Trouble is Transportation




There's a story in The American Entomologist about the grasshoppers that were found in a country not native to them. Researchers found that the grasshoppers would soar on the winds that would eventually carry them to their new destination. That's why it helps to see your problem or, trouble, as transportation...
Let's face it. No one wants a test or trial because it can be uncomfortable, but guess what? You need that test to propel you to your next destination. If God allowed it, then He knows you will get through and come out better.
Years ago, a dentist took me to court. I was shocked. I had insurance. I'd paid my bill and kept all my records, but he added on exorbitant charges and refused to back down. Upset and worried about the upcoming court date, I prayed and went in nervously without legal representation. I tried to block out my nervous, distracting thoughts because I didn't want to have to fork over money I didn't have, but quickly found that I was worried over nothing. The judge immediately threw the case out as the dentist had made false claims. I had forgotten that God was my judge and He knew the outcome before I did. The dentist later apologized. That test taught me that false accusations sometimes come, but to be confident in God as the Lord defends us in battle - and we should always keep all our records and receipts! 
When you're facing a test, while you might first think, "Oh no," instead think, "Oh yes. God's got this." If God allows it, you're coming out better. If God lets it happen, He might be setting you up for a bigger blessing or promotion. Sometimes God allows the trouble so He can show you His deliverance. For an inspiring word, check out Joel Osteen's message, Trouble is Transporation. Don't focus on the size of the problem, focus on the power of God to help you overcome any obstacle whether it's your health, finances, a work situation, a legal battle, or school. Focus on seeing the favorable outcome you want. Pray, trust God, and see the victory! It's on the way and it's yours!
Nothing is impossible with God. Luke 1:37
What the devil meant for harm, God can work into your favor. Gen. 50:20
The Lord prepares a table for us in the presence of our enemies. Psalm 23:5