Understanding Prophetically the Seasons and Times We're In

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6

If you're going about your busy day, you may not even know the time we're in or the season that we're about to go into. You might say, it's summer, so what? Yes, it's summer, but as it relates to end-times, there is a lot going on and possibly about to transpire in the spiritual realm, that even those in the church may not be aware of. Some churches don't teach it as they don't use Revelation messages in their ministry, and some may not know about these events as these may include Jewish holidays and dates that only Jewish people and prophets are aware of.

Are all of the revelations and articles below true? Some may be just speculation, but they may also be worth exploring further. Consider bringing them up to your pastor. Pray over them and ask God to lead you. Ultimately, the goal or takeaway is to help you understand that these are indeed end-times and events that are occurring may not be coincidental, hence the need to not live in fear, but let the signs help you to get your house in order. So let's explore these further...


Trump's Presidency Term...

Some believe that Trump is not in office by accident. On Perry Stone's Facebook page, there was a lot of chatter before and during the election that Trump's birth date lines up with the inauguration date and this is the reason that many Christians believe that God put Trump into office. Here is information on this...


The 7th King and the 8th King (The Antichrist)...

It has been noted that President Trump may be the 7th king. If that is the case, there is some speculation that the 8th king who was actually the 6th, may come back into office. The 8th king is what some are thinking may possibly be the antichrist. Here are articles that can help define this... 


Antichrist Prophecy...

By Chris Schang, One of the most fascinating topics in the Bible is the coming one world government leader known in the Bible as the Antichrist. The Antichrist is Satan’s opposite of the Lord Jesus Christ. While Jesus Christ is heralded as the Son of God, the Antichrist will be the Son of Satan and a counterfeit to Jesus Christ. The Bible says that the Antichrist will be a man who rises to great power in the world after the rapture of the church. The Antichrist will stand for everything that Jesus does not stand for. While Jesus Christ stands for purity, righteousness, holiness, and many other things of goodness in contrast the Antichrist will stand for wickedness, evil, lies, and everything evil and wicked.

The Bible gives us numerous prophetic titles for the Antichrist. The Antichrist is often referred to as the man of sin, the lawless one, the son of perdition, the beast, the bloody and deceitful man, the wicked one, the adversary, and many other titles that all paint a dark and grim picture on Antichrist prophecy from the scriptures. The Bible offer quite a few prophecies about the future Antichrist, some of which we will list below. This list is not exhaustive, but will help you in understanding the role the Antichrist will play in the end times. Some Antichrist prophecies for the last days are as follows:

1. The antichrist will be a man – Daniel 7:24-25 2. He will rise among 10 kings – Daniel 7:8 – This 10 nation union will be a revived Holy Roman Empire – Daniel 2:44

3. He will uproot 3 kings from the original 10 kings to gain political power – Daniel 7:8

4. He will confirm a covenant for 7 years – Daniel 9:27

5. His 10 nation union will merge into a world government which he will dominate – Revelation 13:1-2

6. The world government over which he rules will be a red (communistic or socialistic) government – Revelation 17:14

7. He will be promoted and exalted by a miracle working religious partner (false prophet) – Revelation 13:11-12

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Could the Antichrist Arise From the 8th King?

Taken from Charisma News: 

Among the writings of the Old Testament prophets, Moses is named in Scripture 768 times, while Abram or Abraham's name is mentioned 303 times. The one individual who holds more predictions about His appearance and ministry throughout the Scriptures is the promised Messiah. The only other person who receives such attention in the biblical prophetic Scriptures is a person identified as the final prince of darkness called the Antichrist.

There are few Christians in America today who have not heard the term Antichrist. The average Christian in the Western Hemisphere who has read prophecy books, watched end-time DVDs or viewed apocalyptic-oriented television specials understands four basic facts revealed in Scripture about the coming Antichrist. They are:

  • The Antichrist is a man who will form a final empire at the end of the age.
  • The Antichrist will make a treaty with Israel for seven years.
  • The Antichrist will eventually set up his kingdom in Jerusalem.
  • The Antichrist will be involved in the final battle called Armageddon.

Two biblical prophets, Daniel and the apostle John, give numerous details in their writings and prophetic visions concerning this man's rise to power, his realm of influence and his violent reaction to those who reject his mission. Much of the church's historical understanding of this man comes from two prophetic books, Daniel and Revelation.

After studying this subject for more than 34 years, I have discovered many facts about this topic that are very clear in prophetic scriptures. I have also concluded that some church teachings from the past were based more on men's traditions or on "private interpretations" handed down from generation to generation. For example, have you ever attended a prophetic conference, read a prophetic book or came across research that taught the following?

  • The Antichrist will be a Jew from the tribe of Dan.
  • The Antichrist will rebuild a temple for the Jews on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

These theories are based on individual interpretations or traditional theological ideas handed down for generations from a few early church fathers' specific interpretations. I firmly believe the following is an accurate description of coming events related to the Antichrist:

  • The Antichrist will be a Gentile (from an Islamic background) and not a Jew from Israel.
  • The Antichrist will not rebuild the Jewish temple—the prophet Elijah will initiate that process.
  • The Antichrist will control the oil-rich Gulf States and will control much of Europe.


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Is Obama the 8th King?

Taken from the Five Doves website:


Like I wrote in my last post, Obama MUST fulfill EVERY Scripture about the Antichrist.  One of the most puzzling Scriptures about the Beast, or Antichrist, has always been the following Scripture:

"There are also SEVEN KINGS.  Five are fallen, one is, and the other has not yet come.  And when he is come, HE MUST CONTINUE A SHORT TIME.  The beast that was, and is not, is himself the eighth, AND IS OF THE SEVEN, and is going to perdition." (Revelation 17:10--11)

In my post of one week ago, I referred to this verse, and gave you Kevin Heckle's interpretation of it, with Obama being the 8th King, or 8th President.  His starting date, for the 1st King, was 1967, when Israel re-captured Jerusalem, in the Six-Day War, making Lyndon Johnson the 1st King.  I have had all week to reflect, and pray, on Kevin's interpretation.  I also consulted with another previous prominent poster on Five Doves on this matter.  Their interpretation was that Obama was not only the 8th King, the Beast, but also the 6th King.  

This interpretation fulfills Revelation 17:8, right to the letter. "the beast who WAS, and IS NOT, AND YET IS."  Obama, the Beast, WAS in power of the most powerful country in the world, and IS NOT, or is no longer in power, AND YET IS, or will soon be back in power once again, only this time with POWER OVER THE WHOLE WORLD.  This will be why the "the whole world will marvel and wonder after the beast". (Rev. 13:3 and Rev. 17:8).  Obama's "head wound" may very well be a political head wound, rather than a physical head wound.  Obama, for eight years, was HEAD of the most powerful country in the world, and the Antichrist also will become the HEAD of the entire world during his reign as the Antichrist.  Obama has, in effect, suffered a severe "head" wound, politically, with his temporary loss of power, and, at least potentially, will lose much of his legacy, due to Trump's actions as his successor to the throne (as King).


Trump and the Great Significance of 5777....

5777 has a great deal of significance. 

From Pastor Perry Stone's Facebook page: 

POSSIBLE TRUMP PATTERN - 5777. The Jewish New Year began at sunset on October 2 of this year, introducing the Jewish New Year 5,777. In Hebrew, each letter of the alphabet has a specific numerical value. The Hebrew alphabetical letter represented by the number seven, is called Zayin. First, is unique and quite rare for there to be three sevens in the same year, as these three sevens will not be repeated for a thousand years from now (6,777). The Biblical number 7 is linked to "completion" and is considered the highest sacred number in the Scripture. It is noted by rabbinical sources, that this Hebrew letter Zayin, in both meaning and in its form, has three possible meanings concealed in the year 5,777. First, the letter alludes to the "return of light" or exposing in the light what is concealed in the darkness. For example, I just heard a U.S. Senator from Utah say on Fox News say, "We are going to shine the light on this corruption in Washington." This is the allusion to one meaning of this letter. A second interpretation related with Zayin is that the letter is in the form of a "sword," implying that a battle or a war of some type may loom over this year, 5,777, which is parallel to the Gregorian year 2017. Oddly, the letter Zayin is one of the final Hebrew letters that when used as a final form in a sentence has a decorative crown that scribes create on the top of the letter, forming a crown on the head of the letter. The rabbinical interpretation is that it can represent the "crowning of a man."

Now to Trump. Donald J. Trump was born born June 14, 1946 and is presently 70 years of age as of June 14, 2017. Going forward 7 months would be Janurary 14, 2017, and adding 7 days brings us to Jan 21st, which would be Trumps first full day in office if he were elected. He would begin his first full day one day after his official inaguaguation on Jan. 20th. These three sevens - 70 years, plus 7 months plus 7 days are three sevens - which may be linked, from a rabbinical perspective, to the Jewish year we are now in, 5,777. I have studied and taught the amazing prophetic parallels linked with sacred Biblical numbers, including measurements of the Tabernacle, the Ark of Noah and the Temple of Solomon, and how these measurements and numbers often conceal prophetic mysteries that can now be understood (see Dan. 12:12). Does this pattern reveal that there is a strange Providence behind the rise of Donald Trump, perhaps in the same manner of Nebucednazzar and Cyrus the King of Persia, who both fulfilled specific prophicies for their time that was linked with Israel and the Jews? Trump is the first Presidential candidate that said he will "officially" recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. Win or lose, it is good to finally, in my lifetime, see someone that is not afraid to be politically incorrect, and buck a totally corrupt system. Is his rise to this point prophetic? Only time will tell but repost this to everyone you can as it is quite interesting. P.S. In the old Hebrew manusripts there is an angel in Daniel called palmoni - meaning, "the numberer of secrets." Numbers are used throughtout the books of Daniel and Revelation.


The Solar Eclipse on August 21st...


Understanding the Book of Joel...

There is great significance to the end-times as deciphered in the Book of Joel. For that we are turning to a Jewish site, Vrienden van Israel by Joel C. Rosenberg, that has studied extensively with scholars to help interpret each verse and chapter. As this is a Jewish site, if you click on the link, remember to start from the bottom of the page for Part One and then work your way up the page for Part Five:

Part One: What is the “Day Of The Lord” and why does it matter?

Are we living in the last days of human history as we have known it? Are the tumultuous events and trends underway in the Middle East and around the world signs that the Messiah is coming to Earth soon to judge and to rule and reign from Jerusalem? What is the “Day of the Lord”? What are the “last days”? What does Bible prophecy teach about such things? And how should we live in light of such prophecies?

Answering these questions was the focus of the 2011 Epicenter Conference, which took place in Jerusalem on May 15-16. One Day One, a group of internationally renowned Bible teachers and I taught through the Old Testament “Book of Joel” verse by verse, chapter by chapter. We then had a panel discussion on lessons for Israel and the Church drawn from the Book of Joel. One Day Two, we had a series of panels where highly-regarded Israeli, Palestinian, American, Iranian and Indian pastors and Bible teachers explored the implications of these Bible prophecies for Israel and the Church in more depth in light of current events.

By God’s grace and to our great encouragement, some 700 evangelical Christians — including those from as far away as Uganda, Ghana, Germany, South Korea and South Africa — attended the The Joshua Fund’s annual conference in person. Since then, more than 31,500 people around the world have watched videos of the messages on-line at no charge at www.epicenterconference.com. Many have also pre-ordered a complete set of the messages on DVD so they can watch them with — or give them to — family members, friends, their small group Bible studies, home fellowship groups, or their whole church congregations.

I believe God wants all of Israel and all of the Church to turn our attention to the Book of Joel in the weeks and months ahead. There is a critically important message there that is on the Lord’s heart and it is deeply relevant for our time. Over the next few days, I’m going to share with you my own personal study and message notes from the Book of Joel. I hope you will find them helpful as you study the writings of this important minor prophet and teach them to others.

Let’s begin today with an overview. What follows are the notes I used to deliver the first message of the 2011 Epicenter Conference.

THE DAY OF THE LORD IS COMING: An overview of the Book of Joel

  1. The focus of this year’s Epicenter Conference is the Book of Joel. Today, we will go through...
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Perry Stone's Prophetic Warning About Yellowstone...

"Scientists are now preparing for "extreme volcanic" activity, which could change the face of the earth, according to the latest findings from the European Science Foundation.  

For prophet, evangelist and author Perry Stone, the study echoes prophecies laid out in Joel 2.  

Stone issued a prophetic alert through Facebook, warning fans and followers of how biblical predictions parallel the scientific discovery.  

"If you recall when I was teaching on the Blood Moon cycle, Joel 2 indicated it will be accompanied by 'Signs in the earth beneath; blood fire and vapor of smoke,' which are volcanic eruptions. A scientific report just released said there are more eruptions and shakings under the earth now than in the past 300 years," Stone writes.  

The study focuses on "extreme geohazards"—including earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and more—which are undergoing a 300-year period of extreme volcanic activity, according to Tech Times.  

To prevent devastation from natural disasters, scientists are urging people to participate in "adaptation and migration" efforts. The entire globe is at risk—even the United States with the volcano in Yellowstone.  

"Based on Joel 2:28-29, this is a definite indicator..."

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What is the Rapture?

Taken from Rapture Forums:

What is the Rapture?
According to some Protestant Christians, the Rapture is an end-time event when born-again Christians will be "caught up" into the air and meet Christ in the sky. Many believe that this will happen unexpectedly, and people will suddenly rise from their cars or kitchen tables into the sky. At some point after the Rapture, Christ will begin a thousand-year reign.

When will the Rapture occur?
The Rapture will occur at a time related to the tribulation, the seven-year period before the Second Coming of Christ during which the Antichrist will be in power. There are three major schools of thought about when it will occur:


  • Pre-tribulation rapture
  • Mid-tribulation
  • Post-tribulation
    Many believe the tribulation period will be a time of famine, disasters, and illness.

  • What are the biblical references to the Rapture?
    The following verses, among others, have been interpreted by some to be evidence of the Rapture:


  • 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
  • Mark 13:26-27
  • Revelation 11:11-12

    What will happen to those who are left behind?
    Most of humanity will remain on the earth. God will pass judgment on non-believers during the tribulation period. Many predict mayhem for those who are left behind, including mass confusion, airplane and car crashes due to missing drivers and pilots, and rampant crime and lawlessness.

    What is the "partial Rapture" theory?
    The belief that certain Christians will rise to meet Christ at the beginning of the tribulation. During the tribulation, there will be other periods of Rapture, when more believers will rise in the air to meet Christ.

    What will happen after the Rapture/tribulation period?
    Christ will begin his thousand-year reign on earth, which will be a time of justice, peace, and joy. When this millennial reign comes to a close, history will end and there will be a "new heaven and a new earth."

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    September 21 - 23, 2017...

    Excerpt from Signs of the End website: That day is known as the Feast of Trumpets, Yom Teruah (the awakening blast), the Day of Shouting, the Day of the Resurrection, Coronation Day, and the Last Trump. It is believed this day is the day of the transformation of the dead and living saints at the time known as the Rapture.  The Feast of Trumpets or Rosh Hashanah is in the middle of these signs. 

    The sign of Revelation 12 has many details that are common, but uncommon when all put together. The first part of the sign is the woman clothed with the sun. This happens every year, but it narrows the time down to one month around the autumnal equinox. That woman is represented by Virgo--the virgin. She is clothed by the sun from mid-September to early October. September 23, 2017 meets these requirements.

    The next requirement is that the moon must be under the feet of Virgo. With the sun in Virgo and her feet to the east, the moon must be a few days past new moon. Since the Hebrew Calendar is lunar and the Feast of Trumpets (September 21, 2017) is on the new moon, September 23-25 places the moon in the correct position. This happens every year on the Hebrew Calendar as long as the new moon did not occur too early or too late in relation to the equinox, which would put the sun too high or low in Virgo. Here it is perfect. The requirement of the moon and sun narrows it down to a few days of the year. The rest of the parts of the sign must then coincide with this time if we are able to observe this sign. 

    On September 23, 2017 there are four planets in the vicinity that complete the sign and its ultimate uniqueness. Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter play their parts. Above the head of Virgo is the constellation Leo. In Leo at this time there will be Mars, Venus, and Mercury. With Leo being a constellation of nine principle stars, the three wandering stars make it twelve at this time. Thus the garland of twelve stars is upon the woman. For three planets to be in Leo at this time with all of the other preconditions makes this rare. Combined with the final piece of the picture below is what makes this sign difficult of not nearly impossible to replicate anywhere close to the time in which we live. How rare? A search 150 years before and 150 years after September 23, 2017 produced no results. 

    The final piece of the sign is Jupiter. Jupiter was known by the Jews as the planet of the Messiah. Jupiter enters the sign of Virgo on August 27, 2016, which coincides with a close conjunction of Venus. The next such close conjunction with these two brightest planets is 49 years later. Jupiter itself enters Virgo about every 12 years.  The August 27, 2016 conjunction comes exactly 400 days before Yom Kippur 2017. Yom Kippur always ends Teshuvah, which is a 40 day season of repentance. Does Jupiter and Venus mark a ten-fold application needed at that time?

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