your catch behind or abandon it. This time we need to fulfill purpose with partnerships. We must learn how to partner...

  • Find someone who believes in you, someone who will pray you out of your pit and praise with you in your palace.
  • Find someone who will tell you no when your flesh says yes.
  • Find someone who will push you toward your future and protect you from your past.
  • Find someone who will speak prophetically into your destiny while rebuking the drama in your life.
  • Find someone who will pray with you in the drought and dance with you in the rain.
  • Find someone like Silas with Paul who will sing with you even when you're chained up behind closed doors.
  • Find someone like Jonathan and David who will love you and protect you more than a brother.
  • Find someone like Elijah and Elisha who will walk with you and not be jealous of your mantle. 


Supporting Messages:

  • Get Goliath's Voice Out of Your Head Nate and Christy:
  • Not on My Watch by Dana Jarvis Refuse worry and distractions. God WANTS us to rest. He's saying "Lay down, lay down" and rest in Him. Where that devil wants you to give up, roar back at that devil "Not on my watch." :
  • Look Up by Joe Joe Dawson. Listen as God shows him in a vision to "Look up" and focus on God and the victory. Don't be swayed with your natural eyes. Lift your heads up and SEE differently with a Kingdom mindset. There's NOTHING too hard for God. Remove toxic voices and keep coming out from among them:
  • I AM Breaking the Delays by Lana Vawser. Listen as Lana sees God positioned over the US as the Lion of Judah. His roar released His fear and NOTHING can stand against Him. His laugh can also be heard, Psalm 2:4 and Psalm 24:7-9. He said "Nothing will stand against My plans. I am stepping in. The King of Glory is stepping in. I will have the last laugh. Nothing stands against My plans and purposes. I am Yahweh. All delays broken x2 Now I decree accelerate." "Where there has been a battle of delays I now decree United States accelerate into your new day x2". His power accelerated the breaking. Listen as Lana says the Saints are in unison roaring with God. Hard ground was broken open and hidden things were revealed. Justice was released. Where chains and hidden things tried to cause delays they were broken and wells of water and fire opened up. It's time for fire and water, the fire of God's presence and His revival and the water to flood the nation. The US will be marked by fire and water. It's a new day of commissioning. Another threshold is about to be crossed over. It's about to burst forth. USA: The nation that carries the Justice of the Lord. The roar of God's justice is breaking delays and divine impartations. The US will be known by God's justice. it will not be stopped or hindered. Align with God's voice and roar. The roar of justice will accelerate restoration. He said no more delays. He is drawing lines in the sand of the US, Chris Tomlin' song sung all over the US "How Great is Our God". The triumph of God has arrived.:
  • The Purging and the Pillar of Salt by John Dwyer. Listen as God describes how the fruits and the harvest have been gathered into God's house. Continue to purge out the levin, clean house and remove the things that offend and have no place for the season ahead, they only hinder. Remove the distractions so they don't choke the fruit in the next harvest. That way we're free of burdens and weights because they will choke the Word if they remain. Don't be like Lot's wife and look back. It was her attitude that destroyed her because she didn't want to let go of the people she let into her life. She was so entrenched in what she left behind that she disobeyed God. The angels were sent to Lot by God. Regular purging means we have to be without spot or wrinkle, unspotted by the world and worldliness. As this transition takes place, continue to expose those things that need attention where God is shining His light. God says to remove and make the choice God asks us to so we can proceed ahead with His purpose. It is for our own good and the fulfillment of our destinies. Make sure you don't look back:


As trains start leaving the railroad station, our Conductor God is asking "Are You Sure?" and He said as a reminder "Don't walk away from Me." These are reminders that we need God's covering in order to successfully move to the next level. To do that we must be covered and do everything in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. Hence, Jesus is the only way to the Father, i.e., you can't illegally board this train without a ticket.


Tickets, Please! Are You Sure You Have the Right Ticket? 

God is asking "Are you sure?" Are you sure you're obeying God? Are you sure you're on the right side and hearing God? Are you sure your future is secure? Father God is saying "Don't walk away and make sure you obey."  Please choose God and if you haven't done so already, please say the Repentance Prayer below. Choosing Jesus is the ONLY way to Heaven because no one comes to the Father except through the Son. And, importantly, God is about to move. It might be suddenly/overnight. I'm hearing all kinds of things like "Tornado, evacuations, flooding." People think they have all this time but tomorrow is not guaranteed.

When something devastating, hurtful, and deep happens we blame God first, but God is here to help. For with God all things are possible. God is saying "I love all My children." Call on Him for what you need. With all kinds of pestilence, riots, violence, storms, famines, and rumors of wars, tomorrow is not guaranteed. Hence, now's the time to call on Jesus.

There are also some that think they can keep sinning and repenting, but that's wrong. God is not a turnstile. Hence, for Christians who have strayed, it's time to repent and don't walk away again as God is saying "They will regret their path if they walk away again."  

Repentance Prayer / Sinners' Prayer

“Lord Jesus, I confess all my sins. I know you died on the cross for me. Please forgive me and cleanse me of all unrighteousness. I turn my back on sin and I want to live a better life through You. Come into my heart and please give me Your Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost for help. I make You my Lord and Savior. Please give me eternal life through You, in Jesus's name, Amen.”


Rededicate Your Life to Christ Prayer

If you are saved but messed up, now is the time to get right with God. "Father God in Jesus name, I ask forgiveness of all my sins and I turn my back on sin. Please cleanse me of all unrighteousness. I will not walk away from You again and I will stay at the Cross. Please help me to overcome ---- [List any bad behaviors, sins and/or any addictions you struggle with] and I want to lead a better life through you, in Jesus's name, Amen."

Find a good church that offers Bible study classes and can help you receive the Spirit of Tongues.

Other helpful steps include to get baptized and read your Bible daily. Download helpful apps like Our Daily Bread which is and King James Bible (for daily devotionals). Order a print version of the Bible (King James Version). That way you don't always have to go online and you can write notes God wants you to add to it. You can also add an online Bible from sites like or to help you understand the scriptures. Read through Luke to hear Jesus's teachings. Other great books to start with include Matthew, Mark, and John. Chapters that can help with your daily walk include Psalm 1-3, 18, 27, 34, 55, and 91. Also read Deuteronomy 28:1-13.

Another tip that can help is to start listening to faith-based/Christian music. It often includes inspiring messages, scriptures and tips on how to draw closer to God. Father God has been saying "Keep singing to Me" and as we sing to God, He helps us overcome our circumstances. Our praise is a weapon that makes the enemy flee because praise and worship draw God closer to us. So, start reading your Bible and sing to Father God. Even if you can't carry a note, it's offering praise to Him and resting in Him. David also did this when he faced battles, giants and enemies in 1 and 2 Samuel. Hence, it's why we have so many Psalms in the Bible. It was David singing unto Father God!  

Lastly, stay away from sin and temptation (your old sin triggers), and keep seeking God first. He will help you. You are redeemed (saved/spared) by Jesus's blood and more than a conqueror. God doesn't see your sin any longer. So, don't let anyone condemn you because of your past sins that God forgave. That's the devil trying to make you feel guilty. But, you're a new creation in Christ. Old things are passed away!