Top 10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas That are Totally Free!


It's the thought that counts, right?

Generic, store-bought cards. Stale candy that's entirely too sweet. Overpriced flowers that cost $60 when they are advertised for $9.99. Valentine's Day is a day to rekindle the flame and show your sweetheart that you care, but it's usually overpriced and the sentimental value is lost.

Try these awesomely free gift ideas this Valentine's Day...



1. A Romantic Dinner at Home

Whether it's something you prepare or leftovers you reheat, set the table, put out the glasses, light the candles, get all dressed up, and make it special. Stream your loved one's favorite music in the background. Just don't pick the free station with all the commercials. You can play a live concert of their favorite music on YouTube. 

Need a few ideas for YouTube vids? Check out... Chris Botti live. Adele in concert live. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill live.


2. A Soaking Bubble Bath

If you want to surprise your sweetie, run a hot bubble bath, light the candles safely away from curtains where they can't tip over, and put on a little mood music to help them unwind and enjoy a relaxing spa bath.


3. Dinner and a Movie

Make something together for dinner and bring it into the living room. Pick out a favorite movie or you can get tons of movies online if you start a FREE trial on Amazon Prime or Netflix. Can't decide on action or romance? Play both! Pop the popcorn, dim the lights, and enjoy a relaxing time together. 


4. Couple's Game Night

A cool way to entertain each other is with fun, nostalgic games like Life or Monopoly. Love cards? Shuffle the deck and start dealin'! If you pick a game like Scrabble, use a timer to keep the pace going. Loser gets to do the dishes. And you'll try to lose, right? 


5. A Walk in the Park and a Picnic Lunch or Dinner

Depending on the weather, enjoy a casual walk in a nearby park. Look for a mountainous area or lake and take a drive. Bring a picnic basket with snacks and drinks. Even if it's only sandwiches, it's the thought that counts. Note: Pick an area that doesn't have bears.


6. A Fireside Dinner

If you have a fireplace at home, put a few logs in and relax together with your favorite romantic music playing in the background. Just don't forget to open the flue!

If there's a campground area near you, consider a bond fire so you can snuggle up with your sweetie. If the fire goes out and you still hear "crackling sounds" coming from the woods, grab your gear and run back to the car - party's over!


7. A Site-Seeing Adventure

Check online for FREE activities in your area or the next town over. You might find historical sites or hiking excursions. If you surprise your sweetheart, make sure to tell them to dress comfortably, and bring plenty of snacks.


8. A Sunset Dance

Who doesn't like being romanced? Find a great place to drive and park about 30-minutes to an hour before sunset. Turn on your babe's favorite song and dance with them as you watch the sunset. Note: Try to ensure it's a safe area where you won't get carjacked when you leave the keys in the car!


9. Gaming Night

Pick your loved one's favorite video games and have a fun time playing together. Just try not to crush them in Call of Duty. Remember, it's about more amore!


10. A Surprise Pick From a Hat or a Surprise Puzzle

For the Pick from the Hat: Pick the top 8 items on this list and write them on scraps of paper that you fold up and put into a hat. Let your darling pick one or two, or all of them and then decide from the bunch which one they want.

For the Puzzle: Pick any of the items above and write it on a piece of paper in big letters. For example, with "Sunset Dance", write out "S", then "U", etc., in big letters and then cut them out individually. Let your loved one put the puzzle together. Hint #1: Make sure to tell them how many words they have to put together. Hint #2: Make sure you spell the words correctly!



However you choose to celebrate Valentine's Day, know that it's about taking a little extra time to say you care!