The Devil's Games... How to Outsmart the Devil's Set-Ups, Bleeps and Blunders


Satan is busy... But fortunately, God knows all his tricks. Here are few of the top games the devil likes to play. Keep your guard up and follow Jesus's example so you can win! 


Don't Let Them Play The Family Feud...

Alas, if you're lucky to avoid confrontations at work, keep your guard up at home. The devil may try to work through family members to attack you. He might try to catch you off-guard if you're tired, frustrated, hungry or have a 'lack' in a particular area (money, computer problem, car acting up). And, with the coronavirus, tensions can be especially high.

People have been in cramped quarters, there's more noise and fewer places to unwind. If your finances were affected and/or your job, this can make vulnerable to satan's attacks because he likes to wear people down. Why?

If you become offended and attack someone verbally through arguments - even if you're only defending yourself - then you're walking in the spirit of offense. And, if you're carrying the spirit of offense, guess what? God won't hear your prayers, Mark 11:25-26. And, satan is not subtle. He likes to keep picking at the same spot hoping you "go off". His goal: To get you to say or do things you don't mean because you're now in a bad mood and will offend other people. Strategic, right?


How to Win This Fight?

Here are a few points to help you win this battle:

  • Remember, the devil is the accuser of the brethren. Be on guard as people might make false accusations against you, (accuse you of stealing or not doing something, saying you purposely hurt their feelings).
  • Tune out the noise. We can ask Father God to help with noisome pestilences (Psalm 91:3). You can also purchase noise cancellation headphones or earplugs. Then, try to find quiet space from others (even if it's a closet, bathroom). 
  • Rebuke the personalities of people who lash out at you. Remember, it's not them but the devil working through them.
  • Don't think about it. Focus on other things, really! Whatever you don't feed dies - so don't give it or them any of your energy or time.
  • Get plenty of rest. Watch a movie, read a book and read your Bible. Do things that add value.
  • Take caution with people being nice suddenly for no reason. They might have an ulterior motive. Or, it can be a love bomb from a narcissist.
  • Watch out for people that attack your self-esteem. Focus only on what God thinks of you, not man. People that are extra nice or extra mean are trying to control your emotions. Take it to Father God in prayer first. Remember, walk away. Not by might, nor by strength, but God's spirit.
  • Be extra patient and don't "fight to be right". Confrontational demons want to wear you out. And, they like to tag team (another narcissist trait). But, don't get into the ring with them. Instead, keep your distance and avoid petty arguments. If they THINK they're right, okay. So. Whatever.... Walk away as this is a huge trap and pitfall.


Bible verses to stand on: 

"Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him," Proverbs 26:27.

Round 1 is over. But let's see what else the devil is up to with this next game. And, get ready 'cause the stakes are a lot higher with this opponent.


Get Ready for the Narcissists' Love-Hate Games...

Put your seatbelts on tight in this round, folks! Narcissists are expert manipulators. They'll come on strong with love (to get information from you) and then turn on you. But, don't waste time trying to outplay or outsmart them. It's more important to walk away and obey God. In doing so, you've already won and here's why.

Narcissists secretly hate themselves and want to pretend to be someone else. They'll flood you with flattery and fake compliments. That's the love bomb stage. An example is Sampson and Delilah. She didn't care about him. She just wanted to know how to take his strength away.  Saul in the Old Testament may have been a narcissist. He was jealous of David and tried to kill him several times but eventually fell on his own sword. Lucifer (Satan) was narcissistic and wouldn't worship God and was cast out of heaven. You can find a lot of narcissists on dating apps. They thrive to these sites because they can find plenty of supply (innocent victims).

Movies about narcissists include Cinderella and Snow White (the stepmothers), Fatal Attraction (the jilted/jealous girlfriend) and In Her Skin (the jealous neighbor). In the latter movie, a girl hates the beauty she sees in another girl so much she attacks her to get rid of the competition.


Games narcissists play:

  • The Victim: Narcissists will pretend that you're causing them harm or attacking them. A spouse might say they're suddenly offended by their spouse who said or did nothing wrong.
  • The Guilt Trip: They'll make you feel bad, say you give them no time and nothing you do is good enough. Some parents and spouses use this type of emotional bondage.
  • Emotional Blackmail: They might threaten you in some way. A parent might threaten to refuse to let a spouse see their child. A manipulative relative might threaten to expose your secrets to other family members. 
  • The Shame Game: They'll never see any good in you unless you do something they want.
  • The Mirroring Game: They will mirror your behavior and pretend they're not. If you catch them and accuse them of doing it, they'll reverse the script and say it's you who is mirroring them (to exhaust you emotionally).
  • The Defeatist Game: They'll reject everything you say and then bring it up later on as if they originally suggested it.
  • The Comparison Game: They'll make you feel like your efforts aren't good enough or they'll compare you with someone else (who would treat them better).
  • Gaslighting: If you bring up their bad behavior, narcissists will suddenly change the subject (loudly or abruptly) to confuse you so they can gain control.
  • Positive Reinforcement: They'll praise you as long as they're getting their way until you stop. Like a rollercoaster, they're trying to force you to keep them happy.


So, how do you get past this level and win?


Here are a few tips to win this battle...

  • Remember, the battle is not ours...It's the Lord's. We don't war in the flesh. God fights for us. Don't argue with narcissists. Ever. EVERY single word you say to defend yourself they will use against you. They are master manipulators who twist words and can argue for hours over nonsense. Instead, politely walk away and keep your peace. Distance yourself from them as much as possible.
  • Practice self-love... If you're attacked verbally by a narcissist, walk away and purposely give yourself love and emotional comfort. Put on movies, read your Bible and talk to people who genuinely love you. Make something yummy to eat and put your feet up, exercise, and give yourself lots of positive affirmations. You're reaffirming your worth and value because the narcissist tried to undermine it.
  • Watch out for sneak attacks... Narcissists like attacking innocent people. There's a wasp that lets itself get caught in a spider's web and when the spider closes in, the wasp kills it. Narcissists pretend to be hurt or say something super insulting and if you correct them, they'll pounce on you. Or, they might withhold affection or ignore you for long periods of time and pretend like nothing's wrong. And, then suddenly, Boom!
  • Remember, these are demons working through people... The people are not bad per se but the demons are trying to attack you because they've left a door open for satan to get in. Hence, keep your guard up and walk in love as Jesus taught us.