The Trump Tracey Cook Theory: What God Said, Why Trump May/May Not Be Reelected


The Holy Spirit let me work on this brief report. I came across a prophetic message from Prophet Tracey Cook. It was a confirming Word that matched up with what Father God said to us several weeks ago. However, when I asked Father God about it, the conclusion may not be what people think. There are many speculating about the upcoming election. While I can't say what God is or is not doing, Tracey Cook had an interesting message.


1. Tracey Cook said he saw the coronavirus developed in a Chinese lab.

Father God did say in His recent messages that He was "removing our enemies from us" and "putting our enemies under our feet". I can't speak on or confirm the section about the Chinese or the coronavirus being developed in a lab. However, there have been indications that the Chinese have bought a lot of U.S. properties (Detroit areas for example). They have also bought a lot of U.S. companies (like AMC). We've also seen a rise in businesses like Alibaba, CEOs like Jack Ma and more Chinese influence in the financial sector.

Here's where I have two points on this:


A. The Devaluation of the U.S. Dollar and the Yuan

I wrote a paper in undergrad years ago. It was myself and two other people. They were busy so I spearheaded the paper. I prayed and asked God what to write and the Holy Spirit said to write about the devaluation of the U.S. dollar and the yuan. I really had to research this because I was unfamiliar with the topic. What I found online and had my colleagues help me argue was that the Chinese would intentionally devalue the yuan and the U.S. dollar to bankrupt the U.S. In doing so, they would buy up a lot of gold and I found all these articles about how gold reserves were hidden in the mountains of China and Russia. My professor, while impressed, questioned the gold reserve reference and stated that it was an unreliable source. However, if you look at the coronavirus, what has happened? The markets started crashing, businesses have collapsed, millions are unemployed and the oil market crashed. The Holy Spirit confirmed this repeatedly. If you look at His earlier messages He kept repeating, "They (meaning us and the U.S., I'm presuming) are not ready for what I'm about to do". I can't elaborate much further on the yuan and dollar topic because I'm not a financial analyst. However, bankrupting the U.S. and devaluing the U.S. dollar would benefit other countries. We've already seen the end of coal and steel mines and the closure of our factories but that's another story entirely. The main point is the Holy Spirit gave me this particular topic to use. It highlights how another country like China could benefit from the U.S. going bankrupt and losing lives to the coronavirus.

Please note: I have nothing against the Chinese in any way as Jesus teaches us to love one another.


B. The Asian Armies Prophecies

I remember a woman I spoke to briefly online. Her grandmother had a prophecy where she saw Asian military taking over the U.S. I reached out to her because I had the same dreams. They were dressed in military gear and there were women going house-to-house taking people out, slapping them in the faces. I couldn't tell if they were Chinese or from North Korea. They had on light olive-colored uniforms and had batons that they were hitting people with and openly slapping them. We do know from some online prophetic messages that the war with Gog and Magog (Ezekiel 39-39) mentions Russian forces while the Armageddon battle mentions China. However, this is after we are raptured and Christians are not here for this.


2. What's happened in the White House is the result of pride

Father God also said that the "stubborn pride" has to go. We know that this time of coronavirus, job losses and quarantines is about God showing us that He must come first, not man. Our confidence must be in God, not jobs or man.

It's interesting to note that as some see the President as a narcissist, they're basing his confidence in "self". President Trump was a new Christian when he went into office. It's possible that he was led by pride and doing things his way.  

A few news stories have mentioned how all the stock market gains were wiped out during the coronavirus. Hence, it brings up the question, Did God remove the gains the President made because he was walking in pride? This brings us to the next point about humility and what Tracy Cooke said the President would have to do next to secure his reelection nomination. 



3. Tracey Cook mentioned how the President would have to humble himself before God.

Tracey Cook told Sid Roth that in order for the President to secure the reelection, he would have to go humbly before God and ask for forgiveness. Tracey also stated that he hoped the President saw that particular episode maybe as if to say, "If you do this, God will do that". This goes back to the scripture, "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land", 2 Chronicles 7:14. Meaning, the President going humbly before God might be how the President can ensure His reelection.

Further, this parallels what Father God teaches us that "no flesh" can stand before Him. Additionally, Proverbs 16:18 states, "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall." 

Now here's what makes this interesting:


A. The President Asked What He Could Do

There was an article online years' ago where someone mentioned that the President was a new Christian and that he asked God what could he do to be saved and have his past forgiven. This is one of the reasons that it's important for people to not judge the President by his past. If we judge, we will be judged. I remember questioning God and asking if the President could be compared to Saul (from the O.T. or N.T) and the Holy Spirit said "Don't compare him to Saul". It could be that this prayer to God and President Trump's help that he's given to Israel, to Jews and to Christians are why he was elected. Remember, there are many numerologists who looked at Trump's birthdate matching up with the inauguration date and other key numbers that are too exact to be coincidences.

I shared this theory on Bishop Bronner's site right after Trump's election when I questioned if Trump was the 6th king who rules for a short time. I mentioned that I'd read about the 5th king becoming the 7th king and questioned if this meant Obama or an Obama representative was coming back into office and they immediately rejected it and said that I was a Trump fan and blocked me from the page. However, look at the facts.

Trump did rule for a short time. Does that mean he's the 6th king? I don't know. Additionally, while I'm no fan of Trump, I respect his business ethic and because God put him in office (which I believe based on the numerology reports that back key Biblical data) then I will see him as my President. God says to obey those in authority. And, Trump was being obedient to God by helping Christians, blacks, Jews, the Church and Israel. He also closed the borders and keep an open mind here... A lot of  this has to do with Trump blocking other religious doctrines. Obama was pushing for a Muslim doctrine despite starting in office and saying that he was Christian. He was influential in the churches watering down Christianity to make it more tolerable for Muslims. Please note: I have nothing against Muslims in any way as Jesus teaches us to love one another.


B. The President Said the Coronavirus Would Leave "Like a Miracle"

President Trump even mentioned after a prayer breakfast that the coronavirus would suddenly leave one day "like a miracle". This prophetic Word was confirmed by Kenneth Copeland who said God told him the disease would leave as quickly as it came.

My mother who is prophetic also heard that we would start getting back out in the middle of May. And, Dr. Bill Winston's prophet also confirmed that the coronavirus would leave soon because we are praying and rebuking it.


4. What God Said About the Next Election

I want to close this out with what Father God said about the next election. And importantly, why I think this has something to do with Tracey Cook's prophetic message about Trump. Father God said in one of His messages before the coronavirus so maybe December or January that "He was putting someone else in office that had a heart for Him" and "Would do His will". The reason I thought this was a "Aha!" lightbulb moment was when I saw Tracey Cook's message. Tracey described how the President would have to change his heart and get rid of the stubborn pride / have to be right all the time attitude.

We know as Christians that when we come before God humbly, He gives us another heart. We have a heart for Him to do His work and His will. So again, this is just speculation because I ran off to my prayer closet like, "I know Trump will be reelected" but the Holy Spirit said, "Are you sure?". I then considered if it would be Bernie Sanders but he dropped out of the race. My mom said it would be Biden but I just can't see that because I believe he would continue to push Obama's agenda. Please note: I have nothing against Democrats or Republicans in any way as Jesus teaches us to love one another. A concern with this is that it could possibly open the door for the mark of the beast - not regarding Biden per se but going back to a "let everyone in" and "water-down Christianity so it doesn't offend anyone" mindset. The Holy Spirit did say recently that the mark of the beast is coming. Hence, we have to stand strong in the Word of God now more than ever regardless of who comes into office.

The only other possibility I could imagine would be if Vice President Pence steps up for some reason. What if the President steps down or is forced to walk away? Could Pence be who God was talking about when He said "A heart for Him". Or, is President Trump going to read all these messages, get in His prayer closet and have that lightbulb moment with God and reemerge as a new man with a new heart? Only God knows! 

Please take it easy on me in the comments. Again, these are just thoughts. However Father God told me to write this report - and keep it short. (I was going to make it into a book!). Please keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged. The Holy Spirit said to "Read the book of Joel". Remember, God is on the Throne, not man. Let God have His way. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!


Note: On a separate note, the coronavirus "leaving as quickly as it came in" does not mean the coronavirus won't come back in the fall or at another time. The Holy Spirit keeps stressing to "Look at the Markets". That way we can prepare, not panic if a famine occurs with a second wave of the coronavirus.