Travel Tips: How to Travel Post Covid

Concerned about travel during Covid? Unsure if you need a Covid cruise vaccine? Will you need a vaccine passport? What if you don't want the vaccine because you're trusting in God? Father God said to update our travel tips as a lot of people will have questions about 2021-2022 cruises and tours with coronavirus cases still high in some areas. And, your concerns are valid.

After a year of hand sanitizers and masks, we're all ready to dust off our passports and pack our suitcases again (unless you never unpacked from your last trip!). Let's address the latest updates from the CDC before exploring travel advisories and tips. We'll then close out with prophetic messages on what God said about the vaccinations to help you confidently rest in God. See Pastor Hank Kunneman's prophetic word below about what God said He will unmask.


The CDC: Here's the Latest

One concern before booking that liberating vacation is how to tackle post-Covid travel. In early May 2021, the CDC stated that fully vaccinated people can go maskless:

    • People are considered fully vaccinated 2 weeks after their 2nd Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.
    • People are considered fully vaccinated 1 week after their Johnson & Johnson Janssen single dose.


These groups can go maskless in most outdoor and indoor locations. But failing to follow a flight instructor's instruction might land you an FAA fine. Hence, people are mistakenly assuming because they're fully vaccinated they can go maskless on flights. This is false! You must obey the rules for each airline carrier.


Vaccine Information: Understand Travel Requirements (Short List)

Currently, vaccines are not available in every country and some countries and residents are still hesitant about the vaccines. There are also underdeveloped countries that can't afford vaccines. Hence, each country has its own rules for visitors. What's more, you might have to carry proof that you're vaccinated or carry proof of a negative Covid test, but this might change in the future.

Aside from requiring a certificate showing proof of vaccination, a country may request proof of a negative PCR test. Hence, finding out what your destination country requires helps you avoid delays at the airport.

Despite the variances, with countries opening their borders again, it is time to get excited (and go pack already!).

Here are a few tips:

  1. Know the travel requirements. Whether you book a cruise or just want to fly to Puerto Rico for the weekend, check their travel website first. This is especially important with air travel. You want to know if you can take your masks off on the plane, or on a cruise ship. You may need vaccination proof or a negative COVID-19 test result when going into another country and returning to your home country. 
  2. Book refundable hotels, flights, tours and cruises. Knowing you can get your money back hassle-free is a stress-reliever. Most sites have their cancellation policies at the top of their page. If their information is not up-to-date, call ahead.  
  3. Plan your itinerary and select a reputable tour operator. Select a few tours and select a few back-ups. Confirm your tour operator follows Covid safety guidelines and any any government- or country-mandated regulations. Some tourists seek out isolated destinations. However, you don't want to miss the boat or become vulnerable to crime. 
  4. Set your budget and book early. Everyone's hoping for deep discounts. But, the travel industry is still reeling from last years' closures. Look for deals online, but factor in that everyone wants to get away. Hence, hotels, cruises, and flights will be in high demand. With hotels, consider a VRBO or Airbnb. For cruises and flights, look for discounted 2022 deals.
  5. Get organized. To avoid scrambling at the airport, upload digital copies of your vaccination card, passport, and other documents. Use a helpful travel app like Global Entry or Mobile Passport. Global Entry offers expedited clearance through customs, and with Mobile Passport, there's also no fussy paperwork to delay you in line. 
  6. Bring protective wear. For now, mask are mandatory in public transportation hubs. These include airports, bus terminals, and train stations. A TSA agent at the airport, for example, will ask you to lower your mask briefly to confirm your identity.  
  7. Be flexible, get cruise updates/alerts, and watch cruise line news. With cruise lines starting to reopen, some like MSC were overbooked and could only take 1,000 passengers. Royal Caribbean, on the other hand, is charging $136 for unvaccinated travelers to have a Covid test. They're also, for the time being, seating unvaccinated guests separately from the vaccinated in the main dining room. Expect designated vaccinated guests only events. For help, get your cruise line's alerts on your phone app for updates. 
  8. Celebrate. Even if you have to take a revised trip due to high pricing or overcrowding, get out there and have fun! 

Next, let's explore these key travel points in-depth. 

Find an Isolated Destination

As countries reopen, its expected that people will all want to flock to their favorite destinations and fill the cruise ships again. But, not every country has vaccines and that means people may still carry the coronavirus. To avoid this uncertainty, an option is to travel to a remote location.

Finding an isolated destination gives you access to more space without worrying about close quarters or long lines. Hence, booking a flight to your favorite island and finding a quiet beach might be ideal. Or, consider heading to a park for camping or glamping in luxurious style! Another option is taking expedition cruises and tours with smaller numbers. 


Choose a Tour Operator That Follows All Covid Safety Protocols

Tour operators are used to making people feel comfortable. But, that doesn't mean you should let your guard down. Look up the tour company online ahead of time to ensure they are taking Covid safety precautions AND giving tourists unbelievable deals.

Ideally, tour operators should have up-to-date information on the country you are visiting, and display it clearly on their site and social media. If they give you the run around, consider skipping them. Your health is more important. Furthermore, read their recent reviews to see what other guests have experienced. Are they mentioning masks and seeing hand sanitizers everywhere?

Another point is to ensure you select a tour that is fully refundable. CDC guidelines can change and you want the most flexibility with your trip (it's for relieving stress, right). 



Travel with Protective Masks and Sanitizers

This is particularly important as every area is different. You may find yourself in travel destinations where not everyone is wearing masks or washing their hands. It's likely that the major hotels, restaurants, and tours will practice stringent biosafety guidelines. However, to avoid any uncertainty, protect yourself and your travel companions:

    • Keep hand sanitizers and wipes present.
    • Even if you don't have to wear a mask, carry it with you at all times.
    • Use wipes on taxis and other public spaces.
    • Wipe down ATM terminals and other kiosks.
    • Ask your credit card provider or bank about touchless payment options.
    • Practice social distancing where applicable and even when others are not.
    • Visit tourists spots in off-peak hours to avoid crowds. If you're uncertain, ask your hotel concierge or tour operator. 


Book Your Dream Vacation Early

While you're anticipating your future travel window, millions are eager to get away, too. To help you plan, one option is to explore the projected vaccine dates in your travel destination country. However, this may not be necessary in a country that does not require you to have a vaccination.

Another point to keep in mind is that with more people working remotely, there may not be clusters specifically on or near the holidays, per se. Some people are choosing to work from their travel spot, i.e., wherever they have internet. But, still check for flights in advance to avoid peak seasons. Look for discounted travel at lower prices (as some airlines are still struggling), and consider planning your travel around these dates. Book with a credit card that includes travel insurance or purchase your insurance separately, and try to book refundable rates only.  




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General Travel Tips 

Traveling during or after coronavirus? Wondering, will my trip be canceled because of Covid-19?

Here are a few tips: 

  • Check with your tour host, hotel and airline to confirm your travel dates. Ask about their refund policy and get it in writing.
  • Confirm your hotel or rental has updated their cleaning/sanitation policy. Ask what steps they are taking to maintain social distancing. Ask if masks are offered and required in public areas. Are all staff wearing masks? Will food be covered at buffets? Or, are buffets canceled for the time being?
  • Check with your airline for their mask policy. Confirm your rental car company thoroughly cleans and wipes down their vehicles.
  • While it might cost a little more, consider booking ONLY with hotels and cruises that are 5-stars and maintain impeccable cleaning standards.
  • Before making ANY reservations, purchase travel insurance. This can protect your trip (flight changes/delays, car rentals, hotel stays, lost/stolen/damaged bags, medical illnesses).
  • Already have travel insurance through your credit card? Call your credit card provider to confirm the type of travel insurance you have.
  • Read the terms and conditions and try to book REFUNDABLE rates. This can help ensure you won't have to fight to get your deposit back if you need to cancel.
  • Book ONLY through the credit card that offers travel insurance. This can help if you have to make any changes or cancel your travel plans. For example, if your insurance is through Chase, ONLY use your Chase card for your tickets.
  • Thoroughly read the terms and conditions of your travel insurance policy. Most travel insurance policies offered through credit card providers DO NOT cover pandemics. They may also have 15-day timeframes for requesting a refund.
  • Check your passport and license. Some countries and parts of the Caribbean won't let you travel to their locations if your passport will expire in 6-months. Furthermore, as of October 1, 2020 travelers must have a "REAL ID-compliant" driver's license, U.S. military I.D., a U.S. passport or other acceptable identification to fly within the U.S. 
  • We pray you receive God's traveling grace and mercies and favor from Father God in Jesus's name while you travel. 


Cruise Ship Protocols

With the CDC and WHO taking steps to protect the public, cruise lines are also taking various safety measures. Some ships are schedule to start sailing again this July 2021 while others are making test runs now. Many are requiring that all travelers and crew members have a Covid-19 vaccination two weeks before their trip to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Updated safety measures are extensive as cruise lines have new protocols in place.

These can include and are not limited to:

    • Vaccination and testing requirements
    • Social distancing while onboard
    • New air filtration systems
    • Upgrades to their medical facilities
    • Vaccinations and crew member tests e
    • Changes to boarding and disembarkations
    • Upgraded cleaning protocols
    • Changes to dining and food layout protocols


Future Cruise Updates

With folks ready to get back out on the high seas, navigating these new waters is crucial to success. If you booked a cruise that you had to cancel due to Covid, contact your travel agent or the cruise line about your Future Cruise Credit (FCC). If you received this but haven't used it yet, here are some tips:


  1. What is a Future Cruise Credit?
    A Future Cruise Credit (FCC) is like a store issuing credit instead of a refund. You can use the proceeds toward a future booking.
  2. Do you have to redeem a FCC with the cruise line directly? It varies. Hence, it's best to contact your travel agent or the cruise line about their redemption process. Ask about their discounted pricing and current offers.
  3. How long do you have to use a FCC? The expiration date might vary depending on the cruise line. Contact your cruise line or travel agency.
  4. What happens if you rebook with a FCC but then you need to cancel or the cruise line cancels? If you're canceling: You will receive a new Future Cruise Credit less any penalties and fees. If the cruise line is the one canceling: You will receive 100%  of the FCC's original value.
  5. Why can't I book my cruise with a FCC online? The fastest way to complete your booking with a FCC is by calling your travel agent or cruise line directly. 
  6. How can I use my FCC?
    FCCs are for cruise fares only. Taxes and fees are paid separately and you can pay that and any difference in cruise fare price when you call. 
  7. Will my promotions carry over from my original booking? In most cases, no. However, you can request new promotion offers when you make your reservation. 
Next, let's take a look at what Father God has said through the prophets about the vaccines to help you confidently book your travel arrangements.


The Mask Mandate and Vaccines: "Tell Them They Don't Have To Worry," God

Should you take the vaccine? We initially shared this in Messages From God. Many are concerned as they don't know if the vaccine is safe. We take all this to Father God in prayer and ask for His wisdom and insight but I hear God saying, "Tell them they don't have to worry." Our faith can move mountains and uproot demons so go before God and call on Him for what you need. He will help and He is merciful! To God be the glory!  Note: Father God also said, "He will show you proof."

We are also including a prophetic word from Pastors/Prophets Brenda and Hank Kunneman where Pastor Hank explains that God is going to unmask the devil's plans. Hence, we might be going maskless globally soon.

Note: Pastor Wanda Alger's video above was flagged and removed by YouTube. To view it, please click the image or go to her page,  




Glory to God, It's Time To Get Excited!

Whether it's a flight to see friends and family, a cruise or other travel plans, we pray that you have a wonderful vacation. Please rest confidently in God as we are covered in the name and blood of Jesus Christ. Hence, pray before making any travel arrangements and ask God if it's the right time to travel. Also ask Him to help you schedule the most relaxing and safest vacation (and ask for all the discounts!). And, about Pastor Hank's prophetic video above, let's wait and see what God does and trust Him. Only God has the final say (so go pack)!